It Chapter Two (2019) - Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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Twenty-seven years after their first encounter with the terrifying Pennywise, the Losers Club have grown up and moved away, until a devastating phone call brings them back.

Director: Andy Muschietti
Stars: Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy
Length: 169 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 265 out of 1000 found boring (26.5%)

One-line Reviews (641)

In conclusion, It chapter 2 is an uninspired and uninteresting follow up to one of the greatest horror films of the decade with only a few memorable scenes to offer to the story.

And 2nd, I think 2hr 49mins was an okay length for this movie but at some points in the movie, I did daze off because it was a little slow and you did not have any idea what was happening.

Don't waste your time it's awful and goes on for ages.

It was a ok movie overall, but was way too long though.

It was laboriously long- 3 hours- and I kept wanting to doze off or make it end sooner.

As for the characters themselves, all the new cast are all individually very entertaining.

There's only so many times it's entertaining to see the same formula of one of the losers ending up alone, Pennywise jump scare and the loser running away unharmed before things start to get boring.

I fell asleep .

It's 3 hours of my life I'll never get back and it was pulling teeth to get through it.

As well as at the scariest scenes, where unexpected moments happen to be unforgettable.

The original movie adaption (1990) was a boring mess, the remake also was rather funny than creepy and this one tops the first part of the remakes in its badness.

"Chapter Two" struggles to make the adult characters as compelling and emotionally investing as the children.

SCARY AND ANTAGONISTE: So I'd say it's more scary than the first one, and then there are more jumpscares, not to mention when The little girl wanted it to make her disappear her stain on her face, and then all of a sudden you have 15 seconds of silence and jumpscare intense, there's also the moment when Ben (child) ends up with the Clown in the locker.

But it uses its time well, like the first film you feel for the characters, and it draws you in, a most enjoyable supernatural horror.

While slightly disappointing, the second half of "IT" is an exciting and heartfelt ending full of heart that is centered around a group of characters impossible not to care for and concludes Stephen King's masterpiece epically, giving fans of the nearly 1,200-page novel what they need to be more than satisfied.

Despite the CG on some of the kids and the pitching up of their voices (which is pretty weird for them to do), the flashbacks with the younger kids were all enjoyable and added a nice nostalgic feeling.

It was unnecessarily dragged precisely the second half.

Isaiah Mustafah and James Ransone are OK; Jessica Chastain is inexistant compared to Sophia Lillis "light" and nearly each apparition of Bill Hader are boring.

Occasionally, it's rather suspenseful.

Worth watching just to see him!

Boring .

Even if you find this film boring at times, it goes without saying that this is once again a stellar cast.

It was boring and not worth the money theres nothing else to say.

Stephen King makes a cameo as an Antique Store Owner, which was nice and a bit unexpected to see, anyways it's a joy.

A decent sequel that was overstuffed, predictable, and a trailer that spoiled some of the best scenes.

Some will hate this, some may actually love it, and I'd imagine many may be in my spot acknowledging a mixed bag that often dragged, felt empty and just felt off as a whole.

Once everyone gathers back in Derry, it becomes a slightly dull series of predictable funhouse horror scenes as each character must return to a place of trauma before meeting back up to fight Pennywise.

The scares, when they arrive, are dull.

The characters, Bill Hader's in particular, were bland at best and infuriating at most, and the predictable attempts at comic relief just irritated me.

Lots of jumpscares, all so predictable, I was so bored, I thought: oh please, not another one.

The bar is set so high for horror movies, but this is still worth watching.

Why did you make us watch boring and meaningless scenes instead of showing him?

What made the first part of It so frequently entertaining was the chemistry shared between the wily, high-energy kids that the Losers Club comprised.

The last half hour of the movie is when stuff finally starts to go down, and it was definitely the most exciting part of the film.

Overall, not as good as the first, but still a enjoyable sequel.

First the Movie is too long and repeats itself.

Story, depth and scare factor replaced with boring special effects .

Not one element of this film holds up to the original, with only 3 Pennywise moments standing out as entertaining parts of the movie, and Bill Hader doing a good job as an older version of Richie, even if his younger counterpart is still the funnier of the 2.

A good film just a bit over the top with the jump scares and to much cgi, was hoping for more psychological scares, overall though it's an entertaining film and worth a watch.

An enjoyable movie let down only by it's length (2hrs 50 is far too long), being over sentimental/cheesy in parts and some poorly placed humour (during scenes that are meant to be scary).

Very Enjoyable!

There are many other little and bigger things I was annoyed at, but the movie was mostly just bland, like your average C-grade horror movie.

The scenes from the past are great when they shed light on their present, but boring when they try to include new suspense sequences because we already know they point to nothing.

The main issue however is just that the movie feels confused - what little horror is actually in this movie is severely overshadowed by forced comedic moments (even within these sequences themselves, seriously, when the Deadpool song began playing in what was meant to be a disturbing moment, it felt completely out of place) and fantasy elements, with an unbearable score that reeked or cliché adventure movie.

Fast paced, funny and superbly crafted movie .

I missed that..also it felt like watching creepy ,boring ,non-real stuff in some scenes which i hated the most...

The first film transcended the genre and created a thrilling and captivating small universe inside of Derry.

Worst movie this season.

What was wrong, almost everything, this is deeply disappointing after IT 1 which was a great coming of age movie with horror thrown in.

The film dragged a lot.

Most of the time, the crowd at my theater were either laughing, giggling or yawning.

A very solid, enjoyable movie.

Self indulgent on the part of the director.

The section that follows each cast member individually was way too long and I felt like it was going to be a long as soon as the first or second actor did their own "journey".

I don't want to spoil anything, but it's incredibly repetitive comparing to the first movie.

Sequels to good movies can be challenging to make because of audience's expectations and it becomes the director's job to craft a new movie that upholds the standards if it's predecessor while delivering new content in an enjoyable manner.

A bland, boring assault on an iconic story.

So, it turned out that they decided to try a make the ending of this film somewhat more engaging.

This film is far too long with many scenes that just felt regurgitated from chapter 1.

I didnt find the first one that scary either but really enjoyed the kids and how it felt like a coming of age story, and again...

3 hours of adrenaline .

How am I supposed to care at all about the protagonists' emotional plights (which are portrayed in a serious light) when their antagonist and its supposedly evil forms who are responsible for them are utterly stripped of their malevolence and are portrayed in such a formulaic, repetitive, explicit, and laughably juvenile manner?


Lastly I thought there was too much humour in it for an horror and humour was unnessary and scenes which may of made a small audience jump were very predictable if you're an horror fan.

