Jerry Maguire (1996) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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When a sports agent has a moral epiphany and is fired for expressing it, he decides to put his new philosophy to the test as an independent agent with the only athlete who stays with him and his former secretary.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Cameron Crowe
Stars: Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr.
Length: 139 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 43 out of 340 found boring (12.64%)

One-line Reviews (160)

On the other hand, it's enjoyable, delivers some of the most memorable lines ever, and several funny moments.

The writing, music, and direction are all top of the line as Jerry Maguire is simply one of the most enjoyable films I have seen recently.

It is an easy watch but the middle sector especially is a little dull.

So many great things about this movie (good script, story line, acting, etc), and it's well worth watching...

The way the two stories interact transcends a lot of predictable elements, and even when it doesn't avoid some archetypal situations, the acting makes everything believable.

a riveting, intelligent picture that effectively blends the right storytelling ingredients .

`Okay - so the average member of the audience will simply fall asleep when we show it the story of an ethical quest.

That was the entertaining part of the movie (besides Cuba Gooding Jr., who is very entertaining in his role).

Not The Best Movie Ever,Lots Of Cliché.

Lastly, about Cuba Gooding Jr.'s Oscar victory, he does strut his stuff with a highfalutin bravado, errs on the side of being clownish but essentially an entertaining hoot, like the film per se, a feel- good treat concocted with a conscience.

Definitely worth watching.

Emotionally manipulative but very enjoyable movie.

Very much a mix of Joel (Risky Business), Brian Flannagan (Cocktails), Charlie Babbit (Rain Man) and Mitch McDeere (The Firm) rolled into one quite entertaining package.

Ho Hum .

Terrible, Boring .

All combine to make this a very, very entertaining movie.

Even Rene Zellweger's character is a huge cliché, being the female love interest who is pure, good-natured, sweet, and represents everything Jerry doesn't have in his life.

Great movie with an exciting story and well thought humor .

Especially worth it for the great chemistry between the three actors, a very strong and engaging premise and some memorable scenes.

The sports angle starts off as intriguing but once the romance and love story come in, it takes away from the excitement, and becomes a predictable rom-com.

renee zellweger is also quite good in her role, the screenplay is very entertaining n doesn't make u feel bored , the cinematography, dialogues, Direction of cameron crowe.

The combination of the high-pressure world of sports representation, a whacked-out client and a charming love affair makes for an engaging tale with something for just about everyone.

Lots of fun, clever, snappy dialogue, with the highlights: "Show me the Money", "The Kwan", "You had me at hello...


Zellweger has a lot of gooey moments, but extracts every ounce of rightness from them to make for a compelling emotional center.

entertaining movie about life through sports in the u.

A terrific mix of light comedy and several heartwarming moments make this film one of the most enjoyable film experiences that I've ever had.

Literate, yet occasionally pretentious, overextended comedy-drama that uses every conceivable romantic-movie trick to wring tears from its sugar-coated scenario: the single mom and her cute kid, the emotional client and his pregnant wife, the movie star grins in close-up from Cruise...

Tom Cruise delivers, as usual, an over-the-top smothering performance full of monologues going nowhere.

Still one of the most enjoyable Cruise films ever, shot Zellweger to stardom, too .

Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) is a highly successful sports agent who ultimately comes to grips with the empty life style and endless quest for money that takes over one's life when they find themselves at the top of their profession.

To go along with the fact that being a huge sports fan, it was fascinating to see how the agent business may work.

Does that make him a narcissistic wimp who desperately needs wins in his life to feel good, or is he a character who is finally coming of age?

A tad overrated, but still enjoyable .

Just another pretentious movie.

It is worth watching for the excellent soundtrack alone.

Lots of fun, and enjoyable as the 2 actors perfectly bounce off each other in funny, touching ways.

Preston brings some much needed levity when the film gets a little tired and bogged down in cliché.

Largely on movie star charm and some snappy Crowe dialog that only occasionally is too, uh, cocky for its own good.

This undistinguishable writing style proves that sometimes, the most unexpected becomes the highlight.

I actually fell asleep about six times!

When I watch a great movie, one thing I like to think about is how unpredictable the journey is.

Tiresome and poorly-made, an overrated "feel-good" bore.

Moving,gripping, fantastic film .

Thus, next to an engaging drama and a magnificent comedy it is a fine character study.

This love story occupies a huge place in the script and you wonder why because it is boring to death and so melodramatic that it becomes cringe-worthy.

Overrated, self indulgent and offensive .

Top 5 worst movie of all time.

The entire cast did a fantastic job and made this a very enjoyable film to enjoy.

However, on draft day, he learns through an unexpected phone call that his rival Bob Sugar, through deception, convinced Cushman to sign with him instead.

Instead, I saw a flat, predictable, highly choreographed and seemingly endless film.

"Jerry Maguire" is a thoroughly entertaining riches-to-rags-to-transcendence story of a fantasy sports agent trying to find a deeper purpose to an otherwise materialistic existence.

