Jupiter Ascending (2015) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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A young woman discovers her destiny as an heiress of intergalactic nobility and must fight to protect the inhabitants of Earth from an ancient and destructive industry.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Lana Wachowski
Stars: Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis
Length: 127 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 240 out of 845 found boring (28.4%)

One-line Reviews (891)

Don't waste your money.

Jupiter Ascending is a simultaneously simplistic and ridiculously confusing "space opera".

They had all this talk about the harvest of the earth but nothing happened.

I'll give him credit however; he looks as bored and as stupefied by the script as Kunis does.

Enjoyable space romp .

Special effects are not special here at all, they are uninspiring.

But the same script is used too many times which leads to boredom.

The backdrop is stunning, reminiscent of Asgard from the Thor movies, and there's a scene involving planetary bureaucracy that makes Jupiter bless the days she spent lined up at the DMV.

If you think you've had enough cliché at this point, prepare for disappointment, when the heroine shows she doesn't have the nerve to finish off the villain, the environment predictably does it for her.

The story, the characters and dialogues are a distressing banality.

Shallow, boring, a complete waste of money.

It was romantic, filled with spectacular fighting/battle scenes, astonishing special effects and a very compelling and original storyline.

There's thousands of other things I could've done with that precious time but I wanted to turn my mind off and watch a movie that would hopefully entertain my boredom.

The trailer is the only part of this movie worth watching.

Nearly fell asleep .

You keep getting introduced to new and new characters just so they can put in another explosion filled nonsense cliché action scene.

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Some of the action was over-the-top and drawn out way too long.

We arrived at a would-be intense slow-motion shot during this same action sequence that was just too comical to handle and both sprinted down the steps and out the door.

the new Dune - I mean that in all its epic, grandiose, enjoyable folly glory .

But if what one sees here is the distorted, rippling surface of a universe, it is still a personable, engaging and of course extraordinarily gorgeous universe.

Confusing in its details?

Predictable and cringe-worthy, one can only describe it as the Nickelback of film.

one of those movies that's so ridiculous that it's actually enjoyable.

Bad acting, horrible character designs, gaudy costumes, obtuse and overall pointless story.

Ah, this was just a waste of time, don't go see it in the theaters, don't rent it don't watch it, it is really bad and it hurts really bad to say that being a real fan of almost all of the filmmakers and actors involved.

Maybe they needed more time to perfect their mind blowing epic story and perhaps give us movie buffs another classic.

From the strikingly grand space vistas to the awesomely conceived spaceships and otherworldly creatures, the film's visual design – with 100% photo realistic CGI – is intriguing, meticulous and overall spectacular.

But after watching it I must admit that it was too average,so many cliché , predictable scenes and plenty of CGI .

Even though the Wachowski's followed up with two disappointing, disjointed and nihilistic sequels, the importance of their accomplishment led one to hope for great things from them in the 21st Century.

I was pleasantly surprised, because it was better than I thought, indeed, I enjoyed it, and found some excellent ideas never before realized on film.

With the beautiful filming, amazing costuming, and self-aware genre typical flamboyance, Jupiter Ascending provides an entertaining ride for fans of space operas.

The story (if you can call it that) is minimal, boring, predictable and basically comes down to a fight for real estate.

In the end, it is still a watchable movie with some entertaining set pieces and great visuals.

-All-in-all Jupiter Ascending was not all that good, but had some enjoyable things like the acting or space fights.

Jupiter Ascending tells a story so predictable, i wouldn't even care following the plot.

It doesn't make a lot of sense, its confusing, and because of that a lot of people find it hilarious.

With all the crap coming out these days it's nice to get a good fun action packed Sci-Fi epic!

And it has a fairly exciting story to boot.

Visually Stunning, well worth seeing on the big screen .


Overall, I thought the film was very entertaining, anchored on the charisma of Jupiter and Cain, as played by Kunis and Tatum.

With no story (or at least a story that is worth watching and actually making sense) no actual performances, no story line and no interest, the movie is really not worth watching.

An unimpressed Jupiter Jones is dragged around from one world to another, where "her majesty" is blackmailed.

The plot makes you guess and assume too many things for way too long, and has so many characters that all mean absolutely nothing to you, they couldn't even get you to care about anyone except maybe a little bit for Mila Kunis.

It is disorganized which makes every fight scene which supposed to be exciting pointless.

Mila Kunis was very believable and enjoyable in the character and...

Overall pretty entertaining.

I don't remember the last time I went to a movie, and almost walked out in the first 5 minutes to ask for a refund.

An action, Sci-Fi, beautifully staged romantic film that I will be watching again for the stunning realistic Steam-punk scenery and equipment and the fantastically portrayed action scenes.

Let's be honest, the basic plot line of The Matrix, the film franchise that the Wachowskis are renowned for, was pretty cliché too – the story of a Chosen One who comes out of nowhere and whose destiny is to save the world.

Characters are incredible boring, the plot is awful.

I thought the opening backstory of her birth and life was a bit lengthy, however it did paint a drab picture so that you could understand her distaste for her circumstances.

Jupiter Ascending, while quite drawn out and a wee bit slow at times, isn't completely boring.

Decent entertaining SciFi Flick...

I actually enjoyed this film, my criticisms below are because I felt it was a missed opportunity to make a truly stunning film.

The visual aesthetics are intense and beautiful.

So after a space fighter fight in Chicago against Keepers (who look like cliché aliens) try to kill her, they unexpectedly get a car and drive off to his former CO, Stinger (Sean Bean, who doesn't die in this movie).

That's the question the Wachowski's should have answered, why was this story special enough to make a movie about--The end result is boring dialog, mixed with ridiculous over- choreographed fight scenes, and a sad dependence on C.

This movie is just utterly a waste of time.

Also, its way too long it just drags on and on.

So, let's next say that we want to have a fun amusement park ride with this film, well not to be redundant, but Tatum's shoe-flying sequences can only be thrilling to someone under the age of 6 years old.

And also as soon as the "Hunter" Caine (Tatum) shows up and sweeps Jupiter off her feet through (legitimately) breathtaking chases through Chicago or across star systems, you should know what you're in for: a big mashed potato mix of a science fiction space opera blockbuster.

It is visually absolutely stunning, and has such an overwhelmingly good flow of action that you know: the story is so basic, this is not what the movie is about.

They can sell a movie with a shallow story,and stunning visuals.

Flawed but enjoyable.

The actions were breathtaking though the timing might be more creative; hard to swallow scenes of the chief protagonist nearly jeopardizing her life while her comrades fought to rescue her - repeatedly.

The only distinctive directorial set piece is an eight minute aerial battle over the dawn skies of Chicago that allows John Toll's cinematography to truly breathe and deliver a genuinely thrilling moment in a film that otherwise has little time for Toll's photographic magic.

Overall, it's a pretty boring and predictable movie, and except visual effects nothing is good here.

Channing Tatum was Channing Tatum, he puts forth an enjoyable performance and nothing else much to say about it.

Personally, I gave up trying to follow the movie and I ended up falling asleep several times.

But it is also a deep, compelling rich imagined universe, with expansive ideas, and a wild entertaining action ride.

The action is immense with breathtaking scenes just as ridiculous and unbelievable as the best Avengers, Matrix and Batman can come up with.

Even Uwe Boll's worst movie is better than this.

I fell asleep .

Exciting Movie .

This time around, I've been not only disappointed with the mediocrity of the script but also with the noisy, predictable, over simplistic, troubled way of passing a message, devoid of legitimate spirituality.

Maybe enjoyable for pre-teen boys.

Worst movie I've seen in a long time .

Trust me go watch paint dry is more fun and meaningful and fulfilling than this turd.

Visually this movie was absolutely stunning, and I would see it again in Imax 3D solely for that purpose.

This was a great action movie, and it was visually stunning .

The release date was pushed back to finish these special effects, so when I saw the end result, I was in awe at how stunning they were.

By the end I was painfully bored.

Worth watching.

If this sounds tiresome, trust me it is not.

It all makes the film entertaining to watch.

Michael Giacchino's music fits each scene very nicely whether it is a fast paced chase scene, or a quiet and thoughtful scene.

I'm confused by the confusion.

It's frustrating because this movie could have been more if not for some questionable acting, awful dialogue and confusing story.

The action scenes are over the top and visually confusing.

The production design by Hugh Bateup (Matrix and Superman) is imaginative and engaging.

It's not a matter of "bad" I guess, it's just boring.

Design - derivative and boring.

They take their action packed skit from 2012's Cloud Atlas and stretch it to a full length featurette.

Overall though, despite its tantalizing movie poster and the exciting, swashbuckling antics of star Tatum (and even co-star Sean Bean who plays the Han Solo-like, Stinger), nothing can mask the notion that Jupiter Ascending is still just another, all too familiar action adventure.

As Jupiter becomes queen she shows that has no personality, she acts in a very obvious way, the character does exactly what any person would imagine, absolutely predictable and boring, as an earthling she works cleaning the houses of wealthy people and this may be the reason she has no political abilities and is guided just by her feelings of love towards her family and later to her loved protector, who was first a mercenary.

The story is so mellow, slow and boring it's incredible WB wanted to spend 175m$ on it.

The visuals of Jupiter Ascending are particularly stunning, like the covers of Asimov or Arthur C Clarke novels of the 70's, the costumes are lavishly inspired, the sound is enveloping and the acting is top drawer, particularly Eddie Redmayne, who is just batsh*t crazy.

This is action from the people who made The Matrix, a total classic with awesome action, why is the action here so.. bland?

It's more enjoyable than the Star Wars prequels and even The Matrix.

For some ungodly reason his lips are offered towards the camera at every opportunity, in a way uncomfortably reminiscent of that drawn out moment your granny waits, taut and over-eager, for a proper kiss goodnight.

It has some very lovely visuals and pictures in it and almost good piece of pulpy sci-fi plotting, but what it comes down to is, that it's also terribly boring mess, that doesn't seem to know what it wants to be: a twilight style romance, an adventure, socio-political commentary, Star Wars pastiche.

Mila kunis plays jupiter and I found her to be a really boring character.

I'm unaware of half dog, half human relations within Subgenius lore, so the connection is fascinating.

