It Chapter Two (2019) - Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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Twenty-seven years after their first encounter with the terrifying Pennywise, the Losers Club have grown up and moved away, until a devastating phone call brings them back.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Andy Muschietti
Stars: Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy
Length: 169 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 288 out of 1000 found boring (28.8%)

One-line Reviews (623)

" snore.

Instead of naming everything that's wrong with this "horror" movie, I will use a single word that best describes this utter snooze fest - boring.

And there's so much thats worse than this, (Marvel movies - yawn).

They tried to explain many things from the past but it became very tedious.

Don't waste your time, just watch the original two times in a row.

First problem of this movie is confusion.

I can nearly fall asleep to this if it didn't play funky sounds to *try* to get under your skin.

Long, Drawn out and Underwhelming .

Way Way too boring and everything takes too long to come to a point and feels like torture.

The first IT was terrifying & Tim Curry as Pennywise was sinister but this version just had me yawning and sighing when I was supposed to be frightened.

Dont Waste Your Time .

The worst movie I have ever seen .

Pros: Solid cast, few uninspired performances Compelling group of main characters when they are adults A few diverse, inspired creature designsCons: Cliche sound design No indication if the villain wants to scare or kill his victims in each scene Bully character sucked, way underutilized Killing Pennywise was way easy, cliche and poorly executedBest part: Chinese restaurant reunion Worst part: Pennywise death scene, way underwhelming

this movie is a trash and boring.

Very predictable.

& The movie is too boring & have to wait for tooooooooo long, takes ages to come up to something.

All in all, I wonder if a whole new rewriting of the franchise wouldn't be more compelling.

The runtime is ridiculous and I dind myself to be so bored I'm writing this review with about an hour of the film left!

So yeah, go watch it if you're bored.

it ends up being a bit anoying and even somehow confusing.

There's no plot to it just random things happening.

(and yes it's that long) It was just boring and what is actually weird(also scary) is the rating of the movie i just cant understand how it got 6.7!. anyway i hope the director is happy with himself for making a bunch of people waste 2 hours of their lives.

The ending was slow and boring..How do I get my life wasted back?

Fell asleep a few times, its a shame the actors done a really good job.

If it's possible, part 2 was less scary, and I found myself quite bored after a fashion and ended up skipping forward a lot.

At 7.5 you have an enjoyable summer blockbuster; like I said, this is more: it has substance so it steps into the realm of art.

How does a movie with no story become 3 hours long?

The first one was dope the second one was the worst movie I've ever watched in my life

Long, boring, not scary at all.

Pennywise's final form was interesting, and the part where Beverly had to swim in blood was entertaining, especially with the appearances of her Father Alvin Marsh and Henry Bowser's, who said to her as a reference to The Shining, "Here's Johnny".

All of them are ready to leave and abandon their promise when Pennywise makes his presence known frightening all of them.

It's just glossed over) Fortunately, the movies 3rd act is solid and redeems the very slow 2nd act.

Got pretty boring.

It was very funny, but extremely corny and dragged out.

EXCITING, FUN, AND THRILLING are 3 words that best describe this movie.

Wasn't the fact that Mike was the literal lighthouse in the sea, and the fact that Stanley was just a terrified man, not make the books, not only more realistic, but more enjoyable.

Nothing happens afterwards with her story.

Everything is perfect,but for me was way too long...

Entertaining .

Boring, poor story line, too long, CGI good .


It's the worst movie i have ever seen.

On an overall scale, It: Chapter Two fails to make the most of the strong foundation of the first film, and is an occasionally thrilling & intermittently entertaining follow-up that never unlocks its full potential.

We all got very disappointed and left the theater after 2 hours before the movie even ends.

But i had to shut this movie off about halfway through because I was so bored.

Every single scare in this movie follows the exact same structure, they are all predictable, you know exactly when it's gonna happen and how it's gonna happen.

Thrilling from start to finish.

The first film transcended the genre and created a thrilling and captivating small universe inside of Derry.

) we get this way over-complicated story of him being some thousands year old spirit or god knows whatever that I guarantee no one paid attention to because its so boring.

It's sort of all over the place, whereas the first film had a strong foundation of a coming of age horror film.

That being said, a lot of the movie had a repetitive tone as each character explored their fears, one by one.

Chapter One was paced very well, the plot moved swiftly, and it was an engaging experience overall.

Boring as hell .

There are only genuinely scary scenes in the film, the first was the riverbank scene it was edgy it was shocking and brutally violent, the second was the scene underneath the seats at the baseball game it was similar to the opening scene of the first it film and it used pennywise taking advantage of the innocence and cluelessness of a child to lure them away instead of some cheap scare where he would just jump out at them, the third and final was the hall of mirrors scene, this scene builds tension and creates fear within the viewer by showing the helplessness of bill the confusion and terror of the kid and the vicious intentions of pennywise.

I still enjoyed it for what it was.

I also failed to find this film particularly scary, its starts out well with some good jump scares, but the movies scares quickly become predictable and lose their effect, and the role of It or Pennywise felt much larger than in the other film and this greater screen time of the titular character led to his presence on screen lose meaning and fail to invoke the same sort of fear.

The movie was very disjointed!

It tended to drag, to the point I found myself bored in certain parts.

Most of all however, I was bored to tears.

Pennywise was vulnerable to intense bullying?

The movie is also way too long.

The bar is set so high for horror movies, but this is still worth watching.

That these are done in conjunction with utterly boring flashbacks and storytelling that shows how they used to be as kids that just go on forever, serve no purpose to the storyline at all and just seem to focus on seemingly random incidents that just plain dull to get through.

The final battle was a bit boring and none of characters evoked any kind of empathy.

For whatever is retained in the movie, the running time is too long.

The movie's saving grace however are the gripping final thirty minutes.

Tim curry is the only IT dont waste your time .

One of the worst movie I have ever seen.

Story wise it's straightforward and very cliche with unbelievably stupid jump scares sprinkled into every 10 min with seriously some of the most laughable cgi you can imagine.

