Insidious (2010) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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A family looks to prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose child in a realm called The Further.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: James Wan
Stars: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 190 out of 796 found boring (23.86%)

One-line Reviews (591)

This movie is suspenseful, visually stunning, terrifying, and pulls at the strings of spirituality.


The plot of the story is plain boring.

Boring .

Everything was as boring as it could be for a housewife until the baby monitor picks up a whisper.

This is really slow with stale acting that left me wondering how you could believe in any characters at all.

Expect the unexpected .

' This is the most entertaining movie I have seen in a long time, and highly recommend it to any horror fan.

And I enjoyed it as much as I did Dead Silence and The Skeleton Key...

Byrne gives an intense and worthy performance and her and Wilson have terrific chemistry and together they will make you riveted to the screen for the entire story.

However, it has been a few days since I watched this film, so I have had time to think and evaluate this movie with a clear mind and I can genuinely say this was one of the worst horror movies I have ever seen, and one of the worst movies in general, I truly don't understand the hype surrounding this film on here and how well regarded it is and the director.

It is genuinely scary and uses horror conventions with insidious skill toward an ending that is both entertaining and unsettling.

Plenty of fun jump scares likely to cause popcorn explosions and otherworldly scenarios riding the fine line of enjoyable ridiculousness will keep you entertained.

When the explanation of events does finally occur, the already amateurish script resorts to a formulaic monologue so transparent in it's delivery of exposition that I have to wonder if the writer even bothered with a second draft.

I mean, nobody is really looking for his empty body when his soul is still in it.

The acting is solid especially Byrne and Wilson who are always good and I really liked the different take on the haunted house story but the best part of the movie is just how terrifying it is, I was on the edge of my seat all the way through well apart from a few times where I jumped out of my seat scared to death, the movie left me with nightmares.

I sorta fell asleep three quarters of the way through it.

I still cant point my finger at it, but it starts to get so cliché at every aspect, that even the portrayal of demons and ghosts which I liked in the first place gets spoiled by it.

Building on the aforementioned and borrowing from heavily from Poltergeist (1982) Wan and writer Leigh Whannell throw in every supernatural cliché from ghostly photos, boys with caps, dead brides, old hags, evil drawings, mediums and paranormal investigators to name a few.

I got a good scare out of this movie, but found the plot development to be a little slow in the beginning.

This is a weird movie, that jumps quickly between boring, mildly interesting, and ridiculously stupid.

When i go to see a horror flick, i want it to leave a lasting impression.

Enjoyable .

So to steal a theme from Family Guy: Demons try to possess kid, ghostbusters come, Dad saves kid "There, I just saved you 2 long, boring, boobless hours.

I was really fixed on it, really enjoyed it, jumped a few times and grabbed my face in horror at some scenes.

I mention it purely because what has gone on up until this point has been for the most part, effective and enjoyable.

This would have to be one of the most unoriginal, unimaginative and predictable "horror" films I have seen in a long time!

See the thing is, I'm all for scare tactics (despite the fact they never work on me) and there isn't a horror movie I haven't watched and despite not finding scary, enjoyed none the less, take The Grudge for example (Let us not speak of the third one), while I didn't find the The Grudge scary, I did at least find it entertaining, Insidious on the other hand was not, I didn't consider it to be scary, nor did I consider it to be entertaining.

But no, another huge waste of time.

For example, the scene where the physic describes the demon is very intense because despite of its description, our imagination creates our own demon.

The movie was very cliché like...

I should have known better, "Paranormal Activity and SAW" should tell you enough save your money rent it!

Frankly, it was boring.

As like any other Hollywood horrors nowadays, the story builds the characters for quite far too long.

Unfortunately, the plot bores the viewer to death in the second half.

Surprisingly Good and Intense .

This was quite an exciting and enjoyable effort that has a lot going for it.

The film is paced well and remains engaging throughout it's entirety.

The film does not allow us to have an immediate perception of what is really happening, and this helps to lengthen the suspense and mystery around it, which gradually becomes more intense, grabbing the audience.

It's still not exactly a good movie, but it's a fairly entertaining one, replete with long-held secrets and weird spirits.

I have nothing against Lin Shaye and admittedly, she is the bright spot of this bore fest.

Didn't like it- it felt laborious, theatrical and cliché-ridden.

Some poor attempts at CGI and a flurry of pointless cheap thrills make it seem that the writers lost their way a little bit near the end.

But it then very quickly becomes a very frustrating (and unintentionally funny) film, with nonsensical decisions being made and scary moments just becoming repetitive and obvious cliques.

So many people tole me that this film is a waste of time that I never bothered to see it.

The story line for the film was generally good and was quite intriguing and not something I had seen before.

Yet another contrived Hollywood demon oriented horror film with little edge or fun for that matter.

While The Conjuring had slow scenes which you watched because it moved the film along and added tension, the slow scenes in Insidious had me drifting off in boredom.

Insidious is a dull placeholder for those who remember the awe, naked fear, and fascinating paranormal intrigue of Poltergeist.

It is assuredly a powerful picture, right to its stunning twist ending, and does have a cumulatively chilling effect.


This movie is a serious improvement from the filmmakers' previous work, (Paranormal Activity, Saw)which I found very dull.

This is a very good movie, worth watching in a movie theater.

When I first heard of this, I thought it would just be another stupid horror film thinking it was scary, and just had pointless bull crap in it.

From literally the opening credits, they created an intense, haunting tension that didn't leave my body till several whiskeys and half a Xanax later.

An unexpected surprise...

This film was incredibly entertaining from beginning till the end!

What a waste of time.

The rest of the movie is very enjoyable filled with some unpredictable scares.

I was totally for the movie until the writers obviously ran out of juice and had to recycle that old cliché.

Predictable and Boring; gave me a headache.

I attended the film with a date and we both left the theater with chills and a slight uneasy feeling from what we saw.

The devil is sharpening his knife fingers to a pleasant song which I know is supposed to be creepy but for me killed the moment and I was just laughing like crazy, not only that, but the way he moved was too typical and cliché.

Overall the film is suspenseful and immersive, taking the best parts of films such as Poltergeist, Shutter and Paranormal Activity and making a brilliant piece of cinema.

Very enjoyable .

Saw franchise veterans James Wan and Leigh Whannell team with Paranormal Activity writer/director Oren Peli to give the familiar haunted house story an exciting new twist with this tale of a family that moves into an old house and begins to suspect they are under siege from otherworldly forces when their young son inexplicably falls into a deep coma.

Then half way through the explanations come and it all goes in the same predictable direction.

It was crazy scary, thoroughly entertaining, and even surprisingly funny at times.

The only thing scary about Darth Maul is how many people went to see that other snooze fest of a movie on the big screen, including me twice.

