Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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In Jumanji: The Next Level, the gang is back but the game has changed. As they return to rescue one of their own, the players will have to brave parts unknown from arid deserts to snowy mountains, to escape the world's most dangerous game.

Director: Jake Kasdan
Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black
Length: 123 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 86 out of 534 found boring (16.1%)

One-line Reviews (334)

It's so much fun with the original cast returning with some new characters including my favourite Danny DeVito which Dewayne Jonson has to recreate his acting style which is a match made in haven as it is the most entertaining part of the movie.

It's the same as its immediate predecessor in two ways: firstly, the narratives are pretty much identical and, secondly, they're both fast-moving, fantastically entertaining and ferociously fun.

Overall a great action packed film with epic visuals.

It was a good movie, but it was also a bit boring in the beginning.

Jumanji: The Next Level is a fun and entertaining film that is just as good as the surprising hit that was the first film.

An entertaining, although hollow sequel .

enjoyable, not perfect.

Also, this movie contains more intense action scenes and a wider variety of locations (snow,desert,...

Maybe I dont get that kind of humour, maybe I am too spoiled when it comes to movies, but I find this movie quite boring and not funny at all.

In case if you seen «Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle» and enjoyed it, the new «Next Level» won't let you down.

This movie was a surprise to me cause it was so funny and entertaining.

very enjoyable movie .

I then saw Jumanji 2 on the TV and I actually enjoyed it.

Movie was very slow through first half.

The next level fails to deliver a compelling story, most of the jokes overstay their welcome.

They make this worth watching and a sequel might be decent, if they decide to do it.

Enjoyable adventure .

Kids loved it and the whole audience enjoyed it.

With the additional characters, things got confusing at times and was over complicated.

Although Jumanji WTTJ was a no brainer, it still was pretty funny and entertaining.

I really liked the first one but this one was incredibly boring and not that funny.

Don't waste your money.

While it doesn't stand out as one of this years most memorable films, Jumanji: The Next Level is still perfectly enjoyable escapism that is worth a watch if you enjoyed 2017's reboot/sequel.

Somewhat funny but most of the humor gets pretty repetitive.

Don't waste your time or money

Really enjoyable .

Funny, entertaining, action packed.

Taking the Next Step To Entertaining Fun .

Enjoyable sequel .

dont waste your time and money on this .

Kevin Hart on the other hand does a fantastic impersonation of Danny Glover, though the whole joke of the movie for him is the talks slow.

Dull movie .

I could hear the audiences in the cinema laugh on the jokes and enjoy it as much as my boyfriend and I enjoyed it.

I thought by the second film that they could up the pace of the film to make it more exciting.

Stupid, boring and loooong .

What makes this film and the last one so captivating, and simply exciting, is the use of situational comedy and the actors performances of others inside their bodies.

You will love this movie which takes the characters in new adventures and exciting action set pieces.

On the downside It was a bit more bloated, confusing and even the characters themselves didn't seem as invested in the plot.

Most the characters were unlikeable and bland.

Jumanji: The Next Level is another fun exciting adventure film that brings back the same cast from the second installment.

There entails more adventures of action packed thrills galore!

Found it a bit boring .

It was funny, watchable for multiple viewings, entertaining, and creative.

And aside from some mildly amusing moments, the film is very boring.

Overall, Jumanji The Next Level is a very enjoyable popcorn movie which you can watch with your family and friends.

Loved the first one, bored to death with this recycled one.

The new locales make for more thrilling set pieces, each more insane than the previous one.

An Enjoyable Sequel .

Coding the new levels, returning co-writer/(with Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg) director Jake Kasdan & cinematographer Gyula Pados open the new game modes up to a thrilling breakneck Action Adventure atmosphere, taking detours from the jungle setting to winter castles caught in sky-high wide-shots by Kasdan.

There where all ages in the cinema and you could hear from the laughter they where enjoying it Great all round entertaining film I loved it

Overall, just a fun entertaining movie.

This is probably the most boring thing I've had to witness all year from bad dialogue to worst action sequences.

Spencer's crochety, debilitated Grampa, and Grampa's long-winded boring friend.

And the film was incredibly dull and slow for a large majority.

Action scenes with the mandrill monkeys on the bridge was intense and exciting with its quick puzzling solving work & chase on dune buggies while getting pecked at by large ostriches were apocalyptic fun to witness.

Yes, I've loved many oscar worthy movies, but, on the other hand, I've also been bored by some oscar winning movies.

At the end of the day, an entertaining movie with a good enough story and an amazing characters.