In terms of getting casting spot-on, its a mixed bag, with them doing well in the cast of Tatum and Bean (don't mind how Bean is severely, and even unfairly, under-utilized); while faltering severely in the cases of Mila Kunis and Eddie Redmayne; and doing just about alright with the other hangers-on (to be fair though, the siblings of Redmayne, in terms of characterization at least, are much more fascinating creatures since their motivations are very realistically ambiguous, in spite of veering to being realistically 2nd and 3rd sibling-scale opportunistic).

Enjoyable movie.

cliché mash-up .

The whole story was silly and I fell asleep.

In most cases, the Wachowskis have created films with interesting worlds and stories, breathtaking special effects and costume designs, beautiful music, intriguing (and sometimes admittedly terrible) acting performances, and an array of thought-provoking (and sometimes a bit pretentious) religious/social/economic/philosophical ideas.

In the first act and then unfold on a long series of boring conversations with strange alien creatures and awful character design.

I just did it was awful it nearly bored me to death!

Jupiter Ascending is a letdown, a film with some visual wonder to fixate upon as it wanders its parallel universes in search of a logical and compelling story to match its grandiose thinking.

Confusing Garbage .

How come the Wachowskis create something as intriguing and character driven as Sense8, and then also come up with Jupiter Ascending?

If you are searching for a film with some depth and an engaging story, then by all means move on and find another more interesting movie.

trite, juvenile fare with a ridiculous plot .

Action scenes we're really enjoyable for me to watch.

Due to these uninspired performances and the poor script, the film is a waste of time and literally space.

The movie was like a collection of really expensive CGI scenes with no story, not real motive, not nothing.

The characters are totally uninteresting.

It's a waste of time.

As a whole I will say that this is the worst movie I've seen in the last two years and was a total waste of time and money.

Mila Kunis's character is very boring and emotionless, with her most emotional scenes involves her saying "Holy crap…" calmly.

Colourful but utterly confusing and non-engaging.

This film is as entertaining as it gets!

Even the beautiful CGI felt contrived.

An initially plain and boring protagonist, chosen to save the world - sound familiar?

And when you understand it, you also understand that it's action scene in the middle of an empty city.

On occasions like this at the cinema, I always have my phone on standby so I can amuse myself with a game of Scrabble or surf the Web during the more tedious parts (Don't worry peeps, the sound is muted and I'm sitting at the back so no-one can see the glare.

There are much worse garbage movies out there even nominated for Oscar, this one has been attacked unfairly, I disagree with most of the criticism, because it was entertaining to watch and made me want to watch it again

The direction becomes boring in the middle of so many digital Gothic settings and weird creatures.

Nope iam sorry but this fantasy crap is just mindless, soulless waste of a lot of money and even worse waste of audiences time.

Waste of money I think.

The visual effects are similarly inventive, complement the scenery wonderfully and are tremendously colorful and thrilling – especially if you can see them in IMAX 3-D.

i prefer to commercials on TV then this film, its waste of time and if i watch this film more then 5 times in a row i could hang myself.

It also features the equally stunning Mila Kunis as the aptly named 'Jupiter Jones', who is the genetically reincarnated version of the mother of 'Balem Abrasax', an immensely wealthy and powerful galactic royal who happens to own Earth.

Well, I guess I can go on forever with my bad impressions, but I will finish this with an advice: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT waste your money on this pathetic, boring piece of s**t!

Pretty rotten in my perspective due to confusing story line.

Her meagre and pointless existence is interrupted by the skilled Caine Wise a half human – half wolf genetic hybrid.

While it's undeniably intriguing, the movie suffers by relying too much on verbal expositions and a nearly inert storyline that actually doesn't let the mythology grow.

Smoke or mist mirrored with smoke machines by the screen and around the seats creates a very immersed experience, like being in the film to a degree.

Many things happen and though the film is quite long, it feels crammed and rushed sometimes.

The fighting sequences were executed perfectly; each one thrilling in its own way.

Maybe it's the lack of story telling that inhibit them to really show their acting quality.

Very slow feeling at parts and rushed at others.

What Wachowskis did here is making a visually stunning motion picture, a bunch of beautiful images and views on cosmos.

Come on people- The books and movie never claimed to be Shakespeare that should be taught in schools, but it was a fun movie and had kick ass aspects in many areas: the costumes and visuals were stunning, the acting was great by some and OK by others, the chemistry between Mila and Channing was believable, the bits of wit and comedy tossed in here and there were really amusing, and the writing was fine for the market that it was intended for which is still pretty broad in this day and age and was a joy to watch!!!

The film is pretty enjoyable and is paced and edited pretty well.

Plot: Immigrant Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) has had a pretty uneventful, less-than pleasant life, always wanting more than just cleaning the homes of the wealthy.

If one wants to praise directors, this would solely be about the universe they created, which suggests not much new, but it is very spectacular with brilliant mixture of colors and stunning production design.

Dialogues - laughable dull mess, written by a bot, who was forced to read all Paulo Cohelo books.

Storyline is so simple and predictable.

Which I think was unexpected for many people.

I mentioned The Chronicles of Riddick before, which is conceptually very similar but which I found much more entertaining.

Positives: -the acting was (mostly) good -the plot (despite some cheesy elements) was very intriguing -the youngest siblings were cool charactersNow for the negatives: -I found the fight sequences Very long and boring, too much cgi, sometimes I struggled to see who was who.

They are fast paced, agile and luminous with firefights involving anti gravitational moves, a lot of lights, cool futuristic techs and gears.

Don't let all the negative critics stop you from watching this: it is a feast for eyes (and sometime ears), special effects are amazing and some action scenes are incredibly fast paced.

It's action packed, good story line.

The story is all over the place and is needlessly complex leading to a lot of the story being so boring and rushed that you'll forget about most of it 5 minutes after watching it.

Barely entertaining, definitely not the amazing movie I was expecting .

Finally, if you want to watch an amazing and very entertaining sci- fi movie with incredible action scenes, go and see it for yourself...

She's obviously hating her life, because there is nothing happening until some unearthly creatures try to assassinate her at the hospital.

The Wachowskis really blew me away with the scale of this universe they've created with highly imaginative worlds, technology and action sequences which are all very thrilling.

Fast action that becomes boring.

In quick summation, with all the extra time bought by shelving the film they obviously shot or reshot loads more confusing action sequences to "entertain" us all more.

But this is no transformers, nor third matrix film, its a solid enjoyable film, with good action, relateable characters and themes, hateable villains and a lot of really enjoyable visual spectacle.

Personally I feel the wrong cast was chosen no-one in the film did anything for me, no one moved me or made me love them, in fact I'd go as far as saying they were all boring including Mila Kunis who I absolute adore usually.

My niece at one point who was with me fell asleep and woke back up during the action scenes.

This is hands down the worst movie I've ever seen.

This movie was made just to show off special effects and has no story.

Like everyone says, the visuals are STUNNING.

The action in the film is thrilling, whether Caine (Channing Tatum) is on foot or in a spaceship being chased or fighting hand-to-hand the action is breathtaking and easy to follow.

The acting was awful and the story was trite and predictable AND convoluted.

Every character is very bland and one- dimensional (with a possible exception for the relationship between Channing Tatum's and Sean Bean's characters).

Action-wise, it is fairly well-filled, though much like the Transformers movies, the action does quickly become very ho-hum.

visually this is one of the better movies I have ever seen, the effects were absolutely stunning, the concept artists also deserve praise as the aesthetics of the ships/worlds/weapons/characters was amazing and was a pleasure to watch, the action scenes were really fun to experience and genuinely left smile on my face.

These are the only scenes where the movie earns momentum, the directors finding breathtaking ways to join us along with these large scale spectacles.

Every cliché possible is used in this mainstream Hollywood with no substance, only special effects who get boring as the (story?

an extremely hard to follow film .

The visuals are stunning and stylistic and the action sequences were intense.

Certainly an enjoyable experience worth the watch in th big screen to be fully appreciated.

Missed Potential of the Beautiful and Enjoyable Kind .

Enjoyable for fans of epic Sci-Fi .

But are you also wishing for a fascinating story filled with interesting characters, then this will be a huge disappointment.

Empty dialogs.

Life is tiresome and routine and she secretly longs for more.

Each singular planet or world was so stunning and precisely crafted, that one could almost feel themselves in it.

Predictability (4): Yes, the story is very predictable.


Confusing and not well acted .

Despite the complaining from people with constipated imaginations, this is an excellent and entertaining film.

The special effects were stunning,the storyline held water, most of the acting was good and Eddie Redmayne was a good villain(if a little camp).


The action scenes are long, predictable and boring.

Confusing goals of characters 6.

Decent movie, Worth watching .

There is a lot to like about this movie, visually it is stunning and the universe that is built is rich in detail.

So confusing!

I think this movie can best be understood as an entertaining, popcorn chomping, summer film, which it was actually slated to be last summer, before they decided to work more with the visuals.

fast paced, fun.

To have one without out the other, is as pointless and dangerous as giving an ever faster car for a toddler to drive.

I really enjoyed it.

February 2015 and we have a candidate for worst movie of the year.

i bet the wachowskis had to trim their script, i would have loved to have seen the worlds and relationships more developed, but still it was a fun and thrilling experience in imax, 3d conversion again was not necessary, go see it, without prejudice or preconceptions, and you will have a great time

I do believe the movie is worth watching though, at least because of the interesting scenery and visuals.

Jupiter Ascending is a visually stunning movie, for one, with many great decors.

A Visually Exciting Sci Fi Action Adventure .

Uninteresting and confusing political intrigues, which nobody cares for 5.

From epic chorals to an overuse of the string quartet, the music is really enough to make you want to leave the theater.

Most of the characters themselves are duller than watching paint dry and do some pretty nonsensical things.

Dumb, distracting plot, non-intriguing characters, and frankly you just want to throw something at your screen to get it to end.

just a waste of time .

This film answers this and shows underneath the boringness of the mundane, you really can't beat home once you learn to appreciate it.

A simple plot is dressed up with stunning CGI set pieces that keep the pace bounding along at a most enjoyable rate.

