Into the Blue (2005) - Action, Adventure, Crime

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A group of divers find themselves in deep trouble with a drug lord after they come upon the illicit cargo of a sunken airplane.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: John Stockwell
Stars: Paul Walker, Jessica Alba
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 49 out of 212 found boring (23.11%)

One-line Reviews (196)

The plot is pretty predictable and there are lots of continuity errors.

Everybody I talked to agreed that he was a great bad guy, very intense.

Some gore, random shark attacks, and corny dialogue are just some of the exciting things you'll witness.

Probably the studio knew it wasn't gonna work out because the movie is an action thriller, so they made a different trailer to make it more exciting.

Surprisingly Entertaining and Fun .

This quartet spends the first part of the film diving and playing underwater with the glorious sea life until the unexpected discovery of a submerged airplane (recall the opening sequence) containing vast amounts of cocaine changes the playing board.

Visually stunning in every respect .

I was bored… by god I was bored!

evil, because these people totally miss the beauty (and all the work that obviously went into achieving it) and feel bored.

"The Skulls" cinematographer Shane Hurlbut provides stunning picture postcard photography of the cool, carefree Caribbean, while "Pirates of the Caribbean" underwater lenser Peter Zuccarini captures the pastel-colored ocean flora and fauna in the Bahamas as well as the Cayman Islands in all its scenic splendor.

Beautifully shot and truly exciting, this is a popcorn flick that you should not miss.

I was totally surprised by how entertaining this film was.

worth watching.

don't waste your time watching this film on a poor set.

A contrived premise and unrealistically bad decisions being made by the characters made my wife and I both squirm in discomfort as one bad decision was made after another.

At times it looks, feels and tastes good, but is actually full of air and empty calories.

The beautiful actresses also help to turn this into an "interesting" and attractive movie, but the entire story and the plot twists make it enjoyable, that's for sure.

The plot is disjointed and trite.

Waste of time and money .

This is the other thing that broke my suspension of disbelief, they are under water for way too long!

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen---I'm just going to put that out there.

Well worth watching.

The characters were shallow predictable caricatures.

Its starts off slow, setting the scene and introducing characters gradually and then it suddenly begins to accelerate - soon enough there are British gangsters appearing, a bit of piracy going-on, some mystery over a sunken ship and several plot twists.

As a result, the movie is more boring.

Maybe I was just in the mood - but i enjoyed it and watching alba swim, god she is gorgeous.

To do justice to this film, you should watch the "Making of" documentary which shows the absolutely beautiful Jessica skin diving with massive sharks - wearing only that stunning bikini, whilst the dive camera crew are wearing chain mail suits for protection.

I'm not saying this movie was Oscar worthy, but it is definitely worth the time if you are in the mood for an enjoyable movie with gorgeous scenery and a decent story.

Into The Blue is exactly what I expected it to be, ENTERTAINING.

The four young protagonists were about as shallow, bland, self-absorbed and hedonistic as it was possible to be.

Well he's just hot in general so of course he makes this movie worth watching.

And before I watch this movie, I didn't see someone stay so long time under the surface :)) Anyway, a very entertaining movie, and a good choice for cold nights.

I get that the 12 year old boys in the audience are restless during such romance, but older, female members of the audience would have liked more as a break from the confusing action.

It goes into silly, predictable, and quite unbelievable mode.

It starts off great, it really does and then descends into action movie cliché.

Anyhow i doubt this film will do very little justice on a small screen, but overall the script was solid and the sea animal work was mind blowing.

' I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

This movie is visually stunning if you are a fan of diving or just the ocean or beach in general.

One expects such unbelievable nonsense from Hollywood fare I guess, but somehow the whole thing is so leaden, predictable and just plain dull I found myself wanting to press the "fast forward" button after suffering through the first hour.

The movie is worth watching once and twice if your Girl Friends watnt to see it.

This is about the time that director John Stockwell should have pumped up the adrenaline in the plot and cranked out greater suspense.

