It (2017) - Horror

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In the summer of 1989, a group of bullied kids band together to destroy a shape-shifting monster, which disguises itself as a clown and preys on the children of Derry, their small Maine town.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Andy Muschietti
Stars: Bill Skarsgård, Jaeden Martell
Length: 135 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 207 out of 1000 found boring (20.7%)

One-line Reviews (451)

Where most horror films fail is where they chuck in an extreme change of sound and make something jump onto the screen and rely on that for the whole film, It does include those jump scares but earns them from a good story and compelling acting.

It has to be one of the worse waste of time films I've seen in many years.

Waste of money and time .

Definitely worth the watch.

Muschietti's film is only made out of jump scares (predictable as well) and there are continuous mood swings that do not contribute to the (attempt of) creation of the terrifying atmosphere we are looking for.

this is the worst movie i ever seen.

The movie is not particularly scary, even by Poltergeist standards, but it is quite exciting, particularly in the final, thrilling confrontation.

Everything totally predictable.

Still worth watching

Utter waste of time .

Boring .

It was so confusing.

It's very well made, well acted, definitely enjoyable.

Instead of being bored, I was having a blast everytime they appeared, no joking even a claymation youtube video has better effects than this crap.

Intriguing blend of horror and comedy .

It was just cliché after cliché!

You're more scared of what you can't see, that slow progression as to what the monster is.

The performances by these early teenage actors were so entertaining and very real.

It was predictable and monotonous.

Disjointed and at times confusing .

A very good horror film that keeps you on the edge of your seat with the relentless Pennywise creeping into every scene that seems to be developing the other aspects of a story (eg.

There's no story.

Boring .

After the hype this film received I was looking forward to a gripping story.

or get bored.

The humour works really well and it's full of extremely suspenseful and scary sequences throughout.

As cliché as every modern horror film, with a villain, a mystery and unlikely "heroes" that kill the villain.

Kind of boring .

no story no logic.

It was completely pointless and seemed more as a cash-in on Stranger Things and other 80's nostalgia crap.

This movie was weird and confusing.


A horror story which, in contrary to the novel, is very hard to stay awake to.


An enjoyable ride, It (2017) is a movie that kept me and the people who I watched with entertained, though I never truly felt scared.

The movie drags on with no real plot.

And the whole movie was just boring.

That was so boring!

Most remakes are terrible, but this one managed to follow the original story and still be extremely entertaining.

The editing works without ruining the narration's rhythm, by being unpredictable in what is going to happen in the story.

I would be lying if I said Muschietti didn't sneak in a few cheesy jump scares, but he made every scene real intense, creating that great thriller aspect.

I also liked how Pennywise attacks, he has these rows of teeth that come outward just before he attacks his victim, it adds the whole unpredictable freight to the character.

I know this is a remake so we all know what happens but with a few variations, twists etc. This was sooo predictable that my mind was constantly wandering and lurching back to the original and wondering why the script was changed and changed by someone with the mental age of 7.

CGI, a few jumps, mostly loud music Cliché after cliché, the kid gang has a 'funny one', smart one, fat one, kind one, a black guy, a girl, yawn Some totally OTT bullies, one of whom wanted to carve his name in the fat kid, with a knife!

Too long - too boring .

This movie is a supernatural horror flick and has it's good entertaining scenes.

Only some cheap jumpscares and brutality but compared to something like The Shining this is a not scary, boring and cheap film.

Finally Bill Skarsgård was extraordinary as Pennywise an evil clown, who takes actions without being predictable in what he is going to do.

Over 2 hours for a simple and predictable (as in not complex and interesting) movie is way too long.

The jump scares and boring and very obvious, and most viewers who have watched horror movies before will likely be able to predict the scenes that occur before they even happen (even without having read the novel).

Characters do have different personas, but it's really cliché and instead of adding some backstories to them, the movie focuses on showing the Pennywise's trauma inflicted to each of them.

There were plenty of thrilling moments & jump scares aren't stupid/irritating like other horror flicks.

No plot points!

Waste of your time

Jump-scares were predictable, suspense was uninspiring, the characters looked dull af.

It seems that "It" is simply a succession of scenes that are supposed to comprise a horror movie, but actually it's only a contrived, overwrought mixture of cliched children and CGI characters.

