Inception (2010) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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A thief who steals corporate secrets through the use of dream-sharing technology is given the inverse task of planting an idea into the mind of a C.E.O.

IMDB: 8.8
Director: Christopher Nolan
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Length: 148 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 81 out of 1000 found boring (8.1%)

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The amazing writing and story really blew me away, i have never seen anything like it, intriguing, compelling, deep, emotional, clever, it really stands out.

But recently, I watched Avengers: Endgame which has 3 hours of running time.

", but overall very thought provoking and entertaining.

All this is a combination of the greatest cinematic experience that Nolan dragged through all these years.

Christopher Nolan's 'Inception' often gets a mention in many 'best films of all time' lists, despite the fact that this is probably one of the least rewarding and most pointless films I've ever watched.


Hans Zimmer (the composer) really knows how to make an epic movie feel even more massive and exciting.

All this is a combination of the greatest cinematic experience that Nolan dragged through all these years.

Nolan's mind blowing work .

Director Christopher Nolan challenges the audience to keep up, and rewards those who can with a breathtaking spectacle, one that has the capability to leave you awestruck.

Marion was just beautiful and intriguing.

On the edge of your seat as they all come to and end.

It is entertaining and didactic.

The ending was way more predictable then I thought it was, and there certainly were a couple of plotholes.

The films basic plot alone is mind blowing and then adding many layers on top of that just makes this film beyond epic.

It's beautiful, intense, mysterious and fun.

A fascinating plot meticulously executed by Christopher Nolan and Di Caprio as usual at his best.



Great film but hard to follow .

If you are looking for a film that is confusing,mind-boggling or like me a fan of Leonardo Di Caprio then do check it out.

Inception is a movie definitely worth watching.

For someone like me, who've rarely slept without dream, it's so exciting watching how Christopher Nolan had illustrated every single characteristic of dream on the big screen.

The script written by Nolan is fascinating.

Boring dreams - dull performances - really irritating noisey soundtrack that drowns our the dialogue.

Seeing your subconsciousness as a reality maybe even confusing the two, well in the film Inception we are taken on a journey of what this would be like.

Worth watching.

Plot is boring & jumbled & it's also very long.

But with set pieces so intricate, so jaw-dropping, and so breathtaking, you'll find that there's no exertion needed to stay focused.

After the great experience this cinematic treasure was for me and for my family, and the tremendous role the impeccable Leonardo DiCaprio plays, there is no other choice, than marking it with a score of 10, so it gets more attention from lovers of a thrilling adventure in the human mind.

Inception is based on science and science-fiction, and the story is interesting an intense, and leaves the audience with a lot of material for thinking and reflection.

Inception is a great, exciting and tense melodrama.

With the 2 other people I watched this movie with, I asked them both to name one other characters name in this movie 5 minutes after we walked out of it.

The whole movie is extremely boring and isn't containing any funny moment.

-) When an original idea is the most compelling incentive.

For the truth is that there are plenty of directors who can make an engaging movie that people will like.

The special effects in this movie are visually stunning to look, and the people that worked on the effects really do handle it well for mixing it up for both using CGI and practical.

Pretentious claptrap for people with an inflated sense of intelligence .

The concept is original, the action is entertaining, the cinematography is top notch, and for all the brilliant and memorable moments, there are plenty of plot holes, and a whoooole lot of exposition.

the plot is fresh and exciting.

So that I feel viewers might find confusing and disregard the movie.

But if we bypass the bursts of joy and look at the movie in a more sober way, we must admit this is too long, far too slow at many cases and sadly so, overtly preachy.

The sheer brilliance of it is mind blowing.

Nolan gives us a compelling story that focuses on the visceral depth of the characters and the challenges that they face throughout the course of the film, while simultaneously using the action only to support the continuous flow of the story, instead of overshadowing it with too many pointless explosions, fight, and/or car chase scenes.

And once you get over it- which is usually engaging for its compactness- you have to come up with an entire new idea.

What's good about the film first of all is that Director/writer Christopher Nolan delivers us a story that is gripping, fresh and original.

Inception had a dream world that was incredibly unimaginative and felt very flat and boring.

This along with The Dark Knight and Memento is probably Mr Nolan's finest work, however Inception is stylish, gritty, gripping and very intelligent.

Yes..this movie is not for "watching" , u have to "experience" this one…Nolan's magnum opus is the first major blockbuster in over a decade that's demanded intense viewer concentration, raised thoughtful and complex ideas, and wrapped everything all in a breathlessly exciting action film.

If Nolan had dropped the boring, uninvolving melodrama and the reverse caper style narrative, it would've freed up so much room for visual experimentation and all kinds of involving drama.

The supporting cast is very, very strong as well, this includes Molly which as a character makes the movie even more engaging.

This movie is mind bending, thrilling and unique so I suggest you don't miss it..

This is a popular entertainment with a knockout punch so intense and unnerving it'll have you worrying if it's safe to close your eyes at night.

I have tried to watch this film twice now but found it boring and shallow.

A pretentious pile of garbage.

A movie that will take you into another world , a ride of dreams with intense and turns at every point.

I nearly walked out of this film.

Very enjoyable and thought provoking movie.

Mind boggling plot (which sometimes is confusing), wonderful cast, good performances, especially Leonardo.

Even so, I enjoyed it all the way through and felt like I followed the basic story.

The movie was good from the beginning and it has a very intriguing plot along with some good action scenes.

It blends stunning CGI with amazing practical effects.

the experience was phenomenal, fascinating, nerve-racking, and awe-inspiring from beginning to end.

