Isn't It Romantic (2019) - Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

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A young woman disenchanted with love mysteriously finds herself trapped inside a romantic comedy.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson
Stars: Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 64 out of 381 found boring (16.79%)

One-line Reviews (178)

It seems that every cliché from every rom com she's ever seen, all of those things she discussed with Whitney, have come true.

Cliché movie about cliché romantic movies .

Not sure I would have gone to the theatre to see it if I hadn't had to, but I enjoyed it.

Pretty funny and predictable.

It's a very fun, cute, feel good movie to watch to take you away from your normal ho-hum day and got me to laugh out loud during several scenes.

Do yourself a favor and save your money and see a real movie.

It is very much predictable and cliché with its story.

My cynical hubby - who despises Rom-Coms - actually enjoyed it.

Sometimes repetitive.

It's a funny, feel-good, utterly-predictable-and-knows-it movie, and I liked it way better than a lot of real rom-coms like Sleepless in Seattle or forgotten-number-of-weddings and a funeral.

This movie is very very predictable.

So yeah, what makes this movie original is actually a rip off from another movie BUT this movie was still enjoyable and cute.

Cheesy humor + very predictable = meh.

I waste my time.

My husband unwillingly attended and said he enjoyed it and he was laughing and having a good time.

Crap,waste of time.

My husband fell asleep half way through.

But late at night I stumbled onto this and it was surprisingly clever and funny and entertaining.

Even though this movie tried to be a parody of all the romantic comedies, in fact, it ended up being a cliche itself.

The only thing about this corny film, that is entertaining in a weird way, is when you shake your head in disbelief about the silliness you are watching.

Instead they come across as self-aware campy fluff that make the film enjoyable.

Every joke in this movie is either predictable or super cheesy.

Liam Hemsworth and Adam Devine we're also pretty funny and enjoyable.

I watched it with my family and we all really really enjoyed it.

Very predictable, and boring .

Light, entertaining and funny...

Horrible movie with no storyline.

There were parts which were funny and then it got predictable.

A fun, light, clever and thoroughly enjoyable time at the movies.

That's how boring it was.

Found it funny and entertaining.

The casting and acting and production values were good but the final product was boring.

Rom-com's are a dime a dozen, they are predictable as all get out, This takes all that stuff and makes the Rom-com a joke.

Priyanka Chopra (BAYWATCH) stars as the stunning competition-in-love for Natalie, and Adam Devine (PITCH PERFECT) is Josh, Natalie's nice guy co-worker and not-so-secret admirer who can't seem to escape the friend zone.

Don't waste your time

This movie is super funny, very enjoyable made by a talented cast.

Just plain enjoyable .

I love Romantic comedies, and although the protagonist hates them, she lands up in one, and it is truly so funny and such an entertaining adventure!

It's funny lighthearted and entertaining throughout.

Full of cliche even though it claims to make fun of the very cliches.

Regardless, it's entertaining and even Wilson came off well.

Dont waste your time .

I was so bored and didn't laugh once.

The writers made sure every cliché was there and made them extremely funny in reality, The gay sidekick cliché in this movie is my favorite because in the reality of the main character its just her next-door neighbor she knows nothing about I didn't even realize he was gay because he doesn't look like a stereotypical gay man.

I was so bored, that I got up and left half way through.

It takes some of the most common cliché elements from rom-coms and plays with it so brilliantly (and/or foolishly) that most viewers will end up laughing and liking it.

I see what the point of the movie is but it is neither entertaining nor moving wasted 2 hours of my life don't recommend would rather watch an actual cheesy rom-com

Predictable, longwinded and silly.

(If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.

The movie was boring and predictable(like REALLY), as I said in the title.

With a major change of circumstance that sees Rebel Wilson trapped inside a romantic comedy, the film eventually just gives up on all its gags and little jabs at the genre, and instead goes into automatic as it develops the story and the various on-screen romances towards a disappointingly predictable conclusion.

Utter rubbish, don't waste your precious time on this drivel .

It was very cute and enjoyable to watch.

It's a light, enjoyable movie, guaranteed to cheer you up.

However this movie is as cliché as it could be.

It's perfectly pleasant, and thanks to its thoroughly enjoyable opening act, it's certainly better than most romantic comedies.

In an earlier scene, Selma tells Bill that as a little girl, she would always leave the theater before the last song was performed.

Great cast, everyone was entertaining especially Rebel, and the directing was on point.

It does have a few laughs and entertaining moments.

The movie was full of fun enjoyable scenes.

A really enjoyable romantic comedy that parodies romantic comedies .

I get why this movie has received low ratings- sure the humour was cheesy, the plot was a bit predictable and maybe the movie was a bit dull at times.

