Ip Man 4: The Finale (2019) - Action, Biography, Drama

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The Kung Fu master travels to the U.S. where his student has upset the local martial arts community by opening a Wing Chun school.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Wilson Yip
Stars: Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 39 out of 219 found boring (17.8%)

One-line Reviews (103)

Too much Chinese Propaganda .

The story is bland.

Perhaps best in its franchise Good story based on real history, perfect screenplay, brilliant fight sequences and effective end with breathtaking climax.

The plot was so predictable.

From the over-the-top caricatures to the slow clap in the final scene ...

Take ipman to america and the story is a rehashed predictable tale.

Racism, stereotype and cliche fest .

The fighting is superb and exciting to watch.

It's fairly cheap that the Ip Man films have become vehicles for nationalist Chinese propaganda, this level of otp melodramatic patriotism went out in the west in the 50s, and with good reason.

Overall however, there's a lot of liberties taken with at least the pure martial arts side of this movie, and the plot is predictable, which I think makes it hard for these actors to rise up and make the story more involving.

So exciting so real.

honestly it was boring and without anything new to offer .

Good Action Sequences, Predictable Plot .

Zero plot with just a bunch of racist propaganda thrown in to try and get a reaction.

One day, when the modern Chinese Empire is dust, I imagine people will look back on this film in the same way they do at the ludicrous pro-American propaganda of the 50s

The Yip Man series have been teasing the appearance of Bruce Lee for a decade now and when he finally gets a time to show up and shine in the series it is all rather dull.

Scott Adkins is awesome as the bad guy and the most entertaining character for me in the franchise that Ip Man goes up against.

Poor acting and even ho-hum fight scenes.

No storyline.

The first sequel did feature the great Sammo Hung but it devolved into a Rocky 4 clone with a "West bad East good" showdown that really dragged it down.

Additionally, the last 15-20 minutes of this movie is very thrilling and also a very satisfying conclusion to the legacy of this franchise.

The martial art in this scene also quite intense and watchable!

Again, totally worth watching.

Absolute waste of time.

This movie is not good as the former ones, because the boring screenplay is just too weak, blend, cliched and contrived, the supporting actors are either too mediocre or overly exaggerated; especially Vanness Wu, who played a role as low level US Marine, a very poor actor without any talent.

The acting is pathetic, the fight scenes are fantastic, the plot is hilarious, so decide for yourself if it's worth watching this Eastern propaganda.

I am done with Chinese propaganda .

Great movie about a REAL STORY Some people written predictable story e.

It's a surprise to me how entertaining this genre can be.

Enjoyable movie .

Predictable with poor acting .

(I saw the entirety of Ip Man 4 on YouTube before it was taken down for copyright)What a great ending, the racism makes things even more intense especially taking place in the 60s.

After waiting about 5 years for this stupid propaganda movie to finally get released, it is surely a shameful disappointment.

Amazing and adrenaline rushing watching the fight scenes.

Epic, totally worth watching.

Chinese propaganda - in your face .

Just another chinese propaganda movie .


Performances, dialogues and plot are so weak to appreciate this film like I did with the first two, nonetheless it got some pretty rewindable and enjoyable fighting scenes.

But the movie plays with these facts and works to make an entertaining film out of them, even if a bit off from reality.

Predictable yet Entertaining .

The racism portrayed is also a little too exaggerated to the point where it becomes a satirical cliche.

It is a very bad example of Chinese propaganda.

The scenario and all the conversations are stupid and boring.

Next time please leave out the chinese propaganda and all that racism.

For me the movie was good and enjoyable even though by no means in the same class as the first 3.

This movie was BORING.

The continuation of the storyline is good, and I will say that the movie definitely is entertaining, and it has a good amount of mixture of genres, ranging from drama to action - of course, with a heavy focus on the latter, naturally.

Fight scenes were decent but felt contrived.

some viewers are saying this is propaganda.

There's an incredibly visceral and intense feel to every confrontation.

absurd repetitive plot, horrible supporting cast .

