Incredibles 2 (2018) - Animation, Action, Adventure

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The Incredibles hero family takes on a new mission, which involves a change in family roles: Bob Parr (Mr Incredible) must manage the house while his wife Helen (Elastigirl) goes out to save the world.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: Brad Bird
Stars: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 175 out of 1000 found boring (17.5%)

One-line Reviews (687)

The plot and the plot twist are simple and predictable which is good!!

Intense action doesn't always equal fun, when there's so much going on you can't follow.

The movie was fast paced, witty, suspenseful and just overall enjoyable with not a moment of boredom.

After that rousing introductory action scene, we are introduced to our new characters, Evelyn and Winston Deavor (Catherine Keener and Bob Odenkirk), a brother and sister duo determined to legalize "supers".

Incredibles 2 contains rousing sequences of action and explores the domestic life with laughter and warmth, just don't expect a film as ground-breaking as the first Incredibles.

It has moments that are exciting and completely hilarious.

It's really boring.

Fortunately, they accomplish the goal of adrenaline pumping stunts, comic like combat, and making sure it remained pertinent to the story so as not to appear random.

It is enjoyable to watch and as a standalone film I do like it a lot.

It took 14 years for an Incredibles sequel, and for some, that was far too long.

1st things 1st the original incredibles was an excellent film and i really enjoyed it.

I personally enjoyed it, and I expect that families will, most likely, end up satisfied.

You can definitely watch it and appreciate it for its technical excellence, its great characters and its thrilling story.

Even though I remember very little of that first film, due to having only seen it during its original cinema release, I would say that I found it very entertaining and probably quite funny.

Another big issue to me was that the Helen-goes-crimefighting storyline was painfully predictable.

Great animation & sound, but a tedious & predictable storyline that had me looking at my watch, hoping for a quick ending.

My toddler is obsessed with The Incredibles, So it being entertaining for me was a plus.

The story is too predictable and I really hate it, when the showdown is much too long, that's boring.

The villain, Evelyn Dever, is an extremely weak and boring character, especially if compared to Syndrome.

Where this movie loses points is in three separate continuous sequences of intense flashing.

Only problem I would say is that it was very predictable from the beginning.

Incredibly boring .

Having a strong female lead is great, but emphasizing their superiority over men, over and over, joke after joke, just made this movie unbearable.

The story is fine, the action scenes are great, decent comedy, and the animation is intense compared to the first one.

This film fell victim of the times we live in, because most folks feel that Helen being the main character in this movie is "feminist propaganda", just because feminism is growing stronger by the day, so anything that involves a strong woman in the lead is "feminist propaganda".

Purely enjoyable.

The characters are just as entertaining and engaging to watch as they were in the original.


In this one right off the bat you can tell who he / she is, the motivation is there but the execution is kind of all over the place, a little bit nonsensical to tell the truth but it's something you can let pass and that's what I did, because the rest was so much fun and entertaining that just a little plothole here and there is nothing you can't overlook.

Instead, it loosely apes a few smaller subplots from the first film, swaps the headline roles, tosses in a few lazy, telegraphed twists and then wraps it all up on an empty happy note.

Overall, 'Incredibles 2' is pure fun and enjoyment from beginning to end, and I actually enjoyed it more than the first.

But that being said, this movie is very enjoyable with great action and humor stitched in to the plot, which I will discuss more of later.

It was enjoyable and reminded me of my childhood.

The story is fun but very predictable.

I found myself bored at points during this movie which really disheartened me.

Too many new (repugnant and uninteresting) characters.

The superhero politics thread feels a little tired and uninteresting, and the other main catch-the-villain plot is nothing special either (though Screenslaver's monologue about heroes and the people was a standout moment for both).

Since its animated, the action scenes can be much more fast paced than a live action superhero movie.


The characters are what we remembered them to be, the action was fun and the plot was entertaining.

Very funny jokes ha ha, with being said, very predictable movie.

Technically Well-Made but Predictable .

The story line is very predictable and annoying.

All the main characters were superb and the animation and voice-acting is flawless as you might expect, with cheeky Frozone, unpredictable Jack-Jack, and charismatic Elastigirl nearly stealing the show by themselves.

Extremely enjoyable.

Also visually engaging, packed with action scenes; loved the idea of adding new superheroes and Jack jack was all over the place.

It is no where near as good as most Marvel films and It's hard not to compare considering how they are equal in scale but this just isn't as fun, funny, engrossing or exciting as those.

This thing was so boring.

First, This is one of the most entertaining, funny , comedy and creative animation movie and sequel ever made.

It had a whole lot of heart and humour put into it, but became rather predictable in terms of who the villain was.

The plot was reasonably weak, literally dragged over the finish line.

Boring movie.

It was pointless.

Watch the trailer and decide if you like what your seeing, if you don't, save your money!

The animation motion was really eye-comfort, colorful and entertaining too.

If you have seen lot of movies and read tons of comic books like myself it would seem predictable plus movie does have certain base plot elements similar to original.

At the bottom line, I find this film solid and good enough for family entertainment, but then, here I am hoping for more witty adrenaline-packed scenes especially for Jack-Jack.

Is the film entertaining and worth a glance?

It is fast paced, funny, clever and an overall good film.

This movie was fun and entertaining.

Overall, it's very bland.

As with the first film, Incredibles 2 marries the 60s era James Bond style with the superhero genre - a beautiful match made in heaven; Michael Giacchino's rollicking brass-dominated score is stronger than ever, strongly evocative of the old Bonds, and the set design is impeccable.

You will like this if you liked the first movie, but I found it to be too predictable and there wasn't enough suspense.

Incredibles 2 is an enjoyable action packed superhero fest with a coming of age aspect to it.

The action scenes were exciting, and the movie also has spectacular comedic timing.

" and falling asleep reading to the baby.

Plot: Most predictable plot ever made.

Propaganda, again.

So boring.

I enjoyed it and would buy it on Blu-Ray.

As far as the supervillain mystery, it's acceptable and somewhat entertaining, but a bit predictable and generic.

I found it all in engaging.

The idea of uncontrollable somewhat powerful toddler wrecking society with his body horror could had been very fascinating.

Just like with the first movie, younger audiences might be bored or scared.

There was always something entertaining enough with the cast of characters occurring on screen to where I was enjoying it.

It also has undeniable flaws, such as Mr. Incredbibles parts being so stupidly cliche and obviously being comic relief.

Sure, it falls short compared to the classic brilliance of the original ; the central conflict and villain(s) aren't as interesting, and the plot plays it safer and more predictable.

Its worth watching.

The problem is this movie is a bland attempt to express messages about gender roles and current society issues.

Violet ended up being one of my favorites in this movie which was unexpected which resulted in Dash being a bit in the background having not much to do.

Its a great movie, a great trowback, a litle bit predictable but overall its enjoyable.

Dash also showed some character growth in the film and he ended up being an enjoyable presence.

The story is solid, funny and full of action packed scenes.

My opinion: it was insanely entertaining!

Bad: I thought this film has quite a few problems, the biggest problem was that the ending was pretty predictable, I could see it coming.

Really bad movie, stupid feminist propaganda and a really pain to me to see what they did with the characters.

This most likely will not be a huge issue for most, the conclusion to the film is very action packed and entertaining, it was just a tad disappointing to me and I felt like it was lacking cohesion.