Like, yeah we see her march into her office and not take the other employees bullcrap anymore and she pitches her hotel parking lot design (although all she really does is make an analogy and then leave without actually presenting anything), and then it immediately falls back into typical cliche romantic comedy ending.

This movie was boring ridiculous dont waste ur time or money seeing it.

It was completely predictable (person hits their head and the rest of the movie is an alternate universe) and there was nothing that stood out.

It is one of the worst movies I've ever seen!

enjoyable way to pass the time

As a comedy it's funny, the characters are entertaining and interesting.

That's life until she's knocked out fighting a mugger and wakes up to an alternate world where every single cliche of romcoms becomes true.

It is very much predictable and has every cliché.

I did get some laughs, and I understand what they were going for here, but it felt very disjointed.

The rest of the cast are also very enjoyable.

From strength to cliche they made fun of .

Being a fan of RomComs, I found it entertaining, the storyline was good and I loved the ending.

After a day debating the merits and cliche's of romantic comedies with her assistant, she is mugged on the subway and wakes up to her life as a romantic comedy.

Don't waste your time on this garbage, Rebel Wilson needs to change characters for once as she's always playing the same roles.

A half spoof,half reality type movie which is entertaining as well as feel good.

Predictable from start to finish.

Worst movie I have seen in ages .

It was a cute movie that I enjoyed, though it was a little slow at first.

really funny and entertaining .

Jokes were quite less, story line was witty , circled around cliches but never fell to them, exciting cast, length was short no time for any character to build much character, don't know why the hurry may be bad editing or it was mostly made for streaming.

Overall, if you can avoid uncommon and distracting acting from a familiar face, this film is decent and enjoyable for a single viewing.

Very entertaining.

It was enjoyable and something to watch though.

I was so impressed by all the cast- they were all perfect and made the movie that much more enjoyable.

Predictable and boring scenario;And frankly, I'm sick of this sort of movies that portray beautiful women in a negative way just because they are beautiful.

This movie was BORING.

It was enjoyable, sweet, tongue in cheek, fun, and feel good.

Very entertaining!!!

So many things were unexpected and genius in this movie, it's honestly sad to see it have anything lower than 9 on here.

A total trash and waste of time despite the fraud positive reviews by the fem nazis and pathetic sjw lemmings.

I get the whole idea of this movie that they are trying to make something new and it had that little twist to it like the kind of cliche but not really cliche but the movie was still cliche but they had that twist to it which made it a little bit different but I couldn't keep watching the movie because I was so bored.

It's a waste of time.

It's a very light and enjoyable movie .

Hemsworth and Wilson are an impossible couple and I really enjoyed it.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Boring .

But, generic rom coms get panned, so why wouldn't a move that makes fun of them if it is just as disjointed?

Sure it isn't Oscar worthy, but the plot was enjoyable, the characters were hilarious and if you are looking for a laid back, easy to follow film to watch one night, I would 100% recommend this one.

Rebel Wilson, as well as the entire cast were really enjoyable to watch.

This movie is such a cliche I can't believe I've wasted almost 1h 30 min seeing it.

Light, funny & entertaining .

Rebel was far from loveable more irritating as hell, waste of 90 mins of my life

I didn't find it funny, the "funny" lines and situations were seen before so many times that actually bored me.

As cinema's most formulaic and over-played genre, I'm always happy to see a film taking a little pop at the romantic comedy, simply because there's so much to poke fun at.

Isn't It Romantic takes this premise to the max early on, with a full-on parody of all things rom-com that makes for a rather cute and enjoyable opening.

We both enjoyed it.

As a genre that everyone knows well, this film doesn't hold back when going into extreme detail about various formulaic aspects of the rom-com, whether it be the pointless rivalry between female friends or the ever-present final dash to stop the wedding.

I enjoyed it more than I expected.

Enjoyed it.

Cheesy, annoying and boring.

Rebel Wilson stars as Natalie, a boring, everyday girl, who hates, despises even, romantic comedies due to a reality check her mother had given her when Natalie was young.

Were everyone is nice, every cliché that is in a romantic movie is for real, and her client Blake (Liam Hemsworth) is deeply in love with her.

It's predictable tale is very generic, with obvious plot components being set up minutes into the film, which could have used some deviation.

His characterisation was impeccable and so many of his jokes were what made the movie more enjoyable.

Worst movie ever .

The funny parts were few and the story was kind of predictable.

The movie/plot is base on cliche rom-coms which essentially turns into one.

When Eliza changes her way of engaging the world by use of language, she transforms her reality.

I think that Love Actually is one of the best romantic comedies because of the coldly rational reason that the shorter divided story-lines deletes the risk of drawing things out and boredom.

completely predictable.

I am currently watching this movie and am that bored I'm writing a review...