Post script: I thought this movie had excellent underwater photography, location was incredible, entertaining plot line, lots of scenery, ocean views, underwater shots, underwater habitats and sea creatures, island and the island dwellers were too bad either.

The unique thing about this scuba flick is the footage is simply stunning.

To be blunt: nothing happens for almost 2/3rd of the movie; it's one long setup that goes absolutely nowhere with scene after scene seemingly used to show Paul Walker's abs and Jessica Alba's ass.

The plot is intriguing, original and even unpredictable.

And, when the bad guys got in the waters, well, it was really confusing as to who was who.

The story—a rather predictable adventure about a group of divers who discover a crashed plane full of cocaine on the ocean floor while searching for sunken treasure—definitely comes second to the stunning visuals (and the even more stunning shots of Jessica Alba's fine ass) and it isn't until the film's closing moments that things eventually kick into gear to bring viewers the tense action promised in the DVD blurb.

After that the movie gets really exciting and unpredictable.

" I know this critique may sound harsh, but it is undoubtedly one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Basically though I was bored--the plot was insulting and I need more than endless shots of Alba and Scott practically nude to keep me entertained.

You know what, let's add another crazy hot girl and this one guy who annoys the Tish out of everybody and who's predictable, bad decisions are easily foreseen by the audience not to make it too shocking for them.

sorry for that..thats all thats worth watching in this movie so see it just for that and you should feel OK after watching it.

Predictable as the tides themselves, "Into the Blue" springs few surprises and lacks the conflict required to keep audiences poised on the edge of their seats.

Though it was very predictable.

'Into the Blue' is entertaining, crisp, lean and stunning shot in the clear waters of the Bahamas.

Anything is worth Watching with Jessica Alba in it...

I was pleased to see that (a) she spends the whole film with very little clothing on and (b) it was actually a pretty good )albeit formulaic and a bit predictable) movie.

Some slow underwater scenes were accompanied by peaceful music belying the increasingly perilous situations the characters found themselves in.

From the very beginning, the paradisiac place where the story takes place in with a suitable music grab you from your boring every day life...

My only complaints about the film are that Jessica Alba says "Intense" far too often, and Paul Walker screams like a girl in one scene.

Every cliché in the book is here - car chases, evil drug barons (oh guess what, he has a British accent!

The main flaws of "The Deep" were a clichéd plot, some manic over-acting from Robert Shaw and some rather dull photography.

He died too, killed by the drug lord's partner (predictable, eh?

This is a visually entertaining, mindless ride.

The film was very enjoyable - opened my eyes about diving in open water...

Actually quite enjoyable and slick nonsense full of beautiful people .

The directing is uneven and dull.

I can accept bubble gum plots, and a trite story line under many circumstances.

Then the film really picks up at the end leading to a very exciting, and surprisingly violent final half hour.

It is a great film with a good looking cast and an entertaining story (even if it is lifted from The Deep).

This was an atrocity, an abomination, and pretty much a waste of my time.

Still, it was an entertaining movie.

This film is really quite boring.

and the skin diving sequences of male character Jared in particular are impressive - He could be the new man from Atlantis - Hey there's an idea for yet another Hollywood remake ;)) Jessica Alba is a little clumsy under the sea though on top she proves herself to be as visually stunning as ever - playing the sexy moral princess so well...

Good and entertaining action drama that twists with cat and mouse games of blackmail, plus nice eye candy with Jessica.

I read a reviewer who said that the only thing that made the movie worth watching was Jessica Alba in a bikini.

About halfway through the movie I was so bored that I couldn't wait for it to be over.

To conclude, I give it a 5 for the acting, a 5 for the unexpected violence, and a 10 for Paul's body (*daydreaming*) ...

This is a suspenseful and engrossing movie with agreeable performances and good rendering of underwater action.

If you want 'stunning diving angles', go for something like Abyss.

That aside the underwater photography is stunning as are the overhead shots.

