Inspector Clouseau (1968) - Comedy, Crime, Mystery

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A string of robberies has occurred in Britain and it's up to Inspector Clouseau to catch the criminal.

IMDB: 4.9
Director: Bud Yorkin
Stars: Alan Arkin, Frank Finlay
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: G
Reviews: 9 out of 41 found boring (21.95%)

One-line Reviews (20)

This is an interesting take on the Pink Panther movies, and definitely worth watching.

it's slower than molasses up hill in January,that's how slow.

"Inspector Clouseau" lacks the boundless energy of director Shawn Levy and actor Steve Martin's 2006 entry in the franchise or the subtle sophistication of any of director Blake Edward and actor Peter Sellers' indisputable classics, but director Bud Yorkin and actor Alan Arkin's entry is undeniably unique and actually quite entertaining.

Even if a restored version was released (though it's a pretty safe bet that the original elements ceased to exist decades ago), it would be a far from perfect movie, but it would at least give fans of the series a chance to properly evaluate the movie as a whole, rather than as just a series of disjointed set-pieces where characters appear and disappear and situations occur with little-or-no-reason.

how slow is it?

It's not a total disaster, as some people have claimed and worth watching, if only for the comparisons.

There are actually some surprises, which never happens in the predictable, boring, unfunny Edwards movies.

Instead we have a rather clever and better looking than Clouseau should be, in the shape of Alan Arkin and a rather boring director in Bud Yorkin.

He moves from chair to chair during the conversation, confusing Braithwaite; and the pay-off (which I won't divulge) is good.

and man is this thing slow.

There's no story.

The problem itself is with the script which is unoriginal, tedious and not in the least bit funny.

It's a single watch film, something diverting to wile away the time on a slow afternoon.

INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU might be TOO tightly paced, unlike the yawning stretches found in the other films...

Of course one of the things for me that adds to it is the entire 60's vibe-I feel this is simply the most enjoyable time period to place this type of farce in.

Alan Arkin does a remarkably good job and shows his comedic background to good effect, but the plot is ho-hum so for the most part he's wasted.

Twenty mins in there seems to be no plot, just Clouseau faffing about, going to the Edinburgh Festival, which seems to be in London for some reason.

Overall, I really enjoyed it.

The film itself is enjoyable and worth watching.

The story is disjointed and pointless, the characters unbelievable and forgettable, the cast is faceless (one reviewer asks, "Who else besides Frank Finlay can you name?