I left the theater half way through the movie.

This movie was good for the first 40 minutes and seemed promising but then it was a downward spiral from there, the whole idea of a ritual made the story seem cliché and predictable along with the horrible CGI and the cringey dialogue, it made my skin crawl out of the cinema leaving my body there in the seat bored out of its mind.

I left the theater having mixed feelings.

Not quite has memorable has the first one, but still entertaining.

For the most part, it relies on a repetitive use of very predictable jump-scares and disgust to try and scare its audience.

Watch it if you suffer from insomnia, it will put you to sleep after 5 minutes.


Nearly every single jump scare, except for one furry canine that annoyingly infiltrated my impenetrable skin the moment I let my guard down, was pointless.

Pennywise was vulnerable to intense bullying?

Poorly stitched together story line, uninteresting characters, not at all scary.

was annoying and killed the suspenseful mood.

I thought It 2 was entertaining.

It felt long and the plot moves very slow.

It started with yawning, and was quickly followed by nodding, and then snoring...

Visually pleasing and super stylish, but also bloated and narratively dull.

literally unwatchable.

The character of Henry Bowers was pointless, and added nothing to the film, he could have just been cut out completely.

This was due to pennywise and more monsters being involved so therefore there was more time to fit jumpscares and more scenes to drag out so you cant expect when the scare is going to happen.

Parts of it (especially the middle portion) were so boring and seemed pointless, making it feel longer.

I really enjoyed IT part 1 and Part 2, there was more humour in Part 2 which for me is why I think Part 2 is better.

The movie is pretty good but the pacing is too slow the movie feels like a drag at times.

Awful, no plot.

Contrived dialogue.

I enjoyed alot of aspects of it and there were some genuinely effective moments in the film, but it ultimately ends up feeling repetitive and hollow.

3 hours of torture.

I agree that the movie FEELS long, but I disagree that the runtime is too long.

This movie is VERY worth watching .

This is simply a gripping visual display of imagination and fortitude bringing together good & evil within one single conceptual chef-d'oeuvre.

Hereby it relies on predictable jump scares, instead of the dark and horrific atmosphere from the first movie.

The movie had everything that a horror movie could possibly have to make it entertaining and a bit scary.

The movie could have trimmed it down to be under 3 hours, long and drawn out.

Well It started out pretty good then got boring fast.

but mostly, it fails to reach the objectives and makes the movie finally boring.

It certainly felt like a 2 hour 50 minute movie, but it was entertaining enough to hold attention.

The scene is intense and to be honest scary.

I found him fascinating.

Usually, when people feel bored or not as entertained as they wanted to be, they tend to blame it on the film's runtime, especially if it's over 100 minutes.

No story for the adult loser club members re the realisation that IT has returned.

Boring .

It was quite boring and following a methodical pace.

Yet another cliche, which turns into another C G I fest.

The Movie Was Quite enjoyable.

but the climax was long drawn boring, and a bit emotional.

Too many scares and pointless moments that drag an hour and thirty minute horror phenomenon to a three hour jump-scare funhouse.

Likely because I actually enjoyed it, as was mentioned before.

I noticed a few in the cinema got a bit bored midway.

With a massive 2hr 50min runtime this film is 45 minuets longer than the original and it feels every bit longer, this is due to the poor pacing of the film as it insists on visiting each characters fear once again for what feels like 20 minutes each, which gets very repetitive, very quickly, it's because of this pacing I found myself disconnected and often checking my watch.

Nevertheless the movie is quite enjoyable.

I wanted to leave.

That being said it is a richly entertaining and fascinating portrayal that does justice to the majestic novel published in the mid-eighties.

And while Bill Hader's brilliant and unexpected portrayal of Richie is the stand out for me, the whole cast does a wonderful job as the grown-up Losers.

While I did enjoy the movie and it was very well casted, it was too long and dragged at times.

Great Cure For Insomnia .

I honestly feel movie dint love upto it's expectations, its more of friendship than the clown,i personally feel movie was dragged to long not sure for what.

Instead of being whisked away as you'd hope when you enter a theatre, you're dragged along as you lie limp and exhausted.

I actually fell asleep for 20 minutes.

)) came out two years ago I found I really enjoyed it.

Instead of naming everything that's wrong with this "horror" movie, I will use a single word that best describes this utter snooze fest - boring.

Although it has its short comings, I'd still recommend IT chapter two, as it's a fun and enjoyable horror film and is genuinely filled with passion from the filmmakers.

Just fine, but a little predictable.

Thrilling and Chilling .

Enjoyable is the word that comes to mind.

Speaking of which, this part where they all go their separate ways to find their "tokens" is so contrived.

Overall, not as good as the first, but probably still worth the watch.

I wanted to just leave the theater after the first hour.

Most admirably, they managed to make it entertaining over the 3-hour run-time.

The only thing that made it worth watching at all is that it had several scenes with the kids from the first remake in it.

3 Hours of Disappointment .

The first chapter was funny at times, but the comedy was well done, here there are some terrifying and thrilling scenes, and they are bogged down with quick one-liners.

Don't waste your money .

but this Part 2 is not on par with the 1st part, it's repetitive, way too long and the story is deformed.

The editing was terrible where there were too many pointless and long scenes that add no value.

Was ridiculous and fun at times but got bored halfway through and left to get ice cream.

Of course they wouldn't be the same as they were as children, but I felt this dragged it down a little.

Now to the negatives:This part also defers very much tonally, where the first one was very fast paced this one takes the time to develop and unfold.

The bad: The excellent actors were wasted on a story that tried way too hard to be a teenage bullying lesson wit a tiresome number of failed gotcha scenes.

Take your old musty closet full of old boring stories throw it out of the window and start over man.

Some nice scenes but a slow storyline .

A WAY too long parody.

It is inconsistent, predictable, ludicrously (and unintentionally?

IT was boring.

Viscious Anti-Gay Propaganda .

last thing to be said , the editing is a fu**ing thing , it's really attractive to the mind and quite breathtaking at some point.. good job and good ending as well.

Great movie, dragged on a bit at times .

I will admit it does drag a bit in the middle, but that's mostly because the beginning was so fast paced.

First off, great film, definitely enjoyed it!

To the "Losers" who made this movie, why make it into a coming of age story when only adults are hoing to watch it.

The pace is very slow .

Pointless .

Considering all the actors were more than likely forced to act vs a green screen rather than Bill's Pennywise it may explain why the majority of the actors seem to be bored and just reading lines.

