John Carter (2012) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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Transported to Barsoom, a Civil War vet discovers a barren planet seemingly inhabited by 12-foot tall barbarians. Finding himself prisoner of these creatures, he escapes, only to encounter Woola and a princess in desperate need of a savior.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Andrew Stanton
Stars: Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins
Length: 132 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 142 out of 773 found boring (18.36%)

One-line Reviews (756)

A stiff and lifeless blockbuster, Andrew Stanton's "John Carter of Mars" plays like the skiff battle in George Lucas' "Return of the Jedi", only minus the fun and plus an added hundred and twenty minutes of dull.

The story is good and entertaining.

Very very predictable and at the end of it I just couldn't wait for the movie to get over.

A thoroughly entertaining film .

It is entertaining and action-packed with a few good twists thrown in to keep you guessing what might happen next.

Ironically Unadventurous but Nevertheless Entertaining .

It's not a deep movie but it's definitely a unique, entertaining and well told yarn.

But the 2nd and 3rd acts were easy to follow, were entertaining, and exactly what you'd expect from a Disney movie.

I took my sister to see the movie for her 69th birthday and we both enjoyed it immensely.

As entertaining as it is cheesy .

—and late in the film, when Kantos Kan appears—in the books he is Carter's friend, and in the film he should have stuck around longer—he (James Purefoy) so resembles Sab Than (Dominic West) that there are moments of confusion just when the action is at its height.

with an unexpected pleasant twist in the end.

After reading the reviews, I was expecting for this movie to be an epic bore to match The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Not only it does a poor job in what it is supposed to do, but is also slow in pace (despite having many hectic scenes) and compromise the whole movie.

It's pretty on the eyes, with likable characters and supremely entertaining.

He has the chiselled looks and body to go along with the intense demeanour.

) The title doesn't make sense unless you watch the movie, thefy should have marketed it under a more compelling and connective title.

The original story is from the beginning of the 20th century, however, the movie is neither dull nor retro.

I found the film disjointed and lacking in keeping me interested.

From the opening, incomprehensible prologue, to the pointless psychological underpinnings of the characters and meaningless, poorly executed character development, the family-friendly Disney cute characters juxtaposed with homicidal maniacs and the gorgeous Frank Frazetta 70's fantasy sexploitation design work...

The film is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, and that rating is more than fair.

Here is a science fiction western with a visual look so engaging that you are firmly caught up until about the 30 minute mark, after which this pathetically dated story becomes repetitive and wears out its welcome.

Skip to middle of the movie and we finally are given some intriguing moments.

Instead of telling the story in an engaging manner, the focus is on effects and noise, meaning that all the dialogue scenes are left on their own to drag across the screen on their own steam – they get no help from the film and they feel like a necessary evil.

Lynn Collins looked real good and the Tharks were interesting but drab.

I mean this is actually a great enjoyable film.

' (Also the title: John Carter is too bland and tells nothing).

When it comes to a cliché film; this film is one of the most entertaining, and visually satisfying that I've seen in a long time!

In my opinion, it's basically a two-and-a-half star movie, but it does hit enough high notes to be a bit enjoyable as a sci-fi blockbuster and to scrape (although barely) a three star rating from me.

It was exciting, suspenseful and action packed.

Its quite spectacular and for a barren dead desert planet, its surprisingly stunning.

Breathtaking .

Fast paced, Action packed, Sci-fi movie which would give you an insight about Martian life.

I fell asleep!

An enjoyable movie!!.

The film is fast paced, engaging and really thought provoking.

Incoherent predictable clichéd melodrama with stale dialogue, pile up of flashbacks and boring - yes, BORING - action.

But the film is an exercise in futility, a three- ring circus extravaganza, visually colorful but as bland as our hero's non-descript name and just as silly as any comic book hero.

Flawed but entertaining .

I have read reviews saying that this movie is based off such a predictable Disney formula, which is utterly ridiculous seeing that this movie was based (and from a few differences I've read it was not really stupidly far off) off of a series of books.

What's funny is that the most compelling and entertaining character is one who has no dialogue; it's Woola, the alien-dog I mentioned above.

Coupled with predictable storyline, long dialogues make it a pretty big nail into the coffin of John Carter.

From beginning to end, this movie focuses on story, and expands on a great story with stunning effects as opposed to just using great FX in place of solid storytelling.

Looking at the film on its own merits, it is spectacular, it is action packed, the effects are great and, most importantly, it has heart.

The special effects, certainly in combination with Michael Giacchino's riveting score, are really stunning and spectacular, especially in 3D.

The story is very hard for your average 12 year old to understand and they will get bored unless they are willing to try and understand none human phrases and at some parts read subtitles?

I is entertaining and it looks good on the screen.

The movie becomes very tedious in the middle and may I say Lynn Collin (Princess of Marts) looked way older than Taylor Kitsch (John Carter).

However, at this point, the spectator has already had around 15 uninteresting minutes that do not explain anything at all.

Nothing has been left lacking, it's a terrifically satisfying & entertaining experience.

Luckily, this is a fate that John Carter manages to evade, even if at times the film has cliché Disney moments.

so i found it very hard to follow what the F was going on in the beginning because i just couldn't get over how freakin stupid it was...

The only reason I put it at the top of my DVD queue is that my sweetheart had totally enjoyed it and did not understand what all the hating was about.

Entertaining Sci- fi/fantasy concepts.

It was intense!!!

VERDICT: Boring, non-inspiring, dull and grey movie; Pale shadow of the underlying book.

It is full of lame coincidences, cheesy dialogue, unpronounceable names and confusing character motivation.

A Princess of Mars Movie, Finally one worth watching .

Lumbering boring epic monstrosity.

an all American hero ) but only for dull action moments and ubber-cheesy talk ( me lovely good princess don't want to marry the bad guy who's sooo mean to everyone ).

story looks like confusing in the movie one of the good scene is when he fights with two chimpanzees and defeat them and shout to the people.

The characters themselves are too obviously modern, the huge quantities of exposition are tedious to sit through, the film features three separate openings (two of which should have been cut), the two leads are boring and above all the film lacks any sense of fun.

Visual effects were stunning as well.

All in all, if you're able to ignore all the hate towards this picture and forgive the first 15 minutes, you'll be able to have quite an enjoyable and fun evening watching Disney's John Carter of Mars.

The movie presents the alien races in a tremendously confusing way in its opening scene, you can't really identify who is who.

John 'waste of time' Carter .

He is the most boring character of this movie, which is really terrible because it's HIS movie, he's the titular hero.

The action, mostly the battle sequences, are epic and thrilling, with a massacre of scary, hairy monster things by Carter the most emotionally resonant and thrilling in equal measure (inevitably, though, it is the final battle that takes the biscuit).

Basically it is an action packed, effects based adventure story that brings treasure hunter John Carter to Mars, or Barsoom as it is really called among its natives, and thrown in the middle of a civil war.

For starters, Wonderful set, character designs and effects, However it is totally ruined by the pace of the movie, its plot, the unbearable acting, and numerous illogical instances within the movie.

He made Dajah a very strong character who was stunning, cunning, tender and not bad with a sword.

And the bad guys also make a good point in the story -perhaps the most intriguing, most modern message of them all.

Add to that an extremely bad 3D conversion and you have one of the worst movies of the year on your hands.

Largely thrilling, brimming with grandeur, and featuring a delightful supporting cast that includes Willem Dafoe, Samantha Morton, and Mark Strong (even though the latter feels typecast), no one could accuse Stanton of not knowing what he wanted the movie to be.

Fun, Action Packed, Sci-Fi That Brings Reminds Me of the Goldern Age of Sci-Fi .

The visuals are stunning, Andrew Stanton really proves what he's worth.

This is a highly entertaining movie in every way.

The movie has a weird story that is very difficult to follow.

I found this screen character dull and lifeless, and, apparently in a position to pose a lot like he was on the cover of a Harlequin romance novel.

There is never really a sense of excitement or adventure in this movie, even while it obviously was featuring an exciting and adventurous concept.

The legacy of what is a very entertaining romp (that still manages to feel a bit vacant at times) that 'only' made about 100 million at the box office, will be studios backing away from similarly 'risky' Sci-fi stories.

The movie was visually entertaining, the characters were wonderful to watch and the main story was so interesting.

Kitsch and Collins, for example, are stunning examples of masculinity and beauty respectively.

And then he goes through a character arc that's really cliché and stupid, and he becomes the hero he's supposed to be.

My wife is absolutely against action movies, and believes that 3D is actually a torture device used against moviegoers, but even she found it visually engaging and excellent.

But one of the boring things about this movie was that the story was so boring.

Visually stunning, this is a steam-punk dream come true.

The actors and actresses are all engaging and well played.

And yet, even despite the sheer randomness of the plot, it ends up being completely predictable.

I actually found the appearance of Burroughs to be somewhat contrived, as if his stories are based on the autobiography of John Carter.

I actually enjoyed it better than Avatar since it didn't contain all that political preaching.

It was really paint-by-the-numbers and predictable.

While intriguing, I did not see anything that really made the film stand out as a must-see.

