Jojo Rabbit (2019) - Comedy, Drama, War

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A young boy in Hitler's army finds out his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their home.

IMDB: 7.9
Director: Taika Waititi
Stars: Roman Griffin Davis, Thomasin McKenzie
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 109 out of 1024 found boring (10.64%)

One-line Reviews (303)

Of all the things that I had watched the previous year, Jojo Rabbit overwhelmed most of them with an utterly unexpected surprise.

Jojo Rabbit is another great film from the New Zealand filmmaker and is absolutely worth watching; it's quirky, sincere and at times, strikingly real.

Afterall, it is enjoyable and I do recommend you guys to watch it once.

First, the movie is risky, dramatic, funny and intense.

An entertaining parody of Nazi existence in 1940s Germany.

Rather it's partly about the role adults play in inculcating children into hate and partly about exposing the power of propaganda to subvert truth.

However having watched it and in the main enjoyed it, its simply an updated Anne Frank style story with some humour thrown in.

As much as this film is about humanity and the effects of war, it's ultimately a coming of age story.

(I did feel the final sequence was a little drawn out, maybe a minute or so couldve been shaved off) We also have excellent production design the whole way through the film...

Waste of time and money .

The relationship between jojo and his best friend is incredibly sweet and touching, but it's jojos relationship with his imaginary friend hitler that is hilarious and at times difficult to watch, but provides some simple but compelling messages.

I think by having him eventually kick his hitler out of a window played into hands of the predictable, where as this could of been a moment of a deeper exploration into good and evil.

Enjoyable Flim .

There was the odd bit of amusement but generally the story was quite dull, meandering unless your perspective is clouded by an idealisation of children's 'ways of knowing', to paraphrase the postmodern mindset.

It's an undeniably enjoyable watch.

PROS very funny - genuine laugh out loud momentsgreat acting by allgreat first half, good intro and development of characters CONS the second half of the movie was too predictable, there was no punchline ending, no deeper meaning, it was cliche.

It's fascinating to see the Nazi propaganda through the eyes of a 10 year old boy (Jojo), a proud Hitler Youth fan, who is trying to find his place in this complex world.

I'm not even a huge fan of Anderson's, but he certainly can make a visually stunning (hence entertaining) movie without much of a story, or rather...

This movie is dumb and trash, it makes fun of a serious event in a very dumb way, A lot of the scenes drag on for too long and the way they portray history is really bad for the brains of the younger generation who will just suck it up as facts.. Worst movie about hitler ever made.

i was bored for most of it.

Anything that is otherwise is pointless, mundane, desolate.

It's very smart about what it achieves, but I would have liked to see more humour and outlandishness as it is a bit slow in parts.

I'm just sorry I shortened my life by labouring through this self-indulgent, tedious and pointless drivel, which unfailingly fails with its extremely flaccid attempts at humour or drama.

Scarlett johansson's costumes and hair were stunning, and Sam rockwell proved his acting chops with a few scenes.

Really enjoyable.

Bit different to the way it is portrayed in the ads, and after a shift in tone about 10 minutes in I found it predictable.

To bolster his machismo in the pursuit of influence, he feeds his head propaganda, and instructs it to supplant his departed father with das Führer.

Entertaining, stimulating, evocative, anti-war this unusual film engages from the start and never flags all the way.

Some scenes just don't mesh together too, there are "boring" interactions that can be skipped without affecting the plot, and some characters just don't work.

Must admit I got so bored the first 20 minutes, i stopped watching.

I know its suppose to be a story seen by ten years old boy but this movie is such a shortcut, such a flat, predictable narration.

I struggled to watch about 30 minutes of the movie, but it was just to dull to watch.

The first hour is a bit of torture, thankfully saved by the second hour, which turns the movie into something at least enjoyable.

It's a coming of age story with many of the tropes that a coming of age story has.

Taika Waititi navigates across the dark and sensitive coast line of arguably the world's biggest tragedy with a compass of heartfelt and humanitarian grace, gently breezed by the wind of palpable yet fallible characters of which turn a treacherous stormy night into an all but too enjoyable voyage.

We enjoyed it and will see it again.