The movie opens slow and stays slow for the first 35 minutes.

It was one of those rare horror films where instead of delivering constant cheap scares and suspense buildups that result in merely a cat from behind a door or something like that, it had real, intense moments where you will be squealing and jumping from your seat.

However, whereas most are pretty forgettable, this one has just about enough scares and creepiness in it to make it worth watching.

Not scary, just boring .

The third act, in particular, was quite entertaining and the "ghost dimension" had a great atmosphere.

intense horror mements .

The film often jumps into the unexpected.

As scary parts came along, the giggles became plentiful as graphics, music, setting, and acting were all horribly entertaining and not set up the way they should have been.

First half was good, it was fun and intense.

The ending twist seemed predictable, as I figured that either Josh or Renai would be possessed by one of the demons in the house.

But after a while it does get very thrilling and tense and it doesn't let go.

If rating the movie from beginning until before the last 15-20 minutes this film would be an 8.5-9. All in all, I would say this movie is well worth the 2 hours you will have to sacrifice from your busy life to enjoy and is a welcome title to a genre that has in the past decade been polluted with mostly cliché garbage.

7.6/10 A bit of a repetitive bore, until it embraces its delightful goofiness.

Yes, parts of it are intense.

Scenario is awful and really boring.

The description of the raison d'etre of the creatures (in the documentary reel) was mind-bogglingly pretentious.

Other than that little niggle, fantastic film, great storyline, great FX otherwise, and overall a jumpy, adrenaline based psychological horror, to go in the pile of other greats :)

When the family moves to the new home, I felt that the drama was intense, well done and well acted.

Creepy kids are a genre staple, but by diffusing that cliché with siblings, Whannell opens himself to some less-traveled roads.

It is completely bonkers with a stupid ending, but strangely in a way it being silly made it more enjoyable in a goofy sort of way.

I was shaking on the edge of my seat the whole time, genuinely creeped out.

even the usually enjoyable nerds of movies like these were poorly executed.

However, all that being said, it's very enjoyable and worth watching if you are a horror fan or want to get your blood going.

Not a movie filled with top actors and expensive CGI,but still worth watching.

Those, apparently, are from viewers who revel in torture/gushing blood/and the thrill of intestines on the highway etc. etc. (which frankly, are beginning to bore me).

The entire movie was just way too predictable, and just too over the top.

It was downright boring at times and the story took forever to tell.

Wan uses all this to his advantage--Insidious becomes creaky, slow carnival ride that never lets up.

The film cost me £25 for the three of us, so If I were you I would save your money and either wait for it on Sky or buy the DVD.

Watching this horror movie was very enjoyable..unlike most movies of this genre that have innumerable clichés ,insidious managed to stay away from most of them.. Acting from Patrick William and rose were on the spot.. Direction was also great.

One Of The Most Exciting Horror Flms In The Last Decade .

While unpacking the wife undergoes yet again, another happening with a ghost that throws her into turmoil and confusion, pushing the family to greater heights and forcing them into the Ghostbuster yellow pages.

My husband and I were bored half way through, we just wanted it to be over.

The movie is a good try, and gives a couple of good scares, but is made very unbelievable and therefore uninteresting.

This was actually entertaining.

It's like they just graduated from acting school and were going over the script in their heads thinking, "okay, I have to be angry or scared now", then cue the cliché look.

It was thrilling to see such a competently made and genuinely scary movie in this ever dwindling genre.

It got to the point, about 20 minutes until the end, where I was pretty far into some games on my phone out of boredom, and I looked up like "How is this still going?

It is legitimately scary and disturbingly exciting.

But not in the sense that there is blood flying everywhere, but in the sense that there are unexpected images, creepy music, and characters you actually give a crap for.

The movie is not so bad for the first half or so, during which it behaves like an "average" psychological-horror, that is to say, a movie that works solely on atmosphere coupled with a good photography, music and sound effects to create a sense of tension and/or fear; and it does that relatively well, despite being rather slow paced, uneventful and based on a weak plot.

The cure for insomnia.

I cannot stop myself to get angry to watch and waste my time on this.

Maybe the vast majority of the population who watched Insidious aren't really die hard horror fans like myself, but even so, I was fighting to keep myself awake, THAT's how incredibly boring and dull I found this film.

It was so predictable and unoriginal.

I was falling asleep and forcing myself to watch until the last 20 minutes came in.

It was a waste of time and seven bucks.

The last thing which I liked was the end of the movie which was extremely unpredictable, and not that ordinary one which drawn in our minds that the father will be the hero one and save his son and all things will be alright!

Yes, it does have a few predictable points.

From here the film moves into overdrive, serving up boo scares with loud and obvious scoring by the numbing, repetitive barrel full with a saddening minimum of actual creeps (baby monitor put to good use).

Summary: In spite of its messy final act, Insidious is clever, well- acted and suspenseful.

They've managed to blend every possible horror cliché into one single film (which is no small feat, I must concede).

Insidious has a lot of really intense moments that scare, and then grab hold of you.

Right from the start we have the usual cliché of a loving, unsuspecting family who move into a large house with their adorable kids.

The film dragged on quite a bit and the writers could have tried to insert more scary moments.

The film doesn't rely on the performances of Wilson and Byrne, although they are very good, the film relies on all out scares, and even though they are the sort that contain shrieking strings from the soundtrack, and are predictable, they are delivered here in droves.

It's a complete and utter waste of time.

The characters were also very bland.


Despite all that, this movie is just your average, cliché-ridden mess full of *gasp* jump scares which are the laziest horror staples money can buy.

The show revolves around a young boy who gets his soul stolen and dragged off to another dimension by the titular Nightman, a Demon with slick black hair and cats eyes who hides in the shadows.

Don't waste your time .

very enjoyable and scary, and even though it borrows ideas from other Horror films, it never imitates, it stand out as a new and fresh take on traditional Horror !!

What a waste of time.

This was an unexpected surprise!

Very suspenseful and scary .

Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen...

All in all, worth watching, I did enjoy it.

This is a good movie that takes horror a bit back to the roots, stuff that actually makes you jump and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

This movie is boring and painful to watch.

Cliché "family moves to haunted house" story, video is bleak, washed out, and boring overall.

Although no movie is required to reinvent the wheel, Insidious doesn't juggle its generic plot, production design, special effects and direction good enough to make for a enjoyable movie.

On the edge .

They made the movie too predictable.

Then the rest is goofy &/or predictable.

I still search for the few good ones amongst the bunch and often come out empty handed.

However, they attempted to do something completely different with Insidious, and even though it might not be totally original, I consider it to be an intense and very entertaining horror film which deserves a recommendation because of its tense direction, solid performances and a "retro" atmosphere which evokes the cinema from the 70's, without losing a contemporary identity.