I can't really agree with the critics giving this film three out of five stars, the story wasn't the most original and interesting experience, and overall it was just boring, the only good thing I can say really is that the special effects and computer generated characters and action is good, apart from that a pretty dull science-fiction action.

This movie, and I would like this opportunity the express my warm and heartfelt gratitude to Disney for making this project a reality, has everything one could possibly want in an entertaining, believable, captivating movie.

It was boring and seemed unimaginably fake.

What ends up sinking this film is a studio who wanted a blockbuster franchise, rather than an entertaining film.

The visual effects are absolutely stunning, and perhaps the best reason for seeing this film on the big screen.

Overall, one of the worst movies ever endured.

I highly recommend it.

It was very entertaining, right from the beginning.

It meanders and drags switching between all the various different factions and with the human characters being as plain as they are it makes their scenes extremely un-engaging.

The rest of the movie was boring and ridiculous.

The lines were contrived, the dialogue and settings were watered down, and the movie needed some serious grit to it.

Fascinating creatures these Tharks are.

But it has a retro vibe that still will transport the younger members of the audience to enjoy a rousing good time spent with Uncle Jack and the Martians.

The movie is simply stunning.

A wild, entertaining film.

It just dragged!

but they just made it too artificial and predictable.

I really enjoyed it despite lots of exposition that almost threatened to make things boring since there was also plenty of exciting action scenes and a wonderful score (by Michael Giacchino) that reminded me of the best of John Williams.

Worst Movie of 2012 .

If you have never read these books, then you probably will not get as much out of this movie, and certainly not out of the title - John Carter, which is meaningless, bland and says nothing of what the story is about.

Once in a while (blue moon) comes a movie that just completely amazes you and just takes you by surprise into the story and keeps you on the edge of the seat with the action and gets you involved with the characters and makes you care about the good guys and keeps you rooting till the end with some amazing scenery and cinematography as well as a half decent story, this ladies and gentlemen is this year's answer to that "dark horse", "blockbuster" movie that we have been waiting for a long time.

I wouldn't complain about attempts to flesh out the hero's character if they weren't so trite, overworn, and, ultimately, pointless.

Find somewhere else to waste your time and be disappointed with poor movie making.

It has its flaws, but all in all, John Carter is entertaining enough.

A wonderfully enjoyable sci-fi romp; there is indeed life on Mars.

Instead of cutting tedious, boring things out of the film, maybe some of that "Oh John" stuff, Stanton tried to get clever with the editing in the action scenes and there a huge amounts of jump cuts, edits that make no sense and continuity issues.

Director Andrew Stanton, known for his Pixar work, knows how to make films engaging so it's sad he couldn't get that balance right.

It is predictable if you watched any Disney movie at all.

It's the inbetween stuff that is yawn-inducing.

Although Sola appears in the movie, and we do learn that she is Tarkas' daughter, her story unfolds in a puzzling, disjointed way that is bound to confuse anybody who doesn't know the book.

To be succinct, "John Carter" may not be a 'must see' movie, but it is the most thoroughly enjoyable movie I've seen in a long time.

The effects are constantly breathtaking.

These characters develop over a slow simmer, not a flash burn.

Despite my complaints, John Carter is fun, rousing adventure on par with the likes of Star Wars.

You leave the theater wanting more of that rich, adventure-filled world.

There are many films that aspire to tell great stories, but most of the time there are multiple plot jumps (and plot holes) that end up confusing the audience.

he escapes and then there is a fight scene with some Apache Indians, another chase scene he is cornered in a cave where the Indians fear to go (cliché) so then thats where he is attacked by a person from mars.

")In addition to the over-confusion of plot and themes, there's not much more going for it: the score sucked back, the acting: eh, the costumes were god-awful and unimaginative, the cinematography was terrible, the clichés rampant, the dialogue boring and old, the themes stale and below all else, the $250 million spent to make this will turn Disney over in his grave.

Fortunately, a boring Sunday was motivation enough to go and end up being quite pleased by a story that was exciting, engaging and even at times endearing.

One that bored and frustrated me from start to finish.

The movie was enjoyable with loads of action & adventure.

One has to suspend disbelief for logical and scientific inconsistencies in such a story, but if you do you will be treated to a rousing tale and a great ride.

Things were kind of predictable.

Life on Mars is boring, because it is not even possible to imagine it because it is so close to us.

I found this to be a very exciting movie.

A reasonably entertaining film .

OK, so the CGI was good, but it's become so boring now that you need something else, (Avatar and it's amazing 3d).

The characters were interwoven in an entertaining & believable way.

While the original covers of the ERB books were dramatic and exciting, Andrew Stanton's John Carter will forever put faces on the some of science fiction's greatest heroes - John Carter and Dejah Thoris.

Exciting, engaging and endearing .

It's a bit silly, cliché and offers nothing much that you haven't seen before.

It was entertaining and had a good story.

In the rush to cram as much action, conflict and set pieces into the movie, the filmmakers forgot how to tell an engaging story.

John Carter directed by Andrew Stanton is a dull movie.

THis was a dull boring movie.

The story is easy to follow and is well-written and the film is visually stunning hence the $250 million dollar price tag.

I went to the local IMAX to see John Carter this week end and I really enjoyed it, as did my friends 13 year old.

The resulting combination is confusing.


While watching this film, I actually felt quite embarrassed, because all in all, I probably shouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did.

Totally Enjoyable, Escapist Entertainment .

I fell asleep twice in the cinema.

John Carter is still a thought-provoking movie with enough funny and entertaining moments through out.

The outstanding special effects lead to the amazing, and widely entertaining action sequences.

As the movie uses the novels' characters, but largely imposes its own motivations and directions upon them, it is pretty pointless attempting to review this film as an adaptation of any of the books...

Considering the crowds I saw at films like Phantom Menace, Transformers etc etc. Its a real shame that this film may go under the radar for a lot of hardcore sci-fi fans, especially when its so visually stunning in 3D.

It is really unique and unravels in an unexpected way that is interesting and left me wanting a little more.

My fiancé and I enjoyed it immensely.

Worth watching multiple times!

Stunning CGI but a slow script .

Of the characters, the most enjoyable one was Woola, a very cute and very funny dog creature- the CGI for the character is very well done and some of the best of the film actually- that children and adults alike will take a shine to.

It's actually entertaining, even rousing in spots, visually attractive, and well-stocked with fun performances.

Entertaining .

The only drawbacks for me, are that the live action dramatic scenes are not edited with enough "snap", and I would have liked to see the final conflict scene become even more intense before it's conclusion.

The real feat of John Carter is its melding of touching, old- fashioned romance and epic and thrilling science fiction sensibilities.

While I watched this film I instantly though just the flash gordon of my generation a film that cost a pretty penny but had some really crappy dialogue and the story had holes all over the place it dragged repeatedly.

The story is pretty boring until John finally gets to Mars and that's when the movie started to get better.

A Wonderfully Visual & Stunning Film Directed with Great Style by Mr Stanton...

How can a movie survive when a hero is as dull as this, and the millions and millions of dollars put into the film are wasted on ugly-ness?

One of the unexpected.....

My wife, who isn't generally a sword, sandals and magic fan, found a few minutes of this entertaining enough that she actually agitated for us to watch the whole thing.

Don't listen to what other people have to say, because this is nothing but a fun, visually-filled, and entertaining film.

Overall, the movie is an entertaining cinematic experience.

In fact, John Carter has easily out Flash Gordon'd every single Star Wars prequel because George Lucas's pointless toy commercial epics never had the entertainment or fun factor Andrew Stanton's epic has here.

Sure - it's all cheesy and clichéd, but also wonderfully entertaining.

Good story, good cast, entertaining as hell, especially for people who like original scifi.

Andrew Stanton, who's made a name directing CGI cartoons like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, etc. seems to have read George Lucas' movie making manual and does the same thing which is throwing as much CGI garbage on the screen in hope that it will be exciting.

As for the movie itself, it's slow going for most of the first half.

The battle and chase scenes, when they come, are as thrilling as in any other space opera.

I was never bored during the movie, I found it easy to follow, exciting, visually breath-taking, it was Barsoom of my imagination.

Worst movie I've seen since Home Alone 3.

Like any origin story for a franchise, 'John Carter' carries both the promise of an exciting new vision and the burden of setting things up for future instalments.

Really enjoyed it .

I also remember the plot being kind of confusing because I was really wondering how the heck the alien species was in any way related to the two races of people.

This retelling of A Princess of Mars could have had an impact similar to Avatar or Lord of the Rings, but the creative team decided instead to concoct an unnecessarily contrived and chaotic story that is unlikely to translate into market share.

Post interval.. 3D goggles off.. popcorn seemed to be more entertaining than the snorefest playing out up on the screen.

Even when the plot seemed to be tad bit boring her presence in this is close enough to make those scenes very watchable.

But after that first half, the movie went over from an entertaining family film to a boring CGI fantasy/sci-fi war film.

Overall, in my opinion, it's basically a two-and-a-half star (out of four stars) film, but it hits enough high notes and sustains enough energy along the way to be enjoyable as a sci-fi blockbuster and scrape a three star rating (and a 7 on IMDb) from me.

