In the Tall Grass (2019) - Drama, Horror, Thriller

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After hearing a young boy's cry for help, a sister and brother venture into a vast field of tall grass in Kansas but soon discover there may be no way out...and that something evil lurks within.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Vincenzo Natali
Stars: Laysla De Oliveira, Avery Whitted
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 256 out of 733 found boring (34.92%)

One-line Reviews (524)

Complete waste of time.

Unlike "Stand by me" or "The Shawshank Redemption" which are short stories that were very successfully stretched to a full-length movie, "In the Tall Grass" is a novella that feels too empty for a 90 minutes feature.

Of course I didn't grasp all the symbolic references because the plot got lost at some point, but all-in-all I enjoyed it, and I actually went to watch it a second time (as I usually do for this kind of movie).

Buy an ant farm, watch a two hour special on dung beetles, or just watch paint dry, It will be more interesting than wasting your time on this garbage.

Slightly boring and poor in the actors play, we watch 4 and non of us like it

Boring, really bad writing...

The visuals are very good , many plot holes but enjoyable otherwise .

Cause its really pointless film.

The movie isn't flawless, but it's entertaining, aesthetically pleasing & there's great bits in an otherwise mixed and confusing bag.


I was intrigued by the Stephen King part but got really bored after about 15 minutes.

I can say that I was entertained, but it was very confusing how people kept dying and coming back to life.

Very boring .

It does bring with it a somewhat intriguing premise, one that occasionally brings in a good idea.

Slow, plodding - typical SK movie adaptation .

While the plot is intriguing and the acting is good, the movie gets a bit dull near the middle.

Bored mo to death.

It's frustrating and eventually, it just gets boring.

It was shoot only in one place and it got me bored.

Such a boring "horror" movie, plot was hideous, it was cheap,low budget movie.

No story line .

Waste of time .

The BORING grass .

a 45 minute film dragged out into absurdum.

That clears up the point of why this movie could bore you to death.

A stupid story with bland characters and nothing to redeem it .

Totally waste of time.

Worst movie of the year for me .

"Confusion about a Rock in a field" should have been the title.

Let's start of with the good acting but that's about it, it's downhill from there and just gets worse I found my self falling asleep and truth be told I'm even writing this well watching and hoping the end comes sooner rather than later I recommend going to dentist instead of watching this piece of utter crap that Netflix calls a film

Long story short, worst movie I've ever seen.

Terrible movie with no story .

A complete waste of time.

Don't waste your time .

On top of all of this the story, what there is of it, is very hard to follow.

On top of all of this confusion, the film lacks any scares, which is usually something that you would expect to see in a horror movie.

Watching this movie was like watching paint dry, except the paint screams at you and makes bad choices.

Good concept, boring execution .

Regardless, it is annoying and boring, you come out none the wiser than when you went in.

One of the stupidest and most pointless King adaptations I've ever seen.

That's why all the slow character/plot building elements work so great with an unexplainable reality.

Apart from the tediousness and predictability that come with turing a short story into a movie and rough transition between book and movie the director did a good job with the other elements.

Lol.. Seriously, the biblical propaganda in this movie was weird and beyond off putting.

If you like movies with endless and pointless plot twists that get not explanations whatsoever.

I enjoyed it even whilst being out of the loop for short periods.

Netflix are definitely starting to carry a range of mid budgeted films that are worth watching.

Kind of confusing though...

The movie start interesting but falls short by its repetitive nature as you find yourself by the middle of the movie - as you get used to the sequence - stuck in a story loop that repeats itself too much that it gets frustratingly.

With an atmosphere like that, in makes the movie even more suspenseful.

I'm bored.

Worst movie i have aeen for a long time.

(The Shining was a rare gem) *sigh* It's late on a Saturday night and I was bored so I chose to suffer through it.

" Was King mocking his own logic, or was this line thrown in by another writer to clandestinely poke fun at King's legendary bad logic...?5. Giving Wilson the role of "resident comic relief slash psychopath" with a penchant for religious zeal: when will King EVER stop shoving his predictable, holier-than-thou, pompous atheism down everyone's socks?

Disjointed, twisted, tied-in-knots, all of it ...

With all that opportunity created by the development it's unfortunate that the film manages largely to be so dull and repetitive.

I do not need everything explained and every morsel of plot spoon fed to me, but at least hint of what was going on would have made this more enjoyable experience.

Unfortunately these 100 minutes here were quite disappointing, and at times, boring.

I like horror films if the creepiness factor is there, even if the payoff is minimal, but the end game to this was such a disappointment and an utter waste of time.

Movie story is really gripping and acting is good too...

