Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003) - Horror

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Set a few days after the original, a championship basketball team's bus is attacked by The Creeper, the winged, flesh-eating terror, on the last day of his 23-day feeding frenzy.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Victor Salva
Stars: Jonathan Breck, Ray Wise
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 66 out of 319 found boring (20.68%)

One-line Reviews (214)

This is definetly one of the worst movies of all time!

Whilst this type of creature feature is engaging throughout, the film, much like its predecessor, will undoubtedly suffer from not sticking within the confines of the serial killer format.

Everything's predictable, so much so that it was funny.

If you leave logic behind, this is quite an intense and well-elaborated scary movie.

Save your money and run!!!

The characters are empty...

I never saw the original, but if this is similar, then it must be just as boring.

My mood alternated between boredom and amusement as the various chase scenes unfolded and then folded with a clunk.

I enjoyed it the whole way through.

) The runtime of the movie is too long, and it feels long.

e boring and stupid, with no scares to mention,number two was neither lame, boring or stupid, but a genuinely creepy movie.

The 'shocks' are so predictable that they could be prefaced by a scripted blank like those old silent movies.

It was entertaining from begining to end.

The creeper is faster, badder, and uglier than before, and is around during the whole movie keeping you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

Creeper2 is silly, disappointing, mundane and, more often than not, simply boring.

The beginning was moving and entertaining.

I found it much more entertaining than any of the Scream movies or the I Know What You Did Last Summer series.

And speaking of school buses, could we get any more cliche, or more contrived?

The entire movie revolves around a bunch of jocks on a bus, stranded on the road,which alone is beyond lame and boring.

Not especially creepy, no story line as such and characters that you felt nothing for.

she was totally pointless!...

Scenes that were supposed to be suspenseful and scary were more towards the humorous and lame side.

It was entertaining and director Victor Salva didn't give in to his typical cinematic fetishes (I won't mention them all here - last time I did my review wasn't approved).

My only fear is that if future films are made,that they will take the b-rating downfall,and become plotless wastes of time.

There are just far too many useless things in this movie, that made it such a waste of my time.

If you haven't seen it, expect the trite screaming "teen" actors on screen most of the time, since all of the adults are killed 5 minutes after their bus breaks down.

usually i'll give a film props if it was entertaining.

So I guess this flick is worth watching.

The special effects and production values are pretty good, but that just illustrates what a waste of money this entire production is.

There are all sorts of problems with this movie but I'm going to place the majority of the blame on the screenplay, which just takes all the fun and originality from the original movie and throws it out and instead we're given a bunch of boring characters and a pretty bland situation.

The final showdown between Creeper and the old man is breathtaking.

Basically, the only scenes worth watching are the ones where the actor from the first film appears.

I agree that Jeepers Creepers 2 was not as good as the first movie and it lost some of its originality and mystery about the Creeper, but I still think that overall it was a movie worth watching.

Maybe it's the script, or the acting, or perhaps we saw this whole plot drawn out two years ago in JC1.

Everyone told me not to see it, everyone said it was really stupid and pointless.

BAD acting, BAD writing, BAD directing, and a HORRIBLE plot make "Jeepers Creepers 2" one of the worst movies ever made.

The special effects are poor, the pacing erratic, the death scenes are boring and there's to much unintentional humour.

The movie starts off slow and by the end it's just agonising.

Even though I enjoyed it's stupidness, don't watch it.

What it is, however, is extremely formulaic and predictable.

I found myself rooting for the creeper in this, as the other characters are all dull and have no real point in the story, apart from the fact there food!

The notion of a Jeepers Creepers sequel was an exciting one.

Seeing them deal with the Creeper outside is pretty entertaining.

This predictable, bland "horror" movie is really a piece of garbage.

*Yawn* .

I was caught of guard by part one and really enjoyed it.

This is: Lame, horribly acted, horribly written, stupid, unsuspenseful, predictable, and not entertaining at all.

Most disappointing of all, is that the basic plot from the first film had the potential to ensure a thrilling and successful franchise.