The dynamic is quickly restored and so too the memories begin to awaken and with that, the audience is drawn into the first fantasy horror sequence that will be used in more intense scenes later.

There's a lot to love, a lot to shrug at, and a lot to hate, but it manages to be entertaining enough and frequently moving enough to look past a lot of the film's flaws.

The second act is so rinse and repeat, with the flashbacks and scares, that it becomes tremendously predictable.

Going into these details might make this movie unwatchable because Pennywise only goes after children.

It felt like a disjointed connect the dots thing like "lets see what happens to this person next, now this person, oh big surprise its something relating to their childhood phobia" like some sort of kids book.

I have admired in this stunning novelist can create own different world.

For me the running time was far too long and could have easily shaved 1 hour off.

The story is accurate and compelling.

BUT even after going in thinking this is just a sequel and cant really expect much of it, I was honestly bored throughout this movie.

Bad cgi, dragged on, and it felt more like a sci fi than a horror.

IT's pointless .

One of the worst movie, spending 3 hours for nothing, full of unnecessary/boring scene and not really frightening at all as I expected from a horror movie.

I went with someone but if I had went alone I'd have walked out, and I've never ever even contemplated doing that.

I really had high hopes for this one,they dragged this movie on way to long, by the end I couldn't wait to leave!

An Intense and Long Sequel to a New Horror Classic.

Somewhat disjointed flow.

Whoever designed the forms Pennwise takes (aside from the ho-hum zombies) needs a serious raise because this film truly has some really effective monsters in comparison to the first.

Disappointed (and sleepy) after sitting through this way too long movie.

Overall it was I enjoyed it from start to finish.

Worst movie i've ever seen

There is also one suspenseful scene with Bill going into a haunted walk through house ride at a fair.

Good horror scenes, brilliant cgi effects but the ending is too long & drawn out / predictable.

I wouldn't say it's a bad movie but it's so dragged out and a bit corny.

Might still be worth watching.

The acting was spot on, and the performances believable, but it just felt too disjointed, jumping from story to story, from present to the kids memories, and it also lost a lot of the things that made chapter 1 awesome.

The characters as adults were somewhat dry, dumb and dull as adults and much better as young teens.

Soooo Boring!!.

Unfortunately the director is incapable of showing any sort of restraint and the rest of of it is a loud, drawn out mess, absolutely saturated with terrible CGI that ruins any sort of atmosphere by taking the viewer out of the movie.

Long, boring, not scary, no story .

It was too long and a waste of time.

Overall I think the movie is great, it could have been excellent if it was re edited, seriously get rid of the jumpscares, some of the jokes, some of the CGI and some of the same boring ''movie'' music, seriously the original one has such a disctintive soundtrack, this one is just so average.

Fell asleep a few times, its a shame the actors done a really good job.

Every death was a for shock factor and it was a useless gore-fest that drones on.

The conclusion of the movie is confusing as we never know what 'it' was (is).

Its pacing is pretty consistent and, despite a slightly baggy second act, it manages to remain engaging throughout.

The film felt like it was being dragged out.

Boring Stand alone.

I wish i could have given it 0, what was good in it was killed by how long and boring it is.

Once this has all been established (as forcefully and mind-numbingly dull as possible), the characters no longer matter at all except for one-liners regarding their childhood traits.

Disappointing, boring and far too long.

If you really wanna watch it just wait for it to be released on dvd dont waste your money on such a boring movie especially when compered to the first chapter .

A decent one story, everything else is boring.

Funny, Scary, Intense, sadness and so on.

His performance as Pennywise is so creepy and entertaining.

Wasted 3 hours of my life.

For some reason, it kept throwing in needless and pointless humor.

First off, this movie was way too long.

There was some enjoyable scares in the movie which includes the old woman, the mirrors in the amusement park and the lumber jack statue part other than that the scenes that where meant to be scary just made me wince out of cringe.

I understand the staff put much effort to deliver each characters story but it was too long and got me so bored of watching it.

I've seen plenty of people who were convinced that the movie was way too long, it didn't bother me during the movie though.

I was on the edge of my seat, only bc I was ready to leave!!!

Contrary In the first film, the entertaining characters were replaced by mature and fictitious people who made ordinary and rude jokes.

But this movie is but an echo of the first chapter, and like many sequels to cult classics, relies on retrospective references to please the fans - nonetheless, this was enjoyable.

Sadly most of the scares were jump scares and usually predictable - although not always.

Movie is so good as the first part i enjoyed it more than 1st one .. scary scenes are good cgi is awesome .

The scare scenes were far too predictable and lost any sense of suspense.

I enjoyed it I loved the cast and it had a great ending.

I was surprised and left the theater thinking the only reason this horrible sequel was made was for the reason of $$$$$$ sad......

Overall, the movie is poorly paced, the "let's split up" scene is the reason it's 3 hours and is completely unnecessary, and outside of Bill Hader spouting off a few good one liners and the wonderful stuff done with Bill Skarsgard (still intimidating as ever, his best scenes involve makeup and a river, but no spoilers on that), it just felt like a waste of time.

It great half of 3 hours films until 90 of it shouldn't be so boring.

The story itself is rubbish and, at three hours long, is two and a half hours too long; the half hour worth watching are those scenes with Skarsgard's Pennywise.

IT Chapter 2 Pros & Cons:Pros: Great Casting Great Acting, especially Bill Hader Faithful to the Novel (If you care) Good Horror Set Pieces Scenes with Pennywise are great, but sadly he's barely in the movieCons: Runtime, many scenes are too long or drawn out Horrific CGI Monsters, Not Scary at All Not Enough Pennywise, No Character Development Tone - Half Comedy Half Horror.

As tedious as Chapter One .

When they go and find their tokens, essentially the exact same scene happens over and over again but with different characters, none of the scares work, they are predictable and stupid.

It's definitely slow and repetitive in the middle of the movie since all of the characters have the same stuff happen to them.

It's not a sequel, it's the second part of a whole story which is too long and complex (as is the book) to fit into one continuous film, hence the 3 hr running time.

don't waste your money.

The worst movie of the summer.

3 hours of flashbacks and similar scenes than the first movie.

Pennywise is a fascinating creature of nightmares - Bill Skarsgård's rubbery face, sad-creepy inflection, faded orange quiff and an almost imperceptible drool a superb combination to ensure his place in the pantheon of iconic horror monsters (right alongside Tim Curry's bubblier and bigger-eyed 1990 version).

Long, Drawn out and Underwhelming .

A flip on everything that made Chapter 1 so entertaining...

It was a pointless waste of time.

It's so boring, we've seen it so many times.