The movie is too long.

boring boring boring

Though there are some fun and enjoyable moments thanks to the talented cast, it does not make up for the inconsistencies and lazy story telling.

The action scenes are intense, the characters develop depth and the special effects are spectacular.

The drawn out scenes could have been shorten by several minutes.

No plot just jump scare here and there.

Worst movie ever .

The characters, Bill Hader's in particular, were bland at best and infuriating at most, and the predictable attempts at comic relief just irritated me.

Although it has its short comings, I'd still recommend IT chapter two, as it's a fun and enjoyable horror film and is genuinely filled with passion from the filmmakers.

Instead we had the interminable 'quest' section which was a waste of time and brought nothing to the plot eventually being discarded and pointless.

Firstly, this movie is way too long.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Nearly 3 hours of total rubbish .

I enjoyed it .

All in on boring.

Worth watching in my opinion.

Overall I think the movie is great, it could have been excellent if it was re edited, seriously get rid of the jumpscares, some of the jokes, some of the CGI and some of the same boring ''movie'' music, seriously the original one has such a disctintive soundtrack, this one is just so average.

This was the only movie we ever walked out of, with no regrets.

Predictable .

I wonder who finds this garbage entertaining.

The defeat of IT is beyond dumb and really undermines a final act that actually started off quite powerfully despite also being a bit too drawn out.

While the final battle is entertaining, it's also underwhelming considering the lengthy buildup.

Waste of time .

Dull, tiresome, uninventive.

There is absolutely nothing interesting, no story, no events, no delivery, also nothing scary, it's more like a comedy satire of a horror movie.

Waste of time and money.

Looks great, but still boring and makes no sense.

What a waste of time.

As a horror movie: 3/10 As a coming of age movie: 8.5/10

The tone of the scenes in the movie switches from inconsistent to confusing.

Entertaining .

That said, some good jump scares, outstanding effects and an amazing cameo from the Author, make for an entertaining flick.

How this overly long, disjointed, meandering schlock was ever made is beyond me.

Was it suspenseful?

If they take it at a slow burn it could be traumatizing.

And while Bill Hader's brilliant and unexpected portrayal of Richie is the stand out for me, the whole cast does a wonderful job as the grown-up Losers.

Boring .

It's, in many instances, a key characteristic to the success of a movie - make sure the audience doesn't leave the theater saying, "wow, that movie lost direction early, then went on to become completely insane, in the most uninteresting way possible.

Overall, I thought it was an enjoyable movie and sequel.

The movie was so predictable that I could say what was going to happen right before it did.

The movie was long and uninteresting.

It Chapter 2 is a long and drawn out movie with really good performances and plenty of funny moments.

Most boring horror movie .

Over done and boring .

the story line was compelling,the actors were amazing and precise to their younger selfs and people complaining about the length of the movie should know that it would not of been able to fit in all of the different stories and back stories,the movie in my opinion with a cut down Version wouldn't have been worth it as would not have been correct to the book.

Excellent casting, good cinematography and a pretty enjoyable final confrontation between Pennywise and the Loser's Club aside, this is a film that could have greatly benefited from a few more cuts.

I will admit it does drag a bit in the middle, but that's mostly because the beginning was so fast paced.

It's Dull...

Such a shame they couldn't follow on with the same energy as the first, this just left me yawning with too many clichés and irrelevant sub plots to be interesting.

From start to finish, IT Chapter Two is completely uninteresting.

I just feel like they deliberately dragged scenes out that didn't need to in order to make the film as long as possible.

The horror scenes are mixed with comical overtones, the emotional scenes are made worse by mundane dialogues - 'we must stay together', 'if you believe you will kill' or using the nostalgia card far too often, and the comical scenes are far and few between.

It would of been more intense had he stolen the axe from the library, then his character would be intimidating and be important.

I was so bored and after 2 hours of bad effects and boring characters, i didn't want to waste any more of my time.

I love horror films, I enjoy Stephen King's content, and I like Jessica Chastain but this movie dragged on with almost no compelling storylines and hardly any scares.

Was just a drag went on for far too long to the point where I wanted to up n leave.

It was just boring and as a horror fan for 35 years, it was boring and predictable.

It's long, boring, and 3 hours I'll next get back.

The production values mostly are terrific, not just the lighting but also the beautifully realised Derry setting, taut editing and cinematography that's both stunning and unnerving.

ESPN Top Ten Worst movies ever made.

This is simply a gripping visual display of imagination and fortitude bringing together good & evil within one single conceptual chef-d'oeuvre.

Long and boring with a pathetic attempt at comedy thrown in.

There were times where maybe it lacked a bit of the depth and bordered on cheesy which took away from the scaryness of the old classic, but over all I thought it was an enjoyable watch.

To add on that, the awkward flashbacks to their younger selves was somewhat annoying & highly repetitive.

We have no story tellers anymore, only CGI masters.

Despite generally being underwhelming, the encounter with the kid in the hall-of-mirrors at the carnival stands out as a wholly enjoyable and solid enough effort that works off the darkness of the setting, the overall creepiness of the concept in general and stellar practical effects that are usually missing from these other scenes.

Some scenes dragged on for way too long and some didn't feel necessary.

I wanted to leave around the two hour mark just couldn't do it because I'm cheap.

This was due to pennywise and more monsters being involved so therefore there was more time to fit jumpscares and more scenes to drag out so you cant expect when the scare is going to happen.

A Step Down From the First But Enjoyable to Watch .

Though when gh the ending part was kinda predictable, though enjoyable :)

Once everyone gathers back in Derry, it becomes a slightly dull series of predictable funhouse horror scenes as each character must return to a place of trauma before meeting back up to fight Pennywise.

Despite being uneven and needlessly long, IT: Chapter 2 is still entertaining and there's a lot to admire about it.