The plot is somewhat formulaic, with one twist being incredibly predictable, which does insinuate how safe this sequel is with no vast amendments to the plot's structure.

The Bad:Some of the plot is very predictable.

They keep finding new ways of making meaningful, inventive and entertaining content, appealing to both Kids and Adults.

Bored within a a half hour, it's dumb, dopey, and unimaginative.

It was very slow at times and felt dragged out.

Just like the original, the story is once again great and fascinating, with the theme and dynamics of family amplified further in making a story as wonderful and powerful as ever and in addition, the humor and the dialogue is superb.

But was predictable.

But Incredibles 2 does an incredible (insert eye roll here) job of moving the story forward and adding to an already enjoyable cast of characters.

The main downside I have with the film is the villain, it was incredibly predictable from the start and is not a scratch on the first villain, syndrome.

The storyline - This was somewhat predictable and they certainly made the direction of the film obvious in terms of the 'parenting' aspects of super hero life.

Predictable .

The two plot-lines that we cut between during the film don't really blend together all that well, and therefore the film feels disjointed.

But It's enjoyable.

My only gripe is the plot twist is predictable in the extreme.

Funny, exciting, clever, and real in terms of character growth despite the years that have passed between the original and the sequel.

You'll need it to shop or play games while your kids barely laugh at this movie and you find yourself bored out of your mind or dozing off.

Some people will call predictable sure, but predictable in my books does not equate to being bad, so long as your movie is enjoyable enough that it can be overlooked.

Nearly two hours of horrible drawn out story line with terrible dialogue!

Predictable and less fun....

Boring movie, the baby in the movie makes it funny.

This was yet another boring superhero movie.

It is an incredibly enjoyable sequel.

Stunning CGI It is hard not to talk about the movie's stunning CGI.

The action is superbly animated and thrilling with real suspense and excitement.

The movie was great overall, it was a little slow towards the ending, but I still enjoyed it.

Add in some preachy moralising and hackneyed gender role reversal, along with blink-and-you-miss-it plot lines and you've got yourself a formulaic franchise sequel for attention-deficit morons.

It's slow and the story line is dull.

The film does come through when it comes to entertaining action and comedy, with Jack-Jack, Bob, and Edna providing most of the biggest laughs.

The most stunning visual, in my opinion, is the fight with Screenslaver in his apartment and the room is flashing with the hypnosis.

9/10Cinematography (Mahyar Abousaeedi/Erik Smitt): This film is stunning visually with beautiful frames and smooth, long shots.

That being said, there is definite social justice garbage being pedaled in this movie (female empowerment over men who are all a bunch of idiots, gender role switches, "illegal" social classes, etc.), and those are a part of why I was bored with the movie.

is the funniest line in this totally entertaining sequel.

Don't waste your time.

What a waste of the past 14 years -- all that time passed and no one bothered to develop a clever or entertaining plot/script.

Generally speaking, the lack of creativity on the details made the middle part of the movie felt like time fillers rather than revelations of unexpected stories of characters' lives.

And this one is a tad predictable and old fashioned.

it's just an entertaining movie, you shouldn't expect more than that because nothing is worth 14 years of waiting.

I enjoyed it.

They are thrilling, and I would even say astounding.

Visually stunning, great characters, and a plot that's fairly original.

I'd rather watch Mr. Incredible stay home with the kids for 2 hours than watcha predictable super hero plot.

I fell asleep...

The action sequences were very fast and entertaining beside the rapid flashing in the movie that might affect epileptic viewers.

Great line, loose plot, but overall an enjoyable ride.

And the action scenes were cool and entertaining.

The only problem was the high amount of strobe (which means fast flashing lights that can give seizures) and the fact that some parts of the movie's story were hard to follow.

The graphics were stunning and the characters looked lovely, every character was interesting.

Was it entertaining?

This villain plays his role in an interesting way, at least until the predictable big twist takes place, from that moment on, the "bad guy" must recover strength from any situation in order to get back the threatening sense he was during the first fifty minutes.

There is too much filler, Jack Jack was made to be cute but they gave him multiple powers to be a vehicle to push the movie forward thus making him boring and uninteresting and finally, the motivation of the villain is lost in stupidity.

The whole movie is incredibly entertaining and there are hilarious scenes throughout.

I'm pretty secure, manhood-wise" - an utterly pointless line bizarrely included in an early scene from Violet's crush Tony Rydinger.

But the film lacks in its execution of the script, where the plot is uncomprehendingly predictable.

if after an hour it's still boring, what's the point?

How it all flows to get to the climax is really entertaining.

Finally, the villain is obvious which makes the film predictable and overlong.

Respectable return with somewhat predictable story .

It's too boring for me, visually not impressive, and overall mediocre.

Yes, the story is predictable (part of it, anyway) and yes, the animation is a bit odd-why does everyone look sunburnt?

Slow & Predictable Not the Formula to Make It Incredible .

An action-packed, wonderfully witted & impeccably animated action adventure that was 14 years in the making, Incredibles 2 retains all the stuff that made the original an instant classic right away, and is another marvellous entry in Pixar's canon that's fresh, funny & fascinating in more ways than one.

Boring and dragged on, no real humour, forced feminism.

Also I felt the film dragged a bit & I also felt that them starting the film off from where it left off after well over a decade was a bit weird considering the large gap!

At first viewing the Incredibles 2 was on par (no pun intended) with most Marvel sequels: Not deep, but visually stunning and entertaining throughout most of the film.

The only two weaknesses that seem to arise occur earlier in the movie with the sustained action pack opening sequence while engaging its audience veers the movie more towards a series of action montages that resemble more action thriller block blusters and there's an over-extended scene reminiscent of chipmunks and acorns from Ice Age.

The villain was quite predictable and her story-line felt contrived.

What this film has going is its updated visuals, interesting and engaging action scenes, and music; or in general its aesthetic.

The introduction of so many new superheroes was completely unnecessary, and the main plot I think many will agree was very poor and predictable, with unfunny dialogue.

Overall the movie was good, could have been better, but to be honest I still felt it was enjoyable to watch.

The first one was hilarious and unexpected.

The fight and action scenes were intense and more dangerous!

I praise this movie because it's written well and very enjoyable.

When he is causing trouble on the ship, at the end nothing really happens, all the trouble and damage he makes nothing happens.

A very mysterious plot with plenty of twists and turns, great voice acting, the darkest, most violent, and most intense Disney-Pixar movie so far - and I enjoyed it for it's intensity and dark themes.

Pros Dialogue is pretty good Visually stunning Great actingCons Humor falls flat at times Forgettable music Pacing at timesFull Review- Https://youtu.

In conclusion, "Incredibles 2" is funny, exciting, and really worth a viewing.

The movie does move slow and does not have the finesse of the first film.

Fantastic animation as expected, great voice acting, a compelling and smart story, heartwarming messages, and necessary character development.

The movie feels very upbeat with energetic action and an engaging story.

Having young sons, it's safe to say that Pixar's Incredibles was a staple movie that delivered many of the cartoon giant's trademarks; compelling storyline, social messages and a very balanced sense of humour that strikes a chord across all levels.

There are some enjoyable things though.

Despite these faults, the allegories to immigration and media manipulation present in the script make this film much more enjoyable.

The action set-pieces are thrilling and are easily some of the best that I have ever seen in an animated film, or really just film, period.

But, when I walked out of the theater, I wasn't surprised.

