In the Shadow of the Moon (2019) - Crime, Mystery, Sci-Fi

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A Philadelphia police officer struggles with a lifelong obsession to track down a mysterious serial killer whose crimes defy explanation.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Jim Mickle
Stars: Boyd Holbrook, Cleopatra Coleman
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 99 out of 478 found boring (20.71%)

One-line Reviews (267)

Good beginning then downhill Started out interesting.. But then got silly and boring, very bad ending.. Could have been much better

It's a cool mix of crime and sci-fi with some plot twists and some plot holes, but overall it's an entertaining movie which will probably be underrated because it's a Netflix original.

But, as so often in the genre, the hollywood desire for a snappy ending overrides all else.

Predictable Netflix movie.


I found this movie nearly impossible to stay immersed in.

for a moment thought this was gonna be an exciting sci-fi with layers of depth.

Uneventful scifi .

I enjoyed it.

Even the word "propaganda" is used all too often.

From then the story stars his slow decline into banality.

This scene quite slow and not intense!

Man it couldve been good but they took it in typically predictable netflix dumb directions.. so it turns out average at best.. which for 2019 means, basically, it sucked.

Propaganda of savage killings of political opponents .

I found this movie truly engaging.

They made it too confusing in my opinion and the plot come the end felt loose.

The movie starts off with an interesting, dark atmosphere and engrossing characters.

Very on edge suspense up until the 2006 timeline, then it got boring, then sick.

The movie is a completly waste of time.

It made the story more intriguing than it otherwise might have been.

something a first year sociology or Polly sigh student would find amazing but did anybody with an IQ above Forrest Gump level would find tired, predictable and trying way too hard and blatantly dumb fear mongering propaganda

The mystery of the murders happening every 9 years was fascinating to see it unfold.....

I fell asleep watching it.

Thought it was going to be a fun, somewhat predictable syfy type movie.

Waste of Time .

Even though certain elements of this film were quite predictable, I felt it was executed in a clever enough fashion to keep it entertaining and exciting.

Nice thriller, supported by good start cast (Boyd Holbrook n Michael Hall) n engaging storyline.

However, when you begin discovering the motive of the whole movie (vaguely explained at the end) you come down to realize that it's just another movie spewing left wing propaganda.

So woke you'll fall asleep .

"In the Shadow of the Moon" begins as an intriguing mystery, full of action and promising the sci-fi thrills of time travel, but the more it unfolds, as everything is painfully and simplistically spelled out for the spectator, it becomes clear that the central conceit of the picture is utterly trite.

Both hubby and I enjoyed watching this the other night, It was gripping and made for good late night TV.

Decent start, went nowhere, turned into more anti-right garbage.

Bored to freaking death!

At first, I thought t it was going to be a normal, Netflix cliché waste of time.

7/10 from me for this enjoyable action/sci fi drama.

Waste of time, find something else to watch .

Nonsense waste of time .

Heavy handed angry leftist propaganda .

The premise is interesting enough to keep you watching for it's almost 2hr runtime, but what starts out with promise eventually becomes rather bland and unfulfilling by the end.

Entertaining and not a typical predictable Hollywood flick .

An intentionally predictable, surprisingly immersive, and visually pleasing film with stellar performances, a couple unbelievable plot points, and some of the worst car crash VFX I've ever seen.

Entertaining .

I thought this was pretty entertaining and enjoyable.

Anyway, it has a decent cast and a nice all-round production and it makes for a very entertaining watch.

Had potential, but ultimately empty .

Slow reactions between science fiction scenes where you can see the editing in the scenes.

it felt very bland as a result.

Dreadfully uninteresting and unoriginal .

The movie apart from it's ideas was very boring.

The film does have some entertaining thrilling action.

But after that the story became so boring and there is nothing interesting except the beginning soi regret about wasting my time

Enjoyable thriller...

It started out somewhat interesting but quickly became predictable.