I cannot remember the last time a shot of a woman's feet was used to convey something so intense and powerful.

The fascinating concept of the movie is backed up and at times lifted up further by amazing individual performances by each and every member of the cast, even Rebel Wilson, who is her usual eccentric self.

Dull, nothing special here .

I love his decision to show how colorful Germany was in the WWII (which is backed up by research) as opposed to what we're used to, seeing it dreary in gray and black.

The good: nice camerawork, pretty costume design, overall nice cinematography and lighthearted comedic momentsThe bad: extremely naive take on the atrocities of war, boring and predictable plot and overall the execution is very "safe" while masquerading as something daring and original.

Snore Fest .

A lovingly crafted and enjoyable feature.

An entertaining and comedic take on the absurdity of war and in particular the end of the second World War.

And the 10-year-old boy, first timer, Roman Griffin Davis, displays one of the most engaging youth acting I've seen in a long time.

This allows the movie to depict the massive propaganda and brainwashing that was done to the youth of Germany to train their minds into an absolute loathing and hatred of Jews.

Pros: Great production value Well acted, generally entertaining characters Can be funny, funny takes on Nazis and the warCons: Nothing too new in the story or characters besides the surface level Themes and tone don't cooperate at all, creates a weird dissonanceBest part: Scarlet Jo death, out of left field and meant a lot for the story, fun twist Worst part: summer camp, best example of how cliche and one dimensional the plot can get at times

The Banality of Evil .

But it's a good story with compelling characters, and Taika does a brilliant job as an exuberant and fun imaginary friend.

Surprised At how much I enjoyed it .

Its got everything, really enjoyed it.

Very well done and enjoyable.

It is entertaining.

This movie takes something awful and turns it into an entertaining and engaging metaphor, executed perfectly with flawless acting and a great script.

It was indeed a really wonderful and enjoyable experience to watch the whole way.

this is unacceptable ,worst movie seen in decades

The firerate is waaaay to slow and she just doesnt give a crap and hip-fires it.

Short, that kind of film easy to define as useful for part of its public or boring, supperficial, violent for others.

I found it boring and uninteresting, only 30 minutes into the movie I lost complete interest.

Some of the jokes land, and Thomasin McKenzie is fantastic, but beyond that Jojo is a tonally disjointed movie with nothing interesting to say .

In the end though, Jojo Rabbit is more than enough of an enjoyable time, that will leave a smile on your face as the credits role, even with its fair share of flaws before.

" In the end, however, Waititi serves up a predictable happy ending, again promoting the comeuppance of a group who in reality were the victors in the game of genocidal madness (in reality did Hitler get his just desserts?

The soundtrack is hugely memorable, the production design is spot on, the tonal shifts work completely to create a hugely entertaining film.

Once again I found a film to be a waste of my time.

Stunning technicolour film which grabbed my heart strings.

I´ve watched it and had to fight with myself that I don´t fall asleep.

This might be US humor or something, but I guess for normal people it´s just boring a.

Important, as all Nazi stories are, but quirky, refreshing and very enjoyable.

It's one of those movies where there are many topics and genres tackled all at once but it manages to stay balanced and entertaining.

I fell asleep after 30 minutes of watching this movie in the cinema, ive never fallen asleep in the cinema before, yay.

Was looking forward to this film but was simply bored through most of it.

I thought with Fat Amy in the movie it would have some funny scenes with her but her lines were just dull and flat.

And, in the end, all we get is a trite moral from the boy's budding friendship with the girl in his attic, to not hate...

Waste of a 30 min of my life, didn't even got further then that.

I saw a couple of weeks the trailer , a lot of meme online ,a lot of noise but seemed a waste of time , now i regret not seeing it early.

In a burlesque and repetitive way, the author offers a couple of scenes, underlining the ridiculousness of the greeting to his leader, extolling praise, total dedication and unquestioning submission to him.

The humor is entertaining.

This film was stunning, hilarious, moving, beautiful, and perfect.

Absolutely enjoyed it, lots of laughs and a very heart warming story.

Ingenious slapstick, emotionally gripping .

The only merits I found in the first hour of the film are the undeniably decent performances, the stunning cinematography and the impressively colourful production design that bleeds into the costumes as well.