Neither too dull nor too sharp.

Found it very entertaining...

I started reading my husband kept it on so I suffered through the boredom.

Whatever his motivation or the actual novella, this film is a waste of time.

This has got to her one of the most stupid, confusing movies!

But - and now the bad: Nothing happens.

Good production value and acting but incoherent script and disjointed plot.

It kept the movie a bit more engaging because it didn't seem as forced as the last half of the movie.

Intriguing idea.

Dull and a waste of time.

) Which had highly frustrating characters and felt quite bland i general.

After the excellent Netflix adaptations of "1922" and "Geralds Game", I was looking forward to this movie based on a novella from Stephen King and Son but this rather generic time shifting drama is neither scary enough or original enough to make much of an impact other than a reasonably entertaining way to pass a couple of hours.

Final Say -Fans of green grass will be in for a luscious treat in Netflix's In the Tall Grass but despite a great start and some intriguing concepts, this is another addition to the increasingly large portion of forgettable Stephen King adaptations that failed to live up to their potential.

It's an entertaining watch.

Worst movie ever .

The worst movie ever .

Despite the convoluted storyline and weird visuals, this movie was ok mostly because of the beautiful stunning 4k HDR.

The story is original and suspenseful, with twists and turns that will keep you wondering what's going on (that's an in joke BTW).

Enjoyable .

The film is incredibly dull.

Too slow, not creepy, ..sometimes boring...

A lot of people are and will call "In the Tall Grass" pointless or empty, and it's true that its biggest flaw is the near miniature plot.

Boring and slow .

It's predictable as to what is going to happen, spoiler alert; They almost gets to safety and the field moves them around again over and over.

No plot whatsoever.

The director attempts some "fancy" camera techniques and CGI shots throughout but this just further adds to the disjointed feel of the movie.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Don't waste your time.


Execution was bland.

It's so boring, doens't explain itself very well.

It has absolutely no sense, it was boring and psychotic, and if you don't have any better things to do, please, watch something else if you want something thriller/horror cause that movie was horrible!!!

One of the worst films ever seen, waste of time, no sense

Waste of time is all you can say about this movie.

But no it's a Netflix original nobody actually likes them Stranger things is the only chance u have at a good Netflix original This is just terrible I thought it would be a good film because it's based on Stephen king book but it's rubbish terrible cast unlikable characters and boring plot It's just some grass.

Too slow!

Mediocre acting followed by boring storytelling.

Enjoyable Stephen King adaptation.

Just dont waste your time watching this, this is absolutety horrendous

slow and laborious, yet also gripping...

In the end, In the Tall Grass begins with a promising concept, but is bogged down by a confusing finale, subpar dialogue, a cast that deserved to be in a better film, and direction that was very off, which is really saying something, seeing who was behind the camera and story here.

You're ready for this film to be over 20 minutes in and have to sit through another annoying 70 minutes to get to an predictable and unsatisfying ending.

Not great, but still worth watching.

Thankfully my wife fell asleep ten minutes in so I can enjoy the rest of the evening without her complaining about the time she wont get back.

Bleak and pointless, could've been so much better .

TRAVIS Follow my a$$ sorry voiceSo boring and pethatic...

In The Tall Grass is a beautifully shot film - with some genuinely breathtaking stunning visual nightmarish sequences - which also leaves you pondering what potential horror masterpiece we could've been gifted with if Netflix brought on a filmmaker who explored further the toll such a psychological concept would have on the mental state of its characters than the absurdity of shifting spaces & time in a field.

But it took way too long for this grass smoked up.

no plot.

Towards the middle and end, things started to get a little bit confusing, though, the very end did clear it up a bit.

confusing .

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and as long as you pay attention, it has a very satisfying payoff.

Boring as hell....

If you take reviews in consideration before watching movies then hear me out: I'm an horror lover, watched about every movie there is in this genre and with experience I will say: there is many movies worse than this but this is boredom at extreme levels.

I'm at a loss for the high ratings, if you like painfully slow not well written horror, you found it.

The charm was based on the great story of Stephen King, I loved the process but not as much as they developed it since it only gets confusing for the unsubstantiated audience, I still really enjoyed it and it is worth giving it a try

The result is a pretty unwatchable film on this occasion.

Storyline was too confusing, was hoping the whole time for more explanation.

The more you get immersed into this story, the more disjointed it seems.


), a confusing cadence and some unnecessarily unsettling scenes.

Disjointed non-story poorly written.

nice intense slow burn mysterious thrilling film .

It has A few I nteresting loopbacks, but seems to move at a slower pace.