The film felt like 3 hours and really dragged in places.

The end of Pennywise is, unfortunately, just the same as the rest of the ending - bland.

I thought the film got very repetitive.

I left theater because the level of boredom was unimaginable

unexpected .

I l8ke the first one but this was a waste of time.

The more they happen, the more predictable and boring they are to watch.

Anyway apart my gripe about the ending, my Wife and I thoroughly enjoyed IT Part 2....

Not saying the first one was a masterpiece, but it was definitely entertaining.

At times the movie became boring and I became lost at times with the miscalculated time lapses.

Super predictable and cliché.

90% of the movies it was so boring, first IT it was better...

The story was not good at all, I expected something frightening from It, nothing happened, maybe there were 2 or 3 times when I didn't expected what was coming.

This was a total waste of time.

I was totally immersed in the story from start to finish, I didn't find myself zoning out for any of the run time.

The movie was longer than it needed to be, but was entertaining in some parts, that's why I gave it a 6, with good jump scares.

3 hours in boredom!

Way too long, not scary at all and bad cgi.

Pennywise's final form was interesting, and the part where Beverly had to swim in blood was entertaining, especially with the appearances of her Father Alvin Marsh and Henry Bowser's, who said to her as a reference to The Shining, "Here's Johnny".

It's not bad, but it can also feel repetitive in spots where they encounter monsters they've seen before.

The ritual was a huge waste of time.

Save your money!

Many cliche here for an audience here: Gay couple which gets beat up by town toughs.

Really uninteresting storyline and not scary at all.

) we get this way over-complicated story of him being some thousands year old spirit or god knows whatever that I guarantee no one paid attention to because its so boring.

You get bore about the comedy duo routine fast and can´t be 3 hours of jump scares anyway, even casual terror movie goers will predict the next one after the first hour and a half...

It's a brave movie, even if kind of a "bad" one, which is a combo I prefer to safe (boring) "good" movies.

I found this movie to be long and drawn out, could have been an hour shorter and not just shy of 3 long hours.

Only downside of the movie is its 2hr 49 min runtime, which leads to slow pacing after halftime.

Boring characters.

It was about an hour of unnecessary drawn out scenes.

It might bore you if you like a more concise plotline.

The second trailer looked intense.

During some instances you might feel bored, more when each of the protagonists try their own approach to kill the clown.

While the budget is a lot more lavish this time around (and that's reflected in the sets, costumes, and visual effects), director Muschietti replaces the more authentic, unexpected scares of the first with frequent, super-loud, in-your-face scares that you can see coming a mile away.

Finally, it was WAY too long, and sadly, most of the best scenes were the flashback scenes with the kids.

It's a bit predictable aswell.

Save your money until it comes out on APPLE TV

Ok I hate clowns but this movie is well worth the watch it really keeps you on the edge of your seat.

More of a slow romantic comedy for the most part.


Except for the dragged out ending where he becomes a ginormous spider.

The cast is phenomenal but Hader and McAvoy shine through, their performances are engaging, emotional, and will draw you in.

I really enjoyed it and it scared the life out of me a lot of times.

The result of this script was a disjointed, choppy movie with a lot of scenes that felt unfinished and scenes that felt unnecessary or just plain confused.

It did rely heavily on jumpscares that were sometimes predictable.

I don't get why producers dump loads of money on completely passable ideas like these, very bland and unoriginal.

Enjoyable .

One of the worst movies I've ever seen and you'd have to pay me literally hundreds of dollars to watch again fully.

I also failed to find this film particularly scary, its starts out well with some good jump scares, but the movies scares quickly become predictable and lose their effect, and the role of It or Pennywise felt much larger than in the other film and this greater screen time of the titular character led to his presence on screen lose meaning and fail to invoke the same sort of fear.

The casting choices were the only thing enjoyable about this movie.

The story literally loses all its steam due to this and makes it feel way too long.

Worth the watch .

This movie was way to long and drawn out.

Way too long!!.

It's a movie of moments and a non compelling story, strechted out over a bloated run time.

waste of money.

There were some really effective scenes but I found the overuse of jump scares a little irritating, especially as they were so predictable, while the quiet build-up and eeriness of other scenes were much more appealing to me.

Movie becomes boring in some parts.

IT was to long IT got boring I left after about 90 mins .

the actor who played Ben was so bland i cannot remember his face.

Really boring with little to no plot .

3 hours of pointless drama and cheap scares in a so called "horror" .

The actors did an amazing job however, I must say that Bill Skarsgard's representation of Pennywise was stunning.

Don't waste your money.

From start to finish, I was so bored I wanted to walk out of the cinema.

At the beggining the movie starts good, interesting, a little catchy but then the movie gets so bored The horror scenes are so bad amd the final fight vs Penny is silly and long Perhaps in the 2021 we are gonna see_ Pennywise the origins or something like thatbad, very bad

Any tension the movie had was destroyed by an unnecessaryamount of comic relief, and it kept doing the same boring, copy-paste jumpscares for the entire second half of the movie.

It's most enjoyable when the characters are having fun with each other and expressing their love for one another and their history.

And while overall the movie wasn't very scary, there were several genuinely intense, great scenes: the opening scene at the fair, the Hall of Mirrors scene, the scene with Victoria and Pennywise under the bleachers, and the scene in Beverly's apartment (minus the unnecessary jumpscare).

I found it to be way too long and the plot left me with very little motivation as a viewer to watch to the end.

This movie was too long, it dragged at times, and I missed the serious creepy version of it.

This is especially true of its climax, which is exciting and entertaining in equal measure.

That scene alone was very intense, brutal, and felt like a good opening to a horror film.

It 2 is too long and predictable.

A waste of time, money, and excitement.

Don't waste your time.

I could have used my night to watch a much better movie, but instead I used it to watch this boring, obnoxious piece.

But still IT Chapter Two is so watchable and entertaining, and I think lots of the fans are gonna love it, and find themselves so satisfied too.

I fell asleep three times during this nearly three hour movie, once snoring so loud the guy next to me had to wake me up.

Teach Grant portrays an aged and insane version of the bully from the previous It, and Xavier Dolan has a decidedly unexpected cameo.

I found the battle at the end to be better in this one then in the original, however, after the battle the movie dragged on again, and I was glad to get up and leave.

Also, there's no real plot: as I suspected, the present day story told independently from the childhood setting is not enough for a movie.

The story is disjointed.

It is scary enough that will get you gripping the edge of your seat.

fed up with this repulsive, omnipresent, passive propaganda.

Honestly, this movie was just ultimately boring.

