In the Blood (2014) - Action, Crime, Thriller

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When her husband goes missing during their Caribbean vacation, a woman sets off on her own to take down the men she thinks are responsible.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: John Stockwell
Stars: Gina Carano, Cam Gigandet
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 9 out of 73 found boring (12.32%)

One-line Reviews (63)

Entertaining Straight Up Action Flick with Influences from Taken .

A very surprising action movie that seems to have a few dull moments and those don't last only for a couple on minutes.

I think that the spectators are willing to support that evolutionary step in action cinema, but Hollywood is too slow regarding paradigm changes (just look at how long they took to accept digital distribution), so we might end up seeing Carano's daughter or granddaughter finding a more equitable field to fight against terrorists, drug dealers and Russian mobsters (or whoever the trendy villains will be in 20 years from now...

Along the way, we get a stupendously exciting, adrenaline-pumping, gritty action film that's sure to be remembered for some time to come.

The movie is surprisingly intense and brutally violent.

I had honestly thought her career was going to be on top after Haywire (that very entertaining action B-movie directed by an A-list filmmaker).

) Over all though after a very boring first 20- 30 minutes the movie did become Enjoyable for me, the tension amps up, and the action is very realistic, so I am inclined to recommend this to action fans, and people who love to see a woman taking no crap.

Entertaining and suspenseful action with a fresh elements .

There loads of twists and turns throughout the movie which keeps it interesting, but it's the action that is truly worth watching.

The first 10 minutes were ho-hum story establishment and character intro.

Occasionally she just shoots them but if you've got a martial arts background this seems a little banal so she goes around breaking necks and in one scene lifts a guy off the ground and breaks his back .

A good waste of time if you generally feel better about yourself from laughing at D grade movies.

Plus, even if you THINK you like action films, you might just find this one too intense, bloody and violent.

In the Blood sees her play a newlywed who goes to a Caribbean island for a honeymoon, when her husband is involved in a (silly, contrived as the safety line suddenly disappears) zip line accident he disappears on the way to the hospital.

Storyline of the movie is simple and boring.

The flawed story has many plot holes but is highly entertaining.

Don't waste your time.

Beyond Carano the cast are an odd mix of so-so turns from people you don't know, but bored ones from people you do.

The slow build of frustration and emotional hopelessness was wonderfully portrayed.

The trouble in a Latin American disco is a bit worn but it was entertaining.

In rest there is plenty of action and moments that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

But well, leaving that feminist tirade aside, In the Blood isn't a very good film, and Carano's performance is the main aspect which makes it moderately entertaining and worthy of a slight recommendation despite its mediocrity.

I am giving this movie 8, maybe its a bit higher that what i should, but since i really enjoyed it, had a good time, and its awesome to see a movie without a gazillion $ budget be that interesting, i think it deserve it.

This is a movie where its best to shut off your brain, and enjoy some interesting and compelling action sequences.

He's only got a couple scenes, but then are intense.

Watch so you can be reminded it's worth watching good movies (not this one) .

The mountain scenery was stunning and the zip line scenes, freaked me out.

Thrilling Suspense Action Mystery .

The Director does a competent job in presenting a simple, recycled plot – the elements of which are easily noticed by staple action fans – in a gripping, gritty manner, which keeps the narrative raw, visceral, and engaging enough to hook our attention till the very end.

Action packed and fun movie to watch .

Carano is exciting to watch & I'd like to see how she does in a movie like the Expendables rather then a B-movie like this one.


I suppose you could believe it… a little contrived.

The movie is watchable and entertaining, and that's what counts right?

The tough love he gives her is intense and believable.

Definitely worth watching for the action lover.

This film was actually engaging up until the point where the heroine gets the evil wrongdoer in a room with his henchmen, and she lets them all live!

It is worth watching.

Very watchable, and enjoyable.

I was bored for too much of the film and when the action did splutter into life, it seemed determined not to build any drama and instead left it to the tough presence of the lead to do the heavy lifting.

It's full of action and intense drama, and you really can't work out who is good and who is bad.

Semi entertaining.

Other than the yawn inducing beginning, the only other 'problem' I really had was Danny Trejo's character.

The film is fairly formulaic except it does have some welcomed unexpected twists.

In The Blood is a boring, predictable story.

Carano is exciting to watch and I would like to see how she does in a movie more like the Expendables rather then a B-movie like this one.

While the movie is quite predictable, there are some scenes I didn't expect.

It's a boring story.

And quite a bit of fighting, though boringly captured.

Well worth the watch.

You can call it a mini 'Taken', though an entertaining film.

Despite the lead role being played by an actress who is still learning to act, the movie is entertaining with some unexpected twists.

I watch action movies to be entertained, and "In the Blood" was very entertaining.

However, in the fight scenes she's very convincing, snappy and violent, and that's what counts.

Fast paced action film with a woman in lead.

The confusion over language, the misunderstandings and even the waiting room with the glass window for the receptionists were all very realistic.

If you're looking for a Gina Carano gone haywire again, this isn't quite it, but you do get an intriguing mystery and the occasional violence.

This movie is worth watching for the simple reason that the protagonist is a "REAL" woman and its refreshing.

No tension, no consistency, fragmented and detached action and generally much lower-rent and duller than Carano deserves .

Action packed and put together well.

The following confrontations are rather dull and laughable implausible.

Occasionally the film almost seems like it's made with camcorder, but at least this drab look presents the rough atmosphere of the setting.

Heck, even NOW after the movie's been over for some time, my heart is STILL pounding… it's that intense and that well made.