The story has some fascinating elements and contains some genuinely frightening moments.

The explanation of the medium about what's going on is compelling and intriguing, the action in the house and the séance are exciting.

It was very predictable.

The pacing is all over the place, the film is too slow at the start and by the end you feel like you've sat through an hour and a half of a cheap home movie.

All the actors did a good job here, from Rose Byrne (bridesmaids) to Patrick Wilson (Little Children) and Lin Shaye, who plays the paranormal investigator, this movie is full of really good jump scares, stunning and scary visuals, good dialogue, a touching message about family, and overall just a shocking scary thrill ride!

It was very predictable as well, I pretty much pointed out everything that would happen before it did.

The entire film is a collection of clichés and is completely predictable.

I was very impressed that a PG13 movie was as entertaining as this.

Overall, the film succeeded in bringing the audience something scary, suspenseful, funny, emotional, and frightening all in one film which i have never seen with them combined.

Whether it be atrocious screenplay consisting of the characters having to explain the whole plot to you, or the main antagonist making you laugh several times in a supposed horror film; this film had too many bad moments to render the whole thing unwatchable.

It gets so tedious and takes no time to build up tension.

Acting-wise, it's fine with good work from Wilson, Rose Byrne, and Ty Simpkins--but it's Lin Shaye whom you'll ultimately remember in a very intense and believable performance.

It is an intriguing story, and well acted by all.

In this case the slow build up does benefit the tension.

Gripping, Intense & Scary .

The film starts a little slow, appearing( keyword)to be you're modern cliché ghost/suspense film.

I can only describe this film with a quote taken from a user on Reddit, "I think the reason so many people like it and praise it is because it is so bland; it feels safe.

The story opens like thirteen ghost movies in a dozen do… A happy young family moves into their newly purchased dream house, but not much later their oldest son – presumably due to a banal fall from a ladder – slips into a mysterious coma that perplexes all medical experts.

When it's expected, it's not scary or shocking, it's boring.

It set up the feel of the film, in an unexpected way.

One thing I loved about this film is that it avoided the use of gore and instead compensated with the use of jumps, which is far more skillful, respectable and enjoyable than a boring bloodbath.

This movie is so bad I'm not even going to go into fine detail, I wouldn't waste my time.

The movie will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Without spoiling it, the demons end up chasing after some of the characters, and after a few minutes of this, it became rather clichéd and boring.

Really worth watching .

:) Even though the second half wasn't all that great, I still enjoyed it a lot and it's definitely worth watching and much better than your average horror flick.

The movie was quite boring and really could've been better.

Then there's the story about a haunted house, a requisite in many, many horror films, but that's only the tip of the iceberg, as Wan and Whannell intended to lull you in with complacency built up from one's horror film experience, before shoving the motherload of scares right down your throat.

Few scenes are slow paced.

' or so slow and drawn out that you want to eat your own arm off before any action occurs like 'Paranormal Activity'.

The premise of the upwardly mobile WASP family having their nest hauled apart by forces unseen is hardly groundbreaking territory, but the slow disintegration of this cosy, tad too opulent bubble invites the same hint of schadenfreude that audiences may have felt when spirits trashed designer chic in genre bedfellow "Paranormal Activity".

Even more to the point, this concerns the film's highlight sequence in the séance into the different dimension that contains some truly freaky ideas before fully unleashing the action into hyper-drive with a stellar, exciting and action-packed sequence that really sells this quite well.

The performance are all solid anchored by Rose Byrne who plays a compelling young mother.

The turn of events are lined up very well to keep you guessing while keeping a good balance between the two extremes of 'keeping you utterly confused' or 'having an easily predictable ending'.

It takes you on an intense ride that will have you squirming in your seat.

They waste too much time on irrelevant scenes, and not enough time on scenes that should be anticipated.

Lastly the further idea and the possessed child also ruined the film, making it boring and just plain funny.

You will hate yourself for watching this crud, save your money and wait for the Sky+ rerun in 3 months.

The music leads to the creation of an intense tension that stays with you throughout most of the movie and lingers after it finishes and the cinematography is also top notch.

The ending is predictable, as most Hollywood horrors leave a wide room for a sequel or at least to keep the scare in the hearts of the audience for long after they exit the theaters.

As far as all the other reviews that list this waste of time as being one of the scariest films, I just don't get it.


Creepy figures emerge from the shadows and appear in the background in an unpredictable fashion.

Taking a page from Sam Raimi (not to mention title work more than a little reminiscent of his 2009 flick "Drag Me to Hell"), Wan keeps us off-balance with unpredictable emotionality.

The parts where they attempted to develop the plot were boring, and I spent most of the movie just dying to get out of the theater.

For a story that doesn't deviate much from the original, it still works in making Insidious an engaging watch from beginning to end.

2 stars, don't waste your time unless you like to see straight boys in their shorts, bad one

However I didn't feel very scary while watching this film because the plot was easily predictable and primitive at times.

The plot got loose the make up and characters design was horrific, and not the good kind, it was predictable as hell, and all around ridiculous.

As a dedicated horror fan and a fan of the original Paranormal Activity, this film just didn't have the lasting appeal I thought it would, in fact, I walked away from it wondering what was the best way to relieve my bored mood.

But enough of my rambling, the plot was definitely original and James Wan and Leigh Schanell definitely succeeded in bringing the audience something scary, suspenseful, funny, emotional, and frightening all at the same time.

The movie is very entertaining and very good.

The movie is predictable.

Zzz Please read before you watch.

It's not scary, it's disgusting and uninteresting.

Very entertaining .

Insidious is dark and intense with some very scary and creepy character moments.

Insidious is an entertaining riot of a film and it contains some wonderful set pieces, a gripping plot; brilliant homages to some classic horror films; a decent script and solid (if unremarkable) performances from its cast.

I was bored.

Not a single jump scare was scary because they were all predictable.

Stay away from this garbage, it is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Because not only are the visual aspects bone chilling at times, the sound alone could rattle your senses dull.

Altogether though the film came across to me as nothing more than a haunted house fairground attraction with less verve or humour (an effect aided considerably by the occasional shrieks of my fellow cinema goers, shrieks I rather hope were intended humorously) at around an hour and a half or so an overstretched and tedious experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed "Saw"; it was suspenseful and fun; James Wan was almost Hitchcockian in his approach.

The plot was OK, but really when it hits DVD, it will be a total snore.

While the third act did fall into cliché territory for a time, the film as a whole is a very fun thrill ride and I recommend you check it out.

The sets have a stolid sensibility to them, with pallid and dreary colors that add to a sense of dread that is felt throughout the film.

If you have seen poltergeist and enjoyed it you should enjoy this one as well.