The final scene is entertaining and puts the two character of Ben and Beverly together, a dream that always had since he wrote her that poem.

Sooooo pointless.

The special effects for this movie are also stunning.

Boring for moments.

So, I really enjoyed it and it lived up to it's hype.

Too long, too boring.

No story.

Save your money, watch it on Netflix or Amazon Prime someday.

And seeing what the Filmmakers have done with the characters that have grown in 27 years is worth watching alone.

Entertaining IT .

It was a bit formulaic, each character hot their respective item, and each was terrorised one by one, it needed more surprises, more shocks.

Unfortunately, this time around, Pennywise doesn't have that much screentime (such a disappointment), and when it appears, it often looks too CGI-ish, taking away from the gripping performance of its actor.

A waste of time .

The second installment is pretty much the same but less scary, bad CGI monsters, and very predictable.

The screenplay is clicheic, predictable and uninteresting.

Instead of the horror being a slow burn, it's more of a slow churn as the recycled jump scares quickly lose their minuscule luster and make this already long film feel even longer.

The story line was dragged out, it was repetitive and mostly uninteresting, with the same jumpscares and just what were those zombie thingies?

Rest of the movie is awful written script and lots of terrible designed pointless jokes.

First off, the characters are so much more bland than they were in the latter film, featuring almost no character arches at all.

Too many boring scenes.

But way too long!

So Boring.

The concept was well done and enjoyable to watch.

Here I talk about Henry Bowers and the Silver; both got their screen time, but would have nothing happened had they had been cut from the movie.

In the end, Chapter Two is an enjoyable film with excellent casting and charismatic actors/actresses.

First was great second was awful the cgi was silly and was too long it just dragged and dragged

Today there was more an air of boredom.

There is an unexpected special appearance which fits well.

We all got very disappointed and left the theater after 2 hours before the movie even ends.

IT part 2 is a very good attempt at making a film out of the novel and contains enough scares and laughs for the film to stay entertaining for it's long run time.

Too long and drawn out.

no logic, no story just some disgusting random zombie/ evil scenes with background.

The film seems bloated with uneven CGI effects this time around and its formulaic set pieces almost outstays its welcome due to the movie's avid fixation with the gore factor.

This made the first film enjoyable for a wide audience, the jump scares and the horror was mixed in with childish banter and fun montage sequences (even when the losers club cleans Bev's blood-soaked bathroom the scene makes you feel good); it's a film which is ultimately about friendship and the potential for togetherness to overcome evil.

However i know have to say that the film had very slow pacing in places.

The characters as adults were mundane and have little depth despite the near three hour runtime (which drags a lot by the way).

Performances aside, the visuals are stunning.

I can go on and on about all the things I enjoyed about this film, but this post would get way too long and ruin the movie for who read this before watching it.

The movie starts out well, but quickly bogs down in disjointed scenes following the individual characters having an encounter with the monster and getting scared, in between unnecessary flashbacks to them getting scared by the monster in their childhoods.

It: Chapter 2 is a dragging borefest with forced cheesy comedy lines which only server to tug the plot along.

While it was exciting seeing the young cast, it did not bring anything new into the movie except some new scares and also some refreshing for the adult counterparts.

At times this movie was cheesy and really dragged on.

Gripping scenes, few scares here and there.

) hilarious, redundant, overly drawn out to the point of boredom, and worst of all, a downright insult to King, who I'm shocked made the cameo he did in tacit approval of this screen adaptation abomination of his finest work.

Still very emotional, funny sometimes scary and of all things entertaining film.

But it dragged the story and felt repetitive.

Or were the writers of this particular screenplay just trying to hide the fact that half this movie was so boring, a lot of movie-goers where I went to see this (myself included) were literally starting to fall asleep!

It was alright not so great, Kind of a let down since the last one was great, it's not worth 3 hours that's for sure, every moment in the movie was either boring or funny, there wasnt a moment of horror in the movie.

3 hours of my life robbed

" "It: Chapter 2" was always bound to find itself in a deeper hole, that said it's still extremely entertaining!

The first film was pretty average, but it was bolstered by a great cast that actually had chemistry on screen, this one on the other hand was just an absolute snorefest from start to finish.

No story and CGI filled .

This one was boring and predictable.

The long drawn out ending was completely over the top and self serving.

A lot of time is wasted on pointless drama, reminiscing about the past and soul searching to a point that by the time the interesting part starts, I have already lost all interest in the plot.

Although I didn't find it scary enough to be a horror movie nor funny enough to be a comedy, so it falls somewhere inbetween, making it a little bit of a confusing experience.

I fell asleep three times...

despite 50% of this movie is just jump scares and the other 50% boredom.

The movie really dragged on a number of occasions that really didn't have much content, and that left us wondering why on Earth they were not edited or shortened, because the last thing you want to do is put your viewers to sleep.

So a massive fain in my opinion, very bland, unexciting and plain boring.

I enjoyed it though!

Pretty boring and too much fantasy I'm several scenes, as if the want to imitate Stranger Things most of the time.

"It: Chapter Two" does feature some impressive aspects, but overall feels very long, repetitive, and filled with script troubles.


If that was the point of applying the CGI make-up then get ready for an entertaining night.

Boring and not scary .

Definition of this film is three things;1:Puke2:Jumpscare3:Funny monstersand whole movie is so predictable.

I highly recommend it.

I was able to overlook the lack of story or character backstory in chapter 1 mainly because of how great the kids were together and how absolutely terrifying Bill Skarsgard was as the clown.

This is not to discredit the cast of veteran actors and their younger counterparts who all show their acting chops as well, but the material they had to work with was trying too hard to be compelling and engaging and ending up neither one nor the other.

Every single scare in this movie follows the exact same structure, they are all predictable, you know exactly when it's gonna happen and how it's gonna happen.

Boring has hell...

The brutality and pointless nature of the film's beginning homophobic hate crime is horrible to witness.

Poor flow with the excessively long screen time turns the movie into a torture for audience.

While objectively this film is a probably alittle worse than the first one, I enjoyed it just a little bit more for one reason: it felt a lot more Stephen King to me.

There are many jump scares, and the loud sounds make the movie particularly jarring; making the horror more enjoyable.

Way too long .

This same exact "jump scare" happens over and over and over until you could literally fall asleep right in the middle of one.

I'll watch the original miniseries if I'm bored or really want to see one of the subjectively best performances Tim Curry has given in his entire career of acting.

The movie is also way too long.

Overall, definitely worth watching and please ignore bad ratings!

I highly recommend it.