Devotees of the novel may be discouraged by some of the significant changes, and while it is difficult to maintain a consistent level of fear and suspense with the lengthy running time, it's still gripping and colorful, with some truly eerie moments, great dialogue, and a wonderful sense of humor, thanks largely to the work of Ransone and especially Hader, whose witty banter is a definite highpoint.

However, the jump scares were not up to a horror movie standerd and fails to provide a genuine scare for the drama - this is because the scares were predictable which gave people a lomg sense of time to prepare for them.

It might bore you if you like a more concise plotline.

It is overlong, tonally jarring and many of the repetitive scares are like something from a kids TV show - I'm really surprised more hasn't been written about that.

so gets confusing ?

A solid and very entertaining follow up .

Yet if felt like nothing happened.

2 hours of absolutely predictable and boring scenario.

Unfortunately the director is incapable of showing any sort of restraint and the rest of of it is a loud, drawn out mess, absolutely saturated with terrible CGI that ruins any sort of atmosphere by taking the viewer out of the movie.

No story and CGI filled .

It's exciting, scary, funny, and very entertaining!

Right where the characters wander off on their own to find out why they've return to the town gets really slow.

)Watch if you must, but honestly it's a waste of time, not even a good Halloween style movie.

Repetitive and too long .

Boring, plodding, and the ending is crap .

If you go into this story having only ever seen the movies, then it will be enjoyable to the casual viewer, sure.

The first part had an intriguing atmosphere, stunning characters and diversified plot that ended on a bittersweet note.

Gets straight into and constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat.

It is too long.

Don't waste your money .

Each character basically has there own mini story which is interesting at first but again all were dragged out.

I really enjoyed IT part 1 and Part 2, there was more humour in Part 2 which for me is why I think Part 2 is better.

It was scary, whilst also being funny, and the adventure the kids had to go on was riveting.

Once this has all been established (as forcefully and mind-numbingly dull as possible), the characters no longer matter at all except for one-liners regarding their childhood traits.

The scare scenes were far too predictable and lost any sense of suspense.

This movie had genuinely scary scenes but the before and after is some of the most ridiculously, contrived and drawn out movie making I've seen.

To get the bad stuff out of the way first, the scares in this movie are mundane at best, noise and loud.

Ridiculously over-long, boring and lacking plot and character development...

The finding of the tokens was pointless and boring, the ending sucked.

This movie has no plot, It makes no sense just bunch of stupid things that they put in that movie that like they just make that movie just because of the first one.

So, I really enjoyed it and it lived up to it's hype.

Don't waste your time on it

This film was way to long and drawn out and I saw many people in the theater start to play on their phones before it was over.

A waste of time .

Worst movie I have watched recently.

While the story is intriguing, it's unfortunately muddled by flashbacks, that aside from Richie's and Bev's, come of as redundant, and incredibly repetitive.

And when they try to be heartwarming it's so overdone and cliché that you keep rolling your eyes at the self help-esque quotes they keep spitting at you.

Too long and boring .

Nearly 3 hours of pure trash, the bad one.

It had me on the edge every moment.

Bored to freaking death.

Soooo Boring!!.

It was too long and a waste of time.

I will admit that the movie probably is too long.

My final comments will be about the terrible pacing, this film had a lot of story to tell but it did it in such an awful way spending way to long on the eventually pointless hunt and made the 2 hour 43 minute film feel like being on a plane, where you feel trapped and bored for extensive amounts of time.

very boring.

The cast looked like they were bored every minute of it, being there just for the title of the film and the publicity it had gained.

It was unnecessarily dragged out.

The movie has more problems then the first the movie opens where the first left off and like the first film relys very heavy on cheap jump scares and unfaithal to kings source material the film relys on over humor unlikeable charactors underdevoloped charactors and the charactors lack of chemistry as the film goes on it becomes boring uncovencing and by the finale is a huge let down by the end you don't care what happened on screen like the first film has no suspene no tension or dread just a cheap attement to scare people in the worst way this movie as well as the first is a let down for fans of king and the novels fans 1/10

I found myself getting bored after a while.

Too long, too repetitive, and just plain stupid.

Too much boring dialogue and nothing new here at all.

which can be thrilling, and sometimes jarring for those who'd like a bit more substance with their screams.

I feld asleep in the cinema, very predictable.

The original movie adaption (1990) was a boring mess, the remake also was rather funny than creepy and this one tops the first part of the remakes in its badness.

I found myself bored in parts, entertained by others, a bit fatigued by the end of it.

I actually fell asleep in the theater.

3 hours of adrenaline .

It Chapter 2 is slow and boring, clunky, corny, cheap looking, and way too long.

All of this added together made it a more enjoyable film for an adult like me.

But it uses its time well, like the first film you feel for the characters, and it draws you in, a most enjoyable supernatural horror.

It's hardly effective, and it gets boring staggeringly quick.

The casting choices were the only thing enjoyable about this movie.

Sadly most of the scares were jump scares and usually predictable - although not always.

Most of this film consists of heavy dialogue scenes in darkly lit rooms with over the top and often corny lines being delivered in surprisingly engaging ways followed by big CGI horror set pieces that feel rejected from one of the Insidious sequels.

This has to be the worst boring movie that I have ever seen.

Worst 3 hours of our life .

Way too long and the ending was drawn out forever!

3 hours of my life I'll never get back .

I found this movie to be long and drawn out, could have been an hour shorter and not just shy of 3 long hours.

too much CGI, and it went on so long it actually got boring.

The film is too long The story is thin .. I watched it for the dramatic story and the dramatic character only .. As for the nature of horror is non-existent.

Do you see any cheap writing, cliche movie making, tacky acting?

The running time approaching three hours is too long.

The first half is entertaining and creeping with glimpses of Pennywise.

I was hoping the writer and director would want to shake up some of the story, including the ending, to give audiences an entertaining and original experience.

Kinda cliché .

Worst movie ever .

flat and boring.

The very exciting and excellent ending.

