Jumanji (1995) - Adventure, Comedy, Family

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When two kids find and play a magical board game, they release a man trapped for decades in it and a host of dangers that can only be stopped by finishing the game.

Director: Joe Johnston
Stars: Robin Williams, Kirsten Dunst
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 15 out of 191 found boring (7.85%)

One-line Reviews (136)

I wouldn't call it Robin Williams defining role but as an update on the old children's matinée features, this was an entertaining feature made the better by Williams engaging performance.

, the film is very fun , obviously in terms of the film script is weak , plus the cast is good, great Robin Williams as always Kristen Dunst young , and also participation as a police officer David Alan Grier , and his scenes are funny, the special effects at the time are acceptable , plus some people may not like , since the film is not as present (one of the big reasons because I support the remake will have Dwayne Johnson , Kevin Hart and Jack Black) , has good fun characters , some are boring , have really nice moments , and the end of the film hinted that would have a continuation , Jumanji is a good movie , is an excellent pass time , where we see Robin Williams do what do best , take the viewer smiles .

Exciting and Fun.

A truly new concept with very little explanation required and a marvellous array of hormonal characters with breathtaking action and enough humour to make you smile, this was and still is marvellous.

Unfortunately, a lot of what you see between point A and point B is repetitive (all the animals that come to life arrive for a short time, do essentially the same thing and then disappear).

Nice special effects, a very good idea behind the plot and Robin Williams all ensure a thoroughly enjoyable experience if you like action-comedies without the ubiquitous "Good vs.

If we can ignore all that, even the brief bit of class-warfare propaganda, then "Jumanji' becomes eminently watchable, even memorable.

The action was intense all the way through.

Overall this film is really good until the very end which was sorta confusing for me.

After a wooden start this improves to be an entertaining fantasy that is a bit too long.

This movie will put you on the edge of your chair!

JUMANJI is a wildly entertaining special effects extravaganza that works much better that way.

An enjoyable board game, so an enjoyable movie.

Still flaws and all this is still pretty entertaining and it also has quite a nice ending essentially showing what would have happened had they not played the game in the first place.

Aside from the fake-looking animals and the way-too-drawn-out ending, "Jumanji" is superb.

The slow degradation of the Parrish house into a jungle and gradually the whole town is a remarkable effect, quite possibly the most elaborate for any movie.

To be honest apart from great set-pieces & the basic concept there's really not that much to Jumanji at all, it's rather shallow & it's attempts at depth are pure heavy handed Hollywood cliché but it's fun & very entertaining while it lasts, just a shame about the last ten minutes really.

Therefore, it's much more enjoyable when viewed again.

this film is hugely enjoyable to watch, when I first saw it I was 10 and I absolutely loved it!

The performances particularly from the children and Robin Williams are predictable and annoying.

It's such an innovative, interesting and enjoyable movie.

It kept you on the edge of you seat.

This leads to an endless supply of wild adventure, thrilling chase scenes, and crazy comic relief (i.

Although not quite as successful as JP, I still found Jumanji an exciting film.

wild CGI destruction gets repetitive .

I also found the film to be a little contrived; Alan needs to find his old friend in order to finish the board game and despite 26 years passing she's conveniently living in the same house she grew up in as a child.

Jumanji is a fun filled film with great special effects, gripping action and it revolves around an interesting although absurd idea of a damned board game.

The constant escaping from one thing to the next gets a little bit repetitive.

The concept of the movie is truly original and it successfully delivers on its potential, with an excellent cast and funny script, this adventure is both hilarious and action packed, with some cool special effects thrown in.

This breathtaking imagination of a board game coming to life is as wonderfully exuberant as toys coming to life in Pixar's first film.

both funny and entertaining sequences, that even made you pause and think sometimes, which I regard as a major attainment of any movie.

What makes it worthwhile for adults, besides simply being fun, is that it contains compelling themes and everything ties-up for a moving climax.

Very fun and exciting .

Watchable Effects-laden family entertainer, though a bit predictable .

That type of dynamic is really what drives the film, and there are times where Jumanji feels repetitive.

And I enjoyed it a lot.

Only now, so many years later, do they finally have a chance to grow up—and with a very intriguing and somewhat surprising ending, they get to do so in more ways than you may think.

The special effects are so-so (due to the time period in which it was made), but it is overall exciting while humorous.

Definitely one worth watching.

It's an enjoyable family-entertainment fantasy adventure with Williams playing a grown man who as a boy was sucked into a mysterious, dark board game called Jumanji, freed years later by a couple of young children who happen upon the game when they move into Williams's character by this time run-down house.

When this movie came out during the holiday season in 1995, I enjoyed it very much seeing it in SDDS and 35mm at the Sony in Wayne with my family and loved the effects.