The special effects were improved to make for a far more scary and intense film.

The wake-up kiss and the cliche 'let's argue and split up before reuniting with the climax' scene are also like from a much worse flick.

IT evokes a boring theme park ride.

Don't waste your time like HBO wasted my time.

In the end this Pennywise was a bore and I did not care if they all lived or died in the sewer.

The most boring film I've seen in decades.

Utter waste of time.

Characters of Mike and Stan are pointless, as they do absolutely nothing of importance throughout whole movie.

A complete waste of time.

But the jumpscares were very predictable.

and voila im right its a boring movie and thanks im saving my time...

This movie was kind of boring.

It's an uncomfortable mix of humour & jump scares that left me bored.

The acting was surprisingly great on all accounts, which is always a tedious expectation with large child casts.

The way it starts (when they introduce Billy and Georgie) is great, but after that it does get uninteresting and when the second act starts - it gets you hooked to the events that play out and continues strongly to the end of the third act.

Plus, all the scary scenes generate from the same situations over and over again which makes them so predictable and irritable at the same time.

The Cinematography - Some shots are ok, but for the most part the look of this movie is very bland.

They were vague and just made the movie confusing.

Clearly a waste of time.

It is a solid horror flick with engrossing performances.

Don't waste your time, this is trash.. So much stupid things in this movie.. What is Henry doing?

I was genuinely bored when they showed 5 scenes in a row with the same jump scare each time.

"It" is a movie worth watching to those who are into comedy and/or horror.

Well done, if slow .

It's a coming of age story.

Subjects of degeneration, egotism, incest, selfishness, and despair, to name a few, were all drawn out.

Pennywise the Clown(Bill Skarsgard) comes to the town of Derry, Maine, entertaining the people, and more....

By the second half of the movie you just start seeing predictable clown sightings with no interesting outcome whatsoever.

Save your money, safe your time, save yourself from enduring this forgettable train wreck of a film.

At the very least it was enjoyable, with some fun scenes of Pennywise scaring and chasing in his imaginative way.

This really undermines It as a villain and ultimately makes for a rather boring horror movie.

Another thing for me is the kind of forced relationship between Beverly and Bill/Ben, it's just pointless.

When It appears on screen he's more irritating than anything else because you know he won't really kill the main characters, making his increasingly bizarre appearances a waste of the viewer's time.

For example, the part where Beverly is attacked by her dad after he says "are you still my daughter" was especially entertaining.

The story is non-existent, the pace is so slow that you lose complete interest, the special effects are laughably bad and Pennywise provides no horror or fear whatsoever to the target audience.

As far as scariness goes, it's not necessarily super scary, but almost every scene manages to be thrilling in some way, so overall it's very intense and very fun.

Worst movie I ever saw .

Just a very boring foray via another Stephen King ripoff.

Don't waste two hours of your remaining precious time.

The title character wasn't really scary, every 'to be' dreadful scene was so predictable.

The performances aren't really that great, aside from Jaeden Lieberher as Bill and Sophia Lillis as Bev - the other kids are either uninteresting or super cheesy, though the dialogue they've been given is charming and feels just dated enough.

That's a long boring build-up, if that is the case.

Several people seemed to have found Pennywise the clown to be more goofy, silly and over the top than completely terrifying, though found it intriguing none the less.

A good remake, but the pacing was a bit off between intense horror sequences.

But he was so over the top mean, that it became cliche.

Overall enjoyable, and I was entertained by the end of it, even though there were places in the movie that could've been better.


I don't get the good reviews, this is just so boring, the kids are annoying as hell and this is too much like stranger things or the goonies.

The acting and effects that go into Bill's pennywise is phenomenal and extremely entertaining.

It's slow paced (partly as probably the producers want to squeeze out a sequel).

Boring .

He's funny and entertaining.

far too long for something without feeling or engagement.

However, if you recalibrate slightly, "It" is a wonderfully entertaining (and surprisingly funny) "Stranger Things-esque" adventure about a group of children that fight back against an evil that is after them.


Anyhoo, the reason why I love this movie is the comedic moments which make a movie enjoyable to me, and the horror and scary elements, those two things make the perfect movie

The plot is thrilling, intelligent, captivating, insightful, cathartic, spine-tingling and has an ambiguous ending.