The movie is just boring at the end of the day.

At any rate the first 30 minutes are well done and engaging, after that its the standard nowadays horror trash that the rest of the first Jeepers Creepers was and that way to many horror films these days are through out.

Don't expect a lot of suspense here though, as it relies too much on gore and body counts to be really and truly intriguing.

See it if you like stupid, pointless and un-scary movies.

The plot was good, but not great, I felt that a little more action could be added, because sometimes the movie gets boring that we need more action.

It still has plenty of the very suspenseful moments and quite original twists wich made the first one so great and is worth the watch for all that: it just might have less purity and integrity than the first one that's all.

Some of the actors overacted a bit, some part of the movie was boring.

Predictable Fair .

For all the reminding of Victor Salva's criminal past, shouldn't people be asking why it's taken a criminal deviant to improve on the department-store-giftwrapped endings we're all so bored with in horror movies?

Personally, I would have preferred Ray Wise to be in it more, as he's clearly the best part of the film, but it's still an enjoyable little horror flick nonetheless.

They are designed merely to try and keep us on the edge of our seats.

Jeepers 2 was suprisingly an entertaining film at the 1 hour mark.

& MGM studios always does a sequel to a moderate hit - **cough-Agent Cody Banks, Barbershop-cough** there just better not be 5-10 more sequels like the Freddy, Jason & Michael myers, cause those sequels suck & are pointless & so repetitive.

It has that same "classic" scary movie theme to it -- intense moments, funny lines, plenty of action, and some scenes where you just say "cool".

I cannot wait for JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 so that Salva can have a chance toredeem himself from this truly ordinary yawn inducer.

The drama that unravels between the characters is sometimes more exciting the actual horror of the creeper, because the writing is so fresh and realistic.

Not as scary or original as the first, but a worthy and creepy effort nonetheless, with some riveting scares and decent performances from all involved.

To summarize, the film is an entertaining and very well-directed scary movie that makes a worthy sequel to the original one.

It is very entertaining.

It's originality was obvious and it's gradual evolution throughout the film made it a suspenseful modern masterpiece.

it's not really scary, has its dull spots and you could care less about the characters and situations.

The students are played by a big group of anonymous, mostly mediocre actors, but they nevertheless grew on me and I wanted lots of them to make it, which made exciting scenes toward the end pretty suspenseful.

Campy Horror - Entertaining .

In the end, Creeper2 is silly, disappointing, mundane and, more often than not, simply boring.

Worst Movie Ever Made!!!.

I mean, this movie is just so boring and almost unbearable to watch, I really almost fell asleep.

It was fun to watch and entertaining.

This one is a more "american" cliché horror movies with some sport students from a high school team who try to survive and escape from the monster.

Where it doesn't work so much as a straight horror thriller this time around, what with nothing new to be discovered about the startling "Creeper", returning director/writer Victor Salva ups the ante on the gore and stylized action, resulting in an enjoyable monster movie that doesn't skimp out on the bloodshed audiences would expect from a horror sequel, especially one that has to live up to such a frightening experience as the first film.

The film's story is more than the typical monster movie, and it avoids the typical cliché of a sequel that's that same as the first.

What a waste of money.

It does take a lot of suspension of disbelief to enjoy this movie, but if one can accomplish this, "Jeepers Creepers II" does reward us with some exciting moments and some extremely amusing money shots.

This probably isn't a classic movie, but I can truthfully say I enjoyed the special effects in it more than those in The Matrix, Spiderman with Tobey McGuire and the second X-Men movie, which were all about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Joking aside this movie bored me..I didn't even sit through the whole movie as "Cabin fever" was on...

What made the movie worse, was that after the first hour, I got tired of making fun of it and the film became unbearable.


The opening sequence, with a father and his two sons working in a field, and the Creeper disturbingly imitating a scarecrow before coming to life and snatching one of the kids, was really exciting and the shots of the Creeper dashing through the long stalks of corn were very well done, and really .

