Jigsaw (2017) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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Bodies are turning up around the city, each having met a uniquely gruesome demise. As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one suspect: John Kramer, the man known as Jigsaw, who has been dead for over 10 years.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Michael Spierig
Stars: Matt Passmore, Tobin Bell
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 64 out of 307 found boring (20.84%)

One-line Reviews (177)

I gotta admit though, that twist ending had me kicking myself, and Charlie Clouser's score is as intense as ever.

A nervous and exciting storyline with extreme forms of physical violence.

The story is better but how it corporate many things from the previous movies is made it repetitive, the characters act is not that special, it lack in suspense and still, hollowed like its predecessor.

Great actors, great traps, gorgeous music.. And last but not least, a thrilling story and spine-chilling feeling through the whole movie!

"I want to play a game" Is the last thing said by the voice before the unexpected and gruesome first event begins.

Most will find it routine, dull and even shut it off.

As far as the ending for this movie I thought was predictable and repeated.

Definitely worth watching and I would watch it again.

So we have a murder mystery without a compelling story, uninteresting characters and no interesting ideas.

Coming in at roughly an hour and a half this instalment to the wider franchise has no charm, completely bland and uninteresting with no character to attach to there is nothing worth watching for (unless you happen to have NetFlix which it's currently available on) At this point the franchise of Saw has become nothing more than the 'X-Men of Horror' take my advice and avoid

Really enjoyed it.

who needs regurgitated waste of money movies like this.

Competent movie makers can either make a really good movie or just boring ones (yes, there are exceptions too).

It lacks the Saw trademarks like muted color palette, quick edits, extremely visceral traps, claustrophobic & creepy atmospheres, actual tension, interesting dynamic characters and unique, compelling story (first 3 for sure, and 4-6 at least tried) with great twists.

The continuity was gone and it had gotten repetitive and boring.

Nothing new here, lifeless unimaginative many-holes plot, disjointed dialogue, long "nothing at all happens" periods, embarrassing delivery of lines, inappropriate facial expressions...

I felt the 7th had uninteresting characters that swayed from the mythology and was a lost opportunity.

But then, this one came out, and while it had the same 'sorta' predictable elements - I waited until its cable debut to watch.

Out of so many horror movies with a weak plot, weak meaning, non-intriguing story and without a MESSAGE on top of everything, SAW does it all!

And even while it was going down as it progressed, it was still entertaining for various twists, while staying mildly connected to the original.

Like seriously this was a waste of my time.

Flashbacks are starting to become an annoying cliché both in movies and TV series.

The script, sometimes tight and intriguing while half-baked and cheesy in others, and the acting, with a chilling Tobin Bell and an assured Laura Vandervoort coming off very well and others being bland, are uneven.

Jigsaw is another stunning and a wonderful film in the franchise.

") If you get a chance to watch it on a streaming service and you've got nothing better to do, bored and alone like I was ("Oh, hey; "Jigsaw" is on Amazon Prime ...

However, Jigsaw offered a very compelling and twisting story structure with the right amount of gory use.

It's worth watching.

Dear readers, so here is I watched Jigsaw as part of millennial generation who loves to watch popular Hollywood movie and yes, Jigsaw is part of cliché Hollywood horror movie: sadistic, full of surprises, and franchise with no ending series.

I love Tobin Bell but his appearance in this didn't do him the justice he deserves, good to hire if you are a Saw fan but to be honest I wish I could say I enjoyed it.

There are several parts and it's worth watching.

Dumb but still enjoyable .

While the first Saw movie was the only one that actually scared me at all, the rest have been entertaining and creepy in their own right.

This movie was dull and boring (as were the characters).

The police investigation is completely flat and the connection boring.

The story itself was relatively intriguing and the trap scenes are technically superb, and disgusting.

Acting a little cheesy: Despite the engaging characters, there are times when there are a few inconsistencies in the character's intelligence, or often the case their acting.

