John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019) - Action, Crime, Thriller

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John Wick is on the run after killing a member of the international assassins' guild, and with a $14 million price tag on his head, he is the target of hit men and women everywhere.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Chad Stahelski
Stars: Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry
Length: 131 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 294 out of 1000 found boring (29.4%)

One-line Reviews (675)

BORING, endless action, with barely a story at all .

Worst Movie Ever .

He takes an oath only to immediately abandon it, making the first hour of the movie essentially pointless.

The most pointless moves seriously irritated me.

Wick 3 throws you into a fast paced cat and mouse game between John and what seems to be the rest of the world.

The first one was enjoyable nonsense.

It's ok at the beginning but then it's just too repetitive.

Very entertaining movie.

Baba yaga is back but the action is way too over the top and at times repetitive.

It was just completely boring.

this movie is one long fight, it gets so boring that I slept on the boss fight.

I enjoyed it .

No story.

This was entertaining simply because of the humor.

This is beyond boring.

You see, I dont agree with most of the one star comments, who complain about too much action and no plot.

This movie is just only a very long boring succession of very stupid fights.

The action scenes (practically all the movie) got dull after a while.

Repetitive, yet very much enjoyable .

Chapter 3 is a stirring marathon of crisp, over-the-top action that continues the story with rousing intrigue, maintaining an equal blend of style and substance.


There's only so many fighting scenes before you get bored with them.

However, he is still entertaining to watch and I'm amazed with the stuff he did here.

Worst movie of the summer...

Lately, the action genre has grown tiresome.

This movie is a total waste of time.

The best John wick film, action packed from the start loved it!


Alternatives: A Disney movie THE THRILL-SEEKER REVIEW- The action-film fanatic - 7What John Wick slightly lacks in storytelling, it makes up for with the most thrilling, unique, and realistic fight scenes.

Every second was entertaining filled with great action scenes

The aesthetic and cinematography are absolutely stunning.

Even so, while I don't believe this film was nearly as good as its predecessors, I thought it was still worth watching and for that reason I have rated it accordingly.

In these repetitive days of cinema, john wick resembles a ghost in a ghostly cinema.

Fight scenes where slow and fake.

I cannot even describe how boring the long and drawn out / pointless fight scenes are.

EXTREMELY ENTERTAINING and have their own strengths.

Don't waste your time watching this movie!

Enjoyable .

The first film was great and completely unexpected.

This one was dull, with no story and boring fight scenes.

I enjoyed the last two in a kind of "guilty pleasure" way, but man this is tedious.

I don't want to repeat other reviewers, but just want to summarize that it has no plot, and non-stop killing.

While the first John Wick was unique with a compelling character and world building, the second fell a little short by comparison.

That's what this "waste of time" AKA movie is.

Keany is slow, clumsy, maybe tired in real life, not for the performance, and his opponents just wait for him to finish them off after stunning them, usually with a hit or two.

**** WARNING - THIS MOVIE IS ONLY FOR HARDCORE ACTION MOVIE LOVERS ***** There are times in life when you are stressed out and in need of a real action flick that will pump up your adrenaline especially on Friday.

Boring, mindless non-action/action .

Boring Dull and full of Stereotypes .

I loved the first two, but the third one was boring.

Fight scenes go on for sooo long, story was shallow and lame, and everything was so predictable.

Waste of money.

Far too many repetitive fights.

Worst movie ever .

Some say it's edge of your seat exciting.

Boring and too much mess .

That all being said this is still worth the watch in the hope that Chaotsr 4 brings it all together.

That's the only thing you will see in that movie, 90% action that gets boring, and the other 10% of this movie gets annoying...

The third thing worth watching is Halle Berry and her canine bodyguards.

Falling asleep watching this as i type my review.

Whoever thought an "all action" movie could be so stunningly boring.

Gets boring quickly, no plot a lot of boring action.

Completely engaging the whole time, its a perfect movie to unwind and end a long week with.

Action gets dull as time passes, no plot at all .

Honestly, towards the end I get a little bored by people getting killed.

Disappointing and boring.

There was more than enough action if that's what you like but for people who loved the, 'nice guy gets revenge' storyline of the first one, you will probably get to the stage where the fight scenes just become tedious and boring due to how many of them there are and how long they go on for.

I've seen a lot of action films, and quite a few with long, seemingly endless fight sequences and a lot of them can start to feel boring if they go on too long.

In this movie, those are two of the three things worth watching.

A very long and boring succession of stupid fights .

This was such a waste of time and money .

No story line, just action action action.

Thanks crew and cast for this thrilling entertainment drama.

I was hoping to see john living a peaceful life,or die peacefuly with memories of his wife may be buy a new house,enjoy his life driving that sweet shelby mustang imagining his wife by his side, driving down in the sunset,it could ve made this trilogy worth watching.

No real plot.

While the second part left me disappointed the third part of this universum did right what was wrong and I am glad it did, it was intense and well shot, can't wait for this to continue!

The film is a disappointing, confusing and a mess.

The long, dragged out action scenes where the same repeated actions, shooting and moves happens over and over and over again is dull to say the least.

One of the most exciting and dynamic films to date...

If you like mass killings with no plot, enjoy.

The action sequences alone are worth the watch.


Boring characters and garbage plot.

SPOILERSI have watched the last 2 John Wick movies may be 10 to 12 times each and my love for them hasn't diminished at all but i actually had to fast forward some sections of the Final Chapter because the movie is damn too repetitive.

There is no plot worth mentioning.

As I said though, once it gets shoved into your face for two hours straight, you get bored of it in the end.

I enjoyed it very much!

Boring and all over the place .

All of that added to the completely fake fighting, just got convoluted and boring.

After a while each death starts to look very similar to the last, and the 50 before that, and it can even become a little tedious to watch.

I felt myself getting bored towards the middle of the movie.

The plot was good and kept me intrigued through out, although I felt like there was less dialogue, the action scenes make up for that as they were amazing and thrilling to watch.

A good action movie with stunning cinematography .

It's enjoyable getting to know the wider John Wick-verse, and this film does provide added depth to that end.

Senseless, Violent & Entertaining .

There is no storyline.

