Joy (2015) - Drama

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Joy is the story of the title character, who rose to become founder and matriarch of a powerful family business dynasty.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: David O. Russell
Stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro
Length: 124 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 81 out of 298 found boring (27.18%)

One-line Reviews (225)

He also does good in this movie, given his character is pretty bland and boring.

I believe that in his attempt to have several stories of brave women it resulted in a movie somewhat confusing and you cannot help feeling that the end result is very flat.

It seemed pointless.

the mundane and all too real responsibilities of adulthood.

This uplifting tale is even more fascinating because, it's a true story.

Russell (Who wrote, produced & directed) has been so successful in recent years with films like Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle that it has perhaps made him complacent and even bored.

Russell has crafted a really fascinating and special film.

one of the most boring thing I ever watched they will take the reward of the most boring thing of 2015 what they are thinking of this movie why they use a lot of boring sense did you watch Forrest Gump I sure nothing is worst than this movie the man who make this movie and all the cast should go to jail of boringness nice try but don't do this again I tell everyone who has a little time don't go to this movie and for guys who want to have a good time with his girlfriend to go you will found girlfriend needs you in the dark so why they make something for wasting time for nothing and they even cannot use good actors for a good movie

Russell biopic about Joy Mangano starring Jennifer Lawrence gives the young actor a chance to shine but other than that, it leaves the viewer bored and unsure of what is truth or just embellishment.

Jennifer Lawrence shines in one of the dullest pictures of the year, another pretentious all-star miscarriage by D.

What little story there is engaging and Jennifer Lawrence does her best to humanize the character of Joy.

The narrative is made derivative by predictable obstacles to its goals of confidence, female empowerment and dedication to women, by dodgy business partners, financial problems and moments of self-loathing.

Duller in fact.

Entertaining and also inspiring, this is a sweet film with no CGI, no nudity, and no profanity.

So much of Joy is desperately predictable, which makes for dispiriting viewing.

Going to the movies has become virtually a waste of time-especially if this is the type of thing they expect people to go for.

That may not be a thrill like a car chase or a shoot-out, but it was immensely more engaging.

Maybe then that'll get her off the cliché train she rides on with every movie she does.

Homina Homina" Sensibility is Disappointingly Dull.

Wonderfully Entertaining .

The cut/pacing was off - waaaay too long on some flashback scenes.

Solid cast, fascinating true story of a '70's entrepreneur--a splendid woman.

Joy's family situation is ridiculous, but highly possible and highly entertaining.

Dull and unengaging .

Joy is unfortunately a pretty boring movie.

Zzzz .

I had low expectation before watching the movie, but found myself really immersed in following Joy in her journey.

This uplifting and enjoyable movie is worth watching.

Wow unexpected.

The first half is slow and somewhat overly detailed with monotonous information.

Russell reunites for the third time with his cast to die for and manages to keep us hungry for more as the action takes unpredictable turns following Joy's journey to success.

There were times in this that made me think Joy would not succeed, times in which I'm sure the average person would crumble, I was, quite honestly, on the edge of my seat really sympathetically rooting for her to do well.

The process of invention and the business hurdles she faces are both interesting and entertaining.

Terrific Performances, but Lacks Compassion and a Truly Engaging Story, .

It was all there and made for a beautifully entertaining and original film.

For the most part, Joy is a tedious mess.

Yet despite these flaws, 'Joy" has the essential elements for a winning attraction - it captivates, it's compelling and its entertaining.

Anyway, Joy was kind of joyless, flat and uninspiring.

It is not bad, it is simply completely redundant and unnecessary, equals waste of time.................................................

Joy is well written, full of good performances, inspirational, and an intriguing movie.

Nevertheless, I think Joy deserves a moderate recommendation because it's entertaining despite its superficiality and it illustrates us about an ignored (maybe rightfully so) chapter of popular culture.

It is too long, slow and choppy.

That is, the Di Niro, Lawrence, Cooper trio thing is on the edge of becoming tiresome.

Russell's uncertain approach to its fascinating fact-based tale only sporadically sparks bursts of the titular emotion.