That one was lost on me, not terribly exhilarating, original but unreal, and a bit predictable.

Great scenery, but slow plot .

Whereas movie like The Mummy and The Deep (which this borrows from) have the ability to remain a guilty pleasure for years to come Into the Blue fails even this small feat primarily due to the lack of story.

There were lots of pointless little side issues that appeared to take us nowhere.

The acting was believable, and the photography was absolutely stunning.

I found myself on the edge of my seat during some scenes from all the suspense.

But sometimes movies suck so bad and are so predictable that giving the movie a thoughtful review is not fair to me because the people who created the movie didn't think about you so why should I give them the same consideration.

Breathtaking scenes while scuba diving amongst the coral.

Into the Blue was an entertaining movie, nothing more, nothing less.

Don't waste your money on theater tickets for this one or you will feel ripped off.

It is hard to understand the ill will directed at this harmless and relatively entertaining action thriller as it has absolutely no pretensions about what it is trying to be.

Rather Boring.

But the story's is just, over predictable.

It was like this movie had no script at all.

"Into the Blue" is a good, surprising, entertaining cool film.

happy ending (predictable too!

Director John Stockwell keeps the pace humming along and even manages some rather suspenseful moments - particularly a night dive which results in tragedy.

But don't let this remark spoil the fun, the movie is still really enjoyable.

It leads you to believe that finally it is going to get suspenseful in this part of the movie...

For the first hour, it's easy to see why people might get bored, there's a lot of character and story building going on and besides the diving there isn't a lot else going on action-wise.

It must be said though the film does look good; cinematography is rich and vibrant, and the underwater photography is clear and inviting which compensates for the ridiculously dull story that almost reaches an unforgivable two hour running time.

Just when you thought you were getting bored.....

All in all I enjoy Into The Blue for just being a enjoyable movie.

A surprisingly painless and enjoyable experience.

There's a readily enjoyable adventure waiting here.

One of the worst movies I've seen lately

And then there were some really cool Jet Ski stunts, and an entertaining car chase.

'Into the Blue' manages to create an exciting Caribbean vibe and stretch it into a popcorn thriller that works .

It's kind enough not to get extremely stupid, but much of the story is fairly uninteresting.

It's a fun movie, gets pretty intense with some shark attacks and ass kicking cocaine dealers.

Sure its basically just a virtual vacation action movie with gratuitous ass shots, like excessive, close up (very sexy) ass shots but whatever, everybody looks good and the underwater stunts and intriguing story made up for it.

I do know that it's not the same kind of movie, but if you want to see a good and entertaining action- movie, I recommend "The Transporter" and "The Transporter 2".

Even though the plot – about a group of young wannabe treasure hunters who stumble onto a buried 17th century pirate ship (next to a downed plane full of cocaine) – holds a lot of potential as an exciting action adventure, nothing of the outcome is anything other than a glossy advertisement for string bikinis and 6-week abdominal workouts.

I saw this movie today, after already reading reviews panning it; so I decided to watch it because I was bored and there wasn't much on television that hour.

Therefore, I got myself interested in the plot because of it's fast pace, entertaining situations, and popcorn f/x.

Dull, clichéd movie with only eye candy going for it .

It is interesting for the first forty to fifty minutes, but then it trails into a boring non exciting crime thing, so while it isn't all boring, it isn't as good as the film that came before.

Don't waste your time.

It also suffers from some weak directing by John Stockwell, who seems more interested in getting in gratuitous flesh shots than moving the story along; a pace that's pretty languid and actually generates less dramatic tension than "Help!

The director himself might have fallen victim to the languid lifestyle of his subjects.

And now we get into the only enjoyable part of the movie: the whole process on how underwater treasure hunting works.

The plot stays slow, lazy, and realistic.

An action packed edge of your seat fun thriller!!.

There are exciting twists and turns during the denouement.

The story doesn't really pick up until after they recover some of the drugs, and by then, most viewers will be bored.