The house has been empty for years and a new family move in.

The CGI is not that great, and the jokes have this very corny humor to them, but getting past that, it's an entertaining film to watch.

JUMANJI is a terrific and highly entertaining, if sometimes perilous, family adventure, though it does make several rest stops for back-stories and a bit of drama which sacrifices the pacing.

Except for the precise nature of each "random hazard," the whole film was disappointingly predictable, including the cliché of the almost-kiss in the midst of peril routine.

The Screenplay Written by Greg Taylor, Jonathan Hensleigh & Jim Strain, is hugely entertaining & magical.

`Jumanji' is a nice movie for all ages; it's a very risky, but enjoyable game, in which your life is at stake.

, Unlike dark knight or inception, which are awful in every way, this is actually entertaining and fun.

I liked it because the plot is extremely original, creative and gripping.

The special effects are laughable and enjoyable at the same time, particularly the stampede, and altogether it's a fun jaunt.

7, like Jumanji, are just good, clean fun; not Oscar worthy movies, but movies worth watching.

For a family adventure film, there are some moments that prove to be a little too intense for young eyes and the special effects haven't aged that well.

The most entertaining board game ever ...

This is a great movie for the family and I'd highly recommend it for a good watch.

My son got a big kick out if it and really enjoyed it.

This happens again and again like clockwork throughout the film making it predictable after a while.

Exciting Family Adventure .

An entertaining family film.

It's one of the best, most thrilling adventure stories of its time and ages well as each year passes.

Based on a book written by Chris Van Allsburg, the same writer to The Polar Express, had quite the intriguing concept.

Twenty six years later & it's 1995 & Alan's old house has been empty for years until now, until young brother & sister Judy (Kirsten Dunst) & Peter (Bradley Pierce) move in with their aunt Nora (Bebe Neuwirth), the two youngsters find the Jumanji game & start playing it themselves as all manner of creatures & climate events begin to appear as does Alan (Robin Williams) who has spent the last twenty six years trapped inside Jumanji & is now an adult.

Repetitive, but quite entertaining .

The special effects more than anything else are a conspicuous regression, but the biggest problem is that the effects sequences themselves are so disjointed from the rest of the movie.

What made this movie fun was the original storyline and the enjoyable performances.

It's entertaining from beginning to end for children, teens and adults.

The concept of a game coming to life is made even more exciting by encoding prospects of deadly animals such as lions, mysterious mosquitoes and violent talented monkeys.

The film is suspenseful, well-produced, and has good special effects.

The story is entertaining and engrossing, with both elements of light and darkness.

For what it is, Jumanji is quite an entertaining film; there is plenty of noise and chaos and the idea that they must finish the game in order to return to normality does give the film a sense of urgency and makes Jumanji a fairly involving film (once it gets going).

The concept was intriguing.

The story is great, very intriguing and filled with humour, scares and poignancy.

Very enjoyable fantasy adventure.

I've probably viewed this movie as much as any, simply because it was so entertaining.

The situations they are involved in are wild and exciting.

Intriguing plot boils down to images that descend from the game.

It's jam packed with flaws and kids will certainly enjoy it more than adults, but Jumangi still has this irresistible thing about it that makes it a lot of fun to watch, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good family film, for Robin Williams alone, it's worth the watch.

It's certainly a very gripping movie throughout-the more the players get involved the worse things become.

Don't waste your time.

Waste of time waste of money .

Other than one or two scary scenes and the slow beginning, I could find very little wrong with Jumanji.

Action packed, funny, heartwarming and even a little scary in places, Jumanji is an excellent family adventure for the whole family, and one that, thankfully, doesn't rely solely on its special effects to impress (a good job, since quite a bit of the CGI is looking rather dated).

The premise, a game that produces real consequences (like a stampede of wild African animals, or a floor that turns into quicksand), is a fun way to introduce several exciting--sometimes hysterical, sometimes terrifying--circumstances for Robin Williams and the rest of the cast to have fun with, and fun it is, like a roller coaster at Six Flags.

It was a 1982 book about a supernatural board game which puts the life of two children in jeopardy because of the unexpected (and also destructive) obstacles that come in the way.

Bonnie Hunt also does decent as Sarah, however boring her character may be.

All in all, I love this movie, even with its very minor problems, it is non-stop fast paced family entertainment.

The story is engaging (with a nice time-travel style twist at the end), the cast is great (with Williams managing to give one of his less irritating performances), and once again director Joe Johnston delivers a final product that, whilst not a classic, is still thoroughly entertaining from start to finish.

A veritable special effects fest, while the plot amounts to no more than awaiting the outcome of the next roll of the dice on the board, it all makes for good clean exciting fun and who amongst us as never enjoyed playing a board game as a child.