I really enjoyed this movie from the POV of a scifi flick as i enjoyed Terminator when it came out- innovative as in Butterfly Effect- but with the added "serial killer" carrot- the are some obvious "big leap" requirements for the story to make sense - but as a freebie stream from Netflix- the craftsmanship of the product is worth the watch.

Boring .

This is a really intriguing concept for a movie.

No, it's leftist propaganda in which, lefties take over the world and play out their fantasy about killing everyone they disagree with.

The story gets a bit silly towards the end due to the rush to fit it into 1hr 55m, Michael C Hall's part was oddly bland and outside the main story, also the ageing process was not clear or obvious again reflecting the squeeze on time and resources in production.

It's an enjoyable ride for fans of the genre, not too much brain activity required.

Predictable to a point.

Don't waste your time with this.

Annoying and predictable.

Worth the watch, probably won't be your new favorite, but is entertaining

Also, as the film went on, I can't say I was wholly surprised by the conclusion, so it is guilty of being at least somewhat predictable.

Unfortunately, there are a few flaws which make this movie hard to really like: the unnecessary injection of plodding action sequences, the rather predictable and overly neat ending, the CGI eyesores, and Bookem Woodbine's terrible supporting turn.

Saying too much more about where Lockhart's journey takes him would be a disservice to Mickle's film that is at its best when you're unsure of exactly what lays waiting around the next corner but it's unfortunate that Lockhart's journey becomes an increasingly familiar one, as the initially mind-melting set-up plays out in a more predictable and unsurprising manner with not much room for growth across a plot that arguably deserved more fleshing out and screen time to maximize the potential at its core.

The story is lame and predictable.

Worst movie ive seen in a while .

The acting was acceptable, but man that story was bland and forgettable.

I enjoyed it.

Nevertheless, the first half of the flick contained some nice set-pieces and intriguing ideas and got me hooked.

The film was very engaging (and good-looking) up until 2006.

Definitely worth the watch.

Just watched it and really enjoyed it.

A Bit Boring .

Having said that, it is kinda entertaining....

Where it falls down somewhat is in some of the more predictable aspects of the story.

It starts to become standard, familiar and a tad cliche with tropes you have seen plenty of times before.

Hollywood, along with the internet has turned into a massive brain washing propaganda machine.

But despite our hero's ratty appearance, he had some pretty compelling evidence that even the biggest skeptic would examine.

I think this movie could've been a little less convoluted, with a different, less straight forward mystery building structure, but the result is still engaging, handsome and thoughtful thriller piece.

I wasn't to keen on this from the trailer, but I'm so glad I watched it, really enjoyed it,

I have no intention of spoiling the film whatsoever, I will simply say that after watching many many many films along these type of veins, this did not stand out as particularly Original, but I found how it was executed and it's overall pace, and how the plot is revealed to be entertaining, enjoyable and heartfelt.

Waste of time.

And to think that the first 30 or so minutes were quite entertaining.

It was an entertaining movie, with an obvious(even cringy) political message, no wonder it's being praised by so many websites...

This is a solid, entertaining yarn!

Ran across this on Netflix and gave it a try, I really enjoyed it.

The storytelling is vacuous and dull.

Ultra far left propaganda with a dangerous message .

This starts interestingly enough as a exciting thriller with maybe Sci Fi aspirations and no little degree of mystery.

Engaging & Imaginative Police Thriller with a Twist too Slow & too Expected .

"In the Shadow of the Moon" is an intriguing and original sci-fi with a good story.

Cookie cutter progressive propaganda.

So the plot is basic, predictable but entertaining.

Great acting, fantastic cinematic chops, initially compelling storyline.

It felt like a pointless film with no real in depth story.

Pay Attention and You Will See an Intriguing Sci-Fi .

Well I really liked the beginning (mysterious mood, great action, nice crime & a tiny bit of horror) BUT after a while it got boring and uninspired.