I normally take a day to let the movie sink in before I try to write a review, but i was so bored during the movie that I used the time to start critiquing it while watching.

it wasn't as scary as the first movie due to the perspective shift, I love long movies you can settle into but The movie was BORING

I should have walked out of this movie after the first hour.

With much anticipation, I awaited the release of Chapter 2, where on more than one occasion I wanted to walk out of the theater.

I enjoyed It chapter 1, for what it was, a fun, jumpy monster movie.

The only thing that made it worth watching at all is that it had several scenes with the kids from the first remake in it.

The film has stunning and horrifying visual effects, along with an amazing acting performance and even a cameo from Stephen King himself!

Much more intense than Chapter 1.

Bcs i was bored out of my mind, 2.

It was entertaining and, although long, didn't really drag.

It's the only figure and the only performance that makes Chapter 2 worth watching.

It is quite rare these days to have a group of incredibly talented actors, working with very visually stunning special effects, in a refreshingly well-written and hilarious film.

And while this is quite predictable to some extent, it still manages to scare and entertain at the same time.

Over 2 1/2 hours of boring.

Overall, between its highs and lows, "It Chapter Two" makes for a semi-enjoyable time.

The overall stream of storytelling flowed smoothly on screen that made it quite riveting and enjoyable to watch.

I actually fell asleep for 20 minutes.

When they go and find their tokens, essentially the exact same scene happens over and over again but with different characters, none of the scares work, they are predictable and stupid.

Instead of the horror being a slow burn, it's more of a slow churn as the recycled jump scares quickly lose their minuscule luster and make this already long film feel even longer.

Not saying the first one was a masterpiece, but it was definitely entertaining.

It was so bad I wished our plane would make an emergency landing to end the tedious, soulless experience for good.

To start off with the negative - the background story of what Pennywise really, actually, is, is convoluted, cliche and, by the end of the film, doesn't make much sense.

Far too long, far too many flashbacks, too much humor in the wrong Moments.

I fell asleep .

But ultimately it's 3 hours with no real plot.

I can go on and on about all the things I enjoyed about this film, but this post would get way too long and ruin the movie for who read this before watching it.

Predictable, lazy writing and rubbish ending.

The second act is so repetitive and slow that causes you feel like this movie could last just two hours without the filler.

Enjoyable .

This movie is incredibly slow and very uninteresting.

I was bored midway into it.

Worst movie I've ever seen McAvoy in .

Overall i was left bored through all of it.

This all dragged out longer than was necessary, as did the entire production.

I find it really odd that the parts I found most compelling in this film were the scenes where there were little to no horror elements.

The writing is boring and stale like most of the jokes.

IT is a waste of time .

After a final battle (which is entertaining if a bit twee and illogical) there are multiple "final scenes" that go on and on and on and then rather end as a whimper rather than a shout.

A huge issue with these flashbacks is that it becomes formulaic.

Cliche, not a horror, more if a comedy.

After that, it becomes repetitive and nothing really happens.

Please dont waste you're time watching this movie...

It was boring all the way.

The issue is that this movie is way too long for no reason and a lot of the scares lack umph because they are too similar to Part One.

This movie is horrible and possibly one of the worst movies ever made.


This movie is somewhat of a bland and substance-less Movie with aspects that fall short.

Bored me from the second it started until i eventually couldn't take anymore & walked out.

It is here where Dauberman's script falls into repetitive territory, leading to unimaginative scares and boring, drawn out sequences that slam the film to a grinding halt.

The scenes where each character faces "It" in their own ways are slow, boring, and rather pointless.

Unequivocally the worst movie I've ever seen.

3 hours in boredom!

It recreates a few of the moments from the 1990 version, the special effects are fantastic at bringing the sinister demonic images to life, I agree the ending is maybe not as dramatic as it could have been, and some complain it is too long, at almost three hours.


When my fiancé dragged me to the theater to see this, I was expecting the torment all over again.

Dull and way to long...

😥) But why it was decided to add a comedy great (Hader) and then take every opportunity to make jokes, slow burn the clown and use campy monsters as foils...

Way, way, WAY too long.

Any tension the movie had was destroyed by an unnecessaryamount of comic relief, and it kept doing the same boring, copy-paste jumpscares for the entire second half of the movie.

IT chapter 2 is not worthy to watch, literally waste of time.

Was the worst movie I've ever ever sat through at the movies.

A little girl, sat on the bleachers and bored with a school baseball match, is dazzled by a firefly and follows it underneath the seats.

Just fine, but a little predictable.

Dragged it around from class to class in HS slyly reading because I couldn't put it down.

Also IT's background story Is a confusing mess that will most likely give u brain freeze and was plastered in weird cgi and half assedly presented to the audience like a serving of cold takeaway spoiler alert: there is a fkn gigantic 30 minute battle scene which is brain meltingly boring and unoriginal it was like Stephen king meets marvel I honestly wanted quite a few of the characters to die because of their unbelievably cheesy acting throughout this weird Hollywood epic.

But if i compare with other hit horror movies this it series is by far more entertaining.

It was so unnecessarily dragged out and incredibly boring3.

" since I could barely wait to leave the theater.

This felt empty, and too much cgi vs showing IT

The more they happen, the more predictable and boring they are to watch.

It was quite boring and following a methodical pace.

Stories like It have the opportunity to affect terror and long-lasting fear through slow burn scares like the segment above.

I don't write movie reviews, but I felt compelled to since this movie was such a ridiculous waste of time.

Review: Well, that's 3 hours of my life that I won't be getting back!

On the story side, Is too long and disconnected.


This one is just a waste of time

At the end I was squirming in my seat, bored out of my mind and wishing for all the main characters to just die so that I would be released from this torture.

There are many other little and bigger things I was annoyed at, but the movie was mostly just bland, like your average C-grade horror movie.

I bored to death watching this movie.

The story was just too draggy and I was bored half an through.

It's an endless ride with predictable jump-scares and incomprehensible intercuts that leads to an unsatisfying climax.

Don't waste your time and money.

It dragged on and on and on like The Irishman.