The bottom line: Stunning visuals, great performances and a sturdy plot; a perfect mix between comical, dramatic that will also thrill any true adventure lover.

This movie felt like it had no story-reel; an essential part of the animated film process.

A thoroughly enjoyable movie.

The funny thing about the late 20th-century antihero is that it was a reaction to the cliché of the "classic" hero that had been worked to death, largely in Westerns, up through the 1950s.

Though when the movie does slow down to reflect on what's going on, it becomes deflated by the rehashed stock personality's of barbarians, aliens, and any other character.

Living all that behind though, the movie is extremely entertaining, has stunning visuals and some really cool characters.

The only reason I give not all 10 stars is because I have to confess that I found the story sometimes a little too complex and therefore hard to follow.

Upon seeing this, the first question you will likely ask is, "How is it no one has filmed this fantastic, mind-blowing, eye-popping, compelling sci-fi adventure saga before?

If it was made with a grittier, more mature sensibility it would have bee more enjoyable for me.

It is so entertaining, so delightful, so artistic and sumptuous...

John Carter is a fun fast paced film that all can enjoy.

This flick is well worth watching for those who enjoy honest sci-fi in an age when that honesty is almost an anachronism...

It's all made worse that the plot in it self is at best ridiculous, at worst completely illogical, cheesy and way drawn out as though you're trying to smear a small piece of butter onto a much too large piece of bread.

The action is exciting enough and large enough.

:DThis movie has action, suspense, love, an intriguing storyline, you know this is a sweet movie that I really enjoyed at my 34ys that surely could blow my mind if I were a kid instead of a grown up.

Hugely entertaining and often funny, I vote 9/10

The complex story is engaging and highly entertaining and among my favorite movies of 2012.

It may sound like I am nit-picking here but overall the film is just a giant bore!

The victim of poor timing and poor marketing, it is engaging and spectacular and its director has put enough Pixar-Disney into it that it is really well worth seeing.

What matters is how entertaining/illuminating/ etc. etc. a movie is and not my bias against the producers.

I experienced it as a partly breathtaking parade of impressive landscapes, panorama shots, aliens, costumes and sets connected by a complex story about power, resistance and of course love that culminates in a clever ending.

then there was a flash back to a drawn out chase scene of JC getting chased in a rainy 1880s era town buy a dork in a hat...

Worth Watching .

The plot, while at times difficult to follow, falls well within operatic conventions and is appropriate.

The actor's costar chemistry is also bland and uninteresting and could have been much more believable.

I probably will watch it again someday on DVD and I did rather enjoy some aspects if it, but in the end, the mistakes, silliness and tediousness took its toll.

Although other movies have taken from some of its thunder, overall, this is an entertaining and imaginative film with surprising heart, telling the story of a broken civil war vet who finds his way...

It was easy to follow, most dialog was fine, the lead had a few "corny" lines but all in all it was a stunning movie.

The story is confusing and not so interesting.

With today's production values and technology, the results are certainly thrilling.

I really think it's a film worth watching.

In short, it is an exciting Sci Fi adventure/fantasy with all the elements a good Sci-fi should have.

Predictable and uninspiring .

It was Fast Reading, Formulaic Fantasy for his time.

A boring and unevenly paced story, no character development, dull performances, and the film didn't even stick to it's own mythology.

The movie is stunning to look at from a special effects perspective also the 3D is the best that I've seen ever.

Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins were perfectly cast after all, while the green Tharks, and especially Carter's beloved watchdog Woola, make fascinating and endearing alien creatures.

However, it takes its time building up to these sequences engaging in complicated and frankly uninterested set up scenes.

Now I'm not going to slam it as a terrible movie, waste of time, wasted two hours of my life business like a lot of haters do when they don't like a picture.

Engaging, moving, exciting, moral lesson and clean family enjoyment.

Alas, poor box office has doomed that hope, but what's left is a fun, enjoyable film that is worth a viewing.

John Carter hits the sweet spot of action, storytelling, and exploring an engaging world.

While the villains are uninteresting, they are still played reasonably well by Mark Strong (who is now typecast in the arrogant "bad-guy" role) and Dominic West.

Based on Burroughs' first book in the Barsoom series, John Carter does contain stunning effects.

It has plenty of problems, but is entertaining enough for what it is.

I actually found that almost all the scenes with the Tharks were easily the most entertaining sections of the film, and the scenes with the human-like characters were by far the most boring.

The sound was Skywalker, Costumes were breathtaking and the directing was masterful.

I can honestly say that this was the worst movie I've seen in many years.

Underrated, enjoyable, family friendly fun.

first half is quite dull it has some moments because of some comedy scenes and action.

Instead they were easy to read, exciting, and really, really fun!

the action of cast was a blunder,the direction was a bit to slow,except the twist at the end..the 3d was not so awful.. nothing else.. just waste of time...

A Really enjoyable movie .

Even the secondary characters are well defined and everything works to depict a fascinating martian world that does not depend on Cgi over the top video game stuff to be a great adventure sci-fi fantasy movie.

From there evolves a saga about a princess, a wedding, a continuing war, a portal, a grave that can only be opened from the inside, a boring love story, and so much chaos and confusion that I was left to wonder if the writers even knew what they were doing.

Anyway, the film is enjoyable, even when it does not follow the book.

Of course, this is the kind of movie that is produced by Disney and created for the whole family and might not please to those who expect a more brutal, complex or emotional story line but it's nevertheless a very enjoyable ride and I would definitely watch this movie again.

It beginning of the movie confused me a bit, and I got a little bored waiting for John Carter to get to Mars.

It was thrilling to see such a CGI-heavy film mixing natural scenery in with the manufactured shots- much like the excellent New Zealand location footage used in the Lord Of The Rings films established a spacious, tangible setting, it gives the proceedings a solid, authentic foundation.

Also you will see many things repetitive i.

There is very little from the original books (the towns, the character names, the races are there)that made them so enjoyable.

Further examples of Disney mismanagement and lack of belief can be found in the uninspiring, and key word, FORGETTABLE posters for John Carter.

I saw it, loved and highly recommend it.

There probably wasn't much missing in a movie such as this, as it delivers great action and an exciting enough story.

Unfortunately, I found the movie somewhat slow, and at times, uninteresting except for the striking visuals.

The story is pretty interesting with John been transported to another world where he finds interesting species, fascinating people and a range of cool special effect inducing action scenes.

It was an entertaining film, I'll give it that, and it followed exactly from the book, so if you liked the book you will like this movie.

The female leads acting is unbearable...

Stanton may have written a lot of dialog scenes but, when there is action, it is fast moving and exciting and he gets good performances out of his cast.

I had a rough time not turning off the DVD player and abandon the movie, I did however fast forward some scene that were boring and predictable.

Starts boring, gets even more boring and ends as pointless as it can.

But when i saw it a couple weeks ago in 3D, i was amazed and i enjoyed it.

I mostly enjoyed watching The Lone Ranger, and a lot of money was spent on making it, but the result is formulaic and not particularly memorable.

Originality is not the film's strong point, but nor is it meant to be; in a world of post-modern, self-referential blockbusters Stanton intends to craft a thrilling, retro sci-fi picture.

We also took in the Iron Lady and The Artist and enjoyed it more than both of them put together.

They were exciting, not hyper & irritating.

Mind you, Asylum Entertainment beat Disney Studios to the punch with its own abysmal adaptation of the Burroughs' novel "A Princess of Mars" that recycled just about every genre cliché.

Action packed Sci-fi .

An entertaining, all-round fun blasting action fantasy movie.

The movie itself is beautiful to watch and the special effects are excellent and the acting is actually quite good overall but for an audience that embraces the familiar and eschews the unfamiliar, John Carter can be a confusing ride.

Overall, this is a fantastic and entertaining film that reminds me of Star Wars mainly Attack of the Clones and Gladiator as well as the other films I previously mentioned.

But my warning to adults who decide to take the kids is to expect to be bored, and endure a long dark two hours of the soul.

I really enjoyed this movie, lots of action, good special effects and very entertaining.

The story is grand and intriguing, the characters are solid and believable, and the CGI is so good you forget about it.

It has all the elements you want in a movie, packet in a stunning visual golden box.

It was a totally entertaining, imaginative escape/adventure/love story.

That aside if you want to watch an entertaining fantasy adventure that's full of CGI and has no sort of real story you could do a lot worse.

Most negative reviewers would target the story of this film as being predictable, uninspired, or convoluted.

My husband and I really enjoyed it and we left appreciating all the special effects the producers made.

I found it to be an epic spectacle of wonderful visuals, exciting action and real heart, a key ingredient missing from so many modern sci-fi movies.

While the plot is interesting, it ultimately fails because the pacing was extremely slow.

Take it for what it is, a popcorn, exciting family movie.

The main thing was the transition between "rousing" action and thudding plot explication, so that periodically everything ground to a halt, and on a related note, the general lack of creating characters whose fate one could care about.

It's highly entertaining and i am pretty sure the kids will like it.

