Isle of Dogs (2018) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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Set in Japan, Isle of Dogs follows a boy's odyssey in search of his lost dog.

IMDB: 7.9
Director: Wes Anderson
Stars: Bryan Cranston, Koyu Rankin
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 55 out of 411 found boring (13.38%)

One-line Reviews (232)

Dialogue snappy and stylish like all his other films.

This combined with an excellent voice work by luxury actors results in a fascinating work full of hilarious moments and memorable scenes under the same fascinating label that characterizes both the work of this particular and very original director.

But in the end, the overpowering synergy of the very slow pacing, the boring story line, the ridiculous plot, and the constant monotone of the droll dialog made sitting through it very disappointing.

I feel like if the time had been dragged on for a few more minutes, then that would solve that issue.

What a waste of time

Mostly thought it was quite slow.

It lacks however one important component - a compelling and original story.

However, the supporting cast of the "hero pack" of dogs, feel lacklustre and frankly empty.

Bryan Cranston is stunning as always as Chief and it was touching to see his relationship with Atari played by Koyu Rankin grow into one of mutual respect and camaraderie.


Chief's hatred for civilized politics becomes justified when we see how the people of Megasaki's decision-making process is very much influenced by the latest rumour and propaganda to portray the dogs as the threat to society.

The plot in the latter stages becomes somewhat convoluted or perhaps I was too bored to concentrate.

funny, impressive, and engaging .

It is a demented, unsympathetic and uniquely different film that is completely and utterly stunning!

It's a unique and colourful tale filled with eye-capturing scenery and one that fits Anderson's sensibilities and imagination like a glove, yet while so much of Isle of Dogs is wondrous and engaging, there's a sense that the core tale of Anderson's fable isn't one of the filmmaker's finest moments, as we are thrown into a simplistic yarn about young pilot Atari trying to reunite with his old 4-legged friend Scraps after he was sent to Trash Island 6 months previously.

Anderson's style translates extremely well to this type of story; simple yet entertaining at its core.

As a layman I think the Isle of Dogs was just another animation, to be more precise let me say this (to tell that I know) - "stop animation" movie .. a bit dull on that part too.

The stop-action animation is impressive and engaging.

This is a movie well worth watching, even for those who aren't much of a fan of Anderson's previous films like myself.

It's also the most MOST of his films: most wonderous and frame-for-frame spectacilar animation, most enjoyable characters, most talented and going-above-and-beyond what's asked of voice actors (especially Cranston, as it's his film really at hear, plus Schreiber and Gerwig - even Yolo Ono works well in a small dose), most exquisite and poetic and both dark and light, sweet and ugly, highly comedic in dialog and physical work and tragic as Miyazaki could get, and also both varied colors, and most moving music.

Some of the unexpected harder themes - I won't mention, might be spoilers - were unexpected, but handled very well.

If a reviewer starts out by professing their love for Wes Anderson or dogs, their review should be tossed aside as an empty can of sardines that one might find in the trash on the Isle of Dogs.

A fun concept and another visual showpiece for the highlight reel, but in the end it's rather dull and monotonous.

It's like a modern age animal farm a poignant epopé about freedom, propaganda, and tyranny against democracy.

The script and story are interesting and engaging, the kinetic stop-motion animation outstanding and the character design and voice talent is universally excellent.

Thoughtful, charming, and intriguing .

In Isle of Dogs he delivers signature moves that make his work so good - compelling story, carefully detailed and visually entertaining planimetric shots, deadpan humor...

The story is pretty average, and the ending predictable.


Nutmeg is trite.

Visually stunning .

Some scenes dragged on just a little too.

Story line is slow, boring, and I didn't really care to pay attention to it.

The story is unconventional but always involving, with its fair share of entertaining moments, poignant drama (the emotional core of the story is truly touching and with a lot of charm), its affectionate and tender portrayal of dogs and intriguing political elements without it being preachy.

Oh, yes, the Japanese voices are untranslated to add more authenticity or confusion as the case may be.