It's still worth a watch, I just get annoyed in this day and age of "short format" storytelling to pad a movie like this with a large portion of "movie mulch" or "cinema cereal", a bunch of empty repetitive filler to stretch a simple concept to fill some old school 90 minute time slot.

Meandering waste of time and ability.

The fact that the film is so visually boring is surely only partially the fault of Director Vincenzo Natalie.

The movie keeps you on the edge of your seat because it creates an intriguing world that invites you to put efforts into grasping it.

Enjoyable watch although took a while to get going .

There simply isn't enough plot to last the running time, so a lot of this is made up of repetitive scenes of characters running around calling for each other.

Though a lot more people seem to like that one, personally I thought it was boring and inconsistent.

No plot, no movie.

As others have said this a slow burn type of movie, that subtly pulls the viewer in.

Netflix made just another pointless movies that will take your precious time.

This movie has a very interesting concept and had me on the edge of my seat.

i thought it was compelling .

Enjoyable film kept me interested the whole way through.

I thought the horror in this movie came extremely naturally, and though the sci-fi aspects and ending leaves you wanting just a little more, it delivered on it's premise and was a very enjoyable watch.

Well filmed and acted, it's an enjoyable enough horror film if you're looking for something less grounded.

After the first half-hour, forty minutes, it just became repetitive and felt like the entire film itself was just looping from the first ten minutes.

In the tall grass, it exceeded my expectations, this is what i was expecting from this, its been 3 months since i have been waiting on this, after checking on it and seeing (Patrick Wilson) with the cast i was more pleased and excitedly waiting on it, another point with it based on (Stephan King)s novel so this what made me to expect high potential on it, the plot was so interesting from 1st min till the last i was keeping up my attention with it, suspenseful and the suspense was growing to me much more to keep up, its the mind game movie type so that lets you think to what happened, whats happening and what is going to happen, it lets you to analyse the movie and collecting the scenes and trying to put them together like a puzzle and expecting a result until a one is justified at the end, i felt more mysterious it was more mystery type, with a completely simple delivered psychological horror that gets you to fear for whats happening, and with a calming soundtrack of the nature interacting with it, at last delivered ending conclusion it didnt lack any for me, great acting with amateur characters, well acted well preformed and well shot, Netflix has done their job too believing in them taking up good movies, highly recommended worth a watch if you are a fan of whats included, 10/10⭐

This movie is completely boring and absolute crap.

I found this film boring and irritating as all heck.

Profound waste of time .

But i enjoyed it.

Conclusion: boring as hell...

Confusion, Frustration, Irritation and Helplessness.

First 30min sucked me in but over time it got more confusing boring and frustrating.

I found the movie boring.


everything is too long .

The beginning has a few oh cool moments but it does eventually get dull and a bit whatev.

Furthermore the plot or lack there of, made the film utterly stupid and damn there unbearable!


but confusing .

"In the Tall Grass" is an intriguing supernatural horror movie with a story based on a novel of Stephen King that recalls a creepy episode of The Twilight Zone.

"In the Tall Grass" is not flawless, but it's entertaining, aesthetically pleasing & there's great bits in an otherwise mixed bag.

I found the other actors bland and non-engaging, and started rooting against them.


Intriguing premise.

Had fairly high hopes for this film after I seen Patrick Wilson was in it along with being a Stephen King novella, but unfortunately after 20 minutes I soon realised this was going down a completely confusing and mixed up path.

I found myself yawning after an hour though I think the film was interesting and the little chap (Who looks like a Michael Douglas offspring) was a great little actor , I still couldn't wait for it to end.

Entertaining, But Too Confusing.

Characters are boring, its too bland, even a loaf bread can do better (and i love bread).

Super confusing if you don't catch every moment and even them you're left with a general idea of it all.

If you want some entertaining two hours on your couch during a lazy weekend - this movie is for you.

What would have made a neat 30 minute Twilight Zone episode is nonsensically stretched for 100 minute with boring characters, cliché dialogue and near non stop screaming.

It gets very boring.

The first 70 minutes are so boring and hard to get through, you'll find yourself in an endurance test sitting through it.

Couldn't even watch the entire movie, don't waste your precious time!

Too slow, too confusing, not scary!

Pointless, storyless, absolute waste of time.

It had moments where it looked like it was going somewhere, but it ultimately went nowhere.

I'll have to read what Stephen King was trying to do with this story 'cause the movie feels like a waste of time and it doesn't make a lot of sense.

Pointless movies .

Too Grassdarn Confusing .

Its not easy to come up with an original story in any genre, particularly the horror genre, so i grade this film on an upward trending curve because it was able to present an intriguing idea that i've not really seen in another story or film.