I get it they're trying to include as much as possible from the novel, which is great but when its almost 3 hours long and the narrative isn't that good, things start to get boring and dull.

We get one scene of the clown killing the little girl, but it is entirely predictable and more or less a repeat of the scene with the little brother from the first movie.

With a massive 2hr 50min runtime this film is 45 minuets longer than the original and it feels every bit longer, this is due to the poor pacing of the film as it insists on visiting each characters fear once again for what feels like 20 minutes each, which gets very repetitive, very quickly, it's because of this pacing I found myself disconnected and often checking my watch.

Too bad the last hour was an ending that just dragged on and on and on.

Lets just say that the middle part of the movie consists of a lot of rinse and repeat scenes with tons of unnecessary and boring jump scare scenes.

One of the worst movies I've ever paid to see.

Save your money, watch it on Netflix or Amazon Prime someday.

First half very slow.

This one was boring and predictable.


Really enjoyed it and recommend watching it - if you like a good horror movie!

It was genuinely funny, and gave us a thrilling experience.

its too long and boring.

A surprisingly entertaining film that offers enough new material to keep you engaged.

A shorter runtime and a more engaging narrative would made it much better.

2h 49min of complete boredom.

The editing is terrible, the movie drags and drags and is so slow and boring.

that's when I got up and walked out.

Overall this is a true testament to the acting power of children over adults with the only refreshing, truly enjoyable moments is when they are back on screen for short periods of time during this movie.

The acting was less, the story was gone, the CGI was poor and Pennywise himself was completely uninteresting.

What a waste of time!

While it was way too long, It: Chapter 2 moved fast enough that I didn't find myself glancing at my watch.

King's elaborate supernatural writings are always going to be difficult to render in the flesh, but this attempt felt empty and shallow in so many places - a shame, after such a promising first half - much like it's predecessor.

Bored throughout movie.

The scares were way too predictable.

Also the jump scares were way to predictable, they fool you once and something will pop up from the dark when the camera switches angle.

He plays his part well and I actually felt emotion, real emotion, when he died, people reading this, it was intense.

It captured a good tone, had a compelling story, and interesting character dynamics.

However i have to say the film was very confusing when it came to explain pennywises origin and backstory and also Henry Bowers was a terrible character.

5) Some scenes felt unnecessary including the bleachers and funhouse scenes (I know this contradicts the last point :p) 6) The slow burn ending seems a bit cheesy.

Overall I think if you go into this with an open mind it's generally quite enjoyable, a bit silly and a bit sick.

It's so boring and predictable to watch.

The music was just too loud in the fight scenes apart from one scene in particular which was actually really good sound mixing (confusing, right?

While the first film had some genuinely horrifying and unexpected moments, this one seemed to tread on the borders of the phantasmagorical with a make it up as you go sensibility.

A 170 minute snooze fest, with stupid gags masquerading as thrills.

While it has its decent moments revolving around some charming characters of the adult losers club, and a few interesting Pennywise scares, i found this to be bizarrely scattered, and at times dull.

There were also wayyyy too many jumpscares, and very little plot.

I wanted to leave.

Another movie ruines bu political correctness and too much stuff that make it boring...

It is boring and very slow and no scene makes sense in terms of intensity.

The movie was too long and, ultimately, very boring.

Anyway apart my gripe about the ending, my Wife and I thoroughly enjoyed IT Part 2....

Might still be worth watching.

Isaiah Mustafah and James Ransone are OK; Jessica Chastain is inexistant compared to Sophia Lillis "light" and nearly each apparition of Bill Hader are boring.

It is a movie that I loved because his scares are very moderate and his touch of comedy was very entertaining.

Worth watching just to see him!

For the next 30 minutes very slow and sleepy.

While I wasn't a big fan of the first movie, I still enjoyed it.

CGI borefest .

Instead of making a predictable type of horror, he crafted something much bigger than a film.

It's got a lot of fun, exciting, clever moments and keeps your interest.

Complete waste of time, not even worth for closure after the first one.

The main reason for this is that the story was dragged out way too long and the CGI "Characters" looked completely fake a ridiculous.

Far far far far far far too long.

Don't waste your time and money .

A WAY too long parody.

Watch this movie if you want to waste your time .

Some of the story line was quite cringey and some of the dialogue was soppy and cliche.

They constantly ruin the suspense of scenes and become tiresome.

In a nutshell, I paused the movie at 1hr 38 min because I was falling asleep from boredom and watched the rest of this hot mess just now a day later.

Nearly every Loser is given an amazingly compelling, and satisfying arc, all the while continuing their character from the first with ease.

The story had no story.

) But at a slow burn, it's there.

There were many points during the film where I was annoyed, even bored, ready to sleep on my chair, the duration of the film was inexcusable like there were added extra nonsense minutes to it.

There was so much repetitive actions that you can't focus.

It's boring long and makes no senses.

The worst movie I've seen in a movie theater .

7) Predictable jump scares where the camera pans back and forth.

Boring, not scary and way too much CGI!

I watched part one and quite enjoyed it.

However i know have to say that the film had very slow pacing in places.

Wry boring and classic I did not like it actually you don't feel it is real it is too naïf and for young people

Hard to say, but he falls way short of doing what he's supposed to, which is to create a gripping horror film.

It: Chapter Two disappoints in continuing the engrossing story of Pennywise the Clown terrorizing the town of Derry.

Very entertaining .

While the budget is a lot more lavish this time around (and that's reflected in the sets, costumes, and visual effects), director Muschietti replaces the more authentic, unexpected scares of the first with frequent, super-loud, in-your-face scares that you can see coming a mile away.

Almost 3 hours of overused special effects to compensate for a crappy, and often boring script.

As a film, Doctor Sleep is kind of enjoyable.

The cycle monsters got tedious, and the story line was pretty bad.

Otherwise it was really entertaining.

I didn't seem to be alone in this, as the majority of the audience also appeared bored and disappointed.