Too bad Lawrence, De Niro, Cooper, Madsen, Ramirez, Rosellini and Ladd had to lend their considerable talents to this slow, wretched, boring, badly- written, miserable miserable MISERABLE excuse for a movie.

It wasted about an hour trying to get the point across to, what I would imagine, a slightly bored audience.

And it's one weird movie to get through, it's as if Time Burton and David Cronenberg have been given one of the most pointless success stories and have been advised to glam it up a little.

I mean the first 20 to 30 mins of the movie is awful and cheesy, and really hard to get through, but once it gets out of that kinda over the top acting and story it becomes a really compelling film about a woman who really had to work, endure, and struggle to get to were she wanted to be.

This film contains a very powerful message but is weighed down by its uninteresting script and poorly placed cast.

Despite a handful of dull parts, the story was good and the movie did really well bringing everything together in the end.

Waste of time .

Portions of the script however I just didn't relate to, in particular Trudi's 'four questions' monologue which felt false and disjointed and jolted me out of my belief in the overall story.

The story really is as dull as it sounds .

(I kind of think it's a directing problem though, considering the high level acting Jennifer Lawrence can perform, the director could have and should have repeated that scene)In conclusion, the movie was disappointingly weak and boring.

Joy never comes of as a genuine story about a strong woman, but rather an empty shell with the director telling the audience, "you can do this".

Russell's quirky family members are hit or miss, but rags to riches tale of QVC entrepreneur, is riveting .

Lawrence, Cooper, De Niro and others are so weak and uninteresting to watch here that it's amazing they've ever done good work.

The epitome of empty Oscar bait .

Too bad that we are treated into a clichéd and predictable story that was too simplistic.

The editing and the story itself is very fast paced which means that you need to pay attention or you're definitely going to miss something.

In short, though its a cliché of a story it has enough redeeming qualities to make it entertaining and worth a watch.

The formula is practically the same as a sports movie that remains predictable, especially when they keep hammering in that Joy WILL be a strong person.

We sit for an hour-and-a-half waiting for a payoff, and what we get is a legal-boring-non-twist, and a brief explanation on what made her rich.

just to get up again, more intense....

the relationship with the half sister was confusing...

The bizarre opening is a spot slow and at first appears irrelevant.

Cooper's significant role in act 2 takes the film in a much needed energetic direction but the rest of the film turns out to be rather dull.

Overall this film was pretty decent,its not as good as Silver Lining's Playbook as the story felt more better,here the story just dragged and dragged and dragged and I said to myself what is this film about I can't make head or tails of what this premise is about.

Russell film, but it still is extremely entertaining and well made.

The plot seemed simultaneously dragged out and rushed and contained zero suspense because no legitimate stakes were really raised and even if they had been, I cared so little about the characters that it wouldn't have mattered.

The dull writing.

The characters were absolutely entertaining, tragically genuine, and easy to relate to.

With Lawrence in awards worthy form, Joy's lack of meaty narrative drive is further hampered by an underused support cast from Bradley Cooper's TV big man Neill Walker, Robert De Niro's frustrating fatherly figure Rudy and Point Break star Edgar Ramirez's odd turn as Joy's ex-husband Tony who all seem to be floating along in a plot line that was perhaps as uninteresting to them as it is to us.

With all her worldly possessions on the line, the twists and turns of the plot make for a gripping cinema-going experience.

A waste of time .

Joy's story is a compelling one, and Lawrence hits all the right emotions.

Don't waste your money...

The arc of the story was too predictable.

Joy is a sufficiently entertaining movie, and it's almost entirely due to Lawrence's strong performance.

This goes on for far too long a running time.

I left the theater not fully understanding what Joy's full success really was.

watching paint dry would be more entertaining.

Dull and unengaging.

Most movies are predictable, and that can be boring.

At least the second half (the film is very slow to get going).

Her sharp eyes, her nervous smiles, blank face because of tiresome when seeing troubles in her family, her excitement when seeing her products sold and that "wolf- like" look when going getting her patent and property back - everything was shown perfectly.

Fun for them, but a bit boring for the audience.

Elisabeth Rohm is mind blowing as Peggy.