The soundtrack of the movie gives off a very suspenseful, scary tone.

I quickly felt like I was trapped in this boring movie.

The movie has good twists and unpredictable events that makes it worth a watch and stands upto the reputation of Stephen King novel adaptation.

Timeline confusion.

Technically Impressive, Narratively Lacking - It's an Enjoyable Mixed Bag .

A non-boring slow burn with childhood imagination .

But the actual story is waaay more intense and horrifying.

The setting is beautiful and definitely leaves you uneasy even if it is confusing.

Boring, nonsensical, cliche, and gory.

Don't waste you're time .

Move on from this with a (the shining) type feel I got bored and was actually relieved when the movie finally ended...

It's slow-burning, which will be a recommendation for some and not others.

Sad to see such an intriguing movie get such bad reviews.

In parts it reminded me a bit of triangle however I found triangle way more more coherent,deep and suspenseful.

Don't waste your time with this.

The first hour or so is extremely slow - people wandering around in tall grass, calling out to each other, getting lost, finding each other out of nowhere.

Why would the writer and director and crew etc think people were going to enjoy the repugnant and cliche brother/ boyfriend narrative.

And with director Vincenzo Natali at the helm this film was ominous & intriguing with some of the typical "don't go in there" Stephan King moments.

As with two other offerings from Stephen King on Netflix ('1922' and Gerald's Game'), I found 'In The Tall Grass' to be the most interesting and enjoyable.

This is by far the worst movie I've ever seen in my life.

It's an ok movie with some boring and rediculous passages.



A disturbing and suspenseful film .

Good cast and suspenseful enough.

It would probably have been a little more intense if the people from the reat of the abandoned vehicles had been in there running around crazy also.

It's so slow and repetitive that at the final you get bored of the same.

So confusing.

A Waste of Time .

Pretty average, excels nowhere, only mildly entertaining .

But actually, I found it strangely compelling.

It has it moments but the characters were mostly boring and one-dimensional.

But this movie is entertaining as a horror movie to me.

I just found it to be boring and a total waste of time.

Just didn't have any excitement, was boring, I pushed through to the end just to say I watched it, but it was very hard to do so and stay awake.

Keeps you interested, enjoyable...

There's nothing worse than being spoon-fed information in a film like this but there's also something to be said in a negative fashion when a film cares so little for explaining itself and after 30 to 40 minutes of an abundance of grassy shots, characters running around aimlessly in a field and gross out violence that doesn't mean that much when characters appear to be stuck in an endless loop of horrors, Grass quickly becomes more of a chore to sit through than a ghastly enjoyable experience.

Tobin touched the rock but nothing happened to him because he is a child and didn't have any sins !!

It is a slow burn, and yes, like I said previously, it can be confusing.

What a boring and pointless film.

The intriguing central idea fails to make the desired impact because of shoddy script, too much repetition and half baked characters.

It's suspenseful at best.

And how confusing it seems to be, watch it till the end.

I watched it with an intention that this movie is good and yes it was and it was confusing at 2nd half leaving many questions that you might wanna search the web for it .

This film is so dull, it even makes "Children of the Corn II" seem good.

Don't waste our time watching this.

waste of time .

I was intrigued by the grass for the first 20 minutes, but then slowly I got annoyed and bored with the constant shouting of names, which by the end, becomes unbearable to listen to!

To sum it up, it reminded me so much of all the pointless and bad Stephen King adaptions from the 90s.

It's so boring I'd honestly rather be stuck in there myself than watch it again.

Tedious .

Enjoyable .

Boring - give it a miss .

The acting/writing is pretty bad, scenes drag on for way too long, and it's filled with so many dumb decisions.

So if you can put up with some repetitive scenery filmed in darkness, (as a lot of the movie is shot in), and accept that the plot may be confusing at times, then check out the movie.

Well let's just say - the "cliche" ones.

Beautifully shot, impeccably acted, wonderfully directed borefest.

Not Scary, and Extremely Confusing .

Pointless .

Waste of time .

Waste of time .

It is so much waste of time!

Entire film full of confusing scene!

Intriguing and entertaining.

Nothing happens to nobody in this no plot, no point, no care nothing.

What a waste of time watching this nonsense movie my advise don't waste tour time and watch it ,now i know bible is not from god and it's fabricated by human

The story gets a little more complex as time goes on, more thrilling, suspenseful and more disturbing.

Yes yes I get that there are religious links and time loop implications but at the end of the day it's a campy slow weird story that if you just embrace it you'll find yourself laughing - a lot!