Disney's production line is working day and night to produce cliché movies.

Looking at the preview it felt like a nice action packed movie.

I really enjoyed it.

But the despite the cast of respected actors and millions of dollars spend on the film John Carter is a surprisingly dull and outdated film.

It's an exciting adventure that (I'm afraid) has a storyline that doesn't quite hold up today.

A ludicrous and incomprehensible mesh of generic sci-fi colors and themes, dragged along with acting that has about as much human touch as the alien antagonists.

All this film brings you is over the top effects,costumes that are to fancy a world that is dull and makes no sense a story which copies every other and feels bland and soulless,and a main lead on who you just don't care about.

The biggest downfall to me is that it was pretty boring and seemed to drag the entire time.

Wow, I can't believe this complaint because I found this sequence the most intriguing one in the film and it morphed the movie from mindless fantasy-adventure-on-another-planet to something deeper.

Simply stunning

The best aspects of the movie are spectacular cinematography and stunning visual effects.

Characters are mostly left as caricatures of what could be exciting players with layers of personality while the story clunks along.

The movie that should have been called "A Princess of Mars", but was released as "John Carter" due to the perception that any movie with "Princess" in the title would cause pre-teen boys to avoid the film is entertaining, exciting and adventure-filled.

Lynn Collins was absolutely stunning and beyond beautiful as Dejah Thoris, a Red Martian of Helium.

The storyline was unusual and exciting.

in one end we got film with blatantly failed science like cat 8, something exciting in the middle like Armageddon, and something just plain pure good like this

If you like space operas with great effects, compelling story and a premise with potential, then you'll like John Carter.

Andrew Stanton, 2012), the first blockbuster of the year, was released; audiences expected an entertaining linear narrative.

And it never stops; from beginning to end, we only get about 10 minutes respite, (in nearly 3 hours of film), from this constant humming of violins, tooting of horns, and droning human voices ala the chorus from Holst's Neptune.

John Carter for me really started out slow,I mean from my expectations on the trailer I would look at it as a high pumping adrenaline-fueled movie(which it is,just not in the beginning).

It has a constant pacing , unexpected sideturns , no cliché dialogue , strong women , no wishy-washy sentimentality's , emotional empathy , never too complex , it has spontaneous humor ...

Lynn Collins was stunning as Deja Thoris.

At its heart, John Carter is a darn good, enjoyable, popcorn flick.

Exciting, action packed.

When they enter this, concentrate really closely on the lines, and the acting, it's so cliché that we ended up laughing during the movie.

It's very hard to suspend disbelief in the idea that you could fall asleep in a cave on Earth and wake up on Mars.

With considerable effort, I just took for granted the unfolding narrative, and ignored all of the confusing events, missing plot points, slim characterisation, and that ridiculous jumping nonsense.

It's a shame, because his presence really dragged my enjoyment of the film down, along with all the excess, post-STAR WARS baggage of the effects work.

no), idealists and rogues, aliens and super powers, loss and treasuresall this mixed in a beautiful way with stunning visualsi read here that the movie was based on a book, so i guess this is what gives the depth of the story which eluded so many recent comics-based and Greek-mythology derived crap.

The culture of the Tharks is also fascinating, blending Viking with Native American and African in a way far superior to the happy rainbow land of the new-age Naa'vi in "Avatar" Having so praised this film it's sad to see it casually mocked and attacked by both professional critics and IMDb users/bloggers.

The budget was big but yet it just was two hours and change for an idea that at best one hour forty five minutes and the attempts at humor "Virginia" one joke premise taken way too long.

Several scenes were unnecessary and pointless to watch.

I found this to be entertaining despite some complaints about the sound.

Even though I was disappointed by John Carter, I still enjoyed it and will definitely see it again.

a smart, scantily clad, and conflicted Martian princess (who is being forced to marry the enemy Another cliché!

Collins (also in Wolverine), was stunning as usual.

Its an enjoyable if very cheesy Sci-fi fantasy blockbuster.

I thought it was an entertaining sci-fi film, it is just a shame it wasn't so easy to follow.

It is a highly enjoyable visual experience and one that has obviously been made with love and dedication.

That it was a dull rip-off of many other sci-fi adventure films, with too much focus on CGI and special effects.

Additionally, there were aspects of the story that were hard to follow, particularly when the shape shifting character was involved.

First of all, the story is overall rather predictable including the usual stranger in a strange land becoming a hero scenario.

Too Bad the Exciting Stuff Needed An Hour to Take Off .

The Martian land is the best representation of the movie as a whole: plain and boring, grey and dry.

Simply an enjoyable movie .

" That was also enjoyable to have moments that reminded you of Star Wars.

As someone who voraciously read Edgar Rice Burroughs' fantasies when young and had probably devoured the complete Martian - and Venusan - series more than a couple of times by age 11 was this film worth watching?

John carter seemed to have a grasp of everything and adapted to the environment very easily which kind of seemed like unnatural and boring.

For one there were parts that were a little confusing to me.

It's unquestionably the biggest waste of celluloid that I ever wasted two hours of my life on.

Taylor Kitsch while probably breathing a little too heavily still delivers a more than adequate performance opposite Collins, and makes John Carter a compelling protagonist.

Is this still a highly enjoyable retelling of a story more than 100 years old?

This movie starts out pretty decent but then becomes very very boring and full of characters that I just don't care about.

Beautiful visuals and compelling characters, despite what the critics say .

"Another cliché formula flick thrown together with big CG armies clashing, and less-than-interesting dialog/story lines going on" : so I thought.

The film is most visually engaging when we are on historical Earth and the air ships.

It mixes other genres and clashes them together for a enjoyable ride.

Harris' portrayal of the Princess was the most convincing and entertaining.

Yet, one annoying thing is the 3D (at least the version I saw was 3D), and in my opinion, too many movies were already produced in 3D or with a 3D version, that it's getting tiresome, and it doesn't enhance the experience anymore.

John Carter ( I keep wanting to type Of Mars) is visually stunning.

There is also the thrilling action scene that was heavily exploited in the promotion of the film, the "Great White Ape" sequence.

This was a pretty entertaining sci-fi movie.

Not only is John Carter one of the biggest box offices bombs of all time, it's one of the worst movies i've seen this year.

The set up for the conflict between the tall ( no where near 12 foot tall unless John Carter was 8 to 9 foot tall himself ) green folk and the more human red men ( and women, basically Caucasians with red tattoos ) was also well done, if somewhat predictable.

By that measure, John Carter is a wonderful tribute to its source material- and quite apart from that it's a great film that is well worth watching for some pure, lighthearted fun.

John Carter is enjoyable.

While some events on Barsoom appear complicated and confusing, others look derivative of "Star Wars" and "Dune".

This is a dense and entertaining adventure/fantasy based on Edgar Rice Borroughs' book "A Princess of Mars," sometimes spectacularly so as far as the visuals, sets, props, costuming, cast, locations, etc. go.

The visuals are largely wonderful makes this experience much more exciting.

On a technical level, John Carter is impressive, though formulaic.

Some people found the plot a bit confusing.

If anyone can explain to me even one redeeming quality that made this film anything more than totally unwatchable please do.

The world of John Carter is highly enjoyable, with interesting characters and not a bad story overall.

3D is pointless since it was converted, which means that some parts will be blurry.

I thought it was going to be really dull and lifeless.

I must say, this is the worst movie I've seen in a long time.

But anyone who likes an engaging story with just the right amount of real depth and detail, this is your movie.

As a result of the scathing attacks I decided to see this for myself and found that maybe I enjoyed it a little more than I should have done simply because it wasn't the awful dog it was presented as.

With some boring acting, lacking landscapes, awful story adaptation, and childlike goofs placed throughout the film, "John Carter" cannot be saved even with some entertaining fighting scenes and visuals.

But let's be honest; everyone enjoys a good cliché film from time to time!

All in all, save your money until it hits the Two Dollar Cinema, or catch it on the 'Net when it arrives there.

As I said, this was an entertaining movie.

But once again, there is no story!!

Overall, a waste of my time, and a contrived mess.

It's still entertaining to watch once you get past the 1st act.

Then there's a bland framing sequence followed by way too much of John Carter on earth.

My first official film for the 2012 movie season is the new Disney film, John Carter, not to be confused with the 50's stand-up comedian Jack Carter, who was slightly more entertaining.

It was a movie that had some great visuals, with decent characters and humor, but is weighed down heavily by cheesy dialogue, uninteresting villains and a boring plot.

Good Entertaining Movie.

Some parts are not well rendered and a bit corny, but I did enjoy the ending of the film because it's interesting and unpredictable, and I am sure this movie will become very popular.

There are plenty of fascinating character designs and places.

Still Lynn Collin's brilliant performance as Dejah Thoris can keep even the most jaded of us geriatric cases teetering on the edge of our power chairs as she seduces the chauvinistic southern cavalry colonel John Carter (played by Stacy Keitch) who reluctantly takes the Princess of Mars under his wing and defeats evil in its 18th century incarnation.