Isle Of Dogs showcases an amazing score, immaculate production design, fantastic voice performances and a intriguing story.

Too long, boring, and offensively bad.

specifically the second act (a guy in my showing fell asleep about forty five minute in, and I must admit that my eye lids got heavy too).

The score feels dynamic, traditional and exciting - really adding to the emotions and pacing of the film.

The film was very tasteful with the same Anderson crew, and featured dogs, newborn puppies, and beautiful Japanese culture (not sure about the accuracy, but enjoyable to watch nonetheless).

The emotional fire, the tension of friendship, and even the corruption that lies beneath it all, were all well-balanced to the point of keeping things engaging and entertaining.

They weighed the picture down, and it dragged...

For someone like myself, who never truly understood the Wes Anderson hype, it was an enjoyable movie.

Just to get it out of the way right from the start: Of course, the visuals are stunning.

The animation is simply absorbing and deeply impressive to look at.

Isle of Dogs is one hell of a breathtaking film to watch, with the fine detail in the stop-motion animation and the meticulous framing of every single shot making it feel as if you're staring at a piece of fine art hanging on the wall rather than a film.

The plot is smooth, and it's very enjoyable.

Everything about this move is extremely well done and I'd highly recommend it.

But this film is very enjoyable to watch and it is quite funny.

A little boring, it is good for teenagers.

Coupled with the meticulously crafted, symmetrical visuals of abandoned urban landscapes from sun dappled sake glasses to towering valleys of waste, these details come together to form a compelling, beautiful world for his characters to inhabit.

It had everything it needed to have for what the director was going for, and for me the story was very entertaining and interesting.

My 14 and 12 yo boys were quite bored.

I was on the edge of my seat at every twist and, and when I was done I started craving more.

I did enjoy the emotional content, between the dog and the child, and the animation, which is the same as the Fantastic Mr. Fox, was unique but I did get a bit bored of the plot after a while.

Mixing the mediums of Stop Motion, Puppetry, Miniatures, Still Image, Traditional Animation, and Tableau for this stunning homage to the Japanese 'Iki' Aesthetic.

The dogs themselves are very enjoyable to observe.

This star-studded voiced animation feature combines both American and Japanese talent for this this compelling story about a young Japanese boy's search for his beloved dog who has been exiled to an outcast island where dogs have been quarantined.

Waste of time seeing it.

If the visuals make one's eyes gouge, then the unpredictable outcomes of the story suck one in, as it's hard to figure out what will happen next, complete with flashbacks that unleash numerous upon numerous of layers nobody will see coming.

Enjoyable, far from being the best work of W.

Some scenes seem random and unexplained, but the whole thing is so charming and enjoyable that it doesn't need to make complete sense to be an unusual delight of a movie.

A darkly mature story that involves political agendas, propaganda, totalitarianism, obedience and death is surprisingly intertwined with an intelligently written script that is sure to have you laughing on several occasions.

This movie is bizarre, intriguing, and bizarrely intriguing.

The dialogue is just as witty and entertaining as any other Wes Anderson movie, and most of the characters are perfectly-cast.

But the animation steals the show, It is stunning to look at, every frame could by a painting that I would haply buy.

Like Ludwig Göransson for Marvel Studios' "Black Panther," he's a composer who knows how to channel well traditional drum sounds and Oriental instruments in which the feature film develops, he mixes them with his own ideas, creating a portentous whole, here, musical accompaniment is vital for the sensory process in the cinematic experience; his score is volatile, energetic and powerful, but at the same time fine, sensitive and adequate, candid and completely exciting.

It has scenes of total brilliance and political satire done with imagination and flair, even if the story ultimately wears thin and settles for a contrived ending to please the masses.

Great story, great actors doing the voices, worth watching over and over.

"Dogs" also features a tedious amount of people speaking, at length, in Japanese, and then having a character translate it for us.

Whilst it definitely evokes a Japanese theme throughout, it is at first dull, then later on annoying and intrusive.