Bill is weak, Eddie is unbearable, Stan is hardly there at all.

As well as by giving tension in the scariest ways, in the most thrilling and unexpected moments.

A re-edit could easily have shortened this film by 45 minutes it was that slow.

What's wrong with the modern cinema, it's just going nowhere.

Technically there is nothing to see, but the sound effects make it thrilling.

It takes so long for anything circumstantial to happen and gets boring really fast.

Boring stupid I fell asleep, I want my money back piece of s***.

However IT (2017) was a thrilling, entertaining, funny, and bloody ride!

Yawn .

Thoroughly entertaining, though not horrifying.

It's a fascinating film that masters every scene in a blend of all the strokes a filmmaker should have.

Afterwards, I was told by co-viewers that my shout out was the only entertaining moment of the film!

There's something about that coming of age element of the film that creates almost a nostalgic and relatable quality.

The movie is convoluted, but very predictable at the same time.

I love horror films and am actually pretty easily scared by them, so imagine my surprise at falling asleep with this film.

Extremely entertaining from beginning to end.

Don't waste your time.

EVERYTHING was predictable and boring.

Prepare for a confusing, aimless, shallow romp through insanity .

The acting is fine, but the direction and everything else is pointless; just like this remake.

Aweful, dondt waste your time or money .

They were both pretty dull and boring.

Slow moving and the soundtrack is a dead giveaway for any impending scares.

This is sub-standard run-of-the-mill horror with no story, no character-development, a ridiculous cast and worst of all: it isn't thrilling or scary at all.

Every time he appears its very predictable.

I also liked how we got a bit more character depth as well even considering the Horror movie "cliche's".

Bill Skarsgard absolutely killed it as Penny-wise, the children cast was very entertaining, (especially Finn Wolfhard) the comedy is hilarious and I was actually scared of Penny-wise.

Incredibly fun and enjoyable effort .

Yes, this film is very entertaining.

Very entertaining .

' Flash forward 17 years, and Pennywise the clown has made an impact on a new generation in Andy Muschietti's take on the classic coming of age tale.

The film dragged a bit in the second and third act, and was just spinning it's wheels.

When things truly kick off, the feature becomes much more entertaining and suspenseful.

"It" is just meant to be entertaining as a horror movie.

After seeing some clips, I was bored with it.

A waste of time this "movie" and luckily I did not pay anything to watch it because than I would have really felt screwed!!!

All in all, the film tells an entertaining story in capable enough fashion, although it would be true that it doesn't have an exorbitant amount of tension, and sometimes gets by on usage of jump scares.

The kids are all the standard fat kid, the stutterer, the black kid, the Jewish kid, pretty much a predictable mix of "losers" who are considered outsiders.

He's just really bland that you could cut him out of the movie all together and you wouldn't really miss him all that much.

And Pennywise Was Such A Thrilling Sight ...

This movie is fairly good, suspenseful and slightly scary.

In short, don't waste your time with this one.

Pretentious hipsters...

The movie took hours (literally), to be finished and by the time it was over, I was left thinking "why the fuck did I waste 2 hours of my time for this shit?

I think I watched 75% of it then got bored and never finished.

An epic boring movie .

The scares in this movie are pretty predictable, and outside of one scene, I never found myself too scared or tense.

Kudos to the DOP for making this movie shine and look suspenseful, which the movie is abuntant with.

It was so boring that I fell asleep in theater...

This movie works in a lot of ways - 1) As a scary movie, 2) As a story about facing your fears, and 3) a coming of age tale.

This movie is so breathtaking; taking into account it's special effects and overall acting.

It lost all of its magic and was too concerned with useless chat that went nowhere.

I also found the film slow and meandering as the various kids, and their problems, were introduced.

While it may not make you sleep with the light on, It still makes for engrossing drama, unafraid to tackle difficult issues such as bullying, child abuse - both physical and sexual - and primarily the loss of innocence.

the bullies are extra and are the same flatted boring characthers you saw in every american highschool movie and acted the same, well...

Every single "scary" scene is lazy and dull, and brings that awful, millennial, "you should be scared" flavour.

The scares got predictable after a while.