It was like there were 5 different endings that were all equally cheesy with unbearable dialogue and outcomes.

What worked so well in the first one was the bonding of the teens, the coming of age factor and the throw back to the late 80s.

Too long, too repetitive, and just plain stupid.

For me it was way too long and scenes could of been cut , it just felt a bit unbalanced ...

I wouldn't call it a horror movie, and despite that, I still enjoyed it.

Absolutely 3 hours of my life I'll never get back again.

But the language was unbearable

A lot of scenes just dragged on and took way too long, Bill reaching for Georgie in the sewer e.

Of course there was really bad CGI, but it really didn't matter to me, the script was soo intense in terms of focusing more on the characters, the losers group, that it just went on a really different direction than the first film.

There's something about a group of kids with a coming of age story that really is magical.

Boring and bad .

Sadly, this movie was just a drawn out bore.

It captured a good tone, had a compelling story, and interesting character dynamics.

Overall, between its highs and lows, "It Chapter Two" makes for a semi-enjoyable time.

It is literally 3 hours of OTT, CGI sequences, with wholly unscary IT ghosts and monsters, that just like the first film, stalk the loser club, and again, just like the first, Pennywise never kills them, even though he could easily.

The CGI is mind blowing!

In the end I think this is an enjoyable movie.

Well worth the watch.

Yet there's a spark missing from the adult group compared to their teenager selves; that recognisable chemistry of adolescents with their lives ahead of them a big part of why the first outing was so entertaining, whereas the beaten-down 40-something versions are less fun to hang out with.

The story uses jump scares in the most unexpected ways, by making some of the scariest scenes unforgettable.

In the beginning the movie was alright but near the 2 hours mark i just wanted the story to wrap up, there's a reason most horror movies are 1.5-2 hours long, only so much jump scares and ugly s**t growling/running around you can take before it gets repetitive/predictable.

Its runtime is appropriated having in mind that each character has a personal arc, but only a couple of them are genuinely compelling and entertaining.

The film is worth watching, I believe you should give everything a chance.

The rest is mildly entertaining and provides a very forgettable plot.

I saw the other movie that came out a few years ago and really enjoyed it.

This is sharpened by the adult actors being dead ringers for the kids from the original; including the main highlight Bill Hader- an instant classic as Richie, as he combines the best of his talent from "Saturday Night Live" with intense urgency to best serve the idea of "What would Richie from It be like if he grew up?

There are the cast and director with true professional skills they have made an actually entertaining thing.

Chapter 2 isn't as great as Chapter 1, but the heart of The Losers Club makes it still worth watching.

Bill Skarsgård has delivered an amazing thrilling clown performance as before.

I thought it was just the exact same as the first one but longer and more boring.

It honestly just dragged on, it was far too long for a movie that still left me feeling empty at the end, really thought this one would be good, the first one was great but part two just fell flat, save your money and wait for it to come out for streaming.

I enjoyed IT chapter 2.

There are enough jump scares in the movie to make it thrilling.

Don't listen to what the critics are saying, this movie is amazing and I highly recommend it.

The screentime is well deserved, but no kidding, when i left the theater it felt like i had spent 27 years there already.

Unfortunately, it fails to be compelling because aside from a brief reintroduction to the characters and where they ended up (the most enjoyable part of the film), the movie doesn't tell us anything about these people we don't already know.

This film had a good link to the first IT however I thought it was slow and really dragged in parts which wasn't the case with the first IT.

Summary: watch a compilation on YouTube in a year of Pennywise and Ritchie's scenes/lines, but otherwise, don't waste your time, because it's a LOT of it.

Too many special effects, no story whatsoever .

Boring movie with too much CGI .

It was entertaining and, although long, didn't really drag.

I don't mind a long movie, if it's engaging.

The character Pennywise is always entertaining to see, also because of the amazing performances of Skargaard.

I'll skip repeating what others here have already said about the plot being disjointed, characters cliched, dialogue awkward, tension weak, and scares predictable.

They should've edited out a few scenes because this movie is 3 hours long, and the ending kind of dragged on.

😂 Very entertaining, emotional, and terrifying three hours.

This script feels awfully vacant with a lot of filler and slow pacing.

If you like an engrossing horror story then you won't be disappointed either (did I mention how long this was?

Said child dies anticlimactically and the ritual that the film spent so much of its plodding, meaningless runtime ends up failing.

This freaks everyone out and they want all to leave.

that's when I got up and walked out.

If I went alone I'd have walked out .

Muschietti sins of excessive complacency towards himself and makes a film on the edge of ridicule: I cannot decide where to start from, and trust me it's difficult because in this film there are too many things that are wrong, so much banal and unlikely to arouse laughter among the public.

The Losers Club as both kids and adults are darn cute and entertaining.

I find it really odd that the parts I found most compelling in this film were the scenes where there were little to no horror elements.

it was SUPER long, SUPER slow, disjointed and then in the end, it ends in a way that they should have done it in the first 10 minutes.

It felt very repetitive and got a little boring.

Not even a conjuring by reading evil script was used to create this, as cliche as that would have been.

This is by far the worst movie I have seen in a long time.

It reminded me of LOTR Part Three when it kept ending and then there was more ending and then there was more until you just wanted to leave the movie theatre already.

Repetitive and too long .

long and boring .

The final battle went on for about half an hour and, though I was still excited, it was far too long when that time could have been spent on more character centred scenes.

Way too long, way too goofy, it relies too much on comedy for some reason than anything else, the CGI monsters were so goofy looking they weren't even scary, the acting was over the top and just everything about it was just so unsatisfying.

Worth watching tho

I was really disappointed, was bored majority of the time in the cinema.

Cliche, not a horror, more if a comedy.

They were unimaginative and uninspiring, she was emotionally blank and distant, especially in scenes with Ryan (he only segment where she should not have been) and Mcavoy simply had a busy year and I guess this movie was the last in line.

I was on the edge of my seat waiting for her to realize that the post card was from him.

(God that's depressing) Anyway, my biggest fear for this movie was that it would fail purely because let's face it in the book and the original mini series, the switch over to the kids from the adults is pretty boring.

Very disappointing after having the expectations after the first movie set so high, save your money and stream it.

Despite all the negative aspects of the movie: the duration, the messy editing, the generally uninspired cast, the badly timed jokes and humor etc. It Chapter Two is a highly entertaining movie.

That just took way too long, we all know what's going to happen, so just let it!

"IT Chapter Two" spends much of its runtime plodding through a mindless, rote, predictable checklist of the characters recovering their artifacts from their youths, to the same tired, mindless, rote, predictable jump scares thrown at you one after the other which you can see coming from a million miles off which further robbed them of all their potency.