So that was a little bit confusing.

Poor storyline, Extremely predictable, Lame jokes.

I watch movie yesterday and this movie is total garbage waste of time and money

I believe that there were some unique elements through the narrative including the new characters, and it was nice to see the humorous, entertaining moments that were in the previous movie combined with the unique adventure moments that you don't often see in other adventure movies.

The VERDICT:Overall, Jumanji's return was a very entertaining and decently balanced film.

The story is entertaining, seeing the group have to go against different enemies is fun to watch.

The worst movie of the year by far .

The whole thing was pretty cliché though as it was the similar plot: old people who used to be friends meet up again after a long time, old people argue, one of old people is really sick and is going to die, other old person feel sad, old people become friends.

The audience in the cinema i was in, laughed almost at every scene, and was one of the most entertaining movies i have seen in a long time.

This was touching, funny, and enjoyable.

Sure, this is generally the same story structure as the first, the characters are trapped in a video game and have to win it to get out, but I found Jumanji: the Next Level to be a fairly entertaining time.

I feel like the could milk this franchise for a while as it is still an enjoyable pop corn flick, i hope they try a little harder on the next one and hopefully since it's in the real world no more silly pointless deaths this time...

So, launched into this story that should be a whole lot of fun, we are saddled with a hero you can't identify with (self-pitying and ineffectual - not a character you can root for), and an old crochety guy and his boring friend who have hijacked the story.

To me, that's been done so much that this movie felt repetitive and boring at so many parts.

It was good but bored me out .

If i am honest the first 75% of the film plodded really slowly and there was a lot of boring scenes with characters honestly not doing a lot.

The action scenes are fun, the characters are enjoyable to spend 2 hours with and the puzzle that they are trying to solve is clever (enough) that you will be able to pass a few enjoyable hours with your family this Holiday season.

Best adventure of 2019 with enjoyable Movements new story line best vfx And so funny movie

Average/bit boring .

The studios need to keep making and remaking and rebooting and franchising and making money by dishing out torn, worn, spat out rubbish even though there is no call for the movie and there is nothing new to say, there is no story and no reason for any of this second level nonsense.

Since I felt it was predictable, I did get bored during some sequences.

Totally worth watching .

The 2017 'Jumanji' was quite an entertaining movie.

Entertaining with a touch of romance .

Fast Paced, Humorous & Entertaining .

The casting for the four main characters is 10/10 and what makes it so enjoyable.

Carrying on from the preceding chapter, we are now immersed within the next instalment that is Jumanji: The Next Level.

Also as funny as I thought the old guys were not understanding they were in a game, I think it was dragged out a bit too much.

Very entertaining!

I Enjoyed It For The Most Part .


Kevin Hart talking really slow like Danny Glover is great to watch.

Click start to enter this enjoyable adventure game.

I thought by the first film that they could up the pace of the film to make it more exciting.

Especially when its dragged on for half the movie.

The first Jumanji film, Welcome To The Jungle, was a lot of fun thanks to an amusing script, lots of entertaining state-of-the-art CG adventure action, and a great cast that included Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black and Kevin Hart.

I really thought the plot twists like "the boy kisses the girl in the end" and "they collected an object that dramatically saves them later" were brilliant, original additions that had me gripping my seat like I had been strapped to an airplane wing.

Boring from start till we walked out .

An enjoyable experience.

I laughed from beginning to end, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Can easily make you fall asleep .

The most thrilling scene is the one in which the characters try to cross a maze of rope bridges, where one wrong step can land them in the jaws of ferocious monkeys ready to devour them!

Jumanji: The Next Level is fun and action packed for all ages.

It's so exciting and action-packed!

Also there is some really pointless segments in the film, one pointless segment was the bridge area with the monkeys, know my friends pointed out that it was a level within the game but then i said what level, all they did was walk up to it & decide to jump over some random bridges, there was no artefact or statue to get from doing the bridges, in fact they could of just walked straight past the bridges because they end up exactly where they started, at the beginning of the bridges so why did they have to even attempt it, again it just felt like pointless filler to me because it served no purpose.

Money seemed to be mostly spent on CGI animals, etc.The few puzzles or problems they had to solve were way too simple and basic, all challenges we've seem before in other adventure movies, so was dull with no thought needed.

Enjoyable when things unexpected happened, then again that is the Jumanji definition of expected.

Overall quite enjoyable, left the cinema smiling.

It's a bit slow to get going, but it is entertaining and fun and has its heart in the right place.

It has funny parts but it's also very slow moving to begin with.

