Inside Man (2006) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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A police detective, a bank robber, and a high-power broker enter high-stakes negotiations after the criminal's brilliant heist spirals into a hostage situation.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Spike Lee
Stars: Denzel Washington, Clive Owen
Length: 129 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 113 out of 694 found boring (16.28%)

One-line Reviews (662)

In a genre filled with copycats and atypical holdup flicks, this one pays homage to some of the classic heist films, such as 'Dog Day Afternoon,' resulting in a cool, captivating, and engaging thrill ride.

an entertaining heist flick .

Needless to say i found this film dull, boring and thoroughly tedious.

Aside from several fast-forwards in time (which are confusing at first) and a let's-just-say sequence (visualized for us) wherein the police discuss storming the building, this is a twisty, marvelously absorbing cops-and-crooks thriller with fantastic characters.

The first 15 mins set of at awesome speed, then it almost grinds to a halt, the story is dragged out and the film is VERY confusing, leaving things unexplained, and having very inappropriate funny scenes.

As the film progresses Spike Lee brilliantly keeps the viewer immersed in his seat as the web is spun tighter and tighter stifling the bank owner's futile attempts from escaping from his past.

"Inside Man" is witty, smart and suspenseful, with great acting all over the place.

Clive Owen is solid, more then able to hold up intervals that may have lulled under lessor directors.

I found the story to be simple and formulaic written.

Boring Boring Boring .

Though having its moments, the movie started off looking like a fast thriller which quickly grounded to a slow crawl, jumped quickly between highs and lows, and only barely picked up steam again near the last 20 minutes.

There may be the occasional clever or quirky touch, but the inevitable racial component to the story (a particularly memorable scene recalls a bank clerk putting up a huge argument after his turban is removed by the police) is so predictable and out of place it simply raises a groan.

Both performances were good and in effect saved the film from being a waste of money.

The reason for this bank heist became so preposterous as it unfolded that the movie eventually just became boring.

Savvy and suspenseful heist flick.

It's very hard to follow, complicated, and at some parts, highly funny.

So energetic and truly stunning!

There's some clever plot devices; the foreshadowing, though a bit confusing, adds energy, and builds anticipation .

The dialog is gratuitously laced with 4 letters words, dull and implausible.

Denzel is always great, but had many predictable lines.

It is a strong and compelling portrayal of the heist genre, and demonstrates the true vivids efforts by director Spike Lee.

I found this film to be very enjoyable.

He waits for their demands and eventually they receive the cliché demand of buses to the airport and a fuelled jet...

Spike Lee does a fantastic job here with wonderful camera work, really good angles giving the film a great atmosphere, using good settings and keeping the film at a very engrossing pace.

Its wonderfully slick, very engrossing and kept in perspective by Spike Lee's marvellous direction.

But more to the film here: Denzel was good, Clive Owen was bland (purposefully), Jodie Foster was her usual charismatic self and Chiwetel Ejiofor was and is proving to be quite a force to be reckoned with.

There were plenty of twists and turns and while some of them were predictable, others weren't and so the suspense was still there.

The film can be confusing as the audience, like the film characters, are trying to piece together what is going on.

Lee photographs these stunning examples of Beautiful Black Men so lovingly and at such an angle it gives one pause and truly takes the breath away.

There were a few clever bits, and some hard to fathom, and some just plain hard to follow.

Caper film with a very exciting storyline and surprising ending .

But the trouble is the excitement generated by the setup and the interplay between members of the cop hierarchy (including Willem Dafoe and Chiwetel Ejiofor), and the usual phone calls and negotiational gambits and challenges, goes into that slow fizzle-out once it's clear the robber is just stalling.

As the story unfolds, each turn becomes more unpredictable.

Jodie Fosters performance as the expressionless, emotionless private investigator (if thats what you want to call her), left me feeling a little empty and her role in the film could've been completely removed without anyone noticing.

When the drawn-out movie was not belaboring dense details that did not add up to anything larger, it was veering into thin, superficial subplots -- ones that were either boring or far-fetched and sensationalistic -- with even more superficial characters, dialogue, and interactions.

But hey, it was entertaining other than having probably the most annoying and inexplicable soundtrack.

Intriguing .

In rapid (and confusing) fashion, he contacts Madeline White (Jodi Foster, FLIGHTPLAN ), a woman who has contacts in high places and can usually get whatever a client wants.

Even though the story differs a lot, the style, the smoothness and the brilliant Hollywood style make them (both) worth watching.

Inside ManThe sense of urgency is kept alive throughout the course of the feature that helps the audience reach to the climax swiftly which may come off as a bit poignant, hoax and unsatisfactory too (for some viewers) but it surely is undeniably entertaining.

Its suspenseful and thrilling.

This is where the pace of the movie slows down, and also until it's entertaining.

Overall, a pretty enjoyable film, and a good step forward for Lee.

The ending, which usually is when they fill you in on the ingenuity of the plan, is incredibly boring.

Spike Lee is a polarizing figure to some but you have to give him credit for making quite a few movies that were important, riveting, and entertaining.

Denzel delivered a compelling performance.

Weakly directed and predictable .

Anyone but Clive Owen as the bank robber would have satisfied, because he still sounds like a bored photocopier with one eye on the clock for the pubs opening and is altogether incapable of projecting any charisma or screen-presence in Inside Man.

Just viewed the DVD at home, alone, tonight and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it as I had been "warned" it was confusing and hard to follow....

Either it will prove entertainingly clever, or it will fall flat either by telescoping plot twists or being utterly predictable.

Denzel Washington,Clive Owen and Jodie Foster star in this intense and explosive crime thriller entitled,Inside Man.

The twists in this movie are simply unpredictable and the movie script is intelligently written.

Very entertaining .

Making the most of its worn out and familiar theme,the end result is a satisfying and entertaining watch.

Very entertaining .

" Clive Owen is fascinating as the cool and cerebral mastermind.

Watching shots of police putting up their 'tape' barriers - Boring Dialog with the cop regarding a gun in his face - Why?

Sometimes slow, sometimes fun, sometimes just watching/hearing Clive Owen work, all the time trying to figure out just what is going on...

save your money .

The social themes are important ( real issues about all layers of society, which is often very confronting ), like all Spike Lee joints, and besides that the movie is stacked with exciting scenes, twists, delicious humor, great performances ( Denzel Washington & Willem Dafoe did a great job )and a dazzling score from Terence Blanchard ( impressive orchestral music with Eastern accents, comparable with the "25th hour" score ).

It's expert, it's fun, it's engrossing.

Thrilling scenes and quite long stretches that'll push you to the edge of sleep.

I'm confused how so many people can call this movie "unpredictable.

To try and pick up the sagging middle, Detective Frazier challenges Russell, and, for a minute, adrenaline starts to resuscitate the character-driven storyline.

The story is very surprising and very entertaining.

It's thrilling but a bit slow.

Although she is needed as a link to key elements of the story line between robber and detective, she lacks the compelling aspect of a character that makes people sit up and watch a film.

Washington looks cool in a baggy suit and snappy fedora.

we were watching every scene in this entertaining flick .

Entertaining to the max and so many twists, you won't know what hit you.

unlike a few here I find this movie, inept, the plot line had way too many loose ends and was entirely predictable.

Mr Spike Lee never disappoints perhaps because he isn't in the business of making masterpieces, films to be put high up in the history of cinema; jet he will certainly be remember for the guy that made so many good, real, solid, well directed, recognizably personal, entertaining, moving, engaging films and wasn't rightfully appreciated by the Hollywood establishment.

Ho Hum .

Intelligent bank robbery gets a little boring at the end .