The film also felt disjointed and they turned the kids into brats that contributed nothing.

And Bob does get to grips with his enforced home life, getting the ever-enjoyable Edna Mode to look after Jack-Jack (which she seems to enjoy), so he can get a night's sleep and get back on his feet.

While the original possessed beautiful animation, this was truly breathtaking.

SPOILER: Let me get this out of the way: Incredibles 2 is a very enjoyable and fun film that will entertain both young and old, and you should go see it.

The themes of family and the struggles that come with being that are so surface level it borders on the cliche in some respects.

Jack-Jack is the stand-out, he is an absolute delight and it is exciting to uncover all of his superpowers.

It was funny, exciting, intense and down right unpredictable.

The story was so predictable it's as if a 10 year old wrote it.

In regards to the visuals and animation, Pixar has once again impressed everyone with their state of the art technology in creating such stunning visuals and animation that never ages in time.

The conflicts between the family are generally well-developed, but their solution is forced due to the formulaic structure of the movie.

The story and action scenes were fun and intriguing to watch.

Incredibles 2 is a decent, entertaining watch.

At it's heart though is still a great family dynamic, one that sees a father staying home with the kids while mom gets to go out and lead an exciting work life.

Exciting and Acceptable.

Violet was so shocked that he was the waiter that water went out her nose and she got really embarrassed The movie is an amazing Family Action Film and I highly recommend it

Actually I am not a hater of comedy, but too many jokes or too much humor just slow down the pace and distract/shatter the main plot.

The sequence in which he takes care of the children was confusing to watch, and made very little sense.

The story is exciting and fascinating.

It's visually stunning and has some of the best animation I've ever seen.

Solid action, entertainment and some humour complete the package for an enjoyable watch.

The movie explores a lot of the modern day tensions of family life and is really engaging throughout.

Michael Giacchino's score gets one in a rousing mood while also being dynamic with the action.

It's boring and very very long.

Perfectly enjoyable and funny for the whole family.

I couldn't even watch the end because I fell asleep without realising (it's a first for me).

Overall, Incredibles 2 is still a great film with outstanding animation, exciting action sequences, and the same memorable characters we know and love.

In re-watching the original, I noticed how snappy, quick, and sticky the dialogue was.

Director has done a mind blowing job by keeping this excellent written product entertaining and engaged from the first frame to the last.

This movie might not be preventing you from all that, but at least if it was made differently I believe it could truly inspire you to work on the steps to make yourself successful, rather than just entertaining you and leaving you all stimulated up with less peace.

Incredibly boring .

The plot is very disjointed and packs far too much in leaving it a manic mess, with no charm and appeal to it.

They were so tense and thrilling that it definitely led to a great climax.

5/10 Incredibles 2 is the most corporate and boring film of the year so far.

Probably just as entertaining as the original Incredibles.

Helen Parr/Elastagirl really shines here, she is the main focal point throughout the majority of the film, and I was glad she was because its so entertaining to see Helen kick butt, and it was fun to see Bob/mr incredible have to stay home and try his best alone with the kids.

Disney is a propaganda mill ranting against the capitalist middle-class society that supports it, and I urge you to stop supporting the films they release until their focus returns to quality filmmaking.

Please don't waste your money.

Incredibles 2 was closer to despicable me than the first incredibles with great animation, a predictable plot, and unoriginal story.

The score is grand and exciting which made the action more exhilarating.

With stunning action, more humour and a great lead in Elastigirl, Brad Bird delivers a sequel that will please long-time fans of his original film.

No story, nothing new.

This movie was boring and had too many weak characters.

I really enjoyed Incredibles 2,despite it being slightly predictable in its plot and a lot of Jack-Jack scenes being unnecessary fluff, despite their hilarity.

My advice, don't waste your money.

Finally while the additional characters new to the film may not have been the most memorable Pixar has invented, it had an interesting story, entertaining action, a final act that pays off, humorous moments and seeing the characters return made the film worth the wait.

I think incredibles is just boring.

Highly predictable movie.

Despite this, this movie is a fun filled, action packed adventure and one of Pixar's finest.

" Even so, she is a bit more compelling than villains in other films, like the one in the first film in 2004.

It is just pointless joke after pointless scene about pointlessness.

While not one of my favourite Pixar films, 'The Incredibles' is still a very, very good film that has gone even higher in my estimations after a well overdue re-watch to get myself prepared for 'Incredibles 2', fantastically animated, exciting, funny, emotionally investable and ground-breaking with great characters.

What could have been better:I don't ordinarily look for subtext in animated films, but Elasti-Girl as the central character felt a little contrived, and some of the dialogue was a little too "I am woman hear me roar" You do kinda know who the villain is early on.

It's still somewhat "entertaining" to see how they manage to save the city, that doesn't make it up for the film.

The animation is incredible, the voice acting is good and the action impressive with a scene stealing Jack Jack but it's brought down slightly by a third act that is the weaker than the others and a very predictable twist.

While the motive for the villain is there, it is simply unnecessary, contrived, and unexciting.

No matter how the haters or trolls say, it is apparently a stunning and excellent film!!

It's jazzy, thematic, and exploding with adrenaline.

This movie was boring, slow, formulaic and suffered from A LOT of not so subtle gender pandering.

I found the story very compelling, with the perfect combination of action, mystery, suspense, and humor.

Entertaining .

It is rich on technical aspects like sound department, visual effects (the chase sequence of Elastigirl is breathtaking as it leaves the room with a long gasping of awe) and editing.

The action sequences are great and exciting.

Overall, 9/10, well worth watching.

While perhaps not quite as good as "The Incredibles" they were great, engaging and deeply emotional and creative films.

It was well worth my time and I enjoyed it, so I'm surprised to see it get all these 1 star reviews.

Its getting INCREDIBLY boring...

It is an action packed hilarious thrill ride; And boy do we get tons of jack-jack!

This is a great movie, fun, entertaining, with a different dynamic.

Mind numbingly BORING!!!!.

The only thing hampering the film down is its weak and predictable villain.

Overall movie is boring I drifted away half way because I was waiting for funny movie not politically correct movie.

While there are brilliant moments, particularly a very tense scene where Elastigirl tries to track their location, the motivations and scheming of the character is quite cliche in terms of superhero movies, and was not nearly as personal or hard hitting as it felt in the original.

The villain plot can be picked apart with a crowbar, from the motivations, to the whole first half on their plan being completely pointless.

Hilarious and intense.

It is pointless predictable and ruins the first movie

The voice actors all do their parts well, the animation is fantastic, the story is interesting, it is exciting in the right moments, and it has some great laughs, the best and funniest scenes are with Jack-Jack, just about as enjoyable as the original, a terrific animated comedy adventure.

The villain is weak and predictable, and didn't have an ounce of personality or any way to care about them like Syndrome did.

More than anything, this movie is extremely thrilling (which I didn't expect), heartwarming, compelling in terms of story, and just overall a fantastic Summer movie and a family movie.

Still cheesy, but definitely enjoyable.

The humour is light and entertaining throughout.

14 years after thrilling one generation, this sequel is sure to bring the next one on board.

Overall the film itself is a solid, Disney Pixar action packed film with lots of good and barely any bad!

Would have liked to see more Edna as her role is yet again very entertaining.

Sure, seeing him fighting a raccoon is very entertaining, as is the interdimensional stuff, but it's ultimately used as a replacement for writing an intriguing story.

