Jobs (2013) - Biography, Drama

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The story of Steve Jobs' ascension from college dropout into one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Joshua Michael Stern
Stars: Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney
Length: 128 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 41 out of 248 found boring (16.53%)

One-line Reviews (144)

They actually managed to turn the life of a business guy into a funny movie that remained entertaining and even instructive.

Corporate life at its most tedious .

The film puts Jobs' variant life into a highly enjoyable pack of 135 minutes, with a top cast who are identical to the real people being portrayed.

Movie is flat, uninteresting, unimaginative.

Apart from the characterization, great work by Kutcher, the film is slow, jumps from scene to scene with no clear sequence or reason.

In fact, there are some intense scenes that Kutcher managed to pull through such as Jobs' infamous tempers right up to Jobs' walking mannerisms.

This makes for some drama but overall the film is slow and pedestrian compared to the pacing and excitement of "TSN".

It was really that intense even though Kutcher's credibility as a serious actor has been somewhat been called into question.

But here we have a much more visionary person like Steve Jobs whose story we all want to see told on film and the result from Matt Whiteley's script is completely uninspiring.

However, with major events being presented in the film like news headlines, there is no story justifying their existence.

Bland but entertaining .

Although there are interesting moments, and we learn some important lessons in tech history, JOBS is hardly a biographical film: Overlong scenes with uncreative CEO's demolishing each new idea are tedious, repetitive, and overwhelming.

Not only does the film present an informative and somewhat displeasing portrait of one of America's beloved icons, it's also very entertaining.

Not all of them were originally necessary, but they spend some time focusing on them only to skip past some of the more important parts leaving this part of the story a bit empty.

Many IMDb reviewers and professional reviewers are calling it a formulaic biopic...

No, from this reviewer, I think the movie was pretty entertaining.

For the layman, it was great and enjoyable.

Shame on Kutcher and the director for wasting such monumental occasion to make a great movie by producing some lengthy and pointless piece of excrement...

You may think it was a waste of your time.

Outrageous script writing there with a huge Cliché!

Thrilling, eh?

the only reason why pirates may be a more entertaining movie is its far less factual.

The problem with that is Steve Jobs is a dull sh*tty character and the most exciting parts of Jobs's life is the physical construction, manufacturing and financing of these revolutionary machines.

Fell asleep during some part of the movie because it was just like watching the same 5 min over and over again from some documentary.

its like bland food...

The most action packed part of the film is when he shaves off his beard.

) And the pace was riveting.

Some people complain about the pacing and how boring the film was.

The whole sequence seems confusing.

Its like they planned another 30 minutes of story and decided to cut it out because in the end its just got too boring.

We saw the young Jobs as a college drop out, reject his girlfriend with an intense and deeply spiteful callousness after she told him she was pregnant.

In fact, despite its many shortcomings, I enjoyed it.

) But the script, well, isn't really well written and if you're an Apple fanatic, have read the book about Jobs and Apple, watched documentaries and such, you're going to feel like this movie is a waste of time.

Overall, the film was still entertaining.

It is absurd to see people playing out the things that you've heard and seen in the EXACT same manor, just too predictable.

Captivating, riveting and very nearly brilliant .

The film is visually well made but disjointed take on the creative mind that brought technology to the next level.

bland cinematography, dramatized scenes and a script with more swear words than a redneck in a trailer but it was a highly entertaining and informative.

The story was also a bit dry and dragged through the middle.

We should expect something either entertaining, cohesive, informative, or well-made.

Good movie, worth watching it.

Don't waste your money .

Many of the reviews share the same complaint "formulaic" "poor script" "no surprises"...

However, the second-hour is dragged.

The main failing here is the movie is boring, and one can hardly root for a character so unappealing.

Problem #2) The movie is paced slower than my Aunt Minnie in a walker.

User Experience, Product Display; Ease of Use, Packaging( I bought my iphone that same month it was launched, and I still remember the excitement of opening the iphone pack – it was so beautifully packaged that the whole experience something I as a user cherish and inturn at some level it made me understand the power of design and how one can capture target audience's attention and emotions in something as trivial as package, same goes for the MacBook – oh boy what a pleasure it was to open the package and the sleekness with which it was designed)Oh I could go on – Jobs was an intense personality and they should have made the movie in parts covering various stages of his life giving enough importance to how Jobs of 2004 (when apple launched iphone) had come to being.

There is no question it could've made better, there are yet plenty of nice shots and sequences which are worth watching them.

