Just Mercy (2019) - Biography, Crime, Drama

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World-renowned civil rights defense attorney Bryan Stevenson works to free a wrongly condemned death row prisoner.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Destin Daniel Cretton
Stars: Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Foxx
Length: 137 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 35 out of 343 found boring (10.2%)

One-line Reviews (120)

With a strong sense of justice emanating throughout the story, Just Mercy succeeds both as an entertaining legal drama and as a sad commentary on the poor state of America's penal system.

I guess THAT's when the slow burn hit home for me.

Just Mercy is an incredible true story drama that manages to be heartbreaking, powerful, relevant and extremely emotional despite a somewhat predictable plot.

I loved the book and highly recommend it to everyone!

A powerful view on injustice and the devastating power of institutional corruption and racism, Just Mercy overcomes an often frustrating slow start to deliver enthralling drama and at times overwhelming dramatic gravitas.

Firstly, the plot is exciting, especially when you realised that it's based on true story.

It was too formulaic.

That's only a minor criticism though, because this movie is definitely still worth watching.

This is a gripping picture about the real life fight for justice of Byran Stevenson and Walter McMillian.

Unfortunately, almost everything in this movie we already seen in so many other similar films, and that is why I become bored around 43 min of its runtime.

I did feel the story lacked in parts but overall a gripping watch.

Strong performances, particularly from Jamie Foxx and Tim Blake Nelson, make for a worthwhile if predictable legal drama.

Moving, gripping performance .

First Hit: A compelling and moving story about overturning injustice.

True story, Worth watching the film .

Despite a predictable script and uninspired directing, only one performer rises to the occasion .

It's very safe and very dull for the genre.

Just Mercy is not the great character drama that Short Term 12 is, and with its more engaging legal themes, it never really hits a sweet spot between character drama and legal drama.

The film itself isn't great - Jordan and Foxx aren't brilliant; and Brie Larson makes a minimal impact - but taken in the context of the bigoted and downright dangerous environment in which they all worked to address some almost comedic travesties of justice, it is certainly well worth watching.

Movie on the other hand was meh, everything was meh, cheesy, cringy, , predictable, lacking depth of character SNOOZEFEST!

Anyway, if you're bored, it's mildly entertaining.

It just felt way too long could have cut half hour or so.

Just Mercy Is Just Riveting .

The story drags at times, but the powerful moments far outweigh the lulls.

But as a movie I found the pacing was extremely slow and at times required patience to keep watching .

is so fascinating and as someone who knew nothing about his story, I was really scared about what would happen.

It is a very compelling movie, I was wrapped up in it throughout.

Overall, however, there's no denying that Just Mercy is a deeply powerful drama that overcomes a mixed start to deliver an affecting and infuriating story, riveting legal drama and an impassioned and scathing attack on the horrors of a corrupt institution that still exists today.

I went into this film with no expectations at all, didn't even really know what the film was about, just saw the really exciting cast and I was in.

familiar but riveting nonetheless .

I found it mostly boring because there wasn't any explanation for why she was murdered or fingerprint evidence or any weapon.

I think the only negative I can point out is how the movie was slow at times.

It's a hard-hitting film but definitely worth the watch.

It's a great watch that does drag out the drama in some scenes and I would've liked more emphasis on the legal aspects of the case but overall it was enjoyable.

there are some drawbacks that makes a 7 star rating, and that is the extreme slow development of the story, and the slow pace of the action.

Its filled with your typical big speeches which just makes you yawn.

Justice is a slow process .

The film relates very well the story, it's not boring for a single minute, the characters are enjoyable, even the bad guys are not fully wretched.

The strength of this predictable drama, unavoidable given the story is based on a real drama that is replayed in courtrooms daily, and it seems in the South more often than normal, is the depiction of helplessness for the unjustly convicted and the efficacy of tenaciousness joined to truth.

is way too long for its own good.

Real Life Conventional/Predictability The VERDICT:Truth is Just Mercy was a lot better than I had anticipated, taking what looked to be a long, drawn out legal movie and adding spice to the mix.

The story is interesting, the acting is good but the pace is so slow.

This movie is like, if the Government had a step by stop process for watching paint dry and you followed it to the 'T.

The rather one-note character drama of the earlier stages takes a back seat for what turns out to be the better of the story and the film's core message, as a gripping legal story opens up the door for the film's scathing indictment on institutional racism, corruption and oppression.

Good history discredited by Hollywood's cliché .

Worth watching 👍

I feel that when the movie was in a lull, which happens a few times throughout the runtime, he would've been the one to drive the film through that.

Now about the movie: it was slow at parts and I think they could have focused more on the clear racism that was going on and less on the other personal drama.

You might even say it was a little slow.

Overall a basic yet simply premise made into a film & dragged out needlessly.

The scene where one of the prisoner is put to death is the most intense scene I have ever watched in any movie and remains engraved in my memory.

It's a very slow film with very little payoff.

It is emotional, shocking and eye-opening, yet enjoyable to watch.

Real-life slow pace horror story that we, unfortunately, already seen so many times before .

Everything about Just Mercy feels restrained, for a film dealing with a plethora of heavy themes, subject matters and intriguing characters, you'll be wishing Cretton really went for it more as everything plays out in a very stoic and un-fussy fashion making the plight and investigation of Michael B.

Bryan Stevenson delivered a riveting speech at Standford University in 2016 where he discussed the racial inequalities within the criminal justice system of America.