Spike also benefited with the stellar cast that includes Jodie Foster, who looked stunning by the way, and veteran actor Christopher Plummer.

The script is just impeccable although the intensity flags a little in the last 15 minutes, after the robbery (but the truth is that this part of the movie is incredibly thrilling).

Keeps You on the Edge of Your Seat .

) to the satisfying ending, this is a most entertaining and engrossing movie.

It's a refreshing movie that gets your adrenaline racing and continues the potential, Aided by a top-notch cast including Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, and Jodie Foster, Inside Man is a witty, cat-and-mouse thriller loaded with charisma and nuance.

The characters were amazing, great written and the ad-libs from the two actors, Denzel Washington and Chiwetel Ejiofor was entertaining and funny to listen to.

You could nitpick here and there but ultimately it was a very entertaining movie that was well worth the time and money.

"Inside Man" still remains an intriguing picture with some good performances.

The Inside Man is boring, unbelievable, and there was no plot in the movie.

But after the heist takes on a pleasantly unexpected turn, the writer and Lee don't really go to any pains to hide from us the ugly details of someone's past.

) All of them are fascinating, thanks in large part to the fact they are all outstanding actors to begin with.

What waste of talent and money.

The audience is already in the know a couple of minutes into the picture, so it's rather pointless to put your hero, or in this case, anti-hero, in any danger throughout the rest of the picture.

I thought The Inside Man was a sure fire enjoyable film.

Mr. Owen has not impressed me with most of his previous work (perhaps with the exception of "The Closer"), but his complex character and the way he fleshed him out was fascinating to me.

so slow moving and boring movie even tough it has a great plot and cast .

It has compelling story telling and superb acting.

And it's certainly worth watching.

A twisting and thrilling heist movie with brains to match, "Inside Man" could well be a contender for the most under-rated movie since "Road To Perdition".

Entertaining Movie .

In fact a lot of what he does works as the film is definitely unpredictable.

The Chief Rabbi of Britain wrote about the "instrumentality of the Holocaust" and how it is so often used as an shortcut to add a frisson of real evil to otherwise mundane situations.

smart, gripping thriller .

But it really didn't matter that much, as the material given was riveting enough, and therefore making each moment they share, more treasured.

Spike Lee has undeniably succeeded in turning a seemingly typical crime film into something much more intriguing.

Very engrossing, well-made film.

An extremely entertaining heist flick .

I enjoyed it a lot, and I hope you do too.

The plot thread involving Plummer is predictable and nonsensical.

Leave it to Lee to capitalize on Jodie Foster's inherently chilly intellect and subvert it to make the patronizing White a curiously ambiguous and utterly fascinating figure.

A boring rehash of Marathon Man .

The intricate story line about a heist inspired by historical atrocities is fascinating, while Denzel Washington and Clive Owen's charismatic performances shine.

A very entertaining and unpredictable movie that you should see.

Pretty formulaic, but sharp and engrossing.

Most importantly though i think the storyline was really watertight and was'nt at all predictable which is usually the downfall of a lot of films nowadays.

The final twist is quite original and intriguing, though logic is stretched a bit to make it work.

As for the main actor, Clive Owen, his character is so boring I almost fell asleep...

Different "interests" for an account of the bank set an uninteresting premise where the script just doesn't go anywhere.

The ending is a little too drawn out, as it tries to wrap up story arcs that could have been left loose and still given the film a satisfying conclusion.

Apart from that the movie is entertaining and well played

Terribly disjointed plot.

I got done with the USA Network broadcast, popped out the disk, and fell asleep.

Boring .

A great film by Spike Lee well worth watching!

The end of the hostage taking is so predictable that you can go to the toilet for fifteen minutes and after that things will be just like you predicted.

Fast moving but heavy on characterisation, thrilling and suspenseful but playful and clever, socially aware but seldom preachy and always with a wry undercurrent of brilliantly unexpected humour, all in all this film kicks ass!

Eventually, everybody becomes entangled in a complex web with unpredictable consequences...

"Inside Man" is intentionally bizarre, progressively confusing the viewers more and more until the final fifteen minutes in which all of the peculiarities are wrapped up into one cohesive (and humorous) whole.

The interrogation with the hostages after their release interspersed throughout the movie are quite engaging as we wait expectantly for someone to give a clue to the identity of the robbers.

He is in a cell of sorts, and and as soon as you feel that the narrative is predictable, along comes a twist and a turn.

Inside Man is exciting and interesting in all the right times and places, and the best part is that it keeps you guessing until the very end.

This is an excellent Hiest flick, that's really entertaining and quite powerful, with a top notch story and amazing performances, and I say it's a must see for everyone!.

This film in essence was predictable, boring and implausible.

Needless to say, Denzel's Detective Keith Frazier is a snore despite the actor's every effort to bring him to life.

Stereotypes and cliché plot lines in abundance.

Overall, it was worth watching.

But a few offensive jokes/products/themes, phoned-in performances, and predictable characters keep it from being necessary viewing.

The worst of it was the plot, which was plodding and tiresome.

Entertaining overall, but slow in the middle .

Well made and entertaining .

Otherwise, I enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to any casual movie-watcher,

Entertaining Heist .

I give it a 6 because of the actors and because the movie in most parts is entertaining.

Also, the end dragged interminably.

Not only was it suspenseful, well thought out and fascinating - it was also quite witty.

boring .

I am sure that event payed itself with interest just from the cliché movies that came out of it.

It's also half an hour longer than it ought to be, and with little action to recommend it it frequently veers towards boring.

The movie then takes off with a compelling heist at a bank in lower Manhattan.

Inside man was very engaging and interesting.

Regardless of the flaws, however, this is still a movie well worth watching and gripping till the end.

There was a lot of pointless foul language, like the scene between Foster and the mayor of NYC.

Inside Man is smart and compelling heist thriller, though it has a few flaws.

A star studded cast spins a riveting web of intrigue, financial manipulation, greed and political manoeuvring.

This is a movie that I think is going to appeal to anyone who likes caper movies, and it's very authentic and suspenseful entertainment.

This is a very entertaining action movie, based on a "perfect" bank robbery, with nice performance by Denzel Washington in leading role and nothing less impressive Clive Owen and Jodie Foster in supporting roles.

The scenes were sooo slow, and it's not like it had to be, because there was nothing to think about in between.

But how can a solved riddle be entertaining, that shortly after having learned what it was all about?

This is a very entertaining and clever thriller that just might require a second viewing, just to make sure that I caught everything.

The script was weak and pointless....

The plot was incomprehensible and boring.

While her part is potentially fascinating, she does not really get the chance to do anything with it other than look cool and act tough.

Truly, Inside Man is one of the most unpredictable films I've ever seen and what's more, nothing is what it seems.

The storyline (up to where I saw) was slow, boring and uninventive and I knew I wouldn't be able to stay away.

Very engaging and entertaining .

To me the movie found the perfect balance between realism and fantasy to be thrilling and plausible at the same time.

With "Inside Man", their fourth collaboration together, you get the satisfaction of both Denzel's solid acting and a genuinely exciting, well told and well acted thriller.

Therefore, Dalton's mundane request for a bus and plane are taken with suspicion of stalling by Frazier, who realizes Dalton is too wily to be pulling your average Dog Day heist.

He makes this more entertaining than smart,and apt.

The story went nowhere, the characters were hollow to say the least and the result was a very boring, pointless, waste of a film.

It can never be as good as Dog Day Afternoon, but Inside Man is an enjoyable crime film, albeit nothing special.

This is a Good Heist Movie with a Stellar Cast and Keeps You Mostly on the Edge of Your Seat, Until it Doesn't.

Cheesy Film, Cheesy Music, Predictable Plot, Ending Sucked .