The human element is frequently charming, cute and engaging.

If you didn't read the book, the movie could be kind of confusing.

Despite it being an entertaining movie the first chapter of Stephen Kong's IT is not as scary as it should be.

The story is predictable.


I am glad to see that this was actually a Hollywood re-make that improved on something already established, as re-makes tend to be tedious and unnecessary money machines.

There's one thing this mess has going for it and for that I give it two stars and that is the stunning Sophia Lillis.

Boring, lenghty.

It is boring, it does not make a beautiful plane and less a plane that causes fear.

As Entertaining & Eerie as Promised .

Cinematography does a good job of building the scene, showing each of the environments and creating fascinating locations for each shot that occurs and creating good tension for the viewer.

The performances are good especially Bill Skarsgård and it's a pretty faithful adaptation of the book but it was a boring, scareless film.

As a Stephen King adaptation, the film stands as a very intriguing and creative concept.

I like to think I'm experienced enough not to get pulled into the hype and watch this with a clear mind, to which I shall agree with most and say this is a damn entertaining horror.

Boring and predictable .

This, the most intriguing scene of the film, has no plot point whatsoever.

6.5*Though ultimately enjoyable, It seemingly steps into every horror film pitfall, and it is buffling why.

Incoherent and slow .

I was bored watching it.

cos there is no story in this movie.

Tedious .

As expected, a waste of time .

The rock fight scene-so intense and heart-pounding in the book- was made to look tame (and some terrible slow-motion effects were thrown in for some reason).

I mean, c'mon, this movie is effing ridiculous .. it's contrived, condescending, music-video-like garbage .. it's just a collection of generic horror cliches - like those of any typical January horror .. and nope, sorry, it just does not come even close to capturing any sort of essence of the great novel.

They're not even cliches, they're just boring nothings.

There wasn't one moment that the film seemed scary, in fact, it was so predictable as to not even make me even slightly flinch, not once.

The plot was intriguing, although during the middle it kind of got a bit boring, but after that it got really intriguing and thrilling.

Especially the episodes with the school-bullys are cringeworthy formulaic.

Worth watching.

I'm a huge fan of Stranger Things, The Goonies, Stand by Me etc. It's somewhat weird movie as all the main characters are children, but the movie is definitely way too intense for smaller kids.

No story, totally unbelievable.

There's virtually no story to any part of this move.

Trying to be both a horror film and a coming of age dramedy, It never quite finds that simpatico balance between the two.

The teen-drama aspects are compelling enough to carry you through to the horror elements later on.

Unwatchable .

But I found the movie high with the spook factor and the cast of rag tag teens enjoyable.

Worst movie ever!

No doubt, there is at least one member of the Loser's club that you probably relate to from your own childhood, and that's what makes this movie so enjoyable.

The editor and director struggle mightily with this underwhelming material and ultimately fail miserably in making something remotely interesting or thrilling out of it.

In regards to the actual horror, it felt very generic and bland due to, again, many effects shots that just did not work for tension.

"Unexpected events".

I enjoy watching this movie a lot because it represents an adventure, a thrilling one to be exact.

Visually it was stunning.

This is another cliche horror flick.

Part of what makes IT so good is the (very) slow build up throughout the book: the revelation of the history of Derry, the terrifying encounters with Pennywise, the simultaneous telling of their stories as kids and adults, finding out the true nature of Pennywise, and how they decide to fight IT.

The jump scares are boring and I found myself waiting for it to end.

Jokes are not funny too, I was like ''i am so bored when does the movie ends??

After the first dull "scary-basement" scene, i knew what i was in for.

The ending is a bit confusing and scary because the losers club fight penny wise and don't know if they kill him.

Taking a perfectly good story, with an albeit unimaginative end, and ruin it with stupid, pointless, 'scary' rubbish.

This gives an idea of many pointless stuff in the movie, that actually make sense in the book.

He is also very predictable, as he always appears in creepy places, and doesn't break your expectations by appearing in unexpected situations.

For a final confrontation so lazy and cold that you get to wish that the clown loads them all for bores and unbearable.

I see this movie getting criticised, mostly by the users saying that it wasn't scary enough; I think that's probably because its stars mostly kids and they probably have rules about how intense the horror scenes must be when it involves kids.

