Inglourious Basterds (2009) - Adventure, Drama, War

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In Nazi-occupied France during World War II, a plan to assassinate Nazi leaders by a group of Jewish U.S. soldiers coincides with a theatre owner's vengeful plans for the same.

IMDB: 8.3
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Stars: Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger
Length: 153 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 232 out of 1000 found boring (23.2%)

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Tarantino's worst movie

The world is just big lobotmised Walmart crawling with zombied congenitally retarded illiterate brainwashed US minions who just love being the mindless slaves of artificial debt created by the 1% who orchestrate daily genocides and propaganda on any individual/country that tries to get out from under their evil bankster Illuminati shackles ....

Audacious, disjointed and self-indulgent but nonetheless tremendously enjoyable.

) and boring us all S***less with pointless dialogues in foreign languages that neither enhance the characters or stories, I suggest he quits now.

This film made for one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had in a cinema, as the indulgent, period-defining cinematography is something best seen on the big screen.

"Inglourious Basterds" symbolises the advent of the wholesale destruction of human lives as a pair of characters, one representing the half that is the real mechanism of war, and the other representing the portrayal of that for whatever purpose -- entertainment, propaganda and disinformation, training and briefing, conditioning, pre-conditioning, conditioned response sublimation, post-hypnotic immersive deprogramming, career choice, and so on.

Arguably the most bold of all his movies, Tarantino recreates history in a thrilling way.

Worst propaganda violence film glorifying violence .

It has all the Tarantino mannerisms you could shake a stick at, but I did get pretty bored halfway through.

Quentin Tarantino brings his snappy filmmaking methodology and signature dark humor in the European front of World War II in this black comedy.

" Their ultimate plan involves strapping bombs to themselves and blowing themselves up in a cinema packed with Nazi high command, including Hitler (Martin Wuttke) and his Minister for Propaganda, Goebbels (Sylvester Groth), who was also a real life film producer (leave it to Tarantino to uncover that nugget).

Whilst the film is generally fantastic, it's the only Tarantino film that I find to seriously get slow for a good ten minutes!

Unpredictable .

Everything about it was enjoyable for me.

The acting of Christoph Waltz (Jew hunter) was stunning,he did a fantastic job and nailed it.

The opening scene is gripping and terse, very legitimate.

Til Schweiger is tough and intense as Sgt.

There's two scenes that stand out from the disjointed mess that is Inglorious Basterds and one of those is squandered when QT just can't help himself and breaks out the gun fight at the OK coral.

Even though this was a very entertaining movie to see, I can't help feeling a little disappointed looking at it in retrospect.

Pointless violence and a complete lack of an history (believable or not).

To conclude, this movie is one of the best of Quentin Tarantino's and, despite the fact that it lasts a bit too long with slow and long scenes, we have a good time and it is worth to be seen!

In this movie however, he not only took this method of movie making to the extreme but, just to make it even more tedious, he did most of it in subtitles.

Unless you need to test your seizure threshold, save your eyes the pain of taking in this empty shell of a movie.

Brad Pitt is enjoyable and even Mike Myers really works out in it.

Mind you it does have some over the top killing scenes (all of Tarantino's movies do)but I thought it was hilarious and so far from boring.

The film has a couple of tense, solidly acted scenes early on, but again, even they come off as very predictable.

Shallow, indulgent and pretentious .

Now your a formulaic moronic jack-ass!

Considering it's not a Western, or a mere Action film, Inglourious Basterds is quite possibly the most entertaining movie Tarantino has ever made so far, and that's due to many reasons.

In Inglourious Basterds, Brad Pitt and Co are given the most unique and entertaining characters only in terms of their personality.

"Inglourious Basterds," a title which is stolen from a superior Italian trash flick by Enzo Castellari, is pure pretentious drivel.

That's enough for the spoilers: This movie is worth watching several times, for there are plenty of references, great dialogues and complex characters.

Overall and with its flaws taken into account, it's a fun and entertaining film, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

Quentin Tarantino remains a compelling, if slightly unfulfilled film maker, and I was very interested in this latest offering.

His calmness and unpredictable behavior really gives me the creeps.

IB just isn't as intricate and tricky as I think it wants to be, so we are left with a movie with long drawn out scenes, not enough dialogue worthy of note and insufficient action to fill in the lengthy gaps.

Of course nothing in the movie is possible, except that it's so bloody entertaining.

INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS is that rara avis - a dialog-driven war film more intense and exciting than any driven by pretty orange explosions.

Yet despite the lousy writing for the Basterds segments and the dreadful American performances, Inglorious Basterds is well worth watching and remembering for terrific plotting for the majority of the film and the high quality of acting from the European cast.

It's a fascinating tale that's brought to life by diverse talented actors from the US and EU and filmed in gorgeous locations around Germany and France.

The dialogue itself was bad enough, but our being forced to read most of it in sub-titles made the pacing of this movie really tedious.

Because I enjoyed it, I can look back at it, and I can never get tired of watching it again.

The lighting in the first scene is especially stunning.

And the opening scene is some of the best dialogue I've ever heard, it is stunning, how it keeps reeling me into the world deeper and deeper.

The first half is a bit slow, in fact Tarantino intentionally takes his time to reveal the character's motives and personality.

Going back and forth between excruciatingly dull and unrealistically Hollywood, you have to start to wonder if there were two different production teams making the same movie.

And finally, I was curious about Tarantino's ability to write compelling dialogue in German.

The opening scene is straight out gripping and acted marvelously by Christoph Waltz, who won an Oscar for his performance.

Quentin Tarantino has a unique style that is all his own in terms of how he makes movies; he tends to be crude in the visual delivery, but still manages to make the movie entertaining.

Just through the dialogue, Quentin Tarantino, who also wrote the script, can get an entire audience on the edge of their seats, and that's a rare thing for a writer to be able to do.

Stupid and violent, yes, but the boredom: thats' unforgivable.

dull as it could ever be.

This is, above all, a propaganda film made, apparently, to demonstrate that all cruelty and savagery is permitted as long as it is in the interest of the Hollywood master race, the American.

It's only afterwards you might realise that it is total fiction even though set in the midst of real events – that gets confusing.

A waste of time and money .

The more ridiculous and violent the film is, the less compelling it is, but Tarantino wants to get all his tropes in there rather than go with the more serious and exciting film that this truly is at times.

It's a more complicated flick than that blending ideological cinema with a suspenseful thriller mostly relying on the clever dialogue.

It's entertaining .

Ridiculous and tedious from start to finish.

He was also nominated for his unconventional but entertaining script.

It was honestly one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

I have to admit I did not hate it altogether; actually, I found Tarantino's comic-like style really enjoyable this time.

The result is a disjointed and altogether disappointing and somewhat self-indulgent effort.

He was able to keep me on the edge of my seat every second and Christoph Waltz was a very welcome edition to Tarantinos ever-growing list of amazing talent.

Propaganda Trash .

Thrilling as usual Quentinian style.

And the (way too long) card game scene in the café basement is screechingly contrived coincidence and just too stupid for words.

The woman - played beautifully by Melanie Laurent - finds herself thrust into the spotlight as she has become the unwilling object of affection of good-natured young Nazi war hero Daniel Bruhl and the Nazi powers-that-be have decided that her theater should host the premiere of a new propaganda film based on Bruhl's exploits, which will attract the Nazi hierarchy, and brings her under the scrutiny of Waltz again.


Inglorious Bastards is a masterpiece of cinema that will have you mesmerized and glued to the screen,a big and epic War film that is brutal,intense,violent and funny.

For 70% of the film, all we are given is boring and overlong foreign language conversations that do nothing more than act as stretching filler for the 153 minute run time.

The Kill Bill movies were self- indulgent, badly written and overly sadistic, and Death Proof was just boring.

It has some of the most pointless settings of any Tarantino film, it has some of the worst characters of any Tarantino film, and considering this film is advertised as a film about a "Jewish-American Unit," they sure don't have a lot screen time (about twenty minutes in action to be precise).

Failed at that as well, too long, too boring, turned out to be quite annoying.

I say 'irresponsible' because Tarantino became like a cinematic label, as if any of his movies would automatically please the fans, I don't mean this as an insult, Tarantino was my favorite director five years ago, I've always thought the guy defined "coolness" in films, he was for me the-coolest-director-in-the-world and whatever he made, said and touched, was cool and entertaining.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The plot twist near the end where Tarantino quite unexpectedly goes against all historical accuracies is also surprisingly enjoyable and does not worsen each time you watch it.

And now for actors,hats off to each and every one of them,they are dramatically intense and also mysteriously humorous sometimes,the amazing thing about the them is you cannot label any single one of their performances as "average",they act out of their skin.

However, after this start begins a mish-mash of genre styles which are confusing.

The solid performances by Pitt, Laurent, and Waltz still make this movie worth watching though at least once.


However since most of the scenes here are in French with subtitles ("pretentious?

And thankfully, that Tarantino's plots are predictable the non- standard specifics.

Came in with low expectations: not my favorite cast for a Tarantino joint; the WWII setting is a tricky one; etc. but the Tarantino magic brings it together with his typical strengths: strong scenes & pacings, impeccable use of music and some fascinating characters.

Each time I enjoyed it more than the last.

Four years later, Shosanna, now owner of a cinema in Paris, is offered to host the premiere of a Nazi propaganda film based of the exploits of Fredrick Zoller (Daniel Bruhl), who has taken a liking to her.

Gloriously entertaining .

Of course when the propaganda is on our side, we tend to look at it as just harmless entertainment.

I found it plain, boring, shallow, predictable, and just plain silly.

But then the peace slows down and the movie turns into boring and frustrating hybrid.

Brad Pitt's character is very entertaining - provides a comedy backdrop to all the blood.

Daniel Brühl is Frederik Zoller, a sniper in the German Army who gets a propaganda film made about him that Goebbels want to use.

They will ignore laughably terrible acting, and utterly self-indulgent writing just so they can be part of the exclusive club called "everyone.

It is interesting, violent, boring and silly in equal measures.

It's brilliant and keeps the film moving despite the constant regressions into seemingly pointless references.

Tarentino at his self-indulgent worst .

When the Nazi command decide to show their latest propaganda film to all high ranking personnel in Shosanna's small theatre, it is inevitable that both the Jewish girl and the Basterds will be unable to resist the turkey shoot.

Near the end of this bore, we get to the action scene (finally!

It's a little bit long, mind you, and a few things seemed less than believable - why, for example, would such an important German propaganda film be premiered in occupied Paris rather than Berlin?

Overall waste of time.. .

Christoph Waltz is fascinating, the first scene is good enough to entice one to watch on, but then the spiral of stupidity swirls tighter and yet somehow slower down the toilet.

Very slow, a lot of dialog, weak characters that aren't realistic or believable.

This is the most enjoyable and original of Quentin's movies to date and a pretty good war movie even if it is an all out fantasy.

I think it is Tarantino's worst movie .

The first chapter is the best part of this movie; the second is silly; the third is also great; the fourth is boring; and the last one is madness on the screen.

VERY enjoyable performances.

there went some money and three hours of my life i will never see again.....