Adding too much CGI doesn't make a movie any better, because it's repetitive and boring.

Flat and cliché characters.

One of the worst movies ever made.

It was enjoyable.

The destruction scene of the harvesting factory at the end was a complete waste of time and was not well thought out.

But nonetheless, I like this movie, it was fresh and it was entertaining.

That being said, I walked out of the theater desperately wanting the 20-part novelization which would allow me to further explore this amazing world that was created.

First of all, the ideas in this movie are fantastic and interesting, however the actual movie sometimes verges on boring.

Even the main characters are boring.

Also the rest of the family members were bland and dull.

The ending of this movie is pretty predictable, so don't wait for something not seen.

You will leave the theater feeling like someone pick-pocketed you.

Quick cut edits and spiralling cameras distort the action, make it confusing, and lose the narrative.

The spacecraft, the planets, the cityscapes, it's all breathtaking to watch.

This movie may not have been like Mary Poppins "Practically perfect in every way", however it fits into a category that is most certainly enjoyable.

This movie got so much going on that it became just boring.

Furthermore, I felt that every action scene was very repetitive with Caine Wise (Channing Tatum) always saving Jupiter at the last millisecond.

The whole movie reeks with pretentious characters.

Found it fairly enjoyable but somewhat predictable.

In turn, Titus Abrasax is excessively dull (Douglas Booth's performance is completely the opposite of his super-charged role in NOAH).

Others have commented on the stunning visual design of this movie.

There were some cool and well done entertaining action sequences in the film, but they became repetitive as the film kept going.

I enjoyed it enough that I would buy it on DVD.

This movie is incredibly entertaining...

She wakes up every day at a quarter to five to clean the houses of rich Americans and her life is so depressing she is willing to sell her ovaries to purchase a telescope and bring some joy to her boring existence.

I was looking for a nice fiction action movie and i got one of the worst movies ever.

They over did the visuals and the story is so confusing and terrible and that mixed in with semi-good visuals makes for a boring and very terrible experience at the movies.

If i was to describe this film in 6 words I would say complete utter waste of money.

Completely incoherent plot line that will make you scratch your head, illogical directions, extremely cliché at every turn, strange pacing, characters are as one dimensional as they get, and extremely bad acting makes this movie awful beyond anything I have seen so far.

it definitely has flaws and things you can laugh at or make fun of, but I enjoyed it a lot.

Very Exciting And Compelling movie.

This movie is very much like the Fifth Element: kitsch and cliché.

But when a film full of action sequences (which are actually boring, if you can imagine it), makes me wish I was watching one of the Twilight films instead, you something has gone terribly wrong.

Conclusion: boring and cliché but entertaining at some points.

The action sequences are intense and exciting, the costumes and makeup effects are top-notch, and Michael Giancchino's gorgeous soundtrack is almost as good as that of Cloud Atlas.

If you are looking for the next Matrix, it looks like you'll have to wait for their next one because Jupiter Ascending is dull, boring, loud and obnoxious.

At least this time it's entertaining and not pretentious drivel.

I enjoyed it.

Eager to impress audiences with action sequences, which the outcome of each fight scene is 100% predictable.

Don't waste your time or money!

While the suggestions that our race's origins are extraterrestrial can't be proved, it does make for some pretty intriguing conjecture.

This movie and Cloud Atlas strike me as propaganda for Scientology or some other space-age religion.

So all in all, do watch the movie if you are bored.

Verdict: It is not the best Science Fiction Movie ever, but alone for the amazing designed Worlds it is worth watching this Movie on the big screen.

Thank you all for the very visualizing and entertaining truth of spirituality.

The special effects were superb and the action scenes were breathtaking, there is this chase scene in the first half hour that has Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis flying through downtown Chicago with all sorts of destruction that melted my face off and that's gotta be my favorite thing about this movie.

This has got to be the worst movie I have seen so far this decade.

Jupiter Ascending was marketed as an interplanetary adventure, but turned out to actually be a bureaucratic conflict over land… The visuals are stunning and many of the action scenes are spectacular and very fun to watch.

As usual the good point is that it kept a lot of people in a job but what a wasted opportunity to make something entertaining and worthy of its own longevity!

Jupiter Ascending actually paints a pretty fascinating sci-fi universe.

Somehow the plot progresses with a languid pace which isn't really the right move for an action-oriented film.

I really enjoyed it.

The visuals were absolutely stunning.

There are some political interests in this movie, but they are boring and I think that they could remove them.

She is this uncertain protagonist that is kinda being dragged from one situation to another.

dumb, shallow and boring.

Don't waste your time.

I had a lot more fun with this piece of retro science-fiction than the religious exercises of 'Interstellar', '2001', or the increasingly ponderous Star Wars franchise.

All-in-All the film was very captivating and enjoyable.

I stared this film a 3, 1 being 'Mila Kunis' is in it, 2 it was aesthetically pleasing during the slower scenes and 3 i was being generous with the extra star.

The plot is so confusing and the characters are so difficult to keep track of that I just stopped caring toward the end.

Despite this movies problems ,I found it an incredibly fun universe to be immersed in .

Everything here is so predictable - you know when the main characters make stupid decisions, when they are saved, when they fall in trouble and the way it ends.

Our ability to devise and parse as viewers an aerial chase as the first one in the film, a stunning piece, among the most impressive I've seen.

The Matrix used contemporary Metal and Techno music in the coolest ways possible, to amp up the action to adrenaline pumping heights.

They delivered their cliché lines in unremarkable fashion.

Too much complexity in the film's universe for such predictable plot points.

It was crystal clear that the sisters had worked hard on building a galaxy with a deep, sordid history far too long and far too out of control and crowded for comfort...

This movie was so confusing.

This quickly make the action boring.

Visually stunning space opera.

The story is easy to follow, and its an entertaining movie.

Any action is announced well in advance, you know who is lying, who is going to die, what plot the twists are going to be, and the ending will involve daddy's telescope, and yes she will get off with the werewolf; by the way if I am wrong about the ending it's because I didn't watch it all the way through, I fell asleep three times because the dialogue bored me to sleep.

The characters are just plain boring, I couldn't detect much chemistry between the two main protagonists, which is a bad thing considering they supposedly loved each other.

Just Boring .

Some of the visuals were okay, but became very repetitive.

The truth of the future is probably either far more odd or far more mundane than we'd imagine.

With a thrilling sequence at Chicago and more chases in space, so on.

Generally Entertaining, Thanks to Mila and Channing .

In general, I found the plot and its plot points predictable.

But other than being one of the most entertaining movies I have ever seen, it also has so many epic moments where you laugh your ass of.

The action scenes were some of the most non-engaging boring action scenes of any movie I have ever seen.

A total waste of time and money .

The hero, wolf-man, alien warrior, Caine Wise (Channing Tatum) is dull.

There was a bit of mish mash of Sci-fi ideas however and the mixture of some compelling screen ideas and some rather terrible shots indicated the missing links in the collaboration with their production house the sibling directors had.

Even the action sequences are bland compared to the usual Wachowski standard, with the finale particularly lacklustre and unimaginative.

It is so bland: a young girl who is a bored nobody suddenly gets a chance to go on a thrilling adventure, and even to be a genuine princess in a beautiful and strange place.

Don't waste your money on seeing the movie Jupiter Ascending.

I found the film to be very enjoyable for the most part.

With other films by the Chicago-born duo, you have to patiently wait for slow buildups and then short payoffs.

They get in another really drawn-out fight.

It's hard to imagine how the same directors and writers of the timeless Matrix movies and the bold and engaging endeavour that is Cloud Atlas can produce something as impotent and poor as Jupiter Ascending.

After charming the knickers off me with Cloud Atlas the Wachowski Brothers/Sisters/Cousins/Uncles/Aunts fall hard on their faces with this turgid, confusing mess.

This is most certainly one of the worst movies of the year and very deserving so.

if you want to watch it for its special effects by all means do it but wait until is free, on the TV and you can do something else during the boring bits (quite a lot of them I'm sorry to say) Like the special effects...

pretty entertaining .

The first 30 minutes of the movie was already boring.

A thrilling visual presentation utterly bereft of narrative eloquence, JUPITER ASCENDING is another huge cinematic mishap, best appreciated by audience that are only after feeding the eyes.

And the writers even put a predictable love story between Kunis and Tatum which, I think, has nothing to do with the plot.

Intense, Action, Drama, You Name It, Jupiter Definitely Ascends.

Expected cliché development throughout.

The nay-sayers and negative, vibe merchants really need to review their understanding of what is to get a movie made in the current climate and then re-assess their definition what a 'terrible' film is, because more terrible than Jupiter Ascending is an endless line of predictable, bland and safe movies.

Just when you think the movie would end, it drones on and on about another "twist.

You could tell by the performances by Mila, Channing, and several other cast members that they were just as bored making this film as I was watching it.

Jupiter Ascending is an entertaining movie.

It came to a point though that it already felt a tad repetitive with Cain rescuing Jupiter over and over and over, you knew she was never really in any danger at all.

With every more outrageous scene I realized how dull and empty Hollywood life must be.

The action sequences are great, lots of fun, and keep you on the edge of your seat.

I enjoyed it.

But the fantastic visuals and few entertaining action sequences are not enough to get me to like this film.

As Channing Tatum is forced to play straight faced and charmless and Eddie Redmayne consistently mumbles in monotone whispers, they're both forced to pick up the slack for Mila Kunis' passive and needy damsel in distress.

Full of cliché - a disaster.

The whole movie is a full-time CG, what kind of plot is worse than WOW's propaganda film.

Pros of the movie: The visual, its a very beautiful film and you get the feel of the world (earth) grow in to a small part in a galaxy powerplay with some stunning visuals scene.

Our heroine is passed from one baddie to the next and generates confusion.

Is this movie worth watching ?

The editor must have been on vacation because the actions drones on and on for no apparent reason.

Usually the Wachowskis direct stunning movies.

First, by Mila Kunis' shallow acting, which was out of place in contrast to engaging performances from other characters.

Entertaining and good special effects .

The characters were truly great and the attention to detail was mind blowing.

love, revenge, faith of the Earth, crumbs from Dune and a strange atmosphere, bizarre costumes and , not only for few scenes, waste of time.