The worst movie i have ever seen, only been seeing grass for 1hour and 40minutes.

Confusing And Intriguing Film Hindered By Weak Cast .

The third act commences and the plot's lunacy ramped up from confusion to diabolically non-sensical.

Patrick Wilson is to great of an actor to have played a role in this movie.. Complete waste if my time I could have slept..

And some uninteresting, unlikeable characters lost in it.

Nothing in particular wrong with it, it just falls flat as being stretched longer than it should, unclear storyline, overuse of dark scenes and it becoming little boring at times.

Was ok but quite boring dragged to the end for me .

The Intriguing Supernatural Field .

This movie was so confusing I really wish I hadn't wasted 140 min of my time.

Waste of time movie .

The premises are interesting - but it's all messy and repetitive in a way that makes it look like it's boring and too gory at the same time.

Way too long.

What a waste of time.

People go into the grass, get lost in the grass & spends the next hour playing marco polo, everything was predictable & obvious, there was no mystery, no suspense & I only gave it 2 stars because the young lad, who played 'Tobin' was pretty good.

Fascinating plot unravels...

Even my 75-yesr-old mother enjoyed it.

it was pretty entertaining...

different and enjoyable .

This was dragged out, confused and like a bad Groundhog Day horror film.

Awful waste of time .

What a waste of time.

This movie was very intriguing...

This movie is more for those who enjoy psychological horror flicks, it is thrilling to watch and has a very satisfying conclusion

It was such a waste of time.

Confusing and boring.

The idea behind it all is beautiful even if it is confusing and heavily religious.

It's cotton candy dipped in gummy bears for people who crave empty thrills.

After 15 min it was getting bored.

Don't waste your time.

That being said I found it to be rather enjoyable.

What a complete waste of time!

Worst movie I ever seen.

Screaming and boredom await .

It is self indulgent, incoherent mess.

Low budget loophole of boredom.

This really is a terrible film and so boring.

Absolute waste of time...

But this was a disjointed meaningless mess.

The endless shouting of the names of the lost, which stick in the field like blind kittens from side to side, is quite tedious.

Very predictable from start to finish and seemed like the characters were constantly just explaining what was going on before you could even begin to wonder for yourself.

You definitely have to pay attention or you will be lost but i enjoyed it and the actors Performances are really good.

Unfortunately it is a complete waste of time

I enjoy a good horror flick, which includes many of Stephen King's past works, but this is simply a 2 hour nonsensical waste of time.

The performance of the main antagonist is quite entertaining.

Complete waste of my time.

there's no effort, there's no story, there's no closure.

Kept me on the edge of my seat, kept guessing.

Fast forward the first 70 minutes-Boring .

looks nice, but it is scary at first then it is absolutely boring.

I give it a 4 because it was well shot and had some good acting, but withhold the other 6 because it is a waste of time.

It was a good movie, but sometimes a bit hard to follow.

It's not ever the good type of confusion like in Get Out where it's interesting, it's just straight up dummy confusing.

Enjoyable suspense and horror.

Very entertaining.

Totally boring waste of time .

Don't go off the other comments that say this movie is boring, it's a very suspenseful movie that keeps you guessing the whole time

Worst movie i have ever wached .

A very engaging thriller adaptation of Stephen King's and Joe Hill's novella In the Tall Grass.

So boring and pointless.

Boring at times .

Well casted with enjoyable visual effects, just the plot might be a little different for some.. if you can even figure it all out.

Don't waste your time.

There were some nice visuals of the grass, but that is the ONLY thing worth watching

If slow burn suspense is your thing, enjoy!

Every Stephen King cliche mashed together without a plot.

Where this movie loses a few points is the fact that it already a very confusing plot to follow, and by the end the movie nothing is explained.

well, a field of grass, calling one another's names, time shifts, and confusion.

The repetitive events keeps us guessing - 'How did they finally leave the grass field?

Snorefest .

The movie is very entertaining if you like time loops or wormholes theories etc. I actually wasn't expecting such a plot.

I was so bored and actually fell asleep

Just pointless, the film goes round in circles, loads of shouting out to people, a very large weird rock and tribal chanting.

Another irritating element in the movie is the inclusion of another tired old trope - nativist/paganesque chanting at different moments in the score, a cliche we have heard in a million other movies.

Worst movie ever .

Confusing, slow paced, repetitive.

Boring, not scary .

Waste of time .

About as exciting as the title suggests...

Interesting premise, boring result .

There are very few horror movies that can pull off a competent character in a confusing situation and this was not one of them.

Very confusing movie .

Don't waste your time.

And again, BORING!