There was long drawn out sequences spoken in French, German, and even Italian.

He is completely engrossing in every one of his scenes.


Worse yet, it defies description as to how contrived it is, looking like "we're so mad we aren't going to take it any more", in a world where this very concept is the very thing sane people are sick of.

The film is similarly visually stunning.

It's a rare case when a director's self-indulgence causes more good than harm.

Movie starts out REALLY, really slow to the point where I was starting to fall asleep.

There are some moments of unexpected humor like when Christoph Waltz is negotiating at the end.

Perverse and Boring.

' A figure that couldn't be more similar to Heath Ledger's Joker (in terms of motive and characterisation) without being more different (with respect to how he satisfies those motives), Landa is one of the most engaging characters ever created by QT, and is played with the determination and pure evil that secured Waltz an incomprehendable number of Supporting Actor awards.

it has a great plot, great dialogue as usual for a Tarantino movie, a pretty good amount of violence, and a ridiculous but entertaining ending Tarantino made up.

This is the new definition of the worst movie I have seen.

Don't waste your time with this piece of garbage!!

Not to mention he had enough action to not only keep the people who enjoy the Michael Bay IQ droppers entertained, but he had a screenplay that keep you on the edge of their seats.

Please, save your money and see something else, unless you're really bored.

Then he used sustained intense dialogue to enrich the theme of the film.

Another self-indulgent dialogue showcase from Quentin Tarantino .

Waste of time .

People have criticized this movie for being long and boring and have said that the first scene, the bar scene, and Christoph Waltz's performance are the only enjoyable parts.

The good- - The script, I love all of Tarantino's scripts but this one takes the cake with outstanding but what you would come to expect from Tarantino dialogue and brilliant characters along with clever humor and brutal/intense scenes.

A quick scan through user reviews here on IMDb will show you an unbeieveble amount of reviews with 1/10 ratings claiming it's 'one of the worst films I have ever seen' or 'complete waste of time and money'.

This is an original and engrossing film that depicts WWII in ways you haven't seen.

I like QT Movies but THIS one was TEDIOUS .

Too slow to be engaging .

Rather, they're always creative and often with a good suspenseful build-up and infused with his twisted and wicked sense of humor, and all quite exhilarating to watch.

Well-acted and well-shot, its compelling characters and fantastic performances will have your eyes glued to the screen for its runtime, leading to a climax that is horrifying, tragic, and cathartic all at the same time.

The bar scene in which Bridget von Hammersmark (played by the gorgeous Dianne Kruger) and a few nazi double agents are under suspicion by a shrewd gestapo officer is another incredibly well crafted, suspenseful scene.

Don't waste your time seeing alternative war films that make absolute no sense whatsoever.

It's rather obvious that'd you'd almost feel pity for the Nazi officer as he's honorably clubbed to death, and simply typecasting them as mindless maniacs would be, how to say, cliché?

If it would've moved a bit faster, I think I would've enjoyed it.

It also looks beautiful, marking this as a return to real film-making rather than just self-indulgent silliness.

Waste of time

Let's just hope that Tarantino's next project will be a fun, exciting, thrilling, clever...

The rest of the cast do their best with a script that varies between intense dread, only occasionally, to high camp, often – especially concerning the German hierarchy.

It lacked tension and was boring in parts.

The rest was as mentioned very superficial, unrealistic, and in certain scenes just plainly boring.

Enjoyed it, Bradd pit was a bit of a put off.

"Inglourious Basterds" is entertaining and outstandingly well-made.

There are overt references in Basterds to Leni Riefenstahl, the female director who made the infamous German propaganda films Triumph of the Will and Olympia.

I find World War 2 and the Nazi's to be a very fascinating subject and the Nazi portrayals, including Hitler, Goebbels were a delight to watch.

boring and annoying.

I fail to see how a boring, badly edited mess that goes on way too long and has a centre more boggy than the pitch at Turf Moor has been lauded with praise.

And even though he plays a mean German Nazi Jew hunter he's still very enjoyable to watch.

Exciting story, amazing story telling and unique features in cinematography.

I saw it with my dad and friend, and we all basically wanted to turn it off.

Christoph Waltz presented gripping personation of a mass- murdering Nazi Colonel.

The rest of the film is a succession of equally powerful scenes, intense/suspenseful or flat out explosive, sometimes graphic.

At the beginning of the film is good but in the middle boring.

Enjoyable silliness for the most part, it's definitely entertaining, but you will need a few beers to smooth over the long boring bits, and at about 2 1/2 hours, there are quite a few.

He kind of deserves what he gets by why oh why do it in such a dull and horrid fashion.

And what on earth persuaded Brad Pitt to get involved in a project as tiresome as Inglorious Basterds beats me.

Good and fluently scenario,perfect acting and unpredictable scenes.

Quentin Tarantino yet again creates a masterpiece of blood, action and revenge that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

this movie was so boring I nearly fell asleep more time than I care to count.

Action Packed .

And for me, this is his best movie since Pulp Fiction, it could possibly be considered the most audacious World War II movie of all-timeI do not really consider this a war movie though, despite being set in World War II and the main plot, I can certainly see why the end annoyed some moviegoers, but I thing it is compelling from beginning to end.

In this case a Nazi propaganda film is to be premiered in a small French cinema, with many German dignitaries in attendance, including a man with an abbreviated mustache.

When it comes to be that the Nazi war hero Frederick Zoller falls for the lovely Shoshanna, the latest propaganda film starring Zoller is to premiere at her cinema, the stage is set for a final battle between the Basterds and the Nazis.

The twist created by the producers on the near end part made it more likely to be exciting.

A long, sad and boring decadence .

From the overly sadistic violence of the film, to the overlong running time, to the self-indulgent touches to the film (i.

I wouldn't call the Jewish characters inhuman, just horrendously bland, and as for the Nazis I rather like that scene with the bat.

The film moves from French to English to German (even a little Italian) so can get a bit confusing and what I find with subtitled films is that you miss a lot when you are staring at the bottom of the screen for half the film.

Despite its flaws, though, Inglourious Basterds stands out as a very unique and enjoyable film, with doses of great comedy and action and a screenplay that took over a decade for director Quentin Tarantino to write.

Brad Pitt was totally unwatchable, he got the most ridiculous southern accent I've ever heard.

Hateful films like this would barely make it as war-time propaganda and you hail it as one of the best films of all time?

If you're not big into Tarantino films, you'll find yourself bored sitting through Inglorious Basterds.

, but here.. i was bored.

Overall, though, the film seemed to drag on at an achingly-slow pace.

There were times during these long winded expositions and scenes that went nowhere that I felt like I was watching a made for TV mini-series rather than a QT flick (Winds Of War, anyone?

The movie is directed by Quentin Tarantino with the usual Tarantino taste of direction-chapter wise adaptation of the story,lengthy but brilliant dialogues,unpredictable but gripping screenplay and sudden violence!.

This made all the dialog completely predictable.

They are intense and add depth to the characters and their motivations.

So, over all it's quite an engrossing film, if a little difficult to watch in one sitting at nearly two and a half hours in duration.

Sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes unbearable horrific, the basic problem being - he does not know how to finish the story/movie so he abruptly just stops.

During the first moment I was confused thinking was this movie is of worth watching, as stories goes further it suddenly became interesting.

" sparkles with intelligent, engrossing dialog not encountered in recent memory, so much so that you don't dare take your own intermission for fear of losing important plot points or the pure art of dialog.

There were a few entertaining set-piece action scenes and the odd bit of snappy dialogue.

About 2 of the 2.5 hours of this movie consisted of pointless dialog leading to very telegraphed and predicable outcomes.

Horrific anti-German hate propaganda .

Somehow they get mixed up in a strange caper to wipe out the entire Hirearchy Nazi regime including Hitler, Goebbels, Goring, Nazi Generals, wives and girlfriends etc, etc, by locking them in a cinema where they are viewing pro-Nazi propaganda films.

For me, the movie was just too slow.

Some people find a lot of Tarantino's films to have a pacing problem and I can understand where they are coming from, but Inglourious Basterds is one of those films that felt like it moves forwards all the time regardless how still a scene may seem because it keeps throwing interesting things your way and in a lot of scenes, Tarantino was able to convey tension that keeps you on the edge of your seat thinking something might happen.

Like the other Tarantino movies, this is full of memorable characters with inventive introductions, an inventively structured plot, unique dialogue, dark comedy at every turn, long yet engaging conversations, and some over-the-top violence.

For example, the revenge story in this movie was a little bit bland or lack of spark, especially in comparison with Kill Bill.

Although not a career high, 'Inglourious Basterds' is a worthy addition to his canon that's original yet in possession of all the entertaining earmarks of a true Tarantino film.

Both scenes, really, are at times breathtaking.

Very boring movie....

Adding enough meat on every character's bone, he manages to carve out many suspenseful moments from the most unexpected corners and while his usual elements, such as pop culture references, dark humour, blood-soaked violence are in tact, the writer-director also removes the veil of hypocrisy to show that all humans, regardless of their labels, are capable of intense cruelty.

Largely inconsistent tone of the movie is more than redeemed by gripping, cringe-inducing sequences often involving Christoph Waltz in a star-making turn as contradiction-driven Col.

The scene where three people talk for several minutes at the same table, before, they are all shot is extremely boring, Ingmar Bergman mixed with Peckinpah?

Violent-yes, entertaining-yes, thrilling-yes, a typical Tarantino story with an unanticipated conclusion!

There were some funny instances with the Basterd team as well which I enjoyed watching but I still found that the last third of the film dragged on and wasn't as good as the first two-thirds.

It defies description with how predictable and full of clichés it is.

hero is outnumbered but prevails due to patriotism and/or desire for revengeWe may as well be watching The Patriot, American Sniper, Fury, Defiance, or any other war-glorifying, American piece of propaganda.

The violence, however, is often filled with dark humor and is widely entertaining.

In fact, the only battle scenes in Basterds occur in the propaganda movie-within-the-movie Nation's Pride, a stream of gruesome killings witnessed by an enthusiastic movie theater full of Nazis - Tarantino takes a jab at the audience' expectations, much like Joss Whedon would do a few years later in the horror genre with The Cabin in the Woods.

And it really doesn't matter how many cineastic references you make, if you make them in a film which is simply not very good, such as Inglorious Basterds, it all becomes rather pointless.

Now I know Tarantino did it this way on purpose but it made most of the "chapters" with their l-o-n-g drawn out scenes and endless dialogue just painful to watch.

A total waste of time.

Archie Hicox's confrontation with the Nazis in a bar is intense.

The first part of the movie somehow bored me, maybe because of the fact that I do not understand what they are talking about because they were speaking in other language rather than in English.

If you can abide these aspects of Inglourious Basterds, then you are in for a very entertaining two and a half hours.

3) Shoshanna's murder served no plot purpose whatsoever.

Every single performance from this stunning international ensemble cast is a pleasure to watch.

Worst Movie I have ever seen in my entire life .

This must be Tarantino's worst movie.

But what most surprised and delighted me was Brad Pits performance, an actor I had dismissed as just a pretty boy, playing himself, with empty swagger[ a la Tom Cruise, except for collateral, brilliant ].