Some of it was a little over the top, but overall it was a real good movie, entertaining, and a great movie about lasting friendship which gives it a sentimental feeling.

All these botnet user reviews telling me the cliche thing they think will make their movie review sound legitmate makes me really distrust everything.

Bowers' character is completely pointless.

Awful, no plot.

I would say the first chapter was way more thrilling and had that "vintage" feel to it.

Beverly (Jessica Chastain) is in an abusive marriage and ready to leave for Derry.

Undoubtably 2019's worst movie .

Waste of time, poor storyline, the creatures were funny not scary

Too many pointless flash backs made the film drag on.

This is probably the most intense horror film in size and scope you are ever going to see.

The ending just dragged on for ages and I was so sick of it that I just wanted the clown to kill them all and get it out of the way.

It was essentially a movie about friendship and growing up and, to use a well-worn cliché, coming of age.

Well, anyway, after the summer movie season came to an end, Hollywood quickly released several enjoyable films that make the summer movie season pale in comparison to this autumn movie season.

Plain boring movie.

Of course there was really bad CGI, but it really didn't matter to me, the script was soo intense in terms of focusing more on the characters, the losers group, that it just went on a really different direction than the first film.

So boring and long .

The first part was comparatively better, this is really boring and disappointing, as usual this is another screwed up sequel.

So anticlimactic, so boring, so stupid, so lame...

But sometimes boring.

While this flashback/flash-forward structure mostly works, and helps the audience to follow certain narrative arcs, it begins to feel tedious after a while.

These scenes will then be followed by one or two of the main cast walking in an unrealistically empty street for way to long, rinse and repeat for the better part of two hours before we get to the big climactic ending (which for obvious reasons I wont get into here).

Very very intense.

The script blended well in this lively fusion of drama and horror, everything fell into place eventually, building up a great, enjoyable film.

But enjoyable if you are not excited for an It film.

Disappointing and boring .

But as far as pacing and scenes, it felt slow and fast at the same time.

It: Chapter 2 is flawed, but I still enjoyed it.

I'll have to download a copy and edit out a good 40-50 minutes so that I can have a watchable version of this movie to finish off the enjoyable first chapter.

Most stupid & confusing movie EVER .

The story was weak, the CGI was a mess, a really long and boring at times film.

A pleasant surpriseIt felt like a family film which is definitely unexpected, coming from a horror movie.

This was a waste of time, and a big let down for having such a great cast.

The duel between The Loser's Club and Pennywise is fascinating to watch and feels like a reward after a stuttering start.

Just Pointless and disturbing ...

The reveal he withheld information from the group that the American natives died fighting It felt shoehorned and his reasoning contrived.

Storyline too "Cliche" 2.

Incredibly boring .


It's boring, unimaginative and frankly throws shortcoming after shortcoming to the real fans.

It was alright not so great, Kind of a let down since the last one was great, it's not worth 3 hours that's for sure, every moment in the movie was either boring or funny, there wasnt a moment of horror in the movie.

In the end I think this is an enjoyable movie.

totally uninteresting .

Disturbingly Entertaining...

Don't waste your time, and don't let your children see it.

It's simply way better than the first 2 acts which are pure snooze fest, the jokes were completely unnecessary and gratuitous here and made it look like an amateur writing, no offence.

For me it was way too long and scenes could of been cut , it just felt a bit unbalanced ...

Rendering the whole experience dull, and plodding bore.

Don't waste your time, if you do you will only spend most the time on your phone....

0/1 don't waste your time .

I found the whole love triangle between Bill, Beverly and Ben in chapter one endearing, in this however it's just a boring unneeded distraction from the main story, mainly I think because I couldn't give a hoot about the characters.

The starting was bored .

Really the worst movie I have ever seen.

Uninspiring and a poor follow-up to last year's very good flick.

Honestly the worst movie I've seen this year or even in the last 5 years

The novel by Stephen King is, in my opinion, bloated and rather dull.

The rest will give you more breathing room, but is still entertaining and rounds out well.

"IT 2" It's a troublesome film, young director Andy Muschietti tries to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, but ends up making a redundant, indirect, weak and boring movie, a work that tries to be too grand and gets lost in its own ostracism.

Once I had enough, I walked out.

Utterly plotless, terrible CGI, awful attempts at 'humour', so very predictable from start to finish and one of the worst endings I've ever seen in a mainstream horror film (so bad that the filmmakers keep alluding to bad endings throughout).

I enjoyed it.

This was probably the worst movie I've ever seen .

There was to many changes to the original and the CGI animations were unbearable at times,its also very long and dragged out.

Sometimes it was tedious and i waited for the end.

To be transparent this was high on my most anticipated films of the year after the first film proved to be a surprisingly, emotionally resent and enjoyable horror film.

It was a bit formulaic, each character hot their respective item, and each was terrorised one by one, it needed more surprises, more shocks.

IT suffers from a rather predictable script and can't seem to make up its mind on if it wants to be a comedy or a horror film.

I enjoyed 2017's It, an exciting though not scary horror movie with good special effects and an interesting cast of characters, and to me, It 2 is very much in keeping with the first one.

Sometimes good, sometimes not, often engaging, often not, It Chapter Two closes the story of the Losers Club satisfyingly, although the execution is often sloppy and messy.

Very disappointed, and it's three hours so just don't waste your time.

There are also big problems with the script and it is ultimately way too long, unfocussed and grossly sentimental.

It's the most predictable and unbalanced movie i think i ever witnessed.

So Boring.

Other than that is a very scary entertaining movie that portraits the book story like we reading-fans certainly apreciate.

Dragged out, nonsensical and overwritten .

An Enjoyable Part 2 .

Another problem is that the movie constantly dwells on the past, has a ploddingly repetitive script and re-tells parts of the first film over and over again.

Boring, bad acting, too much CGI, and overall not scary.

Sure, they had to go find their tokens throughout town and have Pennywise try and terrify them into submission, but at the base of those scenes, it was mainly disturbing images and jump scares that fueled them, and it got repetitive.