An imperfect yet oddly compelling and very memorable movie .

Some good performances and nice aesthetics throughout make the movie and very enjoyable watch

Sam Rockwell is pretty great, Scarlett Johansson is good as the closest thing to an anchor and voice of reason against nazi propaganda, Rebel Wilson though is a bit annoying.

An awful film - total waste of time, and kinda gross.

It's worth watching.

Really entertaining and great fun to watch, really great direction too.

Starts a bit slow, kinda weird-ish.

There are no scary scenes, but there are a few intense scenes.

The acting is amazing, the premise is entertaining.

10/10 - stunning twist on the traditional WWII flick with beautiful scenery, story, and characters

The only problem with the film, I believe, is that it quickly became predictable.

As pointed out by more critiquing voters: it's humor is quite bland and infantile, thus satire doesn't even stand a chance as its overshadowed by cringe; The führer overacts, tone change is abrupt, scenes which should be very short are very long, making the movie a boring dragster.

Jojo Rabbit is a great example of comedy, satire and drama all together, very exciting and visually stunning.

The movie is Satirical yet funny & Entertaining .

Unique and really enjoyable .

You kinda see where most of the story will go & all the inevitabilities, but it's well tailored, dynamic and very enjoyable.

Some of the humorous moments throughout also just seemed to dragged out, or simply tiresome from oh so many viewings before.

It has many 10/10 because of propaganda .

Roman Davis in his 1st role is stunning, and the rest of the cast are equally as good.

Waste of time.

Stunning .

Enjoyable and amazing .

The movie ultimately cannot communicate, let alone grasp, the weight of the tragedy it chooses as its subject matter, which makes its humor empty rather than resonant.

Painfully precious, contrived, unconvincing .

The jokes that were supposed to be funny were so empty and the "clumsiness" into the characters' play was not helping either.

But it shifts between that and some fairly overt messaging that is safe, politically correct and otherwise fairly bland.

When you are young, with the propaganda that is fed to you, you grow up a simpleton.

The story starts off strong then becomes quite repetitive and not as engaging.

boring and oddly offensive .

" 🦋Who else but Hollywood's self-proclaimed "Polynesian Jew" to blend such an audacious concept, serious subject matter and whimsical nature into a rousing Academy Award winning-success?

All of the actors in this movie are enjoyable to watch.

I mean who'd take Hitler as an imaginary friend (source material is way more serious apparently, haven't read it) and not just run with it, no pun intended, but make a funny, engaging and heartfelt movie with it?

and i didnt bored during the film

One of the most well-liked and instantly recognizable filmmakers working today, New Zealand director Taika Waititi continues to work off the foundation of coming of age stories his been working from since his under-seen Boyand his breakout success The Hunt for the Wilderpeople with one of this award's seasons most original offerings, Jojo Rabbit.

If you can plow through the first very silly and disjointed 20 minutes, you will be rewarded with a real heartfelt story.

This movie is such that you can't know what, coming later, there's a cliché-like situation you're waiting for a cliché reaction to.

A vibrant coming of age story?

A movie worth watching .

It was moving, funny, artistic, clever, made-you-think - just breathtaking.

I thought the movie was hilarious and I was already satisfied with the comedy aspect of it but it was also very emotional and I really enjoyed it thoroughly

Enjoyable .

These are all fine, but it's Taika Waititi's Hitler who stands out as an annoying and redundant pest: he steals the scenes he's in by being boring and juvenile, slowing the pace down so he can gurn his way through whatever attention he can grab.

Thankfully the last hour really is where things finally get good and enjoyable.

Brilliant movie about reality of propaganda .

This was my worry, the trailer was stunning.

For me this was a really enjoyable film, I definitely recommend it.

Not only is the star-studded cast immensely talented, but the script and cinematography are breathtaking.

Adapted and changed quite substantially from Christine Leunens novel, Rabbit is one of the darkest coming of age comedies to come our way in some time as Waititi tells the story of Roman Griffin Davis young German boy nicknamed Jojo who is in deep with the Nazi machine and even more so with his imaginary best friend that just so happens to be Adolf Hitler.