Cleopatra Colemen sold her well and the fights were exciting.

Anti white propaganda .

What initially starts off as a somewhat entertaining Sc-Fi yarn quickly reveals itself to be something really quite sinister.

A little slow for my taste.

I concentrated through the exciting chase scenes and then the lulls.

The vague ethical elements never rise above kindergarten level, the science is preposterous and the "USA is the world" assumption is tedious.

There were some average moments but that out the way it was enjoyable.

That unexpected twist is somehow a good way to end the movie.

And became so predictable and obvious right at the train station scene.

I guess it's a little too long, a little slow at times.

And that results in enjoyable films such as "About Time", "I'll follow you down" or "Predestination".

The main lady is the terrorist with a twisted logic..The rest of the movie is a bit boring and predictable.

Interesting concept, predictable denouement.

Had me on the edge of my seat.

For the first 45 minutes to an hour I was absolutely hooked and on the edge of my seat.

Overall though, I enjoyed this film and its story and I believe it's worth watching.

So, yeah, it's a bit boring.

How unAmerican and no, the brainwashing propaganda didn't work.

Entire film full of boring conversation and overuse hemorrhage scene!

Too many overuse and confusing scene!

Bore Parade...

Quite entertaining and interesting premise, though loses some steam at the end.

And for those of you who might have missed it, massive left wing propaganda.

Gripping .

Who would've said it's political propaganda then?

Does time travel create a predictable story.

How much boring?

But it surely was entertaining enough.

It's kind of boring too.

Worth watching

Good for one time watch,entertaining,just no need to try to think logically or politically during viewing ...

Really enjoyed it .

With this half baked ending it all felt like a waste of time.

Jim Mickle's "In the Shadow of the Moon" is a cross between a sci-fi film and a serial killer thriller and if the sci-fi elements far outweigh the serial killer parts it hardly matters because this enjoyable, reasonably intelligent and rather daft movie never stops to draw breath and gives its leading actor, Boyd Holbrook, a part he can finally get his teeth into.

A decent movie but predictable and without a satisfying ending .

Those criticizing the movie as propaganda and accusing it of encouraging violence completely missed the point.

Worst movie I've ever seen.

Different concept, great twist, well worth the watch!

The main negatives I have are to do with the pacing of the film and a bit of a lull in the middle of the film.

Is a very entertaining movie, relax and chill.

Overall it is an entertaining film and well worth a watch.

But as I said this is a movie and it's well done and entertaining.

B-movies sometimes are good to watch just for their plots, which are more intriguing than those of blockbusters.

The cries of "Left Wing Propaganda" are comical.

So, it becomes a little bit boring.

The talanted horror/thriller director Jim Mickle (Cold in July; Stake Land) teams up with the rising star Boyd Holbrook & brings to Netflix his newest piece - the exciting and entertaining mystery detective/killer flick "In the Shadow of the Moon".

Virtue signaling leftist propaganda ruins a decent sci-fi flick .

I love crime dramas but this one was a bit dragging and boring to me, that doesnt mean it is bad, the concept is great, the story even and the acting is just okay.

Overall I found it a highly entertaining and suspenseful murder mystery cop film with a tinge of Sci Fi that provided me with a moral question upon the films end.

You keep hoping for some satisfying conclusion and get some uninteresting mumbo jumbo.

Its pretty difficult to refute the claim that so many have made that this movie is a rather shamelessly Left Wing partisan propaganda piece.

This is a waste of time.

Waste of time .

I am very pleasantly surprised by this movie, I really enjoyed it.

Overall they did a decent job, but the plot was a little hard to follow with some things that just didn't make sense.

A passable if somewhat predictable time travel tale that doesn't quite get the mechanics (if you can even call it that) of time travel 'right'.

The premise though very loosely outlined implies through imagery evocative of 9/11 that some kind of "Right Wing" Patriot/Militia organization carries out a Terrorist attack in the future and because of this another organization in the future develops time travel so they can send a Terminator type figure back in time to whack people in an extremely violent and sadistic way.