Some of the ways they developed getting to know the kids seemed drawn out-like a collection of scenes in the first act.


Just Boring .

Terrifying Horror or Fun Coming of Age?

Gripping Thriller .

I personally can find little I can fault with this film as it's one of the most entertaining films I've seen in a long time, low ratings I find unjustifiable unless you think just describing a horror film as "un scary" somehow makes you different from the majority?

Besides the flat and boring characters, the plot it just _fine_.

And there were a few scenes that felt completely pointless within context of the story.

The movie was boring and predictable.

Cartoonish fake looking special effects, so-so acting, the same actor from Stranger Things in a setting that might as well be an episode of stranger things, cheap jump-scares, and it went on so long that I fell asleep for a lot of the boring ending.

Frankly boring film.

If only the movie had relied more on subtler, deeper forms of terror instead of predictable cliches again and again.

It had some surprisingly clever moments that made it more intriguing.

This movie is painfully boring and way too long, the structure is completely meaningless nonesense (2 climaxes seperated by more boring filler).

Once Pennywise turned into some alien thing and dragged the kid down the drain...

Total waste of time for real horror fans.

Following a formula so rigidly makes It (2017) too predictable; it's hard to be afraid when you can see what's coming up next.

The story: of The villain: Very unique and interesting but they let him be so predictable at the end, the existence of "IT" also be told not well And I don't like any kiss in this movie.

I believe this movie is enjoyable without being scary in my opinion.

Absolutely worth watching.


Don't waste your time.

I was very hyped but it was really boring.

'' Overrated and unexpected boring story.

I liked the movie and I liked some of the kids and think they did a good job acting (especially Bill who's like the leader of the group and has a lisp) but regardless it feels a little disjointed.

Most of the were cliche caricatures like the fat boy etc. It has often been said that Kings novels never transfer to the movies well.

It's more like a pre-teen coming of age film than a horror film.

FINAL VERDICT: For Stephen King fans, plot too slow for most people.

It's very frightening, but the story is incredibly entertaining.

Bill Skarsgård did a fantastic job as Pennywise, he made the character Pennywise so psychotic and unpredictable, and that's why I think he did a better job as Pennywise than Tim Curry.

The different parts make no sense, and it just gets boring.

(first of all i must say im poor english) So i stopped at 59:39 cause its really a boring movie then im trying to check what people say about this movie...

What a waste of time snd money, nothing is good in this movie

As for issues, I felt the first 2 acts were a little slow in setting up the characters and their personal fears.

That movie was a total waste of time.

Good movie to fall asleep on though.

the worst movie i saw ever .

Rather than a clown simply terrorizing a town, it was also a coming of age film.

Don't waste your time...

The trailer was intense and the whole thing that the book ,the movie is based on , was written by Stephen King really attrated viewers.

Even if it loses some of its effect during later parts, it is still wonderfully old-school without feeling all too tiresome or primitive.

It's not a good horror movie, because it does not cause fear or suspense or intrigue, just boredom.

The horror moments, if you could even call them that, are pathetic, generic and predictable.

The movie entertains, although its construction is very, very slow.

Better than the miniseries and the book, but gets boring when you watch it a million times.

There were some parts that felt empty and a little stupid.

Worth watching!

Everything is predictable.

Boring, predictable, unoriginal, even pathetic when attempting to be humorous, with the cast consisted of politically correct crew, this latest cash-grabbing snore-fest from dried-out Stephen King solely consists of nostalgia that's supposed to bring back old fans while, at the same time, introduces itself to the new blood (as it is always the purpose and the pattern when it comes to remakes).

Ignore all the silly negative glass half empty reviews on here.

It looked like a genuinely good movie that used horror in a supportive and smart way aside from jump scares with no plot.

These people are pretentious idiots who think they are displaying superiority with their 'the book is SO much better' attitude that annoy me to no end.

Boring film'.

It's boring, kiddish and just downright bad.

I did find this intriguing to kind of humanizing him before he snaps.

Confusing dream sequences.

A very bad movie, very stupid, waste of time to watch this trash

It Chapter One uses the horror by scaring the audience, in the most unexpected ways.

And not only that, movie goers have been disappointed countless times with remakes and have left cinemas feeling empty.