Behind the stunning visuals, is a story full of heart, a story about a dog, man's best friend, and his master.

This mix of clean and distinct auditory and visual experiences makes the movie engrossing to follow.

It's got some tedious things like all the main characters are male dogs voiced by older men.

The story could do with a few more beats to make it slightly more compelling.

This film is a cliché and based on a formula.

Outstanding, Artistically stunning, amazing story, and a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat begging for more!

As for the plot, I find it a little uneventful.

Wes pulls off another entertaining animation.

Although the plot is admittedly loose and iften nonsensical, the script is great and the overall story entertaining enough to forgive the rest, and the movie sure doesn't have a dull moment.

The story, though not overly complex, is still intelligent and engaging.

Anderson's Dog-Venture is Creatively Adept, But Also Slow and Wearying .

Expositional dialogue is very snappy and makes a great deal of sense.

Nevertheless, it is enjoyable and darn it, I laughed.

I really enjoyed it a 8.25 out of 10.

The combination of all these things leads to a movie that is as dull and lifeless as the stop-motion figures themselves.

It was boring, not funny and just plain dumb!

Wes Anderson wrote and directed this amazing film about trust, leadership, corruptness, love, and friendship flawlessly with it's various morals and fantastically smart dialogue woven into this breathtaking film.

Good music for an engaging film .

Despite its intelligent plot and intriguing intentions, Isle of Dogs is a movie that remains entertaining and easy to digest.

If you don't, buckle up, because this is jam-packed with everything that is his style, the quirky music works now fused with Japanese, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum and the usual cast having very well fitting characters (watch out for the credits Anjelica Huston is there as a Mute Poodle) and the cinematography being interesting and stunning.

Its funny and sad in places but overall very enjoyable.

Isle of dogs has masterful animation with breathtaking visual effects it uses similar animations to Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr Fox.

If anything, the movie had a theme of the power of propaganda and the motives of misguided leaders.

Characters - Most of the characters aren't developed a lot, but its still entertaining.

This movie is wonderful, unique, intriguing, sad, and traumatising all at the same time.


These genres may not seem like they would mix well, but Anderson and company have managed to tie these components together in an entertaining manner.

Feels like somebody tried too hard to make the movie widely understood, in result making it bland and uninspiring.

The story moved so slowly, was uninteresting and completely predictable.

The film itself is part just classical talking animals learning to love again picture, which wholly enjoyable particularly in how enjoyable the world it creates among the dogs.

It has a great voice cast and tells a fascinating story of dystopian proportions.

It's an entertaining story and most of the jokes made me laugh out loud so I'm giving it a 8/10

The most enjoyable of his movies so far has been FANTASTIC MR. FOX - why not just cut out the middle-man and actually make the characters puppets?

) and the overall product is tedious at times.

All of wich are enjoyable, even the side characters and villains.

I was blown away by the animation from the start, the film is stunning.

Bursting full to the brim of mouth watering visuals, stunning production and flawless stop motion animation, Isle of Dogs shines as one of the best animated films ever crafted technically, and possibly the best film by unique and stylised filmmaker Wes Anderson.

even if they're a tad predictable by this point.

The movie is not only visually appealing, as Wes- movies always are, but has a intriguing story as well.

Unmistakably Wes Anderson in every way; wonderfully enjoyable with engaging characters & an unflinching cadence; plus, for once, I didn't outright loathe Greta Gerwig.

With a runtime of an hour and 40 minutes, it flies by, always keeping your attention and further engaging you.

Each one of the characters was deeply developed and fascinating while also working off many of the other characters.


Tiresomely trite Japanese portrayal.

A visually stunning tale full of heart .

Incredibly fun, visually breathtaking cinema experience and story telling adventure.

Unfortunately, the movie tells its very thin story at a snail's pace and then has to introduce an American teenager- an exchange student from Ohio- to set the naïve people of Japan on the right path.