Insidious is visually haunting, the tone, vibe and atmospheric visuals of the film is thrilling, spooky and very terrifying.

The more the movie progresses forward the more conspicuously darker it becomes and the loud,eerie music tone makes it even more suspenseful.

But the movie does have a few good genuine scares, and it does manage to build suspense, but I felt the demonic figure in this movie looked a little fake, and the last forty minutes of the movie was predictable and not as good as the opening half.

Of course, I didn't think Paranormal Activity was scary, suspenseful or very good.

The story is trite.

And I was so disappointed of insidious3 because it makes me bored and it is not that kind of interesting.

Don't waste your money on this.

Hard-boiled audiences, however, have seen this before and will get bored soon.

Yes the child seems scared but on the other hand the acting seems fake and uninteresting.

Went against pretty much every cliché (I know writer Leigh Wannell said he had a list of horror clichés so he could avoid using them).

Granted, a couple of these gags are inventive if you're a fan of the genre but the final 30 minutes had me yawning and patiently waiting for a probable conclusion with the inevitable twist.

I can only describe this film with a quote taken from a user on Reddit, "I think the reason so many people like it and praise it is because it is so bland; it feels safe.

It was during the first half that I was bored with all the slamming doors and gasps leading nowhere.

Seriously, don't waste your time on this movie.

It sort of builds and is intense right from the get go.

Just a bit bored.

TL;DR version: Why did I waste my time watching this?

Prepare to shiver like you never have before, as Insidious is the most terrifying, nail biting, suspenseful, intelligent, dark, atmospheric and jumpy horror.

Worth a watch if you like Rose Byrne, but elsewise I can't necessarily recommend it as it felt unbelievable, preposterous, and drawn out, story-wise.

ALL the PG-13 horror films I've seen (except for "The Ring") have been boring and stupid.

He plays like always with the clichés, but in this one they are boring.

Save your money for something else instead.

Things eventually build to a modestly entertaining climax in which the film finally achieves some sense of the unusual and a bit of style (though the direction is pretty dodgy) and a rather cool capper that deserved a better build up.

There is also an excellent jump-scare about halfway through that caused me to call out involuntarily as I sat watching the movie in my empty living room.

but towards the 2/3 of the movie things became cliché for the worst of reasons.

All the "scare" scenes are just sooooo predictable, and sad.

Why are actors so unappealing and dull in the last decade?

If not, expect to yawn a lot.

Instead,Whannell and Wan show an extremely surprising side with this film,with the first half an hour,showing a pretty chaotic family,which Wan (along with some very good performances from Rose Byme and Patrick Wilson) cleverly uses to slowly build up an intense supernatural atmosphere.

The colors are contrasted and confusing; James Wan "accidently" shows some random (and creepy) faces in the dark when you're not ready for this, so you can imagine how many jumps this film may provoke.

It'll be a waste of your time.

In fact, hate is too strong a word for it requires a certain level of passion that I cannot find myself to waste on garbage like this, which I find incredibly boring.

There were three scenes that seemed rather trite.

They call in the Ghostfacers (if you've seen the show Supernatural you'll know what I mean) they act like the comedy double act of the ghost hunting world and while its works for a little while, you are lulled into a false sense of security by the comedy and then something jumps out at you, it goes too far and then they call in the exorcist.

The movie starts with average during-the-title scene and later becomes more boring and just at the point when you start losing interest in the movie, then and there you see scenes that surely bring your interest back.

I like most sub-genres, even the slow burners like The Exorcist and The Shining.

But the characters are too generic and the baddie too vague to ultimately sustain interest, and the de riguer twist ending is just tiresome.

Point the finger at Joseph Bishara's eerie, evocative music.

Much like "Paranormal Activity" the key lies in the domestic space and in the seemingly mundane.

A young couple leads a quite and dull suburban life with their children.

Save Your Money, Not Worth The Hype .

I'm thinking of how pretentious the director is for having those in the background.

The story is also engaging, slowly unfolding in a subtle way that keeps our interest.

The inclusion of the two bickering paranormal activity assistants was a well thought out idea as it gave a break from trying to scare you, injecting a bit of comedy into the fray and enabled the audience to be lulled into a more relaxed state so that when the next scare came you were off guard and less than ready for it.

Save your time, save your money!!

Then we're left with a few arresting atmospheres to keep; the house as playground of malevolent presence, an empty ceiling by broad light, the house again reversed by a mirror.

Do you really want to be blasted with 100 decibels of clanging/screeching noise every time a ghost appears in a totally formulaic manner?

It uses tested scare tactics to create a suspenseful atmosphere and a few body-jolting moments without it being ridiculous overdone like in Drag me to Hell.

In spite of its messy final act, Insidious is clever, well-acted and suspenseful.

Horror movies are always full of boring, stupid people.

If it's half as good as this one, I'm sure I'll definitely be on the edge of my seat!!!

Not scary at all, very tedious .

Quite Boring, Actually .

Save your money!

The plot is amazingly suspenseful and engaging.

Even at the climax of the film, which is a little predictable, he stages a chilling ending.

One of the good things about Insidious is that it has come out in a time where the horror genre is so steeped in pointless torture porn clones that even when it comes dangerously close to ripping off some of it's predecessors (again, sometimes an homage in all it's flattery can still seem unnecessary when the plot device mimicked is a central crux to the story) it is almost welcome.

A pretty bland movie with few legitimate scares .

I really enjoyed it and would watch again if the opportunity presents itself.

The beginning left me wanting to leave the theater because the music was so loud and creepy especially because I was at a matinée and no one was there except me.

Insidious, despite a few flaws is deft craft, using atmosphere, suspense, terror, and stunning visual imagery that will frighten the deepest part of your soul.

partly because of the massive publicity it got and also the trailer for the film was pretty intriguing.

The jump scares were predictable and if anything they were funny.

Nothing happens in this movie that isn't incredibly predictable.

That is to say that he has stepped it up from the bloody albeit twisty Saw and the boring Dead Silence.

Worst movie ever.

Its so innocent, boring and lame that you just know evil lurks around the next scene.

Both Saw and Dead Silence were tremendously entertaining films with great atmosphere and stories.

I suppose it's to lull us into a false sense of security.

That leaves an empty vessel to inhabit and the tortured souls that want that vessel will do whatever they can to prevent the boy from coming back.

Every single character was wooden and uninteresting and I had no desire to see any of them live through the movie.

A really big waste of time, really.

That aside, it is a very well made film and I found it hugely entertaining.

The acting is somewhat bland and the storyline is overly predictable.

Film is a bore from start to finish.

good story line,nice direction,good acting and nice plots,worth watching...

i enjoyed it so much i watched it twice in the same day!!!

