Jojo Rabbit (2019) - Comedy, Drama, War

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A young boy in Hitler's army finds out his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their home.

IMDB: 8.1
Director: Taika Waititi
Stars: Roman Griffin Davis, Thomasin McKenzie
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 7 out of 134 found boring (5.22%)

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Apart from that it was amazing, highly recommend it, cant wait to see it again!!

I quite enjoyed this odd movie and highly recommend it.

The musical score was spot on, the humour witty and unpredictable, lead characters believable, and my feel after watching - well written beyond belief!

Enjoyable and unique .

Jojo Rabbit was a very enjoyable and funny satire.

Jojo Rabbit (2019) - 7.8Act 1 - 7.5Act 2 - 7.4Act 3 - 8.5 Ridiculous tone is set right from the opening scenesBeatles song playing with cheering people but it is edited to look like it's for HitlerHitler youth camp is greatUses absurdity to make fun of the Nazis and their idealsJojo has an imaginary friend who just so happens to be HitlerJoJo gets his nickname when the older Nazis make fun of him for not killing a rabbit and call him scared and call is father a coward tooJojo has to leave camp when he blows himself up with a grenade and we meet his mother, he has scars but is recovering from his wounds in his homeThe superiors overlooking the camp got demoted and are now in an office where Jojo is now working putting up propagandaJojo finds that his mother is keeping a Jewish child safe hidden in their homeParody of Hitler is hilarious and childlikeScarlett is great as JoJo's mother, very charmingJojo is a kid who has been brainwashed by propaganda and blindly follows it and must overcome this by getting to know the Jewish girlMom is trying her best to make good of an awful situation and a confused kidStealing the ends of penises joke is greatJojo just wants to be apart of something and isn't really a naziGestapo is searching the houseTense moment when the girl acts as Jojos dead sister so she isn't found in the crawl spaceShe gets the info wrong in her papers and Jojo's camp leader protects her and doesn't turn her in for getting the info wrongThere are good people even in the Nazi ranks which is important to remember as many were just following orders and trying to do good when they couldIn the market and sees his mothers shoes as she is hanged for dealing out those papers, shoe scenes payoff very well in this heartbreaking momentApparently Jojos dad was working with his mom from afar and will be back home after the warThe girls parents were sent to some of the camps and they watch the invasion of Germany from their bedroom windowMix of comedy and sadness in the invasion scenes, remember he is just a scared boy who's aloneHis captain saves and protects the boy in a sweet momentJojo doesn't want to let the girl go as she is all he hasJojo sheds is imaginary friend and kicks him out a window and out of his lifeJojo and Elsa walk outside and see American striving through the streetsElsa now knows she is free and slaps Jojo for lyingThey then dance as a call back to Jojo's mom, very sweet endingGreat performances all aroundGreat balance between comedy and dramaUnderstand everything that the characters are going through and have to overcomeSide characters are all great and add plenty of value to the filmFilm keeps the Nazi elements light for most of the film but knows when to make them serious to have a dramatic impactGreat style to the film and is very uniqueVery good film which is worth seeing

It was really able to show how stupid and ridiculous racism is, and did it in such an entertaining way.

While the characters are engaging enough, they are never developed enough to truly care about their motivations or what happens to them.

I was hoping that this film could be profound and entertaining since I love satire, and it has a strong cast.

From a child's perspective, we can see the effects of propaganda and brainwashing by the state, and the power of personal relationships in changing that narrative.

The soundtrack n unexpected choice.

Her strength and compassion while attempting to stay alive in a country that reviled her kind was, at times, riveting.

After all, writer-director Waititi is coming off a couple of brilliant indies (2014's WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, and 2016's HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE) and a major score with Marvel money on THOR: RAGNAROK (2017), arguably the most entertaining superhero movie of the past few years.

Helping to lighten things is hipster anachronistic dialogue like "intense" and "correctamundo" and slapstick set pieces that ease the inevitable tension from hinting at Holocaust.

But overall, it's a entertaining comedy.

It had great pacing and was thoroughly entertaining.

This is cinema at its purest and most enjoyable form, executed perfectly from everyone working on the project.

The tone of the movie is uneven: The first act is a satire; the second act is more of a coming of age comedy; and the third act is a straight-up war drama.

Thor: Ragnarok was definitely the best Thor film and is one of the more entertaining additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And with the subtext of taking away power from Nazi propaganda and ideals, reducing them to cartoonish manifestations of a boys imagination, this film succeeds to an even greater degree.

The film maintained the perfect balance and never went too far with it's humor, and never spoon-fed the audience with the obvious message of Nazis, propaganda, oppression, and war are bad.

That being said this film was brilliantly executed from the gorgeously detailed cinematography and a stunning performance by all actors.

So many films get overly ambitious with their outlandish stories that they end up crumbling down in their own goals and come off as pretentious rather than creative.

But I still enjoyed it overall.

Nothing happens except that two kids fall in love under the auspices of personal tragedy.

Writer/director Taika Waititi tells the coming of age story of 10-year-old German boy, Johannes (Jojo), who is being brought up in the Hitler Youth during the final months of the second world war.

It is very enjoyable film that I enjoyed with a decent crowd.

Controversial crowd pleaser on a child's perspective of propaganda .


" It looks interesting aesthetically, with engaging cinematography and unique production design reminiscent of Wes Anderson, and it has some clever moments in its first act.

Good comedy very well written screenplay but does slow down I bit

Very entertaining.

It's acting is on point, the emotional levels packed within are touching and entertaining, and the comedy had me laughing extremely hard at the mocking this story told.

It had me laughing out loud various times, is extremely entertaining to watch all the way through and left me with an all around great, optimistic feeling.

I found Sam Rockwell, as a Hitler Youth commander, to be particularly compelling.

Jojo Rabbit was wierd , funny , heartwarming and heartbreaking and I think its definitely worth the watch.

It was wildly entertaining, and hilarious, and made light of how stupid and absurd racism is.

He's exactly the right age and temperament to buy completely into the propaganda that Nazism was putting out at this point in the war.

The film is over the top and enjoyable.

Like I already stated the humor is really good dose a good job lightening up the mood especially towards the end of the movie when it gets really intense.

A fascinating, moving, funny, multi-layered movie experience.