Keanu Reeves owns this movie, the heart and soul of this breathtaking and daunting portrayal of a character on the big screen.

lack of storyline, just shoot the gun to everyone .

One of the top boring films ever made.

Just dull, boring and worthless.

Got a bit tiresome & boring, if you can believe that, & almost humorous which is probably not healthy.

We follow along for another daring and engrossing cat and mouse game.

Sushi guy dumb idea making them fans of Wick and goofy, fights boring.

Mindless, endless, pointless violence.

Purchased and within the 1st 15 minutes was bored.

Here is the John Wick that ignores openings for killing blows, takes far too long over fights and seems himself to be tired of it all.

If amazes me that these so called reviewer's have watched the 1st 2 films and they thought the 3rd was gonna be different somehow, people banging on about no story this film had more of a story than both of the 2 preceding it.

I fell asleep in some places because of the lack of storyline and too much fighting, similar to The Matrix Reloaded.

Pointless .

While entertaining, this 3rd installment is definitely getting weaker, both in terms of story and action ; even though they are trying to crank up the action to 11 it does feel less polished than in the first 2 movies.

Don't get me wrong, there was still some stunning martial arts, gunplay and fight choreography, but it just felt relentless in a tedious way.

The first John Wick was acceptable, the second was labouring the point but this was just regurgitating the same old bland fight scenes with no conceivable benefit.

Just one dull action scene after another.

Are we as viewers really supposed to believe that the "High Table" is going to delegate such power in the underworld of assassins to a character as bland, unthreatening and pointless as a reject hipster, lollapalooza groupie as this one?

John Wick 3 might be the best of the series, but it also is the one that left me feeling the most empty.

Second one was waste of time...

No Plot .

Loved the first act as tensions were high and just watching John Wick trying to escape was very entertaining.

Just rubbish and a waste of 2 hours of your life.

Totally uninteresting and very stupefying.

And that also was boring.


I think I was bored after the third headshot, after the hundredth I was just counting the seconds they could have cut from this bloated mess.

There is only so much numbing action upon action my brain can take, before I get numbed and BORED.

Overall, this was a great action packed movie with beautiful cinematography and of course the fighting and shooting scenes were great as always.

Look, the action and cinematography for all of the sequences was entertaining and it always, at the very least, kept things fresh through the choreography, camera work, environment and lighting.

Large parts of John Wick 3 seem like they are color to fill out the world but remain pointless and could have easily been cut out in favor of delivering a satisfying story.

There is no plot.

Fans complaining about a lack of story or plot don't seem to realize there was never much plot in the first or second movie either.

The dog fight: Way too long.

Having said the movie is very entertaining & stunts are outstanding!!

Nothing left to our imagination, stunt moves SO predictable...

its too long, the plot is confusing, it really just a movie of John Wick killing everybody he runs into, this movie was all over the place, bouncing from random part to another, SKIP this one, its AWFUL

The Biggest problem though is that there is NO STORY.

Unfortunately it's terrible and easily one of the worst movies ever made.

Tedious .

Sometimes, the scene is so dull though I think the director tried to make it as if it sounded funny.

The rest of the actions performed by the human actors are boring and repetitive.

Utterly ridiculous but worse than that completely tedious.

The first one created a solid universe n the scene where John Wick breaks the concrete floor revealing his guns n gold coins is thrilling.

Unlike the prequels,John Wick chapter 3 is fundamentally an hour long film at the most that has been dragged out for double that time by fight scenes.

Pointless trilogy instalment .

Besides fists and smasing nothing happens in this movie.

And yes after the 4th fight, it's already boring.

There is no storyline...

PROS +: Like the previous two films, Parabellum is visually stunning.

but by the 100th fight you get a little bored ....

No story here.

John Wick: Parabellum invades the screen with action scenes, we take action scenes in the face, John Wick Parabellum puts us in full view, with his gunfight and his sequence of choreography, with its violence including the scene of Knives remains entertaining and very tenacious, the scene of horses with the big blows of extreme hoof in the guy's mouth, his satisfying motorcycle race with great action, the scene of the library where John Wick a giant with a book etc. PERSONNAGES After for the characters, it's bof, because there are some that are useless for my taste, the Chinese who is played by Mark Dacascos, the guy is just a fan of John Wick and I find his appearances useless, I find it not interesting.

Not only that, but the movie is somewhat cliched and predictable which is too bad, because the John Wick series should never be cliched and predictable.

Confusing scenes .

After 30 minutes you start to realize that the fight scenes in this film are pointless, they become boring as there is nothing at stake.

Beyond boring, went out for a walk and they were STILL fighting when I got back !

John Wick 3 is a tremendous, non-stop adrenaline rush.

So, in fact there is no story at all, just fighting.

Yes it's entertaining and thrilling one and my John wick is back in this sequel what I missed in 2nd.

The edition of the go pro camera views a far becoming more common with action packed turmoil.

Keanu Reeves still carries John Wick pretty well as a character but some of the fight scenes felt too pretentious.

I really enjoyed it.. will most likely watch it again.

By far & away the best actor was his dog, now there is a star worth watching.

A pointless orgy of violence without any plot, any depth in characters anything at all besides nonstop killing.

Exactly as expected and quite enjoyable .

Pointless dialogues!

Reeves better have medical coverage for repetitive stress injuries.

" And that's when the action easily becomes boring, repetitive, dragged out, pointless and just fighting for the cause of fighting.

ultra-violent and formulaic .

The Action is exciting and brutal and cool.

There is no story whatsoever.

Zzzzz .

No storyline at all, just shooting.

But all in all, still very entertaining most of the time.

It kept it entertaining during the bigger picture.

Raw and brutal but enjoyable .

In all the combat scenes involving john and sofia the enemies are so considerate that they wait patiently for john and sofia to reload their guns or slow down very much to get punched by them.

Keeping the same energy as the first two movies, John Wick 3 was well written, and exciting.

majority of the reviewers were complaining that there was no plot and just mindless violence.

After a while it just became tedious, with a few over the top moments for the sadists in our midst - do we really need to see a knife slowly being forced into and through a person's eye and into their brain (with no more motive to hate the guy than him being one of the multitude of assassins trying to kill the hero)?

