Jolene (2008) - Drama

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A teenage orphan spends ten years traveling cross-country experiencing life, love and heartbreak. Based on E.L. Doctorow's story, "Jolene: A Life."

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Dan Ireland
Stars: Jessica Chastain, Frances Fisher
Length: 121 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 11 out of 39 found boring (28.2%)

One-line Reviews (29)

ZzzzZzzzZZz .

I get that's the point of this character-study, but it's just incredibly repetitive and predictable.

Should have at least contracted someone with some screen writing experience to make up for the lack of plot and character development.

Also,it is an engaging road movie that charts the adventures of an orphan teenager as she experiments with sexuality, marriage, and adultery.

" A quickly bored Chastain leaves anyway and hitch hikes to Arizona, servicing a couple of truck drivers along the way.

A film with no plot.

An Engaging Road Movie .

Over all this movie was so boring,that even the actors looks bored during all the sex scenes.

Jessica's acting was perfect, even if the story felt a little drawn out or campy at times.

I suffered this movie because I love Jessica Chastain, but OMG, what a redundant, trite pile of stereotypes.

Through the course of multiple lovers and many different career paths, Jolene takes us on a thrilling journey across the United States from the perspective of a very fetching young female orphan.

In fact, if Chastain were physically stunning in her early 30s, she wouldn't have been able to convincingly play someone sexually precocious and half her age.

There is no plot or overall story to the film.

But as a movie, JOLENE Is a contrived little mess - and it makes us wonder how the powerful EL Doctorow could be so diluted.

Next, ho hum, she hitches to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she is spotted as a waitress and courted by a very odd-mannered man whose family "owns half of Tulsa.

The dialogue is very simplistic and the characters and situations seem very cliché.

That part is very compelling.

The performances are solid, but it serves as an amazing introduction to Jessica Chastain, the most exciting new face in Hollywood.

But it is repetitious, and finally boring, in its formulaic way.

If you're bored of blockbuster bombardment then "Jolene" could well provide a refreshing antidote.

Definitely, a must see for people who love engaging movies.

Or the lack of story and character development.

The story is shallow and contrived and is more like a simulation of life than real existence.

I mean I get that Jolene is suppose to look bored.

Don't waste your time, especially if you care about real stories about the female experience.

Yes, her journey is repetitive in a way, and she never seems to learn from her experiences and continues to make terrible decisions in her life.

As for plot, many before said there was no plot.

Since she's suppose to be emotionally crippled,and get taken advantage off,but the male actors look bored too.

A coming of age movie in a way, just spread out over 10 years.