The plot was also very generic and flowed very badly due to the stilted predictable dialogue.

It's awful to the point of unwatchable.

What a friggin' waste of human time.

Here all action seems so basic, slow and unspectacular.

Good acting, astonishing visual spectacle, and a compelling plot.

Save your money and wait for DVD, stream, bluray whatever.

Sounds great but it's a total waste of time.

They flow forward in a predictable fashion and nothing really seems to be at stake, especially because there's one too many "close call for main heroes" type of bits.

I feel that throughout the movie it goes from visually entertaining to visually predictable, like they were trying too hard to be futuristic.

Definitely entertaining to watch and has a few funny moments too.

It's an action packed, thrilling tale that makes one dream of the stars...

But I do wish that more people would have given Jupiter Ascending a chance, because while the Wachowskis made some mistakes with it, they still managed to deliver something unique and enjoyable.

But let's keep serious: Every movie with Mila Kunis is worth watching, so I give it some stars.

There are different alien types, from reptilians to the cliché looking aliens(in crop circles) to humans with their DNA altered.

You should still watch it sometime because it is entertaining, just don't expect to want to watch it again any time soon.

It's like a slow action movie.

May I add that the Spongebob movie was about one hundred times more entertaining than this film.

The most enjoyable parts to the film were where characters just spoke dialogue.

It was an entertaining trip to a beautiful fantasy.

I was surprised to be blown away by the intense action, intricate story line, and interesting technology that just made me jealous.

Can we just scrap the "bored and kinda psycho aristocrat" character from all future movies?

Good enjoyable sci film film - doesn't deserve the negative reviews.

I liked their first two films very much (Bound and The Matrix), but since then, they have declined very much, and every new movie ended up being more tedious than the previous one.

Rich, fascinating and grossly underrated .

Fight scenes dragged on and on and on.

Again she's too dumb to be compelling as the heroine.

Its extremely boring, the plot doesn't make sense and the actor walk around with an facial expression saying: what I'm doing in this mess?

Pros: Visuals, they're really stunning in placesNovel idea that left room for sequels (if it hadn't bombed)Cons: The dialogue is surprisingly bad, like it was written by a child in placesBad acting, from most of the cast, exceptions are Tatum, Bean and Douglas Booth who were okay.

amazing visuals, empty story, bad casting: disappointing .

Truly uninspiring .

The characters are boring and uninteresting and it doesn't help that the movie doesn't really seem to be trying to make it interesting.

For visuals this movie was stunning, special effects were great.

But what REALLY killed it for me, what REALLY made it the first film I have walked out of in many a moon, what even the distraction of my iPhone failed to conquer was the dialogue.

The storyline is a little bit convoluted and difficult to follow at times.

This however is to me by far their worst movie.

until it became a cliché .

Disciphering all this from the virtually whispered dialogue amongst the confusing and overly fast paced action sequences meant watching it twice.

Waste of my time and money, and as a compassionate man i feel obliged to spare you from the time watching this film.

The romantic relationship between Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis' characters was beyond cliché.

The characters were flat and one-dimensional; I guess that's just how Channing Tatum is as per usual, so no change there, but Mila Kunis looks bored and almost embarrassed that she's a part of this movie.

Movies like that are a waste of time.

When Star Wars became such a colossal success, it opened the door for a flood of fantasy/science fiction that followed and a genre reborn to a public bored with outer space.

Of course it isn't deep, but it is very entertaining, has a great cast and lots of action.

I could've forgiven the waste of time if the end credits had rolled to Chicago My Kind Of Town.

It is big bombastic fun and I enjoyed it.

While visually pleasing, the story, pacing and movie as a whole feel completely disjointed.

Characters explain quite a lot, in the second act at least, about how the universe really works and yet, ultimately, it all comes down to elements familiar as we've seen in many other space operas: rigged marriages, fiendish power plays, blue-blood royalty, dogged male determinism, and some enjoyable hijinks.

"Jupiter Ascending" is a collection of really expensive CGI scenes with no story.

It's funny, engaging, surprising.

If you like this movie good for you but I'm sorry this was just dull.

If you are looking for some action packed fun, it's your ticket!

The major glaring problem being that the plot is cliché with you telling the poor person sitting next you exactly what would happen in the next scene.

Negatives aside, however, and it was still a fairly enjoyable film with some potential.

A banal, pointless and chaotic attempt at telling a sci-fi fairytale, Jupiter Ascending is light years away from the starry heights it aims for.

I highly recommend it!

Funny, action-packed, Metphysics within it's narrative, brilliant aesthetics and orchestra, repetitive plot with holes.

The writing is choppy and messy, with characters feeling bland and weak, no more than one-dimensional in the case of the consistently overrated Channing Tatum.

Visually this film is stunning and in line with the greatest modern artwork in science fiction.

It was all over the place confusing.

There was too much fighting but nonetheless it was enjoyable.

The 4DX Super screen with 3D was quite expensive but, immersing and effective so it felt satisfying with such a visually stunning film.

Don't waste your time with it, just spin around until you see spots and it will be the same cinematic experience

But a visually stunning one, with beautiful actors and amazing special effects.

It just spends it's time setting up the world, having extremely bland exposition and setting up humour so terrible that it's barely comprehensible how these lines were meant to be laughed at.

Entertaining .

The movie was really boring and not worth watching.

Man-liner wearing Tatum flying around shirtless, wearing space age roller skates easily defeating pointless antagonists…..and about 40 minutes of it.

One of the worst movies I've ever watched.

After anticipating it since last year, I was final able to see Jupiter Ascending - I had lowered my expectations after the flood of negative reviews, and so I was pleasantly surprised to find the film highly enjoyable and engaging.

Milna Kunis is stunning and she partners well with Channing Tatum, the film isn't a love story, it is about a girl from Earth who is destined for greatness and how she has to fight to claim her right.

This film has NO story, It is so convoluted and filled egocentric directing.

I figured out why I disagree with the critics who say that Jupiter Ascending is fast pace and confusing.

Well I enjoyed it!

Despite the reviews, it was an intriguing premise, Mila Kunis is equal parts cool and hot, and some IMDb reviewers noted that that some movies are worth seeing just for the special effects.

Long boring monologues (sometimes dressed up as dialog) served to advance the plot at the expense of pacing which slowed to a crawl.

Even with those gorgeous special effects and some exciting action scenes, Jupiter Ascending fails to replicate the same glory of the last franchise these directors once made.

Some of the action scenes were too long for my taste, but the story was thoroughly entertaining and I wish there was a sequel.

It is worth watching a second time just for the gadgets and gizmos (loved the gravity boots), and the incredibly complex, lavish settings.

But what I didn't like was how average the film's plot actually played out, with it's abundance of boring character conversations involving land ownership, I actually noticed myself getting impatient waiting for any and all dialog scenes to end and for the next action scene to come on.

A waste of money and talent.

Pacing is all over the place, the actual story feels rushed, indicating that the film would have worked better at least twenty minutes longer as a film or as a mini-series, but because the experience is so emotionally and dramatically empty it feels dull too.

The music is rousing, haunting and lusciously as well as thrillingly bombastically orchestrated.

Bad guy Douglas Booth was charged with providing the mild attempt at providing something unexpected, a titanic task given the flat and utterly predictable (bed time?

The hairs on my arm stood up, it was truly breathtaking and unique.

The actors spoon fed you exposition that felt empty and just there to give you context.

I believe that when you write science fiction (as I do), you need to come at the material with fresh eyes, be inventive, try not to use clichés or be repetitious, and most of all try to be unpredictable.

, etc.Boy is this movie exciting.

Had there been 1-3 action scenes, it would have made the film a little more enjoyable.

Otherwise, save your money and time for something more intriguing.

The special effects are impressive, but the story was a little hard to follow.

The graphics are stunning and it even has a female lead.

In other words: save your money or watch something else.

"I understand they feel no pain", one says as they walk through the empty streets of a highly advanced city.

Entertaining, nonetheless.

The storyline is confusing, strange, and for the first half and hour, I had no idea what was going on.

The visuals are simply mind blowing!

Overly long dialogue scenes, reminded me of most Facebook statuses; too much pointless information.

Visually stunning space stuff.

The special effects are out of this world good, the film is beautifully shot and the production design has much colour, atmosphere and astonishing realism, successfully at first allowing the viewer to be immersed in and captivated by the world the characters inhabit.

The movie is a very long one too and on a big screen it can be a huge adrenaline rush just to watch it.

It was predictable and bland.

The cinematographyis breathtaking!

The story is confusing and just overall stupid and the final act is just plain bad.

The plot is so ridiculously uninspiring and sleep-inducing that it's making me yawn even as I think about it now, whilst simultaneously making me cringe so hard, I feel like I am looking at early photos of my dress sense in the 1990's.

sooo bland a character as to be almost invisible.

but it is completely forgivable because it is so exceptionally entertaining.

Highly enjoyable.

Everyone hates the script, everyone hates the acting (I have to agree a little on that) everyone says it's meaningless and boring and long.

This reincarnation turns out to be a poor Russian girl named Jupiter Jones, living Chicago as a housecleaner who is bored and unhappy with her backstory.

Worth the watch in cinemas for the visuals.

I'd even say that if this film was more serious, it'd be dull.

Boring, boring, boring.

The film is furthermore fast paced and never leaves us watching the hands upon our watch.

Some of the actions scenes were fun, but some were also repetitive and unintentionally funny (Channing Tatum's gravity boots).

the story line was barely there and what little there was was so utterly confusing.

One last thing I would recommend though is to forget seeing this at the cinema, with so much happening on the screens at once the big screens made it so hard to follow, wait for the DVD and see it at home in the comfort of your home where you can see everything.

We can't be present when we are so inundated with materialistic pretty fluff, mind-numbing bright colors and monotone characters devoid of real emotion and substance.

You end with no subtleties, a predictable development and overall, one dimensional and under-developed characters for what could have become a space odyssey and franchise.

Utterly bonkers but strangely enjoyable Sci-Fi .

I would so much prefer to go to a movie like this than a dreary Marvel-based film.

The world that was created was mind blowing.