Repetitive unimpressive and boring .

Yawn with a side of head nod.

Like some people have noted at times maybe a bit too much screaming, a bit too much wrestling in the mud, but those were small blemishes: I thought it well worth the watch.

Take it from someone who is very forgiving with bad horror movies, don't waste your time.

Stiff acting, convoluted story and just an overall boring movie.

Still, it is an entertaining horror film in the best King tradition.

Very confusing .

Don't waste your time .

Very boring .

Another confusing wanna be intellectual movie .


The bowling alley even suggests a town was once in the area and succumbed to the grass, but instead of leading to some sort of insight, it instead seems a pointless location that is one of the main things that pointed me in the direction of this being very Silent Hill like.

Very Dull with some good actors.

so if you should bewilder yourself ''in the tall grass'', its not recommended, just a long bore in green so pass by and go to the next....

Holy moly, all she does is scream, slow the group down, and force them to separate when she abruptly stops to admire the ground or check her phone.

I enjoyed it.

So while we have good direction, atmosphere, and a very solid premise on one hand - these are completely counter-balanced hence neutralized by characters who say and do the most inappropriate and illogical things at the most inopportune moments, just so their boundless stupidity can keep the repetitive plot rolling for as long as humanly possible.

Waste of time .

It was boring.

I was eager to like this, and there were aspects of it that I did, but they were undercut by tedious sections and unexplained elements.

Fell asleep - so dull

The characters bicker during moments of intense danger, they joke at the worst moments (though this is a fairly common affliction in big-budget horror/sci-fi/action cinema of the past 30 years, plus King considers himself "very funny"), and they actually have "relationship discussions" during times of intense survival.

Don't watch it, it's pointless.

poor pacing, poor plot, cliche AF, boring chase scenes, predictable jump scares.

This movie does deserve patience, it's brooding which a lot of people will describe as "boring"...

This is quite possibly the most boring and most stupid movie I wasted my time on.

I enjoyed the first half of the movie the most, which is a superb example how much you can do with just great cinematography and storytelling that even a high grass field can become an mysterious suspenseful enviroment and therefore got me hooked right from the start.

Nonsensical plot where nothing is explained, plenty of creepy moments, but ultimately a complete waste of your time as they just go back in time so none of it ever happened.

Oh my gosh, I actually sat through this movie waiting for something exciting to happen, but it kept going on and on In circles, pointless Piece of crap, honestly even the ending didn't really explain much , waste of time.

Garbage, such a waste of time, lots of terrible lighting, grass, rock, "BECKY, are you there???

You will not feel bore because every seconds of the movie is intense.

It starts of kind of boring, with promises of being better, then it gets stupid, and then it doubles down on boring, and then it gets really stupid.

Boring movie.

Despite Wrobleski's stunning cinematography that encapsulated the natural order of the field through stylised motion, particularly when visualising the field to be a living entity of its own, Natali's one-dimensional screenplay forced certain characters actions and personalities to be questionably dull.

Don't bother watching it, it was such a waste of time.

Stephen King has this habit of leaving things open for viewers interpretation, but in this one the movie goes too far, so much so that it becomes a drag to just pull yourself through this 100 mins long boring uneventful movie that you know would not reveal much.

Don't waste your time, tobin you lil monkey.

A boring sick movie.

An intriguing premise (albeit stolen from The Twilight Zone or elsewhere, as per usual - for anyone young enough to actually believe that King doesn't pilfer) completely foiled by idiotic dialog and stupid characterization - the two defining traits of virtually every single story/novel/movie written by the Master of Garbage.

Anyone who rates this a 1 and says it's the worst movie they've ever seen hasn't seen very many movies.

This is one of the WORST movies I have ever watched.

Slightly creepy, then boring, then ghe acid kicked in.

Stephen King is unpredictable at best and he delivers again with this movie.

Confusing .

This movie looks absolutely stunning.

Don't waste your time with this "movie"...

Not only is the acting awful (besides Wilson, who is easily the best part of the movie), the whole thing is just really boring and uninspired.

what i cant appreciate is a movie where nothing happens fro the bulk of the movie and once something interesting does happen it doesn't happen again for another 20 minutes.

A waste of time .

A boring and unimaginative film from start to finish!

Initially quite interesting, this grassfest soon becomes an annoying repetitive bore of a movie.

But the premise is intriguing enough, and before the third act there's some really solid idea floating around there, it's just not as tight as it should be.

What a waste of my time and anyone else who was unfortunate enough to have watched this.

Another movie that trys really hard to be intellectual but for me and I believe many others just confusing and for someone with a short attention span like myself I got over it half way.