This leads to a very confusing roaster of characters, most of which don't make it to act two.

Sorry, but in a 1 hour and 53 minute movie, that's just WAY too long to wait to see if it's actually going to turn into a movie.

He only really acted and came alive when he was shouting or cheering or being loud; otherwise he was merely a boring presence.

Jennifer Lawrence shines in one of the dullest pictures of the year, another pretentious all- star miscarriage by D.

The unsympathetic characters also make this unbearable.

However, not even the intensity she shows here, can carry on a movie that bores you to tears.

Entertaining and heartfelt story of a strong amazing woman in a crazy family.

O Russel's worst movie.

During the initial part of the movie, there were some funny bits which kept me moderately entertained but, after those 30 minutes, it was just plain boredom.

After 10 minutes I knew this was worth watching so my husband and I watched it and to both of our surprise we really liked it.

Save your money...

They just let it fizzle with a lack of substance and an over abundance of odd, slow tangents.

This film is refreshing, well acted, entertaining--a film I know I will watch again and probably again.

JOY is certainly worth watching.

Still, it is entertaining indeed – like a circus, which makes you laugh for the wrong reason and then reminds you that you should not be supporting this.

Overall, this is an entertaining, if somewhat clichéd story of feminine triumphalism in the fabricated-value world of television commerce.

By the end, the film feels it missed some opportunities in bringing together an engaging tribute to its real- life figure it centers on.

Here they took what is already a fairly boring story and made it much worse with the crappy writing of David Russel and even worse direction.

Jennifer Laurence builds a compelling character that combines all the roles women play.

A compelling story of business it is.

The movie was boring, disjointed, and depressing--a real disappointment.

Russell, "Joy" is an accessible, entertaining and hopeful film.

Russell wrote the screen play and directed this engrossing film about the determination of a little girls whose need to create things is squelched by life in general until she has a big break, invents a mop, makes it big, loses is all then climbs out of the hole of bankruptcy and depression and wins - supremely!

The final 45 minutes, too, are a big asset - they're the most entertaining portion of the movie, as the plot shifts into fifth gear and an air of desperation (and later, glorious triumph) sets in.

it struggles with the story and it is completely predictable (Jennifer still does a great job, more an X-Girl than Joy).

In the end, "Joy" is a waste of time and talented cast.

In a way I think she deserves it for her uncanny ability to inject life into an utterly ridiculous, badly written character, in a deadly dull movie.

" This came across in a very real and engaging way on QVC and the rest was history.

Stiff, two-dimensional, boring...

Editing also is an issue for the story meanders on moments that are tiresome, Cinematography adds nothing to the experience, and even the soundtrack isn't effective.

An academy award winning cast took a simple life story and made it exciting...

I really don't get why people give bad reviews for this movie, But i do get that this movie is kinda boring (for the most people) for the first 30 Min's i guess because they expect to be an A film because of the actors and whatever.

Sorry to hear some found "Joy" boring.

As expected DeNiro provides an entertaining performance, but the cranky, foul-mouthed grandfather character seems a bit cliché.

If you like rather mundane cliched films about mops then you will love this.

Her eyes are so riveting that it is hard not to empathize with the pain she wears.

This movie is probably one of the worst movies of the year.

Plain boring and horrendous .

It is a movie that will fill you with positive feelings and optimism but still the plot was somehow predictable.

And yet while it lacks the spark that made Russell's previous two Golden Globe winning comedies so remarkable, the film is often engaging to view and watchable to the end.

Furthermore, the story was completely disoriented and difficult to follow.

While that sounds a tad boring, the movie is so much more than that.

I actually thought that Isabella Rossellini's character was the most intriguing one in the movie.

The plot could have been interesting but the script completely ruined it I am not a fan of David Russell bu he did a really really bad job with Joy: his sequences don t make any sense, the narrator character choice is just pointless and many scenes are really hard to believe in.

However, Joy just seems flat and uninteresting.

Overall, I think that this manages to tell the true story of Joy Mangano in both an inspiring and compelling way.

The main character just so happened to be a young white woman and I also must say that Jennifer Lawrence gives another riveting performance that nearly brought me to tears.