Waste of time...

Spike Lee has crafted a very compelling and clever heist thriller, Denzel Washington and Clive Owen are the main leads, and they both deliver top notch performances.

"Inside Man" is a routine bank heist movie that's been made more interesting by the inclusion of a succession of entertaining twists, a collection of colourful characters and a surprising motive for the crime.

I sound clinical, but really, this is a good film, definitely worth watching.

This makes for an intriguing plot that keeps you guessing.

This confusing and emotionally manipulative drama follows what appears to be a bank robbery that turns into a hostage situation except that the hostages don't seem to be the #1 priority of anyone outside this bank.

Thoroughly Entertaining 9 / 10.

The film is certainly no classic nor does it try to be, but it is utterly intriguing.

Wretched trite garbage.

a boring 2 hour extension of lee's manhood (clearly) 6.

What fails mostly with Inside Man is the confusing storyline Spike Lee throws at us.

All this is exciting because it's done with quick cuttings and an agile camera.

But for now it can just stay as being an entertaining heist flick....

It's better than the formulaic caper films that are the rage, and features some of Lee's trademark shots, like when he puts an actor on a dolly to create non-walking walking movement.

It was full of mysteries, and that's the reason why the movie kept me intriguing, just until the end, when the truth comes out.

Nothing truly great or groundbreaking going on with the film, but it's a safe bet if you want an enjoyable film, and I especially enjoyed the performances of all 6 leads.

Another great actor Willem Dafoe goes to complete waste as the seemingly bored Captain John Darius.

Inside Man zooms in between this hostage situation and the NYPD hostage negotiator Keith Frazer (Denzel Washington), rendering Inside Man into an enjoyable and well-paced heist thriller.

Garbage propaganda to create sympathy and reinforcing bogus notions and stereotypes, enough is enough .

There is no element of surprise, no twist, no tension and unfortunately no connection with any of the characters, apart from Owen who is engaging enough.

Jodie Foster's role was arbitrary and pointless.

I found the interplay between White and Case entertaining.

According to the movie, Dalton wanted to leave undetected so he obviously didn't plan on Frazier being there.

How about: worthless, stupid, dumb, pointless, silly, convoluted, wasteful, mindless, stupifying, clueless, beyond boring, ignorant, implausible, corrupt, sophomoric.

A banal script gives the high quality roster of actors precious little room for manoeuvre and the direction is painfully slow.


However, with twits and turns as well as an enjoyable approach, the film holds up as a piece of entertainment; holding your attention close to throughout.

Stylish and intriguing .

I felt it really dragged in the middle.

One of the enjoyable aspects is to try and figure out the motives of each of the characters which may help in solving the "riddle".

Tense and very entertaining .

Settle down in your couch and prepare yourself for an engaging thriller....

Still, it's fun for the most part and even though it loses a lot of momentum at the end it's still reasonably entertaining.


There is a little gem at the end but as I walked out of the theater I was thinking, "Was that it?

All in all, a very entertaining, good movie!

Overall, it is an entertaining bank heist film.

This is an excellent Heist flick, that's really entertaining and quite powerful, with a top notch story and amazing performances!.

This is easily the most entertaining film I've seen so far this year, just passing both V for Vendetta and Thank You for Smoking by a hair.

I'd say that it's a shame, but, for what it is (an instantly entertaining bid dollar film whose only real creative touch is a small storytelling device), it's about as good as they come.

Still, the journey to achieve this finale is a great one and is certainly more entertaining than the typical bank heist thrillers.

It was predictable from the beginning.

This heist film has plenty of smarts and elements that make up for a tense, compelling thriller with brooding suspense.

At times the sweeping camera shots get on your nerves, but when you get into the film, the exciting and interesting plot helps you to forget all about it!

Following this interesting commence, the movie will set with a boring brain fight between the chief police and the principal robber.

" "Right behind me with my pants around my ankles, but it's a start") and Owen is brilliant as the cunning thief, despite a less convincing American accent than the one he adopted in Sin City, because he's got the best material to work on: we don't care about his motive, partly since it's pretty clear he's not after the money, but we keep watching nonetheless, because his methods are fascinating.

This Bank Heist Is Surprisingly Entertaining .

The worst movie: I want my money and time back .

Spike Lee's Inside Man is an exciting thrillers with non-stop action and suspense.

I am surprised that Inside Man did earn such a great gross amount at the US Box Office because it's a predictable and slow paced story.

Go see it guys, it's worth watching.

The first two thirds or so of the movie are fantastic, with the entire bank robbery very gripping and suspenseful.

But from the moment where the character of the president (and owner) of the stormed bank begins to define itself in terms of his past guilty actions, the story becomes banal and ends in a very uninteresting and meaningless way.

It is worth watching.

He does manage to get a few of his idiotic signatures into the film: the shot of the dim bulb future brother in law passed out and gripping a 40 of "tha bomb" malt liquor with the bomb fin cap in place, and a scene in which a central character takes a bumpy ride toward the camera on a wheeled platform with a constipated look on his face.

intelligent and entertaining.

In this film, it means Washington manages to make his rather drab character interesting.

A Pleasingly Unpredictable Thriller .

What started out as an intense action film began to spiral into completely and utter non sensical story.

It kept me on the edge of my seat and had me guessing until the ending.

I also found Terence Blanchard's musical score very riveting.

The mysteries are compelling for awhile but it gets tiresome.

I admire her work but this is tedious and trite in the extreme.

Spike Lee has taken what appears to have been your everyday suspenseful thriller and made it into one of the best films of the year thus far.

I anticipated a suspenseful thriller.

This is not because I didn't understand it, it's because nothing happened for an hour and a half...

I liked the way that part was pulled off and the creative and suspenseful conclusion.

Therefore, one would expect the director to have something clever up his sleeve, something genuinely different or shocking, a reason why he would accept a project so seemingly mundane and ordinary.

All in all its worth to see this movie, even its sometimes to slow and a little boring.

In Jan De Bont's 1994 action extravaganza "Speed," he pitted Keanu Reeves and a busload of ethnic/social/economic stereotypes against a mad bomber (Dennis Hopper); it was a taut, intense, and breezily implausible ride that didn't leave the viewer pondering much afterward.

Clive Owen plays the robber, who sets the tone of the movie upfront with the stunning starting scene.

Instead of self-righteous persona his movie character came over a lot more human and believable, and proved to be entertaining.

The cutting back and forth between the standoff and the later interviews with the hostages is interesting, and makes for a more compelling story.

Flawed but entertaining thriller .

While the ending was a bit unsatisfying, the rest of the film was enjoyable.

The scenes were well crafted and the 'look' of the film was quite intense.

I was constantly trying to decipher Dalton Russell's twisted motives and I found it to be shockingly intriguing to watch Detective Keith Frazier trying to outwit him.

The movie is entertaining and fun to watch.

It was a waste of screen time for Jodie Foster in this one.

Probably the most unpredictable thriller to come out of Hollywood in a long time.

Lovingly shot and engrossing, with fine performances from Owen, Washington and Foster .

This movie is a total waste of time and money, both for me having seen it and Hollywood having produced it.

Few words: A very good movie, the end is very unexpected.

The device of the interviews as jumps forward is interesting but unfortunately it tells the audience too much and spoils some of the later action by making it too predictable.

I'd watch it again, for its engaging politicking story, and for that opening credit sequence.

So in the end, if you like Spike Lee's efforts to be mainstream, and you don't care if they quite work, this is an entertaining film.

Dull, dull , dull!

For instance some of the racial banter and pretentious movie homages ("ever seen Dog-Day-Afternoons") throw-ins were out of place.

Still entertaining though and brings a good return to form for Director Spike Lee in one of his better 21st century films.

