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Following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy fights through grief and trauma to regain her faith, console her children, and define her husband's historic legacy.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Pablo Larraín
Stars: Natalie Portman, Peter Sarsgaard
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 91 out of 303 found boring (30.03%)

One-line Reviews (250)

After The Black Swan she must receive another Oscar for her breathtaking role as Jacqueline Kennedy.

While Portman is always riveting as the main character (she even impersonates Kennedy's voice), the film spends too much time on her and her alone.

Once you recover from the distraction that Portman barely resembles Jaqueline Kennedy, she takes you on an emotional roller-coaster, from terror, anger, hate, confusion, mental vacillation and disorientation to calm resolve about her role in history.

I think Natalie Portman did an OK job with a awful script and the soundtrack was too loud and dreary.

Others in supporting roles include a nearly unrecognizable (and minus her usual ticks) Greta Gerwig as Nancy Tuckerman (Jackie's social secretary and friend), John Carroll Lynch and Beth Grant as LBJ and Lady Bird, Max Casella as Jack Valenti, stunning lookalike Caspar Phillipson as JFK, and a remarkable John Hurt as the Priest helping Jackie through her spiritual crisis.

The film is flat and bland, it gives us no indication of the type of woman she was, her role in white house (aside from her expensive renovations and insistence on a huge funeral for her husband) We see nothing of her personal achievements.

Natalie Portman gave a stunning performance of the late first lady and her diction was up to the Jacqueline Kennedy standards.

This movie is boring, slow and left me wondering what the point was.

Quite boring actually .


But listening to Portman is tiresome..she sounds sooo artificial and unnatural..and that's because she isn't speaking with her own voice.

Conversations are boring, music and storyline are almost non exsisting.

The stunning work of Fontaine is complimented by an ever- more stunning score by Meca Levi which seeps into your skin and haunts you, creating a surreal atmosphere that perfectly complements the chaotic nature of the film.

Clocking in at around 100 minutes though, the film feels incredibly long for what it is and rather repetitive with much of the screen time dedicated to Jackie's decisions regarding funeral procession arrangements for her husband.


The filmmakers did a brilliant job showing the confusion and depression that followed the assassination, making it realistic and heartfelt.

The raw emotion on display is heartbreaking and the performance is awe inspiring.

Natalie Portman's performance is robotic and empty.

Natalie Portman tries to sustain and almost succeeds in holding a pointless screenplay, and a slow paced movie that has no apparent direction.

Even Mica Levi resonating score is masterful, being quite different, or unexpected, being both sinister and beautiful at the same time using a glissando.

Furthermore, as Jackie says herself, she was just a self indulgent woman.

Jackie Kennedy had made her stunning elegance her trade-mark, so much so that she's still regarded as the prime example of it.

The result, though, is a ponderous, portentous, heavy-handed film, illuminated by Nathalie Portman's star turn as Jackie Kennedy.

Some other scenes are pointless, especially an overlong and weird scene with Jackie looking very glamorous and behaving neurotically accompanied by the very ill-fitting "Camelot", that belonged in a completely different film altogether.

Part of the appeal of watching a biopic about a famous figure is the opportunity to see behind the veneer and into the real life and psychology of that person, and what could be more intriguing than an intimate look into the life of one of the original modern American icons, Jacqueline Kennedy?

It went on far too long in most scenes and was mostly a heavy handed collection of strings that didn't enhance anything.

Depressing and boring.

The performances were adequate without being outstanding, and perhaps a different style of directing might have made it more watchable and engaging, but in the end I was just bored by it all.

Harrowing & dull performances.

Natalie Portman played Jackie the same way she plays all of her roles, lifeless and dull.

I was bored at times from the endless wandering of her doing nothing at the White House, what a waste of time.

With a handful of exceptions, the scenes and dialogue range from banal to bizarre.

This is simply the worst movie I've seen in my life.

I fell asleep halfway, which means it wasn't entertaining enough.

