Just Friends (2005) - Comedy, Romance

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While visiting his hometown during Christmas, a man comes face-to-face with his old high school crush whom he was best friends with -- a woman whose rejection of him turned him into a ferocious womanizer.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Roger Kumble
Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 36 out of 212 found boring (16.98%)

One-line Reviews (105)

Unfortunately for this movie and all who pay to watch it, there is a yawning chasm between aimless shtick and comedic character acting -- emphasis on yawning.

But it itself is a cliché swirl.

Boring stupid comedy .

This movie was absolutely useless and a waste of my time.

The idea of adding a character like Samantha was enjoyable because she added problems and laughter.

The script was good and unpredictable, which i liked.

This movie lasts just 90 minutes and it's really boring and disconnected from reality.

Chris (Keanu Jr.) Klein is pretty entertaining in this film.

Still, it is fun to watch and immensely entertaining.

I really enjoyed it, and if you want to laugh I suggest you rent it.

scratch that, this was the worst movie I have ever seen.

I just have to give this 1/10, I thought it was disappointing and just boring.

I was surprised that I enjoyed it and how it turned out.

Sweet and intriguing.

- watched the equally boring and predictable DVD featurette!

a bit boring .

The movie is predictable and one of the most cliché movies I have ever seen.

Not taken seriously in any light, it was enjoyable.

The movie is mostly being made enjoyable by its characters.

Whilst on a trip to Paris with the new big music female artist, Anna Farris, who is stunning as usual, his plane is landed and he is forced to spend a few night in the town he ran away from a decade earlier.

This whole film was a waste of money and time and if you are thinking of renting it, think again.

Of course the story is mostly predictable though and the movie is set around Christmas, which makes this a Christmas movie and got released in late October originally.

Predictable boring un-funny fare .

This movie was utterly terrible and is your typical cliché high school sweetheart romance flick.

I was flipping through some movie channels late one night, just looking for a decent movie to watch before I fell asleep.

The whole thing is so predictable I was calling out the next shot before we got to it and whoop there it was!

We need contrived scenes involving kids and Christmas ornaments!

Amy Smart was bland and not very interesting.

Two people walked out of the theater during the movie, and I would have joined them had I not been there to review the picture.

Wife and I both agreed this was a total waste of our time.

And throughout the rest of the film--even scenes beside those spent within the fat suit--Reynolds manages to make even the most mundane of lines brim with character and unexpected humor.

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this little gem to anyone.

*SPOILER WARNINGS** 'Just Friends' is one of those movies where the premise can appeal to almost any man who was put in the "friends zone" at any point in his life, and the film itself is entertaining enough.

" The first thing that went through my head, looking at the cover, was 'another boring chick flick'.

I went with my 16 year old daughter and she enjoyed it even more.

As a rewatch 07/11/18' Just Friends remains a good hearted somewhat entertaining comedy.

I highly recommend it for anyone who just wants to be entertained by a funny cast of characters and isn't looking for a "deep" insightful movie.

I went to see this movie to pass the time, but it is now probably one of the most entertaining comedies i have seen in a long long time.

Pointless movie lacking believable people and situations .

This was an enjoyable film that touched on all the right heartstrings.

The acting was so-so, the plot uneventful, and the laughs forgettable.

I highly recommend it!

Without her, the movie would be trite, mundane and tiresome.

The plot was predictable from the beginning.

But the jokes are not so "dirty" (scatological I mean…) as they are in "Something about Mary"… Anyway, it's an enjoyable movie to watch, laugh and see…Anna Faris!

But for those of us who can enjoy slapstick with unpredictable results, this is one funny movie.

when he gets older..it starts to get steadily boring, with a few reasonably funny parts.

MIldly Entertaining Old school comedy .

Despite the premises, the movie seems plot-less.

That would have made it easier to take the predictable plotting.

The plot seems to be original but it's obviously predictable.


Amy Smart is just plain and simple a good actress who as far as I am concerned can get away with a lot, even with this rather formulaic romantic comedy.

Probably my only complaint (slight) is Amy Smart's character is rather bland.

Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart star in the enjoyable comedy flick JUST FRIENDS.

boring .

So in closing, I personally disliked this movie and put it up there on my top five worst movies ever because it was misery watching it.

This movie was one of the most boring movies I have ever seen.

This was, by far, the worst movie I have ever seen.

Full of laugh out loud moments, and PG-13 humor, it is a great coming of age romantic storyline that we all can relate to.

The humor of the movie is very exaggerated from time to time, making the movie boring.

The chemistry between Reynolds and his on screen brother Chris Marquette is enjoyable to watch.

She was a waste of time and the movie didn't need her presence (I still love you Anna!

Horrible cliché .

I kept thinking while I was watching it at home that it would get better; unfortunately it was a total waste of my time.

Save the day may not be the right phrasing, because this is definitely one of the worst movies I have seen this year (2018).

I highly recommend it.

Anna Faris is enjoyable crazy as usual.

Don't waste your time watching this .

Just Friends is the story of Chris Brander (Ryan Reynolds) and his relationship with high school best friend that he was in love with Jamie Palomino (Amy Smart) also starring (Anna Faris) and (Chris Klein) This is your basic romantic comedy which I'm sure we have all see many of but it was very entertaining and very funny.

Around the middle, the film slows down a bit and gets a little dull.

It was one big cliché type of film.

The rest is an entire teen movie cliché.

It was extremely predictable, it was poorly written, very unrealistic, and just plain bad.

Worth watching!

It's boring and *very* over-rated.

I found it quite enjoyable, and it's family friendly too so everyone can enjoy...

I think it went on way too long...

I got so bored I had to turn my cell phone on to see how much more of the God forsaken film I would have to watch and it was barely half way through!

Totally unwatchable.

Entertaining .

Chris used to bore me.

An obnoxious, arrogant rendering of an otherwise potentially funny and engaging comedy.

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, Anna Faris, Chris Klein, Amy MatysioThis film is not to be taken to seriously, but actually had some enjoyable moments.

Predictable (thank goodness!

Cliché, unorthodox, poor, and plain old dull.

People can say it is vain, too diverting, and whatever they want, I say it's funny,entertaining and absolutely great!!!

Jamie is a self-indulgent, narcissistic little reprobate.

I think this is one of Ryan Reynolds worst movie he has ever done!

the rest sorta sucks.. the ending is the ULTIMATE cliché...

The chick-flick that's actually WELL WORTH WATCHING (!

Not to mention the the theater was almost full, with about 2 seats empty.

Ryan Reynolds has a snappy deadpan deliver that makes him come off like a young Chevy Chase.

Waste of time .

The ending feels a little bit rushed, as if screenwriter Adam Davis had used up all his best bits for the second act and just wanted to get it over with, but for as funny and entertaining as most of it is, that's a forgivable flub.

Honostly, don't waste your time, money, life, mind, or anything else on this movie, it was terrible and horribly cliché...

The great thing about this movie, which i found very entertaining, is that most people could relate to either one of the characters or the situation.

Plus, her songs in the movie are actually enjoyable.

It has its moments, but it's incredibly formulaic, predictable, and the funniest moments are just little things here and there.

"Just Friends" is painfully disjointed, boringly superficial and poorly directed.

Just enjoyable.

We all come across that film that usually belongs to a very stale and processed genre, which promotion and poster and actor lineup seem tedious in and of themselves...

Granted these movies have their moments but very few of them are worth watching again.

This movie, while sappy and a little bit predictable, is exactly that fantasy come to life.

From the start you pretty much know how it's going to end and the whole movie is just too drawn out.