The movie starts off promising but soon falls into scary clichés and dull moments.

A waste of time .

The extra-long runtime seems to come from attempting to cram every kind of little jump-scare scene, all of which were utterly predictable failures with way too many ghosty variations of the "monster" that made It less and less scary and less clear as a character.

A lot of humour makes it very entertaining.

One of the few times I wanted to get up and leave the cinema, very bored, never worried or scared, and the end totally stupid.


If you're reading this and haven't seen it, don't waste your money.

I left because I was bored.

This movie ended up being boring, i literally fell asleep in the movie theater.

5) It's actually entertaining.

Instead of being engaged and interested in the plot you will be bored out of your mind.

Because there is not time, the movie moves at an insane pace with a very repetitive mold.

Entertaining, Not What It Should Be .

The ending was painfully drawn out so long that I lost interest 10 minutes in.

The only instances of this were in the middle of the film which gets quite repetitive and the ending which gradually got draining.

Long, drawn out sequel with an elementary story line and comedic ending.

Contrived acting.

Actors carry a slow but entertaining film .

Don't waste your money going to see this at the cinema.

It's a great coming of age story, with some of King's most vividly realized characters, not mention one of his most terrifying villains.

This story tarnishes the evil created in the novel and, even as a seperate story, fails to create anything close to enjoyable for the audience.

Pennywise is sadly predictable this time around and most of the monsters are more cartoon-like funny than scary.

It just dragged on and on and on and felt like it will never end and I couldn't wait for it to be over.

Worst movie ever .

All in all, I would never thought I would say something like this but, it is a waste of such good actors and money.

I'll make this short and sweet;Save your money and wait for it to come out on Netflix.

The first 15 to 20 minutes felt rushed and you kinda feel like there are a lot coming at you, but then the movie moved slowly, but the cast managed to make the 3 hours worth watching and rewatching from time to time.

I left the theater and complained to the man that there was a clown in the movie and he laughed in my face and said I couldn't have my ticket money back.

I couldn't believe in my eyes,people where leaving the cinema,it was the worst movie i've Ever seen,I can't believe it's rated with 7 here,it must be spammed by the creators with good reviews,I can't explain it in any other way

Around halfway through, two other people got up and walked out.

While I thought his score for 'It' was a bit bland and boring to listen to without the visuals, he decides to go bigger and bolder in this film and it really pays off.

The movie is too long with only about a quarter scenes of the clown.

Entertaining, emotional, great movie .

The unexpected huge success of It Chapter One has surprised the audience, as it became a blockbuster with more than $700 million Box Office worldwide.

secondly I don't think the emotion, build up for horror thrills are there when you put too much jumpscares screen they were getting predictable!

A Step Down From the First But Enjoyable to Watch .

Which is thrilling.

Boring .

Sometimes they make sequels and they're just garbage but this was worth the watch I loved it.

Skarsgard was funny and effective as always drooling and giggling when on screen and Bill Hader's Ritchie has perfectly timed observations and one liners that pick up scenes where we are bored to tears.

The worst movie ever.

Too much of drag and very boring, this movie must be trimmed to one and half an hour.

Very nearly fell asleep .

However i have to say the film was very confusing when it came to explain pennywises origin and backstory and also Henry Bowers was a terrible character.

He's genuinely enjoyable to watch and has an emotional arc to feel for.

I really enjoyed the first one 2 years ago but when you fall asleep watching this like i did a few times that's pretty bad.

Just as boring as Part 1.

Way too long and drawn out .

Beverly was boring and I think that's because of who played her, Amy Adams should have been cast instead.

Way too long .

Entertaining .

For all its issues, though, it's still an enjoyable experience.

But despite that, I still enjoyed it.

The entire movie felt pointless Pacing was slow and the big climax lost all the effect that the first film had built anticipation to There was no mission No character driven motivations No interesting story elements Literally just 1.

Complete waste of time, not even worth for closure after the first one.

bland and somewhat boring.

That being said, a lot of the movie had a repetitive tone as each character explored their fears, one by one.

It is unnecessarily 3 hours long and half the movie is just flashbacks I was so bored I fell asleep like 2/3 of the way through.

It was enjoyable to watch, as well.

There were some scenes that went on far too long that I think they could have cut down and also certain scenes that could have just been left out entirely.

The film was definitely fun and entertaining.

boring movie.

Definitely a good horror that kept me on the edge of the seat, my eyes stuck to the screen and that made me laugh (Gotta love Bill Hader).

This is the most boring movie I ever seen.

I actually fell asleep in the theater.

One of the worst movies i watched to date.

This movie is drawn out with unnecessary scenes of flashbacks for EACH.

Too much CGI in predictable non-scary scenes.

In that sense, the film is a rousing success as the actors manage to ground the insanity around them into something tangible and real.

I think the movie is very entertaining for what it brings.

I got bored with all the IT casing them around endlessly.

I struggled so hard to keep attention with this film at times it excelled but to often it needlessly dragged and felt splintered into separate films.

The movie was so predictable that I could say what was going to happen right before it did.

But with a perfect cast, Bill Hader and Bill Skarsgard being stand-outs, a great story, terrifying scares and thrilling set-pieces, 'It: Chapter Two' is a worthy continuation and conclusion to the It saga.


Boring movie feels like the first movie with older cast.

Some say the movie is too long.

This is probably the most intense horror film in size and scope you are ever going to see.

So, I thought it was entertaining, fun, and extremely cheesy.

Worst movie I've seen in a long, long time.

It's sort of all over the place, whereas the first film had a strong foundation of a coming of age horror film.

The main reason for this is that the story was dragged out way too long and the CGI "Characters" looked completely fake a ridiculous.

At the end I was squirming in my seat, bored out of my mind and wishing for all the main characters to just die so that I would be released from this torture.

Most stupid & confusing movie EVER .

Chapter 2 was a bore.

Started with 2 hours of backstory that felt more like an extended addition of the first movie or a reunion episode of a sitcom rather than a thrilling horror movie.

So very nearly, but this cultural monster had to deliver at the box-office, had to sate the demands of the casual jump-scare popcorn junkie and so the compromise was reached; entertaining, chilling, sentimental and twisted, comedic and vicious, with a shot of lore to add some depth.

The third aspect of the film which falls short is the plot itself; of course some of the problems here aren't necessarily the director/filmmakers fault as it is a project which is derivative, but with this said the pacing of the film and the way that the film is structured is extremely dull.