Overall, entertaining, incredible acting (especially from Waltz) and featuring trademark sizzling Tarantino dialogue.

I tried to watch this three times and fell asleep every time.

Contrived, poorly written dialogue meant to be witty is followed by intense violence which is followed by screaming - end scene.

This film utilizes action, violence, and a number of sound and editing techniques to deliver an enjoyable and breath taking film for the audience.

Waltz is excellent with his cunning interrogations and Mélanie Laurent has some excellent moments as Jewish woman living under a pseudonym and operating the theatre where the propaganda film will be shown.

Also pretty enjoyable was Melanie Laurnet as Shosanna, and I loved Michael Fassbender in the film.

A really enjoyable movie.

The best thing about this movie is Tarantino's use of subtle suspense, and the entertaining dialogue as always.

This sums up the entire problem with the movie - the scenes go on for far too long and lack a brevity of storytelling .

The performance of Brad Pitt with his redneck accent is stunning.

But Inglourious Basterds was riveting (although a bit gruesome in parts) with some outstanding acting performances (Christoph Walz, Melanie Laurent, and Michael Fassbender are all brilliant.

The thought of the assassination working out is quite sweet - followed by the bitterness of reality - and that's what this movie's about: empathy, emotion and dealing the deck of cliché-cards.

Every chapter was good, engrossing and built enough tension for the story.

The plot is ludicrous yet there are very suspenseful moments embedded in it.

Brad Pitt gets the award here for the most wooden and pointless character to appear - he is truly awful throughout the film and finds himself in a role where he does not have to portray a single emotion throughout the film.

All in all, a movie worth watching.

After this amazing section the movie jumps crazily between scenes of cruelty, intense suspense, sadness and farce.

In my opinion, it's hands-down the worst movie Tarantino ever made.

Pointless Movie, Excellent humor, Superb Thrill .

Boring nothing is going on.

That being said, if there is only one of Tarantino's trademarks that I felt was missing while watching this movie, it would be the riveting, seemingly empty talk in a long scene Tarantino is famous for.

We know that Hitler also used films as his propaganda.

Inglourious Basterds is boring, nonsensical, stupid, and overlong.

Inglourious Basterds is an audacious, yet devilishly entertaining take on World War II, and a solid demonstration on why Quentin Tarantino is such a respected Hollywood tycoon.

Great Action Packed WW2 Movie.

The film has hilarious scenes, to depressing and riveting scenes that make your blood curl, to absolutely heart-pounding action that make this masterpiece and instant classic and one of Quentin Tarantino's true works of art.

It's funny and exciting, and certainly worth the watch.

Boring , plot-less and predictable twist-less piece of trash .

walk your dog, pet your cat, listen to your canary - you name it), just do that, don't waste your time!!!

Feb 2012 edit: I watched it again after two years, still a very absorbing film.

It's disjointed, self-indulgent, and ultimately boring.

Each set piece in the film is gorgeously paced and gripping even on multiple rewatches.

Even with the exciting and somewhat humorous scenes with Landa and Aldo negotiating, the climax scene in the theater is unaffected by the tone change, and absolutely brilliant.

don't waste your time or watch the ending or something.

DP is self-indulgence defined and a true turd of a film and somehow, just based on Tarantino's fame (or infamy) has a 7+ rating here on IMDb!

Definitely this got so boring at some point I didn't finish it at all.

It combines Taratino's classic satire and intense drama into one amazing viewing experience.

The movie is pointless.

History can repeat itself when we become manipulated by propaganda, desensitized to inhumane actions, and self righteous.

Despite the breathtaking opening exchange between the dairy farmer and the multi-linguistic Waltz's terrific Hans Landa the rest is a jumbled, badly cast mess.

One fine example of this device is the scene in which Shosanna is speaking with Nazi propaganda leader, Joseph Goebbles (Sylvester Groth), about the use of her theatre for the premiere of his latest film.

This movie contain some of the best building tension ever put to screen for example the scene in the bar that just has you on the edge of your seat and still manages to leave you startled when everyone starts shooting and again it's all through dialogue.

QT has become boring.

It was a much better movie to me than the pretentious interpretation of war savagery envisioned by Tarantino.

Rambling scenes followed, and the general pace of the film was slow and limp, asides from the occasional abrupt burst of violence which often simply stopped characters from developing further.

His scenes are quiet and some of the most compelling parts of the movie.

I had to watch "Inglorious Basterds" in several sittings on DVD as I kept falling asleep during the first half (not a good sign).

I think this is the worst movie i have watched.

******************** The mid-last part of the film was boring as well.

Top ten worst movies I ever saw .

Enjoyable Tarantino Production .

and the other 5 or so basterds were given no story nor any screen time, so they were essentially props.

In one fateful evening the plans of both Shosanna and the Basterds will come together to provide a thrilling alternate ending to WWII.

On that note, watching the plan come together really is a lot of fun to watch even if the dialogues on the way to get there seem pointless at times and a bit to self indulgent.

The banality and horror of their occupation comes across well - and the ending is the most gratuitously uplifting ending I have seen for some time (like Deathproof was - which I also enjoyed).

The Frenchman was hiding Jews under the floorboards and the last minute or two of the opening scene had such a little impact because of the boring conversation.

Beautiful set and costume design combine with stunning cinematography and art direction to create a film of dazzling colour and spectacle.

Though the latter went on a tad too long, it was nicely suspenseful and well-filmed.

I found most of the movie intriguing, however i found myself getting a bit bored during some scenes; probably because it was in another language and was a bit hard to follow.

It was just the sheer competence, elegance and ruthlessness the man possessed made him absolutely compelling.

All of the characters stories finally intertwine at Shosanna's theater where all of the remaining characters are there for the preview of the Nazi propaganda film.

To say that his awe inspiring and completely Oscar worthy performance is the only quality to find here is without a doubt, in my mind a complete and utter fabrication.

If you cannot see the art of this film and the brilliant, breathtaking filmmaking, you are not a true fan of cinema in the slightest, and definitely not a true Tarantino fan.

The worst movie I watched ever.

Death Proof proved to be another unfair exchange - two riveting sequences amidst endlessly droll dialogue and B-movie homage.

Personally, I left the theater disappointed after my first viewing - like I'd been the butt of an enormous joke, with QuentinTarantino taking full advantage of the kind of notoriety and clout he'd accumulated over the years to cash in on an intentional stink bomb.

War films are mostly dramatic or even melodramatic and in parts boring, coz we know that a War hero either survived a great war, or dies with great glory.

Basically i dint find any part funny and was very much bored.

My recommendations, if you have insomnia, 2hrs 33 min to waste or you want to give your mind a break, go watch this movie.

Inglourious Basterds could survive on its character depth alone, but it is dually strengthened by its sharp color palette ranging from bursting rose reds and forest greens to drab concrete and SS uniform grey.

Christoph Waltz gives a stunning and flawless performance throughout the film throughout its solid central chapters and riveting climax.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

I admit the movie was around 60% in other language other English but still very fascinating.

The strongest point to a Tarantino movie is the dialogue along with some intense action scenes.

The acting is awful and the pacing is excruciatingly slow.

The writing was unpredictable yet entertaining enough to add to Tarantino's filmography.

I enjoyed "Desperado" because it was in part a spoof and very entertaining.

There are some highlights such as the opening and the resistance-bar rendezvous, but there are some dull and bloated parts too unfortunately.

At 2 hrs 33 mins this film saunters by at an enjoyable pace.

Its too long, and spread too thin, to leave the audience bored stiff-less.

Being arguably Tarantino's worst movie doesn't stop it from being a wicked fun ride.

Second, in its effort to establish and develop character, it's often boring because it's way too talky for a thriller; you see character from what people do, not from what they say.

Well blow me down,I really enjoyed it, and had to go away and think why I did so, when the plot is overall quite preposterous.

The script crackles with dark humour and cool characters, flying high above the (frequently) boring dialogue of Tarantino's last couple of efforts.

This movie is boring beyond belief.

The plot has Hitler, Goebbels and other high ranking officials attending a propaganda film premiere together - something that gives two factions the same idea to blow up the Nazis.

It's got everything we've come to expect: sharp dialogue, a great story with engaging characters, and the usual visual flair with a killer soundtrack to back it up (this time borrowing heavily from those films providing the writer/director with his inspiration.

The plot was predictable, the dialog trite.

The story and dialogue is cliché, mostly boring and even childish.

Brad Pitt is also a great piece of casting, his hilarious accent making the character of Aldo Raine all the more enjoyable.

For those that have studied WWII, and unfortunately, seen real human brains on the ground, this movie is a travesty, a sadistic farce, and a complete waste of time like most of Tarantino's other questionable work.

Then there is a young girl who runs a theatre, and plans to kill the Nazi party on the night of some propaganda screening.


and England, put a plan in motion to assassinate the German high command, including Hitler, and Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Nazi propaganda (IMDB, 2009).

Surprisingly, and contrary to many other reviewers, I found the scenes with the guessing game in the basement bar, and the leisurely lunch with Goebbels both completely riveting where tension is mercilessly eased up, relaxed a little, then wound right up again.

To all the Tarantino haters out there (lol) that claim this movie was predictable, well that is only because you know when Tarantino directs, a lot of people are going to die.

its roots, its tragedy in the clothes of a kind of Robin Hood and his fellows, the revenge and the drama of Shoah in a form who transforms old memories in a new, fascinating picture.

To keep it short, this film is a waste of time and intelligence.

i think the most entertaining parts are with Brad Pitt especially the scene at the theater where he pretends to be Italian (eyetalian as he pronounces it) Mike Myers was surprisingly good in this, don't get me wrong i absolutely love his classics like the Austin Powers trilogy and the two Wayne's worlds.

I am not sure if it actually is his masterpiece, but it is entertaining enough for me to want to see it over and over again.

Nominated eight times at the Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, Inglorious Basterds is a riveting thrill ride that everyone should try.

The female stars were beautifully filmed, and worth watching.

The opening interrogation scene, the game of Celebrity Heads in La Louisine and Shoshanna's impromptu apple strudel meeting with Landa all make for compelling viewing (while composing of little to no English) and showcase QT's undeniable talent with the pen and paper.

One-dimensional comic book characters; a disjointed plot - really just a series of vignettes, each with a predictable violent ending, signifying nothing; punctuated randomly with adolescent humor; and accompanied by trashy music which would undercut what is going on, if anything were going on.

Sure, there's some blood and explosions, but QT dashes through the action so that he can get back to yet another stilted, pointless conversation among characters who, frequently have no role save for that conversation.

On the whole, 'Inglorious Basterds' is a very entertaining, if sporadic in tone, film.

"The whole climatic scene in the cinema house is really intense.

It gets boring, knowing what to expect (in general lines of course) before each film and more so, to be right in your expectations every time.

Does this mean that the plot is an exciting unknown which explores what could have happened if only....

The film really goes downhill after the first couple of chapters degenerating into a weak climax and confusing ending.

Another entertaining movie by Tarantino.