Usually we have to wait sometime longer for films to hit UK shores and what with the need to be scared in public eye, as much fun and exciting as can be, this just offered the same predictable jumps and silly ghostly appearances in all the wrong places.

This is so simple and formulaic that it looks silly instead of scary.

If you are bored and want to watch something exiting watch this!

The music is suspenseful and not overly tacky like most crappy horror movies.

What starts as a genuinely disturbing paranormal chiller suddenly and sharply devolves into a banal, low-rent version of The Cell or Dreamscape, and my interest almost completely evaporated.

But by the end the film had lost it's chilling atmosphere and was half horror and comedy and though it was entertaining, it didn't remotely scare me and was uninvolving and forgettable.

But when the central idea was revealed before the midpoint, it became a silly exercise in quick glances of demons and ghostly looking people that reminded me of Halloween Scare Houses, or Carnival Dark House Rides, and by the end, I was bored and reduced to occasional chuckles and whispered jokes to my friend watching with me.

CRAPTACULAR waste of money, beating your head against a wall would be better .

The plot surprisingly delves deep into a supernatural story that is hauntingly fascinating.

Borrows a lot from other films, yet stands out on its own..enjoyable Horror movie .

Personally, at the beginning, I found it to be kind of cliché, but then I got over it and enjoyed it a lot.

Insidious' plot may sound contrived, and that's because it is.

I have to say it was a waste of time.

The characters were one dimensional and boring.

At the first, I was a little bored.

I strongly recommend this movie not only to the horror fans , and even the toughest horror fans will sure have their dose of adrenaline while seeing Insidious.

I had such high hopes for this movie because the first half had me on the edge of my seat.

What's going to happen to me if I fall asleep and never wake up!?

Entertaining .

The most stunning aspect is the imagery, especially when crossing over into the spirit world.

I also thought the story was way too slow and not much was developed until a certain point.

The assistants coming to evaluate if the situation was real is pointless.

Insidious is tense and will keep you on the edge of your seat and believe me when i tell you there are not many horror's like insidious anymore so if you are a horror fan and haven't seen this you must see it!

The family at the center of this thriller are cookie-cutter dull, while the plot developments are derivative and carried out listlessly.

Sadly, he fails to create characters we can care about or a story that is in any way engaging, leaving it to degenerate more and more into preposterousness which robs some of the admittedly eerie scenes of their effectiveness.

Eerie fast paced music, horrific demons, and astral projection.

I was thinking it was terrifying, but then i had to stop watching because my computer was getting slow.

but after reading the otherwise boring excuse of a synopsis, I must say it lacks true horror movie luster.

The Worst Movie I've Ever Seen .

And it goes on and on and on until it reaches its predictable end.

A snooze fest for film buffs .

The story is gripping and the acting is consistently excellent from each casting member.

It's just a bad uninspired rehash of every horror cliché of the past 20 years.

There was no story, nothing that grabbed me, because nothing truly happened until about the middle of the movie, and even then nothing truly made sense.

We watched it in a dark room at night to make the experience more intense.

I found this movie bland in its genre.

It started to build up quite nicely and then abruptly the movie takes a turn into hacksville, driven by Hamfist and his girl Ms. Boring.

I wouldn't waste my money.

Dark, gloomy, predictable.

It may only be 90 mins long but i was ready to leave after only 20...

It was also extremely predictable -- I knew for a long time that a) some demon/ghost/thing would get into a body in the real world, and b) that OMG!

However, if you're going in expecting a creepy thriller that just happens to have a few intense moments, you'll be in for a fun night out.

James Wan's Insidious (2010) its a very effective and creative horror film, I like James Wan films, I think Saw its better than this and the Conjuring films are also pretty good, Insidious its still really enjoyable.

Insidious is as the title says .. gripping, intense and scary.

I was expecting the same predictable horror junk thats been playing in theaters for a long time.

Should have because it was extremely boring.

So, it might not be a great film, but I liked Insidious pretty much, and I recommend it either if you are a fan of the horror genre or if you are a casual spectator who is bored of the hollow gore and digital ghosts we usually see nowadays in this genre.

A lot better than Darth Mauls predictable appearances (you'll see what I'm talking about).

Save your money for a decent movie- trust me, if you watch this, you will be disappointed.

Very scary and intense, screamed so many times.

And predictably, an evil twist the end which of course is the trampoline production wanted to leave there in order to have a stating point for the obvious sequels, because, you never want to stop milking the cookie cutter horror films cow.

Snoozer .

Original intense horror moments really feel it with great sound effects and medium scary characters

It started out quite good, but then it turned really predictable.

I want to give this film a 8 stars but the lack of plot, silly characters and unconvincing, tame bad guy means that i have to give this film a 7.

It follows a predictable format, with minor, isolated incidents gradually giving way to larger-scale, more pronounced apparitions and events before culminating in a full-scale onslaught of evil.

In short, the first half was very boring, uneventful, not suspenseful, and meandering in clichés.

The ending was so unpredictable and brutal that I was shocked by it.

I just watched Insidious for the first time, and I've got to say that it's really entertaining; a horror film that's packed with frights and fun and a horror film that does not feel like a PG13 flick.

My problem with the movie is the last act, which gets very slow and almost turns into a completely different movie.

James Wan's Insidious is an oddly disjointed film.


I highly recommend it for everyone, and especially those found of scary films.

) the direction is beautiful (each shot or frame rather is like a series of paintings and the scenes in "the further" are breathtaking) the story IS original.

But to feel full horror thrilling experience, Better Watch it Alone!!

It's boring and it was painful making myself actually sit through the whole thing.

Suspenseful, yes!

Heavy handed introduction of 'comedy', over explanation, in your face 'scares' which insinuate the audience is too stupid to get it on their own, and an other realm which is boring as all get out.

I'll be honest: I jumped in my seat a couple of times and had a good laugh about it, it's a very enjoyable kind of horror.

for me, i just hope Leigh (who by the way had a hilarious role) and James come up with something unique in the future like their previous accomplishments instead of being 1 hit wonder inventors that end up going down the "spooky Jesus" avenue of predictable outcomes.

And they are done very well and very unexpected.

The only good part was there is a hilarious scene about a seance with a goofy psychic and involves an unexpected accessory she puts on.

Overall it was an interesting, entertaining and scary film.

The story line was oh, so predictable.

" effects, I believe that subtle things, like the lights going on and off down the hallway in the Grudge 2, the footprints on the floor and lights down the hallway switching on and off in Paranormal Activity, the dark ghosts prowling on the ceiling and walking up behind a certain girl in The Messengers, etc were all scary and superb in their own rights and if a movie can keep that up right to the end, its all the more enjoyable, the cherry on top being a superb resolution to the issue.