Direction perfect, acting mind blowing, horrors and jump scares totally unpredictable.

I found the film boring and I want my 3 hours back.

It's more of a comedy than a horror and relies too much on cliche jump scares.

So many people walked out of the theater in the middle of the movie and I was one of them.

Predictable .

Hader is great, Chastain is gorgeous and intense, McAvoy is the real deal.

Some scenes dragged on for way too long and some didn't feel necessary.

While it's enjoyable to revisit this enticing narrative, the actual plot of the film has a more action/adventure movie flavour to it without a great deal of action taking place.

Was so looking forward to this , but expect a game of thrones style ending , bland and boring and predictable....

This all dragged out longer than was necessary, as did the entire production.

FYI, loud music, booming sound effects, and an over abundance of CGI aren't chilling, just loud and predictable.

So overall it was a very enjoyable experience, sorry for the length of this post......

I really enjoyed the first installment, but I walked out after half an hour on this one.

Unwatchable .

This freaks everyone out and they want all to leave.

Long, drawn out and not scary.


I left the theater pleased in the end.

We get one scene of the clown killing the little girl, but it is entirely predictable and more or less a repeat of the scene with the little brother from the first movie.

A sequel that gets bogged down in narrative filler and hokey backstory, It Chapter 2 still delivers just enough visually exciting sequences and nerve-jangling frights to cap off this two-parter nicely.

I'm not the type to write a negative review, if I don't like it I don't look but now I've been to the cinema and I really felt the need three times to go, besides, it seemed boring to me and instead of fear, I felt rather nauseated.

It's simply way better than the first 2 acts which are pure snooze fest, the jokes were completely unnecessary and gratuitous here and made it look like an amateur writing, no offence.

The ending was confusing and very disappointing.

I wasted 3 hours of my life and $8 for a ticket watching this movie.

It was trash.. slow, cheesy and completely fake.

It Chapter 2 is one of the most disappointing films of the year - a confused, amateur, meandering mess that drags it's thin plot out for an unnecessary 2 hours and 50 minutes, with pointless characters, beyond predictable twists, and not to mention, the most cliché, uninspired, and ineffective scares I've seen in a while.

Starts strong and gets more intense as the movie rolls along.

It was genuinely funny, and gave us a thrilling experience.

The film definitely did not need to be as long as it was, as many scenes just go on for way too long.

Boring movie .

Utterly plotless, terrible CGI, awful attempts at 'humour', so very predictable from start to finish and one of the worst endings I've ever seen in a mainstream horror film (so bad that the filmmakers keep alluding to bad endings throughout).

The acting was pretty good, unfortunately the ending was absolutely a snooze fest at best.

It's definitely worth watching if you loved the first one.

The week of release reviews were split, some enjoyed it while others left disappointed.

I bored to death watching this movie.

The movie was boring as hell.

It did not need to be three hours, I literally checked my phone several times because I was so bored and I NEVER do that.

It's one of the most stupid, half predictable (because we saw glimpses of this in the first movie), and anticlimactic ways to end a movie like this.

To the extent that a zombie was chauffeuring the grown up Henry - so it makes for a confusion of the world we are in.

Too long and disjointed .


Don't waste your money or time...

Boring and dull narrative...

It recreates a few of the moments from the 1990 version, the special effects are fantastic at bringing the sinister demonic images to life, I agree the ending is maybe not as dramatic as it could have been, and some complain it is too long, at almost three hours.

This movie had the tone of not wanting to take itself seriously and simultaneously wanting to be your standard, cliche drama/horror film.

I just feel like they deliberately dragged scenes out that didn't need to in order to make the film as long as possible.

This was just horrible and incredibly boring.

Started strong but ended dull and dumb .

It is a stunning looking movie, from the lighting to the camera angles.

Certain characters may have somewhat of an arch, but it didn't feel very well earned, and sort of predictable.

The film also has a slightly repetitive structure, primarily in the aforementioned baggy second act.

Gave it a 7 cuz it kinda dragged out too much.

Felt immersed into the movie the entire time between the great cast and good storyline execution this second chapter wrapped up IT well.

At this point i have to agree with what Jessica Chastain said "it is more than a horror film, it's a coming of age film".

so gets confusing ?

Pointless beginning ending seemed thown together at the last moment.

A solid and very entertaining follow up .

Once I had enough, I walked out.

However, he should have been able to come up with creative sequences to deliver a different level of entertainment, especially during the tiresome second act.

Uninspiring and a poor follow-up to last year's very good flick.

and it was scary: the desolate locations, the jump scares, the bizarre creature movements and unexpected visuals.

From the stunning and shocking practical effects used for the film's wide variety of monsters to the pleasing cinematography (IT Chapter Two's clever use of Dutch angles in particular really stuck with me) Muschieti (clearly a talented filmmaker, despite this film's failure) has a wonderful visual eye that's fully on display here.

I found it more funny than I did scary but I enjoyed all 3 hours of the movie.

It depends on if you want to watch a movie thats entertaining from a technical view with great cgi and wacky jumpscares or if you want a deep heartfelt sequel that tells the story in the most optimal way.

The scares are all comprised of the consistently most formulaic jump scares I've ever scene, or big huge monsters crafted with poor CGI, that removes the rare shred of tension and believability the scenes had left.

One plot point tries to explain Pennywise's origins, and it felt very jumbled and confusing.

The friendship of the Loser Club is what makes the movie worth watching.

This movie tries to be too many things at once; horror, comedy, coming of age drama, and ultimately fails to be any.

Overall I think the movie was a bit too 'Hollywood-ish' , but very funny and entertaining.

(Ranking the losers later) + Pennywise is once again so enjoyable to watch, even though he is slightly reduced here, the scenes he is in are very very effective.

Flawed, but entertaining .

Way too long, CGI was poor and it had way too moments were it "tried" to be funny.

Boring story.

Instead, I wasted 3 hours of my life that I will never get back.

But that's just a quibble, for by that time you've ridden with these characters for over 5 hours and while the first chapter is stronger than the first, the journey is good (enough) for an enjoyable (enough) time at the Cineplex.

There were laughs in the theater) At the end of the day though go watch the movie and decide for yourself if you think it's good or bad or boring.

I would recommend this film because I enjoyed it very much.

I really enjoyed IT so I was pretty excited about seeing IT Chapter Two...

It isn't creepy, it isn't tense, it's rarely even horrifying because of how predictable it ends up.

There's a lot of retread and flashbacks in this film, and while some are meaningful, some are pointless.

Enjoyable .

Jumps, tension but way too long .