Dull and Lifeless .

the documentary inside the biography is so out of place and clearly there just to fill in movie duration and bore viewers more.

Portman is just completely engaging and mesmerizing, and she adds to the film's poetry-like storytelling.

Portman's performance conveys so much more between the lines than it does when she's actually reading them (which she's never been great at) and the insistence on shaky, extreme close-ups for dialogue scenes grows repetitive, not to mention aesthetically ugly.

You realize in this movie that Jacky O was just a very boring person...

more boring than brain death .


Tedious and dull .

This is his first film made in English, and I had an intriguing question as to why a brilliant Chilean director would decide to direct a film about Jackie Kennedy.

The day of the assassination, she's in a state of mental confusion, realizing that everyone is already in post-Kennedy mood, obviously Johnson and his wife have other things in mind than the funeral protocol and the only support Jackie can find is from Bobby (played by Peter Saargard).

The color spectrum has been compressed to look drab, depressing and unappealing.

She is portrayed as vain, boring, predictable.

The single most memorable scene is one showing Jackie doing various mundane routines in her room before the funeral.

Much of the rest of the overly long film is tedious and burdened with one of the weakest and most intrusive musical soundtracks ever written.

Still despite all this, it's compelling viewing.

For anyone else you will find yourself treated to 100 minutes of uninteresting dribble.

The interview allows to swing back and forth in a rather elastic time-line and it raises the immediate awareness that this film, of bland and austere look, will be enhanced by the flashy performance of Natalie Portman.

It dies show the assassination itself, but each time it shows a little bit more, and each time it's a bit more intense and disturbing.

The Crudup-Portman cat-and-mouse interaction in the course of this interview (in part based on a real one) is quite electric, and contrasts with the step-by-step scenes from history in which our star feels abruptly and awkwardly eclipsed by Lyndon and Ladybird Johnson, and tos and fros with the ideas regarding just how stately - or safely dull - the funeral should be.

It was so bad my wife and I almost walked out of the theater.

This is not a great adventure film or great romance, etc. so some of the reviews have found it boring.

If that's true then the film's fault is that it chose an obviously boring person to tell us about.

Bored .

It's a compelling vignette of American public life from a declared private family.

One of the worst movies I've seen .

Moreover, this movie gives the impression to support the silly explanation of Kennedy's death by the only crazy Oswald, which is a bit confusing and surprising given that nowadays, nobody can buy this version anymore.

The film is mostly dull and is lucky to get from me:4/10.

The only reason is she worked hard learning that boring role.

Surprisingly boring and cold .

It was boring and the music was dreadful.

Boring, Slow and seriously terrible musical score .

The recreation of the period is excellent and the confusion and indecision portrayed by the jump cutting between rooms in the White House is effective.

Her performance is riveting.

The viewer gets glimpses of things happening in the world (Johnson sworn in; Oswald found and shot; etc.) as Jackie paces back and forth across the White House wringing her hands, having pointless conversations with random third-parties which don't advance the story at all.

Billy Crudup is stiff and lifeless as a pointless character in scenes that are out of place and confuse the structure of the story.

It's extremely slow paced for it's 99 minutes, and that perhaps is deliberate.

It's slow.

Natalie Portman portrays Jackie Kennedy in a stunning drama/thriller after the assassination of her husband.

Stunning Performance and a surprisingly interesting film.

Boring movie, it dragged on forever with no story line.

Stunning masterpiece.

I found this a poignant film and a stunning portrait of Jackie Kennedy and what she suffered as a result of the assassination.

For a start, it's way to loud and tries to hard to make incredibly boring scenes dramatic.

The film was haunting, deeply emotional, and riveting.

However, Natalie Portman playing Jackie Kennedy, french filmmaker Pablo Larraín and the stunning use of Super 16 to bring the audience back to 1963, were enough to peak my interest.

I can watch and enjoy movies that have slow tempo.

