Jesus' Son (1999) - Drama

Hohum Score



A young man turns from drug addiction and petty crime to a life redeemed by a discovery of compassion.

Director: Alison Maclean
Stars: Billy Crudup, Robert Michael Kelly
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 12 out of 84 found boring (14.28%)

One-line Reviews (44)

Although Crudup is cast seemingly at random with Samantha Morton, who plays "Michelle" the catalysts for much of "Fuck Head's" evolution; their performances together are gritty and riveting.

Samantha Morton has incredible chemistry with Crudup who is fascinating to keep watching even as his character is a passive naif whom we really don't learn anything about.

The film fails to provide a coherent theme to speak of, but its disjointed pieces somehow fit together to form a wondrous whole that is never short on surprises or pure humanity.

The myth of the innocent junkie is as tiresome and unrealistic as the myth of the hooker with the heart of gold.

Here's a snippet of that review;>>Along FH's journey to self-enlightenment, however, we're treated to a smattering of compelling moments: the shocking car accident that opens the film; the split-screen overdose of demented building contractor Wayne (Denis Leary, in an all-too-brief performance); and the surreal hospital job FH and his friend Georgie (the ubiquitous Jack Black) keep in order to score drugs - any drugs.

No big climax, no great ending, no apocalypse, no epiphany, no nothing, Just dumb boredom heaped upon more dumb boredom.

But, ultimately the film is empty despite the good performances.

It does fit but it leaves the narrative disjointed.

Jack Black is his usual hysterical self, and Holly Hunter turns in a compelling performance in a part that strays somewhat from her usual role.

Samantha Morton is outstanding as Michelle (FH's girlfriend), giving an intense and moody performance (which the viewer mourns the loss of half way through).

In any case, Billy Crudup and Samantha Morton are quite an intense pairing.

Really slow, really boring, and confused.

That's not to say that this film didn't have a few great visual moments and a few decent scenes courtesy of Jack Black and Dennis Hopper, but they were hardly enough to save this film from becoming a long, dreary Requiem For A Dream Light.

As an adaptation of a book, the film works well - slow and meditative.

"Jesus' Son" was sometimes unique,sometimes funny,and sometimes engrossing.

Not an easy film to follow, but entertaining nonetheless.

A pretty but spiritually empty film.

I saw some nicescenes here and there, but saw no cohesive plot that could be called unified.

But from its opening scene, JESUS' SON establishes itself as something quite worth watching.

Maybe I've just seen too many loser druggie films and the mostly pointless lives they portray to empathize with these people and their situations, in contrast to the real-life addicts I have known.

Mainly because I was bored out of my mind.

Simply put, it's pretty to look at, but it's dull and nothing new.

disjointed with some laughs .

moving, hopeful, dreary , funny movie .

Waste of Time .

On first viewing, while I enjoyed it, I didn't totally appreciate its worth and beauty.

My biggest complaint is that the cameos by recognizable and/or famous actors (Denis Leary, Jack Black of "High Fidelity," Holly Hunter, Dennis Hopper) make the source material of short stories--which I assume are where the chapter headings come from-- too obvious; I would have preferred intriguing character actors or complete unknowns.

What a load of pretentious, artsy bull.

FH veers from boring to downright unlikeable, and I didn't care much about him or his potential redemption.

Slowly bored me to sleep .

Only THEY are naive enough to believe a druggie can be worth watching for two hours.

The dialog in many of the scenes between the male and female leads often dives deeply into cliché, psudo-hip dreck that may appeal to high school kids or 20 somethings who think heroin addicts in love are super cool.

Otherwise its just tedious.

From a cinematic perspective this is a really enjoyable film.

Billy Crudup plays the role of FH perfectly, as an innocent and awkward young man who knows he has to deal with life but doesn't quite know how, and tries to deal in some odd ways, which gives us a very entertaining story.

The film is weird, and not for all tastes, but there is quite a big of genius at work with this film, and it's entertaining as can be.

Tarantino does it well, Fernando Meirelles did it well in City of God, but this is just another quasi-hip movie that has no plot and follows down-and-burntout fools that have no real insight on anything (even drug use) with a tired message.

It is a complete waste of time.

The only positive thing I can say about this movie is that it impressed upon my son how drugs waste your life.

Drug taking is not a spectator sport, and watching the semi-dazed FH wander wintry America in the early 1970s quickly becomes tiresome.

Worth watching for the performances and to see how many metaphors you can catch.

this movie is thoroughly entertaining, and thought provoking , this is a grouping of interrelated short stories and feels like this as every new story is labeled with a text on screen naming the story.

lovely, meditative, evocative .

" Watching them shoot up was so fascinating, I couldn't take my eyes away.