A very enjoyable movie to watch (7.8) .

Very enjoyable film.

I'd recommend this movie to anyone that wants to see a fun action-packed video game/blockbuster with likable and entertaining actors.

The plot was the exact same thing as the first, but by adding new characters and switching up who's in who's body, it kept things fun and entertaining.

If you desperatelly need to kill two to three hours of your life and you can't get an appointment at your dentist.

There are also some exciting set-pieces and creative vfx.

So bored, I left the cinema and went a drink in the foyer instead and missed the ending.

The storyline was engaging enough, however I felt the fighting became a little repetitive and some parts where quite cliché and similar to the first movie.

I found it very hilarious and entertaining.

Very entertaining, and funny.

The apes stolen from planet of the apes, neither scary or intense at all.

Flawed yet exciting, Jumanji: The Next Level delivers what you'd expect from it.

Entertaining .

The action scene is dull, the CGI is bad, the tension is absent, the pace is too slow, the drama is too shallow, and our heroes' (and heroine's) journey from the beginning until the very end of the third act falls flat.

Probably better for younger viewers in this respect, it is fun and the action is entertaining, just felt more like a kids film than previous Jumanji films which always had a degree of tension.

The style is exciting, the action scenes and creativity is fun to watch.

Above all though it was hugely entertaining.

Must See, Highly Entertaining .

waste of time .

Don't waste your time.

Left after 10 minutes.

This sequel sits on the low end of that spectrum and is a serviceable enjoyable mediocre popcorn flick.

Bored one night, he inadvertently reactivates the game console and once again finds himself sucked into the Jumanji game.

A very entertaining two hours.

Yes, it may have been a sequel to the 90s classic, but it was also an enjoyable action movie that got several laughs out of me.

Otherwise rest of movie is bore.

It was a bit boring to be honest and for me the only spectaculare part of the movie was the scene with the Mandrills.

The worst movie I ever seen .

The acting and writing came together to provide a thoroughly entertaining combination.

I enjoyed it!

Both of us were completely bored.

Storyline fast paced and great CGI.

While the plot is fairly similar (4 teens are sucked into a real-life video game where they can be trapped forever if they cannot "win" the game), the twist of adding 2 old folks (played in the real world by Danny Glover and Danny DeVito) almost derails the fun, but this winning cast and passably exciting action sequences steers this film into an enjoyable entertainment activity.

I brought my 10 year old son to watch it and we both loved it very enjoyable a movie the kids and adults will love.

This movie does not have a heavy deep story, doesnt try to be anything more than it is, this movie makes you laugh, keeps you entertained and ensures you leave the theater feeling happier than you went in.

It was slow, boring and was not nearly as exciting as the first movie!

This theme of "how funny would it be if" and "old guys" was just too dull and has been done to death in comedies.

When we see him in the Jumanji game as Dwayne Johnson, however, he can be pretty unbearable at times.

Overall the movie plays it safe and is therefore dull and, I repeat it once again, brings absolutely nothing new to the table.

Overall the film gets better as it goes but by the time it becomes entertaining my family was so turned off by the unnecessary multiple uses of GD that it was hard to recover.

A reasonable, entertaining effort .

I enjoyed the first one but this seemed slower, not as much going on.

The visual effects are also very good and enjoyable in 3D.



First to start off this was my first time seeing a jumanji flim and I must say it was very entertaining the movie explains itself well and you dont have too watch the previous ones to understand what's going on.

Now I just saw the 2017 Jumanji a few days before seeing Jumani Next Level, so that may be one reason I felt it was really repetitive.

Entertaining .

Very slow story telling and not as good as 2017 version

Entertaining, full of comedy, descent action and graphics and all at good pace.

This sequel was boring .

It just gets boring and repetitive.

A Thoroughly Entertaining Popcorn Movie .

So disappointed to waste my money with this.

Repetitive, didn't need to be made .

"Jumanji: The Next Level" continues the Jumanji franchise with yet another entertaining and hilarious instalment.

Certainly not a masterpiece, but it was slightly entertaining.

Pretty good but very predictable .

Once of the best Jumanji series after the first.. lots of comedy situations and thrilling sequence.

There was a series of boomer jokes which were funny but dragged on way to long.

Boring Copy Paste .

Extremely slow paced for an action movie.

All of the action sequences were very exciting, many of them were on a completely different level than the first film, both in terms of scale and excitement.

If you've seen the first one, you'll get bored fast with this predicatble adventure.

Save your money, or see Cats instead.

was a waste of time.