Perhaps the idea was to make a movie in the style of a funeral cortege, as one long, slow lament.

The script was appalling, actually crushingly boring, killing any chance of an Oscar for her, or indeed a half reasonable story.

a slow lament .

First, the way the movie is built makes it weak, repetitive and finally boring.

What makes this film so riveting, besides the towering performance of Natalie Portman in the title role, is the behind-the-scenes feel of the film.

It was very, very boring.

Slow and boring movie .

Gripping bio that captures a key moment in USA history .

If you already know a lot about Jackie Kennedy and what made the woman tick (which I don't), this film named after her and chronicling the days surrounding the assassination of her husband and our nation's president might be fascinating.

But be warned that she has a good 60 - 70% of the lines and the ponderous pace makes this one a challenge to stay awake for during a late night showing.

BUT the film was unbearable, boring and tiresome to watch.

Though Dry at Times, This is Still an Entertaining Biopic .

Pretty boring and dreadful to watch movies like this .

The close-up of a tearful Jackie slowly wiping her husband's blood from her face in front of a mirror is extremely intense.

it bounces around and becomes confusing as the what the hell is going on.

Very boring and dull .

The story is known one, but from a different perspective maybe, the whole story moves quiet naturally, and you can see the slow progress.

A slow, forced fit of a lot of amazing historical stuff into a psychological pretzel .

The dialogues are just too difficult to follow.

Featuring what is arguable a career best turn by Natalie Portman as the titular one-time first lady, a stunning score by Mica Levi and a noteworthy American debut by Chilean director Larrain, Jackie is a transfixing experience that offers both an intriguing look at the assassination of JFK and the immediate effect it had on both the White House and more importantly Jackie Kennedy's life as we are shown brief glimpses of the couples time in office and Jackie's life as she recounts the fateful day of her husbands death to Billy Crudup's news reporter.

Boring .

All I see is a very boring, dull and in-genuine house wife.

Having seen both Portman and Emma Stone, I would be surprised if they gave the Oscar to Stone simply because Portman is basically her entire film and she's also completely immersed into the character in a way that Stone doesn't need to be.

All this felt like padding and dragged the film down.

Portman in Stunning Portrayal though Film is 'Eh' .

Jackie is filmed in a very interesting manner; using a lot of close- ups, eerie music, dry and dreary-coloured scenes, and picturesque still moments.

Slow, boring and a story not worthy of a film .

" This movie was so slow that and I couldn't wait for it to end.

The other most impressive assets are the production and costume design and make-up, beautiful to look at and evocative.

Director Pablo Larraín takes a strong script which focuses on a compelling and complex individual faced with a drama-intense week at the highest level of personal, family and state/world turmoil and makes it visceral with his vision.

Bland and disappointing .

This film is worth watching only for Natalie Portman's performance, nice visuals, pretty costumes and settings.

The 4 was for the acting, otherwise the screenplay and the story was boring and a disappointment really!.

This is important, because the impression it gives of Jackie is she is an annoying, pretentious bimbo who it is impossible to empathise with and who you wish would just go away.

Natalie Portman gave a surprisingly good performance, but the ending did a disservice to her portrayal by pandering to a propaganda myth.


Jackie (2016) *** 1/2 (out of 4) Pablo Larrain directed this fascinating look at the hours, days and weeks in the life of Jackie Kennedy (Natalie Portman) after the assassination of her husband.

Unbelievably dull.

It's just slow, slow, and sometimes even slower.

This voyeuristic but fascinating biopic is worth a watch.

It is an interesting choice of editing, for the story to be told through an interview, the graphic death of JFK is left until near the end, there are many close-up shots of the title character which certainly get your attention, the events following the death are engaging, and the attention to detail with the costumes is splendid, it is a most watchable biographical historical drama.

Pointless "narrative".