The worst movie I'll never forget.

Unpredictable and very clever.

'Inception' is one of the most overhyped, overrated and pretentious films I've ever seen.

Well what can I say about this movie except absolutely stunning and clever, I love the idea that you can hack people's dream and create a whole world in a dream, my second favourite Nolan movie after the dark night.

The plot has so many layers and complexity to it that I found it so enjoyable piecing it together.

The most compelling part of the concept is the dilating time, as one proceeds from one dream layer into another and it is utilized to the limit to advance major plot points.

The end of the film is good but, from a certain moment, it becomes slow and predictable.

While the film Dark Knight will always be recognized to the new dimensions it added to the classic Batman series of movies and comics, Inception was nothing more than a dull and linear plot, surrounded by and an even duller and more linear plot.

For About couple 2 hrs you don't shift your mind anywhere else, with outstanding story, great performance, stunning visuals and extraordinary screenplay and direction, the movie is simply a MASTERPIECE.

Striking a truly impressive balance between engaging the mind, the heart, and the heart rate, Inception is the first movie since The Dark Knight that I wanted to see again the very next day (no coincidence since they were made by the same person).

Once again I loved all the dialogue that made the concept of the film easier to understand it just makes this film so much more enjoyable.

This movie is a complicated sci-fi movie, that is extremely well made, with a complex, but intriguing plot.

Stunning VFX with an all star cast and amazing performance from Leo DiCap paired up with excellent writing and direction = a visual masterpiece!

Some complain that the dreams were too logical and realistic compared to the real world, but in this case, I think, adding the layer of surrealism to the dreams would have turned the film too confusing and taken away the credibility of the film's logic that was so carefully constructed.

the plot of this film is so fascinating and unpredictable because it is difficult to understand the coming fact.

This is pretty much just your standard big budget action flick given Christopher Nolan's signature touch of psycho thriller confusion.

This is a mostly astonishing picture, one that requires its audience to remain on the edge of their seats throughout its entirety.

It is an intricate but fast paced plot that keeps you from getting bored or distracted.

Overall, "Inception" is definitely worth watching, and then watching again, and again.

I understand that dreaming and waking up continuously may be a confusing state of affairs although I have confidence that the major popularity knows how to put 2 and 2 together.

The questions asked (and the directions suggested) are, to say the least, compelling, and this is what great science fiction is all about.

So fake so pretentious so arrogant so little.

The special effects were breathtaking, especially in the hotel fight scene, which was so unique due to the different angles and equipment used to make it look as if the world as spinning around and around.

The story is intriguing and well-crafted, the performances are great, the score by Hans Zimmer is unforgettable and the visual effects are tremendous.

In this incredible Christopher Nolan film, the mystery, soundtrack and promise of more makes it a gripping tale of progress, defeat, mystery and understanding.

mind blowing technically.....

It's just stunning!

a waste of time, money ( if you paid to see it ).

I love mind blowing or twisting film likes Shutter island, The uninvited, Triangle, Looper, Source code, ghostwriter, interstellar and many more.

Its a fiction movie and it's more a boring time waste for me

, confusing?

It might not work for everyone, specially bits where it gets a little slow.

Working along his side is Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the lead character's accomplice who gets his fair share of both solid performance and visually stunning action participation, most notably the aforementioned hallway scene during the film's climax.

It is both confusing and entertaining at the same time and one need to really use his/her brains to fully understand it and might take more than one viewing.

From beginning to end I was glued , the cinematography, and visual effects hewed stunning, completely out of the box visually.

Mind blowing.

For the majority of the film, when the characters move into a new setting, viewers are graced with a breathtaking overhead shot of their surroundings.

I want to enjoy a movie in the theater or at home and then keep enjoying it because it's content or portrayal is so compelling that I find mind migrating back to scenes or experiences in the film.

The music is unique and adds to the adrenaline-rushing tone of the film.

The movie is highly entertaining and satisfyingly complex!

It was a brilliant idea and concept and it turned out into a beautiful, twisted, make-you-reconsider-your-life, amazing movie that leaves you on the edge of your seat.

Inception is a really fun movie, and I very much enjoyed it when I saw it in 2010, before it became a "must see" movie.

Some scenes were so confusing.

Fantastic Cast, Intriguing Plot, Overall Amazing Movie .

It's just mind blowing.

Its plot is really exciting and you could never be bored on the duration of the movie.

But boy, I found this so dull and I ended up really hating it.

But what happens when you write very good characters along with a very strong and mind blowing scenario?

He further substantiated his status by conjuring movies like Insomnia, The Prestige, Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight.

With each new movie that he directs the plots have become noticeably more and more incoherent, haywire and disjointed.

Moreover the comical edge to Tom Hardy's character 'Eames', in unison with the ceaseless swagger of Joseph-Gordon Levitt ensured that the film was persistent, in entertaining the audience to the pinnacle of satisfaction.

The dramatic scenes of tension are EXHAUSTING where you actually get bored of them, and the pace of the scene is just frozen in a seizure.

With impressive, outstanding, splendid, conceptual and spectacular visual effects of the art of dream especially the zero gravity action scenes, it feels that the purposeful adventures into the dream is rather exciting and there is not even a wish to wake up.

It reminds me of the dreams i had as a kid, stunning visuals!

The first time I watched it I hated it, it was confusing.

While the exposition may feel contrived at points, I think Nolan challenges the audience's intellect.

Inception is beyond masterful, it's a thought provoking, incredibly entertaining, emotional investing piece of cinematic brilliance, I can not begin to tell you just how much Inception has gone on too inspire me to explore film it self.