Action packed.

Boring unneeded sequel Made this account to write this review.

Not as good as the first reboot, but entertaining in spite of the tritely written drama.

It dragged on and was predictable.

It slow the movie down to ground still.

Got bored .

For such a brisk pace, it manages to keep things well juggled, finding a nice medium between story, action, and comedy that it should be entertaining for most audiences.

Unwatchable .

Everything that takes place in Next Level is fairly predictable and slight, with Kasdan and his cast unable to conjure up the same unexpected magic they did first time around even if the films bigger budget and more large-scale spectacle will keep viewers interested and the tween audience glued to the screen throughout.

I could hear the audiences in the cinema laugh on the jokes and enjoy it as much as my boyfriend and I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it more than the first one.

Boring, predictable plot and zero interesting moments.

Unexpected chain of events start right from the beginning.

However the story and action was still very entertaining - and worth the dollars to see.

Without giving too much away, there are some clever little changes and additions to this sequel that make it really entertaining.

But with a broken game the characters aren't playing correctly, and we have extra unexpected avatars.

Might of enjoyed it more than the first.

Boring,repetitive,too long .

This is a simple fun family movie that knows what it is, and that made for an entertaining movie.

It was pretty good, definitely highly entertaining.

Boring, and feels like the only reason it was created was for them to make money off it

The plot is very basic and what happens in the movie is very predictable.

Jumanji II is a wonderful idea, that has been hijacked for Cute Crusty Miserable Grampa and his boring friend.

Boredom and indifference.

The 2017 movie was a lot better,this is a boring movie with bad jokes,bad plot and bad acting,and a flying horse...

The film keeps you on the edge of your seat almost through the entire duration.

Seeing the main 4 transition into playing different people was thoroughly enjoyable.

Just like its predecessor, this third chapter in the Jumanji-verse is another fun voyage with plenty of exciting set pieces, witty humour and just enough heart to ensure the whole affair doesn't ring hollow.

But I really hated making change all the time (and it was pretty tedious trying to remember to dole out $200 every time someone passed "Go").

", got really repetitive.

It is entertaining and funny throughout the movie.

I actually fell asleep in the theater for about ten minutes, and when we were leaving the theater my friend mentioned that she had fallen asleep for a while...

There are some exciting scenes in the desert and the bridges.

And finally the final act was very entertaining.

Though there are some scenes and jokes that do drag on, most of the comedy and thrilling action more than make up for it especially with that quite touching ending.

Entertaining,funny and sweet.

Overall, jumanji the next level is sadly a decent sequel that is very enjoyable and a lot of fun for the whole family.

Boring .

Jumanji: The Next Level can be kinda boring sometimes for example the monkey level scene is over like 7 minutes which gets really boring and the "end boss" was taken down by just a few punches.

Entertaining .

Either adding him in earlier, or just getting Alex (Colin Hanks) to help Madison Iseman (Bethany) get into the game, instead of himself going in as well, would have saved the audience some confusion, and cut down some unnecessary scenes.

Honestly, I enjoyed it.

This movie does not have a deep story, and doesn't try to be anything more than it is, this movie makes you laugh, keeps you entertained and ensures you leave the theater feeling happier than you went in.

I'll start by saying I did very much enjoy this film it was very funny and entertaining.

The mysteries is not the best like the ones in the past movie , this one was wither expected or dull and doesn't worth it and not enjoyable.

Worth watching!

It is quite enjoyable in its runtime and will give you a quite a few laughs along the way.

Jumanji the next level is just as fresh as the first one adding more setting and adventure to the franchise, all coming together to make a fun and enjoyable sequel.

Besides a few laugh-out-loud jokes and the inevitable by-drums-preceding heavy action packed sequences, this sequel feels lazy and not worthy of its predecessors which both tried and succeeded changing up the adventure-genre.

Myself and my family all thoroughly enjoyed it.

enjoyable enough for what it is .

It was funny like the first one but a tad corny and boring.

It is in this new gathering that we see the dreary four and we bear witness to a small group of friends, who lacking in chemistry, charisma and charm, produces simply too little screen presence here to fill the audience with delight and wonder; it's all a tedious affair, even to the point of adding new faces to the game, Messer's Awkwafina, Glover and DeVito, and their respective personalities', cannot pull this from the quagmire of its astonishingly dull script and poor lacklustre avatar building disaster.

Might have enjoyed it if we saw more of Karen's slim body.