Very enjoyable saw movie with more backstory.

it's extremely bad, boring, pedictable and so cheesy!!!

As for the movie itself, it was predictable with some of the worst audio editing I have come across.

History repeats itself and Jigsaw goes back to their old roots being simple, with basic traps and a mind blowing ending.

Enjoyment level were 2/10 but giving a 3/10 rating is more fitting, since the movie was "competent" but really boring.

Seasoned individuals will also find some of the twists in the new film somewhat predictable simply because they know how Jigsaw thinks (or really, how the writers think).

At a certain moment, it'll just become more boring and more uninspiring.

This one's a densely-plotted lukewarm rehash of previous sequels and ideas, with five characters engaging in more against-the-clock deadly traps while the detectives on the outside attempt to figure out whether the killer Jigsaw really is back and on the prowl again.

fairly predictable and the traps were underwhelming (1 viewing)

Bad movies can be enjoyable, but Jigsaw was just "bad" and boring.

It is worth seeing, because it is fun and thrilling enough to see.

The story is so formulaic and structured that this doesn't feel like a continuation or a reboot, it's just depressingly dull.

The performances were good for the most part but the characters themselves were just kind of bland.

JIGSAW- 73% I was not really a fan of the saw series because of the very bland and gory structure with little story satisfaction.

A movie that further proof the death of a once exciting saga.

LIKES:Fast-Pace: With all the slow movies I have been seeing, I give props to the Saw series maintaining their consistent pace.

Boring and predictible .

The other traps were far too tame and unfortunately boring to watch.

They have toned down the violence, but i'm okay with that because they did focus on making the traps more of a challenge instead of a torture.

Boring movie

This movie left me so bored.

Then on this new one.. Action from the opening credits, with an intense story through out.. The games that Jigsaw with the participants were very intriguing, the idea to keep this legacy going was smart, the idea behind the game was intelligent, the cast worked well with each other throughout, and it was great to see the legend himself, as reinvented his own game with two remaining survivors, the only thing I found a little crazy was the idea that a mother smothered her baby and framed the sleeping father, in which kills himself, just a little crazy.. So much more to do, so many stories to use and angles of history in all those chapters to use.. Let's hope we see the game set through the eyes of Lawrence Gordon, and his two accomplices.. Who else agrees??

Yet, somehow they managed to come up with the most convoluted, contrived nonsense ever.

I enjoyed it and would buy it on DVD.

Please do yourselves a favor and don't waste your time and money.

While Jigsaw is exactly that, there are many more layers to this film than I was expecting, making for a somewhat enjoyable viewing experience.

confusing .

Don't waste your money going to see jigsaw in cinemas.

It's quite confusing.

What a pointless movie.

Boring, nonsensical traps.

The characters are cliches from the get-go, the chick obviously makes it through all the tests, the two characters hunting down "Jigsaw" are uninteresting and poorly written...

When you are watching a puzzled movie you should expect a perplexed storytelling which goes against your will, mind boggling twisted scenes and a very unpredictable climax.

There is gore, but it's done in a fun way that makes the gore in the other sequels look obligatory and boring.

There's nothing to get you excited, nothing that leaves you wanting more, it's just a highly predictable, seen it all before, Saw film under a different name, well I say different, just stick Jig before Saw and there you have it, pretty lazy and unoriginal.

In my mind that's what this was, and for me made it very more enjoyable.

There is no point in writing review with spoilers, they are damp and uninteresting in any case.

Worst movie, I have ever seen.

I think I am in the minority saying this, but I found chapters 5 through 7 to be the most enjoyable of the Saw sequels thanks to their outrageously complex (and unlikely) contraptions of torture and death, so this return to basics, with its simpler traps, was bound to be a bit of a disappointment.

I've watched this one night as I was getting bored and thought I'd treat myself to some gore.

I was most of the time bored.

It had an excellent unexpected plot twisting end.

Jigsaw's greatest hits / pointless cash grab reboot .

This film has several parts, so it's worth watching from the beginning.