As I have listened to the soundtrack for countless times over a few decades since I acquired it, I became clairvoyant and immediately saw the grand finale of the movie two minutes before it came: the resplendent, rousing chorus picking up the lyrics, bringing it to a soaring height "That once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was known As Camelot", and the screen darks on cue, exactly as the music ends.

Someone was asleep at the wheel on this one as its boring , the fashion is not up to par and Ms Portmans' acting leaves a lot to be desired.

This has to be the worst movie i watched this year.

A total waste of time - story is done .

She's as fascinating to watch as Jackie was.

{Shudders}What is it with critics and boring, pretentious films?

In this stunning biopic, where Portman flexes her acting muscles as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, proves to be a testament of her incredible talent.

So slow and boring, I had hoped it would have been about more than the week after the assassination.

Natalie Portman is Mesmerizing in this Stunning Biopic.

The pacing was just unbearable, though, as the film just moves really slowly, and the editing was mediocre.

Tedious Style Over Substance .

several times I caught myself yawning.

What kind of image do we want to leave to society?

Slow, Terrible Music Score, and Very Disappointing .

I have to write a minimum of 10 lines say the review guidelines to tell you how boring it was.

Maybe it was different in the theater, but on the DVD the sound mix is annoying, the musical score is often ponderous and way too loud, detracting quite seriously from enjoyment of the movie.

It's commanding and engaging at all times, translating into a moving and sometimes harrowing performance that demonstrates the struggles of being both a mother, wife and figure of inspiration to many; essentially, she plays a lady who has, for a good part of her life, put on a performance, meaning this gives Portman an opportunity to showcase a more personal side to Jackie, including her relationships with a variety of people, be that her family, friends or government officials.

Riveting and Haunting .

I won't write a long review because I agree with everyone who comments just how boring and disappointing this movie is to watch.

Either way, we're left with 100 minutes of a painfully slow showcase of one person's endless ego, wrapped in multiple layers of fake self-loathing and real self-adoration.

And last but not the least, the stinging score from Mica Levi is chilling at first but it turns repetitive after a while and doesn't leave much of an impact.

It must take some doing the assassination of JFK and reduce to the level of boredom the viewer has to endure for one and a half hours.

The screenplay is not good enough but Natalie Portman is phenomenal, completely engaging and makes this movie more watchable.

This was to intensify the confusion and it worked very well, I just loved the score.

Sorry to put it bluntly but it felt boring as f*ck.

I am not totally familiar with the actual personality of Jackie Kennedy, but I walked out of the theater absolutely despising her.

'Jackie (2017)' has little story to hold its run-time and is honestly quite a dull experience, one I bored by for a large portion of its run-time.

Basically the film was like watching paint dry.

Unbelievably Boring - Don't waste your time.

I wish I could care more about these character, however, I just cant force myself to feel a thing since this acting is so poor and the story so dull.

I was loosing interest extremely quickly as it drags on and is too slowly paced.

And it was called "boring" over and over again.

An unconventional approach is the time-frame, unlike most fares of that ilk which often adopt a blanket method to encapsulate its subject's life trajectory within a sweeping time-span, JACKIE revolves only around JFK's assassination, the tragedy precipitates a switcheroo which starts to disintegrate Jackie's composure, she is beleaguered with mounting and daunting personal corollaries (moving out of the White House, arranging the funeral particulars, informing her tots of their father's death, etc.) and emotional aftermath (a bereavement so unexpected and would completely shatter her status quo), not to mention the shock imposed by the grisly horror which she has experienced right before her own eyes.

Boring as hell and consisted of the first lady walking around the house being sad the whole time.

what a waste of time.

That said, it is a slow film and it can be awkward for the viewer to look in on such private trauma, plus there's a graphically horrific recreation of the moment of her husband's death.

It was actually very painful to sit through because it was so very boring.

 And that is too bad for the subject matter - the days from JFK's assassination to his funeral as shown through the eyes of his widow - is intriguing, if only the filmmakers made an intriguing film.