The acting, the plotline, the idea behind the plot, the action, the emotion, the adrenaline, the soundtrack, the look.

Leo is very engaging to watch and keeps me entertained throughout the movie and it's not boring even for a moment.

THE FILM IS RATED PG-13, so there may be some intense action sequences throughout and I love that this movie shoes the differences between what we see in our dreams and in reality between the dream world and the real world.

But it deserves its 8/10 for being entertaining (and for Di Caprio being watchable for a change).

And it's entertaining and moving, no matter how many times you view it.

" The moment is one of many that add levity to a film that is otherwise heavy and intense, excepting the film's middle section, during which the extraction team prepares for an impossible task.

It's a breathtaking juggling act, and Nolan may have considered his "Memento" (2000) a warm-up; he apparently started this screenplay while filming that one.

'Inception' is a stunning score.

Mind Blowing.

boring .

Following a group of people that can control their and other people's dreams, Inception has some great acting, deep storytelling (that can be hard to follow sometimes) and an awesome soundtrack for every intense scene.

So re-creatively different and stunning film.

This complex, yet riveting sci-fi thriller marks an innovative achievement by Christopher Nolan .

From the performance of the actors to the gripping and imaginative plot, this movie is as close to perfection as possible.

He have made us lose our breath in this thrilling masterpiece, that travels through dreams dimensions, smoothly, at the same time that complex plot is being explained, where science merge fiction, until we wonder how our being really works.

Lots of pointless action scenes.

Still, in one of my latest revisits, the movie continues to grab my full attention whether it's with smartly written dialog or exciting action scenes.

An overall thrilling ride based on an overlooked concept in science fiction; dreams.

My advice- don't waste your time even to see why some people gave it 9 or 10 stars.

It is a fascinating and confusing concept.

The same central themes and ideas are present in both films, only this time, the budget is bigger and the scale eventually reaches epic proportions, with ground-breaking visuals, globe and reality spanning action and an appropriately bold and adrenaline-rich score by Nolan favorite Hans Zimmer.

Therefore, I completely agree that what would be a dream within a dream, within a dream, the tossing and turning of flashbacks or the fact that a person's subconscious can be trained to use weapons and tear any intruders to shreds as a defence mechanism, could be confusing.

In summary, it's entertaining for the audiences that are amused by stories overlooked by visual FX, strenuous, complicated multi-layered concepts produced by directors who make comic book movies.

All the characters are really likeable and the story is fun and exciting.


its theme - dream is a fascinating topic to say the least.

This movie is mind blowing full of twists until the very end.

The landscape, the tone, and the characters feel absolutely the same as with reality—the stunning and twisting visuals being the only attribute that separates it from the real world.

Nolan's passion-project deals with an obscure concept that informs every aspect of the feature and leads to some visually stunning moments.

Apart from this, there is even the basic confusion of how many levels of dreams there are.

Impossible to keep up with slow and boring .

Nolan and Pfister work together and create visually stunning shots, full of artful elements.

Visually stunning, and an incredible job by one of the most spontaneous and viscerally-entertaining directors in our generous, it would be a crime to miss this movie!

This film combined two genres so perfectly to create a truly entertaining and inspiring piece of work.

It's neither as confusing as some have painted it, nor does it have any tricks-peek behind the curtain type-up its sleeve.

This movie honestly is mind blowing and extremely difficult to understand.

Arriving in early August in Morocco, a big unexpected success for the creators was the acquaintance with the local team, with whose help Hollywood partially took off more than one blockbuster in the territory of this African country.

It will always be compelling beautiful piece of art for me.

There are scenes that take the imagination to the fullest while entertaining audiences everywhere.

Now the British cinematographer is 39 years old, and the world has finally come to the opportunity to get to know what Nolan was so stunning, fast and loud all these years.

This science-fiction mystery-action hybrid follows a complex plot that tackles on firm intellectual concepts of human psychology as it deals with characters engaging in a special ability to infiltrate the minds of others.

The score plays just as an important role as the characters as it creates a thrilling and intense tone to the film.

Very confusing.

The film is a series of "OMG" moments that has the viewer effectively wondering how it's done with absorbing appreciation that is matched with a fantastic central score.

This is a truly mind blowing film supported with full commitment by Leonardo DiCaprio.

With Leonardo DiCaprio as the protagonist, Cobb, he puts on a stunning performance, which leaves you speechless and in absolute awe of his uncanny film talent.

Despite the kind of confusion that will attract every spectator.

The story is really compelling and although there are many special effect this doesn't contradict with the interesting and really full of meaning plot.

As an actor, filmmaker and writer myself, I can relate to the amount of time I think it took Christopher Nolan to write this and put it on the page and make it smart and compelling and innovative.

the dream sequences were breathtaking.

I found myself a little lost in the complexity of the storyline in places but this may have been a deliberate action by the writers to get across the message of confusion that is felt by the characters.

ending is way too predictable.

Inception is above all the most innovative idea to come out of Hollywood since Donnie Darko but is also an exhibition of fantastic cinematography, good acting, a moving score, and a compelling plot.

I thought a lot of stuff in it was overdone and a lot of parts were just downright boring.

I think Inception is a great film for a few reasons: the cinematography is amazing, the cast is stellar, it is action packed, and it visualized abstract ideas.

Just like dreams can be confusing, this movie can be as well.

you have to give the rating minimum 8 , you know what if you don't give it above 7 you are fool , cause this film can be categorized mind blowing film.

