Into the Badlands (2015) - Action, Adventure, Drama

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A mighty warrior and a young boy search for enlightenment in a ruthless territory controlled by feudal barons.

IMDB: 8.1
Stars: Daniel Wu, Orla Brady
Length: 42 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 25 out of 253 found boring (9.88%)

One-line Reviews (142)

Don't waste your time, it's the same **** as 90% of the other series out there.

The story was always engaging.

Superficially enjoyable .

something that's not exactly new to television, but it's fresh, slick and gripping!

Excellent character development with visually stunning landscapes throughout the series.

Not only was this one of the prettiest, most visually arresting shows I'd ever seen, it was clearly going to be incredibly entertaining.

Overall Its Worth Watching .

The action was promising, the plot's backdrop was intriguing, and some of the actors' performances weren't half bad.

I highly recommend it to fans of series with plenty of beautifully choreographed action scenes and luxuriously photographed outdoor locations like "Legend of the Seeker", fans of dystopian dramas and those who love power games and intrigue.

The plot though is actually really good, yes you can tear it to pieces, such as asking why they have cars, but no guns, yet if you forget all that, the storyline is very clever, intriguing characters and it keeps you guessing all the way through, you don't easily predict what will come next.

Sunny and the rest are just unbearable to watch anymore.

Gripping Martial Arts fantasy that should keep you on your toes.

A thrilling action ride from season 1 going into season 3, its only gets better.

But if you can get past all that then what you have here is an entertaining show that still has inconsistencies in character work and world building.

You might like it or find it boring.

I mean they all look so perfectly coiffed and oiled despite the dirt that was oh so carefully applied on their perfect skin..they look like a bunch of metrosexual warriors with $500 haircutsThe dialogue is BORING...

The characters are so flat and lifeless that even the actors seem bored as they deliver the banal script.

the plot is engaging and not repetitive like some of the other AMC Dead shows.

She and her minions at once espouse her original "liberte, egalite, fraternite" type message, while also engaging in nonsensical cartoon-villainy things, like casually murdering underlings who dare question them.

waste of time .

Nice camera work, but stupid combat scenes, just so stupid that I fast forward, naive plot, just everything is predictable, main charicters nondistructable, no point in watching, this is show for little naive children

I highly recommend it and I'm really sorry that it didn't continue (cough, cough, Netflix, cough, cough).

The whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts; if you don't like a touch of the improbable in your martial arts, you might want to look away, but it's always entertaining even when (or perhaps because) it's being slightly ridiculous.

The story is different and unpredictable unlike other cliché TV shows out there.

Some very dull jibber jabber and politicking.

It uses a game of thrones like structure where you have so many intriguing subplots occurring at the same time whilst there is an underlying plot gradually building up and bringing it all together.

Hundreds of movies used this boring trick already....

Then we have the young butterfly Tilda and MK, who show vibrant chemistry in one of the most compelling plot lines of the story, symbolizing hope against the backdrop of the actions of the unpredictable Baron Quinn and the pragmatic Sunny, the two male leads driving the events of the show.

So it's a bit of a yawn as you wait for it to play out every time.

Action based series and films normally dont interest me due to how un realistic they are with people like jason statham being untouchable it bores me the story is so predictable.

The plot is quite predictable and lame (the jealous baron son doing everything he can to undermine the hero) and the fight scenes, after a while, become laughable.

Boredom, boredom, boredom.

"Into the Badlands" is a very entertaining Martial Arts / Fantasy production that pulled me in right from the beginning.

The writing is absolutely bad, full of clichés and very predictable.

The show is super entertaining.

If you thought that Daredevil on NetFlix was good, this blows it out of the water, the story is really compelling and original in my opinion.

Breathtaking action and story line .

If you are a teenager who only cares about action, or if you are too bored that you wana be entertained with something, this is your series.

(The Widow is also quite a compelling character too)Besides the sometimes lackluster writing the show is still very entertaining and worth watching.

It's rare, nowadays, we get a series that's worth watching.

Currently this series is on the edge.

It was thrilling at times and the finale was the cherry on the cake.

Boredom, boredom, boredom...

Each episode has its sentimental moments but delivers stunning fight scenes, betrayal and plot twists galore!