There is one part where they are on their way to show their first computer to some bunch of experts in a lecture room, and whilst in the car, the passenger says, "Hey, slow down.

If I would watch a biographical movie about the driving force behind the Tupperware story, I 'd probably fall asleep and look at it disinterested.

It's a true story - nothing happens over night.

They strung together enough sequences to fill the running time of a feature film and some of them ended up being entertaining.

I had quiet a few moments while watching the movie, where I would start thinking about my own life, and then be brought back to reality, mainly due to the story progression being a little too slow for my liking.

The movie came off as disjointed and awkward as the plot flew from 1974 to 2011, and did so with no real sense of what it was saying...

Unfortunately, this was a very boring movie with very little emotional or technical interest.

Unless you already know a lot about Steve Jobs going in, this film will be a confusing and unsatisfying magical mystery tour.

Maybe it was the cast that wasn't right, that made the film seem fade and meaningless, maybe it was the director, maybe it wasn't the light right or I don't know.. all of it, but it wasn't done as it should, it was boring and exhausting and even when Ashton cried as he turned back home was fake.

The movie is yawning at times and some of the internal company politics of Apple is especially dry.

When you take all of that out, please make it at least entertaining.

More accurately, most of the scenes seem incomplete, disjointed and pointless.

Also the end, sorry about the spoilers, but at the end Steve gets apple back, hurrah right, we are about to see his brilliant mind at work again as he invents the iPod etc. right right…Wrong, the film comes to an abrupt end just as its about to (in my eyes) get quite exciting, as we are about to see Apple turn into the magnificent beast that we all know and love.

After 122 minutes of this uneven, uninspiring film I was given to understand that the man was a narcissistic ogre who could be a brute, a bully and totally impervious to the feelings and well-being of those in both his personal and professional spheres.

I read the biography and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The first 30 minuets were very confusing to anyone who didn't know about Jobs.

Here the first couple ob Minutes are boring as hell.

This film DEFINITELY deserves more than a terrible 5.9/10 and is highly recommended to anyone who is looking to watch an informative and entertaining film.

It was somewhat ironic therefore that direction from Joshua Michael Stern was formulaic and brought nothing new to the genre.

I was on the edge of my seat throughout the movie which is a testament to the good writing and directing.

What emerges is simply bland and uninspired filmmaking, which in the context of Jobs' illustrious and intricate life, is an unsatisfying tribute to a man who spent his time being exactly the opposite.

The old Home Brew Club looked up to Wozniak, and when he presents the first "Apple" computer to them they just look bored and Woz looks scared.

The disadvantage of a biography is that if the person portrayed is not part of your interest, you're probably going to find this a bland and boring movie.

Yes there are holes in the film; its a massive subject - a mans entire life and persona, and the history of the world's most valuable and innovative company, so that's to be expected, but in my opinion Ashton Kutchner absolutely nailed it - he was amazing and I found the film - despite my expectations to the contrary, absolutely riveting.

He seemed like a very intense person who if things didn't go his way then he flipped out.

But if you're not interested, You'll probably think this movie is boring.

Steve Jobs is portrayed giving repeated quoted monologues instead of engaging in real dialog between himself and his co-workers to illustrate the chemistry of their relationships that lead to their success.

People who claim that the film was un- enjoyable probably have no imagination nor innovation which Jobs used to change the world.

This isn't a movie; it feels more like revenge, cold and pointless.

Even though Steve seems more like a tool factory than only a tool, his constant hard work is thrilling to watch.

Just OK, but worth the watch .

Both films are good though and worth watching.

any fiction can help make a story more entertaining Jobs is good, his biography is better, Pirates of silicon valley is garbage


The acting in this film is powerful and fascinating.

Over all, Jobs is an enjoyable, entertaining and enlightening film.

The story/screenplay: the story and script is incredibly disjointed.

The music is engaging and well known, and flips from rock to classical music.

That being said, let me tell you what makes this film worth watching.

I have also read Walter Isaacson's very entertaining (official) biography of Steve Jobs.

Boring and flat .

'Jobs' may not be the definitive biography about the iconic founder of Apple, but it sure is an entertaining movie that shows more than just the public side of a famous man.

It was so boring.

A grim telling of what seems like the life of a bad person, jumpy, sloppy in presentation, over dramatic and brooding, even every camera shot seems too intense.

Lacks some magic but still very entertaining .

Mediocre Acting and it already feels totally boring.

Yes the iPod was revolutionary back in the early 00s but for those born in the iGeneration watching this it's a big fat yawn.