However, due to bad animation and a lack of build-up, eventually the myriad of attempted scares cross the border into tedious silliness.

Too dragged out .

Poorly stitched together story line, uninteresting characters, not at all scary.

But it was drawn out.

Really good cast let down by this drab.

Worst movie to watch .

One of the worst movie to me...

Repetitive actions....

My favorite part, personally was the old lady scurrying naked in the hallway, and it demonstrates what's morbidly entertaining about these films.

The film felt like 3 hours and really dragged in places.

Instead of creepy, Pennywise became boring, non scary, and too be honest, I couldn't wait for the film to end.

Well it's a good thing somewhat, but a little boring.

The acting was horrible, the storyline was slow moving and the ending was laughable.

Well the movie was really entertaining & during the 3 hours in the movies, I didn't get bored at all.

IT dragged on for hours.

Regardless of how long this movie is, it's too boring, I couldn't keep watching for more than half hour straight and then pause it and try to do other things then come back to it, until i almost reached a half of it (the part where billy runs to save the neighbor kid) and that's when I said that's it, I can't tolerate this boredom.

The first movie, IT, was a great movie; it was full of horror, thrilling scenes, and a slight bit of action.

A boring CGI fest what it is.

Worth watching .

It was good, started off intense and suspenseful, then gradually collapsed about 3/4 through this overlong process full of loop holes and ends that were never tied up.

I think the movie is very entertaining for what it brings.

Don't waste you're time ...

But in fact, too many jump scares make it difficult to be scared after the mid-term, and even feel boring.

The movie was really long and boring at times.

Boring, generic, riddled with jump scares.

And 3 hours of this is way too much.

Wasted 3 hours of my life.

A lot of scenes just dragged on and took way too long, Bill reaching for Georgie in the sewer e.

Watch it if you suffer from insomnia, it will put you to sleep after 5 minutes.

Great Cure For Insomnia .

It was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Fairly confusing.

Bad acting, extremely far fetched, baseless story, 3 hours of utter nonsense.

The film itself was too long tho and just got a bit repetitive.

Cheap sound effects, predictable scenes and regular talking with a mix of things that didn't make sense took over the movie.

Conclusion:IT: Chapter Two is an enjoyable movie even if your 2 hours and 50 minutes feel too much.

It's overlong and not as good as the first 'IT', but Chapter 2 still manages to be well worth watching.

Also Bowers is pointless.

The plot was very intriguing and kept me engaged up until around 2 hours, and the ending ruined it for me.

Other than that, there were purely creepy and weird scenes that made many want to cover their eyes in both fear and confusion which is a success.

This film was quite predictable, Too long and the ending of killing pennywise was so anti climatic.

Added more comedy in it felt bit ruin the mood of the presious story .. somehow i felt better with the story as 1st one love that magical feelings blebd with horror.. i think editor did really nice job .. shifting time and space time to time for me honestly its really good movie and i enjoyed IT a lot

Worst movie in a while .

For me this movie was intense and the length of it only did it a favor in my opinion.

For me, the episodic middle act felt like binge watching a mediocre horror box set, as each character's back story get played out in a formulaic manner.

First of all the ending was predictable and so awful.

I mostly enjoyed the first half for what it was but this one was a long boring cgi fest with no story, no substance and no heart.

Boring and my taste in horror movies is now questionable by my boyfriend so THANKS

To my surprise I actually quite enjoyed it and I would normally be a prime contender to berate at the first opportunity.

Where Chapter One was brought to life with heart, passion & honesty which in turn made it soar, Chapter Two is simply dull, meandering & barely manages to float.

Enjoyed IT very much.

Overall, captivating and enjoyable.

Actors are Superb in this film BUT it is way too long and drawn out .

The actors were either bored or overacting (Bill, Mike, Richie).

I could never really lose myself in the IT Chapter Two monster (though I tried) because he seemed so contrived.

The scary parts were quite predictable, and the romantic bit......

Boring has hell...

I'm not a big fan of these movies, but they're entertaining and scary, and fun to watch in the theater.

This movie is terrible jokes, predictable jump scares and terrible writing all mashed up in one pile of vomit.

But this movie is but an echo of the first chapter, and like many sequels to cult classics, relies on retrospective references to please the fans - nonetheless, this was enjoyable.

It was too predictable, and did not deliver one truly horrifying scene.

I found it to be lacking in tension and consequently far too long.

Disservice to Stephen King and King fans Cheesey Silly monsters Lame attempts at humor McEvoy, Heder and Chastain talent wasted Way to long Waste of time Just Dumb and pointless.

The final scene is entertaining and puts the two character of Ben and Beverly together, a dream that always had since he wrote her that poem.

The horror is strong and score is more engaging.

This movie should have been about one hour shorter than it actually is for a more dynamic, entertaining and relevant structure.

Adult actors were all good but overall it was about 45 mins too long and ended up becoming boring to watch.

It includes gay propaganda and expects true fans to deal with it.

The worst movie I have ever seen its too long its like Indian movies

After that, it just gets stupid and downright boring and at times, painful to watch.

Pointless beginning ending seemed thown together at the last moment.

The repetitive nature of it makes us anticipate; it dulls the moment.

That just took way too long, we all know what's going to happen, so just let it!

His performance as Pennywise is so creepy and entertaining.

Being just under a lengthy three hours, the film packs a fair amount of unnecessary and boring sequences.

But all in all I really enjoyed it, some great scares and the ending felt satisfying.

I really enjoyed IT so I was pretty excited about seeing IT Chapter Two...

Just wasted 3 hours of my life.

Long, boring, no story.

I thought the film got very repetitive.

As one of the massive fans of the first IT movie in the now IT series, hearing that viewers would have the opportunity to re enter the town of Derry, Maine in an IT Chapter 2 directed again by Andres Muschietti was very exciting.

But the movie falls into a predictable and tiresome formula: character is alone, they hear a voice, they proceed to an isolated area, the music swells enough to make my ears hurt, cue jump scare, character runs away, end scene.