It is not scary at all, it is not a good comedy too, and the drama is also lame and you will be bored as hell.

Painfully boring and cheesy .

Motivation unclear, boring angles and hyped up marketing made into a mess.

With a basis of piano and stringed instruments playing a big role in the more innocent and slow-moving scenes, the larger scenes contained blasts of trumpets and flutes with hints of kid's toys layered at certain places.

The movie is boring at the start but IT is worth watching even for the people who hate Horror Movies.

The subtlety and the idea of mental torture is completely cast aside for cheap and generic horror film cliche's.

Literal waste of time.

Ignore the negative reviews this movie is worth watching .

This movie is so disjointed.

This process is a huge issue in the movie because it takes way too much time, and it's systematic so very predictable.

I couldnt even survive the first half it was so boring.

) and has characters and scenes that seems out of place (a certain scene with a cop and his son comes to mind), but it is entertaining enough that by the end you don't focus on that.

In fact this whole movie has a truly distasteful fascinating with torturing children both physically and psychologically.

There is no plot.

Very banal and sorely disappointing given the rave reviews which are obviously fake ..And it is not remotely scary,.

The only word that can describe this movive is BORING Thanks

I watched this movie with my son but he got so bored he went to sleep.

The movie was quite predictable, child is alone + room is dark/going down the basement = scary thing gonna happen, very predictable.

Otherwise it's just a waste of time.

boring .

Another problem: there really is no plot here.

It's a coming of age film, not a horror .

It is really the worst movie I saw lately.

Boring .

Worth watching even though not scary .

They should have left more to the imagination, drawn that out longer, then showed more of the clown.

Found this enjoyable, not as scary as I thought unfortunately..

Don't waste your time or money

It was a yawn-fest with so much detail removed or changed it irritated rather than scared me.

With the "coming of age" part of the story out of the way, there's nothing to undermine the elements of terror, and hopefully, we will all get the insane horror movie we were promised in the first place.

'It' is a visually pleasing and thoroughly entertaining film with a great cast and impressive performances all round.

Lastly, many scenes drag on way too long, shock value goes away pretty quick.

However, once you get passed it, you forget about it and becomes more enjoyable.

This is one of those pictures that always seems to be teetering on the edge of being a classic of its kind.

Amazing talents both in front of and behind the camera come together to make this atmospheric coming of age horror comedy truly stand out among a lot of competition

The characters themselves were highly enjoyable as they mixed humor, friendship and heart in with the absolutely scary events that were taking place in the film.

In this case, it looked more like punk bored 20 something trying to prank kids for a youtube chanel.

I found it quite boring.

Very enjoyable .

The acting in this movie is very good, Finn Wolfhard and Sophia Lillis standing out the most, but it is more entertaining as a comedy.

Other than that I really dont think you should waste your time and/or money on this movie.

It (2017) was a pretty good movie overall, most of it was entertaining and well made.

He is entertaining aswell as very creepy looking thanks to his design and makeup.

He's so unpredictable and terrifying.

Reduced to mere jump scares for the duration of the film, the clown falls into a predictable, boring pattern.

If you like the others, don't waste your time.

While not as good as The Shining, It is worth watching for the costume design, which sadly wasn't nominated for Oscars.

HBO editing or King's pointless novel.

This film is only entertaining and well made, the scifi effects are great and also de little actors.


They changed the decade from the 1950's to the 1980's and thank god for that because the 50s were dull.

Wonderfully good to look at but at over two hours far too long for something without feeling or engagement.

worst movie ever .

Some great, intense moments, with lots of gore and blood.

The thing I was also disappointed in was the ending, I was expecting something gripping and it was too happy for me.

Some parts of the movie were highly suspenseful, making me very curious to see what would happen next.

The story was compelling and interesting.

In my opinion all good horror movies excel by keeping the source of fear/conflict unknown for a substantial time, these movies build gradual suspense for often nearly half the run time and then take a well paced run up to an adrenaline pumping final quarter.

Scenes were consistently entertaining though, courtesy of both a well-formulated storyline, great acting, and good visual effects.

It was waste of time.


It manages to mix the horror theme with others such as adventure, this is key because otherwise, you might be feeling bored halfway through.

Nothing happens between June and August that would help build the suspense?