The show appeals to lovers of feudal, post-apocalyptic, story plots - while also drawing in those who love entertaining martial arts action.

The action is fine, but the politics are boring beyond belief.

Well, OK, it is really but thankfully it's backed up with an intriguing plot and some excellent acting performances.

It is so hard to find a good action packed show with a great story that anyone can watch.

Entertaining pulp .

The concept of fighting and macho power ruling the future world is getting tedious.

The development from a fairly predictable post-apocalyptic tribal conflict to a grandiose mish-mash of just about EVERY theme imaginable gets a bit hard to take.

If you binge-watch this then you will find yourself fast-forwarding through the duller portions (of which there are plenty) and that is never a healthy thing for a show.

Well worth the watch .

The story is gripping and thrilling to watch unfold.

Absolutely Riveting .

Entertaining .

The setting of the series is an equally fascinating mix of Japanese feudal society, pre-World War I/-World War II China, and the Civil War-era American South.


Thoroughly dull and slow, it fails to create a single person to care about or be interested in.

Very entertaining.

The fight scenes are always a highlight, always suspenseful, always beautiful to watch...

The inclusion of Nick Frost in season two was a welcome addition and watching a man of his stature do Kung fu is both hilarious and supremely entertaining at the same time.

Simply mind blowing, .

What they have created is weekly dose of adrenaline and awesomeness.

The pace is slow slow slow and the story has been done before.

The story was going nowhere except for constant betrayal from everyone.

Entertaining .

Pros: Cool action scenes, good story, interesting world,Cons: Bad acting, boring cinematography, boring color palette Yeah I wanted to like this, I thought it would be like Spartacus, but the bad acting together with few interesting characters, and for me very boring cinematography and color grading + set design.

Character development, as a main pillar of the narrative, makes the story compelling and every single character likeable in their own way (from the ruthless baron Quinn to the angsty teenager MK).

Amazing cast, a new story unlike many others, impeccably choreographed fight scenes, intense villains that you almost want to win just see what they would do, the beautiful locations and details of the apparel.

I spent season 1 waiting for the story to move forward, something to happen and the characters to be drawn out and developed.

It gets bogged down from time to time but its still worth watching.

It is Storytelling at its' very best, at least for our early 21st C, so much more elegant, intelligent and fast paced compared with what else is available on the telly, and entirely original.

Entertaining .

Action packed .

The stunts that were done so well they kept you on the edge of your seat.

While the surface may seem exciting, it is gilded at best.

Season two dragged and sagged, with even the comedy styling of Nick Frost wearing thin about midway through the padded, predictable ten episodes.

I want to mention this isn't a show that everyone will enjoy, It is pretty gruesome, It depends on your palate, Personally I enjoyed it.

It's waaay to contrived.

The story is gripping.

While it's not the best show, it's still entertaining enough to keep me watching.

It's that dull.

It makes them more exciting to watch as they are constantly having some trouble or the other around them.. nice..The widow (Baron(ness?

The filming, choreography, wardrobes, lighting, music, everything is stunning.

The concept is compelling.

Emily Beecham is stunning and delicious in her role.

Bad, but still enjoyable .

This is a great show that has been beautifully crafted with stunning fight scenes and vibrant colors and awesome landscapes.

They are also very predictable.

Bad acting > Intriguing storyline .

The result is a highly imaginative, visually luxurious, mesmerizing watch, thats instantly engaging and very enjoyable.

Sonny is basically a stereotypical "hitman with a conscience" who grows disaffected with his Baron and starts stirring up trouble, while MK is a flat, boring, one-dimensional whiny teen who gets a superpower when he is cut called "The Gift".

Yes, the fight scenes were over the top and that's what made the fight scenes so amazing & exciting to watch.

two guys with such bland personalities really have a way with the ladies,one look & the Southern Belles get all wet & melt betraying everyone & everything they hold dear ...

Overall a tired, boring clichéd show that brings nothing new to the genre

By the second season, the fighting gets a little repetitive.

Either way, season 3 yust ruined everything the plot was crapy and boring.

Can't believe the negativity from some people the show is not reality get with the story line, great acting along with a good story line and action packed adventure from the first minute.

But why bother to storm the brains a little more when you can resume to manipulate viewers with loads of cliché.