Getting to know Steve this way was for the most part enjoyable, his anger towards other people that didn't share this vision, and his unwillingness to divert away from this.

It's difficult to make a bunch of nerds with computers interesting let alone riveting.

It is a Disconnect of a Story about Profound Inventions and once things move from the famous Apple Garage beginnings and into the Board Room it is Incomprehensibly Boring.

'Jobs' may not be the definitive biography about the iconic founder of Apple, but it sure is an entertaining movie that shows more than just the public side of a famous man.

An entertaining film .

Quite possibly the worst movie ever made...

Entertaining Film, albeit controversial and most likely fictional...

Well worth watching and I enjoyed it.

And despite the fact that I was bored, I was waiting for when the iPod, and the reactions to it, and the iPhone, and iPad, but I sat through boredom waiting for nothing to come.

Most of the focus was on board (or should I say BORED) meetings and personal exchanges.

Slow moving film, some cool in-tel on Apple and a few cameos, including James Woods who just appears then disappears and Lesley Ann Warren.

Long, slow and without a strong foundation, you never notice how the started and how it ended.

"How could you make a biopic about an inspirational and visionary man in such a bland manner?

It is a waste of money.

Slow&Long wouldn't matter to me as long as the story is exceptional.

That makes it worth watching.

Therefore, the movie ends up glorifying Jobs, just like many others already did, and that makes it pointless.

Now the reason's I suggest you wait on watching this movie is because when you go into a theatre and watch a movie on the large screen, you want to get this feeling of accomplishment, this feeling that you have learnt something and are fully immersed into the story.

To me this was just completely riveting.

I have read the biography of Steve Jobs' life that was written by Walter Isaacson and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know the full story!

As an Apple fanatic, it was thrilling to see some of the history of the company and the geniuses behind it.

It is just a great, gripping, story.

But despite all that, I still enjoyed it, and loved the soundtrack the most.

Let's hope they bring greater clarity to the subject than this plodding, underachieving effort.

I found this movie to be an informative and entertaining telling of the story of Steve Jobs and the start of Apple.

Dull .

Last night while i was watching JOBS, a series of boring conversations tied together with no sense and excitement at all, movie i thought why in earth somebody try to waste such a massive story.

Yeah, that's engaging content right there.

I can't even blame Ashton Kutcher for the failure of this film, because the main problem here was that the script was so bland that all we had were one dimensional characters having uninspired dialogues.

The beginning of the movie was very slow, very "indy" looking.

However, we have to underline a defect of this movie: the slowness of certain scenes( which could well disorientate the spectator.

But even more compelling, I saw Jobs to be nothing more than a verbose, quasi-evangelical delegator with virtually no design acumen or appreciation that design is not the simple act of declaring your wishes for a particular outcome.

This movie takes a meandering, disjointed crawl through all the negative dirt and leaves you wondering if Apple competitors or other malcontents were behind the scenes enjoying a good long venting-out of miscellaneous petty jealousies.

-----------------------------------------While it may be thrilling to purchase your next Apple gadget, learning how they came to exist and some stuff about the man behind the corporation is just this much fun.

I enjoyed it for what it is, an entertaining look at someone who made a lasting impression on our society and how we enjoy our consumer electronics.

For the most part it's a enjoyable film, where we get to find out about the roller-coaster ride that was the early days Apple.

The film is just way too horrible and you shouldn't waste your time watching it, or reading these reviews on it.

The movie starts off slow in my opinion and at times it seemed to drag on a little.

Many scenes contain slow drawn out conversations and long pauses.

I found this movie to be an informative and entertaining telling of the story of Steve Jobs and the start of Apple.

It's too bad the overall experience of "Jobs" is one that is too long, choppy and reveals too little about one of the more interesting man of our times.

"Jobs" follows an overly safe, unimaginative course that clocks in at a tiresome 122 minutes.

There are so many fascinating things about this man's life that choosing a focus was just too difficult for these filmmakers.

The Screenplay by Matt Whiteley is entertaining at most parts.

Instead, we end up with a quasi-entertaining movie that is about as choppy as the North Atlantic, in the middle of a frigid winter.

Inspiring at times, you could really see the intense visionary that was Steve Jobs.

It was boring.

Jobs the movie had the potential to be much more than just a mundane made for TV bio- pic of a guy who started a company that is now the number 1 company in the world.

Now the movie itself, is good enough for what it is, a boring predictable two hour inspirational mishmash vomiting forth the constant slogan of "believe in yourself or whatever is applicable!