Stunning like the others (TROLL KINGS OPINION) .

Ending was mind blowing as always and I'm glad to see saw going back to it's roots.

Don't waste your time.

it had gore the saw formula but by now it gets repetitive.

Was it good and unexpected?

Not because my stomach couldn't stand it anymore, but because it was repetitive and something was missing.

After seeing Jigsaw, I left the theater disappointed.

While it does suffer some of the clunky issues that plagued prior chapters, "Jigsaw" is nonetheless a fun, appropriately revolting and generally entertaining return to that devious world of mayhem and death.

The movie is still worth a 5, for some decent acting, a creepy atmosphere, some entertaining gadgets and a little gore.

Maybe the guy next to me in the theatre who fell asleep after 20 minutes had the right idea.

It was a good movie, thrilling, good mystery-puzzle and all that.

It's still an enjoyable Saw film.

Boring and Dull .

Its a major yawn fest and you just end up looking at the time throughout the movie waiting for it to be over.

The traps are boring and not memorable or unique at all.

No doubt, Saw (2004) is still one of the finest bloody movies, all sequels were very good and enjoyable except 3D, I really wanted to have hope for Jigsaw, even the eight part sounds a bit too much for me and I didn't expect for new SAW movie.

Save the money and time I didn't, and PRAY that they didn't made back their budget.

Most of them were kind of yawn-inducing, given what we've already seen in Saw(s) before.

It does lack the question we ask from the previous film but it's enjoyable .

In most of the movies, the effects have been very good and quite imaginative and made the movies enjoyable for me.

The movie was just as riveting as the originals so I am glad they made another and I would gladly watch 30 more saw movies without a doubt.

But they are a long time coming when you are watching a bunch of quite bland characters meet their fates with a distinct lack of tension about it.

Then the ending was just too predictable.

Totally banal and overdone with the gore...

It's a mystery and a thrilling movie.

It was MORE than making up for the unwatchable POS that was 7.

I find it's a bit of all of it and it comes together, even if it can be slightly predictable at this point.

they even opened his head in part 4 and now we see in present day his grave empty ?

1-3 was exciting, and this is just bland.

Enjoyable sequel.

well actually I called them in advance to the poor girl I dragged with me, proving that once you've figured out the Saw formula, it really becomes harder to be surprised by them.

However, it seemed to use clichéd moments which became predictable after seeing twists at the end of the first 7 movies.

It felt like on the one hand it was simply a "Jigsaw's Greatest Hits" rehash of previous traps, but done in a more bland manner - the chain around the neck that pulls you into a blade trap, the syringe trap, the being buried alive trap, the deadly collar trap, etc. All of these were seen in past movies where they were done in a much more interesting and creative way that was both extremely visceral and (more or less) integral to the plot.

Definition of Waste of Time .

As with the sequels, this is pretty confusing stuff although it all makes sense towards the end, although I wasn't all that convinced by some of the twists.

It's those engaging elements that are crafted in the story, making them more engaging to follow.

Each movie pays respect to the previous films, yet develops an exciting twist for the next movie.

It's a story fraught with logical problems, but it's entertaining enough to please fans of the franchise (of whom I am one).

Borrowing heavily from previous installments for its two major plot twists, this eighth chapter of the floundering franchise is predictable to anyone with a passing familiarity with the series.

Do you want a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time?

This was the most engaging saw film since 1.

The twist, was I expecting it, No, was it good, yes, reminiscent of previous movies I grant you, but enjoyable nonetheless.

And after an hour and a half of watching the hapless ne'er-do-wells try to navigate an intriguing series of challenges, the revealing flashbacks fill in the gaps as that superb Saw music starts up.

I don't recommend to watch that movie in the cinema, as you will fall asleep.

In my opinion, this was a very good option since I believe that arc was going on for too long and became very confusing.

Don't waste the time to bother with this movie.

So,tonight Jigsaw premiered in my cinema and for some reason,the cinema room was empty,so,that was OK,I was alone.