Spike Lee's direction is slick and compelling (although some people do not like the jarring camera movements at times), so it is nice "eye candy" as well.

Leaving his "pro black, con white" message in his past, Lee has made an entertaining heist film that makes you side with the bad guy just because he is cool.

Clive Owen as the gang leader is a paragon of tranquility throughout, but he has evidently been told to keep his eyes wide open and never blink, a tired cliché.

Excellent and absorbing .

But I found him far more entertaining as a Klingon...

Spike Lee's Inside Man is certainly intense and energetic in its early stages; when the gang enter the bank and take their hostages the film has a high level of tension and intensity - the elaborate lengths that they go to in order to stay one step ahead of the police are also quite clever.

A great and exciting film with all the actors perfectly suited for their roles and excellently complimenting each other perfectly right to the exciting revelations at the end!!

), and what you have is an enjoyable, if somewhat flawed, crime drama that packs enough star power and delivers enough action to make it worth seeing.

This is a highly compelling and very different take on the genre.

Overall, a thoroughly engaging and enjoyable film!

This movie is too predictable .

Why was one of the hostages dragged to another room and beaten up behind closed doors?

Hope someone else enjoyed it more than me.

Another pointless role.

It has action packed moments with a little added humor every now and then.

It was very confusing somewhat, determining just who were the so called bad guys, and who were the good guys.

The most intriguing component here is Jody Foster's character.

Although certain aspects of it didn't coalesce, the parallel storyline that dealt with what exactly was being stolen did bring up some intriguing, if out of place, subject matter that fits far better with most of Lee's resume than the remainder of the film.

This is no standard good-versus-evil melodrama, as Gewirtz and Lee give both characters a lot of intriguing texture which make them fascinating adversaries in an unlikely search for a common bond.

On the whole I found the film quite enjoyable.

This film was so rife with pitiful cliché's, implausible scenes, and lousy characterizations, that maybe even he couldn't have made much of it.

Ignore the 15-rating, though - the language is strong and frequent but assuming these things don't matter to you, I would happily recommend this utterly absorbing movie.

In the end I thought it was worth the slow pace and lightweight violence that dragged it down midway.

A heist-film that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the word go.

This is Spike Lee for the most restless of crowds: big name actors like Denzel Washington; Clive Owen; Jodie Foster and Willem Dafoe; sequences drawn out in suspense and intrigue as hostages threaten to out smart their captors and enough fast cuts and scenes of fast talking dialogue that furthers the plot and makes the film the fun ride it is.

It was about 2 hours long but after the opening 15 minutes I was bored.

Compelling, Quality Film-making (CAUTION- spoiler within) .

Films that try to be intelligent and fail usually receive low ratings from me, but this one manages to claw some points back because it is entertaining, and the central bank robbery plot line is intricately handled with care and panache.

The plot itself is so contrived and silly that you don't care about any of the characters.

However, I do have one, little objection, maybe the movie is progressing too slow, although that could be intensional, so that the audience could understand it, due to it's complex, but truly fascinating story.

From horrible acting, to horrible dialogue, to confusing by confusing scene.

Director Spike Lee has ventured outside of his familiar and crafted a very interesting and entertaining bank heist/perfect crime caper.

Even the sound design reinforces the realistically gripping experience.

The rushed attempt toward the end to tie together plot threads, finally create some dramatic momentum, and belatedly manufacture heroics was confusing, contrived, unrealistic, out-of-place, and ineffective.

Academy Award winner Denzel Washington, Academy Award nominee Clive Owen and Academy Award winner Jodie Foster star in this intense and explosive crime thriller.

It is nice to see, that it is possible to make an entertaining movie without a huge body count and gallons of blood.

Complete waste of talent, time, money .

Moving on to the plot - it really became confusing when I started to think about it.

But, Lee could have stayed more consistent and suspenseful.

"Inside Man" was a really good, solid, entertaining movie.

I was already tired from my day and I thought that it would keep my attention but it helped me nearly to fall asleep and my wife too.

" Here, hooking up with long-time collaborator Denzel Washington (who gives a cracker-jack performance as a slick hostage negotiator), Lee gives us his first flick of pure entertainment, and it's the kind of twisty, thrilling lark you would normally get from a latter day Hitchcock or a David Mamet at the top of his game.

The rest of the movie was entertaining, and the "bad guys"'s plot was very clever.

First Time I've Fell Asleep In a Cinema .

Snore party zzzzz .

When an unexpected guest arrives, Madaline White, Frazier begins to believe that there is more to this heist then just the money.

A movie nearly perfect with thrilling twists and portraying a new dimension to criminal psychology.

An Entertaining Lark .

The movie just drags way too long in the end and when you finally reach the conclusion it isn't baffling at all.

Exciting thriller with an unexpected ending .

It clumsily moves back and forth in time in an attempt to be edgy but winds up being confusing instead.

It was very unpredictable which in my opinion is awesome and made the movie more exciting.

The heist wasn't clever, it was confusing because we as the audience knew even less about what was going on than the people involved.

Poor Defoe, who can carry a movie all by himself, gets only a cliché role and a quick exchange with Washington.

Other then that though this movie is an exciting heist movie.

His character is pointless.

With a big buttered popcorn and an ice-cold pop, you will spent two very entertaining hours.

Movies tend to be predictable.

But the script stretches it's smartness and the film becomes dull because of it.

The story is unpredictable and original, and I actually admired the cinematography, the editing and Spike Lee's innovative direction.

Generally this is a film where nothing happens and it takes a long time for that to not happen.

Anyway, it's a pretty engaging and well-directed piece of work, it just ultimately leaves a lot to be desired.

One of the most entertaining films I've seen in a while.....

Effective crime caper is crafty, suspenseful, and well-acted, with diverse characterizations and the added bonus of a script that throws out unique twists at just the right moments.

Never exhilarating , yet constantly engrossing .

It's often quite gripping, and Denzel added some great humor to the film as well, plus while I thought the scene where Clive Owen makes everybody undress to there underwear quite shocking and somewhat powerful, it was a little unnecessary.

BOTTOM LINE: Falls short of credibility, otherwise Inside Man is pumping, thrilling & food for thought.

Very enjoyable fluff.

The result is a formulaic hostage film played out to perfection, with just enough twist and turns that everything feels fresh, exciting, and intense.

Washington's performance is sensational, giving the audience a character that is interesting as well as entertaining.

Don't waste your time seeing it.

The director uses too many clues to hint to you that things are not what they seem, eventually making the predictable twist even weaker than expected.

One Big Waste of Time .

The only problem is that some scenes are really dull and that you just don't care about them.

I thought using Owen, Dafoe, and Foster for these roles was a waste of money.

It was promoted as a straight-forward, slick-as-can-be bank heist movie in the trailers (and it is that) but it also ranges over themes that are much more serious and very unexpected.

They are always amongst the most entertaining and stylish type of film you will ever see.

The scene is riveting and exciting, the first thirty minutes or so of Inside Man is the initial takeover of the bank, and Clive Owen does a marvelous job at playing a menacing bank robbery that clearly means business; so don't mess with him, just do exactly what he tells you to and you won't get hurt.

Overall Inside Man is an exceptional movie and is definitely worth watching.

In my humble opinion, it was boring to watch him do the same thing.

It parodies all the senseless violence we are usually subjected to and predictable plots.

I thought the movie was entertaining...

This is not one of Spike Lee's best efforts, but it was entertaining.

The film runs just a little over two hours long, yet it does seem to run about fifteen or twenty minutes longer than it probably should, but it seemed to keep me in the dark and on the edge of my seat for so much of the film just wondering what in the hell was REALLY going on that I can't deny the fact that I was pretty entertained.