A lot of scenes in a lot of Tarentino movies are hard to get through; he loves to film long drawn out dialogue between characters that goes on and on...

Long conversation and very pointless ones.

Again I am impressed with Tarrantino's ability to write lengthy dialogue scenes about topics as mundane as glasses if milk and King Kong which are nerve-wrackingly suspenseful due to their context.

To it's credit, it was very intense.

One thing that I did like was that both of the main characters received a relatively equal amount of screen time, so while I still think it's obvious who the main character is, it's still nice that no plot or character is made out to be more important than the other.

You're going to get generous amounts of blood and gore, but also a fairly intriguing story if you stay with it.

Irish-German actor Michael Fassbender was also brilliant and Sylvester Groth was on magnetic form as Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels.

The Basterds particularly were both basic and uninteresting, though perhaps that was intended, who knows...

Still, it was entertaining and the performances were memorable.

His limitless confidence is fascinating to watch.

Thoroughly entertaining and funny .

And his negotiations scene is so riveting that the antsiest dog would be fixated on his performance.

Sixty years after they invented the "holocaust" they are still making anti-German propaganda and trying to pass it off as entertainment.

She meets Zoller, a German hero who is the subject of a Lenin Riefenstal type of propaganda film and he introduces her to Joseph Goebbels and she offers her theater for the premiere of the movie, with the plan to assemble as many higher ups as possible in order to kill them in retaliation for the massacre of her family.

The female actresses such as Melanie Laurent and Diane Kruger played intriguing and amazing roles.

This movie is just waste of time and money.

Super entertaining and thrilling at the same time!

It was the most disappointing and pointless death in a movie I ever seen, and it loses 1 star right there.

It's got that certain Tarantino flair, and, if you can handle the gore, you'll see a smartly written movie that's both entertaining and emotionally gripping.

This is a confusing message, although reflects very well the idea that in war everybody is inhuman, despite ones having more reason or principles than others.

Tarantino has produced a movie that is something of a curio, a would-be action movie without much action, long stretches of dialogue which sometimes work and other times merely bore, and acting which ranges from brilliant to terrible.

Brad Pitt was also unexpected .

He is, though, pretty much the only thing in this movie worth watching aside from the opening chapter.

Better to say unexpected good .

As presented by Tarantino over the course of five discrete chapters, the three disparate figures converge upon Mimieux's theater for the premiere of a Nazi propaganda film called "A Nation's Pride".

So much of the rest is just disjointed and makes you want to scream - get on with it!

Yes, the movie was fun in some parts, but mostly just boring and superficial.

) Brad Pitt doing one of the worst performances of all time; 2) a whole lot of scalping by the US team, filmed with obvious relish and disgusting detail by the psychopathic director; and 3)a total and extremely boring and unfunny rewrite of history.

Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt) follow their own instincts in this film and make it come to life in their breathtaking appearances.

Brad Pitt was pretty damn enjoyable as Lt.

Engrossing from start to finish...

The scenes are DREADFULLY long and the dialogue is downright boring.

There is no denying that this is one hell of a story with another tremendous cast, that deserved every award that it's won, however Tarantino's attention to detail, usually a strength, did take away from the film, as a whole, and did make some parts difficult to follow.

It is called propaganda.

It's worth the watch and you can experience the lighter side of the Nazi's because they are humorous in this movie especially Hitler.

The sixth film by Quentin Tarantino finds the esteemed filmmaker in sublime form as he blends the genres of war & spaghetti western into one stylish, violent & vengeful cinematic delight that brims with Tarantino's patented wordplay, fascinating characters, uninhibited violence, outstanding cast & excellent performances to deliver a thrilling ride that enthrals, entertains & satisfies on all levels, and keeps getting better with every subsequent viewing.

All the two and a half hours of this film are made of such brilliant scenes and most of them are unpredictable.

Other than that this was a ridiculously boring and uninteresting movie.

A solid direction,a story keeping you on the edge of your seats,predicaments juxtaposed with thumping performances from all and path-breaking one from Christoph Waltz will throughout keep you excited and definitely gasping for more in the end.

Wow this movie is one plodding boring mess.

how fascinating) I still more or less enjoyed this film.

Once you accept that, you are taken on a roller coaster ride, with a perfect balance between well crafted, exciting dialog and fast paced, extremely violent action.

Totally waste of time.

One element that runs through all of the chapters is the incredible tension that Tarantino squeezes out of his drawn out scenes.

Though Michael Fassbender has been on films before this like 300 but this film put him on the map, the bar scene segment was tense and thrilling and a part of it is due to Fassbender's performance.

The Nazi propaganda film at the end where a fictional German soldier effortlessly massacres his enemies.

To be honest I'm a bit tired of todays film tendency to do everything very fast paced.

a dull insulting masturbation session .

The only other film that comes to mind while enjoying this film is 300 Rise of an Empire for all the bloodshed and gore that goes well with any action packed war movie.

A nice blend of comedic fun with harsh gritty violence makes for a very enjoyable film.

When you consider the fanatical actions of Zionists against people who are against their racist ideologies (which even includes assassinating holocaust survivors who speak out against Zionist ideology), when you consider the Zionist war crimes against the Palestinian people and then even netanyahu trying to justify this by blaming Palestinians for the holocaust, it is terrible that a violent Jewish revenge/torture and propaganda movie has been made to cater to this bloodlust which does exist in zionists/Jewish extremists today (just watch israelis who watch the bombing of Gaza whilst cheering).

That was just a stunning observation.

Full of violence; a lot of fun; intriguing dialogs, Tarantino delivers another original classic to his movie list!

So a good film all around,it was released around 2009,but well worth watching,i have even played an unrun sealed 35mm trailer film print that i purchased on ebay for £3 through a 1965 Phillips fp20,so i must have liked it.

Somehow he makes the grotesque entertaining, or almost entertaining if you're squeamish about things like scalping Nazis and branding foreheads with swastikas.

I fell asleep attempting to watch this movie.

He is ponderous and stupid in every scene.

They become infamous to the Nazis, resorting to intense cruelty to the Germans.

The film shows off entertaining and quirky characters, which hasn't been found in his films since his 90's flicks.

This movie was just one long, boring conversational circle jerk interspersed with moments of over-the-top violence.

Tarantino is a fine story-teller and he is at his best in seemingly mundane scenes where tension builds, such as the scenes in the farm house and the tavern.

) but the film is so patchy and jerky you never get into any story, just long periods of tedious scenes and dialogue.

This was such a pointless and disappointing movie.

We enter a small French movie theater so full of Nazi officers and SS propaganda that it might as well be Hitler's disco.

That is most of the story revealed and makes for an entertaining as hell 2 ½ hours!

Tarantino, you're delving into dangerously unwatchable territory.

The plot that leads to the face-off in the movie theater is very intricate and does stretch our believability meter, but it is really engaging.

Good: Opening 20 minute scene was spectacular, the female lead Laurent was great, Christopher Waltz gives one of the best performances I've seen of the 2000s and really almost single handedly makes this movie a 10/10, the plot- I really liked the story how it all revolved around film and movies and how the plan involved the help of a famous movie star, as well as how Laurent's character was undercover and at the center of the plan, the supporting actors- the crazy guy who loves to kill Germans who the IB's recruit is a great character along with the Englishman who goes with him to pick up the movie star and all of the other major characters who had lines (except Pitt- I'll get to that in a second), the cinematography, the dialogue, the humor- wow, this was one funny movie, no doubt, and it was riveting and held your attention from start to finish despite being a dialogue driven movie.

A waste of time and talented actors.

In fact, it's deadly boring.

This characters are enjoyable and memorable.

Inglourious Basterds is both an entertaining and satirical movie.

The movie never reached the absurd heights of Kill Bill, but it was much more consistently entertaining than Death Proof.

Iam a big Tarantino fan loved kill bill and stuff but this one, come on this has to be the WORST movie he ever created.

His performance as the 'Jew hunter' is chilling and also intriguing to a point that you can't stop watching.

Tarantino is addicted to cleverness and cinematic novelty, and yes the potential was defiantly there but self-indulgent and excessiveness in mixed style may have cost him here.

For this most of the "unexpected scenes" didn't surprise me.

Many will criticize this movie, citing its historical inaccuracy, intense violence and peculiar staging.

But the rest of the film varies between maudlin, unbelievable (even on the terms of its own alternative history) and just plain boring.

For one thing, he is making a statement about the power of film and its propaganda qualities.

INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS is a romp that takes a bit of horrendous history and makes an entertaining film about it.

Christoph Waltz was fascinating as 'The Jew Hunter', his calm and somewhat friendly persona makes him so edgy giving you the feeling that he could do anything at any moment.

" The scene is long and drawn out.

Great dialogs, humorous situations, great acting, great music, catchy violence are the necessary ingredients of a Tarantino movie that make his films entertaining even though you might not like the story.

It's got its suspense from Christoph Waltz who keeps you on the edge of your seat when ever he talks.

Most Hollywood type movies encourage the dehumanization of whoever the current "enemy" is in tandem with the US Military's own propaganda for the troops.

A young Jew also tries to get revenge against the Nazi's as well for murdering her friends and family in the opening scene, which is as riveting as any cinematic experience you'll ever see.

When it is on its game, the action is fantastic and engaging.

Anyways, this really is a good and enjoyable film and I'd recommend it to anyone who's not frightened by sudden, intense moments.

Propaganda .

The lead actress is stunning and Brad Pitt's underbite and Italian accent - hilarious!

But after viewing Inglourious Basterds, my enthusiasm for the man hasn't lessened but came to a stunning, unexpected trip back to reality realizing like many other directors working in the medium, the man is not perfect.

Disappointing and overly self-indulgent .

This isn't a bad film, but it's a very self-indulgent one which is basically lots of scenes, some good, some bad, put together in a stunted non-linear narrative which doesn't even manage to sustain the paper-thin revenge plot.

But the movie on the whole was a empty bag of clichés.

A total waste of time.

Waltz is great, Pitt is hilarious, Roth is awesome, and the plot is ridiculous and yet super engaging.

The brutality is up to part with a lot of Quentin's work, the set pieces are impressive but in the end it just ended up boring me.

While the plot is non-linear like Tarantino's other films, it suffers from the fact that there is a lot of pointless material in the film.

I cannot believe this movie has scored anything beyond a 0.5. What a waste of time!

The finale was pretty good and made up for that somewhat, but when it was over I just felt a bit empty: this could have been so much better.

Quentin, save your money.

Its a worst movie i ve ever seen so simple as a result this movie inadvisable.

OK, entertaining is probably not the right word, more like fascination with a train wreck that you can't help watching as the train cars collide and smash into each other as you stand by helplessly.

For fans of the talented director, this one is a must, but for the average moviegoer, the snappy screenplay may not be fully appreciated in the overall context of an entertaining story that drips a bit too much blood.

I feel that people say that because they really want to like Tarantino, and simply sit through what some would call the boring parts, waiting for the comedy to come about (which it does in this film).

The dancing dialogue draws tension from the simplest of situations, but it can lend to a generally slower feeling earlier on.

Boring (and pointless) conversations accumulate totalizing 154' of wasted budget.