Totally enjoyable from beginning to end, with a unique idea based on the beauty and loyalty of the dogs and developed through a fascinating and fun adventure, next to the incredible work of Anderson direction plus the high quality stop-motion that we are given, this ends up being a film of high quality deserving of much applause.

Overall, great: wonderfully funny, interesting and entertaining.

The visual novelty wore off, it dragged on, and it seemed far longer than it was.

The dog names are so basic and boring.

The mix of two languages made it even more fun and intriguing.

Still an enjoyable film and will look forward to learning more about the behind the scenes.

Some parts move excessively quick, while others are a little drawn out and oversaturated with their odd eccentricities and banter.

A Beautiful and Compelling Film .

The plot aspect involving a corrupt, tyrannical mayor of a large fictitious Japanese city is one of the more enjoyable parts of the storyline.

Definitely the most delightfully enjoyable experiences at the cinema this year.

The thrilling 'Taiko' drumming that sets the wheels in motion relentlessly underscores a movie that takes Japaneseness to thrilling heights of respect, with some humour of course - it's Wes.

Unwatchable .

Went in having seen the perfect trailers (no story divulged just the style of the picture).

The adventure with Atari and the dogs through trash island is very entertaining, and provides each dog with a distinctive personality, as well as their strong bond with Atari.

) there's enough gritty realism and unexpected themes explored to make this quite compelling indeed!

To which end then this could be dubbed a stronger, more touching and engaging Fantastic Mr. Fox.

A flash of absorbing and unconventional creativity .

The story was kinda bland, the characters were weak, and the jokes fell flat.

Oh my god it was boring!

The dialogue can very often fall into the cliche or hokey category which is not atypical for a Wes Anderson film.

The movie was too slow and strange.

With a suspenseful and captivating story, phenomenally crafted animation, a great cast of characters worth rooting for and genuine love and respect for Japanese culture, Wes Anderson has showcased his love for the unlimited possibilities that the medium of animation can accomplish through visual storytelling.

Long, drawn out and uninteresting.

Not a dull moment in the movie and it at parts, hysterically funny, full of pathos, and enjoyable.

Honestly, it reminds me a lot of The Royal Tenenbaums, but completely different and worth watching over and over!

Returning, Atari delivers a rousing speech to shame his uncle, releasing the serum and reviving the dormant dog-lover in the citizens of Megasaki.

Voice Acting - Some people may find the flat line delivery boring, but I think it fits the tone of the movie and I enjoyed it.

It's engaging and there are a couple of characters you can empathise with.

But considering I've found all his other work to be pretentious snorefests, that's not saying much.

Without going into spoilers, i thought the story had enough stuff to be entertaining and it was very interesting to see how they solve the problems.

It's stunning, gorgeous, brilliant and nearly as good as Grand Budapest Hotel.

Wes Anderson's latest project is emotional, entertaining and intelligent and should please the brains and hearts of old and young cinephiles alike.

It was also a little bit slow though, which is why I give it a 6.

Joining forces with a rag-tag collection of mutts led by Bryan Cranston's Chief and Edward Norton's Rex, Atari's journey starts off promisingly enough but unusually for an Anderson film, Isle of Dogs narrative begins to peter out as the runtime wears on and interest levels wane and despite the fine attempts of its voice cast and the beautifully constructed animation, Isle of Dogs is neither funny enough or thrilling enough to be considered up their Anderson's most assured works such as Fantastic Mr. Fox or more adult oriented dramas such as The Royal Tenenbaums.

I'm partial to the stop motion films where you can be both immersed in the world, and sense the work the very touch of human hands helped create.

It's easy to get caught up in the eye candy, but what is truly revelatory here is the stunning audio that envelops the theatre.

Most of this is caused by flashbacks, which the film does actually make enjoyable via stylistic choices.

Everything was good about this movie, except it was a bit of a snoozer.

On Saturday I went to go see my first Wes Anderson film, and I really enjoyed it.