Look, if we were to dissect a classic like "The Goonies" (1984) we'd be here for a while rolling our eyes at their booby traps, so I sense this was made to give the new generation a movie to remember decades later as something worth watching for nostalgia.

Boring and unnecessary .

And, the direction of the action is good enough to make the audience feel as if they are really in a video game, which makes up for some of the lulls in the movie.

Pretty boring.

It was quite slow and boring in places compared to the first jumanji.

I will give this movie 7/10, I enjoyed it!

The new old characters where boring over and over not understanding the game.

They were neither boring and forgettable nor to gut-busting so that I'd miss the other jokes.

They were entertaining yet a little boring at the same time.

The action set pieces are new and unique in some areas but similar and repetitive in others.

This sequel to the 2017 film and semi-sequel to the 1995 film is very funny, entertaining, and at times heart warming.

The first film didn't bore me, but this one bores you and there is no real chemistry between the actors and you feel sorry for the young cast as the final resolution doesn't feel earned.

The only thing I found was rather than laughing out loud and being on the edge of my seat like the first I had the occasional chuckle sat back.

Visually it is stunning.

The Next Level seems to have been given an upgrade in terms of script, humor and performances, making for a much more entertaining sequel that improves upon its predecessor.

Enjoyable enough movie, easy watch, the DeVito character copying got a bit tiring , especially the second switch, that girl was unwatchable as devito

I tend to slate Dwayne Johnson for playing himself in everything, and his movies being forgettable, but it was certainly entertaining to watch Dwayne Johnson impersonate Danny DeVito and Kevin Hart do his best Danny Glover impression!!

I loved every aspect of this movie, it was funny, it was action packed adventure, and had an awesome homage to the original.

It is really funny, action packed, and has good heart.

I absolutely loved the first instalment and to a large extent those that enjoyed the first will enjoy this it's still entertaining fast paced and humerous.

And his repeated humour became repetitive and stale very quickly.

He wanted to retire, so he forced Grampa to sell the restaurant, and he went and had fifteen enjoyable years traveling around with his wife.

The film dragged, felt way too long.

Awkwafina gets to show a wide range of her acting talent in this movie taking on different personalities that is entertaining and delightful to see in this film.

I enjoyed it really well

I expected it to be a tired retread of the original classic, but instead it turned into a highly entertaining action comedy.

All in all worth a watch as it is entertaining.

The comedy and thrilling aspects don't really give out the expected impact to the viewer along with the plot which could have been even more interesting!

Very entertaining .

Still Fun, Though Slow at First.

Entertaining and funny ass hell and also amazing acting by the cast.

The group's chemistry is really good and really drives the film and makes this film more entertaining then it really has a right to be.

Entertaining - Definitely .

Boring .

Where 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' was a genuine surprise full of wonderful twists and unexpected turns that also acknowledged the original board game film by playing homage to it, 'The Next Level' feels like a watered down rehash of what we've all seen before.

I fell asleep watching it or else i would've left sooner.

It was boring and too much talking.

From the legendary cast to the entertaining story, this movie has everything.

Jumanji: The Next Level - Jake Kasdan Directs A Hugely Entertaining Sequel With Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Danny de Vito, Nick Jonas & Awkwafina .

Very boring throughout especially the start when they go into jumanji, boring Kevin and Dwayne, jack black and everyone else the movie was useless!

The characters were weak, couldn't stand watching them, wanted to walk out, until jack black entered the fray after which it became enjoyable.

Started losing interest in parts, Chinese & horse characters pointless!

A pretty enjoyable sequel to a pretty enjoyable sequel.

This movie didn't disappoint, like the last it kept me laughing and smiling through it all, though, the storyline is repetitive and lacked in meaning...

Thoroughly Entertaining sequel.

Just as enjoyable as the previous Jumanji film, Danny DeVito and Danny Glover are hilarious together, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart do a great job portraying them.


In the unexpected sweet moment, Bravestone and Franklin talk about the sadness of their lost friendship and mortality.

Similar to the first, it starts off slow, building up the characters.

A passable if uninspiring sequel .

Although it is certainly not the best Comedy or sequel 2019 has to offer, Jumanji: The Next Level certainly has plenty to make it an enjoyable and fun time at the movies, and is even able to improve off of the points of its predecessor.

Slow paced - walked out of cinema .

There is no plot, only stupid jokes which actually didn't make me laught at all.

That said, Jumanji: The Next Level was really an enjoyable movie.

Despite the new entertaining action scenes, the humor and comedy of the film still comes across as predictable and repeated.

don't waste your money.

This movie is fast paced, humorous and entertaining.