Initial intrigue quickly turns to dull derivativeness .

Have seen many negative reviews, but I found the story captivating, and not only because of two actresses with drop-dead fascinating faces.

You can be sure of that if you will be watching it since you're bored, it will bore you more.

Poorly acted, unemotionally edited, uninspiring on all fronts.

I truly loved this movie , it's mind blowing and best movie Boyd Holbrook did so far .

This film is an extreme left wing propaganda film.

Then as the story dragged on it became clear that the whole plot was basically a fantasy about building a time machine to go back and kill Trump voters.

Predictable and lacking any originality as it slowly grinds to an inevitable conclusion.

Slow burner, but definately worth the watch!

If you're into time travel and intriguing mysteries then this one is for you.

In the Shadow of the Moon manages to be original, engaging and its well acted to boot.

I was put off by it because, basically, at the end I realised I'd spent two hours watching a flat-out piece of Leftist propaganda of the vilest kind.

predictable if anything.

Thoroughly enjoyed it Didn't want to spoil it so very little said.

I didn't see a "based on Kindred by Octavia Butler" anywhere in the credits, so while the movie was semi-entertaining for a bit, it's disappointing that no credit was given to the original writer.

Very good beginning, Intriguing plot line.

Now granted time travel movies are always a little hard to wrap your head around, but this one was decently entertaining and fun to watch.

I guess I really shouldn't expect anything decent, true, or remotely entertaining from the industry anymore.

Otherwise it's a good film, an intriguing story with some good ideas and good supporting acting.

But enjoyable movie thou .."Grandfather Paradox" hahahaha

There were a million ways this movie could have developed, but the least plausible and most predictable was chosen.


The movie has an intricate thread woven throughout, providing an intriguing denouement.

Expect more left propaganda in the future I'm sure.

Enjoyed it .

And then gets boring .

Coupled with uninspiring visuals and a lack of true empathy-building in the script with the characters, it doesn't pass the six star mark for me.

but i cant make it past 10 minutes this movie just unwatchable even after 2 bottles of wine I'm not this stupid sorry.

There were other things, of course, but ultimately these predictable elements were still up in the air enough that the good writing kept the whole thing interesting regardless.

Enjoyable, The pig car roll was a highlight.

otherwise you may get bored in the midway of the movie....

Just exactly what this device is and where it comes from is a compelling mystery the cop needs to solve, along with how the killer chooses his victims.

Too predictable.

Quite boring and disapointing and nothing makes sense for so far, so it must have an amazing ending where everything is unraveled ...

The slow pace is a problem and if the viewer loses a part of the film, he or she may not understand the plot.

Boring nonsense please don't waste your time on this.

Well worth the watch.

Too graphic for my taste but the movie was intriguing enough that I continued watching it.

Massive left wing propaganda...

Maybe someone can enlighten me.....?The cinematography is superb, sometimes stunning, and it plays a major part in keeping us interested.

Good movie worth watching .

Worst movie ever.

you know what, it was not half bad although it does have its problems, it was an entertaining watch.

But it gradually got more annoying and tedious.

More anti white propaganda from the hollywood studios.

Unfortunately, while intriguing and fairly original, it's all too far fetched and increasingly nonsensical to work.

The premise is interesting and the first half of the film is thrilling, before the political objectives of the antagonists are revealed.

Worth the watch .

It becomes quite dull and derivative.

Unexpected hit.

I enjoyed it a lot.

That being said, the film is somehow boring.

Entertaining thriller and fresh take on time travel .

Tad confusing.

Netflix needs a propaganda category so they can honestly rate these and move them out of the entertainment genre.

More propaganda by Netflix .