As simple as the story is, it drags on way too long.

The film ends with a (somewhat boring) cliffhanger.

The soundtrack was well put together as it tries to build suspense as to what will happen next but the problem is this film will be highly predictable to most so not much suprise.

It switches from trying to be suspenseful and scary to being purposly comical.

Seriously, the characters are generic, predictable and bad actors compared to Gina Phillips and Justin Long.

But when he's not on screen, things drag out, with the constant bickering between characters and clunky dialogue really testing patience.

This quick effort at squeezing out a few bucks before the creature flies off into the sunset for 23 years is so obvious and predictable you'll be reciting the lines along with the cast.

There´s no story, no plot, no meaning, no horror.

The characters have little to no development throughout, and for the most part are bland or frankly, just unlikable.

This one, I am sorry to say, is a total waste of time.

Jeepers Creepers 2 keeps you on the edge of your seat, and left some people that I know of freaking out, when they lay down in their bed at night.

This movie felt like a 10 minute episode of SpongeBob season 6 as it was very boring.

Possibly one of the worst Movies ever .

The corn field scene was entertaining, especially when the Creeper was on the scarecrow stand.

I really enjoyed the plot twist of the first movie and this movie proved to be more exciting than the first.

While it's as raucous and entertaining as one could hope for, it's also a surprisingly conventional effort from writer-director Victor Salva, whose best work (POWDER, RITES OF PASSAGE, etc.) has always focused on small groups of characters caught up in extreme situations.

ok, whatever, that can be looked over, but this was just plain dumb, not exciting, predictable.

Homoerotic undertones collide with one boy's gay bashing comments, add to that a dull script, poor direction and it's far to easy to 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' this film…and I was doing that in the first 5 minutes!!

Like it's predecessor, I found Jeepers Creepers 2 enjoyable for the first 40 minutes and even found the Creeper a better bad guy (the fact that he was driving that stupid truck was pretty much where the first movie lost me).

The majority of the first 3/4 of the film was simply boring (ex: repetitious and tedious scenes, including some where the characters literally shouted the same words over and over and over again, until you wanted them to die, just so they would shut up).

It was scary, compelling, gripping and leaves you with a cliffhanger.

When he's there, things are exciting and unpredictable.

As for the cast, bland and instantly forgettable.

The story is so rich, that you are on the edge of your seat from minute one to the grand finale.

Jeepers Creepers made me smile more than jump, Maybe because I am a silly person and I thought all the "intense" scenes were just another laugh- moment.

It was funny and interesting, scary and suspenseful.

I mean this one was more exciting then the first, and we got to know the creeper a little.

After the first half I was considering truing it off but thankfully it became more tense and exciting with emotional dialogue from the characters and a few twists and an interesting ending making a good second half.


It isn't important enough for you to know who the people were in this film because it didn't do a lot, there were a lot of frightening moments which made it enjoyable and the updates they have done on the creeper to change his entire look were the best two parts, I actually enjoyed watching the making of the film then sitting through it!

But, the Creeper looses steam by becoming more confusing than mysterious.

She's completely discarded while her brother returns as a pointless cadaver very briefly.

The subtly of the Creeper from the first film directly transfers and makes this a scary and intense opening.

Back at the bus, the adult supervisors decide to keep on moving one tyre short, just at a slower pace, only once again "Kapow", there goes another tyre and they are resigned to the fact that they will be offroad from here on in.

That's what makes both films worth watching.

But it's a wee bit entertaining.

Take for example the slow capture animation of the creeper, which was pathetic, and the scenes of him flying really looked aged and something from an 80s film.

Once again Salva delivers good directorial touches and an entertaining story.

I'll take the man in the Creeper Suit over many of today's cheesey and usually boring CGI effects.

Well, I'm bored just writing about this poor excuse for a movie.

It was just plain boring.

It was predictable(unlike the first, the first was NOT predictable at all) and it was badly written.

Nice bit of stunning contrast, these kids going from supremely confident to almost literally out-of-their-minds with fear.