Round-Up: This movie was directed by Wes Anderson, who also brought you Bottle Rocket in 1996, Rushmore, the great Royal Tenebaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, the enjoyable Darjeeling Limited, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Moonrise Kingdom and the brilliant Grand Budapest Hotel.

Fortunately, the film becomes considerably more compelling once it becomes clear what the boy's purpose is and how much he is up against.

This movie had the potential to have a great amount of it, but due to the sometimes cold animation, I feel that the movie missed out on being more heart warming than it was, and maybe that contributed to the feeling that the movie was to long or too slow.

"Isle", with its beautified dirtiness, its form of deafening taiko drumming, its tongue-in-cheek squeak, and its V for Vendetta banality, comes in at a close second.

Extremely enjoyable.

'Isle of Dogs' is a stunning piece of stop motion animation with frenetic energy, wonderful atmosphere and delightful characters.

I did find that the narrative segmentation and constant flashbacks made for a disjointed plot.

A cave the leading dogs have built for themselves comes to mind; the whole thing built out of empty bottles of various colours.

A quirky, sweet tale of the bond between a boy and his dog, Anderson's second stop motion film is an enjoyable animated adventure that finds beauty in the unlikeliest of places.

The characters are one dimensional and boring.

The stop-motion format allows Anderson to control every angle, every visual in this detailed, fascinating-looking world that unfolds like a storybook come to life.

I found myself easily distracted from the pacing and overall dull concept.

Like "Fantastic Mr. Fox", director Wes Anderson has led a creative team (including an all-star cast) that is accompanied by very clever and enjoyable animation.

It's incredably slow and confusing to children.

The fates of dogs and humans will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

These amount to minor quibbles, as Isle of Dogs convincingly shines as a highly entertaining and visually spectacular film that is artful, witty, and ambitious.

The spark of the script gives brilliance to the plot needs and intransigent twists, besides, comedy is handled surgically in the narrative, becoming it a crucial point on the mere fact that the gradual and unexpected humor threads compose and speed up the pace of a non-commercial film, one that does have to defend against other mega-budget opponents.

The visual presentation is consistently stunning with Anderson's trademark symmetrical compositions and storybook aesthetic.

Way too much time was spent by movie trying to explain everything to you, feeling like a boring video game dialogue.

Overall, this film is incredibly enjoyable and well-made, and it is a must-watch for everyone.

Isle of Dogs - handsome, engaging, unique .

Dull as in the movie, animation was good.

Thankfully most of us are in the audience instead, which means a totally opposite, enjoyable experience.

There were many plots but the director kept them intact and saved the audience from getting lost, but towards the end when he tried to bring them all together, it kind of got boring and too long, with the ending which was a little bit lame and predictable.

Anderson packs in more shots than is usually expected from animation, particularly in the painfully slow process of stop-motion.

The snappy dialogue, humorous quips, likable characters, and visuals all help make Isle of Dogs more enjoyable with its simple premise.

The plot is predictable and bland.

Animation of a riveting simple story .

Six months later, hundreds of dogs are now living on Trash Island, going through the different stages of the virus symptoms, including deterioration, starvation, insomnia, tiredness, rage and much.

Each frame, Each scene while stunning is soothing at the same time, which is the trademark of the director.

dull dialogue delivery, pointless dialogue, and a focus on things other than the story itself.

Beyond a complex plot, that it's at the same time made light by Anderson as he often does, what's very fascinating is the typical Anderson geometric setting of shots (with also games with split screens and field corrections) unified with a kurosawaian reminiscence that gives to the movie an epic tone, also due to a powerful rhythmic soundtrack, immediately diminished by ironic situations.

In the end, I think my main qualm with this film was that it was a smidge too predictable.

It's an entertaining story and most of the jokes made me laugh out loud so I'm giving it an 8/10

his newest film, is undoubtedly an entertaining film, it's stop motion style is welcomed after a long drought since Kubo.

The story is refreshingly original and is supported strongly by an endearing band of characters with distinct looks, personalities and backstories that gradually reveal some intriguing and emotionally gripping twists and character chemistries, namely the relationship between Chief, a human-hating stray, and Atari, a boy who seeks companionship.