"Jackie" is a fascinating, solid, visually stunning and intelligent film, directed by Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín that have done a terrific job presenting a complex character, who struggled at times to be the person others wanted her to be.

This movie tried very hard to be artistic but ended up confusing me with all the disjointed bits and pieces.

Very boring and not worth the time.

Sometimes however, it fails spectacularly, as it does is in Pablo Larraín's tedious Jackie.

Yet, "Jackie" is a disjointed, fragmented mess that is atrociously boring.

Nothing happens that we aren't already aware of, it deals with drawn-out moments before the assassination, the assassination, and the burial.

I'm trying to find a word stronger than 'boring'.

Finally, the photography was bland and uninteresting even when showing what should have been grand or moving scenes.

Directed by Pablo Larraín, Jackie is his first English-language film and although he presents some neat ideas regarding what part to include & which direction to take the story in, he messes it all up by trying to juggle too many subplots at once, thus resulting in unexpected tonal shifts and jarring scenes.

But despite of Natalie's performance,one may find this movie somewhat boring as the viewer is just treated to the persona of Jackie rather than her personality.

Boring and over rated .

This unnecessary movie had no message of any kind other than what we already know, or could easily imagine, about the effect on the lives of loved ones caused by this murder; this monstrous attack on America.

It is difficult to understand how the movie was so boring when everything you read about the Kennedys is interesting.

And the pace is so dreadfully slow.

But everything else in this long, boring film is badly done.

Pointless and completely out of place.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen - seriously.

This is another fascinating part of the biopic that screenwriter Noah Oppenheim gets right – the strange coincidences linking slain Presidents John and Abraham, and even First Ladies Mary Todd and Jacqueline.

It's very hard to follow the story.

No plot, no conclusion, bad music, slow really slow, just a big nothing.

Thanks to a great director, stunning camera-work and an utterly beautiful musical score.

"There is so much that could have been said or shown about what Mrs. Kennedy endured before, during, or after that horrible week in November of 1963 that would have made this an intriguing and informative film.

Overall, Jackie is a film that was made for heavy hitting actors that can give breathtaking performances and our cast doesn't disappoint even if the film sometimes does.

No other actor possesses the intangibles required to become Jackie Kennedy, and it helps that Portman also has the chops to craft a compelling portrayal.

An utter waste of time.

I will acknowledge here that this cinema will, alas, be boring to those unable or not inclined to empathize with her in this passage.

The JFK story is amazingly compelling and still has many nuances to his story even though it has been told many times.

Most of this movie is hard work as it is slow paced and humorless.

The proliferation of biopics or TV series, despite making the genre and the approach tiresome and unimaginative never really determined its disappearance or decline.

Pretty boring and tiresome to watch.

It was very slow and very depressing.

The performances and period detailing are excellent, but Pablo Larrain's deliberate pacing is just a little bit too slow.

Boring .

Or perhaps it was just a very, very, VERY boring film.

But what was more fascinating to me was to see her obsession with preserving her husband's legacy.

It's also quite monotone.

It is so pretentious, fake and basically revolting.

There is something compelling about Natalie Portman's performance.

Long self indulgent shots.

I appreciate the movie, the way the music is used and the Performance of Portman, but at the end of the day, I was bored half way through and not sad when the film ended.

This movie is so boring and pointless, I couldn't wait for it to end.

The pace is super slow, the timeline is not linear and hence I could not get into the story at all.

Uninteresting and lame.

Bobby's character is pale and boring, and both the storyline and Portman's act did not convince me at all.

boring horrible movie .

She is stunning, and is ably supported by Peter Skarsgaard, Billy Crudup, John Hurt and Greta Gerwig, among others.

) This was a shocking and stunning dramatic experience, and the sort of turn from a major star that puts Portman past being a very good, often, terrific, actress and into arguably the major actors of her time.

Total snore fest, no plot, bad music, good Natalie Portman .