One of those movies that by the end leaves you thinking "could this really happen"A truly interesting watch with stunning special effects Recommended for all who love a good "thinking movie

Entertaining Plot.

Amazingly mind boggling.

The way the story also unfolds is also very compelling.


Mind boggling awesome.

Stunning VFX.


Surely very high budget, impressive cast, and I actually like all them, but this was simply too pretentious, and full with scenes which actually had nothing with story flow.

Still, they did expand upon the idea enough that it was a major part of the entire plot and certainly was quite a fascinating film anyways.

Fantastic and compelling plot that engrosses you from the opening scene backed up by some great acting including an immaculate performance from Di Caprio, surely one of the great actors of our generation and a very well cast Tom Hardy.

That is what makes that moment with Cobb and Ariadne at the market so mind blowing.

This movie feels WAY too pretentious.

Thus, while an entertaining watch, I rank "Inception" well below "The Matrix" (very similar concepts) and about on par with "Shutter Island".

Whenever they get to the snow/skiing scene like some James Bond movie, I yawn and turn it off.

The movie is visually stunning.

The Story With Inception, we get a fresh, complete original and engaging story that never fails to impress.

An always-tense, extremely suspenseful sci-fi action film that respects a viewer's intelligence.

this film was amazing and powerful and well, Mind Blowing!!!

But this movie is so intense, interesting and so amazing!

this movie might not be for everyone though, the story is mind blowing the soundtrack is epic fits the movie so perfectly thanks to Hans Zimmer.

It was a little bit predictable and the end was obvious.

don't waste your time.

Paprika used a more surreal approach to dreams that made it rather fun and engaging to observe.

Another Drawn Out Overrated Movie By Nolan .

The drive of the film is amazing, breathtaking acts and the plot is one of the best ever...

Inception is complex, yet deeply riveting science-fiction heist flick that successfully entertains and challenges viewers on both a visual and cerebral level.

It's a fascinating story of how human dreams can be manipulated to create an idea in their mind or change someone's view about something by being a part of their dream.

My hope is that i can combine quality talent with brilliant directing to bring the #MoscowRules story to life and leave the audience on the edge of their seats as I was watching this movie.

Joseph Gordon levitt is a great actor and this film is no different, his action scenes were breathtaking and had me on the edge of my seat throughout the film.

The way this film is structured is done to perfection, its built like a heist film so in the first half we get an ingenious look into this technology and its workings and in the second half we get a mind blowing sequence that has incredible action scenes, impeccable set design and we get a true conclusion to DiCaprios character.

Gripping from start to finish.

The set-up is intense, throwing out wonderful ideas at the audience and not hanging around to see whether they're accepted.

It possessed a seemingly undeterred route to live on in infamy (they thought up the hard part) as this movie has stretches, bursts if you will of extreme utter sheer brilliance but everybody is wearing like suits, all suits, only suits and acting all rigid-like and it's sort of hard to follow honestly and stuff like what a waste of dream space.

Some people even left the theater because they were confused!

The action is awesome and the tension is intense all the way through.

It is fast paced and does not wait for you to understand what just happened.

Stunning cinematography, complex plot, brilliant action, hypnotic music, this film has it all.

It is a complex, riveting journey from minute one and I cannot stress enough how amazing this movie is and how much I recommend it.

Fast-moving story together with the exciting visual style makes the two and a half hours pass without noticing because you are captivated by everything that happens on the screen.

Absolutely entertaining visually stunning.

Really awful, slow moving movie, so similar to Shitter Islamd with various scenes, such as small kids, wife, country house.

Hard to follow .

Waste of time .

But I love how the movie gets more enjoyable as you rewatch it.

It just seemed to get more pointless as it wore on.

It's just too boring.

Nothing but special effects, boring plot, and lame acting.

One of the best movies out there I highly recommend it

The story is really intriguing and engaging from the very first scene.

this is a very boring one also.

And, sorry, but that's all that Inception succeeded in doing - Causing major, or should I say, "massive" confusion.

It is sleek, stylish, smart, engaging, well-crafted, inspiringly directed, cleverly conceived and sports a stellar cast.

It's not a wild assumption to make, for both the reasons that perfection is subjective, and that it's simply too difficult to achieve a masterpiece with equally intriguing and driven plot, characters, cinematography.

The idea of having this inception of dreams, or dreams within dreams makes for a very interesting and intriguing movie.

This movie is complete:acting on another level,thrilling action sequences,Hans Zimmer's breathtaking soundtrack.

It is a beautiful masterpiece showcased with breathtaking visuals, tear-jerking acting, and a meaningful plot that transcends religion as well as culture.

Unfortunately, the pace kills it all, and after couple watchings the boredom creeps in with no boundaries

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's 'Arthur' is perhaps the weakest of the ensemble (even though he is the focus of the films most thrilling sequence), his character is literally just there for exposition.

a tremendously exciting science-fiction thriller that's as disturbing as it sounds.

It is, without question, the most important, most beautiful and most evocative piece in the score (and personally the best piece I have ever heard in my life).

Amazing mind blowing film.

From the premise of the movie, the ending, it was cliche and tiresome to the point of annoyance.

it explored something fascinating in all the right ways, taken it in all the right directions (6 viewings)

And the action itself is so painstakingly dull that I could not imagine watching it again.

It's thought provoking, mind blowing, action packed, and it has a great score.

Though comparatively light on language, with no sexual material and action violence where physical harm is not what's at stake (you'll understand when you see it), Inception is nonetheless not recommended for anyone younger than teens due to its complexity and intense subject matter.