I love the john wick series but the action sciences do become dull and annoying even, especially when they double team in Casablanca and it feels like you're playing COD.

Bad movie, no story.

These movies get more intense with each movie.

It is fascinating to witness these dogs in action, and equally so thinking about the actors and stunt people who were met with the brunt/blunt force of these dogs.

Stunning .

just an endless parade of contrived martial arts demonstrations...

There is no story here, just looooong boring fight scenes and shootouts.

Yes, another drawn-out action scene...

No story, no plot twists, just non-stop violence.

Boring .

John Wick is slow, and the unimportant fighters usually fight in stupid ways, like not taking cover in a gun fight, not ambushing, or not ganging up on John Wick.

I get BORED with all these continuous fights upon fights.

Really cool and suspenseful .

Many scenes are confusing, difficult to understand the story line, I cant understand why they mention he is going to Casablanca, Morocco when he is actually in Essaouira which is another city in Morocco !!!???

Unpleasant boring experience .

If fight scenes used lenses 10mm wider you would see half a dozen men standing on the edge of frame waiting to fire or (more usually) run at Wick when he is ready for them, with handguns raised, only thinking to fire once he's out of the way, grabbed their wrist or shot them first.

Weak story and repetitive, mind-numbing "action" sequences.

Hollow plot interspersed with the most boring fighting scenes ever.

No storyline .

Otherwise a waste of time.

So many fighting scenes that it's boring.

3- Easy predictable.

The fighting scenes were noticeably slower than in the first 2 movies, otherwise, can't fault the movie for too much, it's still a well-made action movie.

The second got a bit more gloopy with dodgy criminal moral logic but it was entertaining.

The movie while packed with action scenes is mind-numbingly boring and the acting is atrocious.

If you've watched the first two of this trilogy, you should definitely expect something even more intense.

Otherwise, it is completely forgettable and dull.

A majority of the film though was the same repetitive fighting 1 bad guy at a time with guns I remember boring me In the first movie.

Really pointless, well below average.

There is no plot armor because there is no plot.

Unbelievably boring .

Movies like John Wick, John Wick 2 and John Wick Parabellum are like classical music smooth, collective and stunning.

Story line is nonsense some of the set piece action scenes are over long and become boring.

Worse, it's also mean-spirited and incredibly repetitive, devolving into a tiresome exercise in "How can we kill the next guy creatively?

Boring and shallow....

I loved the soundtrack of the movie, every single piece, the cinematography was brilliant too, however the story was lame and predictable.

This movie starts off with a lame fight scene and the same lame drawn out, unrealistic fight scenes don't end for the entire movie.

All in all, each and every fight sequence was just too long and too tedious.

Boring and brutal .

The the second movie were as sequels usually are - more of everything, but still managed to retain somewhat of a engaging storyline and refine further on the concept.

Astoundingly violent, repetitive & over-the-top action packed movie .

And the fight scene just kept getting dragged out and got boring really quickly.

I am yet to see another movie as pointless as this.

No plot to speak of.

bad story line, bad plot and boring.

No plot, just fight scenes .

The fight scenes, whilst incredibly visceral often dragged on a little too long.

Worth watching 20 times!

Of course he wouldn't have just up and walked away from some of the things that happen to him, but that's the point of the movies (espically this one) to be over the top and entertaining.

Three words say it all: this movie is only boring and brutal.

After 1 hour and 8 minutes we were just bored by always seing the same dumb shock moment and turned that crap of.

You will be on the edge of your seat as John fights against the world for his survival.

John Wick 3 has fulfilled its purpose, more or less, what it had set out to do, was making a worthy potential conclusion to an adrenaline fueled franchise keen on destroying the standards set by other action's films.

Also what made this movie action scenes better than other movies was because they looked real and probably because the director is a stuntman but Hollywood curse gets to everybody and now the fights are slow, slow enough to make a difference from the previous parts and in this one the moments when if they got guns John was certainly dead but they pull knifes were too obvious and the magic in the fights was gone for me.

In few words its dull and boring , why this all kicking and hitting too much i should sleep while seeing .

No story, terrible fighting scenes that go on and on and on.

It was mindless action full of unnecessary violence and no plot whatsoever.

I like a good action flick but it needs a building up, tension and a good plot but this film is just a diarrhea of bad unrealistic, senseless never ending, gratuitous shooting and violence with no plot at all.

On the edge of death a group of nomads find him and deliver him to who we now know is the elder.

I find this movie most exciting & entertaining .

This film is the most boring film in this year.

Reeves' ability to perform such intense action scenes while remaining as, well, Wickian as he is is perhaps the most underrated part of this film.

The movie hits the ground running as Keanu faces off with a hulking character in a library and then Triads in a weapon shop, but what really amazes here is the sheer inventiveness of the non-repetitive action.

The John Wick trilogy is known for its accuracy in this regard- making it that much more entertaining.

I mean in the real world, you don't just get stabbed or shot, stitch it up & pop some pain killers and keep on fighting on like nothing happened, you'd bleed out within minutes.

I also felt the fight choreography has got repetitive.

I actually became so bored that I did not even finish.

The movie has you sitting on the edge of your seat throughout the film.

90% is action scenes which is really boring.

Too much action, no story .

Drawn-out fight scenes.

Otherwise everything was enjoyable .

They were extremely fast paced, the enemies would use guns when they could and attack when they could, and John would use the gun virtually all the time at a breathtaking pace to repel those hordes.

Also visuals are stunning.

Frightfully Boring .

The previous outing was more enjoyable.

It gets soon VERY repetitive and long-winded.


Loved the plot, cinematography, intense mood and the passion of control.

Worst movie ever!.

So, if you want to know how boring an action movie can be, then watch John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum.

Just stunning epic action.

John Wick used to be realistic, no nonsense and to the point, but in JW3 there's too many visually unappealing fights that's dragged out way to long.

No Plot per say and John Wick is not immortal, it got boring and repetitive.

And while the second film was more ridiculous, less believable, and not as good on any level, it was still John Wick, and still enjoyable.

Now let me explain the second part of the headline : Reverse the content of the previous two parts , there is no storyline !!