A funny entertaining movie with heart.

But so too is it about rising above such ideology, no matter how ingrained it might be, finding the individualistic humanity in the Other, behind the political cliché.

Boring and overrated .

I would consider it one of the worst movies of the year.

Enjoyable, Funny and incredibly touching .

Boring to death with dumb American humor.

The little boy's acting performance was intense.

There are scenes that just make you gasp, they are so unexpected and jarring.

Save yourself the trouble and don't waste your time.

It tackles many difficult issues - and finds sympathy in a lot of unexpected places.

Laughs are peppered throughout, as well as sharp moments of reality that jarringly leave the audience feeling empty inside.

Boring .

The script shouldnt even be considered for production and i think that movies like this shouldnt be allowed in theaters for spreading disinformation, propaganda and false belief!

Of all the things that I had watched the previous year, Jojo Rabbit overwhelmed most of them with an utterly unexpected surprise.

While I understand its fictitious narrative conveys the power of propaganda through the perspective of a child, it seems like this alone is the only reason why there are some who hold it in such a high regard.

It was indeed a really wonderful and enjoyable experience to watch the whole way.

Her combination of humor and pathos was riveting.

And there is a Disney war propaganda cartoon made in 1943 called "Der Fuehrer's Face" that captures the exact same essence of "JoJo Rabbit" - the absurdity of the Nazi beliefs and Hitler as the buffoon - and does a better job of it.

Disinformation about Nazis and propaganda movie.

That thrilling moment.

I get it's supposed to be semi humorous at the kid club but it seemed kinda stupid and embarrassing to watch, pointless moments in the clubs scenes.

And there is a confusing juxtaposition at play between absurd and completely unrealistic comedy while ALSO trying to insert entirely serious (and old as dirt) messages about war and fascism.

Meanwhile, Finkel's character development can be observed in the periphery of many scenes, providing viewers with an enjoyable easter-egg type experience and lending a re-watchable quality to the film.

The comedy stem from the lies that he is taught from this German propaganda & poor JoJo spouts them out as though it is the absolute truth.

Funny, engaging, tear-jerking, sweet and silly.

The cinematography was stunning and the acting was superb and on point, and a big shoutout to Scarlett Johansson for her amazing work in it!

Maybe for films like this, that are particularly tonally ambitious and out there in terms of some of their creative decisions, are simply worth watching and forming your own opinion on.

A stunning moral tale?

I've seen a lot of movies about the Second World War and this movie is one of the bad ones, because for me it was boring.

I got bored like 30 minutes in , the only scenes that made me laugh were the ones with Sam Rockwell.

To conclude, this movie is the only cure to Insomnia.

But the result of Taika's tameness is a wonderful comedy drama enjoyable by parents and children alike.

Enjoyable ending could have been longer .

It got boring in a lot of scenes.

Jojo Rabbit is an immaculately funny, engaging and heart-felt movie that is able to transcribe love amid its glorifying theme of Nazi Germany in World War II.

This works really well, seeing the war from the point-of-view of a child who is unaware of the full magnitude of it, obviously there is serious material, including anti-Semitism and the Nazi dictatorship, but it is funny and pokes fun where it can, not for everyone, but for me an enjoyable satirical wartime comedy-drama.

Kind of pointless.

It's dark but funny, slow but wonderful, disturbing but worth watching.

The dullest movie I've ever seen.

His internal conflict, and his slow softening of heart to the "enemy within".

I enjoyed it a lot.

A simple satire, the feelings are engaging.


Worst movie ever .

'An anti hate satire' is the tagline of the movie and the movie shows the Nazi era difficulties through humour and mind blowing dialogue (most from Scarlett Johansson).

I could go on an on but this was a total waste of time.

But it's OK to laugh at an insanely boring and unfunny film about antisemitism during the Holocaust in Nazi Germany?

The director shows us the power of Propaganda through this film and how one person can fool most of the people.

Even some extremely intense scenes can also be filled with some excellent humour.

Don't waste your time on this.

The horror of the nazi regime during World War II is explored with some devastating sequences, including an incredibly intense home visit from the gestapo led by a surprisingly menacing Stephen Merchant on superb form to a disturbing revelation at the beginning of the third act.