Extremely Interesting and Still Entertaining .

its plot - there are several sweet twists and unpredictable turns.

It will only hinder your enjoyment and waste your time.

Last wk once again I saw the mind blowing thriller INCEPTION…….

It becomes a place my mind can roam to for engaging thought and feeling.

So many elements of the story make it interesting and while the story itself might be difficult to follow, it is one that will keep you amazed throughout the duration of the film.

His movies are so confusing and worth a lot rewinding.

With that being said, this movie will be sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

I see this movie few time because was fascinating for me.

Furthermore the visuals (and even action scenes) are straight up stunning.

The film presents an odd idea and has intriguing plot elements, and the acting is actually quite good.

I will highly recommend it.

Overall, I believe that the Inception is a visually stunning film that is definitely worth the 2 hour and 28 minute run time.

After some years, I basically don't remember almost anything except main part of plot, and that silly scene of shooting on street, what was so utterly pointless.

Stunning .

Mal's suicide was unnecessary, her psychiatric ploy not within the realms of how things work in reality, and even the mind trick which Cobb says he planted in Mal's head is confusing and ultimately stupid.

Combining the audacity of his earlier efforts with the multi-million-dollar spectacle of his Batman blockbusters, Christopher Nolan's Inception is a movie that puts its mindless rivals to shame with its dizzying acumen and stunning visuals.

An intriguing espionage storyline of a group of friends and business partners, able to infiltrate peoples dream states - for money - to unearth with careful strategy & cunning genius, even the most deeply buried secrets stored in the subconsious mind and manipulate the dreamer ...

It's a breathtaking juggling act, and Nolan may have considered his "Memento" (2000) a warm-up; he apparently started this screenplay while filming that one.

Tedious and empty .

It has a very intriguing premise in my opinion.

The entire concept of "Inception" is amazing, and if anyone hasn't watched it yet, I highly recommend it!

So this is definitely going to stay on your mind for a while even after you leave the theater.

Truly amazing concept and movie really enjoyed it the most.

Inception is a cleverly crafted film that will blow you away with its star studded (and very talented) cast, stunning CGI and mind boggling plot.

The editing together with the pathos and action makes the film completely engrossing.

Smart, innovative, and thrilling, Inception is that rare summer blockbuster that succeeds viscerally as well as intellectually.

as he is picked for some stunning diverse roles since The Departed..(except wolf of wall street-something happened to him I think, the world and its cheap boring tricks got to him)...

Mind Blowing .

This is done in an extremely thoughtful way, and is thrilling to watch.

Stunning, I.. loved.. it!!

This is indeed one of the most overrated boring movie ever.

Inception looks absolutely stunning.

The script was a mess and worst of all it was very boring!

Mr. Nolan always finds new and innovative ways to tell his story..may it be the mind blowing effects or the story itself.

Talk about a multi-layered muddle of a potentially fascinating idea...

It could've used visuals as a way of explanation—portals for changing dreams, visible contraptions for mobility, or a fantastical world where fantasy bleeds into reality, but the film's manner of "telling over showing" felt pseudo-intellectual and, after some time, uninteresting.

Inception is one of the boring overrated films I have ever seen.

An intense and stirring ode to the memories we cannot shake.

The sheer ambition of the movie itself is enough to get you on the edge of your seat.

It takes a compelling story-teller to make you comprehend those thoughts.

idea was good but the movie is too irritating, boring and way too long

In my humble opinion I believe that Inception is one the greatest films of all time and one of my personal favorites, definitely worth the watch, and definitely worth the second and third watch.

Compare this to Memento, and it's clear Memento is the better film, with a more interesting plot and more rousing feel.

It is a mind blowing experience to watch the movie.

I found this absolutely fascinating.

Worth watching the dream.

It has been said that Hollywood relies too much on special effects to cover lazy storytelling; not so with Inception, where truly stunning visuals only supplement what you'll really be talking about: the story, what it means, how it moved you, and how shockingly original it is.

I do enjoy sitting down to a fun, exciting movie solely for the purpose of entertainment.

It's not quite the masterpiece that some say it is, but it is an engaging, well-made, and exciting movie that pretty much demands repeat viewings.

I mean, the main point for Christopher - to spread all over the world some great exciting ideas, not simply to gain bunch of damn money!

Dialogues are cliché, simple and dysfunctional.

This is one of my favourite films its so intense but thrilling!

The movie is mind blowing, makes you wants to think hard to create something out of the ordinary.

The result is one of the best mind blowing original films of the year.

The snow scene at the end (The one from N64 Goldeneye) was way too long and pointless.

While watching and eating my salsa popcorn my mind was drifting and I realized this movie has no plot.

Smart, innovative, and thrilling, Inception is that rare summer blockbuster that succeeds viscerally as well as intellectually.

Inception keeps you on the edge of your seats like nothing else, and it's gripping enough to get the audience feeling as though a single intake of breath would shatter the entire dynamic of the movie.

Nolan's exciting sci-fi movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio combines the best of modern filmmaking.

This idea of traveling through other people's dreams and looking at how the different levels of dreams work and how these dreams relate back to the victims beliefs and experiences in real life is really just a mind blowing concept and is an awesome idea to think about.


But, Cobb's utterly ridiculous and demented obsession with his dead wife, Mal, and her repeatedly showing up in one dream/hallucination after another (ho-hum!

It is fascinating the story structure of Inception and how deep it is.

The whole score is so well matched up with the shots in such an entertaining way, it's the reason I have watched this movie more that 30 times already, and will watch 30 times more in the future.