The story is solid enough, and in truth it was well above my expectations, captivating my interest very early on and remaining suspenseful and intriguing enough throughout the picture.

That being said, the movie started out pleasantly slow, spending enough time to develop the characters (although they were cardboard thin) and establish the beautiful location and the premise of the plot.

Watchin the movie is a complete waste of time if you don't wanna play with yourself and even then it's only half excusable.


it was very good and kept me on the edge of my seat.

Genius on the part of the director, who knew he had to liven up a tedious story and wooden acting with good old-fashioned sex appeal.

This was an enjoyable movie, with beautiful scenery and beautiful people (Alba, Walker).

god awful, dreadful what a waste of 2 hours of my life, you we me movie studio, i don't know where to start the plot has been done so many times, i think the studio and dudes that made this awful movie thought , hey lets get some cool young hunks and hunk-etts(miss alba) and put them in the water , wet!!!!!

This film was a waste of time.

This is just too predictable.

It isn't really for grown-ups though and the actors are mostly there for their looks rather than their skills but, if you can meet it on this level then it is actually quite enjoyable and slick nonsense.

Otherwise throughly (and somewhat mindlessly) enjoyable.

This film exhibits high-school style direction, bad acting, a silly "plot", boring scenes, and dull dialogue.

However, the drugs story was entertaining enough.

The underwater scenes here are vivid, colourful, visually exciting and beautifully filmed.

If you're searching for a good, fresh action- movie where you get blown away by cool scenes, fascinating story and good acting, you don't want to see this one.

The story itself was woefully slow to develop.

get real.. Scott Caan was also entertaining as usual (reminds me of his dad when he was young).

Although I think in some ways it also dampens (pun definitely intended) the plot because at times it's a little hard to follow.

The film dragged, and finally I threw in the towel.

I really liked this, way better than I expected to, with a solid story, fantastic scenery and amazing (just stunning) underwater camera work.

The whole thing was a waste of film and time in my opinion.

"Into the Blue" is a predictable but also entertaining adventure.

The premise of treasure hunting in the ocean is always intriguing.

Too Bad Everything Else Was Bland .

Sit back and enjoy this action packed edge of your seat fun thriller.

good film ; well worth watching; good pace .

I have also seen the same tiresome acting for many years now in different movies.

I have no choice but to give this film a high score, because I've seen it three times now (once in the theatre; twice on the tube), and each time I've enjoyed it immensely.

The characters are poor and the plot is contrived.

Conclusion: if you want to chill an evening this is your movie, but if you expect to have a good story and an intriguing plot, chose another one!

This is just a moneymaker, not a serious movie, its ridiculous at times, but entertaining, has a fast & furious vibe to it.

Oh sure, we're supposed to mostly care about cuddling, and we get on the big screen some of Walker's engaging smile and crinkly blue eyes as "Jared" establishes his romantic fidelity to Alba's "Samantha" with less passion than he won over those of us oblivious to fast cars in "Noel.

The movie is fast paced and exciting from the very beginning I can't believe the poor reviews that have been listed by other viewers.

The underwater scenarios and the locations in the Caribbean Seas are stunning and worth the movie.

In conclusion, Into the Blue is a horrible and forgettable movie, with a predictable script and atrocious acting.

I think the confusing elements in the underwater action sequences may be due to editing confusion over which masked stunt double is portraying whom.

Once this strident mark is hit the movie becomes a fast paced intrigue of good vs evil, crime, police corruption, all mixed with chase sequences both on land and underwater.

(Caan and Brolin are only in films because of having powerful fathers in the business) Poorly written, almost no continuity, boring for extended periods, many scenes should have been cut shorter, very little realism (Even experienced divers need to breathe, and in that first treasure finding scene, all 4 didn't bother to go up for air hardly ever, including the 2 "cityfolk" who were afraid of the sharks), obvious studio tanks in supposed underwater scenes, etc. If I listed all the problems with this film, I'd be here all day...