Boring and dull.

The Stream: The whipsaw changes in tone can be disorienting and highlight lulls in the forward momentum of the story.

It may be heavy-handed to crowbar them into the story at the end, but a lack of representation made their inclusion confusing.

Worth watching.

The worst movies are Americans speaking English with a German accent trying to play Germans speaking German, and trying to be funny at the same time.

The surreal representation is cool at first but as it goes on, it starts to become pointless and its shtick wears thin.

Boring and when you came to think that could be fun in some parts its just annoying

Quite fascinating performance by all the child actors.

It is a coming of age film that shows the division of a family due to war conflicts.

Made hype .. Total boring.

I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Jojo Rabbit is more irreverent and less poetic than the two mentioned films, but it has got a unique point of view and I enjoyed it a lot.

Its fun, emotional, deep and action packed at the same time.

Though the story is a little basic and predictable, it still got me emotional.

What a waste of time .

If you like your comedies on the edge and bit whacky - like "Death of Stalin" - then you will probably enjoy this.

Forget about the insensitivity regarding the subject matter - this movie is BORING.

In spite of being children, they have demonstrated engaging chemistry and comradeship during the montage.

It is hilarious and warm, and I will always hold a special place in my heart for a film that ends with children dancing awkwardly to Heroes, followed by an intriguing quote:Let everything happen to you Beauty and terror Just keep going No feeling is finalRainer Maria Rilke

First of all, quite superficial - but still, the accents are unbearable.

Rahm orders Jojo to do rather simple tasks such as hang up nazi propaganda across the town.

This is a movie everyone should watch, this breathtaking and heartwarming story is much more than just a movie

But for the funny parts to the film they are in pockets throughout the film, Adolf (Played by Taika Waititi him self) as JoJo's imaginary friend is a great addition to the film as he pops up & does really funny things & says some funny things as well, but if it was nor for Adolf there would be far less funny parts which gets me onto my next point, apart from the Adolf parts there was not that much overall in the film, the beginning of the films starts off on a role with the comedy but then seems to fall flat through the mid section of the film which we (4 of us that watched it) ll said it felt flat & just talking & was a bit boring tbh, that's why i think without the funny parts the film would no where be as good hence why i didn't rate it that high.

This film is fascinating, and it showcases an exceptionally broad array of emotions while never being maudlin.

We had two fine performances from Scarlett Johansson and Sam Rockwell and the rest was uninspiring.

A demoted Klenzendorf is asked by Jojo's mother to include her son, so he is given the job of spreading propaganda and collecting scrap metal.

Stunning performances from all actors involved.

At times ridiculous, at others acutely insightful and poignant, Jojo Rabbit teaches us that life is unpredictable, weird, meaningful, sad and joyous at once.

Besides, it sends a powerfull message about how dangerous and pointless fanaticism really is.

It's enjoyable fun flick focusing with hard drama topics.

Stunning performance by the little guy who delivers a variety of feeling to the viewer, followed by a great cast which gives its best.

Worth the watch.

It's definitely worth watching.

Everything revolves around giddy Hitler Youth Jojo (fabulously sincere and boyishly feverish Roman Griffin Davis), as he grows into his new double digit age, lapping up the local propaganda, eagerly striving to belong, and chumming about with his invisible chancellor pal.

The cinematography is stunning, and most likely my favorite part about the film.

As he recovers, Rosie persuades Klenzendorf, who was demoted after the incident, to give him some work, and so he's employed to distribute propaganda around town.

Really Quite Uninspiring.

To say that all Germans by default were Nazis is an unfair assessment especially when living under a political terror where the mind is predisposed to the propaganda machine.

This was a really enjoyable film and felt fresh and new.

Waititi's Hitler, on the other hand, is simply imaginary--reflecting the ideology Jojo has absorbed from the culture and propaganda of Nazi Germany.

This is a nice film that tells the human side of a german family, in which Jojo (the youngest) is learning the fanatism of the nazi propaganda and his mother ( Scarlett J) tries to convince him there is still kidness in the world.

I found this film boring, not-funny, and offensive .