"Insidious" guides us through the sinisterly nebulous halls lurking with eerie amalgamations of specters that successfully deliver several scares by making their randomly frightening entrance within a split second at the most unexpected and entertainingly inopportune moments.

All the scares are telegraphed , the story is a mix between Poltergeist, The Hole and The others and while it was entertaining slightly, I was expecting far far more.

This film provided terrifying moments at times, but the disappointing lack of realistic plot dragged the film down.

Don't waste your time.

The movie was predictable and relied mostly on things suddenly jumping out accompanied by humongous banging noises to scare you.

The story is littered with irrational decisions that only serve the purpose of moving the story along, as well as Hollywood conveniences that don't make a lot of realistic sense, but make for some exciting visuals.

Squeaks and giggles distracted as the hackneyed script ticked all the relevant boxes, relying heavily on cliché excused as references to classics.

Wan uses cliché like it's back in fashion .

I gave this movie a 7/10 due to some of the issues with the tone change at the hour mark, the (for lack of a better term) sequel bait ending that didn't fully cover the ramifications, and some points that I just wound up losing interest due to some parts having some slow pacing.

I think it's fair to say that the movie starts off rather slow and the character development at the start really doesn't do much.

Gripping and terrifying don't even seem to be strong enough words for the film.

This movie keeps you on the edge of your seat.

7 out of 10 rent it in succession if you're bored.

So, to wrap it up: no gore, no special effects, and I'd say, no plot twists.

I really enjoyed it .

The characters proliferate, but fail to add depth, and as Rose Byrne's 'woman on the verge' storyline fades into the background, so does any sense of compelling narrative.

So you have-Pros: Exceptional acting, good pacing, spooky atmosphere, good heroine, ending with a twist Cons: Those "jump" moments become repetitive, explanation for the haunting is kind of hokey and borderline ridiculousBetter than average, but becomes repetitive and predictable at times.

Overall, 'Insidious' manages to be, as expected by Wan's previous work, an entertaining & original ride.

I really enjoyed it.

Cliché upon cliché upon cliché.

One of the major problems with this film is that screenwriter Leigh Whannell (who worked previously with Wan in Saw and Dead Silence) by trying to stay away from the clichés of the genre takes us to unexpected places during the second half of the film.

This movie i believe had no plot and i was confused most of the time .

The kid, newcomer Ty Simpkins, was mildly entertaining and did do a nice job.

Let them leave the theater wishing they could drown some of the images in their head from the film they just saw.

A unique séance sequence is both berserk and entertaining, while the use of astral projection is a feature rarely used in horror movies, and perhaps for good reason, with the third act descending into silliness akin to a ghost ride set in an alternate dimension.

I suppose I'm happy for all the people who like it; I certainly wish I'd enjoyed it as much as they did.

Insidious was a very thrilling film with many scenes that made me jump just a little.


Elise's fate is horrifying and somewhat unexpected.

Awesome, bone chilling, creepy, tense, unexpected, bone chilling again, amazing!

This movie was slow, boring, & painful.

With an unstable and translucent genre, escaped family morals, and overused/generalized horror that was predictable at EVERY corner, this entire movie was less of a picture and more of a train wreck.

The scares are ENTIRELY predictable.

Because of that, the end feels rather anticlimactic, instead like a pay-off for a long and slow build-up.

The plot is engaging and reaches its climax with out dragging.

As unoriginal and cliché as the film is, I still did enjoy it a lot.

Insidious is just a typical commercial horror film with cameras everywhere, bad acting, too many over the top (and cheesy) special/sound effects and a lame story - particularly the convenient last minute rescue by the kid's dad, and the predictable ending (you'll have it figured out by the halfway mark).

Watching the film I was mostly bored.

The guy who wrote the script doesn't know what an astral projection means, he doesn't know if haunting or possessing has anything to do with it, it looks to me he had a nice conversation with an old bored lady at the tobacco store and he made a script out of it.

They should of done the opposite with the colour scheme, and put the colour in the real world and the drab colour in the Further region.

With a lesser actress, I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it half as much.

For those really bored with searing "Hack-me-ups" and unable to groove with the documentary or video journal styles of some contemporaries, we have a stylish film that breathes with its seemingly dead ancestors of the last century such as "Poltergeist," "The Entity," "The Changeling," "Rosemary's Baby" and, of course, "The Exorcist.

The film scares you with some creepy noises and unexpected images.

Waste of Time .

Don't waste your time with this one.

It starts all very slow just to get more and more profound and scary and to end with a big bang and a little twist.

Don't waste your time, there are plenty of much better movies out there.

So far it would have been a decent movie (like, 6/10) with some scares (very few) but also pretty boring overall.

This film takes large motifs like children, photographs, and spirit hunters and uses them together in the plot to create a very intense film.

This was boring, and had few scares.

I usually avoid horror movies in the mainstream because it's all cheap thrills, too much gore, not enough gore, cliché, or predictable.


Realistic and boring...

I might have given you more information then you would have liked, but it is so hard to describe this movie because its very slow, it builds tension and when it goes for a scare it gets you.

Scary, thrilling in the 21st century?!

I was more impressed with the first half of the film then the latter, thought it was very refreshing and intriguing until we find out that the reason for the chaos is because dad had this "gift" when he was young somehow forgot and now has passed it onto his son.

It was surprising and unpredictable at times.

If you want a real spook, dig out your good old fashioned traditional movies such as Friday 13th, The Exorcist, The Exorcism of Emily Rose.. don't waste your time on this film.

When the psychic woman gets the guy to draw pictures for her, it seemed pointless.

predictable, not scary, if anything hilarious .

Well - to say this movie contains every ghost story, horror movie cliché ever used would be an understatement.

I highly recommend this movie to horror fans who are tired of seeing bloody, predictable and repetitive horror flicks.

The only true positive is the fairly brisk pacing that keeps things from getting unbearably boring.

This is a highly originally and engrossing horror and definitely up there with recent crowdpleasers like 'Drag Me To Hell' and 'Paranormal Activity'.

The way it was filmed, the unexpected moments of terror and the very creepy images makes you jump from your seat!!!

Director James Wan also made great use of shadows and unexpected juxtapositions, and just created such an all-around sense of dread that even when you're pretty sure you know what's about to happen, it's still freaking scary when it does.

I mean, the thing is so cliché that if I were to teach a class on how to make an unoriginal, and boring horror movie, I would choose 'Insidious' and 'Sinister' as first pick candidates to display the finer points of boring the audience with conventional and lame techniques to 'scare' weak minded people.

There's a crying baby practically nonstop through the first half hour and anything scary that happens is so loud and so oddly edited that it's boring.

The next horror films, might be a little boring.