Boring .

Fishburne can only make me lose my sleep

Really like the knife fight scene in the beginning, however rest of the movie was boring without a story no acting at all.

I read so many reviews saying the movie was brainless, had no plot, was just about shooting...

Might be the best of the John Wick series, but Halle Berry was unbearable.

Unwatchable .

A Breathtaking .

There were some seriously gorey scenes that turned my stomach, but at the same time it filled me with adrenaline and made me crave more!

Useless violence trying to make up for lack of plot.

I was shocked by how boring this was.

Waste of time.

I absolutely loved 2&3, it kept us on the edge and attached to the movie.

Technically, there is no plot and I understand that this film is simply made to show off some very cool action.

Absolutely stunning and gorgeous!

It managed to stop the action becoming tedious at any point.

American cinema has descended into mindless blood junk 1 out 10 - don't waste your time or money.

This became one of my favorite movies because of the action in this movie, it really does keep the viewer on the edge of their seat.

As many others have pointed out, there are several excellent but drawn out fight sequences.

The second one is a non stop action packed flick with body counts almost giving Rambo, Jason Voorhees n Michael Myers a tough competition.

Only worth watching as background entertainment.

Waste of time after 30 minutes .

The 3rd act raid in the Continental hotel is spectacular and the twist with Winston was unexpected.

I love the combination of various fight techniques - gunfire and hand to hand combat - these give the film a brutal but adrenaline pumped tempo!

You have the impression to be in an shooting arcade game it is so unrealistic that quickly it becomes extremely boring, why care, the hero can never die, he is unbreakable.

All fighting, no plot.

A little repetitive and boring .

In Chapter 3, John Wick is starting to show signs of plot armor, and finally getting tiresome and cliched over how durable he is.

How many gun fights can you watch before they become boring?

The plot, characters and everything about John Wick is just really enjoyable to watch.

Overall the movie is very good and enjoyable and I would highly recommend it to any fan of action movies.

In an attempt to take the story of the immortal assassin Baba Yaga ahead, John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum unleashes a flurry of tedious actions sequences that just do not end and makes the viewer go numb which is still not as worse as the lack of heroism available here to relish, the very heroism that made the first two films likable.

The fight scenes where john would use martial arts are extremely slow its like WWE the enemy would just stand there wait for him to hit him.

Personally I find many of the action sequences pretty hard to follow and it is not really my favourite genre of film.

Wick looks very slow, lumbering, and extremely tired throughout.

The initial comboybukser scene is horrible with a slow giant.

In this movie fighting scenes were seems more real & Intense.

Honestly, it just seemed like a repetitive tacky a** action movie.

Just enjoy the film for what it is another action packed rollercoaster ride.

Being a typical non action movie liking female I liked part 1 and 2 (1 more) & was actually somewhat excited for John wick 3,,, but like other reviewers have said this one had no good storyline, seemed just like a big fat money making garbage boring 2 hours - n obviously leading us into a John wick 4 with a ridiculous unrealistic Jason from Friday the 13th style ending...

Static action and lack of story.

Maybe this should've been one of the greatest action movies if the storyline wasn't so cheap and brainless, the action sequences becomes repetitive after a while, ,some of the supporting characters are bad like Sofia and the rest are mediocres ,if you want to enjoy it you have to drop the smart analysis, It's still a nice experience in the big screen.

As if I should have just pulled the plug on my brain whilst going through, what I can only view as a cinematic horrorshow with how dull and pointless it ended up to be.

Also the action scenes go on for way too long, I remember yawning or checking my watch a few minutes into every action sequence.

While it is true that it takes all types to make this world of ours but I find it mind boggling that anyone could rate this movie higher than couple of stars at best.

Full of pointless action and crap story please no more

The scenes seemed to be choreographed in slow mo if only for the sake of "i thought this up last night, so im adding it to this fight scene today".

At times messy, sloppy, unclear, confusing, editing.

But there were so many long, drawn out slapstick type fights that just went over the top and made the movie very boring.

This 3rd installation is as exciting as it's beautiful.

John Wick movies are nice to watch until you get bored of the repetitive fights.

The action keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time with great acting and some very well times jokes chucked in every so often.

A waste of time.

Amazing third instalment to the John Wick film franchise so much action your on the edge of your seat throughout.

boring , repetitive .

Sometimes fighting scenes becomes boring because they are so intense and so long, thats tiring for audience.

So dumb and predictable.

But this one was literally SOOOO BORING.

totally pointless .

Extremely boring .

But if you like this stuff, and I do, it can be an entertaining two hour diversion to vicariously live the assassin's life and come out unscathed.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

he he he); great plot; satisfying ending (to prepare people for the next chapter); blood, blood and brutality everywhere with a little censorship to get yourselves ready for the next breathtaking step taken by the man, the myth, the legend himself: The celebration of Keanu Reeves Day!

What made it so effective and enjoyable is that it was a harder and faster version of the same with a touch of slapstick.

Alternatives: Wonder Woman, Kill BillTHE HAYSTEW REVIEW - 7/10John Wick: Parabellum is a good movie, and it is definitely worth watching.

Even the dogs in this movie were yawning.

There's no plot and it pretty much is 90% fight scenes with the same kind of moves in using of knives and guns.

The movie derails in the 2nd half with the screenplay getting a little messier,the action getting too boring and overlong and even logic being thrown out of the window at times.

Boring .

The desert scenes were stunning, but the Casablanca sequence was embarrassingly Hollywood cliché, complete with belly dancers.

Mundane .

And the canine tag team scene, showcasing an impressive Halle Berry, is one of the most unique peaces of cinema adrenaline ever filmed.

There is no plot as such, just a preposterous story line that basically leads to 120 minutes plus of killing after killing after killing.

Chapter 3 - even the fights did bore me after a while.

Entertaining action flick with some minor flaws.

The action scenes are far too long with completely predictable endings.

No plot, no sense, nothing.

While first part was enjoyable action flick, this one is lacking the plot and any "wow" value.

John Wick is getting old, slow, and most of all - stupid.

It shows his natural clumsiness, for no good reason, other than to slow down his final action scene.

I thought it will be get boring as like other movies after new chapter comes.

