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Legendary performer Judy Garland (Renée Zellweger) arrives in London in the winter of 1968 to perform a series of sold-out concerts.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Rupert Goold
Stars: Renée Zellweger, Jessie Buckley
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 59 out of 391 found boring (15.08%)

One-line Reviews (152)

" But again, the problem is that there's no story.

Trotting from sleepless hotel bed to backstage chaos, and never far from a bottle, it's a compelling, dryly witty portrait of an aging icon on the skids.

Thanks to the efforts of its main star, Judy stands out as one of the most entertaining biopics of the 2010s.

Universally flat and uninspiring of one of the most memorable recording stars of the 20th century.

If you are going to make a bio pic about the fabulous, tragic Judy Garland then get right in to the whole story (they did this with Edith Piaf's story in La Vie en Rose which was breathtaking).

It's a predictable story with no hope

Mayer presses Garland to choose between a career of Hollywood fame and glamour and a life as a dreary Midwestern farm wife.

I saw "The End of the Rainbow," the play upon which this movie is based, about a decade ago in London and almost walked out because it was so miserable.

the contrived story and the complete failure to capture the real essence of Judy Garland in song, mannerisms, heart.

Zellweger stars in this long, boring, depressing "bio" of Judy Garland toward the end of her life.

Renee Zellweger stuns in this Judy Garland biopic, making the over-acting part of the intense experience, and making her impossible to look away from.

It is long, it is boring and it is depressing.

Most people have said that it's a fine, mediocre biopic (which I truly believe is giving it too much credit), but that Zellweger's performance makes it worth watching.

Too slow, and too many boring overuse scene!

The costume design, hair, and makeup were impressive, but the movie was a bit slow.

The middle was a little slow.

Entire film full of boring overuse scene!

Compelling performance by Zellweger captures the physicality of a woman living on sheer nerves & vices: liquor, pills, cigarettes & past fame.

in looks, voice and song.. her muscular amazing arm muscles, confusing...

Still, it's a terrifically enjoyable movie.

Riveting movie about Judy Garland, Renée Zellweger nails it .

both intense and with just the right amount of desperation (considering what Garland was going through) without going overboard and hamming it up.

It was a boring bio-drama so much so I decided to dust my bookshelf and dusting is my least favorite chore.

Star turn from Renee Zellweger in a fairly dull film .

Dull, Dull, Dull .

The supporting cast is bland and interchangeable.

As dull as dishwater.

Anyway a great, enjoyable film with a moving rendition of OTR.

The visual effect is at times stunning - not least in the live performance segments.

Entertaining movie with a great lead performance .

Don't waste your time.

One of the worst movies I have seen in a while.

A star is boring .

Utterly Boring .

Enjoyable film dominated by outstanding performance from Renée Zellweger.

Apart from Zellweger's stunning performance it is not particularly remarkable, offering no great insights into the people involved, and it is hardly a revelation that Hollywood moguls like Louis B.

Worth watching for Renee .

Nonetheless, the film has some nice sequences-the super fan gay couple is especially engaging part of the film and they almost stick the landing because of it.

Her portrayal is excellent , the movie is a bit boring.

There is no plot, no one to root for, and nothing to look forward to.

She truly shines in the final scene, a conclusion that is perfectly moving, stunning, and breathtaking.

However it is well worth watching the film for Renee Zellwegers brilliant performance, she is just superb, and well supported by the rest of the cast as well.

The actors portraying these characters are also very dry.

Overrated, slow and drawn out .

This movie is worth watching.

Worst movie of 2019.

I found it so boring, I could not fall asleep, I could not stop figiting.

Renee Zellweger is absolutely stunning and almost unrecognizable in the title role.

As a biopic of the great Judy Garland, it flashbacks to her tedious past and her unstable present although she remains full of talent and love.

The primary setting of London is incredibly drab and boring.

Renee Zellweger pulls off a believable, sympathetic and engaging portrayal of Judy Garland.

Those people would just be seeing the sad boring depressing part of these great lives and missing out on the great contribution they made to our culture.