DVD has an entertaining commentary bu the director and the cast members.

And totally predictable.

That combined with a poorly contrived, unimaginative, scenario and dull, emotive actors made this one a real snoozer.

It is a decent follow up to the original that is worth watching to pass the time.

The creature started off as this creepy figure like in part one only to end up this really lame predictable giant gremlin.

To be honest, if you do fall asleep during this film, you will not miss much.

Anyway it not all that bad, the movie is pretty entertaining and you will know what happen what happen to the creepers on exact 23 days come to an end.

For starters this had absolutely no plot, i just didnt understand the point of it at all.

The same can be said for the rest of the film; it has promise but the tedious buildup lacks any kind of payoff.

An engaging monster movie.

However unlike the previous two rentals, JP2 was at least entertaining.

The opeining defines boredom and the film drags on and on and never even approaches the original film's genuine frightful feeling.

The dialogue was corny and the scenes were so repetitive.

I thought the first film was more scary but Jeepers Creepers 2 was more entertaining and i've been watching this on a loop for about a day now.

Those audiences who prefer their contemporary Horror to be grounded in 'reality' with relatively human antagonists will once again be disappointed and will find little to interest them in the follow up or cling on to since the Creeper has been dragged center stage and bears little resemblance to the standard serial killers they had once expected.

Anyone can agree that Jeepers Creepers 2 is breathtaking, heart stopping, and just good old fashioned solid film making.

It's also one of those rare action/horror pics that's equal parts exciting and scary.

Don't waste your time with this mess like I did.

The biggest drawbacks, however, were the half-nude jocks runnin around (c'mon, is this opposite cliche day?

Beginning with a tiresomely drawn-out corn-field sequence, in which this bogeyman pretends to be a scarecrow before flying off with the farmer's boy, we move on to a whole school-bus full of teens, singing a team song as they drive along.

I'm giving it a 6 because, basically, I was bored more than interested.

You'll be on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

The first half of the film was too boring for the most interested horror fan, it simply didn't go anywhere.

The Creeper is a great character and deserves to get some more screen time, and while the first one certainly had its flaws, it was entertaining throughout, particularly during the first half.

or even that entertaining.

Creeper showed us a creature who moved in a finite, but varied world, wreaking havoc in delightfully unpredictable ways.

After a while I found this film to be slowpaced and boring.

The film is technically good, there is some good camera work, and the pace is well kept - but all this is wasted bacause of the empty and lifeless story.

It was exciting, with heart pounding suspence, and a little humor mixed in.

Lame sequel to the unexpected hit horror flick about a batman monster wreaking havoc on unsuspecting and idiotic teenagers to feed before another 23 year hibernation (don't ask; it's not explained here nor in the first feeble effort).

The rest of this is silly indeed, just boring scenes of vehicle chases and people shooting or harpooning the Creeper with scant regard for retaining the audience's interest.

That whole sequence is very exciting, as it features tons of many new ideas to trapping a creature that its ingenuity and creativity is really new for these kinds of films nearly triumphs over the fun created from the extensive running, hiding and just-plain frenetic action that occurs as the creature goes about trying to pick them off in the meantime.

Intense, Bloody, in a word awful .

(spoilers)i was forced to see this movie cuz my friends told me its creepy and awesome, and thrilling.

The Creeper (Jonathan Breck) returns to terrorize a group of young high schoolers on the empty highway.

This probably is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of bad movies!

It's far from a great tense or original movie but nevertheless it is all good and enjoyable to watch, especially when you are in to the genre.

The story is pretty cliché for the horror genre.

Whilst The Birds and Jaws immediately spring to mind, Salva's first sequel serves up a series of startling FX sequences, suspenseful attacks and delicious protagonists for the Creeper to prey upon on his final night.

I also enjoyed its fast-moving pace and found it interesting to see how the teens reacted in a life-or-death situation without an adult.