It was entertaining and suspenseful and Denzel and Clive Owen were absolutely superb.

Clive Owen nailed every single part of his role in this movie, from when portrays the intelligent Dalton who is very precise and calm, to the parts where Dalton gets a bit short tempered and snappy.

Despite a few cliché' actions and threats between Detectives "Man" pulls off the ultimate heist, convincing the audience this is real.

The story is gripping from start to finish, the acting top notch and Spike Lee's direction is a pleasure to watch.

Its no were near a perfect movie.. i got board at times, its also a little confusing.

Spike Lee did well to convey a thrilling drama and at the same time inject some comedy in there as well.

An amazingly unpredictable crime thriller .

Owing a lot to Dog Day Afternoon (which is a good thing--that's one of my all time favourite films), this bank robbery gone bad is gripping and will leave you guessing right until the last frame.

Jodie Foster rises to a challenging persona with aplomb and ease, and my only complaint of the entire exercise is that her character's name 'Madeline White' is perhaps a little cliché.

The story could have been so much better, but it looks like at the end, the last 30 minutes, they were bored with making the movie so they quickly made a foolish end.

Much of this is due to first-time screen writer, Russell Gewirtz, and the unexpected twist in the film's climax.

The end of the hostage taking is so predictable that you could be blind and figure it out just by listening to Gewirtz, and finding out that things will be just like you predicted.

Director Spike Lee gears up sheer suspense, a powerful plot, and a compelling, though slightly flawed screenplay by Russell Gewirtz of a bank robbery gone wrong in this heist thriller starring the stellar cast of frequent Spike Lee collaborator Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, Chiwetel Eijiofor, and Jodie Foster.

Overall, I enjoyed watching this movie, but at the end, I had en empty feeling and was disappointed about the mistakes they made in the storyline.

My wife asked me how the movie could be released with such trite, canned music.

I find it fascinating and intriguing that Christopher Plummer's character bears an uncanny resemblance to the grandfather of the person currently occupying the White House.

So, Spike Lee may not be Christopher Nolan, and Inside Man certainly isn't Memento, but it is undoubtedly one of the most compelling films of 2006.

Just when you think you might have a handle on what is going on, it throws you another curveball to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The first problem is the inane modern day use of "mixing time frames" which not only doesn't fit here, but is stupid, because it is contrived.

With the emphasis on slowly-rising tension and very little action as the mast plan of the criminals becomes clear, Inside Man is a gripping tale of how to rob a bank – almost playing as an instruction manual for would-be armed robbers.

Although this Spike Lee Joint has more plot holes than a piece of Swiss Cheese, it's a pretty entertaining ride.

A completely decent, often entertaining crime thriller...

Well I was pleasantly surprised at the story with it's unexpected surprises.

Go see it people, it's worth watching .

He uses Steadycam to show us that Owen is firmly in control, while Denzel scenes are filmed with hand-held cam to indicate confusion.

His skill as a director in use of camera angles, dual cameras, motion shots, cutaways, and spacing of time kept the film intriguing and suspenseful in what was a dull bank setting.

Russell Gewirtz's intriguing script is brought to life by superb performances.

It's good to see filmmaker Spike Lee come back to form with this highly entertaining popcorn movie that transcends the tense hostage crisis portrayed with a clever plot of psychological gamesmanship and duplicity.

Undeniably there is still good quality acting from the 2 time Oscar winner as expected, and when accompanied with an all-star cast including the likes of Clive Owen, Jodie Foster, Willem Dafoe and the then up-and- coming Chiwetel Ejiofo, it is still an enjoyable film.

The high quality cast does a great job of making "Inside Man" a riveting thriller with Denzel Washington and Clive Owen both outstanding in their roles.

You think you know where it's going, you even guess some of the twists, but like any devoted student of film history Spike manages to send the viewer down a few blind alleys, a few dead ends, and some ultimately rewarding unexpected detours.

Washington knows how to turn fifteen minutes of dialog into an exciting scene, which was necessary for this movie.

The acting is stunning and will definitely leave you feeling like you have watched Academy Award performances from all.

Just a bit too Slow .

Outside the bank, Detective Frazier (Denzel Washington) battles his own cocktail of confusing cultural diversity, white power and racial discrimination.

The plus side of the movie is that Clive Owen and the bank robbers are highly enjoyable to watch.

Apart of the engaging thrills that movies of this genre usually offer,what I liked most about Inside Man was its humor.

Spike Lee always amazes me with his talent to take a typical movie situation and turn it into something fresh and exciting.

INSIDE MAN is a convoluted and confusing crime drama that offers way too many questions and not enough answers.

It was really a self-indulgent movie that went absolutely nowhere.

To me the movie dragged, I was hoping more would happened, and when the ending came, I was dumbfounded.

Similarly, the excellent Willem Dafoe is given absolutely nothing to do as a police captain, and it seems such a waste to give such a talented actor such a mundane and devoid of personality role.

An exciting movie without your typical ending..great acting .


What an exciting movie.

And after a dull start, where the movie seems to introduce way too many side characters, the movie gets going.

It gets boring after the fifth or sixth plot "surprise.

It's cool, funny, entertaining and does exactly what it says on the tin.

This movie was a huge waste of time and I should've went home rather than watching it.

Inside Man is a completely original and engrossing Heist film filled with tension and an air of mystery that won't let up to the very end.

It's an interesting failure and, by all means, a rather entertaining one.

That fact bored me while watching.

Fresh, intriguing, thoughtful and I am really close to giving it a ten.

Oh, and Samantha Ivers' gobby bank customer is entirely entertaining in her interview midway through the film.

It has a lot of fun moments and exciting plot turns.

simply boring .

Subtle camera tricks give the movie a surreal quality and snappy dialogue kept it interesting.

All the other characters, as well as his partner, felt pointless and weren't interesting.

But I found "CHAOS" more enjoyable because it was fast paced kinda like the silly film "Swordfish.

It's a shocking reveal and the jolt is quite enjoyable.

The pace of which spike makes this movie is exhausting and boring.

Very Entertaining Heist Film .

It's entertaining; it's smart; and while it's not truly believable, it's plausible enough that audiences can be gripped by the plot and dragged along its often surprising twists and turns.

I strongly recommend this film to all of those looking for an exciting little flick with a good story and great acting.

It's a very thrilling movie with some intense action sequences and some scenes that are just plain brilliant.

Nonetheless, it's still a gripping, highly entertaining thriller.

This film is fast paced thriller, with full of twists around.

I'm only giving it 5 out of 10 for the suspenseful setup and good performances by a stellar cast.

A very engrossing movie, and it is by Spike Lee!!.

Super boring, script sucks.

Smart, exciting, well-acted, funny caper movie .

Washington's Frazier is an intense but laconic individual, who has a permanent smirk on his face but who reads the bank robbers intentions better than anybody else, while Owen is charismatic and fascinating as the mastermind behind the bank robbery.

Watching him match wits with Dalton Russell (played "to a T" by the perfectly-cast Clive Owen), at every turn kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end.

She is quite compelling as White, a Machiavellian fixer with seemingly no humanity inside herself whatsoever.

That said, the movie is very entertaining.

But rookie writer Russell Gewirtz, writes one of the more intense and mindful thrillers of late, and is a welcome throwback to some of Sidney Lumet's movies like "Serpico" and "Dog Day Afternoon.

What a waste of money,time,film, popcorn etc. Avoid like the plague.

As for Foster, she's an intriguing presence, although the audience could have benefited from a little more insight on a woman so manipulative she's called "a magnificent c*nt" by the mayor of New York.

Instead we get hype and an adolescently helmed film that was a waste of my time.