Enjoyable enough for a Friday night in.

It's silly, predictable and very boring.

The end result, though it had some charm, was that "Isn't It Romantic" was rather bland as a romantic comedy.

It pokes fun at Rom-cons cliche moments, and also makes it it's own as a Romantic comedy.

Worst movie ever nothing new or creative.

But this one was funny and I enjoyed it a lot.

This will go down as one of the worst movies of the year.

started out ok, but ultimately proved bland and disappointing .

I laughed at several parts, it was cute and charming and overall was an enjoyable time.

Many of the jokes were just fat jokes for rebel, it had a sweet ending but it was very predictable.

It was refreshing to see them pointing out flaws in the genre itself and calling out a lot of the stereotypes that are made with the lack of diversity, and the gay best friend cliché character Which in the end it turns out to be the average every day drug dealer.

I found this movie to be both weird and funny but totally enjoyable.

Yes, it is not perfect, but it is memorable and worth watching.

Watched it with my daughter & we really enjoyed it.

I fell asleep twice during the movie.

This movie was so enjoyable!

The ending was unexpected!

Wilson is charming but highly predictable and lacks subtlety.

Even if the plot is unoriginal and predictable, Isn't It Romantic has some funny jokes, a relatable protagonist you will root for, and a great sense of irony that makes this rom-com spoof funny and charming enough to be worth a watch at one point.

The love quadrangle plays out as expected, yet thanks to the site gags and Rebel's zingers, it's quite entertaining.

Fun time, Laugh out loud moments and throughly enjoyable.

Men will find this movie enjoyable as well.

Anyways, I thought the movie was great, really funny, and the message of "love yourself" at the end was unexpected, and I thought it was awesome.

It takes as many cliche's that you can think of about Rom-com's and just throws them at you.

This is such a fun movie with all the Rom-Com cliche which works perfectly with the storyline.

The jokes are funny and Rebel Wilson's acting is always great & authentic, but overall it was really boring.

Silly but entertaining, and Tom is a very hot doctor indeed!

Feels forced, boring, and dull.

I wouldn't pay cinema prices to watch it, but then again I won't pay cinema prices to watch a rom-com, my attitude to them pretty much matches the main characters in this movie (it's the "rom" part that bores me).

After a slow start, brought about by a combination of first-timer's stage fright and an inattentive waitress' clumsy amble near the karaoke machine cord, Natalie's wobbly acapella offerings is then suddenly and miraculously joined by found percussions and found vocalists, bringing "I Wanna Dance With Somebody(Who Loves Me)" to life.

but was boring.

Very Enjoyable .

There are a lot of negative reviews out there for this movie, I really enjoyed it.

Starts a bit slow and during the first 20 min or so I was debating whether to just turn it off but then it picked uo and became thoroughly enjoyable.

If you like fun, cheeky, and entertaining rom-coms with a bit of attitude, you will enjoy this.

I thought the story was super cute, and the movie was short and fast paced.

The dance number at the end is really entertaining too.

Natalie is actually lying down on a hospital bed, immobilized; a patient in an intensive care ward.

It is Bland.

It's worth watching I guess.

Musical numbers ok but this movie dragged from start.

In that, there's a lot to laugh at and enjoy when it comes to making fun of the rom-com formula, and Isn't It Romantic is a film that stays bold and confident in its delivery of that satire well throughout the first act, all the while impressing with nice humour, a pleasant lead performance from Rebel Wilson, and a sweet and enjoyable atmosphere all round.

Entertaining .

It started out with a few amusing ideas, but then failed to make the most of it, by a third of the way in, it was quite predictable, the acting often wooden, and the plot predictable.

It was a different movie and I really enjoyed it.

This movie is a waste of time.

This film was only 88 minutes and in this age of movies regularly clocking in at over 130 minutes, for me to say it's too long gives you an idea of how boring this movie was for me.

While it's entertaining to see all the various tropes of a particular genre exposed in this method, these films still have to abide by these rules as well.

I barely laughed and, quite frankly, I was just bored.

A stunning cast let and some gorgeous aesthetics let down by a script straight out of high school writing class.

However, the writing was a little too childish and predictable, and the humor was almost infantile, I didn't laugh once - just a couple of smiles here and there.

Fun, lighthearted and entertaining.

It's pretty cliché, though.

I was watch this movie waiting nothing of more, and I got surprised when the protagonist came into romantic universe and all the things that is cliche and she hates starts to happen, it's amazing how she deal with this, she get angry and it is very funny, I loved all the characters and your personality as real world as this new universe, one thing that is amazing is the direction of the movie, had plans very well done and I loved so much the musical moments, no question this movie will be able to come a classic.

Funny, and enjoyable parody.