An enjoyable and believable story EXCEPT for the over-sentimental romantic sub-plots between Maguire and Dorothy and the Tidwells.

Don't waste your time and money on this film.

While that might sound exciting to those 10 year olds that are into football, sports agents are about as exciting as overhearing an attorney talk on the phone about the fine points of a business contract.

All the familiar signifiers are there, presented in the classically flattering stylistic manner - the smile, the perfect hair, the easy beauty, the suits; but mostly the talk, the promises, the hyperactive loghorrhea, hiding a very empty core, a despair visualised by some sequences of dreamlike blue; we can see Maguire slowly break down, swallowed up by his own vacuity.


The idea of so many intertangled storylines and action-sequences makes this somewhat confusing.

This has got to be one of the most BORING, BORING, BORING movies I have ever seen.

`Jerry Maguire' is a soft-centred, romanticised and rather enjoyable character study of the struggle to return to the top.

I think Tom Cruise was fantastic in this film, as was Renee, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is clearly Hollywood elite propaganda.

Bruce Springsteen's Secret Garden is a brilliant song and over an emotional, intelligent, absorbing cinematic experience.

You'd be hard pressed to find a more electric, entertaining and effective performance in any film.

Cruise and Zellweger characters are perfectly complementary, his hastiness, her emotional side, their shared optimism and confusion were the main combination of their success.

What was most enjoyable about this movie was the freshness of Renee Zellweger.

For a far more incisive and entertaining exposé of the soft white underbelly of sports and at a deeper level, morality at large, I'd suggest viewers look at Billy Wilder's "The Fortune Cookie" instead.


Don't waste your time on this one unless you have insomnia.

Worst movie ever.

There are some boring scenes which is why I only rated it 9, like when they are kissing it lasts about 5 minutes and is quite boring after a while!

It also is a much more compelling story when it's focused on the sports world, and the first part seems to be indicating it'll be largely about that.

But I still enjoyed it.

That was a boring & lame poor excuse of a movie.

Don't waste your time on this shallow movie.

This plot makes me consider it so romantic, pointless, sappy and extremely ridiculous; All the scenes in `Jerry Maguire' aren't worth watching, they only show love for an insipid football game and love for uninteresting people like Renne Zellweger who hopefully gave a better performance in `Bridget Jones's Diary'.

Great film, worth watching over and over again!

I sat through an incredibly boring wedding and an even more boring break-up to arrive at the conclusion: an arrogant sports star is a hero for getting up after tripping over (in full protective gear!

The 'mission statement' is a typically empty-headed response, a way to order the emptiness of his life, a kind of American dream, a purpose; the very American need to break ruts and drive for something, which is much easier than just changing what's wrong with the rut.

It was dull and not worth of watching many times.

This is a fast-moving film with wonderful performances and lots of warmth, humor and honesty.

But the minor characters, such as the Nanny, are also very engaging.

Propaganda bothers you NOW?

Boring love story = true nature of the movie .

The basic plot is compelling: a David-Goliah story, with the sincere David (Jerry McGuire) going up against the Goliaths of the sports agency industry.

False, pretentious, corny, cheesy, I felt used and abused by the filmmakers who may think that we're all a bunch of idiots!

And Renee Zellweger is the love interest but happens to be a rather weak and uninteresting character.

This movie should have shown a subtle or a different dialogue, which would have made it worth watching, but the dialogue in this movie is boring, bothersome, slow, pretentious, isn't it??

Zellweger too gave us an outstanding and compelling character.

Well, I have to say I had to eat my own words about this movie - it's actually worth watching and I did like the movie more than I was ever anticipating - it's not boring.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

To conclude, a very good film, well worth watching for the performances and concept alone.

One night, he wakes up and happens to look at himself in the mirror, and for whatever reason, it suddenly dawns on him what a selfish, soulless, empty life he is leading.

Gets boring after awhile.

The people who don't like it, including myself lose interest after it begins; the story is so uninteresting and simple, since it's only about a football game and a love story, which make us uncomfortable every minute in the course of this movie.

The sports angle was also very entertaining and every aspect of the movie tied in together very well.

I found Jerry Maguire to be marginally entertaining, mostly due to Renee Zellweger and a host of cameos by the likes of Beau Bridges, Eric Stoltz, etc. JM is worth a look on a rainy Sunday afternoon when there is nothing better available and no game on.

Just a horrible movie all around; Cruise's annoying mid-life crisis, Zellweger as a boring nurturer with no personality, Gooding Jr too over-the-top with his lame catchphrase, and don't get me started on how annoying and corny that kid was.

It has truly been simple, uninteresting and gushy.

Still though, `Jerry Maguire' is an intentionally inflated, but very enjoyable and very good for what it's worth.

thoroughly entertaining...

The basic setting itself, that of sports agency, is exciting -- a cross-section of high-stakes business and professional sports.

Cruise is neither charming nor sympathetic in this movie, he's just boring.

She saves this film from being unwatchable - she and the fine dialogue together with Cuba Gooding Jr.'s perfect supporting role makes this an alright film.

He's engaging.