Jordan and Jamie Foxx, to the stunning and eye-opening story.

The cinematography was stunning and the acting was outstanding.

Just felt like it dragged and dragged at times throughout.

The real photo image and description at the end of the film make the already complicated mood even more exciting.

The score and cinematography are restrained, comforting the story rather than adding anything significant, but on the whole that is OK, given that "Just Mercy" is Stevenson's story with some quite emotionally powerful ending which more than makes up for a very long runtime, average cinematography and slow pace rhythm.

Emotional and riveting.

Just too slow .

The Banality of Institutional Racism .

It's interesting to learn about the case, but as a legal film, it's pretty bland.

It's not always the easiest watch, but with enormous passion, it provides memorable and compelling drama throughout.

And there is plenty of work, with the Death Row inmates describing their cases to Bryan, but Johnny D's is fascinating.

All the cast were outstanding with a mind blowing performance from Jamie Foxx.

Brought a tear to my eye and enjoyed it immensely.

And the chemistry between all three of these characters was off the charts as well, making every time they were on screen together enjoyable and impactful.

could have been cut without the movie losing and of its essence, and it probably would've made this a truly compelling viewing experience.

Actors performances all good , script also , just very slow plodding story telling .

A sincere, determined look into the American justice system told with a gripping sense of drama .

Reminded me of 15:17 To Paris now that I come to think about it, the end part was the only great thing about the film, the story dragged & was over padded unnecessarily.

Everything Jamie Foxx is worth watching BUT the dialogue is super gooey cliche and the film itself is slow moving.

I am glad that there are people fighting for them, The story is emotional and very gripping.

The actors performed so good and the subject is well treated that you stay awake till the end of the movie.

Worth watching to see once more what african americans go through in "a white man´s world".

He has integrity and passion for his craft but that passions fails to come through in his portrayal in this movie, instead we are given a pretty standard lawyer performance that is at times wooden and bland.

He was really stunning.

This is quite a compelling story of accomplished US lawyer Bryan Stevenson (Played here by Michael B.

It was thrilling and captivating.

Very intense and gripping plot screenplay play is brilliant

Starring Jamie Foxx, Michael B Jordan, and Brie Larson, it is a sincere, determined look into the American justice system told with a gripping sense of drama.

everything is pretty monotone, with bland scenery and really boring wardrobe.

Multiple aspects, fantastic use of visuals, and a compelling involvement with all its characters makes this film a fantastic watch and not feel like 136-minute ride.

Felt it was too long but has a good riveting story .

I did find the movie to be a little slow in the middle.

Underlying story line will make your blood boil, but the movie itself is too long and too uneven .

This fantastic and gripping real story is made for the cinema!

Overall, this is a movie that I think all adults should see because it is thoroughly enjoyable and sheds some light on our history.

This was excellent movie with breathtaking performances that's Oscar worthy!

The framing of characters and conversations is direct, without extremes - squared up shots of people with no escape (the prisoners who cannot, the lawyer who will not), with geometric 90 degree aspects in the backgrounds (prison bars, empty bookshelves that progressively fill, window frames, wood trims on walls).

Excellent Performances In Compelling Movie .

Despite the lengthyness that the films can sometimes have, the film also has a compelling story.

Intense courtroom drama based on actual events and based on the book by the same name, about a trainee lawyer who moves to Alabama to devote his career to defending the unfortunate community, the people who were not able to afforded appropriate defence (these were mostly black).

Important topic , one that should be highlighted , But , nothing new in the movie , very predictable , formulaic.

Just Mercy is a good addition to the true story genre with strong performances from Michael B Jordan and Jamie Foxx and a compelling story.

Back to movie: very entertaining and depressing as we have to be reminded of the inconsistencies minorities face in the American justice system.

Gripping script and sharp direction by Destin Daniel Cretton make this an engaging film in spite of it's grim subject matter, fully justifies it's 137 minute running time.

I found the story oddly fascinating and unsettling.

The movie gets off to a slow start, characterised by what is often frustratingly one-dimensional drama over the course of the first hour.

However, I definitely think it is worth watching at some point, particularly in the theater.

True stories are going to be bland and predictable and I knew I wasn't going to be entertained.

This is definitely worth the watch.

We've seen how hope can be a dangerous thing on death row, and it's certainly an emotion that Foxx's McMillian is slow to embrace.

It's a cheaply made bore fest that will put you to sleep within 12 minutes.

Great acting but slow at times.

It's compelling and important stuff.

Maybe the sad truth is that you have to stick with a cliche when it is the truth.

What could possibly be the reason such a compelling and true story set in 1987 Alabama about a young Afro American lawyer determined to try and help a wrongly accused black man facing the electric chair and sent to Death Row even before his trial.

And also, the amount of depth into people's reasoning for their actions was really appreciated and made for a much more compelling story instead of having bland and generic characters there was characters that you connected to and learned to love or hate.

Entertaining, educational and thought provoking.


I would recommend this movie as it conveys an important real life message and is enjoyable.

This being a legal drama, the script might feel a bit predictable to some, and some of the dialog/speeches seemed a bit too grandiose for real life.

' It's SO paint by numbers, boring, and predictable.

I found this movie to be deeply riveting from start to finish.

This movie, based on true and blatant injustice in the Alabama criminal justice system was gripping, well acted and emotionally stirring.