But not the whole way through, because towards the end, this does take a bit of an unexpected turn.

The buildup was so damned slow and the plot wasn't very good either.

Mother sees and hears stuff and its really pretty suspenseful.

Unfortunately it took so long for the movie to start to unfold that we got bored.

it's a fascinating word.

The plot was so thin and predictable I am surprised M.

Some of the dialog was a bit predictable.

Don't waste your time and money!.

The end of the film starts to feel like a game, the lighting, setting are amazing and I felt completely immersed in the whole style of it.

Such a tragedy it is then that the film dissolves so rapidly into a fairground/video game aesthetic, negating all of the good work gone on before in place of ill-judged, generic thrills that feel as creaky and predictable as the last time you were in a haunted house ride.

It's a pretty slow build-up as the family is introduced before we get into the meat of it all.

So a couple vague plot elements, but overall they can be easily overlooked to allow for an enjoyable film experience.

Very enjoyable spooker .

It has become such a cliché over the years.

The movie is so slow to start.

This shouldn't have gone anywhere near cinema or DVD, this horrible waste of time and money should have gone straight onto free-to-air TV at 3am where barely anyone would get to see it.

"The Amityville Horror" (2005), previously my favorite horror movie, is now second to "Insidious" and it's unpredictable scare tactics.

The sound rises, the camera moves into a dark room and an actor opens a door or looks somewhere and you expect something scary but nothing happens at all.

Waste of time .

The story here is extremely basic and cliché.

after a slow build up, a small accident occur and their older son falls into comma or so it seems !!

It dragged and it went on endlessly.

However, Insidious makes the entire Saw series looking boring and contrived because this film is truly brilliant, fun, twisted, disturbing, and an absolute must see for horror/thriller fans!!

It was a total throwback to classic horror movies, that had me on the edge of my seat with excitement.

Insidious was so slow moving in the beginning it was difficult to become interested.

entertaining .

I thoroughly enjoyed it without getting scared out of my wits .

i would give this film 2/10 and say anyone above 12 could watch this boring film...

What follows is even more thrilling as Josh's past is revealed and he tries to save his son.

First of all the movie overall is scary and actually creates a frightening atmosphere over the course of the film, however when i walked out of the theater i felt somewhat disappointed probably because i was expecting more.

From the very beginning of the movie I was on the edge of my seat.

The story starts very slow and the characters are not well developed.

Very scary and intense.

And there is this climax which is utterly unexpected.

It has the cinematic opera-like visuals of a Dario Argento film (*Susperia), with the delirious madness of a suspenseful written *Poltergeist.

On the downside, its final act is strange, sometimes confusing and it almost ruined the whole film for me.

Enter Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) and her team of paranormal investigators, and the story becomes gripping.

The end was unexpected I give credits for that.

People were bored.

The plot was predictable and all the way from the start it had major fails.

I was sceptical about watching this movie as a friend had told me it was awful, but after watching it myself i found it thoroughly enjoyable, the scary scenes were jumpy and genuinely creepy and the choice of song (tiny Tim's tiptoe through the tulips) worked really well and gave brilliant effect.

The film took an eternity to actually get into with the opening 30 minutes of the film a constant cycle of the mundane daily routine of the family affected.

However, when combined with the eerie and empty setting of someone home alone in a house this song creates true anxiety.

In the end, it is bland and utterly predicable, so much so, that I was able to call end around the middle of the movie.

House had an intense impact on me as a kid, influencing much of my artwork at the time.

Predictable and lame.

Nonetheless, "Insidious" offers an exciting ride packed with jolting curves and nail-biting routes even though the ridiculousness of certain instances mistakenly shows the wiring behind the otherwise, more convincing monsters.

This thing was draped in cliché from head too toe.

If your looking for a film so bad it's good, this is for you, if you want a film you might actually find engrossing go for the conjuring.

One of the reasons I knew I was going to enjoy it was it was edited by the director himself and right there and there I knew it was going to be worth watching as we were going to get exactly what the director directed.

The more the movie progresses forward the more conspicuously darker it becomes and the loud,eerie music tone makes it even more suspenseful.

The acting was very good, the plot largely recycled, but this the unique twists, worth watching again.

), but it was rather enjoyable.

The film is little slow in the beginning and takes time to build itself.

Enjoyable, fun, frightening...

It has a well done suspense feel for the most part and was definitely an enjoyable film for myself since I usually wind up just rewatching horror movies in the 80s and further back.

It felt really rushed towards the end, and turned from being a perfectly enjoyable and intriguing psychological jumpy horror flick to being something that Hollywood (once again) completely destroyed.

My girlfriend fell asleep in the theater.

Directing/Cinematography/Technical: 7* - Solid job directing and contains engaging atmosphere.

This film also had the cliché of an older lady, probably a medium, explain all the hokey happenings as though this were a well known phenomenon.

Insidious has the best ending a horror movie could ever have, leaving you right on the edge with a seriously awesome and frightening cliffhanger, you will find yourself gasping for air and fearing for the characters.

The most entertaining and well executed sequence was the ending.

Leigh Whannell, and James Wan have the knack for the low-budget, suspenseful storytelling.

The beginning is way too long & drawn out.

Anyways, I took my girlfriend to watch this and it did start out very slow and had me a bit worried that I picked a movie that might suck.

A gripping story of a family in search of help for their son, Dalton, who fell into a coma after a mysterious incident in the attic.

I would not say that (despite the cliff-hanger ending) I am too curious about the sequels, but this first film is worth watching.

It actually kept me on the edge of my seat.

A Rather clichéd and predictable below B grade horror movie.

My ears actually started to hurt after second such effect, and after 4th or 5th, i decided to leave the theater.

It was predictable, the performances where stilted, some of the line deliveries looked like read throughs.

Thrilling and exciting story will surely give you sleepless nights.

So boring.

Half way through it i was feeling pretty nervous and tense, the characters were believable the plot was quite thrilling, had a few scares and i liked where it was going.

So why in the world did I find this movie so riveting and terrifying?

Instead, expect to be treated to the unexpected.

I've watched a lot of movies before, many of high drama ones, many of intensive dose of action and many fascinating sci-fiction movies.

the camera work is mediocre, the lighting is simple, the cast is mediocre and the movie is boring.

The early scenes work quite well, the interplay between Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson does make them seem like a convincing married couple and the two bickering paranormal researchers are actually quite entertaining.

The ending was also quite enjoyable and was a rememberable twist, not one to forget straight away.

This is a copy of a film that was already a rehash of every haunted house cliché.

Also, the character of Elise, the older woman who serves as a conduit between the living and the spirits that travel the netherworld, came on suddenly as too intense and one dimensional.

And they were bored.

But the pull of a double-bill, and the fact that this is made by the creator of the Saw franchise, dragged me here for this.