Slow, boring, and nothing new.

For young children this movie will probably be very enjoyable.

After watching it, though I enjoyed it, it was slightly predictable.

The most surprising out of these for me was definitely the compelling story.

Not perfect, but so incredibly entertaining, family audiences will hardly feel the two hour runtime (a record in animated films).

The villain, I will be honest, was interesting though, it was too predictable to know who he was and how he was defeated, well, I just think it could be done in many different and faster ways.

The reveal for the villain was super predictable.

Predictable and boring storyline.

While the movie for the most part was a very enjoyable, captivating experience, there are points that should be noted.

Original director Brad Bird has doodooed all over his original masterpiece with this pointless and flat offering, that came out of nowhere like a thief in the night, with no Incredibles to stop it.

Well worth the watch, whatever your age.

The Incredibles 2 is a great family movie that is fun and engaging for all audiences.

However, they do their job in getting the characters to a thrilling climax that puts most live action action sequences to shame, so the villain plot can be seen as a necessary sacrifice.

The voice cast is all around fantastic and as great as ever, and the new sides we see from the characters in this movie are fascinating, without feeling out of place or forced in any way.

very entertaining (1 viewing)

It was entertaining and a lot of fun.

Exciting, clever and complete fun .

I mean the fact that funniest/most entertaining character is the baby (that can't even speak) says it all.

It was brilliant- but be warned that there are some intense images and scenes.

It's difficult to follow up the excellent original.

But, the villain is not good, its kind of cliche.

Actually, the problem isn't only related to the messages, but the plot itself is formulaic and outdated for a superhero movie.

An enjoyable film for both kids and adults, great ending and beginning as well!

It's such a difficult balance to strike, but it did feel like a movie that functions effectively as a simple exciting kids movie and a more thoughtful character and superhero movie at the same time.

} Fantastically funny scenes and commendably compelling action sequences, Our favorite family of superheroes is back to show us that although in this day and age seeing is believing, it is the intangible things in life that are most important.

Boring .

The story worse than the first one and got really boring really fast.

Slow pace, bland plot, and many pointless conversations.

Incredibles 2 is a supremely entertaining film.

Spoiler past this point -------------(I am bad at separating spoiler-content from non-spoiler content)As said above, the villain is super bland and extremely predictable, and as soon as the siblings invited the Super' characters, I knew something fishy was going on, thus I already had the siblings as prime suspects in my villain investigation.

People still say that the first is better, but I absolutely love this sequel and I highly recommend it.

I really enjoyed it.

I found it to be predictable and almost nonsensical at times.

Save your money.

That being said, it is still an entertaining movie and not at all "painful" to watch.


The character designs are more brisk and expressive, similar to Brad Bird's traditionally-animated masterpiece The Iron Giant, where many characters displayed a wide range of evocative reactions.

Incredibles 2 is as smooth as jazz for its strong writing, gripping screenplay and brilliant execution not only charms its way around the viewers and instead has a warm gift wrapped under its "family" sheet for them.

Helen and Violet are the only two that feel like the same characters and Frozon was pretty enjoyable.

I thought the movie was gonna be family empowerment, defeating a wicked female lead villain, and having action packed scene!

Incredibles is astonishing and awesome with its exciting visuals and lovable characters.

Besides that, the problem with this movie is that is boring.

The music is similar to how it was before giving exciting 60's spy movie vibes.

If you like your animation to also challenge you socially, while still being as entertaining as possible - look no further.

The animation is so vibrate and colorful making for some exciting action scenes to go along with the amusing story they created.

They make up for the predictable story and some of the more forced elements of the film.

Someone complained about it being a "feminist propaganda" lmao another complained about too much comedy, I ENJOYED it and it's a really good animation.

The main plot is just as the first one, but with at least some (predictable) twists.

Incredibles are incredible What an exciting movie!

The family subplot was far more entertaining, mainly thanks to the larger number of jokes.

Their identity is also a bit predictable, as there are really only two suspects.

Such a good, action packed movie that is good watch for all ages.

But overall the film was quite enjoyable despite the negatives there!

My 14 year old daughter loved it but I was bored stiff.

Sad to say, I wasn't able to get enough of that same energy that I found in the first installment, and at some moments, I was even bored with the more talky parts of the film.

A pretty good, predictable fun, family movie .

Boring .

Lazy stereotyping and boring dialogue .

But overall, the film is saved by funny characters and doing what action-filled, comical, Hollywood blockbusters set out to do: be entertaining.

*slow clap Disney*

Entertaining .

It was funny, engaging and very positive.

My problem had NOTHING at all to do with the movie having a female lead, but just that it was simply so uninteresting!

Its a complete waste of time.

To this aspect, I must add that the movie is, in a way, exempt of portraying realistic and un-cliche plot, subplots, expressions and character developments as from the very beginning the movie's aesthetic is inspired in the spies and campy superhero classic tropes of the 60s.

The audience was never made to feel the villain's personal plight or raison d'être, because of that the villain wasn't engaging, was largely predictable, and failed to earn much (if any) emotional investment.

The boy is fun to watch, but has literally no story line whatsoever.

Unless, of course, the enjoy colourfull but bland kids movies.

It is such an enjoyable movie to watch.

Very exciting and clever I particularly loved the Jack-Jack scenes with the raccoon.

Very entertaining and enjoyable to watch ...

Maybe this movie was a bit heavy focussing on Jack Jack but he is a very entertaining character that we really get to know.

It's a genuinely good film - it's funny, exciting, well balanced and carries some good messages.

In my initial viewing of Incredibles 2, it was thrilling to see the super family and Frozone take on the Underminer.

Overall a great, entertaining movie that stayed true to what the previous one was.

Incredibles 2 succeed with a generally decent story and several funny and entertaining moments building fairly well on top of the first one.

Predictable and boring, Really.

For me, it was distractingly predictable, and that made the story very bland.

So far just a bland tv episode.

The whole plot failed to muster anything more than mediocre pace as it meandered to a conclusion, leaving an empty feeling where the laughter and love of the latest Pixar production were meant to be.

The reason is that while the family stuff is awesome and the action is cool, the villain is so predictable that it's hilarious.

The animation is as great and the characters are engaging, as expected.

In the stunning night skyline Elastic Girl hops between helicopters with her rubber-like arms to save the Ambassador.

Comical, fun and entertaining - good vs.

Disappointing follow up, pretty boring and slow, interrupted with some action set pieces, it's ok to watch if you have nothing else.

I finished it to see if it becomes interesting later but was a childish predictable simple plot that even a 5 year old could predict.

Incredibles 2 is another highly entertaining Disney/Pixar feature .

While the movie's plot is potentially predictable for an astute, careful observe, it actually serves to reduce the negative angst of the movie to promote the summer entertainment quotient of the movie in a most successful way.

LOVE this movie so so much, it's so much fun and action packed, the adventure, the characters, the humor, the animation.

Thoroughly unimpressed; propaganda on full display .

The CGI is simply breathtaking which is exactly what you expect from a Disney Pixar creation.

Bad: I thought this film has quite a few problems, the biggest problem was that the ending was pretty predictable, I could see it coming.

Awful, predictable and borderline boring.

Still, it's admirable to see Pixar aiming for a down to earth, emotional films with action sequences often just about making up for the disjointed conversational scenes, also the twist in the story is decent and I for one did not make a correct prediction which is always nice.