It's full of pointless, senseless violence for the low-IQ masses to enjoy.

But in chapter three for the god sake all i saw was just blood , guns , kills , i mean it was boring and repetitive !

It has no real plot and the action is just not real.

Also fights get boring after sometime.

I like a good action flick but it needs a plot, a building up, tension and a good plot but this film is just a diarrhea of bad unrealistic, senseless never ending, gratuitous shooting and violence with no plot You have the impression to be in an arcade shooting game it is so unrealistic that quickly it becomes extremely boring, why care, the hero can never die, he is unbreakable.

Any adult will likely get numbed and bored by this way way way too long and boring action rampage.

The weakest of the three but still action packed fun.

) repetitive and inept fight scenes, meaningless story etc. The only positive aspects are some good city views and the production values in general.

Good picture, good sound and totally unwatchable .

The overrated "John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum" is an action film that gives the sensation of watching a boring videogame.

Overrated and boring due to the fighting, shooting, fighting, killing, shooting, killing, fighting...

No, this is a John Wick hampered by a script with too little plot and which has had scrawled over it with great liberalness the phrase "Insert pointless action scene here".

thats really boring.

Pointless drivel.

Poor storyline repetitive fight scenes .

This one was just boring, no redeeming qualities.

However when it gets into gunplay for 2 hours it becomes a bit tedious.

Lots of killing, lots of blood, lots of long pretentious speeches.

The third has no story whatsoever, about as much action, and some tedious dialogue sequences.

A complete waste of time.

For people who say no story line .

Tedious .

Luckily Keanu is worth watching.

A waste of 2 hrs of your life .

Chapter 2 amped up the action so I enjoyed it more and rate that an 8 and this takes the action another notch so I give it a 9.

Remarkably stupid and pointless movie .

Boring .

No story line.

Horses and books being some of the most entertaining and brutal.

JW 3 is a remarkable movie, the fight scenes / choreography is unlike anything I've seen and the way JW uses his surroundings to his advantage to beat his enemies to a pulp: horses, dogs, various ornaments etc etc makes it unexpected and a pleasure to watch!

am I boring???

Action scenes were boring - well choreographed but eventually cliche and repetitive because the scenes are not moving the story forward and are simply there to kill screen-time.

Boring .

Talented dogs but boring fight scenes .

What a waste of time...

Weak and predictable.

Elements of the unique action from the other two movies, however fight scenes were incredibly repetitive and dragged on unnecessarily.

Waste of time.

Fully Action Packed .

" We are numb to pointless violence?

Even those old school kung fu movies where guys fly around and do magical doo doo stuff was more entertaining because they were well choreographed at least.

Though John Wick 3 had great action sequences, with superb gun violence, I think that the action scene in John wick 2 after he is escaping after doing the task, had much better thrilling actions.

The action is much more fast paced in this John wick Chapter 3; even though John Wick Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 was fast paced itself; the premises of the 3rd Chapter seems more urgent and intense; loved how they got the action and kill scenes with gun, knives, fists and even a book in such a creative way to distinguish it from Chapter 1 & 2; I get that the action seems similar to both the previous movies; but if you watch both the movies and then watch Chapter 3; you will definitely know that's not true; each movie had it's own distinctive action set pieces and creativity in John wick killing off people.

There is no story in this movie.

Bad, low and boring even during the interminable shooting sequences....

The fight scenes are too often, too long and boring but then the scenes between the fights are even more dull.

Same like john wick chapter 2 lack of storyline and boring its more like chuck norris movie just shoot, shoot, shoot, bang,bang.

They have always been ridiculous but in an entertaining way.

So boring .

Boring and Cliché, missing an all impotent plot .

Highly Entertaining If Somewhat Exhausting.

More boring and unoriginal nonsense.

Absolute garbage, a waste of time from start to finish, a compendium of disconnected " what worked" scenes from previous movies and nothing else.

Good action but boring story .

Cool visuals but got really bored.

When i decided to watch the film I was expecting same creativity I witnessed in the previous chapters but unfortunately i found a long chain of repetitive fights away from this kind of action which forms a constructive support to a successful movie.. One of the movie fights took so long till ended and i really felt bored during it ...

Action packed seems an overstatement when a story line is unable to provide a foundation for such action.

I mentioned the action being directed ok, but when you have an indestructible character (with a bullet proof suit on) it makes all the action scenes extremely tedious.

The cinematography is very well made, and i like Keanu which makes exactly the one star in total i can give this awful waste of time.

Lots of kicking, hitting, chopping, punching, stabbing, slashing, shooting and killing interspersed with some banal dialogue; rinse and repeat.

The majority of the choreography in this is plain sloppy and the fight scenes go on for way too long, the only one that was vaguely watchable was the Halle Berry and the attack dogs and it was still too long.

This is just the most boring run-and-gun without any feelings whatsoever.

Whole movie is a cliche with bad acting and bad action scenes in abundance

As much as I loved John Wick 1 & 2, I would rather watch Game of Thrones Season 8 all over again than waste my time to watch number JW 3 again.

No dialogue, no story.

Total waste of time.

This flick is truly an adrenaline-fuelled thrill ride, with tons of energy packed into it, and is one of the most exciting movies I have ever seen in my whole life.

Wow, it's almost all everything everyone wants from gun fight themed action movie: heart-pumping, non-stoppingly action sequences; breathtaking casts (see what I just did?

The fight scenes have become boring, gory and too long from previous parts.

No doubts Chapter 3 delivered great piece of action in 2 hrs of running.. bloodshed is brutal, baba yaga continued his legendary intense action.

Just another boring movie filled with fight scenes and no meaningful story to hold everything together

Halle Berry's acting was beyond aweful and after awhile I dare say it all just got boring.

Boring .

An endless boring violence .

I admit that the fights were so long and utterly predictable that I Fast-Forwarded through them.

Sadly the third John Wick film has deteriorated into a mindless, plotless, overly violent action scene that lasts for 2 hours.

And the movie at one point shows some self-awareness when a bad guy says, "I think Wick's getting slow.

Don't waste your time.

Thrilling actions, fast acting, good storyline made this movie one of the best action movie of all time.