Slow and painful .

But it tries to deal with too many things, and sometimes became confusing and repetitive.

The plot can be confusing.

most boring 2h of my life

but still pretty boring and repetetive.

However, the unnecessary and disappointing use of CGI and the crude, cliche-ridden character backstories leave this film wanting in many of the areas most important to modern horror.

Utter waste of time.

It's boring.

Dont waste your time.

Please don't waste your time on this.

What follows is muddled, tedious and annoying.

Up until this point the acting is solid and the story is compelling pulling the viewer into the story.

This is a grab you movie it's just a little too confusing with the time jumps or whatever they would be called.

In the end, it ended up "run(ing) too long and repeats itself too much to be as gripping as it's source material.

Mind blowing!!!

It was drug on, and repetitive.

The start was interesting, the middle was dragged out and the ending was too quick.

The movie is just boring, too obvious, and very disappointing coming from the author.

Feel very boring story with repeating scenses.

This is an extremely dull movie.

Dull .

In In the Tall Grass it is an eye-rolling cliche.

But for my film enthusiasts, this movie gets real boring real fast.

I felt bored and story seemed dragging after first half; more like the film creator have to connect those loose ends and because of that, the already intact strings also lost strength.

Long story with slow boring events which do not end to anything .. Nonsense movie which I do not know how it can be produced by Netflix .. Patrick how to participate in a bad film like this.

A good way to waste your time .

But if you have watched Pirates of the Carribiean's At World's End you know the feeling of a long, drawn out movie.

Some stupidity yet visually impressive stunning 🌆 .

'In the Tall Grass' is not flawless, but asthetically mesmerizing and quite entertaining.

I hate horror movies where obvious ways out of a situation are ignored solely so the story can continue but this movie truly had me waiting on the edge of my seat to see how they were going to get themselves out of this situation.

Waste of time.

They tried to do another Blair witch but it became way to repetitive.

Confusing .

Was an ok film i watched till the end but the story felt dragged out like it was a struggle to write it To the end, more disturbing than scary was a mystery film than horror worth the watch just A little disappointed

plain and pretty much plotless .

It is as pointless as films come.

Visual treat with engaging plot.

The fight scenes (if thats what we can call them) are dull for the exception of someones head being smashed together.

It was an enjoyable and captivating movie that keeps you hooked.

You got It, Misery, Insomnia, The Shining, Doctor Sleep, and the list goes on.

Worth watching movie!!

I found myself getting bored with it.

Quite interesting and enjoyable .

It also seems to get more confusing and there is no explanation of what makes the tall grass scary.

A short film would have come out of the story from which the film was made (it was written by Stephen King and his son), since watching an endless walk in the grass for an hour and a half is boring despite the fact that additional locations appear in the film from time to time (for example, old bowling club).

It sure has flaws, it's too reliant on CGI, is a little slow and packs a run time.

You might not like a lot of things about this movie, which is reasonable, but I wouldn't call it a waste of time and it certainly deserves a little more than it's current rating.

Let's start with the two families that where put in this field, I forget the names for most of the characters except 3: Cal and Travis and Tobi I want to say it was confusing, some scenes where a "why" moments, the whole movie was a "why".

Half way through the movie I just pressed foward, the boredom was killing me and I didn't miss anything since the same thing happens 20 times before.

It was slightly too long in my taste but overall it's an entertaining experience and its originality and unique plot - and setting - is welcomed in a genre in which recurring themes and jump scares are too many.

I wish i didnt waste my time on thisone.

It seemed interesting at first but eventually it was a waste of time.

I found it entertaining and creepy.

If you want to waste an hour and half of you life, like I did, just watch this movie.

Entertaining and gory.

Not looking at the credits, and after suffering through this tedious film, I guessed that this must be Stephen King S**T!

A film where people just wander through the grass calling out each other's namesSo boring and bad.

Total waste of time.

It's not really frightening, and is somewhat suspenseful.

Very bland.

Trust me I'm a big genre fan and this is just a waste of your time.

The first half was gripping and second half deteriorated all that grip created and lost strings of curiosity.

Add in that the characters were about as bland as they ever come and you have yourself a pretty unenjoyable movie.

Slow beginning but def worth watching !

Definitely entertaining.

This movie is trash consisting of people screaming in a grass field for 2 hours, don't waste your time on this, another Netflix bad production as usual

When i saw the preview for this movie I thought it would be bad like most netflix films, but it was much better than i expected, good cinematography, clever twists, and a pretty confusing but compelling story.