It opened with a bang, then detoured into some dull plot points about Carter and his tomb and his personal quest before getting back to Mars.

When the movie began, this aspect was intriguing.

It really leaves your mouth gaping and your eyes popping from hit after hit of what a stunning picture it is!

There is very little boring moment, and I didn't have to fast forward the movie at all.

It was new, inventive, and thankfully enjoyable for all ages...

A few laughs, cool machines and a smoking' hot Taylor Kitsch made this a very enjoyable evening at the movies.

A thrilling story with humor.

"John Carter" would like to be a lighthearted adventure-in-space epic with a visual punch, but it left me bored to tears.

For instance, it's choked full of action yet it made me deeeeeply bored.

Unfortunately, the film comes off as formulaic.

Another beat of John Carter absorbing the new world he finds himself in, and implicitly comparing it to what he left behind, would be welcome and would strengthen the impact we would feel when he makes that choice.

I thought that the film is just another uninspired bore with a lot of computer-generated special effects.

Dominic West poses as a bland villain along side Mark Strong who demonstrated in 'Tinker Tailor Solider Spy' that he can be a highly qualified actor when given the right role.

Wow, completely unexpected Epic Science Fiction, the feel of the movie reminded me of Star Wars like the first time I met Luke Skywalker today I met John Carter and it was a treat.

Boring, non-inspiring, dull and grey movie .

As an action/adventure film it was compelling if a little disjoint and It's too bad there won't be a sequel.

Maybe it was the blandness of the title, or that Kitsch in't particularly compelling as a lead protagonist, or that the trailers looked suspiciously like they were using the Jar Jar Binks CGI engines from the appalling star wars prequels.

One of the biggest bores throughout the film is the world of Mars.

I personally looked just once at my watch during the whole movie, therefore despite of its silly performance it was a breathtaking movie that i enjoyed nicely.

Few very good actors ( from the Rome series actually, my favorite all timer ) share the green CGI background with voices of good actors badly used and with one of the dullest actors living ( come on, the guy from Wolverine with his cards and his wand ?

For me, the film is visually stunning and gets better as it goes on, racing to a slam-bang finish.

Unfortunately, there's a plot transition in the second act and during this time the film starts to feel a little bit bogged down by exposition, exposition that can be slightly hard to follow as it throws out terms like the Ninth Ray, Issus, Therns, etc. It almost feels as if Andrew Stanton tried to fit as much of the Barsoom mythology into one film as he could in case he did not get the opportunity to direct the two sequels he has planned for this film, and while it improves on a second viewing, the first time around it's a bit much to swallow.

Unfortunately this movie had some good action sequences but I was bored and yawning enough as the acting and plotting was poor and too long.

Sab Than has John Carter on the ground and walks up to him, close enough he could stick John with his magic Thern sword, and stops to gloat in cliché bad-guy style.

Very enjoyable.

If you have even the least bit of interest, by all means see it in a quality theater- I highly recommend it.

The performance of the actors and actresses were stunning!

John Carter is big and amazingly exciting.

I have read all 11 of the John Carter books and while I admit after the 5th in the series they get pretty formulaic, A Princess of Mars was so compelling I reread it several times.

I read the director disowned the 3D version, so I'm sure the film is just as enjoyable in 2D.

The film did have some updated ideas to make it a bit more exciting for younger watchers.

The previews were just confusing, and even after I did some research into the source material (the novel "A Princess of Mars"), it still seemed like it could be hit or miss.

But the film itself is so entertaining.

I found it to be entertaining and pretty smart in parts.

Slow and boring .

I was pleasantly surprised by this action packed movie!!

This was unexpected given the budget allocated for the film.

It's honestly one cliché after another.

John Carter is fun, charming, visually-impressive, but formulaic.

Unfortunately, because everything is so shallow, humorless and artificial, it lacks any emotional gravity and becomes borderline boring.

All those other blockbuster hits just don't cut it with their cheap one liners, meaningless explosions, and pointless screenshots.

Any hope for a thrilling mid-air battle between the fliers from Helium and Zodanga at the beginning is quickly dashed when it is over far too soon- and the same can be said of the other equally unremarkable action sequences.

and 2 hours later i was yawning and becoming cranky that my seat was uncomfortable and i couldn't just fall asleep...

Overstuffed story is entertaining Sci-Fi/adventure with good cast and spectacular visuals .

Usually, I can figure out where the plot is going, but this one kept me guessing to the thrilling end.

There's a fight with giant white beasts, the outcome of which is 100% predictable the night before they get tossed in the arena.

The characters seemed a bit bland and two-dimensional at first, I was surprised at how much they'd (eventually) won me over.

Big glossy exciting fun .

I was really looking forward to this movie, I'm a huge science fiction fan, but it ended up being a non-stop CGI borefest with a high cheese factor and seems like it was intended for kids, not adults.

The actors are decent too, within the confines of the trite dialogue and genre conventions that don't really clarify the plot.

Dialogues are dull, silly and, worse of all, intolerably long.

I enjoyed it .

Entertaining flic, I gave it a 6.

There still is some hope – in action part, in smart dialogues, in carefully drawn characters… But leave your hopes: action is little and still pretty boring.

Deserved of its criticism, JC is probably one of the most slow moving, joyless blockbusters I've ever seen.

I enjoyed it immensely.

Little did I know what a breathtaking, entertaining, and wondrous epic movie this was going to be.

The battle scenes near the end will make you yawn, and the whole romance thing between John Carter and the Princess from Mars will not grab you what-so-ever.

a fun fast paced film .

and I must say that I really enjoyed it tremendously!

A total bore.

This will probably be my worst movie of 2012 (its worse than almost every 2011 movie, excluding Jack and Jill) and, considering this was an 'origin story' we will probably fall victim to a sequelTERRIBLE MOVIE 0.76/10

Hell, I enjoyed it much more than Avatar.

The result is an entertaining film.

The boundless action is fast paced and exciting, Taylor Kitsch displaying the right amount of lean bravado and swift agile.

It has an intriguing plot with a very interesting storyline.

It was a very enjoyable movie.

There isn't a single memorable line of dialogue here, our heroes and his sidekicks are a bore, Stanton's visuals look like bad David Lean outtakes – our hero's arrival on mars is a homage to the famous desert transition shot in Lean's "Lawrence of Arabia" – and his plot and score are entirely generic.

In my opinion, Disney and Pixar successfully managed to provide us with a modern adaptation of the book: funny, moving and thrilling, perfectly reflects the spirit of 'The Princess of Mars'.

Romantic, thrilling and old fashioned.

Wonderfully entertaining movie.

Not only does that cause confusion, it also leads to boredom as I had to fight the urge to zone out more than once and my viewing partner (read: "gracious wife") became borderline disinterested at times.

The jumping is underscored more often though, which is strange and contrived.

When you are force fed that kind of stuff you tend to get bored or insulted.

I almost walked out half way through, and I've never walked out of a movie before (especially one I was this excited about).

Very Enjoyable Movie - Will Add to at Home Movie Collection.

As for the story, I personally found Carter a much more enjoyable story to watch.

That's why the story seems so disjointed.

In John Carter, Andrew Stanton crafts a good old-fashioned sci-fi adventure film full of interesting creatures, a deep mythology, and a fascinating world to house it all.

After a while, the landscapes are extremely boring to look at.

He was handed a bland, one- dimensional character by the script writers and therefore was unable to develop the character to any success.

confusing, cheesy, and banal.

Rather than go into a long winded review of all the details, as this has been done already on this site, I would just like to say the following :This film made for an enjoyable night out with my girlfriend, who though not a scfi fan like myself did like it.

In spite of the obvious narrative anchors to reality – feuding tribes, political corruption, romance, advancements in technology – we're immersed in a world and a time that exists solely in the imagination.

There is considerable development and the movie moves for the most part at a brisk entertaining pace.

This film is terribly written, formulaic, stupid, overly serious, ill-considered, embarrassing...

What more do people want out of a film these days is beyond me, but then again we are talking about some people who have the attention span of a gnat brought on by the convenience of being able to "click" to the next available piece of entertainment at any sign of boredom.

For the first time in a good while, I left the theater wanting more (and the story line certainly leaves itself open for a sequel).

Everyone also always expects them to be somewhat enjoyable and entertaining, whether you are a film critic, movie-buff or just an occasional cinema goer.

My hopes weren't very high, but the good thing is that watching a movie in the theaters will normally make the film more enjoyable to watch and it certainly did.

Disney knows how to make great movies, even though their product is cloyingly formulaic at times.

I think that it was an exceptionally well-crafted film in pretty much every single respect across the board, and one of the most enjoyable theater experiences that I have had in a long time.

If you're a fan of Burroughs I suppose these divergences form the source can be a bit troublesome but they didn't bother me too much because the film remains pretty entertaining.

Visually Stunning and Very Entertaining.

instead of using slow moving creatures that take like three days to get places, why not just tape themselves to John Carter and have him leap across Mars' surface, they'd get there in a fraction of the time.

Although there were some opportunities to linger longer on some of the best 3D perspectives shown in the movie (on the river and some expansive scenes), Stanton chose to chop the scenes off abruptly before you could enjoy the breathtaking sights.