So me and my same friend just watched this sequel just now and it was also very enjoyable!

I would've walked out but took my granddaughter so stopped for her but when it finished she said it was boring too.

What little financial support "The Incredibles" have is drying up and a mundane existence looks imminent when hope comes in the guise of brother and sister media billionaires (Bob Odenkirk and Catherine Keener) who want to return superheroes to their rightful place as defenders of society.

This beast bucks the formulaic trend of the recent Disney movies .

The mid-20th century aesthetics are still wonderfully strong, and the action scenes are even more inventive, exciting and cohesive than the already stellar first one.

The only real positive this picture has going for it are some genuinely exciting and, at times, suspenseful action sequences.

Along with memorable action sequences and some dull whatever ones (no movie is perfect).

Entertaining (Until You Think About It) .

The action was fun, the story sucked, the motivations were confusing and overall it was fine.

the one big issue I had with the movie was the villain I saw it coming from a mile away it was so predictable and to me It just wasn't all that compelling.

Plus, the twist for who Screenslaver is is very predictable and I could see it coming a mile away.

It's not quite as good as the first movie, but it's definitely worth watching in theaters, and buying on DVD.

Characters were all one-dimensional, stereotypical and uninteresting.

In short: An empty premise kills a 14 years old masterpiece.

These elements resulted in a movie that was entertaining and stimulating from start to finish.

The reason why Syndrome was a much better villain is because that not only was he a great representation of today's pop culture, but it was legitimately interesting and compelling when you found out that it was actually Buddy (oh yeah, spoiler from the first film even though you've all probably seen it before) because the film expected you to remember him from the beginning, proving that a minor character could also be an important one.

The action sequences are stunning and original.

This film successfully comments on gender roles, in a non-stereotypical and unexpected way.

It is entertaining nonetheless.

But since he got some enjoyable scenes as a stressed dad trying to take care of his children and was the primary focus of the first movie, it didn't bother me too much.

Predictable and boring, Really!

A reliably entertaining and charming sequel - and in many ways, well worth the 14-year long wait.

Intense seizure warning!!!!!!!!!!!.

The only one who's developed is Screenslaver, and she's horrifically stereotypical, thus their conversations are dull.

To be fair, I really didn't have any interest in seeing this movie despite my fondness for the original because the trailer was uninspiring.

Amusing, action packed and absolutely incredible.

Slow, boring and disappointing.

The animation is one of the most eye-stunning I've seen in an animated movie.

Sure the plot was predictable for an adult...

On the down side the story is extremely predictable and while the start of the film is fun and well paced the climax seems a bit rushed or not well thought as the rest of the film.

The second installment however, resorted to some cheaper tactics that diluted what was supposed to be the most exciting moments of the movie.

Still a action packed all round fun for the family movie.

Baby fight but the rest is a yawn .

It's far too long.

Actually enjoyed it a good deal.

The only issues that i had were that the villain wasn´t as interesting or memorable as Syndrome from the first movie, and also the ending was a little predictable.

An extremely fun and fascinating watch .

Fantastic fun and entertaining throughout with fast paced action scenes, plenty of jokes, and superbly stylish animation.

Also the poor balance during slow moments takes a hit here because sometimes it makes the movie boring or takes away from the tension.

Pretty Intense .

The action scenes, once again, were surprisingly exciting for a kids' movie.

Predictable .

It's ultimately lackluster, but it has good moments sprinkled throughout it, and it is worth a watch if you're interested in nice animated films or the original film, but otherwise I would think it to be boring and dull.

It might be one of the most predictable films of all time.

It's enjoyable and a lot of fun.

If all you're looking for is a solid family movie, it's enjoyable enough, with lots of action and fun characters.

The script is adaptive, engaging and filled with exhilarating sequences that up beats the momentum of the situation and elevates the heartbeat of the audience using the character's connection among them wisely that redefines the cultural genre which is taken for granted nowadays.

It was super fun and I enjoyed it a lot.

That job is producing plenty of enjoyable action and funny moments, and does so for most viewers of most ages.

Anti-climactic finish: Remember the end of the first movie where you were on the edge of your seat as the family fought that giant Robot that held no qualms with destruction?

Incredibly predictable plot.

A must for animation movie buffs, but brace up for some slackness/slowness at times.

Incredible in check when his wife takes on a fabulous new job is a risky plotting move that, even if it sounds cliché, allows the story to argue that household chores and family issues aren't easy work or responsibility of a single member.

But before I get too down on this film, let me talk a bit about the good things, of which there are many: This is still a thoroughly entertaining film!

A visual delight, with an intriguing story,Mind blowing action ,hilarious scenes and awesome sound-effects...

Although the soundtrack was amazing and in the action parts I found myself sitting on the shore of my seat, biting my fingers by the intrigue and adrenaline that the music gave me.

Excellent animation with a predictable script .

The comedy, though generally enjoyable, also isn't quite as polished throughout.

It's funny,educational, and quite enjoyable.

It's a feat that Brad Bird is able to make scenes of mundane domestic life as entertaining as the crowd-pleasing action scenes.

"The Incredibles 2" A technically great movie that stumbles upon your screenplay compared to its predecessor, but still retains a top-level, entertaining, thought-provoking movie with hero soundtrack, heroic costumes, beautiful comic book cliches, and an interesting antagonist but of weak motivation, a film that approaches social subjects without being forced, which is great, because it causes a naturalness to the continuation of the story, the long one is often used of an asset called "Zeze" the baby of the family that is the high point of the movie, "The Incredibles 2" may not be as good as the first, but it's a continuation of height and meets all of our expectations, a fun, enjoyable, heroic, nostalgic, funny movie with amazing animation .

Very entertaining and enjoyable .

Such a bore - I actually fell asleep.

The story itself seemed long and at times uninteresting.

Script and dialogues bored me to death.

My main gripe with 'Incredibles 2' is just how recycled and empty the entire experience feels.

As for moments there were plenty of laughs and some quick unexpected tender moments.

At its core, Incredibles had always been about family, how they keep things together while secretly wishing to go back to their exciting, super, espionage lives and that's what that made the original so unique.

The plot line was pretty easy to see coming, but still very worth watching.

The action set pieces were more thrilling than most live action superhero films and for once I felt as though characters in a superhero film use their powers to their full potential and when appropriate.

It's funny, fast paced, clever and overall works quite well.

Great range of characters and plenty of memorable moments, overall a very enjoyable film.

The sequel on the other hand felt safe, generic, and surprisingly boring.

Fell Asleep at the End .

7/10Musical Score (Michael Giacchino): Michael Giacchino does it again and makes an exciting score that is perfect just on its own.

Entertaining from start to finish I think it's a shame that some viewers critique it for no real reason.

We see more of the charactersGood humourIts style is still unique and enjoyable - blend of 60s Bond films and superhero genre works brilliantlyA sequel worth waiting for-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nowadays we expect superhero films at the cinema (can anyone remember a time when there wasn't at least one being shown?!

The movie is good, not as good as the first, but it is enjoyable and a nice way to entertain the little ones if you've got them.

You just wish that the villains were as exciting.

Overall, an incredibly well animated and thoroughly enjoyable film.

It was very exciting, actually.

The film is very Funny and exciting also me being enjoying the superhero sub-genre as well, The film was great also loved it was return to form for the Parr Family not to mention all of the characters were layered and nuanced and each had an arc also there was an exciting twist as well which was brilliant it was great hoping for a threequel.