Innovative, Engaging, Inspirational .

No need to see it in a theater, it will be just as boring on a home platform.

Creating the emotional backbone to the story are the dysfunctional family and friends who orbit planet Joy: her lothario father (Robert De Niro) and his latest belle (Trudi played by Isabella Rossellini as a conveniently very-well-heeled widower); her soap-addicted and virtually bed-bound mother (Virginia Madsen); her divorced husband Tony (Edgar Ramirez) who lives in the basement; her half-sister Peggy (Elisabeth Röhm) always trying to get one better; her childhood friend Jackie (a stunning Dascha Polanco) and her encouraging grandmother (Dianne Ladd) who also narrates the story.

It took a long and bumpy road to become a hit and the movie covers this aspect wonderfully with entertaining theatrical cues,good visuals and a cool soundtrack.

With Joy, there are too many slow portions that take up time the finale sorely needed.

This makes for a painfully boring film.

Russell has not done a good job with the first part of the film where the action is slow, even boring.

It just dragged in spots and I found myself thinking: "let's get on with it.

JOY is another exciting, solid effort from David O.

The result is something that generates a degree of unsettling confusion in the viewer.

I found the opposite to be true and thought the characters were intriguing and amusing.

Oh christ this film is boring.

Waste of time.

Rags-to-riches stories are generally quite emotional, engaging and entertaining, as you want the underdog to succeed.

It was a pointless move and didn't add anything to the film.

too long and somewhat boring .

Just seems like a simple story was dragged out for longer than needed, and the story was somewhat boring.

Dascha Polenka is proving to be an incredibly warm on screen presence, and despite their characters falling into the aforementioned trap of being slightly too nasty, Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro are both reliably compelling and interesting.

This movie was very entertaining and I liked it.

The story is compelling, full of female determination, family issues, business betrayal and mischief-makers.

At times it was repetitive and I wanted to "fast-forward" to move it along.

" The driving scenes and peripheral mundane action with family members could have been eliminated and not affected the story very much.

Fascinating story hers as well.

Don't waste your money on cinema tickets, wait for the DVD release.

Joy works as tremendous showcase of Jennifer Lawrence talent and as a moderately compelling, if a bit uneven, biography.

I'm one for it too, especially when it involves marginalized persons (in this case a woman, a "boring housewife") who stands up for themselves and fights for 1.

The out-takes used for the trailers including Lawrence handling a shot gun and the family wedding scene are minor mile-stones on the highway verge of a very long, dull drive through a barren plain.

It is a very cliché story.

Joy kept our attention and even though some reviews say the plot was slow, I think real life develops slowly.

The film dragged...

I was drawn in to the main characters struggle and the story was really engaging.

Three, maybe four, times this movie made me completely fill up, not because of the fantastic human story but because of the remarkable performance by Jennifer Lawrence and the stunning direction of her by Russell.

Bottom line: An uplifting and perhaps compelling true story does not always translate into a good film.

All in all, you should save your money and see something that packs a punch, or, in the very slightest, has emotion to it.

When you consider that the product is a mop, this sounds incredibly dull.

This movie was very gripping,engaging and stressful to witness what was done to this brilliant woman who had a real talent for invention.

'Joy' features plenty of commendable elements: good performances by Lawrence and Rossellini in particular, and it tells an engaging underdog story.

But the way that people want to dog this film is just confusing to me.

Although a good and inspiring story, I felt this film was way too long and somewhat boring at times.

Otherwise, 'Joy' comes off a bit too polite and trite and designed to please holiday viewers.

The film doesn't achieve the director's usual balance of high drama and hilarious comedy because the laughs grow scarce when confronted by the film's sluggish duration, outstaying its welcome until it shifts from quietly humorous to tedious before the end.

The rest of the characters are all incredibly dull and you will not care about anybody in this film other then joy.

Was Joy's (the real Mangano or the fictional Joy, take your pick) struggle for entrepreneurial success really as exciting and rollercoasterish as in the movie?

However, the scenes with Robert de Niro and Isabella Rossellini, especially one involving a document signing are poor and contribute to making what good have been a good movie irritating and disjointed.

