Joyride (1997) - Comedy, Crime, Drama

Hohum Score



The teenage son of a motel owner steals a black convertible to impress a mysterious beauty he has a crush on.

Director: Quinton Peeples
Stars: Tobey Maguire, Amy Hathaway
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 7 out of 31 found boring (22.58%)

One-line Reviews (25)

The concept of Adam West playing the part of a pimp was quite entertaining too.

Though the "losers making bad choices" plot can bore the heck out of me, this one kept my attention.

Story line was a bit twisted and in many cases just plain boring.

In fact, all the characters are engaging in this somewhat improbable fantasy, which manages to address a number of very serious issues in ways that are alternately gripping, humorous, and tragic - e.

Somewhat entertaining, terrible ending .

I still recommend this movie if your bored and want to watch something that is entertaining...

now before, I have left the theater..I have fast forwarded or turned off movies for being really stupid..but this movie was entertaining to me,...

1st the movie starts out slow for about the first 45 minutes and the movie is an hour and 33 minutes.

cheesy but still entertaining .

It's just one of those movies that is just enough outside convention, yet manages to still be entertaining and purposeful.

I really enjoyed it!

I was pleasantly surprised and amused by its portrayal of a boring, redneck small Texas town (like where I presently live) and its hick residents, and the typical bored teenage boys and the trouble they get into, just like I used to (well, not QUITE like I used to!

The direction was flashy in a pointless sort of way.

The quirky direction, style and simplicity makes this movie memorable and worth watching.

entertaining enough to where I didn't feel I had to or wanted to turn it off.

Give it a look, it's pretty entertaining.

They took a fairly good plot and left it going nowhere.

After having watched Benicio Del Toro in some brilliant and engrossing roles, i decided id give 'Joyride' a watch.

The premise is absurd and loaded with ridiculous sub plots to further waste viewers time.

Worst Movie Ever.

The plot was a bit twisted, with several unexpected turns that kept me guessing what would happen next.

Toby Maguire isn't one of my favourite actors, and I've often found him to be a fairly boring, and in the hands of a movie such as this, Maguire is stretched far beyond his limits.

The story is laughable for all the wrong reasons, and the movie plods on and on, without many scenes of any real depth.

He is always is monotone why I don't know.

A surprisingly engaging "B" movie .