Jeruzalem (2015) - Horror

Hohum Score



When a couple of American young adults fly to Israel to visit the city of Jerusalem, a biblical nightmare falls upon them.

IMDB: 4.7
Director: Doron Paz
Stars: Yael Grobglas, Yon Tumarkin
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 23 out of 96 found boring (23.95%)

One-line Reviews (67)

Unfortunately the boyfriend runs on the field not looking back, and it takes way too long before he gives his girlfriend attention.

Take Cloverfield, Blair Witch, Rec, and blurry images of "I am Legend" and then make it abominable, to the point where all the good aspects of those movies are ruined by terrible acting, low budget effects, zero reasoning, and predictable direction.

The movie started out cool, for the first ten minutes, but then got steadily boring with predictable, pov, trite sophomoric "humor" for tge next twenty+ minutes, to the point that I was eye-rolling contantly.

No doubt the movie could have been better, but it was still worth the watch and I look forward to seeing what the Paz brothers do next.

this movie is try to blend World war z and exorcist and REC but 45 minute drama/dialogue man that is a boring 45 minute.

Then it gets even more cliché by not giving any sort of character study.

Don't waste your time.

It could have been a found footage movie without her, and I would have enjoyed it more.

Story-line: highly monotonous and boring.

Seriously this is the worst movie I ever saw by far.

Started off well but quickly deteriorated into a rather boring event.

JeruZalem (2016) is a bland horror movie that is hard to sit through.

Multiple previous movies crammed into a b-grade cliché .

Worst movie i ever saw.

A bland horror movie that is hard to sit through .

Keep in mind that even with all of these errors I still found this movie entertaining to watch, going into it expecting little.

It's fast paced, well acted, and just short enough not to outstay its welcome.

The cracked camera lense for that really cool disjointed and shattered film look.

So, in all it's slow going and isn't dissimular to other found footage films when it does finally kick in, so is relatively predictable.

The characters are stultifyingly stupid and irritating: giggling, horny, chirpy, shallow and banal.

Waste of time .

In summary, a very entertaining experience which attempted something different to what we are accustomed.

Yes, the characters did do illogical things, but it was somewhat entertaining none-the-less.

Not to mention that when she finally did something right (located the asylum keys), she couldn't get the lock open, but rather fell into horror-movie cliché of the girl who is too scared and shaking to simply turn a key.

Two Jewish American girls en route to Tel Aviv are tempted into an adventure in the old city of Jerusalem, where unexpected happenings ...

Slow start and no character development: I was engaged with the movie throughout, including the beginning and got a pretty good sense of the characters' personalities.

The attempts at trying to scare the audience failed, everything was laid out and predictable.

However, I could only discover one really exciting situation.

The initial set up is predictable enough, we get to know the two girls, one is pretty innocent, the other is pretty, and not, and they get with two guys and have a bit of fun.

But seriously, worst movie EVER.

It took ages for anything of any worth watching to happen- bulk of the film is setting the dislikeable backgrounds and 'personalities' of the lead characters.

*sobcrywhinesob*" cliché.

I wanted to see the military fighting these demons but we are stuck with some cliché characters running around screaming at everyone and everything in there path, still it was enjoyable for the most part, I mention cliché characters but for the most part they played their roles pretty good, but the main actress was very annoying at times and made some questionable decisions that drove me nuts, and there's a reason her friend got more screen time than her, way more enjoyable person a WAY more attractive.

There were also no scenes that could scare you, there was no excitement whatsoever, the zombies were rather boring, the whole dead brother story made no contribution to the movie, except at the end that I was just waiting to come.

It becomes tiresome at the latter half rather than inspiring.

It is painfully slow.

Don't waste your time on this one.

I love zombie movie!Very entertaining type of movie to watch, especially in the scope of a smart glass.

To me, its the most enjoyable 90min ever since for the following reason.

Overall: engaging start, not so much with the way it developed.

The storyline and concept of the movie are originally creative, interesting and pretty exciting.

The result is a very enjoyable horror romp that hits most of the right buttons.

Nothing happens for the first 45 minutes, and you're SOOOO hoping at some point the effing glasses get smashed or whiny, stupid, SLOW-assed Sarah gets killed so you can actually watch a movie.

The technology is impressive, but the plaything of the two girls is banal and irritating in comparison.

Yet another in the endless "found footage" genre, "Jeruzalem" manages to bore AND induce sleep.

Watch at your own waste of time and don't say I didn't warn you.


I thoroughly enjoyed JeruZalem, it gave me what I wanted - scares, laughs, attractive actresses, a mysterious atmosphere, a bit of political commentary, plus some unexpected twists at the end.

voice recognition turns on randomly and starts playing music during an intense scene...

The film started quite well, the footage of the possessed woman being shot after exorcism was promising, the setting of Jerusalem was fascinating and the filming was smoother, better than the usual headacre inducing jerky filming usually associated with found footage.

Apart from the location, which is stunning and nicely shot, this is a trying film.

its worth watching.

also, a cliché.

But it really did impart the confusion of a fight and also helped a little with plot twists.


It also opts for smart glass gimmick which can be a nifty addition at times, however the first person endeavor in horror genre is a bland and tired one, a spectacle many others of its peer has done better.

The on-screen characters are team of painstakingly predictable tourists and a couple of equally unremarkable locales.

)Shouldn't a biblical apocalypse be a little more exciting and interesting than this?

however i still find this movie entertaining , nice scenery of jerusalem, conflict between Israeli and Palestine quite amusing.

It's entertaining enough if there's nothing else on.

If there's a sequel, there's going to have to be some better special effects and dialog to make it worth the watch.

) Omar killing himself (pretty pointless), the soldiers NOT shooting the demons, psycho-David hiding under a table...

But it was worth watching....

She's the slowest and the whiniest and most annoying of all the characters.

Add to that the sometimes contrived and primitive acting and you'll come to the conclusion that it's far from being as brilliant as "World War Z" for example.

TOTAL waste of time...

And there wasn't very much explanation, so you're kind of disjointed.