Over-long, dragging, boring with a weak plot and, most surprisingly, very few laughs.

Is an all ages delightful movie, is a stunning adventure that brings up the best characters from Pixar, so far this the funniest Pixar movie.

This movie was too long and had my 5 year old completely bored.

An exciting sequel well worth the wait.

Incredibles 2 is at least as funny, inventive and visually stunning as its predecessor.

Despite it's all about fun, and entertaining, The Incredibles 2 also has a good moral in it.

It was too long, the story could have been told in a shorter movie, it doesn't mean I didn't like it, but somewhere in the middle of the movie I got bored.

Fast paced is certainly the right phrase to use, though that certainly didn't stop it from being seriously good fun to watch.

The dialogue is witty and compelling.

3 times i was allmost fall asleep.

I'd be curious to see the first Incredibles film again, to see if it was quite funny and more entertaining (as opposed to "serious", like its sequel).

The animation, though, is noticably more detailed and increases the rush of adrenaline we'll get whenever the action kicks in.

But still, even though not as good as Syndrome, it proved to be entertaining and dangerous foe.

It's still really well made though, and entertaining enough.

Incredibly uninteresting work overall, given all of the time, effort, resources & talents involved.

Other than that, an INCREDIBLY enjoyable movie.


It was, and remains a memorable tour de force in Pixar animation and a stunning achievement in cinema.

Undertone being pushed for healthy lifestyle , no bad thing, but the whole experience dragged out with action packed final last moments.

Just like the original film, Incredibles 2 is packed full of exciting action sequences, many of which even improve on those from the first film.

"Incredibles 2" is definitely an enjoyable movie, filled with enough action, heart, and comedy to entertain anyone - if there's one thing I can say with confidence, it's that this movie will be a crowd pleaser.

The story that follows is relatively contrived and characters are clumsily introduced in order to expand the universe instead of expanding the emotions of the beloved characters.

The same characters along with a handful of new ones were present and that was enjoyable.

For me, I found the film really dragged in places with its too predictable villain and unmemorable climax which no amount of flashy graphics could disguise.

Maybe the generation that grew up from the 1st Incredibles has seen plenty movies that follow this plotline though - bit predictable by now.

Incredibles 2 is an overall entertaining film.


I only rated it 4/10 because some of the action scenes were brilliantly done and stopped me from falling asleep.

More thrilling then the first.

In this current climate of extreme "wokeness," the screenplay could have done a lot with this idea of threatened middle-class white male masculinity, but it instead decides to take the predictable and rather tired route of showing how hard it is to be a stay-at-home parent.

It didn't need to be, recycled yet, again with a similar, yet predictable new villain.

I was a true fan of the original and was so excited to see more of this franchise -- but I actually fell asleep during this boring sequel!

But you also get a glimpse of how to deal with getting powers or rather how others deal with that (coming of age, parenting, whatever you want to call it).

For a certainty, its greatest virtues are found in the priceless female importance, the skillful editing that balances comedy and drama as only Pixar can do, a super-absorbing soundtrack and an enchanting narrative treatment that simply would not be possible without Bird's experience, the numerous crew and the incredible vocal cast led by Craig T.

Very enjoyable with the best part being the baby.

I left the theater after 30 minutes .

Boring .

This is long, convoluted, and boring.

As with other Pixar sequels this one is not as fresh and interesting as the original picture, yet it is still more entertaining that most of the recent "assembly line" Hollywood movies that if it wasn't because one has dinosaurs, another has lightsabers and another has transforming robots it would be almost impossible for viewers to differentiate from each other.

Good but predictable .

Unoriginal with some entertaining moments .

The story was very predictable and made very little sense at points.

The characters are boring and the desire to see them succeed is wasted with junk scenes.

Slow and predictable is not exactly the formula to make something "incredible".

I think it's unfair to shout 'Propaganda!!

Dull, predictable, and trying to fulfill a poorly thought out plan are all ways I'd describe the villain.

Somehow they managed to make each scene even more stunning than the last through the animation alone.

The sometimes cringe worthy dialogue, the bland story, the obvious twist (in my opinion), it just seems so wasteful.

Always highly entertaining, Incredibles 2 is a worthy successor in the series.

Funny and fast paced: granted.

Enjoyable if you are a Disney/Pixar fan.

It was predictable.

the Incredibles 2 is fun and entertaining.

Entertaining and funny.

The scene where it was darkly lit sitting around a beautiful blue pool, that was stunning.

It may be 14 years since the original but Incredibles 2 is just as enjoyable as the first.

I thought the movie was great, but it was way too intense/scary for my 3 1/2 year old.

However, there are some flaws that can be noticed: The villain is totally cliched along its motivations which is a disappointment considering the fact that the original features a unique and memorable villain that is one of the main highlight of the original and within this sequel, this villain is forgettable and bland.

So maybe not quite as well crafted and important as the first film, but it still has what made the first movie amazing, it has an engaging and original plot, the animation is fantastic as always, loveable characters with great voice acting, really good humour with great heart and amazing action, this is high recommendation, if you love Pixar, the Incredibles or superheroes, please do go check this one out, along with Deadpool 2, this is one of the funniest superhero films of this year, I can't wait to see what Brad Bird makes next.

To sum it up, the story was boring and predictable.

It's also too predictable.

Also, despite being threatening, let's just say that the new villain Screenslayer isn't quite as memorable as Syndrome in The Incredibles, with a reveal that might be more predictable than assumed.

The plot was thin, the story was slow and the buildup was a let down.

The train sequence was fun and exciting with Elastigirl chasing it with her motorcycle and trying to stop an unstoppable train.

Felt Empty .

Overall it's entertaining and a great superhero flick through and through, and it easily competes with the films from MARVEL Studios.

Boring like hell .

The first is betterI fell asleep watching this.

However, I think that the villain's motivation is quite vague and the plot is a little predictable.

You got everything in this movie - gripping superhero fights, car chases, humour, cute and surprising babies, adorable animals (ie skunk), decent plot twist, great family and gender-roles story, great character builds and arcs, AND a happy ending!

Elastigirl's interactions were fascinating evaluations of societal power structures as well as the cat and mouse game with Screenslaver protecting her identity.

These funny and entertaining family sequences are connected with intense action scenes, which are better than ever.

Possibly a cliche?

Her storyline exists in order to further the plot of the villain, which is completely fine, especially in a film made for a younger audience, but there were times that felt slightly predictable and bogged down the film a little.

Not only was this person very predictable, but the character alone was uninteresting and forgettable for a family film.

While the villain is highly predictable and the motivations don't seem to make much sense (which is keeping me from giving this movie a perfect score), it was still really enjoyable to watch her deal with certain situations that were jeopardizing her and the Deavors goal of making supers legel again.

It's entertaining, it doesn't keep your interest all the way .

Thoroughly enjoyable .

Furthermore, it suits very all the time and makes the scenes become even more exciting.

Boring .

It's entertaining.

What made the first one so great was the surprising new way it managed to mix up somewhat traditional super heroes with familiar family challenges in a creative, intelligent and highly entertaining way - all in a perfect setting and atmosphere of the classic spy films and shows.

While there were a couple of enjoyable scenes, overall the movie was not worth watching.

Few funny lines other than that She's boring and unfunny.