The main character is quite boring and too much of a good guy given his personal history.

This tv-show is the 1 i will watch forever :-) fighting is great,story is awesome,characters are mind blowing.

The mixture of a post-apocalyptic world new order with lots of fast paced action scenes, a little shot of mystery here and there and an okay to good cast (both acting and fighting are solid) and production value are the main ingredients to cook up one of my (still) favorite contemporary running TV-shows.

What a waste of about 5 hours of my time.

The plot is clever, witty, action packed, has unparalleled martial arts, is consistent, artistic, formidable and addictive.

The story is gripping and intriguing and kept me wondering all the way through, I never got board and nothing about this was predictable.

the political setting is one that is compelling, with this being an unnamed region of the former United States in which a handful of "Barons" essentially own and run fiefdoms, literally in the style of old-world plantation-style Manors, where the fields are worked by serfs called "cogs" and kept in order by an overseer/warrior caste called "clippers".

The main character is found among thousands of slave laborers in a large mining complex where he meets a new character who is at first introduced as a novice who would appear to slow down the main character.

The story isn't intriguing enough, I don't care about the characters enough, the fight scenes aren't what I hoped for, it just feels very contrived and silly...

This show has some great story lines, great actors and is visually stunning, which all adds up to a world you can immerse yourself in.

Visually stunning and excellent storytelling...

The good news is that there's still plenty of action to enjoy, still wirework assisted, unfortunately, but nonetheless enjoyable.

My brain was dumbfounded with boredom.

As for those hugging "enjoy the fighting", the fighting is far from exciting.

With a good supply of weird characters in the Wasteland as sword fodder and a Clockwork Orange Droog look to the intriguing feudal society depicted this is a great series to binge on and enjoy

All in all, it's a show worth watching if you like the fantasy genre mixed with "crouching tiger hidden dragon" style choreography/fight scenes.

Zzzzz & Z .

Nonetheless, the plentiful action sequences and quite wonderful costumes and scenery go some way in making this entertaining, and the last episode in particular is quite stunning.

This show is a wonderfully shot, CGI intensive lackluster story content show, which only proves just how far we have come in the video gaming industry.

Into the Badlands is a beautifully shot TV show which looks stunning in high definition.

The monks in Season 2 were a little bit overpowered, but i enjoyed it.

Just this : Actors: Perfect Action : Hardcore Character : Best suited with story line Story : Intriguing Rest : Almost everything needed for an action packed series.

On other fronts, the protagonist(s) are dull, every character is dull, the plot is dull, character development is not believable in the slightest.

Critics may mock the overacting and corny storyline but there's something definitely intriguing about this show.

Lead actor Daniel Wu is more than competent in the chop socky department and some of the stunt work is truly breathtaking.

it is unpredictable and I love movies like that, the martial arts and soo twisting that a foe became a friend and a friend became a foe

Into the Badlands, an entertaining copy of Mad Max, Avatar (the animation with Ahn, not the blue nature hippie aliens) and your average bloody hack and slash movie.

If you fast forward through the fight scenes, it's watchable and the overall story is pretty enjoyable.

It is entertaining.

The acting is just spot on and the story is very intriguing.

Personally, I find his story insufferably boring, and as the series progresses, Sonny's story becomes insufferably boring as well.

Into the Badlands manages to combine all those elements to weave a compelling tapestry of vivid characters and suspenseful plot.

Even the action sequences become repetitive; gratuitously using slow motion to overcompensate for uninspired sword fighting is not a good fix.

The villain in this second half is the strongest yet and the scenes featuring him just as entertaining as those featuring the heroes.

Another different story with good characters and good story and world building , enjoyable and good watch

In Into the Badlands, the story line is incredibly interesting, and the drama scenes are just as riveting and well shot as the fight scenes.

"Into the Badlands" has some pretty outstanding action sequences and a fascinating mixture of vastly different societies from the not-too-distant past.

I really hope AMC/Netflix will continue their collab and write another new & exciting series or find a way to reintroduce Into the Badlands into the next apocalyptic era.

Some compelling characters and (if you like it) some over the top martial arts choreography.

The most intriguing character is the Widow.

Same Tiresome Story 3rd Season .

Not the best show in the world, but entertaining.