Really boring with little to no plot .

Exciting and very enjoyable .

What you get instead is a plodding, repetitive and boring experience in slowly going nowhere in a lot of detail.

Very boring movie.

The structure is still everybody gets their own scare section which can be repetitive and not that scary.

It was boring.

There's a lot to love, a lot to shrug at, and a lot to hate, but it manages to be entertaining enough and frequently moving enough to look past a lot of the film's flaws.

Overall the film is convoluted and has a repetitive story, although the latter can be forgiven because childhood trauma don't necessarily go away in adulthood.

I felt sleep, it was so boring.

The story was abit stretched and boring.

The story line was dragged out, it was repetitive and mostly uninteresting, with the same jumpscares and just what were those zombie thingies?

SCARY AND ANTAGONISTE: So I'd say it's more scary than the first one, and then there are more jumpscares, not to mention when The little girl wanted it to make her disappear her stain on her face, and then all of a sudden you have 15 seconds of silence and jumpscare intense, there's also the moment when Ben (child) ends up with the Clown in the locker.

Don't waste your time .

Pointless scenes, weaved into an already chopped narrative, leading to incoherence.

I do recommend Stephen King and overall horror fans to go see this movie or wait for it to come out on video if you prefer not sitting in the theater that long because it is worth watching.

3 hours of nonsense .

I think it's worth the watch.

Bad cgi, dragged on, and it felt more like a sci fi than a horror.

Jay Ryan's Ben is the former fat kid, now a buff wealthy architect hiding away in his stunning masterpiece, and keeping his human contact to zero.

when a movie is so long you expect to deepen the characters but the long time just made it so boring almost hardly to see...

The problem is, after a successful jump scare, you're adrenaline leaves your body and you become indifferent about what happens next.

An overly long waste of time.

One of the few times I wanted to get up and leave the cinema, very bored, never worried or scared, and the end totally stupid.

Worth watching .

The Final Bill: This movie is way too long but quite entertaining.

Bored to freaking death!

Absolute garbage, teenagers may find it entertaining, might.

Don't waste your time

Dragged on there a bit half way into it.

Even if you find this film boring at times, it goes without saying that this is once again a stellar cast.

Dauberman (for some unknown reason) injects quite a few punchlines and gags throughout the film, and just like the excessive CGI, this is annoyingly distracting and pointless.

It's a slow movie, that's fine by me.

Most of the adult characters are rather dull.

We watched the 1st part and it was enjoyable, I didn't think it did the book justice, but still, it was an interesting coming of age while defeating demons kind of story.

Also, the scenes with Bev and her dad was very intense, just as in the first movie.

but this Part 2 is not on par with the 1st part, it's repetitive, way too long and the story is deformed.

Thoroughly enjoyed the TV movie and Chapter 1, but left the theater after Ch.

IT CHAPTER 2 I got a say this movie was great I really did like it it was scary and scary is good the adult casting was perfect for the sequel everybody felt like the kid versions of themselves and pennywise is by far my favorite horror movie villain sorry michael I feel that the scenes where creepy and the suspense was intense I felt that the building of the suspense to the scary parts was done well the cgi was spot on and the cinematography was spot on as well so to some it up IT CHAPTER 2 gets a 8-10 a really good movie

The length was way too long and I was extremely disappointed.

Boring and not scary at all.

Growing up being surrounded by Stephen King's work has definitely made me appreciate these types of films and for me, the 'It' experience was even more entertaining because I got the chance to watch some of my favourite actors play some of my favourite characters.

There are a few moments of brilliance in Joker, but, for the most part, it's a rather dull film, and I'm not judging it based on its message or content.


I mean if they had just focused on the characters as adults they would have gotten more done, it would've been a better movie but for some reason making the kids CGI and showing 15 minute formulaic flashbacks that don't do anything for the film that a 2 minute conversation couldn't accomplish is just really damaging for this movie considering that the scenes with the adults were amazing and there was a real connection and comradery between them, which is why it's so disappointing that this film is just made up of flashbacks and very little elements of the adults despite the adults being the stand out part of the whole bloody movie.

Unwatchable .

The movie was so boring that I had to stop watching it half the way.

That was probably the worst movie i have ever seen.

Entertaining ...

Don't waste your money or time...

Extremely dragged and utter nonsense .

Holy hell when I saw that the runtime was 3 hours long I thought it was gonna be really slow.

I was really disappointed, was bored majority of the time in the cinema.

This is this is the worst movie I have ever seen in the last 3 years.

It kept me on the edge of my seat for nearly the whole movie.

Very slow paced, humorless and heavy on jump scares...

This movie is well told, exciting, mostly true to the book and well characterised by the actors.

CGI is a waste of money if you lack real vision.

Predictable jump scares and repeat.

First, there was no story, no character development, no lessons to be learned.

But the surgery is implied, when we see the boy crawling away from the storm drain with a missing limb, before being dragged back by an alien-like elongated arm.

When you're so bored that you start using the time to critique why you don't like the movie....

Very entertaining.

A Disappointing, Boring, Uninspired Sequel .

What made the first part of It so frequently entertaining was the chemistry shared between the wily, high-energy kids that the Losers Club comprised.

If you're reading this and haven't seen it, don't waste your money.

The whole 20min or so in the climax is also worth going through some of the boring scenes.

I really enjoyed It!

One of the most boring films of the year.

Many of the film's problems are present during the painfully dull second act.

Three hours of CGI monsters screaming at you in unconnected scenes might be fun depending on your mindset.

Way too long.

So a massive fain in my opinion, very bland, unexciting and plain boring.

but mostly, it fails to reach the objectives and makes the movie finally boring.

The movie had a way of always keeping you on the edge of your chair, which is important for me while I´m watching a scary movie.

Ok I hate clowns but this movie is well worth the watch it really keeps you on the edge of your seat.

It's not bad content, per se, it just feels like filler and takes way too long.