The movie is tediously slow with below average imagery and poor writing.

The plot gets a bit loose and hard to follow in the second half.

The storyline is fun,exciting and meaningful in the sense that it connects (indirectly) with reallife events.

In fact, her involvement is entirely triggered by Atari's engaging in his quest.

The plot, as to be expected, is engaging and fun.

With an engaging plot like that and such richly constructed environments and characters such as these, nearly everything should go right and it does.

Its depth is fascinating .

dogs fighting robot dogs, boy got another metalpiece in brain.. wow, It's like how people love to praise Tarantino.. Also a director that makes the same boring movies over and over with only top grade actors.

) If the movie were Isle of Cats I would have left the theater afterwards complaining about how awful it was (I know that's kind of biased, but this movie was quite literally all about dogs, so if you dislike dogs you probably will be bored).

Aside from that technical strength, the framing of the film is engaging in the way it positions characters relative to the camera, and how it deals with the characters interacting with the viewer.

It's too predictable for an adult, too much unnecessary "tutorials" about story for children.

A compelling story about a young Japanese boy's search for his beloved dog .

In short it's a fun and enjoyable film with a gently delivered message that isn't shoved down your throat.

This was a movie that felt fun and exciting when dealing with serious issues, a trademark of Wes Anderson's cinema at this point.

The political aspect of the story made this film more fascinating and worthwhile.

panorama from air etc. says something boring and that walks some more.

The stray dog Chief is especially tiresome, plus Bryan Cranston does not elicit any charm in the role.

The stop-motion animation is very well done, and the way it is contrasted with beautiful Japanese imagery is stunning.

Many of the jokes are entertaining.

Everything is accompanied by a intense and compelling musical score.

Very enjoyable movie - downright hilarious, and it's good for kids, too.


The plot is gripping and quite entertaining.

Dull, overlong and superficial .

I am not familiar with wes anderson movies i only saw Fantastic Mr Fox so I'm not that familiar with he's style, but i can tell that wes anderson put a lot into the film, the animation looks great, there are a lot of good looking shots, the designs of the dogs look great, the world is interesting, music is fantastic, i think you should just watch this movie for the filmmaking alone, now the story is pretty average, the characters that i only enjoyed are the boy and chief (the black dog), love interest dog is pointless they should have cut her out because she doesn't do anything at all, the dialogue is awful in this movie, everybody speaks the same way, there is a lot of tell don't show in the dialogue, a girl says she has a crush on boy to no one just so can the audience understand whats going on, overall the movie was good and I recommend the movie just on the filmmaking alone

I'm the one who found this film boring and nonsense,nice...

The movie itself feels so energetic thanks to Wes Anderson's incredible direction, it's remarkable that even the movements of the framing/camera is exciting and humorous.

While the film is enjoyable, entertaining & satisfying to a degree, there is nothing memorable about it.

As with all past efforts, "Isle of Dogs" is a staggering visual feast, and because this is animation (a stop motion, retro futuristic, Japanese one), it is chock full of exquisite canvasses, complex graphics, and stunning originality.

So this uniqueness of retaining the language make it a more unique and absorbing experience.

It is just too quirky, with all the references to Japanese culture (including exciting taiko drumming) and the use of Japanese language (not always translated).

A film unique in its style, using two quite fascinating methods to observe and enjoy in a film: The stop-motion and the direction of Wes Anderson.

I had to turn off this movie within 10 mins, it did not make any sense.

From here on in, it's very much an A-to-B adventure, but Anderson and his co-writers (Nomura, Roman Coppola and Jason Schwartzman) ensure that the journey is anything but formulaic.

', I am left with the same quandary - too dark for kids, too predictable and unchallenging for adults.

Yet another unwatchable mess .

I enjoyed it, like I do all of Anderson's films.

Pointless dialogue.

Story that is dull and unengaging.