Jexi (2019) - Comedy

Hohum Score



A comedy about what can happen when you love your phone more than anything else in your life.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Jon Lucas
Stars: undefined, Adam Devine
Length: 84 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 9 out of 46 found boring (19.56%)

One-line Reviews (23)

Instead, I fell asleep on/off because there wasn't much to laugh at...

LIKES:Fast Pace Good Track List Fun Dialogue Great Intermissions Cute Nice Twist Funny OverallDISLIKES:Overuse of Cursing Some Inappropriate moments too inappropriate For Me Weaker Storytelling Predictable Spoiled By Trailers at partsThe VERDICT:Jexi turned out to be better balanced and fun than I imagined, delivering a cute film that was both funny and touching at the same time.

Entertaining, sometimes laugh out loud fun.

Very entertaining movie!!

Throw in that that the story is still predictable and the funny parts have some ruining by the trailers and well you get the usual comedy formula for fun and laughs.

Waste of money .

Overall, great movie I really enjoyed it!

Worst movie I have watched in over a decade!!!

The humor is often very obvious and tiresome and the film, a comedy, only ever achieves a handful of chuckles.

The film is full of product placement and music montages (I counted 5 in the 84-minute runtime), the crude gags grow tiresome, and the camerawork is amateur.

Okay, this movie is not very subtle and does not have a lot of depth to it, but I enjoyed it.

Like the weird (pointless) light show bicyclists scene, lots of fluff with no purpose.

I hate to say it, but this is quite literally THE WORST movie I have ever seen in my life...

I'll admit it's merely a true entertaining festival, with fast pace, fun dialogue, and cute gimmicks that will entertain the masses.

Entertaining enough .

Waste of time.

However, her arc does become more predictable in the second half.

This movie could have been a great hit; the premise is cute, and the acting that I saw (that's right, we walked out 10 mins in,) was good, even with an f-bomb here and there.

I'd give this a 6.7. Worth watching!

I half only walked out of a theater on one occassion before - this was my second time.

This movie is a waste of money and time.

Honestly, I'd rather watch PAINT dry...

Save your money.