As John Carter and Dejah Thoris, Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins reunite (after the rather ho-hum affair that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine).

And actually enjoyed it much more in 2D rather than 3D.

The story is well told; the acting is great, the visuals are amazing and the concept is thrilling.

Its wonderful story-telling and worth watching.

John Carter seems very generic on the outside and while overly predictable, it doesn't bring anything innovative to the table.

In fact, the visuals are exciting because we really care for whats happening with the characters in the first place.

Minus Points: The battle between the various Martian factions is a bit heavy and tedious.

Entertaining in parts, could have been so much better .

So if your just looking for a fun action movie, and if you don't concentrate to much on the plot and overall acting, I think you will find this an entertaining fun movie.

Contrary to some complaints, the film's plot is not very complex even for those who have not read the books, but you will have to be a bit attentive as the long names and the humor may take your mind off the story, confusing you.

It was blessed with an entertaining, simple source material that seems ripe for adaptation if done correctly and a strong cast of characters, both on screen and off, were brought together to put this film together.

There's plenty of stunning design work, superbly-rendered CGI and overall high production values.

they just kept on talking and talking which made it really boring.

The film is great and is definitely worth watching.

The posters were bland and told you nothing about the movie.

Worse then that, these scenes come out as kind of boring actually.

By now, we should all know that certain stories are intended to be formulaic.

Sixth-ly, the first thirty minutes was like watching paint dry (well, especially the first thirty minutes as it was all a dull experience).

The range of acting styles and ability on display encompasses comfortably convincing (Ciaran Hinds), satisfactorily entertaining (Samantha Morton, Willem Dafoe), diluted panto (Mark Strong, Dominic West), bland (Taylor Kitsh) and wooden (Lynn Collins).

This movie overall is far from being a bad movie, but what it lacked was the snappy and wittiness of it all, even if the story itself is fast paced.

Because, contrary to everything, I found John Carter to be thoroughly entertaining.

Camera work in fight scenes gets confusing.

They continue with 2-5 second intervals of confusion between.

Whilst at times in Stanton's film, you get the feeling that the studio has tinkered with the script and what should be in it (the bizarre plot contrivance that Edgar Rice Burroughs actually saw Carter), for the most part John Carter is amiably charming, pulpy and thrilling.

Then there are two humanoid races, both covered in red tattoos, both engaging in deadly territorial disputes.

Anyway, it is an entertaining movie and recommended to be watched.

The storyline was difficult to follow: Who were the Martians and why did they look exactly like humans?

His face's fascinating, his expressions and his gestures are captivating.

Even when viewing a second and third time the story was thrilling.

Thoroughly enjoyed it - and this speaking as a huge fan of the original books.

I highly recommend people to look beyond their low expectations, because although this classic story may feel a bit like science-fiction pulp these days, it is a very entertaining one, and those who can appreciate similar movies like Stargate will probably have a good time with it.

Unlike Pandora in Avatar, Mars (or Barsoom) looked like a boring planet, with endless red stones and desert (sorry, Tars Tarkas!

It's still really worth watching.

Mostly manipulated by director Andrew Stanton to make it vague and confusing to, in his words, "preserve the mystery.

If you are a genuine lover of: * Fantasy /SciFi * SciFi Classics * Adventure * Evocative visuals, then this must be added to your viewing experience.

While some parts were entertaining, in the end it isn't watchable in theaters.

So if it's the intense fighting and chasing scenes you're looking for, you can still go for it.

This is not mentioning the trailers, which further aim to extract any positivity about the movie, and spell out to the public 'Oh no, not another Avatar, CGI-crammed bore-fest'.

This movie was surprisingly fun and entertaining for me and all of my friends and family whom I was able to convince to watch it.

It convinces with a good dose of visually stunning special effects for the movie theatres without being too visual and overwhelming as other recent blockbusters such as "Avatar".

You've probably seen the confusing and rather stupid trailers.

Kitchs, Kistch, or whatever his name is, is the title role, and a dull one too.

Most enjoyable!

All it had going for it was a nice ending but overall, a misguided and dull film from start to nearly finish.

Here's where the movie hits a long, tedious wall… And by the time the action sustains you'll feel robbed by the ponderous bouts of dialog describing the history of the planet, why it's doomed and who's dooming it.

The film holds your head underwater, all the while boring you with its own philosophical ramblings regarding time travel.

With John Carter, the blockbuster industry comes up with yet another lame sci-fi flick where raw meaningless action teams with totally uninteresting theme / protagonists to give some of the worst movies ever produced...

A dull desert setting with little beauty to witness really, and visually this is nothing compared to other fantasy movies like "Avatar" and "Harry Potter".

To me and my sweet wife we would both agree that this was a fun, well-scripted, entertaining movie.

For me Disney is most of the time a bit dull.

worth watching movie .

Warning: this movie will be enjoyable only by those who enjoy life as well.

It's about 3/4 light, pulpy fun, and then a very long tedious action sequence and a lengthy completely unnecessary coda.

and then you're rolling around on the floor, gasping for breath, because something else has happened which is completely inane, pompous, formulaic, dreadful.

Altogether, despite it picturesque settings, "John Carter" emerges as a predictable yarn that delivers few revelations.

Opulent but dull.

The rest of the cast, including Willem Dafoe, Thomas Haden Church, Mark Strong, and Daryl Sabara did great with their performances and the interactions between John Carter and Princess Dejah were enjoyable.

Entertaining and better than expected .

I felt that it had no plot and was just a jumble of random events and characters.

John Carter is an Enjoyable Action Film and a Nice Surprise .

No emotion is even attempted in the mistake of taking itself too seriously, and ending up coming across as dry and recycled in performance and character design, for these actors thinking that monotone intimidation is the way to seem badass.

Suffice it to say that, thankfully, JOHN CARTER is a complete film experience: a suspenseful, dazzling story -- efficiently and superbly told -- with dramatic and unforgettable visuals -- and compelling, moving performances.

This has to be one of the worst movies I have seen in a very long time.

I went back to see the film in 2D over lunch and enjoyed it far more.

John Carter had nice visual effects, OK acting, some good humor, and had an interesting idea behind it, but my family felt the final edit was incredibly stupid and disjointed.

It is a very good movie with a thrilling storyline and good rhythm.

Kitsch is Captain Bland, or, Bleh ...

Enjoy the ride it is very entertaining.

The two main villains, a Thern (seemingly all-powerful, shape shifting, priest-like characters who feed off destruction) named Matai Shang (Strong) and a Zodangan (a warlike race which is sucking Mars' resources dry) King called Sab Than (West,) are very underdeveloped, but this actually turns out to be a good thing because they are so severely uninteresting.

The aliens are enjoyable.

Folks enjoyed it, laughing in the right places and so forth.

The effects are pretty awesome,but yet the movie suffers due to its lack of story,bad performances and its length.

While most of the known world hated John Carter, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The generic feel does never cease to override admiration, but it proved an enjoyable, if unmemorable experience on a pure storytelling level.

All of this allows for some wonderful chasing, exciting action scenes, and even fun airship battles.

Then I fell asleep.

Highly entertaining popcorn science-fiction cinema for the whole family .

As breathtaking and essential to the story as the special effects are, it was Academy Award-winner Andrew Stanton's direction, and the performances of the cast (including the CGI ones) that made me fall in love with this movie.

Not things that would usually annoy me too much, but I was so bored by "John Carter" that I thought I'd just mention that these faults are in there too.

Put that aside, "John Carter" is actually dazzling, entertaining, and very fun to watch.

Overall its a great film but for me,lacks the right action to really make a stunning impression on the audience.

Was he being heroic or looking for redemption there were confusing signals from the lead character which made you think is Disney trying to attach its usual subliminal message within the film?

in the whole its a movie worth watching once!!

By the end of the film, I felt I was effectively immersed in the world of Barsoom (Mars, that is) and its inhabitants.

Instead it's one cliché after another, one massive rip-off after another, and what's worse, one piece of cheesy dialog after another.

But after all's said and done and we return back to Earth – the final fifteen minutes is as intense as the intro.

Terrible, just boring and flat in every way .

The beginning of the film is a bit slow and not really great, though it does have light humor; the moment Carter arrives on Mars, its a hell of a ride all the way through.

Making the jumping and fighting look exciting.

I was expecting at least something not boring as heel from a movie with a budget so big,what a waste of time,and what a poor way to waste so much money,the story is idiotic and clicheic to the moon and back.

I really enjoyed the stunning visuals of Grand Canyon and planet Mars (in 3D!

Butgiven the sum of it's parts, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

You immediately love John Carter from the very beginning and Lynn Collins as Deja-Thoris is both stunning and a powerful.

Bad Movie Don't waste your time .

Surprising, and thoroughly enjoyable!

And even at nearly two quite laborious hours in length it still struggles to fit everything it feels it needs resulting in a unsatisfying, uneven, and at times quite dull whole.

The movie was very slow.

Visually thrilling and well realised.

The only strand of the film that is somewhat compelling is the involvement with Thark's where again Stanton demonstrates he's best suited with animation.