I enjoyed it.

But I found the story somewhere a bit predictable and now and than it has its flaws.

It is beautifully shot and entertaining while keeping your attention on the mildly complex plot.

The movie lacked in many areas, and one of those is failing to have at least one stunning fight/war scene.

I liked it, though it was confusing in the beginning .

I admit that the rescue operation at the beginning of the film in which Caine prevents Jupiter being abducted by alien "Keepers", while flying around on his jet-like roller skates, was a breathtaking part that lasted for ages.

Sean Bean's character was another one I liked, but most of the others came of as bland, or extremely over the top caricatures **cough**eddieredmayne**cough**.

the plot was for 7 year olds, the characters were weird, the whole darn story line was stupid and hard to follow, the worst part was that it would not end!

the green screen whizzing about was tedious and uninvolving and made you long for the stripped down intensity of the terminator.

I went to watch this movie today because I needed something visually entertaining for my brain, and this definitely did its job.

The film is visually stunning.

The visual effects absolutely stunning.

The plot though, was shallow and uninteresting and even though it had good actors, the acting left a lot to be desired (although one must ask how good can the acting be, when working on such a bad movie).

I enjoyed it, so...

He is by far the most entertaining part of the movie and it is a shame that they didn't use him more because this is probably the only performance in the movie that doesn't feel like chess piece storytelling.

This movie was LOADED with unnecessary exposition, pointless character developtment, and some of the weirdest actings ever.

This is by far the worst movie I have seen for at least 10 years (Since the Aviator) - I am both disappointed and pretty p*ssed off.

Incomprehensible plotting, characters and situations girded by repetitive action sequences that seemed to have no end.

Unfortunately under this narrative DNA is only an epically bad written repetitive pattern of Jupiter being saved that you don't care what happens, because you know for sure, she will be saved again.

There were also some intriguing scientific ideas that I thought would be explored and that could lead to some interesting conclusions.

(It wasn't - it was as silly as this movie, but a helluva a lot more ponderous and leaden.

If two bright movie directors were to put chunks of "Star Wars", "Brazil," "Soylent Green," "Dune" and even a few "Star Trek" episodes into a blender and shake thoroughly, the resulting cocktail might be a basis for "Jupiter Ascending", fast-moving, rich in ideas and frequently explosive.

The story is so stupid, scattered, disjointed, unnecessarily convoluted, terribly written and imagined, that "The Wachowskis" now means "Complete Pandering Bullshit Because We Need More Money".

And this makes the action, albeit well choreographed, very boring.

Entertaining space opera .

If you enjoy imaginative, visually beautiful and rollicking space romps, this is one that will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

Given the simplicity of the plot such confusion can not have been generated easily.

But still entertaining - if you like movies such as The Fifth Element, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Guardians of the Galaxy, John Carter, Green Lantern, Immortal etc. comes to mind.

The Wachowski's have a talent for creating fascinating worlds that feel complete.

So yes, as an American movie, Jupiter Ascending is a confusing series of events that leaves the viewer wondering what is going on.

I did have lots of whats and how questions throughout the movie which totally made me fell asleep at the middle of the action.

JUPITER ASCENDING sees the Wachoski siblings continuing their descent into cinematic irrelevance following SPEED RACER and CLOUD ATLAS; the latter of those wasn't too awful, just bland, while SPEED RACER was astonishingly bad.

Everything was very predictable and the acting was below mediocre.

Most people praise this movie for the stunning visuals, Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum (their bodies, not their act).

When out of patience: put it on an uninspiring serving-plate and top it of with Gerard Butler.

This is a movie to watch and be immersed in a whole new world, be amazed by its beautiful landscapes, architecture, costumes, and by its cool gadgets (seriously, who wouldn't want flying boots like Caine's?

While I am not the best movie critic, I feel that I should agree with everyone who says this movie is a waste of time.

Not good, not bad either, it's just made for those who like the genre and are not afraid of clichés like good guys looking good, bad guys looking ugly and talking dirty and predictable betrayals.

Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) is a Russian immigrant and janitor living in Chicago, who believes her life is going nowhere.

someone pushed the "suspenseful music" button a few times in post and called it a day.

I raised an eyebrow at the main character's name "Jupiter Jones" but her back story was so compelling I eventually forgave it.

It's a rushed mess that leaves it's characters behind and the story repetitive and unrewarding.

Review: This movie really got on my nerves after a while because the plot was a right mess and it was way too long.

Also the movie is so predictable that you can foresee the whole movie by watching the front picture, and i have grown to hate predictable movies, especially with overuse of CGI.

Enjoyed it for the fun comic book style story, creative mix of genres, beautiful ships and scenery, and regency trope, and the adorable corny lines.

There are SO many good stories that have never been made but the thinking was 'it's our money, we'll make our kind of crap' I would say children and teens will enjoy it and older people if they are a little slow.

This makes the film too predictable.

I could go on, but I think that is enough to convey the reason I found the movie to be particularly compelling.

It's not worth trying to piece together every plot point they throw into the movie because it will just lead to confusion and disappointment, and eventually frustration when you realize how much potential was wasted in creating this massive universe.

We rarely see these kinds of movies because these are visually boring stories, even if the characters are interesting and the philosophical ideas are groundbreaking.

This is a creative and entertaining jaunt into an alternate reality.

Of course, shirtless Channing Tatum was just another plus, and Mila was completely stunning throughout the movie.

Highly entertaining.

The fighting sequences were executed perfectly; each one thrilling in its own way.

In fact, there are hundreds of fascinating stories that could be told about this universe.

Speed Racer (2008) was visually intriguing but its story was muddled and confusing; I personally think that while Cloud Atlas (2012) was not as groundbreaking as The Matrix, I still thought it was a fantastic film with a great and thought-provoking story, amazing special effects, and some truly Oscar-worthy performances.

The cgi is all on point and the action scenes are very fast moving and exciting to watch.

If I hadn't gone with a friend I'd have walked out.

I switched off my brain for a couple of hours and thoroughly enjoyed it so it's 7/10 for me.

Some of the space shots were absolutely breathtaking.

Mila Kunis never shows much in her role, maybe cause she was not giving much to work with, she comes across kind of bland.

While the movie is entertaining it also contains a number of interesting and controversial ideas such as were we genetically created by ETs?

It's just kind of boring that begs for better direction.

instead of interesting space battles you get overwhelmed with so much that its just plain boring and you might just fall asleep.

I found it interesting and entertaining, which is my bottom line for all films, and it kept my attention to the end.

The story line is boring and predictable, the romance between the two main characters is awkward and unlikely at best, and their conversations are badly written.

The sibling villains are just as boring as the movie's plot device.

Michael Giacchino's music fits each scene very nicely whether it is a fast paced chase scene, or a quiet and thoughtful scene.

It's a bad movie with beautiful visuals, boring action scenes and good actors being weird.

Visually stunning "B" Movie....

Very intriguing.

The film looks absolutely beautiful but given the fact that the plot is thrown around everywhere i didn't have too much time to enjoy this, and the film is only 2 hours but it dragged on so much!

There are fewer characters than a slow movie would have and the story is rushed to fit in a 127 minute film!!

Any media that women love that is just entertaining, will be instantly put down in our culture.

Save your money.

In my opinion ,the most enjoyable part of the movie is bureaucratic muddle and bribery scenes that taking place in outer space.

The dialogue and jokes were unbearable.

My eyes were hooked onto the screen, excited for whatever zany yet thrilling scene or fight happened next.

Seriously, there are better ways to waste two hours of time.

Non-ending long CGI scenes (a bit like The Matrix Revolutions) which made it pretty boring, and not to mention the incredible load of explosions and fast action, you can't even tell what the hell is going on and who's fighting who.

But visuals can not be everything in the film, because those colorful clouds and stunning planets get boring after an hour and you are left with the most illogical plot ever.

Still, if you're not going in to deride the movie because it's the cool thing to do, then you're going to miss a thoroughly enjoyable ride of pulpy old-school fun.

A stunning visual feast with a captivating story .

Confusing and irrational actions and reactions of characters 7.

It's painfully tedious, Mila Kunis is awful in this (everyone is) and Eddie Redmayne, while the funnest character, was the worst actor in this.

Overall, this new version of Star Wars space universe is still an enjoying formulaic blockbuster with its intense actions and eye popping visual effects even if the directors themselves ended up confused and misfiring ambitious at the wrong directions.

The special effects make believable some very interesting and exciting details, such as the multitude of gadgets and weapons we're witness to.

There are a few enjoyable character beats for Caine, too, particularly when the film delves into his history with another decommissioned inter-galactic soldier, Stinger Apini (Sean Bean).

A REAL Ghost in a (an empty...

The acting was credible, and the visuals were absolutely stunning.

The world the Wachowskis have built is grand and epic, but too confusing to navigate properly.

For one thing the CGI battles last way too long starting out with Cane rescuing Jupiter as Aliens try to shoot them down, and sometimes we cannot make out what the bad Aliens are saying.

Above all that's the movie is pretentious and tries to be "serious" which fails pretty dismantle.

Action packed, romantic, funny, and visually amazing!

But the Wachowskis still manages to create such exciting action scenes.

There is no room to get immersed in this world because there is no story to relate to.

Indeed it was seemingly a cliché story of how a mundane young caretaker was in fact the recurrence-reincarnation of the matriarch of a powerful dynasty, and how different powers tried to lure her, side with her or even kill her.

Pls don't waste your precious time with this crap.

It is not innovative or even new, but it was as I said, entertaining.

The main complaints that I have seen about this movie are about character development and dialog, but in ~2 hours, it's hard to develop 5-6 main characters who all have potentially fascinating back-stories.

One of the worst movies i have ever seen .

Enjoyable film, really.

All sorts of characters in this waste of time.

The fight scenes and the climax of the film were very lousy and uninteresting.

It is up to you to create this stunning world you have been given a glimpse of.

There's plenty of good special effects in this movie, but the story is beyond confusing.

Aditionaly, some of the dialog is just some old cliché lines such as 'I always fall for the wrong guys' among others.

this was top 2 all time worst movies i have ever seen.