And to watch her get all the nuances of Miss Garland's singing and stage persona is fascinating.

A very personal, sad and yet thoroughly entertaining look at the last years of a Hollywood icon.

To listen to non-singer Renee Zellweger try to sing like Judy (with the aid of lots of studio digital adjustments) is a waste of time when one is viewing a film that celebrates her talent.

Its worth watching I got it on Amazon for 9.99 worth every penny.

As is, Judy is a fairly mundane bio pic that feels more made for TV than the actual made for TV biopic with Judy Davis that, at least, showed a more well rounded version of Garland.

Judy is well worth the watch though, if only for Zellweger's performance.

It has long been a showbiz cliché that life in showbiz is no bed of roses and that fame can only be bought at the cost of personal happiness.

"Judy" is a colossal bore, telling us nothing we don't already know and not even coming close to capturing the one-of-a-kind quality that made Judy Garland so special.

Looks good but so dull.

Completely captivating, all the emotions that Judy Garland went through, captured in an entertainment bubble, lonely yet adored, powerful present on stage, all portrayed so well by the stunning professionalism of the superb actor.

Anyway still a good film well worth watching.

The characters outside of Judy are predictable and one dimensional.

Weak and uninteresting.

There was no story.

Unnecessarily narrow focus on her last concerts in London and meltdowns and some uninteresting people there like the concert arrangers.


) contrived to take sole credit - i.

Make the film unwatchable!

Overall I was bored by looking at a drunk woman for two hours, we all know about Judy, tell us something we don't know.

This boring film makes a great life seem dull.

Her stage performances were boring and awful.

Boring tragedy .

Stunning .

This role you could tell was somethings she immersed herself into.


Seriously, she was so amazing, breathtaking and wonderful and definitely the best actress this year.

Zellweger was the perfect student of Garland & her work - she delivered a stunning performance in style, elocution & vocals.

A stunning, emotional tour de force.

Boring .


The other aspects of the story as written, felt disjointed.

The film is a little long in part because lots of songs --but well worth the slow wait as it deepens the character depiction and her love/hate with the role of being on stage.

The lack of a climax in the movie got me a little in the boring side.

Emotionally Gripping .

Despite Renée Zelwegger's really fine performance impersonating Judy Garland, "Judy" is rather slow moving to keep one's attention throughout the film....

The story, though had some issues, is really emotionally gripping.

If you're a fan of Garland's music, there's definitely enough to satisfy you, featuring a number of hugely entertaining performances of her most memorable songs, capped off with a deeply touching rendition of Over The Rainbow.

Congrats to the producers of Judy as it seems to me that it achieved the right balance for me for something that was touching and entertaining.

Watching Zellweger fall apart in times of distress, show moments of happiness as she dreams of a better life or most impressively take to the stage in freakishly on-point performances, is gripping stuff and while you wish that the world around her was more memorable, cinephiles and Garland fans will find much to savor in one of best individual performances in years.


The movie was mediocre, kinda boring and a lot singing for my taste .

Don't waste your time or money.

The movie was pretty boring and renee squinching her face up the whole time and poking her lips out the whole time was really annoying.

Renée Zellwegger is riveting as Judy - she even duplicates her posture.

It was heart warming and exciting.

Overall, Judy was a fun and exciting film I would recommend for anybody!

This was an atrocious bore.

a little too boring .

Flat, boring and depressing.

or so we were fidgeting in our seats!

When it worked for Judy this showed her at her engaging, personable best.

Because I'm THAT bored.

We both found it a long haul due to its slow pace.

It's a gripping story.

It was incredibly boring and after 10 minutes, I turned it off.

This was bland and it didn't show the real story of this amazing lady just a glimpse.

Zellweger's portrayal of Judy's addiction and her insomnia feel real.

It is well acted, moving, and compelling from go to whoa.

This is an engaging film, it is sympathetic to Garland, while not shying away from her well documented flaws.

It was a torture to watch.

By the ending I was bored and utterly detached from Judy, and given her arc it didn't even feel uplifting anyways.