I really liked the first movie, because it was intense without blood spilling every time.

It's actually fairly dull.

The syringe needles were a yawn, so was the grain silo.

It felt like a boring rehash of several older Saw films stitched together, with a 'twist revival' that was obvious from the moment the person showed up on screen.

"Jigsaw" is a high intriguing, enjoyable and amazingly intelligent thriller with a excellent story and a plot twist that you hardly can imagine it could happen.

All and all, a solid and entertaining movie that manages to stand on its own while sticking to the series' story.

"Jigsaw"- The infamous 'Saw' franchise returns with a solid and entertaining revival that should please longtime series fans… .

1/10, a piece of shit movie, don't waste your time.

Jigsaw is a wonderfully stylish film, which boasts a great story, clever and complex, and some unexpected moments of horror.

Such a convoluted and bland film 'Jigsaw's only appeal is the short runtime.

However the plot is so uninteresting but also confusing, especially when keeping in mind the other chapters.

There are also a couple of unpredictable twists that works with the film and is what leaves you talking about it.

We get some intriguing new disciples, while previous sidekicks Shawnee Smith and Costas Mandylor are neither seen nor mentioned.

Its story driven but its largely forgettable in the end and very boring in some parts.

Timeline a bit confusing, the reason to kill those people is so shallow.

It felt like I was watching a watered down PG-13 reboot, or rather a torture porn version of the Expendables 3, minus the torture {and the porn :(}.

Boring movie .

Do not get me wrong I loved seeing the new torture devices, but to see how each of them died and it ended up with no one winning, but finding out Jigsaw saved and trained another person seemed very predictable and overrated.

My buddy dragged me to this one.

Traps aren't anything super different that we haven't seen before, but the story is enjoyable and keeps you guessing right up until the big reveal.

Exciting thriller with some cool traps .

Gripping, thrilling n some surprises!

Dull and boring - not smart, not suspensful, not gory .

The characters were, once again, uninteresting.

But as the movie continues it gets more complicated and it keeps you on the edge of your seat which is great.

The character's where flat aka: the evil cop, the predictable side kick cop, and the usual plot twist characters at the end.

Boring unintentionally funny , confusing and predictable 4/10 .

I watched all series of SAW, but this part was so boring.

As well as the story was generally confusing to be watching, too many twists and turns.

The editing undermines what could've been some very suspenseful scenes because of its sloppiness, by cutting from one narrative (the game) to the other (the investigation) at random moments.

For me the departure of Wan from the post of director marked the slow death of the franchise, even though Bousman made a brave effort at reviving the franchise in the fourth film.

Boring .

It's boring.

The franchise that appeared dead and over returns to life with a mediocre entry that has a predictable and boring twist and a moderate amount of gore compared to some of the other gross films.

) The ending is a bit predictable but twist and turn heavily and is an enjoyable ride.

The actual "game" itself.. felt so uncared for with characters so boring and similar.

If you needed a reason to save your money .

Entertaining at best .

Finally, the story was unpredictable and had numerous twists I didn't see coming.

All you need to know is that Lionsgate had 7 years to develop an absolutely kick ass comeback for the franchise but instead delivered a bland watered down reboot that is too weak for the fans while also lacking anything to hook new viewers.

Don't waste your time watching this.

The most thrilling SAW movie ever.

Plot points were predictable and gore aspects were disappointing.

Don't waste your time.

Who is the Jigsaw is well played with the thrill and intriguing screenplay.

I know they were grabbing new viewers to see new life of the saw series but it really was overall recycled ideas executed in the most boring dullest ways...

But still, as a massive fan of this franchise, I left the theater satisfied.

But at the same time, this installment prioritizes thought provoking moral themes and tension over gore and flashbacks and it is an intense, unsettling experience.

The characters are all super bland and I've already forgotten almost all of them, cops and victims.

Tame in comparison to past entries and just overall a pointless venture back into the series .