The really brilliant part of this film is that you leave the theater having your mind opened once again to the possibility of a universe so much larger than most of us dare to dream about.

This was easily one of the worst movies I have ever been to.

)It's such a waste of money, time and talent (the CGI artists are talents).

It's like eating empty carbs with no nutritional value.

Simply excluding the visuals I wouldn't give more than 3..The concept is good, the story sucks, the characters are shallow and undeveloped, the world is stunning perhaps the best so far in all sci-fi movies and thats what it makes the movie watchable.

This is light years away from being a soulless, empty spectacle full of gratuitous VFX.

And of course strip it right down to reveal Buster Crabbe's non-pretentious Flash Gordon.

The story is a bit predictable and times with too many clichés.

This is an enjoyable folly and is criminally underrated imo.

What a waste of time/Warning: Spoilers .

The visuals are stunning.

Tatum isn't a bad actor, he's just remains stony faced and kinda bland, most of the time, here.

The special effects are impressive and there is plenty of exciting action.

A Perfectly Enjoyable Adventure and a Visual Feats .

I enjoyed it terrifically.

Its basically Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis mumbling their lines in monotone in front of a green screen, surrounding by far more talented British thespians.

If you enjoyed it or found it helpful go check out my other reviews.

Pacing - since we need to go through the three capture/threaten/escape sequences, all with their own CGI battle, while also trying to navigate sub-plots and "breathtaking visuals" the weight of the plot/visuals just implode making the movie blend together into a mess.

Characters are ultimate boring and cliché.

I'm willing to admit I was wrapped up in Jupiter Ascending and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.

I vote home-world 6) The actors are engaging and accessible regardless of how many dimensions they express.

mediocre SF but stunning effects .

Overall I gave this move 3/10 solely because of the CGI and the costume designs as it fails to deliver an original and intriguing story line.

In terms of views and images, "Jupiter Ascending" is a spectacle with an impressive space footage, sometimes rousing action sequences and titillating extraterrestrial fantasies.

The casting is awful; they have chosen very blank and uninteresting actors that fill their roles without trying.

Unless you want to see just how bad it is, don't waste your time watching this movie.

I just wanted to turn it off.

Predictable .

Utterly bad, unwatchable crap .

Mila Kunis is possibly the most bland actor in this movie, maybe in any movie that's come out this year so far.

As for the action, it was too jittery and hard to follow during the Chicago attack.

Special Effects: Visual Effect (9): Incredibly stunning!!

To start out, i'd like to say this movie did have its flaws, the 2 main characters were somewhat unoriginal, the story was semi predictable, and there were some cliché traits of your average sci-fi movie.

It is a truly entertaining story of modern Cinderella sucked in a galactic battle for power and well, more time.

Every line of dialogue is a painful cliché.

But, the visual effects were completely and utterly stunning.

The plot is mixed and at times in some way repetitive and hard to follow.

I would say this film is on-par with John Carter of Mars, The Chronicles of Riddick and in some aspects all the marvel films (the visuals really are top notch in Jupiter) so give the plot a break and watch it for the stunning universe that they have created.

The action is exciting.

It tries to be Thor with its story of siblings squabbling over territory and power, but the villains are so ridiculous that they become boring – especially Eddie Redmayne who's villainous Belam whispers his dialogue most of the time and screams it the rest.

This is an enjoyable and very watchable film, I have watched it on repeats and don't bore of it, and the fact it has Channing Tatum in it is just the cherry on the top ;-)

The film was relentlessly imaginative and the world it established was fascinating and original, far more so than the sci-fi/fantasy universes set up in any of the Marvel or comic book movies of recent years.

I would have walked out, except for the fact that I wouldn't get my money back.

There was enough multiple ideas to make a whole entire alternative universe and with good casting and character development it could be fun scary touching but they shoved it all ina film that is too long in the end.

Though each scene tend to make the audience intense, by having Mila Kunis make some difficult decisions, then Channing Tatum will definitely pops out to save her.

The movie was made by Lana & Andy Wachowski who brought you the Matrix movies, V for Vendetta, which was also bad, Cloud Atlas, which has to go down as Tom Hanks worse film ever and Speed Racer which has loads of pretty colours but no storyline.

I tried to see what was so bad about this entertaining film and frankly speaking I could not.

On the upside, the film is visually stunning, and they certainly used 3D technology to their advantage, not to mention that Tatum's extended shirtless scene is, indeed, very entertaining while I don't think I have ever seen Mila Kunis look so beautiful.

Enjoyable Movie .

Fun movie, great cgi, visually stunning.

lots fascinating and unique scenes.

I'm taking one star off because I fast forwarded through some of the action at parts - "action" is tedious for me these days.

(see Jeremy Jahns review for a good impression) He actually dragged the whole movie down with his stupid, stupid performance.

your expectations), your age and so on, you will either consider this an entertaining bit of fantasy fluff or, you will cringe at the predictability and resume your game of scrabble.

Whisking the viewer from stunning set-piece scene to stunning scene to a cottage in the countryside...

It held my interest for nearly ten minutes but I was bored out of my mind for the remaining 117 tedious minutes of colours, noise and nonsense.

Everything was so fast paced and it should've gone deeper into the story itself.

Absolutely stunning CGI.

Hard to get into but ultimately entertaining.

I really was about to fall asleep, I didn't want to finish this movie because it was so boring and it made no sense, and the action was terrible.

Two adjectives that sadly fits the description of this movie is; dull and boring.

When you're six years old, and you're bored...

All this should make it terrible but strangely I found it all rather enjoyable.

The film seems to fail at everything, creating dull undeveloped characters and placing them in a ridiculous world that feels like it's trying to show how dumb science fiction can get.

Soundtrack was trying too hard to be Howard Shore at times and was quite bland and lacked intensity at key points.

Sorry if the ending was moving, exciting and witty instead of plodding, overblown and derivative.

It's Exciting and Hits with a Powerful Punch and is quite Entertaining (for those without the brain beanie).

The visuals are stunning and the world introduced is actually pretty cool...

Seriouly Wachowskis, I had high esteem for the Matrix, but since then your movies have been going downhill and lacking any originality (Cloud Atlas was another bore).

Waste of time .

What i don't get was the origin of the universe and how did they end up with that idea, Totally confusing and nonsense.

Film cutting is sometimes too fast and action scenes are mainly way too long.

A very generic and over told storyline about someone discovering they arn't who they think they are, falling in love with someone they shouldn't and ending up happy as larry at the end, is told through an absolute maze of boring CGI action scenes and snippets of information you are just supposed to string together, whilst having your visual field bombarded by more CGI action.

Jupiter Ascending is one visually stunning movie and not at all disappointing, considering how many bad reviews it has received.

Otherwise it was a good movie a one time watch it's worth watching i would recommend it.

Well that scenario pretty much describes the plot of Jupiter Ascending, an ambitious attempt by the Wachowski's at crafting their own space opera, which while entertaining in its visuals and action, fails to keep up with its own ambitions.

Still, aside from all this I sort of enjoyed it.

The story of this film is bland and boring, there is nothing unique and it does feel like you have seen it before.

I asked him did he want to leave and without hesitation he said " Yes " " This is A cabbage ".

The viewer gets bored by the visible intention to create a universe for a franchise by over-explaining the most uninteresting crap, tried to get relieved from this tension desert by foreseeable love and action jerk.

The movie is boring, lame, empty, and almost attempts to make no sense or logic at all.

A stunning Sci-Fi 'Steam-punk' journey .

The acting is ho-hum, some of the actors seem to be even more confused about what kind of a mess they have been cast into, than us spectators.

The extensive world- (even galaxy-) building is highly impressive, but without a worthwhile population and purpose to fill it, this creation is left devastatingly empty.

Positives -Excellent Visuals -Channing Tatum is entertaining -Some funny government satireNegatives -Boring -The character Jupiter Jones -Repetitive action scenes that go on for too long -Most characters are either bland or too over the top.

The script was poor, the story was so confusing and absolutely full of very obvious plot holes it actually got annoying, if there was a lull moment in the film your mind began to wonder as did the fellow cinema goers as you heard fidgeting and readjusting going on all around during the slower moments.

The flashy chase between the buildings is intense, exciting and masterfully portrayed.

I am a lover of science fiction movies, especially ones that can stand alone and conjure up thrilling thoughts and make me want to pop in the DVD at a later date.

but if you're not, you're in for a confusing and frustrating time....

This is the first Movie that I have ever walked out on.

As a bonus the Musical Soundtrack is Fun and Quite Effective and Entertaining.

The effects are pretty descent, some action scenes do keep you on the edge of your seat.

From Channing Tatum's roller blades to one of the worst accents and voice mannerisms in recent memory - cheesy Star Wars-like aerial fight scenes that are so confusing only the geekiest of the geek would be able to make heads or tails out of who's who.

I was completely immersed in this creation by the end and left wanting more.

The only weakness I found in all of this film, is the little predictable side of the story, and the little lack of originality and rigour in the soundtrack.

If you have time to waste or if you want to make your enemy waste his time you now know what to do.

of course not, maybe a 6 or 7, but i give it a 10 just to give some credits back for such a underrated, entertaining movie with a thoughtful story.

The action was wild all the way through like a visually stunning roller coaster ride.

All the villains range from dull to laughable.

It became a cliché.

Welcome to the world of the Wachowskis where a simple story has to be convoluted, contrived, and copious, just to illustrate even simpler metaphors in life.

The entire action is very formulaic, easily predictable, and overuses the damsel in distress trope.

Unbelievable quality of CGI, mind blowing action sequences, very balanced paste and incredible atmosphere.

All of the boring political talks and plot explanations just drag on and on and make absolutely no sense by the end.

Predictable, dull and stereotypical.

Now, I admit, I went in expecting it to be as awful as everyone said, but I enjoyed it.

Acting - Mundane.

Not everything makes sense here, but it is still an adrenaline-fueled adventure ride, despite lack of a good plot!

It is entertaining enough to keep you captivated, you will definitely laugh and I have no doubt you will love the worlds and the idea of how they exist, so I'm not saying skip this film altogether I think more I want you to be prepared to be disappointed, so that when you do see it, your expectations will be so low that you will love what you see instead and wonder why I decided to ingest downers before heading to my seat.