Jojo soon returns, taking a hand grenade, throwing it and accidentally blowing himself up which makes him unfit for the German army so he is restored to staying home and getting a job delivering conscription papers and putting up propaganda flyers.

A movie worth watching while spending your weekend and giving off the stress!!

My generation is maybe the last one still scarred with this cultural propaganda.

A fictional historic look at the Hitler Youth Camps and how one boy was indoctrinated by Nazi propaganda, Rabbit shows how the mightiest of anti-semitism can be overcome by common sense and love.

" While we never see any fanatic Nazis talking about extermination, the banality of such ordinary "shop talk" is indicative of the kind of racism inculcated in the minds of those who indulged in what Hannah Arendt termed "the banality of evil.

I think it is sincerity that I'm searching for, and in Jojo Rabbit, I find too much that is opposed to it - something contrived, not natural; something gratuitous, not measured; something ultimately less meaningful, because it is too concerned with generating laughs.

And he's also been behind some intriguing fare like Eagle vs.

Unfunny childish boring mess .

The movie is just unbearable and hard to watch.

Despite being a comedy-drama, there were intense scenes that gave the movie more reasons to understand in depth.

Full of irony and humor, but a bit too predictable .

The film is boring, nothing interesting happens and who cares what a child thinks about Hitler and the war.

Waititi does an outstanding job at portraying the funny side of Hitler aswell as directing a movie so crisp and detailed with such likeable and sharply written characters that are memorable as well as relateableThe whole message of the movie in my opinion is just the sheer pointless nature of war and the absurdity of conflicting views based on difference of nationalism and religious beliefs.

Enjoyable and Amazing .

Merged with beautiful narrative techniques and a truly compelling storyline with unexpected twists.

A fun saterical story worth watching.

It is even for this type of movie feels very slow and the dialogues could be better...

Around the time we reach the hour mark, the film stutters; the plot keeps moving, but the comedy starts to seem tired, the concept that felt provocative now just feels a little dull.

My mom who is the biggest ww1-ww2 movie fan that has to do with wars, I can speak for her-she was bored, kept dozing off and messing with her blanket.

Interesting story yet quite a confusing narrative.

I was so bored I was texting people about how bored I was.

As I understand it, this is Goz zakas, such a policy is such propaganda.

Although the subject matter won't be to everyone's taste, this coming of age drama with humourous moments gives a realistic and bleak depiction of both the fanaticism and anti-hate ideas in Germany during the end of World War II.

A film that explores the troubles and issues of WWII through the, often humorous and entertaining, eyes of a ten year old member of the Hitler Youth movement.

Through various little nuances, Waititi beautifully shows how fanaticism is born and thrives on propaganda, disinformation and character assassination.

Unlike other Hollywood movies most frames were evenly exposed and only intense scenes had darkness, symmetry was also followed in many scenes for example when gestapo officer deertz who is long legged Comes for the inspection at jojo's house with his companions later on captain klezendorf also joins them and in order to have conversation with klezendorf deertz has to look down for the eye contact with klezendorf which was all symmetrical.

Unfortunately, the ending provides no message on how to avoid a similar fate in the future.

I had previously reviewed Jojo Rabbit and rated it a "1" because of the disgusting neck-wringing bunny scene and I walked out.....

It's an amazing movie, it's unfortunate the USA propaganda .

Stunning story.

Although this movie is set during WW2, its message is universal, and there are a lot of parallels with the current political climate as well: the blind faith in "strong", corrupt leaders and their stupid ideals, the indoctrination of kids with propaganda, the rage and hate towards certain groups of people and cultures due to sheer ignorance, cognitive dissonance, and so on.

The establishing first thirty minutes of the movie are fine but after that it quickly turns very boring, the narrative meanders and the film quickly runs out of steam.

That was something unexpected.

Despite being a comedy-drama, there were intense scenes that gave the movie more reasons to understand in depth.

Jojo Rabbit is a very entertaining film that lets the almost 2-hour runtime fly by.

For example, the manipulation of young children in Nazi Germany and propaganda.

It might not be as good as his other works, yet it it is still a strong and engaging film that is more than worthy of its six Oscar nominations and places its director right at the top of the league of film makers currently working now !