And while I did mention the action was pretty fun, it is stunning that this was all that was produced on that $250 million budget.

Funny, exciting, and breath taking, John Carter is a movie experience that is not to be missed.

Long movies are long movies and if you handle the content well and don't give the audiences reasons to start disliking things, than even a seven hour long movie can be enjoyable.

It's not, by any means, a boring film.

The story was slow and meandering (lots of wandering around in the desert), the script poor and short of anything other than stilted dialog and fairly superficial humour.

This one is worth watching.

I've seen the movie dozens of times and enjoyed it each and every time.

The dialogue while often funny, also often dive bombs into cringe-worthiness (much like a Lucas script), the developing romance was very disjointed and sometimes embarrassing (think Anakin and Padme levels of embarrassment).

If you liked Avatar in general but thought the film itself overall (excluding the effects) was dull then this is basically Avatar 2.0Ignoring some rather racist overtones and obvious plot lines, Disney have kept the sappiness to a minimum and included enough well-timed humour throughout that kids and adults can enjoy this film.

Then there are more humanoids and I got bored and fast forwarded some more until I got back to the four-armers, and then I watched the rest.

The rest of the movie is the obvious, the John's heroic choice of fighting the righteous war (subliminal propaganda anywhere?

John Carter is certainly an entertaining film and at times did manage to convince me that it was even more than that .

Stunning settings and very life-like alien creatures.

One thing that I did not like, was the pointless 3D conversion.

John Carter is just a entertaining movie throughout.

We can still see something intriguing and fascinating.

When you can watch a 3D movie, and get immersed into the world (such as Avatar,) you quickly forget the sometimes lame dialog and just watch and enjoy.

You'll Stay Awake!

Both films are huge-budgeted, ambitious science fiction films that seem to showcase to much beautiful CGI (boy, does that feel weird to say), rather than tell an all too original and compelling story.


It's loaded up with gracious amounts of intense action, fight scenes, and battles.

This Hollywood block buster delivered what it advertised an exciting action laden movie with, imaginative environments and plenty of CGI.

The writers dumb it down and made it just another politically correct sci-fi / fantasy action flick with formulaic plot.

" Telling the story of a Virginian in the Civil War 1800s that is transported to Mars where he has incredible fighting, jumping, and agility abilities, "John Carter" is a messy tale that is somewhat enjoyable on the eyes, but boring and lackluster to the brain.

The Princess is a shallow, pointless character who didn't even NEED to be a main character.

What happened over the next couple of hours will stick with me for years; I witnessed one of the most impressive movies I've seen in a long while, yet still walked out with a feeling of disappointment.

) The story is predictable from start to finish and there were more plot holes then i could count.

It's action packed, well paced, epic, full of Sci-Fi elements that remind me of those great 40's and 50's films....

After seeing this vivid and action packed movie about another planet, I was amazed at the lack of publicity Disney gave it.

(There's one entertaining scene in particular for that.

:) I mean how predictable a movie can be?!

I found the film a pleasant surprise and robustly entertaining.

Brilliantly entertaining .

But after that, how he finds himself waking up in Barsoom (or better known as Mars), where he can jump so high and exciting adventure is awaiting ahead.

Many reviewers said it was slow and boring while others complained that it had poor pacing or that it was "cheesy".

John Carter, had imagination, action and stunning CGI environments.

This was a great entertaining movie.

I don't know a great deal about the pulp novels that it was based on to know if its radically different, but I thought that for what it was was something entertaining.

Overall if you want to see a visually stunning movie and a classic adventure then John Carter will be for you.

So in some scenes you have ridiculous looking actors boring you in front of beautiful backdrops or in incredible set pieces.

Andrew Stanton's jump into live action is every bit as enjoyable as his excellent animated films like "Wall*E" & "Finding Nemo".

Overall, A slow moving and pretty boring movie that was a mix of "Star Wars" and "Avatar".

Top the movie off with a fantastic script written by Buzz Lightyears father Andrew Stanton and you have IMO an epic movie worth watching and buying on Blu-Ray when it comes out too.

This device of having the novelized Burroughs possessing the manuscript passed onto him by John Carter, was the only saving grace of the film, giving it a thrilling finale that thankfully the filmmakers decided to keep, without which it will lack a crescendo and fall flat on its face.

This one was really good, to me, and it kinda grows on you, because instead of leaving the theater bored, I left thinking about the story.

It's not perfect by any means: it's over-reliant on cgi, a tad confusing in spots, and probably too violent for its target age group (young teens imo)...

We have watched this movie several times in our home and we highly recommend it to anyone.

That one thing is that its actually enjoyable and fun.

But even tedious storyline does not mean the movie is bad.

I could have forgiven all of this if ANY of the characters had any form of depth to them and made me care something about all the boring action sequences.

I went in just to watch a feel good movie which I got but the plot felt very fast paced and choppy in parts it goes through quite a few moments of wait why are they showing this or how is this important.

fantastic ,very entertaining one.

There were very few lulls in the action sequences; it was steady and done tastefully.

Even if you are not a sci-fi fan, this compelling story will be worth the rental.

The movie is boring, the characters are plain and tasteless.

Those unfamiliar with Burroughs' story will find the rich mythology intriguing- though whether the film satisfies your sense of curiosity at the end is another matter.

Shallow but entertaining .

There are several stand out action scenes in the film and Stanton proves himself as a more than competent action director, creating gripping and surprisingly brutal battles, and when the movie hits its stride it's a lot of fun.

Zzzzzz .

The start is too slow and it seem to be more of a serial rather than a three act story.

Because the characters are so thin, the dialogue so bland, the sense of respect for the original vision so low, when there are big inter-species battles, and those blue-skinned beings shift-shaping in the midst, I found no reason at all to care what happened or who came out on top.

I hope American Audiences this coming weekend are persuaded by the stunning success of John Carter overseas, because I can't wait for the sequel.

Cheesy, ludicrous plot but highly enjoyable blockbuster Sci-fi fantasy adventure .

Starts boring, and gets even more boring .

) and the story may feel weak to some, but otherwise this an enjoyable movie.

Excellent if grossly overdone CGI special effects and a stunning (and I mean STUNNING) heroine in Lynn Collins.

This was a dull boring movie!.

waste of money.. better be away from the movie.. its totally a flop..i hate it..i had seen this with my 10 buddy's they feel the same way..its not at all a comparison 2 avatar.. Civil War vet John Carter is transplanted to Mars, where he discovers a lush, wildly diverse planet whose main inhabitants are 12-foot tall green barbarians.

I've only seen a couple movies in 3D, and they were all pretty enjoyable.

Great special effects,great storyline(although it has some clichés,it is still authentic from most views) and really really unexpected and surprisingly good ending which made me demand a sequel.

Its all very clichéd, yet still enjoyable.

Surprisingly entertaining till the last minute.

Unfortunately Disney again delivers the same formulaic free-world menu, and a rather annoying drawl in the form of Captain Carter, this time on Mars.

It is enjoyable , enough to waste a couple hours.

About as bland as the films title....

Burroughs' books were short, action packed and to the point.

Here's why: I found the story and the details providing back stories to be compelling and enjoyable.

I was just so impressed with the directing and screenplay and it had been far too long since I'd seen an interesting adventure film.

Just about every aspect of this movie when it comes to Mars in this was just vivid and fascinating to watch.

Instead of going for a classic, TRADITIONAL poster for a science fiction movie (such as Star Wars' iconic one sheets), Disney opted instead to go for the exact opposite: a MODERN, DULL monstrosity that is completely at odds with everything in the movie.

The story follows confederate soldier John Carter who finds a cave of gold and something else unexpected.

Mostly because it's visually stunning.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen .

The 3D allows the audience to be immersed in the scene or feel they are looking through a massive window and requires longer clips and some first person shots and should avoid any shots with a short focal length .

The only thing I would say is that the first 30 minutes kind of dragged on a bit.

In terms of villainy, it is hard to get more boring than the ones in John Carter.

It's bland, slow, boring and has a thick and overflowing plot that won't appeal to a large variety of the audience.

Ultimately, his character came across as one dimensional and uninteresting.

The rest of the human cast were as equally boring.

Unfortunately, it failed to deliver on too many levels to be anything more than a flashy but banal science fiction flick.

A Breathtaking Tribute to Everything SciFi Misses Today .

Intense fight scenes and battle, mars creatures, and it also stayed very true to the books.

Stanton's vision of Burroughs beloved book is flawed, yet still an enjoyable film.

Stanton has taken his passion for the material & has produced a movie that is much more entertaining than Peter Jackson's equally lovingly produced & directed Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

Purefoy's Kantos Kan was immensely enjoyable in the few scenes he appeared.

So anyone who says the plot is difficult to follow either is not very smart or didn't actually watch the movie the whole way through.

It's a fascinating start to the season, and for better or worse JOHN CARTER will almost certainly go down as the riskiest prospect on the blockbuster calendar.

Absolutely stunning!.