In between action there was long, dull exposition.

The dialogue is farcically generic/cliché, the story is preposterous, the acting is...

I got bored of all the explosions and crashes that were used to further the plot.

Again, if you ever looked at any of my reviews I never give a rating this low, but the movie was just way to boring silly.

It is also easily the most entertaining part of the film.

Actually, there WAS no story.

The acting is great and it is truly a non-stop action packed sci-fi masterpiece!

This was one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

etc.On the surface, this movie is visually stunning.

etc etc.3) Long and boring fight scenes.

Cloud Atlas (2012) was a brave project with a plot, soundtrack and visuals neatly described by one word: compelling.

Maybe it is not as creepily thought provoking as the Matrix or V, but all in all, I thought it was a perfectly enjoyable action movie with a beautiful universe I'd like to explore further.


Enjoyed it...

There is little to absolutely no story involved in the making of this movie.

From that point, it just gets more confusing.

I sat through most of this dog and finally walked out after the nonsense overwhelmed me.

This Sci-fi love story is action packed and original.

uninteresting, boring.

exciting and beautiful .

Not a classic of the genre but very entertaining - although I can understand some people getting upset at not being able to follow the somewhat demanding, fast paced, multi-level story, whispered dialogue, and unconventional narrative.

I like movies that I can't expect whats happening because most movies are pretty predictable.

The film is full of spectacular visuals, cleverly crafted space battles and intense chase sequences.

It becomes a Sci-Fi film that becomes way too political despite some fairly entertaining action sequences at the beginning of the film.

The movie had a good cast (despite those ears on Cain) including our now Oscar winning villain (a very intense Eddy Redmayne) and was quite self aware with some good one liners not taking themselves too seriously.

Save your money, and don't even bother renting this.

The romance was also very rushed and felt very dry and forced.

By the end of the film I did actually care for the character but if that had happened for me sooner, I would have found it more enjoyable.

But the gesture seems empty when our heroine is dragged, often literally, from exposition to exposition, as a bewildered passenger in her own film.

I still think it's worth watching, and one of the few films out right now that benefits from being seen in a theatre rather than at home.

While the visual effects were stunning, the same can't be said for the action sequences which were ruined by the camera-work making them more difficult to enjoy.

The acting is littered with nauseating clichés, from silly poses and stances to boring gestures and verbal utterances.

But looking at the whole thing, it's definitely entertaining, I found it engrossing enough to keep the DVD and I'll watch it again.

This one has much better visuals and is far more exciting.

First of all, yes, this movie is entertaining.

Neither of them are particularly interesting or entertaining, and the romance between them is forced in to appease an audience that no longer exists.

Lovely visuals costume design sets and some acting but i was really bored and felt like they wasted time, which was the whole point of the harvesting of humans just like scientology claims LOL.

Not worth watching, unoriginal and boring .

I've watched this a few times already and I enjoyed it!

Fight scenes too long, over exaggerated explosions, some good moments but mostly corny/cliché with bad puns and dry humor.

I am glad I did not spend any money to view this ridiculous, confusing sci-fiction(hope this is not insulting s/f fans).

Visually stunning and full of new creatures, ships, weapons, and world's.

The script is just a series of bang crashes, and scenes of jeopardy for our two leads and how are they going to get out of them - yawn, yawn!

Unfortunately that is the only positive I can think of in what is otherwise a generic and boring story.

The visuals in this movie are outstanding and it has one the best use of 3D technology I saw in years, the action is fantastic, the costumes are stunning , there are soldiers spliced with animal DNAs and amazing ships and technology I wish someone can make reality (flying boots and wings).

The first half is entertaining and has a sensational action piece to bid.

However, looking for example at the Chicago fight scene, the complex shape of the aircrafts, the way they fly and their constant 'shapeshifting' just make the action seem confusing and hard to keep up with.

Eventually, everything comes together in an admittedly confusing mess.

Even the action/battle scenes become boring and repetitive very fast.

All anyone can do is offer informed and studied opinion and in my informed and studied opinion Jupiter Ascending is a gloriously fun and entertaining movie.

Years later Jupiter is stuck in a dull life as a cleaner along with her Russian family.

The ending could not be worse, and caps off the movie with the same trite writing that plagues the rest of the movie.

A convoluted plot that masquerades as a feminist sci-fi action romp, it never really gets going and besides the fake scientific lingo, the plot is the second most confusing part of the film.

I was bored, and laughed at points in the movie I really don't think was intentional meant to be funny.

These are just a few of the elements that have found their way into the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink screenplay that Lana and Andy Wachowski ("The Matrix") have concocted for "Jupiter Ascending," an eclectic sci-fi extravaganza that is just preposterous and goofy enough to be entertaining.

I enjoy watching Mila Kunis on-screen, but her character, Jupiter Jones, wears a permanent "resting bitch face" for most of the film and is generally a humourless bore.

The visuals are stunning.

JUPITER ASCENDING falls somewhere between those two definitions; it's a sprawling would-be science fiction epic chock-full of trite dialogue and clichéd characters who seem to think they're in STAR WARS or something.

Eddie Redmayne delivers a truly halfassed and mediocre performance- setting his space villain up to be a boring antagonist.

if you like si-fi with attractive actors and no story arc then this is the film for you.

Honestly, the biggest drawbacks of the films were that the "strangeness" of the world presented to you (and the universe itself) doesn't feel sufficiently developed, the plot feels a tad bit cliché, and the plot seems to force the romance element on the audience around the halfway point in the film without every developing it previously.

The visual's are stunning and it's the only real reason the movie gets a 5.

I do love a good science fiction movie, but boy was I bored with this one.

Okay, it might look good and fancy, but fanciness cannot save Jupiter Ascending from being one of the most boring and pain-inducing sci-fi films I think I have ever sat through.

And a very well made and hugely entertaining mash-up at that.

The two main heroes (played by Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis) are dull as dishwater.

Characters are flat and boring and do not develop 2.

It starts off coherent, but soon a number of confusing and unexplained elements make an entrance, making you wonder just what is going on.

The film certainly has an intriguing title.

Visually stunning though a few cgi moments does ruin the moment during a few scenes.

The chase, action & destruction set pieces are eye-popping & exciting in 3D.

But for all the SFX the story really lacks something - it just seemed predictable more akin to a super hero film as Channing Tattum character seems to do everything.

Especially the "saved at the last possible moment" cliché.

The action sequences are boring because they are so dimly-lit and fast-moving that it is impossible to tell what is happening.

I think, this movie wins the grand prize on the most boring and uninteresting death of a bad guy.

Ashton Kutchers partner Mila Kunis was a little bland as the heroine (the only downside I found).

It works in some, as long as the rest is enjoyable.

Completely disappointing When I watched the trailer for the first time, more than a year ago, I expected a movie with a more complex story line, but the story and how it goes through the events in the movie is too simple and boring: Jupiter is just a clone of a queen, who harvest people in other planets to extract an elixir that keeps her and those who can afford young so she can live forever.

The result is that film continues to render itself pointless as we move from one confrontation to the next.

Despite its flaws, I saw it for free and am glad I did, so I will say Jupiter Ascending is worth watching on Netflix.

Although she is as powerful as a queen in the world she discovered, she has to go through the same boring procedures a poor person has to follow in any government office.

Albeit the movie was fairly predictable at no time did I feel that I had guessed the outcome of all the different plots and/or situations.

What a freakishly insane but still mysteriously entertaining mess .

The plot was too convoluted and confusing: No, it wasn't.

Honestly, the fact it was by the creators of the Matrix should have been the first warning - lots of great special effects, interesting plot line, but disappointing main characters, a bit hard to follow at times & a really underwhelming ending.

How do you make sense8, with such a fun, twisting plot and complicated, clever characters, and then wring out this prettily wrapped package of shitty writing, bland characters, uninteresting plot, unmotivated romance and oh-no-you-didn't one liners?

Still, this movie is vastly entertaining.

There were a few instances in the movie that left some details underdeveloped, but overall this was an enjoyable film and a fun trip to the movies!

Visually stunning with some of the worst writing i have had to witness .

Channing did an amazing job of legionnaire and While Mila's character is too casual about adapting to the universe she is always a lovely fun and absorbing actress!!

Jupiter Ascending is visually stunning and the action is acceptable for a sci-fi movie of nearly a 180 million budget.

the movie is a cliché wrapped in a parody dressed as a caricature of itself.

When Mila Kunis "Jupiter Jones" proceed registration and verify her title, I had a feeling of cliché.

The criticism that the lead characters lack depth and the storyline becomes muddled is warranted but any criticism that the story is uninteresting comes from those with little imagination.

Secondly i thought that the effects used were stunning.

The movie was entertaining, good paced, the action was good, the CGI was good, the bad guy was bad, the other bad guy was a little less bad (in a Disney movie he would have worn gloves), there were some not so annoying plot holes, there was some (mild) humor, there was chemistry between the two leads, it was predictable, and spoiler alert: Sean Bean does NOT die!!

I thought Interstellar was boring.

The stupidest movie I ever saw; A total waste of time.

Although there could have been more character development, both Jupiter's and Caine's characters did change over the film and it was fascinating watching the nuances.

extremely entertaining.

The story itself I found hard to follow as well, maybe because it too was just plain boring, and has been done a million times before.

While I understood the overall concept of the movie, it was downright confusing.


The only expectation that was met was the breathtaking CGI.

Mila Kunis felt completely miscast and had no chemistry with Channing Tatum, who was playing the same boring dumb hero he always does.

From the miscasting of Mila Kunis, the almost laughably made up Channing Tatum, through to Eddie Redmayne's horrendous whispering villain, every character in the Wachowski's journey gets lost in a plot that has everything from human harvesting, alien doctors, impromptu weddings and scenes of gratuitous toilet cleaning yet nothing that makes us care, especially when there is so much confusion amongst all the backstory, side plots and Sci-Fi mumbo-jumbo.

This movie is like every season of Game of Thrones compressed into one amorphous blob, incoherent, lugubriously banal and incomprehensible malcontent, for the sake of being irreverently avant-garde.

The suspense was okay but a little predictable.