There was no story being told.

Predictable and somewhat disappointing .

Good fighting choreography that becomes boring after a while.

I got very bored watching this movie.

Waste of time .

I found myself slightly bored mid-way through and am not necessarily looking forward to the 4th one at this point.

Dull without a story.

Boring and pointless .

Stupid and pointless movie .

The issue is that there is a lot of action, too much action, and some fighting scenes were overdrawn such that it becomes boring, especially during the fighting scenes with the Japanese guys.

easily the worst of the three, but still enjoyable (1 viewing)

Ditto to the motorbike sequence, fantastic but much too short compared to the lesser, more boring fight scenes.

I did think that this third film wouldn't improve on what they have already done, but it appears that if you leave enough of a time gap between them, they are all a very entertaining watch.

Two hours of mindless boredom and guns with endless bullets.

If you think that dialogue couldn't be worse than the endless, pointless and stupid fight scenes, you'd be wrong.

As beautifully choreographed and filmed as John Wick 3 was, there was so many fight scenes that they all blurred into one largely repetitive fight sequence intertwined with a story that otherwise could be told in 10 minutes.

Good fight scenes but ya got boring .

Boring, poorly written, terribly acted, too long, empty and confusing storyline...

This movie is really cool with a lot of suspenseful and action packed scenes that keeps you in the moment.

As much as I enjoyed the first two movies, this one just takes the concept of mindnumbingly boring action scenes fifteen steps too far.

I went into the film expecting something ordinary like the second movie, which I found simply that everyone just got shot, was t all that thrilling.

This one is repetitive and boring.

Complete waste of time.

How to make huge budget, heavilly chroreographed scenes boring .

I loved JW1, stopped watching JW2 out of pure boredom, and now this interminable painful sequence of almost completely unrelated fight scenes.

If you like non stop fight scenes.. go for it.. otherwise, don't waste your money .


I grew up in an era of amazing, mind boggling movies.

"John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum" is the most action packed entry in the series.

but the story is getting dull after 3 movies.

All I can add to this, is that the quality of assassin has gone down the toilet when they have to endlessly fight, stab and shoot each other until the director gets bored enough to decide that they can stop.

It's all pointless - maybe that was the director's point?

Action-wise, my only problem was that it was sort of becoming a little boring as the movie went on.

A plot that never changed and had no depth, simply a long string of ultimately boring fight scenes (yes fight scenes that are boring, that's gotta be hard to pull off).

No story, just killing, killing, killings.

He couldn't even walk or run, he was too slow to fight against those chinese.

Only at the end he is wasted, till then he is walking and fighting the biggest enemy fresh and fast, even though the bad guys saying he is slower by now.

So much CGI and so much action upon action that my brain gets numb and I get BORED.

Gives the Sensation of Watching a Boring Videogame .

This film could have bene amazing, and when the storyline was actually there, some points of it were, but most fell short and ended up as boring and flat, most of the film was.

The first 20 minutes were great but it gets repetitive and boring and just plain stupid.

Repetitive fighting, lacking story .

Entire Movie i sit on edge of the seat I apologize the man who sit in front of me coz i kicking and jumping Full madness Action packed Movie i never seen in my life

Intense emotions for a dog .

Movie is suspenseful with each screenplay and action sequences.....

Worst movie ever, worst scenario.

Boring .

Was a little disappointed the fight scene were too predictable.

Way better than the previous two John Wick movies and more than likely one of the only movie series to actually get better with each new release + much more action, much more intense choreography, truly remarkable!

I prefer a movie without so many pretensions and ones that actually portray realistic characters, even like those in Avenger movies than this absurd waste of time.

Boring movie, no storyline, just fighting and killing scenes, all the time.

This movie is really overrated, boring and has a very bad, ridiculous plot.

This one had a lot more sophistication the the fight scenes, very enjoyable film.

Why do they bother making a sequel which is just more of the same thing, predictable, boring, just some interesting action scenes and then one and a half hours of same same same.

While this current installment in the franchise is not as edgy, John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum is nonetheless an entertaining, adrenaline soaked action thriller that perhaps stretches itself too far.

Total waste of time.

But in the end, this 3rd installment gets a little repetitive and boring sometimes.

Get's boring after awhile 🤷‍♂️ .

It was violent and crazy and adrenaline-fueled and felt fresh.

Boring level 10 .

Gets boring after a while.

2 hours too long and sooo boring .

I left the movie early because it was so boring

First movie was great, but in this one there was no character development whatsoever, and I seriously believe that it was a waste of time after 30 minutes because all action scenes start to repeat themselves after that.

The action scenes were badly contrived, cliché, and just lazy.

Think "Enter the Dragon" meets "The Professional" (aka "León")If you enjoy realistic action, the fighting scenes are amazing, unrelenting, and a non-stop adrenaline rush.

The murdering on Mr. Wick's part is innovative and enjoyable to watch.

Like every John Wick film I went in wanting to love it, but a lot of things stacked up that made this a very boring, consequence free, pointless experience.

Dreadful movie so many fake staged fight scenes heads blown off randomly boring after a very while.....

"Mafia World" is ruled by the mysterious High Table - presented on the screen very boring.

Boring .

As the first 15 to 20 mins were just breathtaking action.

Overall good stuff in this: nice stuns (yet slowly becoming boring), good cinematography, nice color correction and shots composition (dark red and blue gritty film).

The John Wick franchise is known for it's excellent cinematography and choreography, it's fast paced action, and just for being incredibly fun.

Otherwise movie is boring

He is also obviously slow in hand to hand combat.

It's borderlining chinese movies like "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" where the fights becomes more like people doing pointless dancing without any purpose or intention of actually killing the other person.

It is bland, and banal.

No story at all.

The film is simply a succession of long, boring fight scenes with no story in between.

Like I said, the action was intense and spectacular.

While not as strong as John Wick or John Wick 2, John Wick 3 expands the world previously created and offers plenty of high-adrenaline action.

Well maybe Chuck Norris, maybeAnyway, this movie was a blast and was so expertly shot and directed with a cerebral and engaging story full of stunning sequences of kinetic combat that Wick fans have grown to love.

This movie was mostly a waste of time.