The film is absolutely intensive, and for my personal opinion the most original film of the last years.

Inception was convoluted and boring.

The emotion throughout is gripping and I will always have an attachment to it.

'Inception' is a well made film, visually it's stunning...

And then some boring conversations with no sense at all.

Here's an idea that nobody can substrate: "Inception" is an experience that takes you to limit the purest of escapist cinema and entertainment that leaves you there on the edge, levitating, his mind at the mercy of something so precious and voluble as the fascination.

So this is definitely going to stay on your mind for a while even after you leave the theater.

It's mind blowing!

If she enjoyed it, then there was something about Inception.

Each scene is directed with pure, exciting, cinematic power that grips and envelops the audience with suspense, thrills, and fun.

I liked this movie, it's fun and trippy and can be stunning to look at.

Just like in that movie, in this movie too, there is too much complicated, unknown, unsolved, difficult, unpredictable stuff.

It is a good movie, time consuming one too, but to actually have it on the top 20 list is absurd, the story had a great cast but the length of the scenes sometimes were extremely long and pointless it seemed as if they were trying to fill in the minutes.

Amazing,Mind blowing film .

But, for me the qualities overlap the defects, and in the end the movie is well worth watching.

This is a popular entertainment with a knockout punch so intense and unnerving it'll have you worrying if it's safe to close your eyes at night.

Mind Blowing .

waste of time .

And, finally - Here's my brief take on director, Christopher Nolan - This guy is a real master of confusion.

I enjoyed it exactly the same as before, not learning anything new about the narrative.

This movie is very thrilling and interesting.

Mind blowing!

Inception has an awesome plot and it is very exciting during the whole movie.

Inception Is Mind Blowing .

You get immersed in the story and that is what makes this one of my favorite movies.

Fascinating .

it was an entertaining watch.

We have learned much about the neural activity that actually control dreams in the twenty-first century, but dreams still have an unpredictable mystery that fascinates many with still more to be discovered about them.

And Nolan leaves just enough room for some riveting action sequences energized with visually arresting chemistry.

i really enjoyed the intense visuals that define this movie and i understood the plot and what was happening without getting too confused so that was a bonus and i like that the story got more suspenseful towards the end and the entire movie was one of Nolans best which will be remembered forever.

In conclusion I say only this even if I could have written a poem about how amazing was the score the cinematography or the visual effects, I'll say only this: This is one of a kind movie that keeps the most of it's viewers on the edge of their seat with a brilliant idea and excellent storytelling.

While Inception is by no means a terrible movie, it is just grossly overrated for trying to be "smart", "serious", and "thought provoking", though ends up being pretentious and shallow.

Christopher Nolan, once again, tells a fascinating story in a very unique way.

The movie is visually stunning.

' After the first 30 minutes of this immensely overrated fantasy I was bored out of my mind.

Still, these are minor flaws in an otherwise very well made and entertaining movie.

Inception is not only one of the most original films in recent months, it is absolutely riveting stuff.

And coupled with length of over 2 hours, that makes watching this movie very demanding and energy intensive.

Waste of time...

"Inception" is an excellent and breathtaking movie that may be one of the only films released so far during the Summer of 2010 that lives up to its hype.

These are ingeniously linked together, but as the scenes change quickly, it is quite difficult to follow all the story lines in all the different worlds at the same time.

The heist gets more and more intense with every passing moment and the ending literally turned my mind against itself as I do this day am still trying to figure it out.

The dynamics and computerized affects are just mind blowing.

And for what - an ending that was predictable, cheesy and devoid of emotion.

He preferred to do it all by himself, filling the story with clichés and dialogues so stupid that they are unbearable to watch and listen to.

If you are not prepared to listen and follow along with each event in the movie, than Inception will seem like a cluttered and confusing movie.

The mind of Nolan was working who knows how long to give us a share of his genius, by engaging in a world entirely complicated and oblivious to an unconscious reality.

The character drama involving his character is really engrossing.

There were points my attention drifted due to the slow pacing of the film and then it became hard to follow.

That Saito had access to such wealth and transportation only adds to the heavy sighing one must yawn while being kidnapped through this terrible screenplay.

Still, it's a riveting visual exploration of the surreal.

I watched it to the end hoping something will change my mind, but further it went more boring it became.

Yes, it is an unusual blockbuster, but at the same time, save for some nice practical effects during action sequences, it's also so banal and uninspired in terms of story, characters and execution.

Yawn .

I also had a slight problem with the ending, which goes on and on, with multiple scenes dragged out in a manner reminiscent of RETURN OF THE KING (although never quite as bad as that).

Stylish and gripping.....

The movie has incredible scenes that explain very accurately the idea of the movie so there is no need to explain more the situation with dialogues because it makes it tiring and boring.

Nolan's approach to exploring the sub- consciousness of one's mind and how it can be manipulated by an outside force is enough to make me appreciate the unexpected twists and turns in the plot itself as my mind races and my heart continues to pump nonstop throughout the course of the film all the way to the end.

Maybe I was in a better mood or something but I really enjoyed it this time.

Fantastically Mind blowing .

Nolan is at the top of his game and even his super-fast-edited action sequences don't disappoint, with riveting gun battles and a fine car chase thrown in, too.

Inception was a confusing movie at first, delving into the plot about a dream-sharing technology for a brilliant thief, Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), to plant an idea into the mind of CEO Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy) in order for another corporate businessman, Saito (Ken Watanabe), to gain power.