Filled with stylish anachronisms, references to other films, and arch homages to period propaganda, 'Inglourious Basterds,' like the other films in the Tarantino lexicon, is not for all tastes, and most definitely is not recommended for the timid or the squeamish.

Scene one was slow way to slow for me with this German officer, smooth as silk and sinister as well as charm personified.

You'll fall asleep before it's over I am positive.

And, the English speaking parts are also extremely boring.

The excellent script, compelling characters, and amazing direction create a fantastic film, one could call a masterpiece.

I think it is maybe the worst movie of all time.

When you make something welcome and inspiring, it is very difficult to interrupt this fascinating process in cold blood.

Til Schweiger gives a small but compelling performance as a German Nazi-killer as well and Daniel Bruhl as a German war hero is surprisingly human, again right up until the scripts rips the character away from him.

The only reason I think that "Inglourious Basterds" managed to be engaging in its current form is because people wanted the good guys to win, and hence stick to their seats to hope their desired finale happen.

He is self-indulgent.

Worst Movie Tarantino Ever Made .

And, even if their mission is noble, these American soldiers are depicted as cruel and violent, and we can think that it's the will of Tarantino to show in his movie that all people, especially at war, are capable of intense cruelty.

A lot like Christopher Nolan's writing, where it is complex, gripping, and has twist and turns, but Tarantino makes these concepts funny and witty, but for this movie, Tarantino also makes the movie subtly suspenseful from his writing.

I know it has everything to please the fans, it's entertaining, masterfully directed and edited, and features memorable characters portrayed by a big-star cast, and the whole film is carried by one of the greatest supporting and villainous performance of the last ten years.

I was able to overlook this obviously made up fact because I was completely immersed in the reality that the movie had created for me.

Inglourious Basterds is Quentin Tarantino's self-indulgent love letter to war movies —his version of a war drama, with history rewritten to avenge the guilty in ways that satisfy his pop-art cinephilia.

Apart from some solid performances, this is an overlong and self-indulgent experience for me.

This film is fun,well acted,has great dialogue and compelling characters.

The plot is clear and no one can argue with the motivation of the characters to accomplish their goal, but the approach to preventing this otherwise compelling mission is a little less than graceful; though it is an action-adventure movie, not a poetic painting, so grace is not a necessity.

Mike Myers has a pointless, one-scene cameo as a British officer.

The references to classic films are too many, too obvious and utterly pointless.

I really enjoyed this movie, it's violent and gory, but also emotional and suspenseful at times.

This may sound pretentious but given that we know QT can make outstanding memorable movies, is this elaborate joke a little over the top and a waste of time and resources?

My fingered hovered over the fast-forward button a few times; the dialog was long & overly drawn out, some scenes were totally unnecessary, it seemed QT was masturbating behind the camera trying to prove how mature & edgy he could be.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Michael Fassbender also delivered a brilliant performance as always, most notably in the famous " German accent" scene that was the only great thing in a boring, monotonous Chapter Four that made me feel, for the first time in a Tarantino movie, that the dialogue scenes overstayed their welcome.

Some big mistakes were that the table scenes and empty discussions were awful.

Shoshanna is the best character in the film, being the most three-dimensional and interesting, and her story arc in the film is the most compelling because of it, essentially being the brilliant female revenge story that Kill Bill should have been.

I even got bored sometimes, when I walked out of the cinema, I was disappointed.

My best guess is that the film's originality and uncompromising approach is refreshing to people bored of the same old Hollywood formulae.

The movie is so SLOW its just painful to watch it!

This film follows the typical Tarantino niche of style over substance, however the plot is still compelling and moving.

Not bad, had some pointless filler-time.

For example, in an opening scene, when a German officer speaks perfect French to a French farmer, then stops, says he has limited French-speaking abilities, and then speaks in English to the French farmer who also happens to speak English is pretty goofy,implausible and even boring.

That Diane Krueger has been promoting the stereotype of the boring, dull and flat German wood puppet with her outstanding "acting skills" doesn't help either.

The Second chapter was passable, but the third and forth are unnecessarily slow and dull.

It is bold, yet engaging method that allows the director to establish an anarchic spirit into the plot while injecting a slew of devilishly striking dialogue and humor that pushes the boundaries of comedic edginess.

Hans Landa, played by Christoph Waltz, is the most fascinating person in this film.

Nonsense Nazi propaganda again.

This movie is fun, chilling, exciting, sad, and, as far as character portrayals, realistic.

In the end it feels shallow and pointless.

As a whole Inglourious Basterds is a great entertaining film with an excellent script, great acting and directing, good cinematography and design.

Luckily, that subsides quickly so, despite the fact that there isn't an incredible amount of substance - though, more than in Tarantino's previous two attempts, 'Kill Bill (2003-2004)' and 'Death Proof (2007)', it is still an entertaining experience overall.

Despite being fairly talky in places, with the bulk of the dialogue spoken in either German or French (and subtitled in English), the film is a thoroughly absorbing experience, with not a boring moment in its entire 153 minutes.

In hindsight, it's just the sort of thing you'd expect from Quentin Tarantino, but the plot is totally unpredictable.

It's as if he were saying, "I'm so in command of the grammar of cinema that I I'll make this scene too long, contrived, clichéd, dull, etc., just to show I know the good and bad aspects of cinema.

I was on the edge of my seat from the very start.

It is violent, unrestrained, and thoroughly entertaining.

but in this movie, i got bored in some lines.

Overlong (aren't they all) with noxious characters, episodes both unbelievable and boring, right from the start.

But for the rest, well they just filled the gaps in some very long drawn out scenes that by the next scene you have try and remember what the hell is going on.

The Nazis' big "scheme" in this film is to show their propaganda movie.

But it's still a compelling film

There is a lot of subtitles that fly by so if you are a slow reader as I am, keep the DVD remote handy to pause it.

It's one hell of an enjoyable ride.

Brad Pitt's absurd voice aside, the only other character that was really enjoyable was Hugo Stiglitz.

It is actually bad enough that you were relieved when chapter three ends, only to have to sit through another slow chapter straight after.

Maybe there are a few places where the story lags but that is more than offset by scenes of unbearable tension.

Overall I'd certainly recommend this to fans of Tarantino's earlier films as well as people looking for a thrilling war movie.

Tongue-sticking out refs to cowboy movies, good bit actors but dopey big ones, great cinematography and mostly good editing but some BIG goofs, plodding plot.

I'm not sure how long the actual film runs, but even in my sped up version it was tedious as well as nauseating.

While the message is a little mixed, the movie itself is an enjoyable ride.

Laurent is another revelation and plays her part with stunning finesse plus and just like Waltz, her input is devoid of any faults.

That being said, sometimes he can get a bit self-indulgent, and that becomes clear during sequences of this film.

The second half is full of action and unexpected scenes.

This film is a pointless exercise and waste of time.

The movie ending is, of course, wholly fictional but entertaining nonetheless.

As the Nazi's watch and cheer their propaganda - the most evil audience conceivable - we sit and cheer our own film...

Misfiring, self indulgent latest addition to the Tarantino staple .

Just what the hell - - - I mean come on, the plot was predictable, and boring, characters were boring and the only thing I liked about this movie was Diana Kruger ( Not her acting, but her looks ) - - -This movie HAD potential.

It is a propaganda piece highlighting the heroics of a German soldiers who held out for four days against an American assault.

A good straight forward entertaining hypothetical drama set up in WWII.

Self indulgent and reliant on reputation .

They allow for ample character study, with the bizarre finding that some of the Nazi "dignitaries" exude a vibrant humanity (and I don't mean that the featured SS officer speaks four languages fluently), while some of the "good guys" remain flat and bland.

Watching this boring/repulsive film makes you feel as if you're witnessing an inside joke.

With Tarantino at the helm, you know there will be violence, but it will be couched in silly humor, usually involving banter about banal topics.

The opening scene, for example, is simultaneously understated and absorbing.

While his critics will find flaws in some scenes, only the most fastidious nit-picking for whatever reason could betray this thoroughly entertaining and thought provoking classic.

Little does anyone know however, that Shosanna has a stunning revenge plan of her own.

The film does have some mentionable qualities, that are enough to make it watchable and even quite enjoyable - as you would expect from Tarantino, it's fantastically professional in every aspect, especially cinematography and sound.

However, Inglorious Bastards was so enjoyable that I am willing to overlook the huge honking ridiculous plot hole of Shoshana running from the fields barefoot with nothing and magically coming to own a movie theater complete with an alias supported by forged documents, a movie theater that the movie needed her to own for the movie to work.

He's unpredictable at storytelling.

And that's what makes IB stimulating, engrossing, and lively.

Everyone hates nazis, but this movie makes no sense, totally a waste of time

Tarantinos effort to cross a war drama of old with his own unique style failed in my eyes by using Scalping and other various violence to make it entertaining.

She winds up hosting the premiere of a new Nazi propaganda film after a chance meeting with its star, Nazi war hero Frederick Zoller (Daniel Bruhl).

You see even I hated Quentin Tarantino for the lack of plot.

All in all this is great stylish fun and a fascinating picture to pick apart afterwards.

In the end you feel you are watching some sort of anti-Nazi propaganda movie.

He did such a great job with "Pulp Fiction" with funny, lively and surprising plot, colorful characters and with touch of bizarre that just made it so entertaining and memorable.

the last chapter, just boring, and stupid act by Hans landa.

"Inglourious Basterds" is a well-executed film, and although it has its share of criticism, Tarantino knows his craft well, because the film is thoroughly entertaining.

Intense Quality From Tarantino .

The rest of the movie just descends down a long and boring hill and putters to a stop.

Sadistic propaganda movie 70 years too late .

Indeed, we can quote Cristoph Waltz (who played the SS colonel Hans Landa, the Nazi who killed Shosanna's family) who manages brilliantly to give to his character all the depth which makes Landa an intelligent, sadistic, scary but fascinating character.

Tarantino has directed an intriguing film which can be viewed on many different levels with many great scenes and great acting.

I actually fell asleep the first two views.

Inglorious Basterds is an enjoyable if inconsistent ride .

It was just kind of boring.

I mean, it's one thing to see bad guys blow each other up, or to see good guys deal with the bad guys while having some heart about it; it's another thing to see what are supposed to be the "good guys" engaging in torture and mayhem, with our being asked to identify with it and cheer them on.

I give this film 1 out of 10 simply because I cant award 0 out of 10.. it is two and a half hours of trash, pointless, boring, full of excessive gratuitous violence of the worst kind, with cardboard cutouts for characters, a plot that is moronic, acting that is noticeable only by its absence, and lacking any redeeming features at all.

I can understand why it appeals to many; like a video game, it has its intriguing moments.

Whilst this dialogue is mainly entertaining, it's really the only time I feel Tarantino film may have been dragged on.

The film then fell into a long, tedious, slow,drawling and sometimes painful tale that didn't seem to want to end!

This has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Was it completely entertaining and outstanding for it's purpose, absolutely!

The plot twist is good and unexpected, one might say that is a ballsy move, and I liked it.

Number one is that some parts were way too long for their own good and it got boring.