Very Enjoyable Film .

you just might find it to be entertaining....

If you want a flick that is smart and witty but also offers up an engaging love-story and interesting plot, look no further than Jerry Maguire.

But it's also Crowe's ability to make an admittingly predictable film feel fresh and re-watchable.

The plot of this movie is certainly flawed because of the uninteresting language used throughout the movie and lack of qualities to make us enjoy this.

Not quite Almost famous, but still enjoyable.

This movie had everything from good comedy,good music and some great acting Cuba Gooding was stunning as Tidwell and his chemistry with tom cruise was fantastic.

It's made w/ great care, is wildly entertaining, and is even more meaningful in the little moments than in the big ones ...

This dude is totally intense.

Entertaining story combines humor, romance, and an effectively in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes world of sports while telling a much deeper story of love, loss, and redemption.

A Richly Entertaining Character Study/Romantic Comedy with a first rate cast...

Crowe's direction is very simple, arguably crossing the line from being "unpretentious" to "boring".

Uninteresting and uninspired from the late beginning to the end of the movie, this is one dud I will never watch again.

"Jerry Maguire" is a winner in every sense, a movie that overflows with intelligence, humor, romance, and enormously engaging characters.

He does a nice job as the irrepressible Jerry Maguire, a sports agent making it big, but feeling empty about it.

However, its ability to mix comedy, romance, and drama make it a very entertaining film.

The whole movie was about Jerry Maguire's lovers and an uninteresting football game.

"Jerry Maguire" is cold, distant, and frankly, rather boring.

Overall, Jerry Maguire is watchable and somewhat intriguing at times, but as a while is quite long and becomes a bore.

Dull comedy .

Another fascinating aspect is the brilliant characters.

Combined with a weak and predictable plot, a overly long running time and several thoroughly annoying characters, this movie fails in just about every department.

But as a film, it is actually quite pretentious, and overly long and sappy.

Tom Cruise had one of his best roles and earned his second Oscar Nomination for Best Actor for his charismatic JERRY MAGUIRE, a richly entertaining comedy drama that is a seamless blend of character study and romantic comedy.

Whilst it is predictable and has a very Hollywood ending, you don't really mind as it rounds the package of this film off nicely and it wouldn't have worked so well any other way.

The part related to sports is almost anecdotal, overshadowed by this boring love plot, and it's quite difficult to understand why Cameron Crowe didn't chose to focus on football since it augured good things especially thanks to Rod, the exuberant Cardinals wide receiver, embodied by the excellent Cuba Gooding Jr., only satisfaction of this insipid and overly long movie.

This is a fast paced and highly entertaining film.

It's a tad too long, has too many subplots, we get your standard sports movie cliché scene, and the kid is a little too movie cute too.

The movie around him is fun and entertaining, and it's Cameron Crowe also at his most...

Somewhat silly but still entertaining .

The atmosphere that the film has is so relaxed, funny and enjoyable.

Self indulgent characters and annoying diologue destroy this one completely.

The film really is delightfully enjoyable to watch.

An all around enjoyable movie with lots of emotions, sometimes sad, others happy, i loved it, you will too.

That was a mistake, as this was throughly enjoyable.

After watching it two times to figure out its popularity, I came to the conclusion that this is one of the worst movies I have ever watched.

This film has just about all the cheesiest/cliché and dumbest moments you can think of.

The writing and acting was so bad, the outcome so predictable.

It's worth watching if you like mediocre, romantic and comedy movies.

Her reaction, in the scene in which Jerry tells Dorothy-- with his back turned to her-- that he has broken up with his fiancee, Avery (Kelly Preston), is priceless, and alone makes this film worth watching (repeatedly).

It is very entertaining while it is simultaneously a touching story about relationships and their importance in our lives.

Cruise Bored Me at "Hello" .

Highly Entertaining .

It's reflexions on "real life" with it's up's and down's is unbearably boring, mostly due to Cruise's soul less effort.

It's about finding what really makes you happy, and about finding happiness in unexpected places.

Their eventual marriage is tested when it becomes a question of love versus loyalty, but once again, Jerry Maguire returns to a principled conclusion that his new family is worth more than all the mega-bucks available in the fast paced world of celebrity sports and multi-million dollar endorsements.

Yet the relationship between Jerry and his client is so contorted, contrived and improbable that even allowing for literary license, it's hard to buy (get the pun?

A boring and pretentious three hours .

Then, as in just a minute ago I read somebody else's review of this movie and they f*cking loved it, they thought this is a movie full of all that I found to be empty.

Who'd have thought a film about a sports agent and his early mid-life crisis of conscience would be such a watchable, enjoyable flick?

Corny, contrived, shrill.

One of the worst movie ever!

even if it has an extremely predictable story and a predictable outcome - the movie can overcome all of that as long as it has those relatable characters for us to follow along on this journey with.

I suffered through three hours of seeing Renée Zellweger (very talented actress, this was the first time I saw her) say that Tom Cruise's character was such a great guy for actually saying he should spend time on his sports athlete clients.

Don't waste your time on one.