There's something that feels pretentious about the character names chosen for the story.

html) and how Christopher Nolan has captured the moment of the screen with his amazing cinematography and on par film score, I'll award this movie a 7/10 despite the clustered and confusing action sequences.

Too Confusing.

I would like to be unbiased, however, and I will say that the one downfall to it is that it is very confusing.

There is no philosophical background, only a pretentious plot that is supposed to mean something, and most of all it is aiming at impressing the audience, and in that it succeeded perfectly.

it's really great if you love mind blowing movies with a very good cinematography, immersing soundtrack, then watch this immediately.

Unmitigated Pretentious Claptrap .

I can't say this film rates an 8.8 or even an 8, but the effects at least take it from trite 6 (including the James Bond ripoff ski scene) to a passable 7.

The cinematography was stunning with some original concepts and elements built in, CGI was believable if there was any.

The movie is a fast paced chase through multiple alternate realities until the end where the viewer is left guessing about the nature of reality itself.

The movie admittedly is difficult to understand the first time you watch it, but is still quite enjoyable.

Confusing at first, but engaging toward the second half.

It could be riveting and interesting IF there was intellectual breathing room.

Had that role been given to a talented actress like Taryn Manning or Juliette Lewis (with the part re-written to work with her age) instead of an empty show-biz personality like Ellen Page, this would have been a 10 star film, all the way.

The talk and concept of different levels of dream states and manipulating the subconscious patterns of the dreamer seemed too formulaic and, even, immature.

In a Dream within a Dream within a Dream, Nobody Can Hear You Fall Asleep Before the Movie Ends .

Boring shooting, fighting scenes and car races most of the time.

The story, the characters, the action, everything about it was so engaging.

remove the danger element from an action movie and it becomes pointless.

Page's dream sequence in the early portion of the movie is fascinating and I wish they spent more time dwelling on what can happen in a dream than go quickly into the action in the later sequences.

The classical music background is very soothing in an intense movie.

Exciting action scenes > Plot development and philosophy .

Both the writing and performance of his character actually give this film its backbone, it's just a shame that Nolan keeps pushing him to the sidelines, instead wishing to focus more on the uninteresting concept of the film itself.

THE FILM IS RATED PG-13, so there may be some intense action sequences throughout and I love that this movie shoes the differences between what we see in our dreams and in reality between the dream world and the real world.

and "dream theme" sure is boring......

As it is, Inception is a very typical (though enjoyable) action flick disguised as something it actually isn't.

The good actors, and the stunning cinematography made this film to one of my all time favourites!

Both of these problems can be rectified with a slow burn narrative.

It's just soooo boring from the beginning.

Then there's the visuals, in the dream worlds in the film you will see some of the most breathtaking, outrageous, and mind bending (and city bending) visuals to hit any screen.

Truly a superb, indifferent film that makes our dreams and reality cross in unexpected ways.

Don't waste your time with this one, it should not be as highly ranked as it is, a case of following the crowd it seems.

Inception was a thrilling movie for me to watch.

The worst movie I'll never forget .

The integral levels of dream scape and retaining the different levels of unconscious thought adds a fast paced eagerness to the film.

A mind blowing experience, literally.

They all have the dark color pallets, and intense visual images.

Definitely worth watching no matter what type of movie you like, if you find yourself getting bored you need to keep going, it didn't get four Oscars for nothing.

Visually stunning .

I highly recommend it to someone with an open mind (no pun intended) or anyone who is willing to pause the movie every few seconds to take in all that is happening.

Simply a pointless and unexciting movie to watch the two and half hours are gone in vain.

A tremendously exciting science-fiction thriller that's as disturbing as it sounds.

Then of course there are the fantastic action set pieces, such as the mind blowing and original spinning hallway scene, and the tense chase scene that leads to a tight squeeze through two buildings.

The confusion stems from the fact that when you count the number of kicks for each person and number of dream levels, there seems to be one extra kick.

As with Director Christopher Nolan's movies, much of the plot elements are serious, solemn and dark, and those along with the dramatic acting made the movie a little slow at first.

Smart, innovative, and thrilling, Inception is that rare summer blockbuster that succeeds viscerally as well as intellectually.

Christopher Nolan is known for his intense love/heartbreak stories with a mind-bending plot.

Also, the introduction of limbo felt pointless.

The love story had me on the edge of my seat.

The acting was brilliant the effects were stunning and well the direction...

All in all, the dream in a dream in a dream stuff really is boring and they managed to make a good idea into a bad film.

All in all a very good and entertaining movie with great actors that everyone should have seen.

However, it does raise a fascinating question about the future science advancements that might be possible with psychological manipulation for political and/or business purposes.

Action-packed suspenseful.

Amazing plot,full of surprises,a few thrilling action scenes,emotion and a ton of Science fiction.

They are intense, mind boggling and extremely suspenseful.

However, I make this point because this movie depicts the subconscious in dreams, and it does so in a very intriguing way.

Another reason is, i'm the type who will prefer to watch fantasy movies, sci-fi, etc.However, i'm glad i give it a try and believe me the story is fascinating.

The amount of unknowns and undefined variables makes a suspenseful mood which has help create the environment needed for the sophistication and realism that this movie has.

Nolan has shown previously that he is capable of doing this in insomnia,the prestige, and batman trilogy.

All in all this movie is a visually stunning film not to mention a dazzling story or fantastic performances plus a great score.

And even if the action is very exciting in not overdone.

The movie pacing is awesome, the story is gripping, compelling and very exciting up to the point that you have literally no guarantee or confidence what happens, how or why.