"Stunning scenery".

Furthermore, since the protagonists were all kids, the movie decided to portray the clown in its various forms, as well as other intense parts, as not realistic.

The Climax: Again just mediocre and way too drawn out.

I dare say, this may be one of the least pointless re-imaginings I've seen in a while.

I was expecting an engrossing story, what I got was ineffective jump scares and seemingly random scenes.

The casting was amazing, particularly with all the child actors who played their roles so well and were quite entertaining at some points!

My first thought is that it turns her into the 'damsel in distress' cliche, which does not make sense, as she is such a strong character, the bravest character i

The saving-kiss moment is so cliche I think that was the actual reason why people left the theaters.

After what was a difficult and drawn-out development process, few would have expected It, an adaptation of Stephen King's novel of the same name and re-imagining of Tommy Lee Wallace's 1990 mini-series, to be such a colossal hit.

Creative, Suspenseful, Creepy, and A wonderful Remake.

The movie was not particularly scary, but it was very entertaining.

With another chapter coming, focusing on the characters as adults, (already promised to be more scary and intense), we can only hope that the style of the sequel is more focused and carefully crafted.

Another pointless horror movie.

Well the more you watch the movie, the more bored you become.

It wasn't scary, but it was a good coming of age story.

Don't waste your time.

After a terrific opening scene of Pennywise in a street drain, friendly engaging with a young boy then gruesomely killing him.

This movie is enjoyable.

Please dont waste your time.

the kids performances are mind blowing and of course Bill Skarsgård is the best thing to see.

There was high interest at some parts but, between the interesting scenes were dull scenes.

The story was easy to follow and highly entertaining as the kids dealt with the issues at hand.

Sick, stupid, evil, and boring .

An Beautiful and Thrilling Picture .

A fun, enjoyable ride .

K: The scare, scare, scare was a little bit drawn out a little bit more because you had a tone that made you a little uncomfortable.

Boring, predictable and painfully sentimental .

A novel, a coming of age masterpiece.

Not scary in the slightest, boring would be a better description.

A group of social outcast and bullied friends, aptly referring to themselves as "The Losers Club", prepare for a long and boring summer in their hometown Derry.

Boring, predictable dross .

We can't spend any time anticipating what evils might be unleashed, as the studio seems to think the audience is getting bored.

) employs every horror cliché present since the beginning of cinematography.

Aside from some minor scratches, the only injury (a broken arm) is the result of falling through the rotten floorboards of the phoniest haunted house ever put on film -- each terrified teen miraculously escapes the slow-moving clown even before they figure out that It's power is wholly based upon their own fear.

Not that scary, but very intriguing .

It is just brilliant fun funny thrilling and scary!

If this continues I will not re-watch anything that is rewritten ever again from an author no matter what because they are boring pieces of s*** when they rewrite them.

and every movie cliche there is.

The movie will have you on the edge of your seat and craving for more!

Dont watch this, overbuget waste of time movie , there are jumpscares but everything is way to predictable and generic.

Many of them are introduced in a cliché way and i'm like "Okay.

Mini series was better, this is boring .

However, 'It' is one of the most entertaining films this year and is sure to scare many of you.

Slow and campy .

Worth watching .

The rest of the movie consisted of;-Poor child acting -Cliche horror characters doing unbelievably dumb things -Disjointed shifts in tone (horror, comedy, horror, comedy) -Inappropriate comedy -No character arcs -Antagonist isn't bound by any rulesIt's almost like two or even three directors were given the script for this movie, and the same actors and locations.

Simply speaking, a boring and uninspired mess.

it has a solid intriguing plot throughout in the way of which a group of bullied middle school kids comes together to eventually kill Pennyworth.

Anyway the old one was very good at the first half, but in some points it goes down by flashback story (by repeating the flashback for every character it made it kind of boring not to mention the bad performance from the adult actors.

I think that it is predictable, not well explained, and fragmented.

This Film is so good and worth watching an owning it as a piece of history.

For what it is, it's actually entertaining.

I fell asleep watching this film.

I think the fan girls of Bill (Pennywise) are to blame for the success because honestly if you take "the hot guy" as Pennywise away you still have a boring film.

It's so extremely predictable and put together real bad.

So what makes it a movie worth watching?