While remaining visually stunning, the film flattens down and loses itself in lazy Hollywood clichés: Lame love story, one dimensional characters, bad one liners.

Though the film is confusing to begin one (and reason for losing 1 rating) when you get into it, it's a very good film.

It was exciting, imaginative and beautiful.

Who cares so much about the storyline here when you are able to absorb this sublime, crazy, captivating and visual stunning space adventure.

Believe it or not, the movie does have some stunning scenes in there...

Really boring introduction .

All in all, don't waste your money seeing this in theaters.

Entertaining Space Escape .

The action scenes are intense and the graphics were amazing.

The acting ranges from cue card style boring to...

It was an engaging performance that carried the film, which overall wasn't that great.

It is sincerely one of the worst movie I've ever seen.

A lot of the time watching this gives you the tiresome feeling of watching a video-game where you are not at the controls.

And there are a few action sequences (such as the firefight above Chicago) that have some novel features that make them unique and even a little exciting at times.

And like that, with bad jokes, laughable villains and bombastic music, Jupiter Ascending forcedly advances to its predictable conclusion, which lacks of suspense, excitement or even the slightest sensation that we are witnessing something epic or special.

The ONLY redeeming factor in Prometheus, is its stunning visuals.

"Jupiter Ascending"'s visuals, however, are stunning.

Rating System: 10 = Classic, 9 = Great, 8 = Worth watching again, 7 = Good but one viewing is enough, 6 = Thoroughly average, 5 = Barely average, 4 = Below average, 3 = Well below average, 2 = Complete waste of time, 1 = Crime against humanity.

I was bored.

It's like listening to a conference at work and your boss is speaking in this monotone dreary voice.

The dialogue was cliché, almost as if we were sitting through a bad teen TV movie.

Almost all action scenes feel overdrawn, dull and predictable.

Worth the watch .

There were way too many villains, each one confusing you even more about their intentions.

Credit to the Wacowski's for creating yet another mind blowing world .

They were very hard to focus on, especially the fight scenes and the technology made the movie disjointed.

But just as Transformers movies leave me bored to tears, so I was ultimately disappointed with this one.

There are problems with the pacing and the love story is appallingly contrived.

Pleasantly surprised - entertaining and engrossing sci-fi .

This movie is visually stunning although sometimes over acted with quite lame script.

Even so, for all of Jupiter Ascending's plotting problems, it's easy to imagine a television series - allowed to unfold at a slower pace - realising the promise hidden within so many moments of the film.

So even beforehand you could expect interesting visuals, convoluted themes, somewhat bland characters and blazing action sequences.

If you like campy and fun science fiction, and don't mind a film with more of a female-gaze than is typical of large films in this genre, Jupiter Ascending is an enjoyable ride that's well worth the admission.

The characters are totally one dimensional and the script is appalling with every cliché in the book.

Movie is visually stunning.

The visuals were stunning.

Not for fans of substance, Jupiter Ascending is a glossy, entertaining, hot mess.

What was supposed to be an exciting sci-fi thrill ride ended up suffering from horrible miscasting, laughable script, and lack of originality.

I enjoyed it about as much as I enjoyed Blade Runner and The Fifth Element.

Rather then becoming a fun road trip story, we get a lot of uninteresting dialogue that mostly consists of "the great things Jupiter will do for Earth" and "what humanity is".

The movie is all about fights, as far as I watched, you don't learn anything from it and it's not an entertaining movie, is boring and repetitive.

Great SFX, followed by cliché after cliché .

It had a confusing plot, with Mila Kunis who was a space queen and owned the Earth and they knew she was the queen because she controlled bees it was confusing.

The film has breathtaking visuals, some of the best I've ever seen actually.

The characters are also kinda bland and cliché.

It gets a 6 for being fairly entertaining and awesome special effects and the raw potential.

This is what science fiction should be: a normal person going about her life, suddenly pulled into danger, surrounded by alien beings, and abruptly introduced to a universe that is enormous, mind- expanding and utterly unexpected.

Each singular planet or world was so stunning and precisely crafted, that one could almost feel themselves in it.

There are also some very unbearable lines in the movie that is just ridiculous.

If the writer/directors could have contrived a scene where Mila Kunis takes off her clothes, it would be ten.

All of this is presented in a matter-of-fact, almost casually realistic way: Caine sports pointed ears as a hint to the strain of wolf in his genes, alien races subsist alongside space- faring humans, and the scientific notion of DNA is given an intriguing spiritual twist.

Here is why I think the movie does not suck: The plot of the movie and the story behind it paints a picture of our world (Earth) today and its socioeconomic mindset, but on a mind boggling universe grand scale.

The movie is great story, Worth watching .

And the predictably horrible villains, coming in three acts, hardly indistinguishable, with formulaic action sequences to transition us from one to the next.

A complete bore.

I would love there to be sequels to this film, they have an intriguing mash up on sci-fi movie elements wrapped into one.

Sure, it isn't as Steve Jablonsky or Hans Zimmer, but it is good enough to go with the stunning special effects and thrill ride action, so it makes for a great movie despite any confusion from the plot.

Ultimately, the movie was just fun enough to be worth watching, once you get past the abysmally cobbled together story.

I did feel, however, that his role was rather generic, and repetitive.

There are some fairly interesting and enjoyable action sequences as well as some rare instances when the script doesn't feel like it was written by an adolescent comic book fanatic with ADHD who happened to watch The Fifth Element and Battlefield Earth a few dozen times.

and the narrative, in addition to being ludicrously over-the-top, jumps around in a seemingly pointless and distracting manner.

Suddenly, she is the focus of an intense (wo)manhunt that spans universes.

The CGI is boring inside two minutes.

And despite all the negatives in it, the score is kind of really good, Kunis and Tatum, of whom I am a big fan, are charismatic and decent enough to keep bore levels at an acceptable low value Sean Bean is as always illuminating on screen and some, and I repeat some, of the visuals are really eye-pleasing.

There's really not that much else to say about this crap fest, it's just crap and it's probably the worst movie of 2015.

" As with "John Carter" you have a finely crafted story, told by Hollywood experts fill with banal spaces between tiny bits of brilliance.

And the other worlds they have created are visually stunning.

Visually stunning...

What a waste of time and money!

Artificial lighting , specific bandwidth of sound spectrum ranging from subtle background tunes to significant explosion noises , the art team and Designers did a splendid job putting every penny of the production cost to useOn a whole I can say that Jupiter Ascending is a guilty pleasure movie with 2 hours of Brilliantly choreographed actions probably making all that's worth of the money you would spend in buying tickets for this movie with little no story to back it up.

Even the most dramatic and intense scenes are turned into hilarious moment (not only speaking of this weird elephant things).

It gets further dragged by uninteresting and underdeveloped characters you would rather laugh about and love if they weren't in the scene.

Its a nice (almost exciting) collection of quotes from the top sci-fi movies of the 90s and all time, it even has scenes that looked like they were borrowed 'on purpose' to look exactly like certain intense legendary moments.

Just saw it here is my 200 word review ( i really enjoyed it, however todays movies just need to SLOW IT DOWN A MINUTE....

Don't see this movie, it's a waste of your time.

The movie is one big cliche.

It's an empty, boring experience, with the Wachowski's demonstrating little care with the script ("Bee's don't lie," - one character says with a straight face), and even less with avoiding lazy plot-holes (it takes one crashed ship to bring down a planetary base?

For all of the visual splendor of the film, I found it confusing and frankly somewhat boring.

Then there were other scenes that were just boring and pointless.

One of the worst movies i have ever seen .

I think this is another fantastic Sci-Fi movie from Wachowskis, colorful, suspenseful, interesting plot, pretty nice script, lots of action, decent acting, decorations, excellent costumes and much more...

Bottom line: don't waste your time with this one, as there are plenty of good action / sci-fi movies out there (Matrix, Kung Fu Hustle, Constantine, I, Robot, etc.).

Nevertheless it's a great entertaining Sci-fi movie.

If this sounds confusing or perplexing, it's because it is; "Jupiter Ascending" is only two hours long, and for a film attempting to create its own world, compile it with rich, detailed backstory, and focus on a vast array of characters of varying motivations, that's a very short runtime.

This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

i would recommend anyone who wishes to watch this film, or even just has insomnia, and bump into this colossal failure while flipping the channels at night, to avoid it at all cost.

This film has immense repeat value because its simple and looks good while being exciting.

But go see it if you want explosions and sexy men (plus a couple sexy women) and CGI beauty and an entertaining ride.

As was similar with their messy and pretentious Matrix sequels, writing/directing duo the Wachowski siblings bite off more narrative and deep significance than they can chew.

I went to see this movie with my cousin hoping that it would somewhat impress us, however, we both attempted to leave the theater within the first half hour.

It was visually stunning and incredibly boring.

The costumes are stunning (as are the actors).

The ships are amazing, the environments stunning; the backgrounds, especially in and around Jupiter, are often breathtakingly beautiful.

The, despite some criticisms, was very entertaining and satisfying.

But it is very entertaining and even better than many other sci-fi movies if you watch it without great expectations.

The highbrows will keel over, but this is a much more genuine and entertaining movie than that one).

Breathtaking production design, generally excellent acting, unmistakable Giacchino score, and an answer to the question "If you had unlimited wealth and power, what would you want next?

Stupid, aimless, empty, dreadful and DERIVATIVE non-spectacle .

It's a horrible waste of time.

It's very hard to follow them.

I', guessing that the people behind this movie are the villains in the universe making us waste our time...

So to elaborate my 2 minds:On one hand it's the most visually stunning film I've ever seen.

The film itself is about a girl named Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) who is born on sea and lives the rest of her adult life with a very cliché Rus family who eats sausage, probably smells of vodka, and says "Stalin's balls" every time something goes wrong.

In the story's efforts to draw out suspense, it goes through several peaks where the main heroine is thrown into peril and has to either fight or be rescued; the repetition of it can be tiresome.

Very action packed Science fiction movie from the makers of the Matrix .

Impossible and pointless.

The visuals are stunning.

The whole films feels like it is way over developed and produced, the action is kinda lame and forgettable and the story tries to be very rich but ends up being boring and messy.