The good news is that since Quintin Tarantino can write like no other, that makes the movie very entertaining.

While those unfamiliar with Tarantino's style are likely to find themselves bored to death and disgusted the gruesome acts of violence committed sporadically throughout the proceeding, others will be wildly engaged in the director's outstanding method of writing and sketching out the characters.

Great movie I enjoyed it a lot especially brad pitt performance was amazing

Eventually, the two stories intersect (unknown to those involved in either) and the end result is a fascinating piece of alternative history in which the entire Nazi leadership (Hitler, Goring, Bormann and Goebbels) are wiped out in a Paris cinema as they watch a German propaganda movie.

Tarantino tries too hard to give it a nice finishing touch but instead turns the plot bland.

In all other cases, it's a waste of time and fail.

The was the first time I remember falling asleep during a war movie.

The film is so stylish and gripping.

I enjoyed the film as I was lulled into thinking I knew what was going to happen and got it wrong a few times.

Ingloriously Boring .

I'm a slow reader and I got sick and tired of hitting PAUSE,PLAY,PAUSE, PLAY for well over half the darn movie.

The majority of the movie was a very dull and boring story about a girl who owns a theater which is going to host all the top Nazi brass for a premier.

From the opening scene introducing Christoph's Waltz's Hans Landa in a long conversation followed by a jarring massacre that sets one of the story lines in motion, this film journeys through a steady pace of interconnecting characters coming together to face down against the tyrannical ruler Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich, and is all exhibited a series of long stretches of conversations constructed with snappy Tarantino-style dialogue (most of which is spoken in German and French with English subtitles) punctuated with an unexpected burst o violence that leads to plenty of bloodletting and death.

Tarantino, more often than not, suckers audiences with pretentious, self-congratulatory nonsense.

Brad Pitt was deliciously entertaining and bad ass.

As a result, the pacing is very slow, I keep having to wait a long time for something to happen.

Gory, exciting, gross, disgusting?

Definitely worth the watch if you have the time, patience, and mind set.

This opening, although lifted from finer films, is the high point of the movie since behind Tarantino's drawn out style there is a tension dues to the viewer implicitly knowing that something bad is about to happen.

I think it's worth watching.

Looks like this is going to be a real long boring movie.

I found this movie entertaining, despite the lack of respect with history and with those that indeed fought in 1941 in France, with a caricatured and annoying Brad Pitt in the role of a ruthless military.

It also happens that the unprecedented influx of "independent filmmakers" of just a couple of decades ago has given us some of the worst movies of all time.

It is that boring.

Believing he could do no wrong, he proceeded to crank out one borderline unwatchable movie after another.

Yes it's true to say that the Fuhrer, his key henchmen and a large chunk of the ruling Nazi party probably wouldn't have all attended a small provincial theatre in an occupied land for a propaganda screening during wartime and certainly not with what amounted to just a handful of footsoldiers for protection and it's possibly fair to say that Shosanna's justification as to how she was now running that theatre may have been more deeply researched by the party sent out to scope the place out before the big day.

Tarantino deliverers a sublime movie, intense with a depth of plot that keeps you interested and glued to your seat.

Melanie Laurent is fascinating.

The film stays exciting throughout even though it is on the long side.

Christoph Waltz was the real treat here, he made me want to keep watching and it was just mind blowing how awesome he was (and is).

First thing first I don't find this movie a boring, tedious on contradict I find very interesting, gripping, compelling film as one can expect from QT.

Thankfully, he's never made a film resembling something hackneyed or trite; even his worst, "Death Proof" (which in turn was part of his double-feature project with Robert Rodriguez, "Grindhouse"), is so gleefully entertaining that calling it bad never seems to be an option.

'Inglourious Basterds' is an entertaining, original war film with high production values .

Throughout the film, we watch as Shosanna, played by Melanie Laurent, comprises a plan to take down the Nazi leadership when they view a Nazi propaganda film in a Parisian cinema which she operated.

How can the worst and most stupid character in a movie be played by Brad Pitt, engaging in his idiocy, and the best played by an erudite educated Nazi who is far more interesting than all the grotesque anti-Nazis?

I wonder why Pulp Fiction is rated higher when this is a lot enjoyable.

But my lord is it gripping, entertaining, and plain fun.

Much of that praise can be attributed to Waltz's performance as Lauda which is simply stunning and frightening.

To pick the most entertaining aspect of the film, it would have to be the story with the Basterds!


It's ludicrously self-indulgent nature is painful.

Both Pitt and Waltz do superb in their roles, bringing to life two stereotypical, yet seemingly fresh, characters that are more than compelling.

It's a memorable and incredibly entertaining film that knows it's style and isn't afraid to show it.

Inglorious was his worst movie since Kill Bill 2.

Now, having said that the whole story is fabricated and clearly preposterous, I have to add that it was riveting, highly creative, had carefully written and performed dialogue, and was deadly serious where it needed to be (SPOILER: the French milkman's shedding a tear when he was forced to give up Jewish people hiding under his floor boards to save his own family brought in the right amount of poignancy) and Mel Brooks-like in other spots.

I wanted to get on with it, and honestly found myself bored with 90% of this extended, dragged out movie.

There's no plot or character development, the story is poorly told and the pacing is slow and boring.

There are long tedious scenes with reams of dialogue that just take up time and go nowhere, unlike his earlier productions, where dialogue is original, razor-sharp, riveting, totally unpredictable, and powerful.

It's funny, thrilling,and action packed!!!.

Laying his story out in five riveting chapters, Tarantino manages to keep his densely populated tale clear.

The plot is very simple and boring.

Such a waste of talent, money and time.

Inglourious Basterds (2009)Cast : Brad Pitt, Melanie Laurent, Christoph Waltz, Daniel Brülh, Diane Kruger, Jackie Ido, Eli RothDirector : Quentin TarantinoReview : Quentin Tarantino brings another masterpiece to the big screen : Inglourious Basterds is an audacious and adrenaline-filled war movie.

Nevertheless, the play is the thing and few writer/directors could fashion such an entertaining if mean spirited film like Inglourious Basterds with bravura performances particularly by Christoph Waltz as a most charming and lethal Nazi.

It is good, I enjoyed it.

just be in for a long film, poor secondary actors (Bruhl & Myres) and pointless cut scenes involving a translator being screwed by a Nazi film director.

I watched the first hour or so and left out of boredom.

This is first movie in which the Jews ill treated the Nazis in the most entertaining way!!

Awesome, witty, violent, romantic visually evocative, a masterpiece.

Defiance, seemed more historically accurate than Inglorious Basterds, but both are well worth watching!

I feel like it was laziness by Tarantino which was unexpected.

Inglourious Basterds waste of time film and my money .

Pure waste of time .

Yes, the film is a little boring.

As long as you are not a transformers fan,in which instance you might find the relative lack of action tedious.

While I didn't want Shosanna to die, the film on the whole is good if a little slow in places.

That's the fascinating aspect about the movie: putting up 1st class actors against 2nd and 3rd rate: the result is "Inglorious Basterds".

It's filled with scenes that are pointless and add nothing to the plot, and many of the scenes that DO add to the movie are simply too long and glib for their own good.

I genuinely think it asks questions of the genre and moves in forward in a slightly satirical and highly enjoyable way.

The trilingual scenarios were interesting but quickly dragged.

Inglourious Basterds is a good show: entertaining, gripping and definitely not mindless.

THE BEST PART: The thrilling and dynamic opening scene, full of suspense in the classic Hitchcockian sense of the word.

The opening sequence at the farm house is suspenseful and starts things off well.

Running an epic-length 153 minutes, it may appear on the surface like "The Longest Day", but the director/writer takes inspiration from Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns, Robert Aldrich's "The Dirty Dozen", Hollywood wartime propaganda B-movies, and his own adrenaline-infused and blackly comic films ("Pulp Fiction", "Kill Bill") to tell an audacious "what-if…?

Unwatchable .

Inglorious Basterds is a pointless, boring and tasteless waste of time and money.

But then the movie diverges into Tarantino's awkward, adolescent cocaine-edged ultraviolent fantasy world of cartoonish characters, exaggerated theatrics, lack of plot and supposedly justified violence and I just couldn't keep watching.

Tarantino's script is yet again another masterpiece; witty, complexly structured and made up of a glorious blend of very long scenes and snappy one-liners.

Overall though, whilst the film wasn't Tarantino's best, it's certainly a film that was very entertaining and kept my interest the whole way through, so it's certainly worth watching, especially to witness the incredible acting from Waltz.

) rather than eating popcorn or slurping a drink these "long and boring" scenes work very well indeed.

but turned out to be boring and way too long .

Inglorious Basterds is a pointless, boring and tasteless waste of time and money.

The ironies involve what you could say is a "film-maker's guilt": that inevitably, like all of modern technology, much of the advances in film we rely on today were made under the auspices of war propaganda, and that ultimately war propaganda is about instant gratification and megalomaniacal pursuits.

What was great: Every single person who logged in here to complain about the "pointless" and "overlong" dialogue scenes has renounced, for all time, any right at all to criticize Tarantino's "taste" or timing or sense of the craft.

This lead me to Christoph Waltz whose character was so fascinating that you wouldn't wonder if he's acting which fine spaces of black and white.

Normally I don't watch movies more than once, but for some reason this one kept me thinking and I enjoyed it much more the second time.

Comparisons with earlier features such as 'The Dirty Dozen' are a waste of time.

It's definitely the most entertaining movie I've ever seen.

The last 15 minutes of the movie was also entertaining, but overall the movie was a waste of time.

The third chapter.. Boring.. A lot of talking, too much.. All German and french and you have to follow all these subtitles unless you know both languages already.

It's part homage to the 'Naziploitation' films of the 70's, but it also has a sense of realism (like it's a true story) that makes it even more intense.

A Very Well Made Dull Movie.....

I found this movie extremely frustrating because although it is well acted, suspenseful, clever, violent, funny and perfect in a lot of ways the editing (?

The pay-off between indigestible twist and entertainment is the biggest question in front of the director, in this movie, he succeeds in entertaining at the cost of reality.

On the whole this is a visual treat from an illustrious director who used his finesse to pen down and direct on of the most brutal and intense work of a less experimented genre.

Probably the best between Tarantino's latest works, while watching Inglorious Basterds boredom will never show.

There's no story, it's not funny, nobody is even trying to act.

The marginal intellect of the director's early work has diminished recently in favor all-out genre exploitation, and though both "Kill Bill" films are perfectly entertaining, they're undeniably shallow.

Completely unexpected .

Hans Landa(Christoph Waltz) she then makes to Paris where she inherits a cinema which is chosen to premiere a propaganda film where all the top Nazis are in attendance and Shosanna plans to burn down the place killing all the Nazis.

Bit fragmented but enjoyable .

Tasty with the first mouthful, but a little bland after the final swallow.

There are no plot twists except for the usual cohesion of his many chapters at the film's climax.

Drab .

The middle part was quite boring and some of the dialogs went on and on.

All effective films have quality characters and "Basterds" has several: The stunning Mélanie Laurent as Shosanna, the cinema proprietor who quietly seethes with retribution; Christoph Waltz as SS Col.