Renee Zellwigger's nuanced, intense performance is so startling that it takes nearly 20 minutes to see beyond the somewhat aging face, wig , make-up and fidgety gestures to the woman we remember from Chicago and the Bridget Jones movies.

A very mundane look at the tail end of Miss Garland's life with small flashbacks of her rough childhood on the silver screen.

Otherwise, it's an obnoxiously predictable and downright boring downer that once again reminds us that (SPOILER!

It is fascinating to watch her story play out through that lens rather than simply "she went a little crazy".

Stunning performance!

All this arguably becomes a bit too intense for a two hour movie.

But most disappointingly, the film as a whole felt kind of bland.

Her live numbers on stage are in turn inspiring, entertaining, and often incredibly emotional.

PROS:Renee Zellweger Is Perfect As Judy GarlandRupert Goold's Strong DirectingSolid Supporting CastStrong Message About Child Actors And Hollywood ImageWell Filmed Music ScenesHard Hitting DramaAn Emotionally Satisfying EndingThe Flashbacks Are Really Sad (And A Little Creepy)CONS:Some Factual Information Is WrongA Pointless Gay Couple RomanceSome Pacing IssuesSometimes It Can Be Predictable

Too slow and too obvious - wish the angst could be exhibited better than just the booze and pills.

Pacing is a little slow and the story is a bit thin.

Confusing .

Renee Zellweger beautifully captures both the tragic essence and the stunning talent of the late 1960's Judy Garland, an iconic and revered entertainment figure.

On top of it just being kind of boring I thought Zellwegers singing wasn't very good at all.

Boring as heck (I am a 65 Yr old guy).

Renée Zellweger's excellent performance aside, the rest of the movie is very weak with bland performances.

I do admit the acting was good but the movie was painfully slow.

Rene Zellweger gives a stunning performance as Judy Garland towards the end of her life.

Culminating with a breathtaking final 10 minutes that expose the heart of Garland's deep vulnerability, it's easy to excuse some of "Judy"'s more melodramatic moments along the way.

The story is dry because it overlooks the impact of Judy by focusing on her uneventful, and miserable final year.

This was a highly entertaining movie and it brought back memories I had of watching Judy Garland on various television variety shows when I was growing up.

I fell asleep.

It's also a stunning look at gaslighting and the Hollywood experience of child actors.

If you're a admirer of Judy stick to the many joyous and thrilling clips of her singing - and more - available on the internet.

The naturalness and the excellent editing of everyday moments that emotional captivate makes this movie quite special in its complex but compelling delivery in both song and performance acting

Zellweger shows Garland's hard knocks as principally self-inflicted-a glass as half-empty approach.

Because of her yearning for her children's depression, insomnia and alcoholism, she was late many times, and the audience mercilessly threw food at her, insulted and hissed her to step down.

JUDY's youth and happiness were stolen by the leading Pachyderm Propaganda Production Program of the 1930s.

Her performance and expressions of emotions portraying Judy Garland was magnificentI am finding some difficulties finding the proper words to express how wonderful Renée Zellweger was in Judy to bring us a wonderful movie that worth watching more than once.

This biopic has some good points that make it worth watching despite a few flaws.

Owell, really angry that I spent six dollars to rent it, please don't waste your money renting or seeing at the theatre.

Renée plays Judy Garland in an engaging and convincing manner.

True artists, the ones that actually inspire people, and perform intense and moving roles on a movie, putting aside all Hollywood BS, bring their A game and achieve greatness, a lot of times because they draw inspiration from the darkest events on their lives.

I loved René in this, absolutely stunning performance.

My only issue was I felt it was a little slow in points and maybe just a bit too focused on the sad side of a fascinating life that must have had its good times.

Totally believable performance by Zellweger breathtaking .

Its truly awe inspiring and so brilliantly executed I think it should win the Oscars and Renee should for best actress, i have never cried so much and laughed too as thankfully there were some bits one could do that.

Or of course the powerful "Over the Rainbow" performance at the end and with that I am talking more about the crowd than about Garland and that was the one moment where this film really touched me and had me on the edge of my seat and I was so much in awe.

slow-moving and depressing.