Nonetheless, this is Inside Man: confusing, uneventful, and not half as important as it would like to be.

Quite simply, it was just a plodding movie with a slog of a soundtrack.

I know it's going to sound very redundant, but this is an entertaining heist flick.

it's brilliant, tight, funny, articulate, intense, and high time the academy gives Spike Lee some respect.

For my money this is Lee's most entertaining film and though there was an annoying repetitive reference to an Hispanic police officer who mostly was a disembodied voice through much of the movie, I probably wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't had the subtitles for the hearing impaired on.

Excellent movie - highly entertaining .

Inside Man takes its bloody time to get to the end where everything is revealed, and all the secrets revealed are just dull.

Excellent Heist flick, that's really entertaining and quite powerful, with a top notch story and amazing performances!

The film is an entertaining adventure that contains Lee's patented look at the race relations issue at a subdued level.

This movie is somewhat hard to follow and I still haven't figured out what line of work Jodie Foster's character is in.

The negotiation process turns out to be a ball of confusion.

Inside Man starts off with intriguing narration by Russell: "My name is Dalton Russell.

From start to finish it kept me going on an unpredictable ride.

I can only assume, from their sappy lovelorn reviews, that their adoration of Spike Lee has blinded them to the banality of this piece of work.

You knew it a mile away because that is the only smart way to end this dragged out mess of things.

It's a waist to indulge such great actors in such a weak and boring movie.

Highly recommended movie for a fun, thrilling, experience that will engage your senses and your mind.

Visually it's stunning, and best of all it has good dialog, a great cast, and a good story.

Clive Owen as the mastermind,executes an intelligent scheme is both exciting and thrilling although with a twisted finale.

This is only my third Spike Lee movie (the others being DO THE RIGHT THING [1989] and MALCOLM X [1992]), but I'd say that it's his most atypical film to date - a very enjoyable and smartly-written thriller which, thankfully, does not take itself too seriously and besides features a good cast in fine form (Denzel Washington and Jodie Foster, the latter cast against type, are particularly impressive).

This movie is really long and boring.

The Jodie Foster and Denzel Washington thread is a bit too far fetched and too long (I would even say boring and forgettable), that is why I give an 8 instead of a 10 right away.

While it was action packed, we were lost with the ending and disappointed in the overall movie.

This dazzling bank-heist thriller is so witty and unpredictable, which makes it unforgettable!

For a start I didn't like the pacing of the film, starting off with mastermind Clive Owen's raison d'etre piece to camera, unnecessarily repeated at the conclusion, then finding the narrative peppered with confusing, not to say unreal-seeming witness interviews, then finding yourself jumped into scenes you sense had begun earlier.

Quite Enjoyable .

Our loss, perhaps, since he really does know how make a flick engaging.

It's quite mainstream, but mainstream in a highly entertaining way, with excellent performances all around.

Amongst the thieves, stunning Kim Director, a cross between Liv Tyler and a Robinsons-May mannequin (her fifth outing with Lee, second with Washington).

It teases in the beginning, with potential for being a smart film, but when the banker and Jodie Foster characters come in, it degenerates into a wannabe 'film' that just falls into mediocrity at best, and - honestly - is just a waste of time.

Either way, was this whole perplexing affair meant to leave me in a state of utter confusion?

well, it makes one long for the summer of '94, when "Speed" delivered entertaining action, sans a political agenda.

Inventiveness and cliché.

Entertaining movie; well worth a watch; .

The acting here is just fine and for a long time the story is rather intriguing, but it becomes more and more dull as we wait along with the negotiator.


I haven't seen all of his films, but out of the few I have, the tension slow builds throughout and finally bursts in the conclusion.

Frazier is newly promoted and somewhat immersed in a corruption scandal.

He mixes in post-hostage footage with actual hostage footage, and soon it becomes confusing which is which and what came first.

In a fascinating character turn Denzel Washington plays Det.

All in all this movie has enough going for it to make it enjoyable viewing.

This one is worth watching despite my critique.

Of course, I had no doubts that I would enjoy this movie since I'm a big fan of Denzel, and I wouldn't have any problem staying awake after 2:00am to enjoy a movie which will end at 4:30am.

so quiet, meticulous and intense.

But instead of making Inside Man anticlimactic, it makes the film that all the more fascinating and complex.

just another vehicle for disseminating propaganda.

Intriguing Mystery That Always Keeps You Guessing .

Writing: 10/10A plot with twists, a story with turns, cool dialog and often times frightening suspense keep you entertaining and wondering what will come out from around the corner.

Thrilling stuff - not.

This is an extremely well-crafted, suspenseful, and surprising motion picture.

This movie is a crowd-pleasing blend of intrigue,tense,action packed and fast movement .

It's a convincing and exciting picture of Manhattan in full flow.

Spike Lee does a formulaic movie?

But small itches aside, this is darn entertaining stuff, a film that can raise the pulse and hold you in suspense, whilst also demanding you engage the brain as well.

As the story unfolds the confusion surrounding this bank robbery surmounts, and Frazier begins to see the ingenious strategy by Dalton Russel (Clive Owen).

Hopefully this will give enough insight into the movie to help others decide whether to waste their money or not!.

As I said, it is a very enjoyable suspenseful story when you watch if for the first time.

Otherwise, Inside Man delivers what was expected as an entertaining crime mystery heist film.

With all this star power, I must say I expected a bit more, but as thrillers go, Inside Man kept me on the edge.

It to me was the only reason why this movie still was a good- and entertaining enough movie to watch, for the story and its character left me cold mostly.

Conclusion: very average bank robery movie, with a rather boring beginning, and a tired old twist, reminiscent of the 60 movies.

In fact, this is a terrific film to see in a packed theater, as I had the chance to have, as there are more than a few really funny moments interspersed with the more thrilling cat & mouse scenes.

it didn't have to go at 100mph like a Die Hard film, but it just moved a bit too slow I thought and just dragged on a wee bit.

Long before the film finally dragged to an end and revealed the secret of the heist, I had stopped caring.

Enjoyable, though minor .

He makes a stunning acting performance in this movie.

Otherwise its pointless.

Every zinger zings, and there are laughs too, laughs at merciful intervals to break the tension and remind an audience on the edges of its seats that movie-going's supposed to be entertaining, dammit.

Amidst intense negotiation between the two, power broker Madeline White (Jodie Foster) enters the picture proving herself to be a better negotiator than Fraizer.

If you are willing to ignore its length which I personally felt was a little bit long(2 hours and 7 minutes),the film remains engaging,witty and entertaining throughout.

While the movie is entertaining I am sick of the misery of Jews being exploited for the political purposes that "The Holocuast industry" that Hollywood is a big part of serves, i.


But other than that small detail the rest of the movie is suspenseful, or at least it keeps you attentive as you keep wondering what will happen.

I found Spike Lee's latest attempt at an intellectual action film campy, poorly delivered and put together, and completely utterly confusing.

This is the only Spike Lee movie I've ever seen, but trust me, I'll see more, since this was a very intriguing film.

It starts very fast, gets you right into the action and stays thrilling all the time.

Spike Lee's boring and out of date racist drone of the white guys always being the bad guys and the black guys always being the good guys is getting real old.

No more story to it than that, just a completely pointless, bare addition to the story, as if the writers created it at the last minute by inserting four or five extra lines of dialogue here and there.

it's an intense and well thought out film by Spike Lee(probably one of his best.

Inside Man is a complex, entertaining and very well-acted heist flick, easily the best I've seen since Ocean's Eleven, and it's certainly been one of the most enjoyable rides of 2006 so far.

He is an unexpected formidable foil to Foster's cold razor-like Madeline and Clive Owen's dangerous and edgy Dalton.