Still great just a bit predictable.

On this new one, it's more about "strong female" (they should make a movie of "Strong Woman" from South Park) and very predictable story (kind of story you can already know how it's going to end on the first 10min of the movie)It's a good movie to watch at home and just spend some time, when you don't have anything better to watch.

Most predictable and stupid story line ever .

Thoroughly enjoyable, with (no surprise) astonishing animation, including a few sequences that manage to surpass the original.

The first 15 minutes are absorbing and with the right amount of humour.

The movie overall was mostly predictable which I was expecting just a little bit more surprise and something new.

Pixar's Incredibles 2 excels in its ability to balance the important and emotional familial aspects of the story with the exciting superhero antics moviegoers have come to expect in the era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The sequel has virtually the same plot, which is a bit of a letdown but the movie is just as entertaining, just as fun.

I absolutely love this film definitely on par with the first one or even slightly better incredible story in credible script incredible casting thoroughly recommend this film you can watch it on your own or as a family it's a truly enjoyable and incredible film!

I don't understand how too many people liked this film, if the truth is a mediocre and Boring, more of the same, nothing incredible yo show, the casting is stupid and means an intelligence insult.

Great for a young audience, adults might find a little boring.

So boring, drags on and on.

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience, and I would recommend this movie, especially to families and English majors.

Incredibly kinda boring .

The animation is great and very detailed, as well as the movie being just entertaining and when it's with Elastigirl I really like the story (though brought back by a bad villain) and when it was with the family it was interesting to see (though similar to the first).

It was a bit predictable, it's something that we've seen a million times before.

Incredibles 2: Dynamically Entertaining .

The plot was predictable, no emotion in the villain like the prequel, and the characters were bland and boring.

On the edge of my seat from start to end.

Incredibles 2 movie is exactly what we expected it to be - extremely entertaining!

'Incredibles 2' picks up right where it's predecessor, 'The Incredibles' left off, with the titular heroes, the Parr family, thrust into an exciting new adventure.

One thing that definitely seems to have been proven with unfading solidity is the thought that they're truly complex audiovisual works, these movies were the beginning of a kinetic digital era for animation genre that currently keeps going on both destroying box office expectations and exciting and teaching the new children with creativeness, passion, and effort.

And all this is animated in stunning 200 Million Dollar perfection.

A poor villain that lacked screen-time, charisma, and was nowhere near as engaging as Syndrome.

It does have lots of action packed fun, frenetic animation and children will certainly enjoy it.

Enjoyed it more than the first one .

Pointless and not worth the time.

The Incredibles 2 is enjoyable.

The Incredibles 2's first half is beautifully crafted to include action, story, comedy, and morals into an engaging tale that accomplishes the goal of setting up for an epic conclusion.

It's funny, thrilling and Jack-Jack steals the show.

What made the movie bad was the intense focus on the family life and mr incredible's internal struggles with his wife working while he stayed at home.

(Hey guys look at my basement, it's empty.

I believe you will enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed it!!!

I can't recommend this enough for those who love the first movie, as it's action packed, funny, thought-provoking, and gorgeous to look at just like the first one.

the movie was predictable every time it gave you a moment to think.

Incredibles has dont nothing for the franchise, it was an average movie and a boring watch

The action scenes are mostly exciting too, and the humor is clever and witty (all once again).

Apart from an unnecessary boring 2 min segment, that adds nothing, with Elastigirl and Evelyn Deavor talking about the merits of selling or creating (no spoiler) this is a slam-dunk follow-up with brilliant storytelling, humour and characterisation.

fun an enjoyable!

Such a good movie, much better than the first, very funny and exciting!

The sound effect was surrounding and the scoring was very fitting also add up the thrilling seasoning of the fight scene.

Whilst still an interesting villain with believable motivations, Screenslaver never quite measures up to the menace of Syndrome from the first film, and the reveal was particularly predictable.

It was entertaining for the fact that it was the incredibles, but it was also very predictable.

Don't waste your money folks.

It funny, exciting and what I was expecting for a children's movie made to appeal to adults.

It still has a lot of good action scenes and some moving moments, unfortunately the storyline of The Incredibles 2 are predictable and not too much different from the first movie (I still love it tho because there are still a bunch of new things there).

A worthy entertaining sequel

forced, contrived, unimaginative, predictible, just like everything disney makes these days.

DISLIKES: Predictable: The mystery of Screen Slaver is certainly the factor to keep you guessing, until you figure out the twist a mile away.

Incredibles 2 is probably the most predictable movie I've ever seen.

It was hilarious, enjoyable for parents and kids, PG, had great story arcs and characters, and much much more!

But I still really enjoyed it and it is appropriate for all ages.

It was enjoyable the fatherhood theme during the movie.

I understand it's hard to top Syndrome, but this villain is uninteresting for the most part.

Fantastic fun and entertaining throughout .

The original felt like it was constantly taking big risks and trying ambitious and interesting scenes throughout it, and as a result the final product was one of the most fun and engaging family films of all time.

boring 200 million dollar trash .

I loved the first film but found this one very boring.

Boring & Slow .


Politically correct snoozer .

The characters are just as intriguing and the plot is perfect for the adults who watched the original.

By far the biggest problem with the film is its predictable story.

But the main reason I that I felt like this movie went nowhere.

Weak story, Villain very predictable and the action might be too intense for some viewers.

Very funny, entertaining, action packed, and a solid story.

Fun, creative, and engaging .

It's more intense, the story is better, and it's a real who dunnit (scary and creepy at times) which keeps you guessing every step of the way.

Overall it was an enjoyable movie but the animations seemed a little off when the characters are listening to other characters talk and the overall plot was very predictable very early in.

The way the villain ultimately reveals him/herself and his/her plan is unfortunately just too predictable from the start.

The villain is obvious, predictable and unclear in his or her ideology.

This movie was great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it despite not being in the target market.

The beginning of the was entertaining but it a little slow after their first fight with the underminer.

Both points have some validity but the worst part about this film is how incredibly boring it is.

While the movie is utterly predictable and not always entirely sensible (heroes near the end don't do a super-obvious thing because it would have ended the movie 20 minutes earlier), it still has some terrific moments, most of these involve the youngest Incredible.

It is stuffed full of dull dialogue about political legislation and media image that makes it feel like you are watching the senate scenes in The Phantom Menace on loop.

It's reliant on the good v evil story line with the mystery of who is behind the evil side kept reasonably suspenseful .

The "twist" in this movie is highly predictable (at least if you are over the age of 7 or 8.

Absolutely entertaining and thrilling from start to finish.

An empty cashgrab that offers nothing.

Boring, cliche, and nothing we haven't seen before.

Only reason I rate 8/10 is because the villain was very predictable and their background story on why they were the villain wasn't as logical as the villain in the first movie.

While most modern animated movies miraculously manage to capture the attention of any age group, this story seems to cater to grown-ups, and the word boring comes to mind.

Overall, Incredibles 2 will entertain kids but for most older people, i fell they will get bored.

The black and white strobing make these scenes extra intense to watch in the dark cinema (which I would not recommend to people with epilepsy and seizures).

Director Brad Bird - ever-reliable as an entertaining movie auteur, stages these set-pieces with such a masterful touch that (for the most part), the movie is a pure breeze to go through.

Firstly, some of the animation and rendering in this film was breathtaking.