First things first, I really like the the first two Ip Man movies, even they were also packed with propaganda, they had a kind of comprehensible billing element to it.

Pretentious Chinese Kung Foo masters, the bad buff Western Karate dude, etc. etc., all familiar themes for Ip Man movies...

All in all though, it still remains entertaining and a swansong for the series.

Film worth watching for the fight scenes.

Little story content but enjoyable fighting scenes.

The trilogy of Ip Man was so enjoyable up to this fourth installment.

Bad script and a bad plot, in other worth it is actually just an awful movie that uses two of martial arts all time greats in Ip Man and Bruce Lee, to spread chinese propaganda around the globe.

Gripping story and great action scenes!

It has no plot, no acting skills, and no moral.

Enjoyable king fu film with some excellent fight scenes and locations, especially the Guild Hall in Preston.

I liked all the fighting, a bit cliche from time to time especially with the racism and they did do some repetition from former movies.

Woo-Ping Yuen as action director design the fighting scene always entertaining.

Really good movie, emotional and action packed!.

There's some real emotion here too, and the fights all have a lot of meaning behind them (which made the movie far more compelling).

On the other hand Scott Adkins here is bland if you compare with great performances like in Boyka.

Story line had promise but totally ruined by all the left wing cringe worthy propaganda

Overall, the movie was very touching and thrilling at the same time, so I am giving it a 8/10.

Left wing propaganda .

Chyna propaganda film just sad - makes me glad to see once upon a time in hollyweird


This movie exists solely to spread nationalist propaganda and white-man hate.

Guess the overwhelming power and reach of the Chinese propaganda machine has the movie industry and its actors, even the few left from HK and Taiwan, in a firm grip.

The plot which involves everything from racists vs Wing Chun to following your dreams if you wanna be a cheerleader , is very uninteresting.

The whole film was predictable and repetitive with the story being all about bad white people.

Also I really liked addition of Scott Adkins to cast and he played very straight cliche villain and he was both acting and performing action.

The dialogues were so simple and so boring.

propaganda movie .

Obvious Propaganda is obvious .

Anti-white propaganda?

nostalgic, classic, great action sequences and throw in a bit of Bruce and this was really enjoyable from start to finish and I include enjoying some dodgy Chinese acting throughout.

Full of cliché and highly predictable .

The film starts slow.

Predictable weak story, everything set up with a purpose to fight.

Waste of 45 minutes of life .

The intense focus on racism, oppression, and the evil United States is truly sad and is incredibly damaging to this otherwise great tetralogy.

They've stuck to the more grounded fight scenes from "Ip Man 3", so none of that flying table fight in "Ip Man 2" and they just seem more practical, save for one particularly ridiculous, but nonetheless entertaining confrontation early on in the movie.

Similar quality and intense fight scenes are included as initial movies in the series.

I enjoyed it-I'm a big martial arts fan-and I would buy it on DVD.

Chinese Communist Party Propaganda.

It is not a "classic" IP man movie, full of intense fighting scenes and significant conflicts between "heroes" and "villains".

The villains are pretty dull and very cartoonish.

PROS:Donnie Yen delivers once again a stunning performance as Ip Man.

We have been fed American propaganda for decades through American movies, and been socially groomed for years, so now a little taste of point of views from other nations is not agreeing with some dull minded and may i say biased people.

It seemed to need to go above and beyond to show how bad the entire white race is and yes, we get it, racism is real and has destroyed entire nations but this movie wasn't adding much to that narrative, simply looking like it was some kind of propaganda machine.

For those saying propaganda, it's as much China propaganda as Rocky IV is USA propaganda.

Boring boring boring........

Entire film full of touching and intense martial art scene!

You can even say it is a bit cliche - IP man fighting others and everyone else cheering.

We've all had enough propaganda, why not make this final movie in this Ip Man series something just a bit more engaging, like the first film was.

I am giving it a 10/10 because the film delivers a strong message against prejudice but also because it was a thrilling and touching movie as well.

Some fights were good but mostly repetitive.