The only thing that stopped this from being a total waste of time was Denzel and Clive.

This movie however was quite enjoyable and had in my opinion a good performance from his side.

Whilst it is plot driven - and that, extremely convoluted and fast-moving, with flash-backs, flash-forwards and cutaway scenes - performances from the 'bums on seats' brigade (Washington, Owen, Foster, Plummer, Dafoe etc.) range from good to excellent.

The first half hour or so is pretty intense and interesting as we watch these four robbers force all the hostages to dress up exactly like them for a crucial reason later in the story.

Dangerous propaganda which has yielded special victim groups tremendous power and influence at the cost of many lives and most importantly the truth.

I've always thought of Spike Lee's movies as having a boring music score during scenes.

I obviously highly recommend INSIDE MAN, an upbeat, exciting and always surprising night at the movies.

The bad news is that it's badly paced, badly edited and as a result the story ends up dragging on a little and becoming a little boring.

Given the word/line minimum, I need to be a bit creative in describing this utter waste of time.

Gripping Tale Of Corporate & Political Games ♦ 80% .

Nothing happens, and at no point in the movie do you believe anything is going to happen.

As a hostage movie I found The Negotiator with Sam Jackson far more entertaining and the start of Swordfish with Hugh Jackman far more exciting (the worlds largest walking claymore mines).

What a dull, illogical and boring movie this was.

It's a much more enjoyable film to watch going in not knowing very much about it.

It is full of twists and turns and more than anything else - an unexpected and a little bit real result.

I enjoyed it immensely myself.

If you are bored and have nothing better to do, then I would suggest you still NOT watch this movie.

the plot gets even more confusing.

Denzel gives an entertaining performance as the alpha male of the police, serving as detective and negotiator for the violent group.

I was gripped from the entrancing opening shots of the city, to the intriguing and satisfying conclusion.

Despite their talents, Willem Dafoe and Christopher Plummer were able to add nothing, with stiff performances in empty roles.

I suppose that the creative team felt so clever and daring, to keep the entire audience asking what was going on, since that was part of the plot, that the robbers made a confusing situation to rob the bank.

Absorbing and beautifully shot, "Inside Man" shows a film-maker of real class at work.

Most of the movie was enjoyable, with an absorbing story line and enough mystery.

Willem Dafoe is the put upon police captain in charge of the whole goddamn mess, Peter Kybart is the very put upon mayor of New York dragged in to proceedings, Christopher Plummer is the very rich owner of the bank with a very guilty secret buried there (he is also fairly put upon) and Jody Foster is, quite frankly, the horrendous bitch employed by Plummer to keep his secret safe.

First of all, it is horribly predictable.

With things like Phone Booth, we were never allowed to step back and thus it worked; however here it tries to do other things (to its credit) but these produce an irregular pace, inconsistent tone and tend to take away from the central, gripping action without putting in more than they take out.

The movie keeps you wondering (something Hollywood seems to have forgotten makes a movie enjoyable) what's really going on.

It's been a long time since there's been a truly enjoyable clever movie.

Fourth, it is boring.

It reminds me a lot of Dog Day Afternoon but keeps it unique, fresh and unpredictable with a script that is both clever and great.

That is what makes this movie very enjoyable.

But even if you can't put it all together before all is revealed at the end, the final denouement is a stunning twist that makes most other heist movies seem more like mere cops and robbers B-movies.

Moralizing aside, this is a smart, well-acted and entertaining film that is thoroughly enjoyable and well worth a look.

The action is intense when it needs to be, and demands your attention to keep up with key elements.

The music score sucks, and the sub-plot with Denzel and his wife is useless and boring.

be on time, fore the beginning of the movie is what really sets the stage of this exciting crime-suspense thriller.

smart, interesting, and entertaining .

Amongst so many blunt attempts to produce when not a thriller right away but at least an action movie with an at least halfway interesting storyline, here is an original and exciting plot to enjoy.

Even if is not always edge-of-the-seat gripping though, 'Inside Man' is a film with very few (if any) dull moments.

Movie have some really exciting twists and turns.

From there the story is slow and stays there.

There is very few insight and plot development, only at the end for 30seconds and very predictable.

The film starts off as homage to "Dog Day Afternoon" and ends up a clever and entertaining heist drama like "The Hot Rock".

All too entertaining caper film...

It is a fun, entertaining and suspenseful film that will hopefully champ this week's crop of trash at the box office.

Story dragged on and on and on and failed miserably in the climax.

, but you'll probably get bored with after awhile.

The dialogue is trite, and the plot really doesn't go anywhere.

A total waste of our time .

Spike Lee made another entertaining movie, one that I will watch again in a few years.

Low class in the acting, slow and odd twitches with little boring scenes stuck here and there.

Nonetheless Washington pretty flawlessly makes any role watchable with his intense acting ability and his sometimes frantic portrayal of men under stress.

Brief Summary: This movie is stale propaganda, whose central theme (bank robbery) is spoiled by the much to often underspoken messages of zionists - having an inability to understand that history is in fact, history.

Denzel Washington was a little bit toned done - but still entertaining.

With a traditional plot points combined with some unique ideas, Inside Man is a fun and entertaining crime film.

But then a lot of the story takes unexpected twists and seems jagged, the way life is, rather than the way movies are.

The interspersed interviews with witnesses and possible suspects DURING the bank robbery was even more confusing and leaving the film in chronological order would have been much neater and easier to follow.

Then in an unpredictable twist, the good guys gain control, the bad guys completely lose it, and everyone else is suitably incompetent.

But it's cut and pasted together in a manner, that will make multiple views of the film more than enjoyable.

With Inside Man, Spike Lee has crafted a very original and exciting thriller.

There are plot twists in this movie that was totally unexpected.

Go see Collateral if you want something more exciting and well-made, though not as morally satisfying.

All in all this movie was thoroughly entertaining.

Visually stunning, intellectually challenging, morally compelling, and socially rich.

What a Waste of Time!!

- Boring.

It was thrilling, drama and a good ending too all rolled in to the usual for Jodie Foster's and Denzel Washington's wonderful work.

It includes a couple of twists, investigates potential Stockholm Syndrome, political corruption and war crimes, but ultimately fails in its predictability (and the fact that my own imagined outcomes were more entertaining that what transpired on the screen).

But to call Inside Man conventional, generic and by the book I feel would be a little harsh because it's actually a thoroughly entertaining and somewhat engrossing film about a heist (heist being the genre) and the actions and reactions that will shape the outcome of the heist.

It's intelligent and very entertaining.

The fascinating cast of Inside Man makes the film more enjoyable.

The plot is a little confusing at times, and complete concentration is a must, or one can very easily miss a key item.

A gang of thieves led by English actor Clive Owen sneak into a NYC bank and procede to hold everyone hostage, for reasons that are unclear and intriguing, leaving you trying to figure out what in the blazes is really going on.

While the plot keeps you interested and busy wondering just what is going on, when you leave the theater, there are just too many loose ends that make no sense at all.

This film, if nothing else, should at least silence the critics that accuse you of only making films that are serious and / or deal with racial issues… Actually Spike, you did make a film which tentatively dealt with some of those issues… You just did it in a thoroughly entertaining way… BRAVO!!!

It's a darkly intense Washington that appears on screen, which we've seen a lot more of in his recent years with "Man on Fire" and "Training Day," and I for one hope this trend continues.

I found it very entertaining.

Yes a couple of jokes, no absolutely no unpredictable twists, to be honest the only unpredictable moments are there because both director and editor made some stupid mistakes, it is a shame for them and a waste of time for us.

Stop doing these boring and disappointing movies .

He plays a very intriguing character.