It starts out promising, but the plot is one of the most boring and cliche I've seen in a superhero movie in a long time.

boring .

Anyway, Elastigirl is a great hero and her narrative was compelling.

It is so painfully predictable that you only require 15 minutes to predict the (not at all surprising) villain, its completely flawed logic and reasoning and even the final sequence.

This smart move on Disney Pixar's part eliminates all confusion and time gaps that may arise after a hiatus of any amount (especially fourteen years) between a sequel and its predecessor.


But when it popped up with a vengeance at the end, the flow seemed rushed and disjointed, and this led to the ending manifesting as too contrived for my liking.

But other than that this is an enjoyable follow-up with comedy, action, way better visuals due to the updating of technology, and above all a charming family.

What I got was a 2 hour propaganda add for feminism with characters I love.

So the villain, initially someone with motives that we've literally never seen before in any superhero film, turns into someone whose motives are not only lazy, but predictable.

The story was powerful and entertaining (beside the problem I mentioned up there) The voices were really fitting on the characters.

It's just so great to see these superheroes back in action after 14 years, and it's funny and exciting throughout.

Profanity, boredom, and political .

I really hated the forced propaganda.

The action scenes were an exciting highlight of the animation.

Fortunately, the characters and humour are fabulous (awkward Violet is a delight-see her embarrassing mishap at the restaurant; the remarkable Jack-Jack is a riot-see his raccoon fight, inter-dimensional travel) and the animated action is excellent and thrilling.

The first one was a bit more entertaining with him because he was all hyped up and excited.

Very enjoyable .

To sum up the point, if you like a movie that is exciting, lets you speculate a little and have some light humor thrown in here and there to make you smile, then the "Incredibles 2"'s plot is just perfect for you.

Enjoyable .

Don't waste your money on this.

Just plain boring.

Again it just felt like they were taking it easy, slapping together a ton of great if somewhat uninteresting action sequences and relying more heavily then they needed to on the original.

A bit long and drawn out I think

So I hope anyone else with a seizure disorder has the same experience as me if they decide to see it, because it was definitely a fun and entertaining movie that I'd say is as good as the first and I'd probably watch again when it's streaming.


Nonetheless, it is still a funny, entertaining and action packed flick.

In a way it's like you see an intense crime fighting scene, and then you see some father having an emotional breakdown over his new math book.

Overall, I found the moving entertaining- it just simply lacked the means to be engaging.

The battles scenes are incredible but the reversal is predictable and the villain is not very good.

Incredibly boring.

Predictable, cringey dialogue, poorly developed characters.

With Brad Bird returning to preside over the project after his live-action sorties in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - GHOST PROTOCOL (2011) and TOMORROWLAND (2015), INCREDIBLES 2 grandly carries Pixar's torch in concocting a sagacious and innovative story-line out of the genre's default family-friendly tenet, here, we have an appreciable role-swapping borne out of USA's current climate's gender study, Elastigirl becomes the breadwinner while Mr. Incredible takes a back seat in attending to their kids, indeed it is the latter part that registers most fun and laughter, a stay-at-home dad's quagmire is brimful of hilarity and commiseration, tonally chimes in with its preceding short Domee Shi's BAO, depicting a typical empty nest phenomenon from a mother's angle, vamped up with an oriental touch.

The villains were okay, but the first movie just had a more enjoyable villain.

Long and drawn out.

It looks great of course, it's well written, lots of snappy action.

The plot is the most predictable and boring plot of recent years.

This was a pretty good sequel to the first but it was slow at times.

The reveal/twist at the end is predictable and lazy.

the plot development was cliche and lacked any sort of creativity and failed to incite any curiosity.

Major "surprise" elements in the story where incredibly predictable, so when they were revealed I couldn't help shouting "Finally!

For an animated film, the action sequences are thrilling, sometimes heart pounding and super fun to view.

It's predictable, unorginal, and uninspired.

This sequel continued and added smart thematics, wonderful voice cast, richly written characters, and entertaining action.

The first Incredibles, besides being an exciting, fun movie, also had things to say about being special.

The movie was also a lot more entertaining than I expected it to be.

Not as good as #1, but still very entertaining .

An Incredibly disappointing and boring sequel .

The villain, while not as good as Syndrome, still had a compelling back story and motivation.

Some things which stuck out for me were that the sounds were way too loud in theaters and the pictures were way too stimulating, the movements were too quick, and the plot, dialogue, etc. felt very empty of meaning or purpose.

In everything else it's just boring and tedious (Civil War, Batman v.

Even my kids thought it was dull and they are easily impressed.

First off, the female empowering propaganda was strong smelling in this one, political correctness seems to be shoving it's way down kids young throats & it's not on.

I found it really uninteresting.

While hard to follow at some points, the story is awesome.

Unfortunately, the A-story is rather predictable and underdeveloped, the B-story lacks structure, and the connection between the two feels a bit forced.

Although I do not know if it was his voice or the attitude of the character, but it was simply unbearable.

The family dynamic is a lot of fun and entertaining.

Lacking sufficient laughs and worthwhile action, the script to this follow up suffers from serious lulls, recycled plot points and a lackluster villain.

Be careful about people prone to seizures and keep super small children away, there are some intense moment that have a few jump scares, it might frighten those under 3 who haven't seen the first one.

There's an added bonus of a short b movie at the start which was enjoyable and moral .

It takes notes from the original and feels like a sequel, its action packed, and its family fun.

But the jokes became repetitive, so they lost all their sharpness.

The villain is predictable from a mile away.

The movie was bright in visually, stunning animation as usual and had decent character development.

Fun, entertaining .

It has its light and witty moments which are entertaining.

Instead it swaps some roles, adds some cool sub-plots and adds the worst villain I've seen in yearsIncredibles 2 is entertaining movie for the first 30-45 minutes.

It was dull for too long.

The fast paced and stylish action is pretty great in most scenes.

Incredibles 2 - Funny, heartwarming, and action-packed, "Incredibles 2" boasts an amazing cast, story, and villain, and has an unexpected plot twist.

In conclusion, Incredibles 2 may not be as amazing as its predecessor, but it's still an enjoyable and fun film with cool action, great animation, a very good soundtrack and tons of focus on all of the characters.

I think it was too long and too slow...

Yet, the sequel drawn out, unnecessary excuses for the family, not to.

The family drama stuff is also very prominent, and while it is repetitive at times and there could have been less of it the best moments are very funny and it is very easy to relate to the dilemmas the characters face.

Yes, the plot is somewhat predictable and it is honestly quite simplistic at its core.

The film is ungodly predictable.

The other one as I said the scenario and the villain are quite predictable.

On the flip side of things, some of the "new heroes" introduced were simply downright annoying to me, and the villain was predictable (and maybe a bit ineffective if you ask me).

But it was just too intense for him.

Bland story details.

I found it hilarious, and as a teacher, I particularly loved when Mr. Incredible stays up all night reading Dash's "new math" textbook so he can teach him new math, which was what it was called in the 60s (the time period this film alludes to) and is a shout out to our modern common core confusion.

The story isn't as compelling or as interesting as the first, was a little bland.

The first one was fantastic with fresh ideas, etc. This had no fresh ideas, was super slow at many points in the movie and almost fell asleep.

Animation liberates great filmmakers, and if you needed more evidence that Brad Bird is indeed a great filmmaker, the truly rousing action scenes in Incredibles 2 should put that to bed.