You could talk for hours about the first scene in the movie, such is the mastery with which its handle by QT, and such is the movie as a whole, with many memorable, and especially suspenseful scenes that would be the envy of Hitchcock.

I liked learning about what the characters were planning and it was pretty entertaining.

Still, with those wars under way this is the move that is offered to us as a paean to the rightness of the American and for that it is should be clearly labeled as propaganda.

And then there is Stolz der Nation, the faux German propaganda film-within-a-film we see in Basterds.

Apart from that, the film is well done, contains a good dose of suspense or thrilling expectations, and the editing as much as the shooting (what a word in this context) are realistic enough to make us believe we are in Paris or we are in history.

If it weren't for the nature of the opening, we would likely get bored at the lack of cohesive plot and drawn out scenes.

All the same, though, it's a slow, uppity mess of a film that is so far up itself it loses touch with what made it's directors films so great in the first place.

this movie is not only flat as day old soda, it is boring ...

Aside from the opening sequence for which Christopher walz should have gotten an Oscar, the rest of the movie is just unwatchable garbage.

BORING with a capital B .

Surprisingly entertaining if you can stand the gore, keeps you guessing .

A runaway Jew that has started a new life owning a cinema is chosen to host the premiere of Nation's Pride, a Nazi propaganda movie.

Predictable, pointless and puerile, that's all folks.

this movie is boring, too long and a pure waste of time, just watch the trailer and don't watch this awful garbage from creepy Tarantino.

By the end his characters actions and a really intense scene between Waltz and Pitt really sucked me in and did save the movie for me.

I do not consider myself a fan of Quentin Tarantino, namely because I find the constant overworked theme of revenge pointless and classless, not to mention the overkill of gore mundane.

Not only is it one of Tarantino's more original efforts to date, but it also one of his best films for a long time, a riveting tale of derring-do that features plenty of everything that made his first two movies such a success: great dialogue, wonderful performances (Christoph Waltz is brilliant, as is an almost unrecognisable Mike Myers), excellent pacing, impressive direction, explosive violence, fantastic use of music, and more than a few playful visual touches of the kind that only Quentin seems to be able to get away with.

It's quite a good story and gripping, enthralling all the way through.

Just as Saul fia is the best movie about the Holocaust that I've ever seen (it is terribly real, breathtaking and depressing), Inglourious Basterds is the great antidote to all the sadness, pain and anger that one feels when reading about the Holocaust and watching WWII movies.

As with all Tarantino films this is not a film for the faint of heart, but it is surprising how entertaining this sprawling story is in his hands.

The rest is pointless.

Very entertaining movie from start to finish.

The script makes no sense, mostly, and the little it does, it is completely boring.

There's a reason why the most intriguing character, SS Colonel Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz), pushes us to accept his humanity even as he commits various atrocities, which is to remind us that war is hell no matter who is on the receiving end.

The reason such propaganda and films in general are useful is because they are effective, effective because the film maker knows how to engage the audience, who are engaged because they relate so well they become immersed in the film to some extent.

The performances and writing are even more worthy of applause considering a great deal of the movie is spoken in another language, an element of war that other directors choose to ignore, but which Tarantino uses as a tool for suspenseful storytelling and sequences, fixing an issue which we didn't really know we had as an audience.

The middle aged man who wants to re-imagine movies from his favorite film genres bores me.

Part of me is happy that it was more complex than what I was expecting but the parts with the Basterds, especially Brad Pitt's character were so entertaining that another part of me wishes that it was the focus of the whole movie.

While it was fascinating in itself, they could have removed perhaps the short "game" they played, and a few minutes of pointless banter.

Well made with a brilliant Christoph Waltz but uneven and disjointed .

The movie was so incredibly boring I quit watching it after an hour or so.

Despite the silly and obviously unrealistic decision in the movie which was Aldo Raine and his two Italian's going into the cinema to complete the operation, which i thought really did let the film down as it didn't maintain the tension that flowed through the piece, however it did create some laughs with Aldo Raine saying "Bonjourno" and Quentin Tarantino certainly did claim back his spark with one of the most intense scenes in cinema history which was the burning of the cinema.

Instead you get a snooze fest.

In the end, I enjoyed it more for the acting performances.

This is obviously critics code for " Wait for this movie to appear on television because it's overlong , arrogantly self indulgent and often boring "

I think that this is one of the worst movies I ever see in my hole life.

This movie is seriously that boring and that bad.

The scene in the basement did something similar and was also enjoyable, with a strong performance from Fassbender.

This is just about the worst movie I've ever seen, not counting The Forty Year Old Virgin (which I did not finish).

The dialog is snappy, the comic timing is decent, and Christoph Waltz does a good job of being over the top without being over the top about it.

As we can see in this film, the man of his propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, accompany him in the viewing of the film.

QT has crafted a wonderfully entertaining tale that doesn't seek to aim for historical accuracy, or even political correctness for that matter.

I think that is why there are a number of 'sitting around the table' scenes that are are very long and tedious.

Unfortunately, this film is uninteresting, boring, highly stereotyped and has an environment that never harmonizes with the time and space portrayed, looking like a caricature more than a serious and credible film.

It is entertaining, and rather fun for an over 2 and a half hour long film!

Same for the other aspects of characterisation, that was formulaic and thin in nearly every case, especially the made-for-Pitt Aldo Raine and the other Basterds.

20 minutes of boring dialog followed by a 3 second shoot-out.

The first scene is the most exciting scene I have ever seen!

Many characters who have no effect on the story are killed off, some scenes go on for way too long & some of the protagonists are deeply unlikable.

Read that review and don't waste any more time on this movie.

I highly recommend it IF one understands the necessary violence of it.

The fact that these action sequences, no matter how small, occur so abruptly and unexpectedly, makes the sequences much more intense and interesting that any shoot-em-up could hope to make.

They were so long and boring and seemingly pointless.

" and the popularity of this film is revealing of a very sad reality where movies like "Saving Private Ryan" are considered as one of the greatest war films ever, and "Inglourious Basterds" praised as a masterpiece, even by Tarantino, in his pretentious closing lines … a movie I expected to like, and I ended up hating it with intensity.

suspenseful, with great dialogue, this is film-making at it's highest peak.

I was bored out of my skull during this movie.

Therefore this movie is well worth the watch and can be very satisfying for the sick at heart.


The writing is one of the many things in this movie that keeps it both fun and suspenseful .

It's because of these things that I feel that while Inglourious Basterds is a slight return to form for Tarantino, it's still dragged down by many of Tarantino's usual faults.

Riveting tension in the first long scene at the farmhouse.

Mélanie Laurent perfectly captures Shosanna's simmering resentment until her cathartic release during the explosive conclusion, while Diane Kruger cuts a somewhat more predictable figure as a Dietrich-like femme fatale actress in cahoots with Raine's battalion.

Whilst slightly entertaining you do get the feeling that it was just there to pad-out the film.

But the division between people who loved it and those who hated it is rather fascinating so I'll add my two cents.

He is a connoisseur of his own taste: a taste built on watching movies, absorbing heroes and living their stories.

This plan unexpectedly coincides with a similar plot hosted by German actress Bridget Von Hammersmark (played by Diane Kruger) and Shosanna Dreyfus (played by Melanie Laurent), an owner of a French movie theater, who has plans hosting a Nazi propaganda movie for the Nazi Party; which will allow her to burn down the theater to kill the party in revenge for the murder of her family at the hands of one of Hitler's sinister accomplices SS Colonel Hans Landa (played by Christoph Waltz) Quentin Tarantino is not a director who typically exercises realism, as demonstrated in his previous works.

The other performances were dull to me.

This film however is a little long but still enjoyable

The plot is clever, funny, vengeful, gritty, intense, violent, poetic, unforgettable and has one of the most cathartic endings on film.

I do see the appeal in watching some of the most evil people in recent history get a taste of their own medicine, but I also got bored of the unbelievably graphic scenes of slaughter.

Most of these stars go to Christoph Waltz, who plays a character who is both terrifying and entertaining.

It was a complete waste of talent, time and money.

The thing that many people disliked about Inglorious Basterds is the lack of suspense and thrilling sequences.

There are many characters that bounce off each other in each drawn out scenario that there is much to like and dislike about this partially true world war 2 story.

So what if he slightly fudged the facts of WWII, the movie was entertaining and that is kind of the point.

Plot is simple, acting is above average and dialog is pretty boring.

The bad: disgusting and unnecessary violence, undefined characters - Brad Pitt being the lead in this category, twisted historical account - I mean REALLY twisted, if you saw the movie you know what I mean, long, boring scenes, unrealistic scenes - to only name one: Hitler and the top-5 SS brass come to see a movie in occupied territory accompanied of only 2 guards!

Now,I'm not sure if Tarantino is either clueless(or somewhat of a nihilist) or that he really has an absurd agenda,but either way,his latest movies are pointless.

Tarentino's WORST Movie Ever .

Fantastic Movie - Exciting with twisted comedy .

Don't waste your time .

Here, you are just immersed.

There were aspects of it that were very entertaining...

This film is extremely intense and full of suspense and humor as well as a lot of satire and a great original score.

The long dialogs between characters were boring and did nothing to advance the plot.

For one thing, he is making a statement about the power of film and its propaganda qualities.

Certain scenes become long and winded, many of them overstaying their welcome, and consistently thriving on repetitive, uninteresting chatter that obscures the purpose and the enjoyment one anticipates walking in.

Very enjoyable was also Christoph Waltz' acting.

Why watch a movie from a director you don't like, complain about violence, long drawn out dialogue scenes and unorthodox story- telling of a controversial historical topic?

Nevertheless, this is a wildly entertaining ride.

This movie is also very exciting because all the actors shine together, from lieutenant Aldo Raine, wonderfully played by B.

This leads me to my next negative point, which is simply that the movie is too long.

It was the most entertaining film I have seen for years and certainly his best since Pulp Fiction - and possible his best.

There was a long scene in a bar and again, it had a good ending to the scene but the events leading up to it dragged on and on.

But, it should then occur to the viewer that the movie we have just watched, Inglorious Basterds, is itself just one of these pointless, war-mongering films with all of the above listed elements.

"Inglorious Basterds" worth watching only for some fanatics who believe the "american" version of the history.

To begin, this movie sets the cliché and tired notion that Jews=automatically good guys, and all "Nadzees"=automatically evil non-humans who deserve whatever comes to them.

It's empty macabre fun, it's the cinematic equivalent of binge drinking.

The clever dialog that made "Pulp Fiction" and the "Kill Bill" saga so enjoyable is well on display here.

On my second time I figured it out and enjoyed it, and now on the third viewing I got to truly appreciate the film.

My butt fell asleep it took the movie that long to get over with.

I've always been a big fan of Tarantino films, and this was certainly a good addition to his line-up of entertaining films, even though it wasn't his best.

It was annoying, it was boring, it was not at all entertaining.

OMG I just watched the worst movie in the history.

However, Tarnantino still manages to deliver some very thrilling and tension filled scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat.

I would advocate watching this movie on double speed if you are prone to boredom during prolonged scenes as I am.