Noticeable here however is the presence of Twin Peaks cult actor Ray Wise in this one, who pretty much served for me as a comic relief (just see the way too long extreme close up of him at the beginning).

Appalling script, below average directing (which let's face it makes it pretty damn poor), uninspiring cinematography and incompetent editing.

"Jeepers Creepers 2" is certainly one of the most pointless horror movies I have ever seen.

The way the monster can die is confusing and the end is way too predictable.

Much like the first movie, Jeepers Creepers II is a formulaic horror flick possessing thinly-drawn characters, stilted performances, and mediocre directing.

Waste of time .

Empty and Lifeless .

they should chuck the first one, while a little entertaining its nowhere near as good as part 2, which amazes me they decided to make a sequel.

The script is very poorly written, which pulls the rest of the movie down; the dialog is very repetitive and unimaginative, and far too many of the situations were predictable.

However, instead of this developing the evil being, it desensitizes us and quite frankly, I was as bored of him as I was of Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees after their second kick at the can.

The first track is hilarious, entertaining and goofy, with Salva talking about various behind-the-scenes stories and the cast recalling they're days on set.

It has it's exciting and entertaining moments, it's a somewhat decent popcorn flick.

That was a waste of time because he really didn't do anything.

What a waste of money.

The script is banal, the characterizations non existent, the actingbelow par (except for the lady bus driver who unhappily meets her endfar too soon), and the direction amateurish.

Dialogue starts off snappy and the horror genre gets subtly subverted (a gay hero and black guys that don't get killed first?

It's certainly an entertaining film and theres lots of hot guy eye candy.

This time around Victor Salva has taken the JEEPERS CREEPERS franchise and gone from a strict horror formula to one of action and made a nicely engaging monster movie.

From the cliché Jock characters, the douche bag boyfriend, the cheerleaders, to the 'nerds'.

the surroundings become boring very quickly and the concept runs thin within 20 minutes.

This is a very entertaining and fun horror film.

Jeepers Creepers 2 The Second Movie In The Jeepers Creepers Trilogy A Good Movie Enjoyed it A Lot

Above Average and Entertaining Horror Film .

The rest of the film, though, is a boring, predictable mess.

I was actually looking forward to this film, because I enjoyed the first Jeepers Creepers, and thought it had the potential for an exciting sequel.

But that's possibly the cheesiest, most boring horror movie of the last five years, so I looked for something else.

"Jeepers Creepers 2" may be one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

But the horror plot is matched with something even more intriguing…the characters inside the bus.

Stunning .

Still, very few scenes can match the fun of the attacks on the bus stranded on the roadside with this one really getting a lot of suspense from the continuous assaults that really work to a thrilling climax of building terror at the increasingly flimsy manner of keeping it out as the desperation to get away really works well with the copious action within the scenes.


Breck as the Creeper rocks, he's more charismatic and enjoyable than in the first film and added a good amount of character to the role.

Compared to other horror films, especially Jeepers Creepers (which is entertaining)I thought this was a real let down!

The effects are first rate and the cinematography is simply stunning.

While yeah, that does sound lame, it is rather predictable.

The performances are so riveting that you will honestly believe you are in the bus.

At times exciting, with more than enough violence and effective scares make this good fun if you're willing to pardon the annoyingly one-note characters and banal dialogue.

Enjoyable horror .

A bad, boring, overlong movie - and it's not even gory or suspenseful.

Maybe I had my hopes up too much; but as it was, it was too predictable with no likable characters, a story filled with holes and just not particularly fun, scary or interesting to watch.

IF you like puzzling movies with answers not easily found, so that when you leave the theater you are wondering, WHAT WAS THAT MOVIE I JUST SAW ABOUT??

The film starts out with an intense opening leaving us hopeful.

Jeepers Creepers 2 was as entertaining and shocking as the first.

Emotional and exciting as the characters wonder what to do to solve their problems.

I watched it only because I was bored and needed a movie to watch.

Opposite to most directors nowadays, Salva perfectly knows how to create suspenseful situations and emotional devastation.