Also the film somewhat slows towards the ending – I felt the conversations with her priest (Played by William Hurt) to be tedious and overly theological/philosophical sagging the overall impact.

Too intrusive, far too loud (drowning out the dialogue), dirge-like and repetitive.

First time that's happened in years - we usually stick with a film to the end, but this one was just unbearable and, frankly, life is too short.

Portman gives a sharp and nuanced performance, worthy of all her awards, although I would have given Oscar to Isabelle Huppert in „Elle", for even more exciting role.

Boring .

Much of this is shown to the viewer through strange, drawn-out closeups.

 It gets redundant and boring and, ultimately, fails as a film.

Boring movie!

We get to watch some crap movies and all of them are unwatchable and kill you with boredom just within the first 30 minutes.

A Stunning, Psychological Portrait of Glamorous Trama .

There is no story, no plot, no intrigue, no new info, nothing to keep you interested.

There was the dreadful music for the entire movie along with monotone talking.

What a stunning, breathtaking portrayal.

It didn't lose any quality, but it remained a steady delivery of information, and it began to feel like a boring documentary.

The score, from Mica Levi whose previous film credits are eerie, makes a very intense statement.

I found it emotional, compelling, and interesting - and despite what someone said here, I did find out things I never knew.

I think this is the problem for many with this film, which is otherwise quite evocative of those tragic years 1961-63, though it doesn't delve too deeply into their politics.

The expressionless face of Billy Crudup as the interviewer - yawn again - and absolutely abysmal minor chords pretending to be a movie musical score, more jarring than anything on screen.

In the end, it is such a shame as there was so much potential here that is wasted by poor editing, direction, cinematography, and score and even in spite of strong performances and a compelling script somewhere beneath, this whole production tragically falls to tedium...

This is the most boring "good movie" I have watched since...

It's about time someone replaced the banal pink tweed by Jackie's real powerful story, an idol who became universal at the expense of her own joy.

No plot to tread the movie on - pathetic sequences only.

A few, but intense days, full of conflicting directional pulls from family, politicians, public servants and her own sense of the obligations of her role in US history.

He too has an unbearable lisp.

It was a really interesting direction to go in, and it made for really compelling character moments.

That's one of the Fascinating and Interesting Things that this Movie can do and it Delivers, although the Focus, in this Ultra-Focused Exploration is the Week or so Following the Ill-Advised, Open-Top Trip to Dallas that Ended the Presidency and Ended the Life of Her Husband and Father of Their Children.

The script, which has Jackie and Bobby saying ridiculous and vain things shortly after the assassination, alternates between inauthenticity and cliché.

She's intense and able to give us an idea of what it feels to be a public figure in good and bad times.

A bore .

A deep, intimate, and intense view never seen before .

my husband and at least a couple of other men in the theater fell asleep, at least when the noisy and creepy score did not keep them awake.

I enjoyed it immensely.

One of the worst movies for me .

It's horribly boring .

Far too much slow dialogue with little substance or drama.

The soundtrack gave you 1 hour and 40 minutes of depressing boring music as the producer attempts to make a 1 hour movie at best into an hour and 40 minutes.

Review: Although Natalie Portman put in an outstanding performance, I did find this movie quite boring, and I didn't understand what point the director was trying to get across.

Don't waste your time on this one

Stick with it if you are finding it a little tedious, there was a point where I wanted to get up and leave the movie alone.

On the other hand however, although it's interesting it never seems to be going anywhere, with a fairly repetitive structure and an inaccessible central character, so while it's all well-done I'm still not convinced it needed to be made in the first place.

The dialog between Jackie and the priest (John Hurt) is banal and cringe-inducing.

Director Pablo Larrain's fragmented, stubbornly artsy-fartsy Jackie keeps the off-kilter, seasick feeling going for most of its slim ninety-nine minutes, which stagger around unstuck in time over a few traumatic weeks like a Slaughterhouse-Five adaptation starring the former First Lady.