Jack-O (1995) - Horror

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A long long time ago a wizard was put to death, but he swore vengeance on the townsfolk that did him in, particularly Arthur Kelly's family. Arthur had done the final graces on him when he ...

IMDB: 3.3
Director: Steve Latshaw
Stars: Linnea Quigley, Maddisen K. Krown
Length: 88 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 7 out of 54 found boring (12.96%)

One-line Reviews (20)

There's one woman in a flashback scene who you must see in all her monotone glory to believe.

I believe the best way to view this film is to be intoxicated, then you might get a good drunken laugh out of the whole thing, but if you're looking for a good flick, save your money and rent something else.

It's truly stunning to see how many speaking roles are introduced throughout the course of the movie.

In all my life I have never seen such a cheesy film, but it is so d**m entertaining you can forgive its bad acting, effects, direction, and script.

All and all, pretty entertaining stuff!

The whole movie is contrived, I've seen better and more believable effects in movies made in the 50's, the dialogue seems forced and the acting is non- existent.

i fell asleep at the 40 minute stage and had NO desire at all to finish it, it's just bigtime lame OK.

Well that's exactly what is found in Jack-O, a movie with so many painfully bad, laughable elements that somehow mix with the fun elements and turn it into a very entertaining B level horror movie!

The good stuff here is the breezy tone of the film and the story itself is enjoyable and fun.

A grisly fate for the snub twosome was as predictable as death and taxes.

To save you from being bored silly with the plot, let's just go straight to the check list:-Awful plot.

The film is disastrously long and dull.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The little boy plays a major role in this film, despite the fact that he looks bored, like he's not sure what is going on or why he is even there.

It's a cure for insomnia if nothing else!!.

As in, this movie is about as thrilling as a cat hacking up a hairball.

It's dull too much of the time, and the acting is by and large pretty dodgy.

But considering just how minuscule the budget apparently was on this flick, it's to the credit of director Steve Latshaw and company that they pull off a movie that is at all coherent or enjoyable in the first place.

Slow paced, dull, and with a recycled script and awful special effects.

Exciting, great story, o.