Writing by Derek Kolstad, Shay Hatten, Chris Collins and Marc Abrams is engaging and does not blink your eye for a minute.

The story is empty and I didn't like it.

Super-uninteresting main villain.

Whole mid part of the movie is just pointless, it could be cut at 10 minutes and then continued from 1h30'.

The previous two piqued my interest, but at this one i was yawning and almost fell asleep.

The first and second act was boring and confusing.

I saw parts of all John Wick movies, but usually i end up being completely bored after 1/2 an hour.

oh god how slow and bad can a fight scene be!?

What a waste of time.

But when you create more than 3 episodes following a same narrative, it sometimes becomes a little boring.

Boring kids movie .

A complete waste of time, you've been warned.

Reeves looks bored McShane is there to take the pay check Hallie Berry is the stand out character of the movie unfortunately she is not in it for very long.

Poorly choreographed, slow, and too much superfluous flailing by the stuntmen to make the fight scenes seem "busy".

The stunt was slow.

The knife-throwing fight: Entertaining, brutal, the best.

The film is enjoyable in a pure brutal action way as long as you leave all reality at the door.

I think this happened because JW himself is boring and immortal, you can never care about him since you know nothing bad can happen to him.

Of the first John Wick movie, I said it was "Mindless, enjoyable action".

Its pretty much a waste of time and efforts.

there was really no plot to begin with.

A big ole snooze-fest for those wanting more than endless shoot 'em ups; it got seriously tedious, quickly.

This is a remarkably stupid and pointless movie!

For all the fights it's just a boring mess.

Gone is "Mindless, enjoyable action" and hello to "Mindless, tiresome action".

Long, repetitive and LONG (did I say that already) long boring fight scenes.

It was long repetitive non stop fight from start to finish.

hahahaahhathe best john wick is the first his film, great story line, thrilling, good action.

Excessively violent and boring and repetitive.

90% part of the movie is boring.. felt like regular action movie.. If they want to to tell the story behind the john wick world, it only takes about 20 minutes, the rest are just filler.

It's mainly over the top gun violence to the pint of boredom.

Indeed, 'John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)' continued this excellent world-building, crafting an engaging story in its own right as well.

Well worth the watch

Very boring, not much of a movie .

I will say this about the fighting sequences though, they are entertaining to watch for a while, even somewhat towards the end (even if you get bored of just the mindless violence after a while) as each fight feels somewhat unique.

Chapter 3's cast is largely the same, with a few highlights like Sofia (Halle Berry) and her vicious pack of dogs or the Adjudicator as a compelling antagonist, being suitably arrogant and condescending.

It has no story at all!

The absurdity of this reality is so all absorbing I wasn't sure if I should be laughing, or hiding my eyes.

Ok, those people complaining that it had no plot, there was a plot.

It was just tedious.

Fight scenes were entertaining but quickly became comical and dull as they lost their believability.

Lack of visceral impact after the first two chapters but entertaining action yarn .

Some fights are decent and they look like they probably took a lot of effort to practice, and the gun sequences are a bit more realistic since they include reloading and having to shoot the same guy multiple times, but in the end it's just an endless wave of idiots that get picked off 1 by 1 in a similar fashion, and gets dull quite fast (which is bad since those parts are long, specially the one in the desert).

Boring non stop fighting with virtually no story He must've killed about 300 people Too far fetched

Yes, that's right, I got bored watching a John Wick movie!

It came in and did its job as an entertaining action film and ended sweet.

Boring, Boring, Boring.

All in all I enjoyed the two previous movies in the series more, but this one is still worth watching and it left me with high hopes for chapter 4!

Waste of money and time.

The story os solid but goes on far too long for me.

A little too long, but as brainless action films go, this was enjoyable.

Ridiculous dragged-out combat scenes made me want to skip them.

After the initial drama and the plot thickens, I feel the fight scenes become repetitive (how many times was John put through glass vs.

But the violence here is so much, so excessive, that it gets to the point of pointless, boring and repetitive.

Pretty much one long fight scene, very boring.

The plot is terrible, the fight sequences boring and repetitive, the characters are comical and basically everything is completely unbelievable and absurd, there is literally a hitman on every corner just waiting to kill John Wick no matter where he is.

It is a movie full of dull fights and stupid hero.

they last forever and are completely boring.

Dull .

There is no storyline at all.

However, at times, it's almost too much action, as fight scenes are extended so long that they become strangely tedious.

The hand to hand combat scenes are simply awe inspiring.

and that's why by the end half the audience gets bored.

Too predictable .

Watching the gras grow is more entertaining.

Seeing this series' movies close together has been an enjoyable trip.


However, as I mentioned earlier, at this point it seems to be becoming very repetitive and almost like an excuse to execute more stunts, gun work, and violence.


no story line .

There is also too much action, and a lot of it is so similar it actually gets boring.

just seemed pointless.

Worth the watch.

The library fight: Boring.

I've watched the first 2 wick films numerous times and loved them, and this time i feel a little cheated in regards to number 3¡, The fight scenes are so slow you can see the actors waiting for keanu to land a kick or punch, who ever they got to choreograph these scenes failed miserably!

Here's The Lowedown on "John Wick 3" (R - 2019 - Theater)Lang: Eng Genre: Action/Gun My Score: 9.3Cast=10 Acting=7 Plot=10 Ending=9 Story=7 Violent=10 Pace=10 F/X=10 Gun=10 Intense=10Super-assassin John Wick is on the run after killing a member of the international assassin's guild, and with a $14 million price tag on his head.

Contrary to what I would have normally presumed, this exaggeration makes the movie more entertaining.

CONCLUSION: 'John Wick: Chapter 3- Parabellum' does almost everything it should be, with beautiful direction and yet again outstanding fight choreography, making this one of the most exciting and dynamic films to date, even if it's at the cost of depth.

The fights get a bit repetitive after a while and I must admit that after roaring with laughter I got a bit bored.

After some playtime I had the first feeling of being bored.

The problem with third movie is kind of the Second act where it feels kinda dragged on and not interesting journey he goes on.

Plot is boring and conventional.

Total waste of money and resources.

1- Fight scene is very low, inchoate and slow.