Very intensive .

This was no better than any of Nolan's other hack films he's made, like the Barman movies or INTERSTELLAR, and it drags on for way too long, which is why I'll never watch it again.

Hats off to whoever was in control of the effects because they were truly brilliant and breathtaking at times.

I kind of like the concept, but maybe the presentation style is very confusing, so, it's really a big confusion.

The biggest problem for me in Inception, which is otherwise highly entertaining and clever film, are the generic James Bond action scenes, that don't feel very dream-like and at the same time are not real either.

Too long, plotholes, confusing and much luck just to work every little detail-not realistic.

Even the article was dull and uninspiring...

The most fascinating thing is, that Inception is a brain puzzle that offers several degrees of freedom in trying to fill in the missing parts thus offers you a very individual experience.

too much action and intense all in one.

The special effects are unique and mind blowing on a level that has never been seen before!

Muddled through this long and confusing film, never sure what was happening, whose dream we are watching, how many levels deep, and how it related to the concept of the film.

Leonardo Was Stunning And Did An Amazing Job Playing His Role.

Director Christopher Nolan provides a breath of fresh air in today's movie scene, including an original story, quality performances, and a breathtaking score.

Shortly after finishing 'Insomnia' (2002), Nolan wrote and eighty- page treatment about "dream stealers" envisioning a horror film inspired by lucid dreaming and presented the idea to Warner Bros.

Strange and somewhat confusing tale on a group of individuals who can enter their dreams and those of others and manipulate them into reality.

So confusing and complex and boring!!

This movie is visually stunning, with a half decent plot and enjoyable actors.

Well it is very tricky to comprehend and understand but it is really thrilling.

It's a breathtaking juggling act, and Nolan may have considered his "Memento" (2000) a warm-up; he apparently started this screenplay while filming that one.

Incredibly suspenseful movie!

The thrilling music in the film is provided by none other than Hans Zimmer, who also set the mood for Nolan's previous film, The Dark Knight.

Simply Breathtaking .

Exceptional performances & stunning twists.

The sadder tonality of the movie is often far too heavy and leaves with a sore heart, whilst the slower pacing makes this undeniably excellent story a lead heavy bolt.

The actors are great, but the characters they are given are just bland and uninteresting.

Regardless, the team Cobb chooses is thoroughly entertaining.

It's just an incredibly entertaining and mind-blowing concept.

Much like my own most enjoyable recurring dreams, it seems to mutate subtly to feel ephemeral and, at the same time, everlasting in its impact.

Boring and Overrated .

It requires the audience to remain on the edge of their seats in its entirety.

Very intense.

Simply thrilling!

The last value we will look at is the Literary value, the success of the theme and the meaning behind just another exciting action movie.

All the possibilities of today's technology in service of a thrilling story.

Intelligent and gripping entertainment that remains with you .

Nolan's vision is still breathtaking .

As our beloved Mr. Spock would remark, "fascinating".

With pristine clarity from every angle, viewers are immediately immersed in their surroundings.

Inception is an entertaining, mind blowing summer blockbuster which I thought was average.

This film was such an intriguing film.

Complex And Compelling .

A very long film that spends far too long on particular scenes, which really lost my interest as well as the plot being a very boring one.

It's very easy to be absorbed into the world that Nolan creates, thus making the story that much more engaging.

and a stunning plot and ending.

Each different dreamscape/level, takes you in, while sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting in anticipation as to what happens next.

the thing which annoyed me most about this film is that it's taken as "clever" as some great philosophy which can make people think, as in "wow mind blowing a dream within a dream within a dream wow!

This movie is both visually exciting and directorially interesting to watch.

Nolan created a potentially intriguing world that works by its own set of rules, its own mechanics, and I admire him for that.

People rating this movie so highly really haven't looked at this movie objectively at the substance of the movie or its characters, or the MANY, MAAAANY holes in the story, or just how cliche the entire premise and story is.

An intentionally complex and non-linear storyline is not smart, but pretentious filmmaking.

the originality of the script and the concept that this brilliant movie was conceived from is absolutely stunning.

The plot is intense, thrilling, mind-blowing, intelligent, duplicitous, ingenious, cathartic and has an ambiguous ending.

First off, there seems to be some real confusion with Inception about what a dream is and what a hallucination is (especially as massive one).

I do not think I have such problems, especially with movies so naive and pretentious such as this total fiasco that instead of passing for masterpiece in film history should find its place in the panorama of biggest failures in film history, together with much more valuable movies that went overlooked.

The film is tragic and breathtaking and one must take it for what it is.

I really recommend checking it out it can be very entertaining.

The fascinating and complex story demands repeated viewings, much like director/write Nolan's previous work "Memento".

This was an eye catching and mind wobbling movie which probably after watching will leave you to the confusion after the end that was totally unexpected scenario after watching the whole title.

Mind blowing.

It's an empty shell of a film.

Christopher Nolan doesn't seem to know how to explain something without expository dialog, and it gets really boring once you hear the same thing for a dozen times.

There is definitely an emotional impact at the end that can feel overwhelming but is sitting through 2 hours of rather pointless nonsense make this a great movie?

Captivating and incredibly enthralling, Inception balances what could be too much of a confusing concept with just enough intelligence and thought to make a stunning original story with great acting and plotline.

The dreams are epic sequences and at times it is difficult to remember that the characters are in multiple layers, but it is action packed and full of laughs and shock moments!

With Inception, Christopher Nolan has effectively proved that summer blockbusters can be compelling as they can be intelligent.