Slow buildup ruined.

In this reason, everything is fine but unexplainably boring in the very beginning of the movie.

The characters were bland and flat.

Same predictable "scary" elements and two-dimensional plot, that I nearly fell asleep.

Entertaining and definitely above what passes as average nowadays .

Instead, I was met with an intense and sometimes just downright scary thriller that had me at the edge of my seat to the very end.

Its not an outstanding scary movie,but it is still at times quite thrilling and I would recommend Insidious to anyone looking for a good horror to kill some time.

My advice is to save your money and go watch an episode of the Twilight Zone instead.

Dalton left his body so long time, the body becomes a empty vessel so the other invisible things smell it and come and try to enter it.

It was filled with very obvious pop-out scenes, and used the same slow suspense that paranormal banked on.

The dream world is dark and hard to see, but that only makes it all the more fascinating, and the whole trip to "The Further" is worth admission price alone.

Either way, it failed to thrill me for 2/3's of its runtime despite acceptable presentation and such an intense and promising opening.

i would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good horror and likes jumping out of your skin at very freaky unexpected moments.

The decisions the characters made at points were so unbearable that I contemplated just leaving the theater early.

or else I would have walked out.

When Insidious is hitting its heights it's utterly thrilling and unnerving, paced to perfection, it builds from whispered voices on a baby monitor to entities invading the home of the poor Lambert family.

It dragged a bit.

At the end there IS an unexpected twist that caught me off guard which again is a nice touch.

I found the movie very exciting and suspenseful, while also being interesting & enjoyable.

The storyline was way predictable- part Paranormal Activity, part Amityville, part Poltergeist, and not in a good way- ugh- just DULL...

The conclusion was suspenseful and I knew right from the end there was going to be a sequel no matter how long they took to announce it.

Starts out very slow with loud, annoying music and laughable credits.

The séance scene was really adrenaline inducing as well and is a great example of how well this film worked to create fear without being overly gory and violent.

One of the best horror thriller horror horror breathtaking breathtaking thriller movie with perfect sound tracks matched with sudden ghost appearances..The creators of Saw and Paranormal Activity have joined forces on this silly horror – which is good for a handful of jumps and guilty giggles before it quickly reaches for the slipshod, hokey contrivances you don't expect until number 2 or 3 in the franchise..You have to pity poor Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, playing the parents of a young family; they must keep straight, serious actor faces while trapped in a haunted house movie, rejiggered into a possessed kid movie when their son falls into a coma – his soul trapped in a nether realm.

the characters became even more dull than they already were and downright silly.

It's intense from the start on, already showing off a creepy old ghost-lady, eerie music and a semi jump-scare before the five minute mark.

) Wan uses cliché like it's back in fashion.

"), the filmmakers succeed in boring the audience through the entire first act, and half of the second.

Insidious is cartoon scares and dull thrills.

Though, as i look back on it, it really was suspenseful, even though its scares, were all jump scares.

Save your money/time and give this steaming pile of crap a wide berth.

I've seen it twice already and it is still fun and engrossing experience.

A cliché run of the mill ghost story, that was predictable from beginning to end.

and these scenes are deadly boring and bring the movie to a screeching halt.

This movie thinks of turning the otherwise mundane Lambert family's life into a shock fest chock-full of spooky guitar strings and smiling corpses.

But for a single viewing, Insidious was well worth the watch.

The only horrors about this film were that I had to hear Tip Toe Through the Tulips after all these years of trying to block it from memory and that I paid $20 for this complete waste of time.

Boring uninspired untalented waster of time .

Plus the ending was predictable.

Because I never knew what was going to pop out at any given time, I was always on the edge of my seat.

Even if this story was not made into a movie, it would still make a compelling tale by a campfire.

Overall a really enjoyable horror flick and a pleasant surprise.

What gets me is that it's not as though the extended misdirection is even necessary for, or builds suspense to, the entertaining half-hour that is the peak of Insidious.

When the movie opens up (after the longest, most boring intro ever) we are shown several short, choppy clips of what is supposed to be a normal family moving into a new house (like every other scary movie out there).

Disappointing And Boring .

I went to see the Sunday matinée (nearly empty theater adds to the creepiness), and I was COMPLETELY FLOORED by the amount of hair raising, spine-tingeing, jumping-out-of-my-own-skin moments that this movie packed.

I'm always impressed when a studio manages to create an entertaining horror/thriller film with a PG-13 rating.

Mildly entertaining.

Super Horror Thrilling Experience after a very long time.

throughout the entire film i was on the edge of my seat and was jolting in fright like a hyperactive jack in the box.

Insidious not only has a great plot carried out by a great cast, it also has an enjoyable feel all the way through.

A scary movie worth watching.

On the upside, Insidious has some thrilling scenes, good performances and unexpected scares; also, its second half is strangely original.

Total waste of time, worst horror movie I've ever seen.

worth watching .

It's a cliché & it wasn't needed.

It was an enjoyable thrill ride of a movie because of the satire.

) ,and the second half also noticeably has some strong elements of Banjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoom Wongpooms 2004 horror film Shutter,Wan and Whannelle are still able to create an insanely intense atmosphere of terror and dread,with the final "pichure" in the film,being one that is still able to run a tingle of sheer horror down my spine,Final view on the film:The scariest film I have seen in ages,which is also brilliantly written,directed and acted.

It is very intense and dark (literally) and memorable.

I myself had been interested the film, because I had seen a few clips on YouTube, and wanted to know the story that people said was really intriguing.

Don't waste your time with this rubbish.

It also managed to be wonderfully entertaining, so it must be said that Insidious is a good film that is well worth a watch.

Turning the principal disbeliever (Patrick Wilson as Josh Lambert) into an active participant in the demon hunt seemed sort of contrived, and the disturbing finale was a little too late to save the picture over all.

Even the much over hyped PARANORMAL ACTIVITY seemed to me to be a boring experiment in cinematography.

The most entertaining and well executed sequence was the ending.

Truly mind blowing, entertaining, horrifying movie going experience!!

Amazing, suspenseful, well acted, terrific twists and turns, emotional story, and just all out really creepy.

As it starts, you can already take your notebook out and start checking on your cliché list: Old widow ghost, check, moving to an old haunted house check, baby monitors check, child's drawings check, rocking toy horse check, skeptical father, kid ghost, twins ghost, Gothic vampire ghost, esoteric technicians installing monitors, esoteric rites, the only missing stuff was the monster of Dr. Frankenstein, the mummy and green slime dripping off the walls.

Hard to follow.

I sat down to watch a suspenseful movie, and that's pretty much what I got.

There are even suspenseful moments to get your heart racing.

With so little left to the imagination, it becomes more boring than anything else.