After the initial original deaths, the film becomes tiresome, boring and repetitive.

They had so much action that kept me glued to the tv in 1 and 2, but I had a hard time staying awake with 3.

The more the film came to an end, the more boring it was.

Enjoyable .

Her monotone voice did not give the impression of casual indifference to death and destruction - it gave the impression that the casting director is an unbelievable idiot.

No story, just one unrealistic fight after the other...

His movements were slow and strained.

So much of everything it soon gets boring...

Of course it's entertaining and of course KR plays it just right.

Confusion about characters and their ranking in the organization.

And those are pretty boring.

Pointless movie.

I know violence is part of the franchise, but it's too far gone with very little plot and so much violence that we saw, the worst of which was a slow motion close up of a knife going into someone's eyeball.

The end when he was joking around while fighting was a bit cringe and it went on for way too long.

In fact, moments of boring exposition have long been the downfall of this series.

The interesting thing about John Wick was the whole secret society angle and the rules of the game but this movie threw all of that out window which resulted in a 2 hour film with three quarters of it the same repetitive fight scenes with props placed just so John and his faceless waves of attackers could be thrown through them.

Honestly don't waste your time.

My wife actually fell asleep on my lap.

But this actor was so ineffective, annoying, drab, boring.

But it's more action packed then the other two.

Keanu masterfully continues the tradition of action-packed fight sequences and other visually appealing and entertaining features that you come to expect from the John Wick series.

Now, having said the action is, essentially, boring, that is not to say it isn't well done.

The movie is balls to the walls action packed extravaganza, full tilt boom, cranked like a vice grip that isn't interested in holding back the prowess of their creation.

Just waste of time.


The 1st act is fast paced and great.

Another strong point is that the main antagonist (Zero) was enjoyable.

The second one was already quite boring, but the third one is even more pointless and boring.

As others have said, it was all action, very ridiculous action, and no story, no plot.

It's a tiresome 2 hour bash-athon.

The plot, while entertaining, takes a slight backseat to the action and gives more than enough opportunities for John Wick to kill everyone in sight (plus a few more) in order to stay alive.

Everyone said that the action is boring and the plot is thin and they're right.

But still, the movie is cinematic adrenaline, so I give 9/10 stars.

Waste of my time with fake or incompetent high reviews .

grab a group of friends and some snacks, get some tickets, and enjoy the nonstop action and adrenaline thrill ride

no story, just fight .

Boring, not much of a story, just same old same old.

but ultimately builds to it's predictable end.

The plot relies too much on characters from earlier films, while the new cast are all bland cardboard cut-outs, especially the forgettable "Adjudicator" who lacks menace and Mark Dacascos, who is miscast as the main villain.

I have given this 10 stars for whoever trained the dogs, but I had to subtract 7 for the dialogue, repetitive mindless fight scenes and complete lack of a single coherent reason for any of Mr Wick's actions.

100% predictable movie with boring plot.

The universe and John Wick mystique it's built was still compelling enough to keep me interested.

Maybe save your money for John Wick 4, which is certain to happen and in hopes of a better movie.

What a terrible film the first film is awesome the second film was annoying as the foley artists were dubbing the wrong car chase at the start but this is an all time low I got to the action scene with the dogs which was well done but the plot is ridiculous and dull please don't make number 4

Well worth watching...

The same fight scenes for the majority of the movie, boring boring boring.

Accepting that this movie is purely fictional and that you paid to watch this one for the fun factor would make this truly entertaining!

I was afraid it would be more of the same, but instead it was an enjoyable follow up that draws you right into it.

I enjoyed it

The first 30 minutes was amazing with its fast paced hard hitting action, the fighting and gore was perfect and one of the best I've seen.

And constant fighting is getting dull.

Bored .

It's super entertaining as well as breathtakingly shot.

A thrilling ride .

It felt so much more powerful, and so much more emotionally thrilling than the others- I really felt every hit in this film, and it really kept the adrenaline pumping, along with it's much more steady pace.

One star movie, not recommend, this is the worst movie which I've seen in the last few years, shame of you

What a pointless waste of 2 hours.

Totally boring movie.

No story, wasted some good actors.

Just violence with no plot and little humour.

Dull fight scenes go on longer than War and Peace.

I got bored after a while, even got drinks and snacks and didn't bother to pause the movie.

To say the least my husband fell asleep watching the movie.

No storyline, just shooting, really boring, walked out after an hour or so

Similarly, the Continental's concierge was ok playing a minor role as a dog minder but he's boringly unconvincing as a fellow assassin.

Such an action packed movie, no shaky camera, crisp movements and viewing angles.

The storyline is completely lost with the "overkill" of unnecessary long drawn out action scenes.

But who in casting picked such a dreadful, boring, undramatic and visually uninspiring person for this role?

There are so many fight scenes that they become tiresome, and they have quite a few amateurish opponents who juat seem too eager to be slaughtered.


The action is good, but it is nothing new, it becomes utterly pointless and you begin to ask yourself - what's the point of this?

Make no mistake though, while it's not as good as it's predecessors on the narrative front, it's still fully engaging throughout and you do care about the eponymous hero.

Total waste of time .

It's watchable and the stunts are great, but like the previous 2 there is virtually no plot, just relentless fights, a ridiculous body count and after seeing the first 50 or so bad guys get offed in a variety of ways it does get boring.

Possibly one of the worst most pointless pieces of crap I have seen.

A lot of the stunts were slow, repetitive, and sloppy.

Definitely Mission Impossible , due to the franchise' breathtaking action scenes and it's lead actor.

The performance of the actors was excruciating, I started counting the goofes but after twenty minutes I got bored.

It's just another mainstream movie, fully action packed with some great visual scenes....

We saw Chapters 1 & 2, and while they were very violent, the first major fight scene in first 25 mins of film is so unbelievably violent that my wife and adult daughter walked out - and we never do that.

How Can So Much Action Be So Boring.

Action packed.

It's definitely the slower movie .

Keanu is a worldly guy, why did he ok this silly cliché-riddled drivel?

John Wick 3, producers might have thought that the spectators will be fond of an endless chain of fighting, which becomes very very dull within the first two fights.