'Into the blue' is a Rather shoddy Reworking of the classic seventies movie 'The Deep' 'As you can see Iam being generous to this travesty By awarding this two stars, the extra star is for the scantily clad performance of Jessica Alba, who makes this watchable to say the least, This film is a pathetic attempt to remake its base material, which is the classic 1977 blockbuster 'The Deep'Which is also produced by Peter Guber, Sadly this film falls flat on it's face to try and recapture the magic of the 1970's Original,(which is undeniably entertaining ) This film has Suspension Of Disbelief written all over it, Watch The Deep' instead,

the guys will all be buff , it will make a ton of cash, the only thing wrong they forgot to make a movie worth watching,my brain is empty i can not tell you what i saw , what the sub-plots were, i can not tell you anything except it was terrible, i am sorry for the actors it was a waste of their ability,the dude that did this movie previous films were terrible in my eyes, but this is worst , this is a 1 time in life thing it really reaks , go watch a high school football game instead!!!!

I was completely surprised to find that not only does the movie not focus entirely on T & A, but it was entertaining.

Fortunately, the exciting ending—a surprisingly violent and bloody underwater battle between the divers, some nasty drug dealers, and a load of ravenous sharks—is well handled and leaves the film on a high note.

The plot of this film is not very credible, yet far too predictable, and, for a supposed action/adventure film, slow to the point of becoming inept.

This was a very enjoyable movie.

Now, I'm not just talking about Alba in a bikini (although, phwoar) or the obligatory sixpack with a mouth (in the form of Paul Walker here), because the of the beautiful Bahamas and ocean life are just fascinating.

Trim-waisted Paul Walker and Alba click as an underdog young couple we come to like living on the edge of poverty in paradise, while we grow to dislike outsiders Caan and Scott as well as bad guy Josh Brolin.

As I'm none of those, I found it a total waste of time.

i loved this movie,i'v enjoyed it not because i thought ..well..really?! are there any sharks around??

One of the worst movies I've seen .

I found this 2005 film to be very entertaining.

The film is slow-moving, plus Jessica Alba deliberately had them take out all all underwater closeups of her face which makes it rather bizarre since the only thing they show of her underwater is her ass.

Predicable But Entertaining Adventure .

Golden-girl Alba was born to wear a bikini and does well with a somewhat boring good girl role.

While the story might not be the newest or most exciting thing to happen to mankind, it's filled with suspense, and, without revealing the ending, I'll strongly recommend you to expect the unexpected.

I hope you enjoy/enjoyed it as much as I did and if you're a fishing, diving, boat junky, Alba fan like me then I'm sure you will/did

Into the bore.

other than that, it is a slow movie right up until the end.

1- Jessica Alba 2- Blue ocean 3- Jessica Alba again :) Common story (someone said 'boring' ?

Paul Walker and Jessica Alba star in this highly forgettable and predictable movie about a group of divers who get in trouble with a drug lord upon finding a sunken airplane.

Suspenseful, thrilling and well-paced underwater adventure about a divers who locate a a shipwrecked treasure and drug .

I've kinda enjoyed it, nice looking actors and beautiful picture,I mean the nature, ocean-diving, Bahamas...

Mindless but Visually Entertaining View of Attractive Ocean Flora In Between Violence .

i do not recommend to buy the DVD of this movie, as you will waste your money.

However, everything that's required to pull off a rather brainless action adventure is here, and it's worth watching if sounds like your sort of thing.

Nice wrapping, empty package .

Considering that this film is aimed at young adults (a market whom studios seem to consider a few rungs further down the evolutionary ladder than the rest of us) it does at least manage to tell a reasonably absorbing (if predictable) tale and refrains from MTV editing and shaky handhelds for much of the time.

Here's a little game if you get bored with the movie...

In justice, some of the filming - particularly the underwater sequences - was absolutely stunning.

I was bored; and for that it gets 5 stars.