Sorry to say but what a waste of time.

Either Scary or Funny movies can be good and entertaining and putting together both of these movies styles you form IT (2017), even tough it's a good movie and will make you laugh, will make you scared and sometimes discomfortable as I said in the beggining, but believe me, It (2017) is worth watching.

Theres no story its just a monster that came from nowhere for no reason , eats kids for fun every 27 years,...

A good balance of mood and atmosphere, predictable and unpredictable outcomes, as well as balanced pacing.

Feels like two totally different movies mashed together; an occasionally suspenseful horror flick with visual flair.

Cliche batch of outcasts driving bicycles around getting into trouble.

I did find it a bit slow moving, though, with not too much happening, as well.

Does make for a hit-and-miss ride though - the interesting, engaging bits mixed in with the crappy cheap thrills and/or predictable action bits.

Originally, the story was set in the 1950's, now it's updated, and amazingly bland and free of actual horror or surprises.

This meant dull moments were dormant throughout.

No story, a poor plot, no scary scenes, nothing simply nothing.

Eventhough the 2nd IT film is entertaining, it doesn't compare to the original.

Okay first of all I'm writing this review because there are lots of negative and confusing reviews out there.

It was intense and enlightening.

Despite this film's hype I found IT to be a tedious bore.

Surprisingly entertaining and quite enjoyable.

Yes IT is the worst movie ever.

It balances the atmospheres between, the horror by scaring the audience in the most unexpected ways, the drama to create emotional chapters by making the audience cry and finally the humor by making the audience laugh.

The story then unfolds in a very formulaic fashion.

Everyone is a cliché.

The film is filled with scares and creepy moments, both in your face jumpscares, and some slow, creepy stuff.

The CGI mixed with the phenomenal acting of Mr Skarsgard truly encompasses all that is right with how cinema is moving forward, we as the fans want to see the horrible creatures that Pennywise can turn into, we want to be scared, we want to be made to jump out of our skins, we want to go home walking passed drains and empty house and have butterflies fill our stomachs and this film provides that perfectly!

It's Disney, lacks direction, don't waste your time.

A nonlinear narrative that feels unpredictable and engaging at all times.

-Broken updated versions of kids with super old cliché speeches.

Slow, meandering and uninteresting .

After the fantastic opening sequence in which Georgie meets Pennywise in the sewer, has his arm bitten off and is dragged away bleeding and screaming, this film goes downhill.

While watching It, I was getting so bored as cheap jump scares kept on piling up one after the other!

It runs over two hours and I was ultimately bored.

After watching it several more times, I did change my opinion from down right stupid to somewhat entertaining once I started to appreciate the attempt at an old 80's horror film and the bits of humor.

The clown in this film is not nearly as over-the-top as I was expecting, instead being a rarely-seen, unpredictable force of torment, and the film itself will encapsulate you as much in its moments of horror as in its moments of comedy and wholesomeness.

Packed with clichés, a good production with many scary scenes, it nevertheless is way too long and the kids' acting is weak; it gets tiring after a point.

Third, the situations are very unreal, like people killing theirnown parents and nothing happening afterwards.

But by the end I was bored with the visual style, especially the endless Tim Burton-esq nightmare-gloom-chiq, and was grateful to return to sunlight.

Pennywise is well realised and the child actors are all solid, dialogue and script is enjoyable and the directing and cinematography is top notch.

The special effects were improved to make for a far more scary and intense film.

Evil is depicted in a variety of ways, preventing boredom during tension building.

However the special effects are well done and the humour is decent however it's overall a boring, frightless film that left me extremely disappointed.

A lot of good stuff though, worth watching.

Waste of time .

Highly entertaining & better than the original.

Ditto the wide-mouthed toothy grin that Pennywise has; the shoehorning in of the "haunted house," in a story that's supposed to be centered around a sewer system, and the scene where a victim gets dragged out of frame accompanied by a high pitched scream.

Worth watching though.

This movie bored me, one word to describe the is movie is STUPID, the original is way better then this

Boring; not worth your time.

Don't waste your time .

Worst movie in years.

Don't waste your money.

Other times, in some intense parts where pennywise runs towards the screen, the camera gets all shaky and there's a bunch of motion blur around him.