Jumanji is one thrilling adventure where two children, Judy and Peter, find a magical board game in their newly rented home and, while playing, they unleash a man named Alan whom for decades has been trapped inside the game.


This is a well written adaptation of a popular book, and I found it quite entertaining.

The film, directed by Joe Johnston, who also managed the equally thrilling Jurassic Park III, keeps the action moving along.

I didn't dislike going back to watch it again, because I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, it's just not as good as I used to think it was.

This movie was very fun, exciting, action-packed, and adventure-filled for the entire family.

There are rules to the game and for me, they are very hard to follow.

The Special Effects are very good and imaginative, and keep the movie upbeat and entertaining .

The visuals are good, and the story is creative and exciting.

Very but very entertaining, with an argument as imaginative as unreal and with a spectacular Robin Williams in his best side, humorous.

The music, composed by James Horner, is quite dull and does not help get you into the spirit of the movie.

On the flip side, director Joe Johnston (realising that he's working from a flimsy script) throws everything at the screen and despite being repetitive the film does have some exciting sequences and occasional moments of comedy.

A game which is magical by its true nature and it can call animals which are very different from those of earthly animals and then we have to finish that game in order to send them back in their own world is simply fascinating.

A most enjoyable surprise is this pure fantasy from special effects wiz Joe Johnston ("Honey I Shrunk the Kids" and "Adventures of the Rocketeer").

I've watched it again twice in recent years, after growing up, and both times, I found that it was still entertaining, unlike some movies I enjoyed in my childhood.

Characters are often performing in cliché and predictable scenes, instead of innovative situations.

Enjoyable through nostalgia and fun adventure that would be improved through a child's eyes.

Entertaining family/adventure/fantasy .

) Starring Robin Williams and Bonnie Hunt, the action is fast paced and easy to follow.

Johnston constantly surprises, and will have you on the edge of your seat, heart pounding, from scene one to the dazzling finale.

I think he was far too self-indulgent.

Criticism #2: "Jumanji has no story": wrong again.

Despite some dull moments, which have a very major thing to do with its weak writing department, JUMANJI is still an amiable piece of entertainment.

This truly is a remarkable film and is worth watching again and again for its wondrous story, its lovable collection of characters and easy sharp mind.

Because it is simply fun and entertaining.

The story is well told and compelling and has characters which are well developed and you end up caring about despite their flaws.

Having said that I thought that this was entertaining after the pointlessly slow start.

An entertaining, chaotic adventure, one which impressed me as a kid and still does now .

Unfortunately, a lot of the movie is geared toward kids around 10 years old, the same age as the kids in the movie, but it also contains some imagery and some situations that kids that age would find much too frightening or intense.

In truth the film is reliant on its effects to entertain, with the cast (all competent and enjoyable) merely lurching from one perilous throw of the dice to another.

He then comes back after the dice read 8 and with the 3 other players who unleash the unexpected dangers of the jungle… onto the real world.

I was treated to a hugely entertaining evening of good, old-fashioned story-telling .

Having said that, this is still a moderately entertaining film with an interesting and original plot, based on the 1981 book by Chris Van Allsburg.

Jumanji is an entertaining movie.

Some people say they don't like this movie, for whatever reason, but I think it's an enjoyable adventure that anyone would enjoy.

The cinematography and scenery are constantly breathtaking, and the special effects are extraordinary.

It was fun and entertaining, if nothing else.

Director Joe Johnston should really take full credit for fashioning this flick into a funny, frightening, full-on-fun-fest, with the undoubted help of an enjoyable cast (including Williams, Kirsten Dunst, Bradley Pierce, Jonathan Hyde and Bonnie Hunt) and an ingenious effects team.

However for younger audiences, this movie may be too intense and can be a little too much for a comedy adventure.

There is so much magic in the movie, it is so close and intense.

Jumanji has heart, and is a hugely entertaining family movie.

A dark, mysterious, and entertaining childhood favorite of mine .

Defo worth checking out if you have kids, and more than enjoyable even if you don't.

It's rated PG for thrilling moments, and some parts that might make a kid ask too many questions.

i have t say,this movie started out pretty slow,and i thought it was gonna be a dud.

An entertaining adventure movie .

What made it so fun was that it had a sense of humor and that you could never predict what would come out of the game next, making it very exciting to watch.

Fortunately, any moralising in "Jumanji" is fairly light, and I suspect that children will simply see it as an exciting adventure story, even if the final twist in the tale involves the intellectually difficult concept of "alternative timelines".

Whilst there were moments of good action it boiled down to being a repetitive ideology of this 1995 classic with not enough quick wit and mistimed action sequences with an egregious sentimental intention of brotherly love.