I think I enjoyed it so much more because it took me back to a great time in my life, reading a great author and I sincerely hope it is not the only one, I hope for more.

it is the first word for define a film who gives fascinating version of well known story.

Leave it to say, My Wife and I enjoyed it immensely.


THis was a dull boring movie.

Given the plot was contrived some 100 years ago and now, it seems, copied by every other modern day fantasy film maker.

It's obvious that a lot of time and effort got put into this movie but it still didn't always paid off all, due to its formulaic story and not adventurous and daring enough approach to its storytelling.

It was such a pleasure to watch and so very entertaining.

This movie is really, really boring.

The action, special effects, plot, and music were all very evocative of ERB's wonderful novels.

Sure the plot is thin as ice in places with scenes that go on for far longer than they needed to, and it is also predictable and with the odd convoluted part, with the many logical lapses not helping in its favour.

Disney spent millions for marketing, sadly marketing it as a cliché, recycled movie that has been done before.

The characters you meet during the film are unique and engaging, both alien and human.

He was dull as beige.

They all seem alike now, and 'bored' is how I exit the theater.

If you don't like sci-fi or star wars, you won't like this film, but if you like either, I highly recommend it.

Overall, it is an enjoyable movie.

John Carter is a fun, funny, exciting and visually spectacular journey into the world of Barsoom.

John Carter is a solid and entertaining science-fiction movie.

Someone in a meeting said: the intro is too slow, we'll lose the audience.

just waste of 2 hrs time.. .

It also follows a storyline for our hero, his anger and angst for the world and willingness to fight anyone to get into his way, why he had spiraled to the depths of anger and sadness, explanation of where John is from and how he got to Mars, confusion to the new world he experiences, distrust of all those around him, the refusal to immerse himself in a fight that does eventually become his own because of a beautiful woman that has just the same amount of fight in her...

leaving out spoilers which you can find easily enough I'll say that this movie is exactly what fans of the genre and adventure movies have been waiting for - strong intelligent characters, a thoughtful and compelling plot about the destiny of a civilization and scenery rendered so beautifully it will surely win best animation or cinematography.

And yes, I can see it has extremely high production values with many exciting battle/chase/fight scenes all using very high quality CGI.

First off, the action of "John Carter" and the visuals are, admittedly, pretty entertaining to watch.

Really enjoyable - I loved it!

If this were a film of tight dialog on two people maybe, but with all the stunning visuals, you really limit yourself behind those silly glasses (or you find yourself moving your head around to take it all in).

But it's still boring because in the first 30 minutes, the scene on the Mars was beautiful.

The film is totally pointless.

The fact that these films have happened makes John Carter all the more pointless for existing.

Granted, it had the feel of a 1950s, early 1960s movie experience, but those films were not all bad and besides when they were done well, they could be extremely ENTERTAINING and worth the admission and visit to the concession stand.

Beautifully designed and impressively directed, this is a thoroughly enjoyable, emotionally engaging space opera with an intelligent script, strong characters, terrific special effects and superb performances from Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins.

The first portion of Mars is entertaining as Carter attempts to get used to the environment and the species on the planet.

The fighting scenes were very entertaining and I loved the fact that Disney could be a little bit more gory than they normally would be because the Martians blood is blue...

Kitsch tries his hardest to bring himself as a charismatic and relatable character but the dreary cast keeps him back.

Visually stunning!

Seeing hundreds and thousands of quickly moving pixel participants flailing about engaging in battles of maiming and killing without a wisp of reality or involvement of intent is just paralyzing and it plays like video game vice.

The movie itself actually gripping, and quite a 3D experience, but it dragged on, and on, and on.

The sci-fi elements are exciting to see.

This is a very enjoyable, very well made, movie.

Memo to filmmakers: CG war scenes have become tedious to watch.

But JC fails to fall in any of these categories, because it's just so bland, and to have a film that has cost so much, look so awful, and feature one hell of an awful script, you'd be hard pressed to find something else that is so underwhelming, especially since we have such an eclectic cast.

The princess story is clichéd and predictable, the main characters journey from foreigner to hero has been done many times before, the villains who seem to lack any sort of motivation doesn't help matters for that fact as well.

I found it a bit enjoyable, although I would definitely not recommend it for any awards or special recognition or anything.

Pros: Great effects Great fight sequences Visually good but I wouldn't go so far as to call it visually stunning Nice twist to plotCons: Crap acting Cheesy lines worthy of a Mills and Boon love story Boring......

It was an over-long two-hour bloated and boring experience that I hope not to wish upon anyone.

Here the story goes all The Adjustment Bureau in having what could be their predecessor Watchmen type headed by Matai Shang played by Mark Strong (surely his contract must have stated he must be in all blockbuster franchise potential as the key villain; he's so overused that he's getting stereotypically boring already) being that almighty Deux Ex Machina ensuring Fate gets played out like it should.

Enjoyed it more the second time.

The film takes a while to get going (Such as the firsts scenes with Carter on earth) but once he gets to Mars I can assure you you will regret nothing because the Filmprovides us with a more fascinating mythos than Avatar's.

Along with the movie "The Illusionist" stands the ultra-amazing-must see movie "John Carter"  if you love Star Wars, Avatar, Lord of the Rings, and all these amazing and entertaining Sci-fi/Fantasy stories...

Disney went into panic mode with several name changes to the film and some horribly edited and confusing trailers after the apparent failure of films like Mars Needs Moms, Mission to Mars and Mars Attacks all OK movies in their own right with Mars Attacks becoming a cult classic.

Each of Carter and Dejah's tedious conversation is like hearing a weird conversation between a crappy Batman and Hamlet's Ophelia.

Andrew Stanton has crafted a great and rollicking adventure movie that delivers enough pulpy thrills to make it an enjoyable sci-fi yarn.

To say that we have seen before most of what Andrew Stanton puts on screen is a narrow view, and to say that it is confusing implies a conscious unwillingness to put some thought into following the story (that's you, Dr. Kermode).

And yet every time the story did slow down I always found myself yawing and frankly quite bored.

The acting in a few scenes is very drab as well.

The set up for John Carter's characteristics ( skills as a warrior and tenacity ) was well done; his haunted past was brought to light a little more haphazardly and, for my taste, a little confusing, done in quick flashbacks.

They are the main villains in the movie and also the most intriguing characters.

The biggest problem with the movie is that the basic storyline is far too boring.

Director Andrew Stanton, who has made a name for himself with his animated films at Pixar, skillfully blends live-action and CGI to create a very energetic and enjoyable action-adventure film that was a very pleasant surprise.

John Carter the movie might not be the most faithful book translation, but nevertheless it's still John Carter the novel in a strange fascinating way.

The plot line is predictable, and other than the special effects this movie has nothing really to offer.

The movie is entertaining.

While Michael Giacchino, no stranger to sci-fi having composed the score to JJ Abrams' brilliant 'Star Trek, accompanies the stunning visuals with a great soundtrack.

John Carter is both familiar and boring .

That said, I surprisingly still found myself having a lot of fun, the film delivering excellent effects, stunning scenery, impressive creature designs, and lots of breath-taking pulp sci-fi action set-pieces that prove entertaining despite their blatant silliness.

When it first started I thought it was going to be really dull.

Following a thrilling prison-break, Carter stumbles upon an ancient alien star-portal, and is transported to the savage battlefields of Mars and straight into the middle of a civil war.

Hubby, 12 year old and I all enjoyed it a lot.

John gets knocked out and taken prisoner about every eight minutes which gets really tedious as is his ponderous and trite sub plot.

Even though John Carter is from a three-centuries-old novel, it represent a fascinating attempt to bring to life one of the most captivating stories ever.

A disappointing, yet still enjoyable, experience .

While it is not a word for word adaptation of the book, it is faithful enough to thrill both old time fans of Burroughs, and be very enjoyable for newcomers to the world of Barsoom.

The screenplay adds pointless complications to the plot while jettisoning everything in it that worked, and makes every principle character infinitely less interesting and empathetic than Burroughs created them.

I have to say, the VFX were stunning and very true to the books (except Woola was too cute) I just didn't get some aspects of the story and few explanations were given.

It is worth watching.

Visually Stunning .

Stanton has taken the grandmaster's story but he's made it his own and it's fresh and emotionally stirring in ways that are unexpected and make you want to see it a second time, and soon.

( A further example of ripping off another equally dull and unsuccessful film caller Jumper and the more successful Spiderman franchise.

a wonderful movie with well written and directed plot, thrilling special effects,a must watch in 3D, awesome locations.....

But for some reason, their fashion is just ancient (John Carter is shirtless for most of the time in Barsoom), and most of the landscape is deserted, empty.

And as far as I can tell, in my humble opinion, John Carter is highly entertaining, beautiful to watch, fantastic landscapes, great action, decent acting and a touch of menace, not to mention a gorgeous princess.

As for the story, it lacked logic (obviously, since this is about aliens) and it was all confusing after the interval.

It was- what it was suppose to be- fun, exciting, and imaginative.

The story is OK (nothing special, but no story is when big money is involved, they always go the safe path), characters are OK (a little bit more gray than black and white would have been enjoyable) and the flow is OK, too.