It was highly intelligent, tense, funny, political, and entertaining all at the same time.

This was a very thought out movie, and I would highly recommend it.

Overall the movie was entertaining.

After painfully watching the last boring minutes of Inside Man I just wanted to look at IMDb to verify that I had just seen one of the worst movies of 2006.

Before the ending, the viewer is taken on an exciting journey with all types of convolutions and U-turns.

" It might have been so based on the script, but the direction's slow pace makes it difficult to get into.

From the captivating and gripping introduction to the final Denzel emptying his pockets this movie keeps you guessing the whole way.

But no, it is an intimate, small, cute entertaining movie.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the movie is watching Frazier, as played by Washington, figure out what the pieces of the puzzle are and how they fit together, try to work out the solution-- and then ponder how to put the solution into action without having it blow up in his face.

The plot is good, and very intriguing.

Predictable "twists", and flawed in so many ways regarding the plot, this movie offered nothing.

Denzel Washington is amazing as always and is amazing here, he is extremely likable, added some great humor had a few really cool scenes with Clive Owen, played a really cool character,and played a Cop that I would want at my sides at all times, he was one of the main reasons the movie was so enjoyable for me!

Rating : Above average and well worth watching.

The film also has a really engrossing story to it, with some great dialogue and soforth.

Denzel is the black detective trying to advance his career while at the same time battling prejudice within his own department (another cliché?

The plot is very thrilling and is sure to keep you hooked.

So much packed into this movie with innuendoes, twists and unexpected laughs.

The uncomfortably slow siege of the bank does stretch our patience and belief that this will end perfectly.

Lee is easily up to the task and manages to make the movie both the slick, clever and exciting heist thriller you were hoping for as well as a movie with real depth and heart far beyond what would normally be expected from the genre.

Overall, the movie lags toward the end, but it's intriguing and has an awesome plot.

It's also intriguing that a small group of robbers take over an austere downtown Manhattan bank, terrorize several dozen bystanders who become hostages, and dress them all up to look alike -- and like them.

"Inside Man" is an enjoyable, albeit slight, escape into a heist film that is not as taut as it thinks it is.

Together with the mastery of the film making, this makes a superb entertaining movie with several subjects that really give substance to the characters and, in an easy approach, take you to several key points: The relationship between a big banker fortune and the opportunity the second world war provided by the NAZI holocaust of the JEWS and subsequent robber of their possessions.

Washington may make an excellent lead, but he is the high point in a movie which ultimately comes across as uninspired and uninteresting attempt at breeding tension and suspense.

Entertaining to a point .

I cannot join in a chorus of empty praise for what is so clearly a failed film.

A gripping, intelligent film .

However, the plotting is clever, the humor is believable and enjoyable and the racial undertones to parts of the film are appreciable without being overdone.

A waste of time.

Then after awhile, things tend to slow down and you don't know what the hell is going on.

As such, the characters were left to be caricatures of themselves, pointless and lackluster.

However, it's an excellent plot, crisp, generally well made, readily enjoyable and certainly good.

The dialogue is sharp, with the conversations between Frazier and Russell being especially fascinating, and both actors are at the top of their game in this new movie.

Yeah, sometimes the scenes get choppy when it mashes up with different story lines, and yeah the more delicate sub plots are sometimes a tad tedious.

Really enjoyable .

In conclusion, don't watch this movie, all you will get out of it is confusion.

Very exciting and smart, and even funny at points.

The story of a wall street bank heist and the battle of wits between the respective parties will have to sitting on the edge of your seat and asking for more.

It is mundane, corny, and sounds awful.

It's just flat-out boring.

I wasted my money buying this DVD with a great expectation of a terrific movie, but I found it terrible and boring actually.

Foster and no story followed?

Only Jodie Foster's part seemed a little boring to me considering that till the end you don't get to know what her job really is.

Intelligently written, fast paced real life dialog, cutaway shots, and duel cameras on actors from both directions highlight this film and creates the intensity required in a small space thriller.

As a film, there are many enjoyable moments from a stellar cast including the ever-watchable Clive Owen and Denzel Washington.

The storyline is totally predictable to anyone who has ever seen any other bank robbery / heist movie.

I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to escape from most of the puke-inducing foul garbage that seems to be produced by Hollywood more and more often these days.

A brilliant acting Clive Owen, a cool Denzel Washington and a strong Jodie Foster in a Movie with some of the nicest unexpected turnovers I've seen in years...

Overall the bank heist and hostage stuff is thrilling and full of suspense.

Hollywood seems to be pumping out .. you know what I am going to say..Worth watching only if you have nothing better to do.

Nevertheless the remaining part of the film is exciting and easy to watch thanks to Spike Lee.

Intelligent, slick, entertaining .

The plot summary is also very intriguing and it pulls you in, trust me, you won't want to stop watching this movie until the very end, there definitely won't be any walk outs or people quitting on it before it's over.

The camera sweeps up and around, showing the crowd gathered at the cordon, then moves down in a slow arc to the person leaving the bank, surrounded police officers.

And while Inside Man is not up there with Do The Right Thing, Clockers and 25th Hour, it is definitely an entertaining and intelligent thriller that does things a little differently than most cookie cutter thrillers you see in theaters nowadays.

I have to tell you though, that when the wise-a$$ New York know-it-all takes of his mask and starts talking smack like all the other New York wise-a$$ know-it-alls, it was so great to see him being dragged by his ankles through the building screaming and begging for his life.

Was this movie supposed to be exciting?

The long and exasperating stretch of the plot in this movie only reinforces my opinion while boring me with the detail of which female accomplice had matching "perfect breasts" to the woman who was or was not involved.

Boring and Overrated film.

The pointless background to Denzel's character (girlfriend, relationship issues & brother in law problems) does not really add to much and could have been toned down.

This time, though, he sticks to the main plot, with only one or two short digressions, thus delivering one of last year's most accessible and enjoyable films.

This film works and is enjoyable due to Spike Lee's ability to build tension.

In fact, it's only the cast that keeps it entertaining: Washington excels as the laid back detective, a role he could play in his sleep by now.

This then sets in motion an intriguing tale of what actually takes place during the heist.

) This is a brilliant and entertaining film that you can think about after it is over.

Gripping, layered and ice cold cool .

But getting there, for two hours, is entertaining and fun.

Then there's this totally pointless side-plot, which only serves to waste the talents of one Jodie Foster.

A compelling heist movie with some unique twists.

This movie is interesting, but very slow paced and caused my wife and others in the theater to lose interest half way through the show.

The seemingly disjointed, slow-moving plot is all part of the artistic excellence of the movie.

I found myself trying to force interest in the characters and storyline, but at the end I was left with a feeling of emptiness and confusion.

For me it was too predictable, they said outright that Dalton was not the type of person that would hurt or kill people so I didn't really feel any suspense or surprise from that point on.

His work for this film is also something, with an unexpected amount of cleverness for the simplicity his premise has.

A mainstream Spike Lee is surprisingly entertaining as he never fails to take jabs at various stereotypes.

Moderately exciting cat and mouse bank robbery movie, of course with a "twist", serves as a decent throwback to the early genre, although it provides little past it's superficial purpose.

The film winds up being just clever enough to be exciting and entertaining, and there are times when that's good enough for me.

• Frazier and his partner enter the bank exactly when Dalton is ready to leave.

Inside Man is both exciting, funny and intelligent, Lee taking his time to briefly explore other territories as well.

Spike Lee's execution skills is what holds this tale with multiple characters that even though has "seen-this-seen-that" screenplay by Russell Gewirtz and predictable twists, still delivers.

One of the most confusing things is the fact that the main robber, Dalton, somehow got away from the police.