Then in comes Awkwafina hot off her performance in The Farewell into a much more exciting role.

Fun but predictable .

While incomparable to the original, it was a perfectly fun film in its own right with a likable cast and enough enjoyable set pieces to keep the adventure moving.

Still, overall very enjoyable for the average viewer.

Every bit as heart-warming and action packed as its predecessor, The Next Level hits the ground running with clever video gaming meta and dialogue that caters to audiences across the board.

The script was very well prepared and executed,the actors has done their job well in their roles,the conflicts are regular which we see in adventurous movies but the humor in the film was very good which doesn't get bored,and the movie was engaging

Boring nothing like the first 1 .

The movie was clearly shot in a hurry, cgi lacks polish, gets a bit bogged down with the stereo types and it's quite predictable, some amazing set pieces let down by cgi, the main story is exactly the same once in jumanji some angry bully steals a jewel and want to take over the world.

Having seen the previous one which of course is a must in order to understand what's going on, I found the follow up above to be thoroughly entertaining.

I would highly recommend it!

This movie idea was a good one but they took it to a complicated boring level and unfortunately not a level up.

And while this was the case with the general themes (the different levels style of the plot, some of the strengths), others took a new and exciting turn.

He intricately blends themes with other things and uses a unique combination of cliché and convention to create a Hollywood blockbuster that will have you saying "yeah it was good" as soon as God gracefully ends the movie.

So, if you're really bored, just rewatch the original Jumanji.

Instead it's boring as hell with lame jokes all round, crappy acting, crappy script and dialogue, and horrible CGI (in this day and age and for that budget?

But this was TOO slow.

It feels like almost exactly the same story as before though, there are not quite enough dangerous jungle creatures like the original, and it again relies more on the jokes, at least there are some reasonably exciting sequences with good special effects, not a bad action adventure comedy.

In the scenes outside the game, Danny DeVito is on fire - so funny and fascinating!

Knowing and witty, it played with its dynamic nicely and was funny and entertaining.

I enjoyed the first two films, but found this the most surprisingly entertaining of all three.

I'm not sure if an arcade now will be in time to save our mall (though it would help if they brought movie theaters back into too), but this movie is entertaining and a whole lot of funny.

The storyline was similar to the first, but its very worth watching.

Slow start......

)Entertaining: 7/10 Originality: 3/10 Humour: 5/10 Action: 7/10

This was overused,repetitive and just over complicated a plot that didn't need another weakness to it.

The story of this movie is slim, with often change of direction, and I was wanted to leave the cinema after the first 10min of the movie.

Underlying Nazi undertones on the gang, confusion as to whether the main antagonist was trapped in the game (no explanation), and ending with -- yep -- creatures escaping into our world.

It has a predictable storyline which is not a surprise for this kind of movies so try not to think too hard and enjoy the movie.

This is a great entertaining movie.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was an unexpected triumph, especially when you consider it was up against Star Wars at the box office.

It was alot of fun, an unexpected big hit and, inevitably, spun a sequel.

Also, the final 15 minutes were fairly boring.

And all the actual viewers report how boring this film was?

The movie has it's thrilling moments and it's funny moments but in the end, it was rather predictable.

Loved it so funny and entertaining.

the plot is noting new and too predictable, while it is not funny at all

After a point this film gets pretty boring and predictable, there is only so much CGI you can take.

It is boring.

Very funny and entertaining.

Not quite as good as the last one, but worth watching .

Where to begin first off so funny 😂😂 second action packed and thridly the rock as Dany priceless this movie had it all even some cringworthy moments that were needed will be going again only complaint is I wanna see it in 3d

Entertaining one for the holidays season coming up!

If it weren't for the lame acting at the onset and the addition of these random characters who do nothing to progress the plot, slow the action and dialogue to a snails pace as though the audience were having to look over their shoulders and wonder where grandpa is, it might be just as great as it was meant to be.

Sadly that character felt so regular that it became boring to watch her scenes.

Humor works pretty well, though a bit about the two elderly new comers to the game Eddie and Milo having trouble understanding what is going was stretched way too long.

in the end , Jumanji the next level is fun , adrenaline fueled and has the best cue and montage for " welcome to the jungle " by gun's and roses.

Thoroughly entertaining with some interesting twists.

Spencer is concerned that his dull experience in New York and sad demeanor will seem unimpressive compared to what his friends have done.

Its not Richard Burton, but it is entertaining and to me perfectly credible.

It is a nice enjoyable movie that u can go and have a good time with ur family.