Joy itself was really disjointed and messy.

As a result the film feels disjointed and aimless.

Had they continued to go with that, they could have had a much more engaging film.

The cinematography is compelling, with creative shots and effective close-ups.

Not quite the sum of its parts, but very entertaining and an easy Oscar contender in many areas.

That and the fact that this film sacrifices being a compelling tale in favour of being a hagiography of the Strong Independent Business Woman.

To see Lawrence in yet another role she looks way too young to play and De Niro with Cooper in strange supporting roles, are just tiresome.

However, the storyline of a creative woman that lives with her dysfunctional family and invents a mop, becoming a successful woman, has a boring and dull story and consequently screenplay; in addition, the soundtrack is annoying.

It is very good and worth the watch!

And some will find a story about the manufacture of a mop dull, no matter how charismatic the characters or inspirational the telling of the tale.

There is an interesting dramatic story here but it's only the last act where it gets compelling.

Very cliché and predictable.

She brilliantly conveys the feelings of frustration and contained anger as a result of continuous obstacles and failures set against her all the while she struggles to keep the peace with her whole disjointed family.

Worth watching .

Some will always find a tale of an under-dog's trial over adversity compelling, no matter how clumsily it's told.

Despite how cheesy and uninteresting that sounds this is an excellent movie.

The characters are quirky and comedic, the bad guys are charcoal bad, the factory that makes parts is empty and the product is drearily dull.

It is an absolute knockout, uplifting and inspiring without being preachy, cheesy, or formulaic.

First movie my wife and I have ever walked out of.

Joy is a plain, boring and uneventful movie lacking great performances from Robert de Niro and Jennifer Lawrence (of course I wasn't expecting much from Bradley Cooper).

In a way I think she deserves it for her ability to inject life into an utterly ridiculous, badly written character, in a deadly dull movie.

And that is why the movie feels empty.

The first half of the film dragged out a bit and could have been condensed without losing any important information.

This biographical comedy-drama on a woman's struggle, only to become a millionaire, has fine performances, but dull writing & uneven pacing, spoil the fun!

Tedious, With A Few Decent Performances .

The biggest setback with "Joy," other than the lack of confidence in its story judging by the film's approach and the fact that it undercuts Mangano's namesake and significance for so long, like it's ashamed it exists to tell her story, is the disjointed direction.

Russell's brilliant Silver Linings Playbook, which successfully showed off a dysfunctional family and created huge drama around that, the strained relations in this film come off as more annoying and often dreary, without being at all dramatic.

This means the film is particularly boring and completely fails to engage.

While the themes "rags to riches" and "hard work only leads to being beat up by the big guys" has been done before, this story has lots of details of the main characters, who are uniquely colorful and entertaining.

I thought this movie was entertaining - although at times it was a little confusing with financial situations.

During the first 30min I was already worried I may fall asleep.

Well, it was riveting.

Silver Linings Playbook is a great offbeat rom-com and American Hustle is an entertaining film even if it isn't nearly good enough to be an Oscar caliber film.

Despite a start and finish that were both a spot slow, 'Joy' is an excellent and solid film from the team that gave us the 'Silver Linings Playbook' and 'American Hustle'.

Another Exciting, Solid Effort from David O.

The story is just fascinating and intriguing, I was honestly surprised how at the edge of my seat I was at times.

The mundane, everyday activities that this family partakes in, have been realistically portrayed.

I welcome creative license to improve compelling elements of a story to create interest, in this film, the writers and director had the opportunity to make better selections.

Review: Finally, I have managed to stay awake through a whole movie and I actually found it entertaining throughout!

The thing he does well is choose great music, costumes and production design, but what good does that do when the movie itself is boring.

Some scenes are so artificial and cliché that they are painful to watch - most notably any scene in which someone is selling the mop.

" The ensemble cast, which includes Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, does typically great work and salvages the movie's slower parts.

Moving past act one, this movie blossoms into something truly entertaining.

Unexpected pleasure.

For the first part of the film everything feels a bit disjointed and confused.

Sometimes it's too fast and feels non-logic with the story's progress, yet sometimes too slow in emotional parts.