Overall, this was an enjoyable film, even though it wasn't perfect.

The comedy is also nothing special, though still enjoyable.

Worth watching if you feel down about the world today.

Definitely worth the watch.

Jojo is given small tasks such as spreading propaganda leaflets throughout town and collecting scrap metal for the war effort.

I wanted to leave the theatre for about half a dozen times.

Saying that, it amazes me how Rebel Wilson gets repeated gigs - dull one trick pony.

Jojo Rabbit I found to be heard warming and enjoyable and with some great acting.

I enjoyed it more the second time around.. I look forward to this movies' affect of our current generation of childish, selfish, ignorant, racist, nationalistic conspiracy theorists incapable of empathy/awareness/compassion for human life.

But it's fascinating just watching a 10 year old boy study the life and background of a Jew, slowly realizing they have much more of a common ground.

It's not a perfect film, but one that is highly entertaining and stays very memorable too.

Boring .

Jojo Rabbit is a fascinating satire that succeeds with its comedy while giving very powerful emotional moments as well.

The story was engaging and hilarious.

I also loved how accessible the film was and that I could take my kids (10 & 13) who both enjoyed it and understood the absurdity.

Just watched it again and enjoyed it just as much the 2nd time.

Just wonders stuck in boring storyline

so unexpected, since I really knew nothing about the film, a total surprise.

No doubt this is a charming well produced film, but at nearly 2 hours long the story becomes tedious.

But the hate and brutality of the Third Reich pops up throughout from time to time, creating contrast that keeps us on the edge of our seats.

It's the general topic, that makes the lack of story feel very off.

There are unexpected turns, it's easy to follow, and the music is well done.

It is also a great movie in technical aspects with absolutely stunning performance of Roman Griffin Davis.

So the ending itself, even though it's beautiful with the "dance" callback, feels like of empty, like if they could have done more, and evolve Jojo's character a bit more.

Dont waste your time or money unless you are a progressive liberal in which case this is a perfect echo chamber movie.

Taika Waititi some how managed to make a comedy/drama movie about such sensitive subject, in 2019, midst all the cancel/woke culture pitchforks, yet somehow delivers a brilliant heart-felt movie, that is quite entertaining at the some time, it is just that good.

When ScarJo came on the screen, it got a bit boring.

At the camp, Jojo is introduced to Captain Klenzendorf (Sam Rockwell) and Fräulein Rahm (Rebel Wilson), as they teach him and his male peers to do simple tasks, such as murder and false propaganda of anti-semitism.

Hitler is arguably the best device of the film - by being so friendly and funny, he lulls the viewer into a false sense of security, which by the end makes the audience question why they trusted this person to begin with.

absolutely stunning.

Critically speaking, it's an amazing satire that delivers a compelling message in regards to the blind nationalism.

Funny, sensitive, compelling, harrowing and hope giving, wrapped up in beautiful cinematography and supported by a quality soundtrack.

And if that says anything, it's that the dramatic set-up is actually great but Waititi's insistence to convince us, in a most factitious and pretentious way, that his film possess the punch, which it claims to be having, utterly blinded me of its emotional heft, which it definitely there, and it did take me off guard.

Jojo's mother Rosie (Scarlett Johansson) appears to be a model Nazi but she is hiding a Jewish teenager, Elsa (Thomasin McKenzie), and engaging in resistance activities.

Literally worst movie ever.

A unique film that is funny, sad, unexpected and thought provoking.

Of course, it is incredibly tense and scary, but it is also over the top (in an entertaining way) and really funny near the end when we see what Jojo wrote and painted about Nathan, the girl's boyfriend.

It was unexpected .

It's not an epic 10/10 blockbuster of an Avengers endgame proportions, but it's unexpected and brilliant.

Silly predictable movie.

I am European and it's sad how American propaganda machine is still ruining amazing movies.

This little boy is surrounded by Nazis and is himself brainwashed by the propaganda.

The Big Screen: Compelling performances from a good cast bring offbeat humor and depth of emotion.

The scenes between the two young leads are intriguing and offer the most depth as the nazi gets an education he doesn't realise he needs.