What A Bore .

There is a scene in the movie where the German high command is watching a propaganda movie and enjoying it thoroughly.

This movie serves as propaganda to justify the inhumane treatment of, and genocide of, the Germans - by dehumanizing them like any effective hate propaganda does to those it deems the "enemy".

Just like Roth's own Hostel, we find ourselves forced to question why we find the violence so entertaining.

Fast paced and action packed Inglorious Basterds sets the standards for "no guts no glory.

" Raine and his men work with actress Bridget von Hammersmark, played by Diane Kruger to get a seat in the cinema for the propaganda film showing, in order to be in the position to execute their plan.

The story is that during their occupation of France, the Nazis premiere a propaganda film at a theater to celebrate their achievements.

My main reason for this review is just to point out how silly some people can be with their reviews and scoring, the first page of reviews I looked at was 80% negative 1 outta 10 type stuff, I even read that it's "the worst movie in a long time" and "I walked out half way through"...

The premiere of Goebbels' latest propaganda piece in Nazi-occupied Paris presents them with an opportunity of taking out the Nazi high command and crippling the German war effort.

This isn't meant to be some look at the morality of brutal executions, it's supposed to make brutal executions entertaining, something which Tarantino is usually good at.

Ultimately, it's pretty self-indulgent, adolescent nonsense that fails to illuminate the human condition (not that Tarantino's known for that anyway), and is unlikely to be regarded as anything more than that in the future.

In the end the US was on the winning side, which allows Tarantino to show his ridiculous outcome for the war, which no matter how far from the truth it is, is entertaining nonetheless.

How Exciting !!.

Brilliant,uncompromising,intense .

Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt) leads this scalp hunting, head splitting, band of brothers across France, frustrating a comic styled Hitler and narcissistic Josef Goebbels as The Fuehrer and his Propaganda minister prepare to launch a major cinematic misinformation program in a small French village theater.

Like Tarantino's other great movies ("Pulp Fiction," "Django Unchained" and "Jackie Brown"), "Basterds" pulsates with confidence, style, quirkiness and a sense of the unexpected from beginning to end, the perfect antidote to the idiotic "blockbuster" syndrome that plagues modern cinema with its predictability and overKILL action & CGI, etc. Most movies seem like they're in a rush and shy away from extended dialogues because they fear losing the viewer's limited attention whereas Tarantino makes them a highlight because it's an area where he excels.

And another subplot involves a German film critic named Lieutenant Archie Hicox (Michael Fassbender), who will become involved with a secret operation to bomb the premiere of the Nazi propaganda film the German sniper is a part of.

The "basterds" get their best opportunity to inflict maximum damage when Goebbels agrees to premiere one of his Nazi propaganda films in a theater in occupied France, a premiere at which just about anyone who's anyone among the German high command - including Der Fuhrer himself - will be in attendance.

Most of the dialogue-heavy 'someone's going to be found out' scenes are at least led by a delightfully bonkers Christoph Waltz,An OK effort, 30mins too long and still manages a rather pointless (if loud) denouement.

Kind of boring showing the same crap again and again, Jews Victims, the brutality of the Nazis and all.

He shows up a lot in the beginning speaking back and forth from English, French, and German, but his conversations are just boring.

It's the old "Select-team-penetrates-Nazi-headquarters-in- disguise-and-wipes-the-enemy-out" cliché.

This is not only Tarentino's worst movie ever, it is also one of the all-time worst movies.

Incredible Zionist propaganda.

As ever with Tarantino's work this movie is exciting, beautifully constructed, extremely stylish, violent and controversial, and features several remarkable performances.

The plot is just plain silly and pointless, and could have been so much stronger and interesting.

"My honor - loyalty" - a motto of this fast-moving and breathtaking film.

He was a FASCINATING character.

"Inglourious Basterds" is a film of extended, often rich and engrossing dialogue, juxtaposed with the requisite deplorable violence.

Boring, boring, boring.

Really enjoyable movie which I liked just as much the second time around.

For example, the scene's involving Shosanna and Fredrick, you can feel her disgust for the Nazi's as a whole by the intense dramatic acting that she portrayed.

The Director, in his own words, riveting his best masterpiece.

Otherwise find something better to do and save your money.

How fun is it to watch a movie and find a unique, suspenseful, intelligent, and violent shoot-em up?

Don't waste your time.

However, the expectation of many scenes being subtitled wasn't set in the trailer, and some people might find their unexpected and frequent occurrence annoying or exhausting in a two-and-a-half-hour movie.

The film is dull, inert, and lifeless.

And worse; it's just an hour longer that needs be, which makes it even more ridiculously boring.

Problem is: It is intensely boring.

The pacing was slow in some areas which made the 153 minutes drag from time to time.

It was tedious, boring and dull.

Whilst the film was entertaining, I felt there were some major flaws here.

seals, faithfully honking their applause for a steady degeneration from one of the world's most exciting directors into the washed-up hack he is quickly becoming.

Within the film is the premier of the Nazi propaganda movie, which is a parody of the genre 'Inglourious Basterds' is operating within.

The whole things feels overlong, self-indulgent and even quite petulant(e.

But again, as far as I am concerned, the "naturalism" of multiple languages worked for me and even added to the gravitational pull of a compelling plot.

It's an intriguing, interesting, highly fictional story, with tension throughout, especially in the beginning scene where Colonel Landa (Christoph Waltz) questions a French farmer (Denis Menochet) about hiding a Jewish family.

The film is very suspenseful, dark and just pure genius.

This really is a self indulgent film for Quentin Tarantino, which can be for the better or worse.

Fredrick gets Joseph Goebbels, head of German Propaganda to move the premiere to Emmanuelle's smaller theater.

I cant believe the majority of the movie consists of mind numbing, pointless, extended dialog......

What I saw instead was shallow, indulgent and pretentious.

That's true up to a point, but I see Basterds as being just as much, if not more, about the power of film to do evil, specifically in the form of propaganda.

I highly recommend it.

He's so stupid that he then pulls a gun (outnumbered 3-1) and the scene turns into a pointless bloodbath.

It's just got that contagious and exciting aura and movie magic that only very few pictures manage to generate.

All in all, this a great and thoroughly enjoyable movie that I would recommend to anyone, except the illiterate.

The film was far too long for the weak payoff at the end.

Is this the worst movie ever?

Tarantino sticks to his guns though and IB is again a movie made solely on his terms, the long drawn out scenes (many of them boring), considerable use of subtitles - even a bizarre section with a voice-over by Samuel L.

his films are damn entertaining.

This really could have been a good movie,,great actors.. but its like Tarantino just gets bored with a good script and starts to think of ways to throw in a head crushing, scalping, or testicles getting shot off.

The plot has intriguing twists to it, and the overall craftsmanship of the movie is solid, so yes, this movie has managed to engage me for two and a half hours.

This is easily one of the worst movies of 2009.

Long dialogue in the many thrilling scenes will leave you on the edge of your seat.

At over two and a half hours long, I was not bored even for a second, thanks to the engaging plot and trademark Tarantino dialogue.

If you like to watch some good acting and entertaining movie i strongly recommend you that DON'T MISS IT!

The script is not as brilliant as Kill Bill, and reminded me more of Reservoir Dogs in its tone and style, but the film is truly entertaining, thrilling and captivating sometimes, obscure and pointless some others.

The most fascinating thing about this directors work is how he presents dialogue.

Why would Quentin want to waste his time making another Pulp Fiction when he could make something new, fresh, daring and just as enjoyable?

Portraying the character with unexpected charisma and humanity, Waltz goes against the grimness of a mindless Jew Hunter in favor of a more satirical portrayal of a morally despicable, and his performance shines like gold.

Confusing and frightening .

I knew of his particular use of music, his snappy dialog, and general film-making style.

The casting, like in all Tarantino movies, is breathtaking.

This movie started well with an intriguing first scene involving some very competent acting, cinematography & scene setting.

When the Basterds' secret rendezvous with turncoat German actress Bridget von Hammersmark goes awry, they learn that the Nazis will be staging the French premiere of "The Nation's Pride," a rousing propaganda film based on the exploits of German hero Fredrick Zoller, at a modest theater owned by Jewish cinephile Shoshanna Dreyfus, posing as a Gentile after the brutal murder of her family by the ruthless Col.

worst movie .

In a nutshell, this film is very fun,well acted,has a few great,lovable and complex characters,amazing dialogue and an intriguing story full of twists.

There are a few points where you think the Basterds might get out okay, either way, Tarantino has you on the edge, waiting for the release of what happens for as long as you can stand it.

Overall, not as good as Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs (though nothing is) or either Kill Bill, but very entertaining and certainly worth watching.

It started a little slow, and when I saw that it was broken into 'chapters' my heart sank as I wondered how long the film was.

As well as the ever-flowing comedic moments, Basterds offers some heart- stoppingly tense moments of suspense constructed around the unpredictability of the smooth-talking, subtly aggressive and intense Nazi officers.

Inglourious Basterds is one of the rare movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat the first scene.

Worth watching.

This movie delivers laughter and it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

All his following products shows his obsession with prolonged oh-I'm-so-postmodernist, so deadly dull dialogue.

I can tell he loves putting a lot of pointless, long, and boring conversations into his movies.

Another problem was the confusing and controversial aspect of the film.

It is funny and suspenseful, charming and insane.

The opening chapter at the farmhouse is way too long, the conversation between the two men is boring and there's little tension.

With the exceptional talents of special guest star Rod Taylor (Dark of the Sun; signature theme included) Til Schweiger and Martin Wuttke who plays Hitler, in addition with a screen full of dramatic, sometimes brutal action, this movie proves both entertaining and with the 'Tiger tank theme' becomes morbidly exciting.

Too long, too dull, nothing new .

I got bored and stopped watching it, so perhaps it gets good after the boringness of the first...

Now she sees opportunity for revenge, which results in a rousing climax.

I understand that WW2 German cinema & Russian propaganda was focused towards 'sniperism', and other details also appeared to ring true.

What I believe to be the message was trite.

And no, those actors are not suitable for "the trashy approach", they're just plain tiresome.

offensive, propaganda and rewriting history .

The story line is ridiculous, the script is poorly written and makes little sense, the dialogue is achingly boring and pointless, the performances collectively are as wooden as Pinocchio's nuts.

There are many questions left unanswered about her character, and that's exactly what makes her character so compelling.

Half the people at this table are utterly uninteresting and the other half are obnoxious assholes.

Even though this was a very entertaining movie, before I watched it I thought it was unlike Quentin Tarantino to make a WWII period piece.

Zoller is attracted to Shosanna and in an attempt to impress her, he convinces Joseph Goebbels to hold the showing of a Nazi Propaganda film about Zoller's actions during the war and also starring Zoller at her theater.

That makes 'identity confusion' an important theme of the movie (remember the game they play in the French Tavern-basement).

The truth is "Inglourious Basterds" is about the premiere of Nazi propaganda film in a theater owned and operated by a Jewish woman whose family was executed at the hands of the Third Reich and a particularly charming "Jew Hunter" portrayed perfectly by German actor Christoph Waltz.