Well I was wrong, this is a very entertaining sci-fi based thriller that kept me glued to the screen the entire rideI see a lot of reviews here from people who are probably going to commit terrorist acts to support their fringe politics, they seem angry about the premise of this movie, I guess they have a hard time distinguishing between reality and fantasy since this is just a movie and not real life.

And after that just a disaster with political propaganda.

It offers up an intriguing story about time as a circular as opposed to linear proposition.

A meal of empty calories.

The first segment in the '80s was the most exciting and interesting.

Yeah of course the killer coming back every nine years to keep on murdering and the crazy obsession the main character develops for that case are solid points but it is all so predictable that you could just turn off the TV and guess how it ends, and you would probably get it right.

I think it's one of those mindbending movies that will either make sense to you or it will feel hard to follow and disjointed.

Terrible AND boring (slowwww) .

It is a great film with intense suspense and great twists and turns.

Brave yet empty .

It was confusing at the end of the '80s segment where he pocketed the strange weapon, said he didn't do anything to her---then suddenly was in the evidence bag in the '90s segment.

Unprofessional production = waste of time .

It made the movie feel predictable, from the moment I saw the serial killer was a black woman, I knew she wasn't the "bad guy", I knew all her crimes were going to be "justified".

Barely enjoyable .

Disappointing waste of time .

Unfortunately it goes downhill from there until the story is eventually rounded off with a predictable resolution which makes nothing of the wonderful set up.

Left-wing propaganda with a little bit of scifi .

Waste of time .

combo of Sci-Fi and Mystery was mind blowing and anew .

Through equal amounts of engaging drama, energetic action and time skipping we steadily move forward to the solution of the mystery, accompanied by the obsessive detective Lockhart who's got some heavy burdens on his shoulders.

If its antifa propaganda i barely noticed it .

Enjoyed it .

The screen play, and the way the plot was designed, as well as the combo of Sci-Fi and Mystery was mind blowing and anew.

There are a number of review who accuse this movie of justifying the murder of innocents, or that it's anti-conservative SJW propaganda.

Overall, quite enjoyable for Netflix.

Hall is a stand out as a senior detective who seems slower on the uptake than he ought to be.

Globalist Propaganda .

One word- BORING .

This scene make audience fall asleep!

apparently , according to some outraged reviewers, its immoral to wipe out the few for the greater good, well that's a good moral discussion to have in the public arena but its not the purpose of this or hardly any other film, so I guess the moral high horse is pointless in a fictional story, though I suppose these films serve a good purpose in opening up the debate so I'll give it a 7 .

Its intriguing and the acting is really good.

This was a really interesting and riveting movie.

Definitely enjoyable .

I enjoyed the first half of the movie, then it got kind of tedious.

Despite his fameseeking detective brother-in-law's stonewalling (a bland Michael C.

*slow clap* There are no good guys or bad guys here.

Some have problems with this picture due to the 'leftie propaganda' and I do myself have issues swallowing that bs about travelling in time to eradicate the 'wrong' ideas.

time travelling scfi thats a bit dull .

It gives such a bad answer to one of lives great questions, it'll leave you empty.

The motivations of the antagonist are very bland.

Entertaining .

Yet despite the problems, it was still enjoyable and I would recommend giving it a chance.

It seems like every time travel movie does but it was gripping and exciting enough to earn a good rating.

Unlikable characters (all of them), silly plot, weird pointless scenes(factory car chase).


It gets confusing, undecided and besides all good intentions, not entertaining enough.

Even though the plot was pretty much clear from the start, the first part of the movie was enjoyable.

Powerfully Entertaining .

Waste of a time .

Enjoyable ride; weird reviews .

predictable story (reminds me DARK german series) .

It is clearly predictable why Rhya had came back and why she did that.

But as you continue to watch the social message it's trying to espouse becomes more and more unbearable.

The last few minutes though ruins the experience (or helps it if you're a fringe leftist who sees nazis on every corner) with its unabashed propaganda.

The jumps from eras are rather boring and they never really convinces you.