There's nothing here worth watching unless tall grass, lost people (in more ways than one), a lot of screaming, boring characters, and garbled themes of personal choice, responsibility, redemption and evil are your thing, and you crave a story with no point and worse denouement.

There is unnecessary repetitive scenes of a pregnant woman screaming, irritating scenes of blurred visions, 101 mins of jus grass swaying which gets repetitive n boring.

This was 10% creative, 30% boring and 60% disappointing.

But I thought the concept was fascinating.

Slow build, good finish .

Multiple timelines make it confusing on which reality is the real one and there is a lot of grass and wind.

No story, no character development.

Waste of time .

A confusing at times and trippy little film that keeps your attention the entire time!

Not something I would normally consider, but there is plenty of time to speculate, as this movie is as boring as watching grass grow.

The first 15 or so minutes seem promising and intriguing.

I was bored AF watching this, it's really really reaaaaaaaally bad!

Don't waste your time.

For those crying about the bad scenario and boring movie, if you want to watch a "good" horror movie, with the explained scenario and easy idea, welcome to the world of cartoons, no thinking needed, everything is on the plate.

What can I say other than don't waste your time and find a much better way to spend 2 hrs of your life.

Most boring .

Most boring movie I've watched in a long time.

Bland Narrative.

So after watching this I was sooooo confused, so many plot holes, boring parts, etc. I looked up other people's explanation of this movie and even though I see what the base theory of the story is, I still think it's a horrible script.

But this was beyond confusing.

Instead focusing on the frightened youngsters trying to escape may have made for a more gripping piece of entertainment rather then the OTT path the film eventually takes down.

Weak story, weak plot, just boring from the beginning to the end.

Don't waste your time watching this.

Weak plot stretched unnecessary into 101 mins of boring grasses n wtf stone.

The fascinating premise, the ambiguity of time, and the ominous religious undertones offer a notable hook to viewers interested in a reasonable October scare.

A Waste of my Time .

Nevertheless, it's an entertaining thriller with some good gory bits along the way


Waste of time .

A boring movie about people shouting names in a field and stumbling across dead bodies with tons of flies and gore.

perfect for people with insomnia problems.

Is a very very bad movie, boring and not sense.

The film gets very dragged out and repetitive.

This was a total waste of time.

Don't waste your time on this movie unless you think horror is great

I read the short story which was very mysterious, strange, quite brutal at times but also suspenseful.

A lot of the scenes that are meant to be "scary" are just confusing, dumb, and weird.

I liked the start, then it became tedious, then toward the end was good again.

Normally I'd complain about movies starting too slow.

The aesthetic of the movie gets somewhat repetitive and tiring after a while.

But Joe Hill's books/screenplays go absolutely nowhere like this waste of time.

But it was such a waste of time!!

Worst movie I have watched so far this year .

It's so predictable that you know what will happen before you even start watching it.

It was a waste of time.

It's pretty good to be honest but story line is confusing.

Quite gripping .

Other issues:As you might guess, this film couldn't really sustain grass being the frightening villain for the full hundred minutes, so they have a random guy go crazy and evil (again not really a spoiler, this happens well within the first half of the film), which turns their intriguing premise into something much more generic and predictable.

Literally one of the worst movies I've ever had to endure!

However, the movie eventually becomes tiresome to watch.

Though it may not be the best horror, it is enjoyable.

Well that was boring .

No spoilers here, nothing happened to spoil.

Enjoyable .

Dumb, boring, not internally consistent.

The cinematography is among the film's highlights together with the mysterious, confusing timelines.

I spent the last 20-30 minutes of this movie on my phone browsing Facebook, , that's how uninteresting this movie is.

You either just figure everything out and have to wait for the characters to catch up or if you miss small scenes you might be confused for a dragged out period of time.

The build is slow.

The story moves at a glacier pace which makes it almost unbearable to watch, since it is so predictable you know exactly what is going to happen long before it happens....

Unfortunately it had no real plot and watching grass and people yell gets boring really quick.

Absolutely boring, and extremely long.

So Boring!.

This is soooo boring stupid cheap movie.

Enjoyable if you already like time loops.

Just very boring.

Full of annoying spinning cameras and pretentious abstract sequences (a formula followed by nearly all Netflix sci-fi/horror movies), the movie feels like it's coming to a natural conclusion at around the 60 minute mark, only to be painfully prolonged another 40 minutes with utter non sense.

It's very cool and intriguing.

Boring all the way ...

My hesitation was indeed sound, as this had to be one of the most boring things I ever tried to sit through.

No Story

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down a bit!

Yes it was a little slow and not a lot of backstory or explanation.

Bored to freaking death.

This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

But boring.