Kabir Singh (2019) - Drama, Romance

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Kabir Singh is a remake of a Telugu movie Arjun Reddy (2017), where a short-tempered house surgeon gets used to drugs and drinks when his girlfriend is forced to marry another person.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Sandeep Reddy Vanga
Stars: Shahid Kapoor, Kiara Advani
Length: 173 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 60 out of 590 found boring (10.16%)

One-line Reviews (153)

Bollywood needed a new intense love story.

worst movie .

Showing all sorts of self destruction n addiction and calling it INTENSE LOVE , is the justification of the character.

Screenplay is good but the progress of movie is very slow and felt boring in between

worst 3 hours of my cinema life ever!

There is no story in the movie, just a character who is a weirdo doing weird stuff throughout.

The only things good about this movie is shaid kapor actin and the songs Better to see the songs on YouTube Watching movie is waste of time

Now, this intense modern-day love story will surly hit the audience pretty hard!!!

Worst Movie .

The film has its issues in the way women are objectified without having any real power, but in other ways this is a hope for Indian cinema to take tough decisions and make an enjoyable A certified movie.

Boring, Disgusting, exhausting, disaster & etc etc .

Too predictable with nothing notable.

But the second half starts becoming boring at times.

Mind blowing acting of shahid .

Yes, it is an intense love story, not the typical Bollywood colourful, Karan Johar sort of movie, with dances and heavy sets etc. It's about an imperfect guy, failing in love and than fighting himself for it.

worst movie ever i watched on theater.

Movie has no story line, no respect for women and no message to learn from it.

intense love story .

A masterpiece by Director Sandeep Reddy, his telugu version Arjun Reddy was marvelous piece of art with so intense character.

Go don't waste your time in other movies, WITNESS THE JOURNEY OF INFINITE LOVE OF KABIR SINGH.

Boring Film I don't like it waste my time not good

His performance can definitely be classified as intense as the acting of Naseeruddin Shah, as angry and powerful as Amitabh, sweetly evil as Shahrukh 's, and as dedicated as Akshay Kumar.

Waste of time .

Totally hypothetical but at the end entertaining .

It is a cliche movie with lot of negativity and it only portraits that Preeti is a weak dependent girl and kabir is a dominant person.

Intense film.

Absolute never-ending, cringeworthy, boring as hell drivel .

Absolutely Outstanding, mind blowing, amazing performance by Superstar SHAHID KAPOOR.

It was worth watching .

It's a same old love story movie but they added flavour of unlimited kissing scene and abusing and people be like wow what a movie.. this movie is boring love story movie ..yawwn

This film beats the stereotype typical love stories with its intense and extreme emotional connect backed by an adrenaline pumping BGM and Characterization.

Shahid Kapoor justified the role, entertaining movie, lovely songs and beautiful direction.

Movie with a lot of learning and whole is packed with intense acting and emotion.

Everything is fine, Music, Screenplay but the person makes the movie gripping and lovely is Shahid kapoor.

A total waste of time!

Boring movie .

I think flawed people make for fascinating stories even if you think they are a bad influence on people.

But is the predictable plot different from other generic Indian films?

However the plot was too much idiotic, dragged for almost 3 hours filled with unnecessary dramas !

Worst movie .

Worst movie.

Movie is unreal , predictable and long in the tooth.

Mind Blowing Story, Screenplay, Music, Acting And Direction.

This was just waste of time.

Same as himmatwala boring movie never recomnded.

But take it from someone who has walked out of a toxic, abusive relationship.

Awesome Mind Blowing...!!. .

Total waste of time and money, Headache movie .

Worst Movie I've ever seen!

worst movie ever .

Waste of time .

Its an adrenaline performance.

The movie beats all the typical love story stereotypes with its adrenaline-pumping background music and hardcore emotions running through and especially the characterization of Shahid Kapoor AKA Kabir Singh.

Movie is just a cringe-fest from the word go, Shahid's characterisation is unbearable to watch in this day and age, things he does at the college and to everyone who loves and cares for him is difficult to watch, especially when you learn there's no consequences whatsoever for his actions.

Boring .

I totally enjoyed it.

Kabir SinghI have seen hundreds of Bollywood movies and yet I am shocked and disgusted how terrible this movie was, it was perhaps the worst movie I have ever seen.

Kabir Singh is mind blowing .

********SPOILERS*******1) STORY is more a bollywood cliche , a boy and girl love each other then breakup and then reunion , realise they love each other and earlier there's a misunderstanding.

The plot was quite boring and predictable particularly in the end.

saying that, credit to kiara she looks stunning on the silver screen and has the potential to go further.

No story at all.

Passionate and intense .

I got bored within first 30 minutes, had to sit through 3 hours because of my friends.

Worst movie of 2019.

Everything was predictable.

Watch out for some hillarious 'senior junior' drama and action packed street fight which looks so surreal with the thunderous background music.

What a boring & disgusting movie I've just watched!!!!!

Shahid's superclass acting make this story "movie" more thrilling and emotional.

Where As It Is A Great Screenplay By The Director, And Mind Blowing Act By Sahid Kapoor

The Leading Lady, her Scenes with The Protagonist is worth Watching.

Kabir Singh is a movie that gives you adrenaline rush every time Shahid Kapoor's arrogant and sexist and patriarchal character charges himself up because of a constant external stimuli in the film - anything and everything related to his love interest (Kiara Advani) whom he singlehandedly and forcibly makes fall in love with him, giving us one of those rare cinematic products in Bollywood that show how certain abusive relationships are born and extended without any influence of the barking society at large or the silent participants themselves.

Movie is really fantastic and the way the story revolves n make the character more intersting is also fascinating.

I would've enjoyed it even more if they cancelled off his license completely.

And it's a big request to everyone that plz don't compare this movie with Arjun Reddy , we all knew that Arjun Reddy is mind blowing movie.

This has got to be the worst movie I have ever seen.

Story line is good enough,but the flim became too slow at the mid ...

It's mind blowing.

There are some movies that are bad that you want to leave early, and there are movies that are so bad that just out of curiousity you want to stay back to see if it can be any worst.

What a different movie after so long amazing story end was great worth watching in love with shahid now great acting WELL DONE!!!!

Overall this movie has a quite distinctive story paired with some brilliant & raw performances and is a great entertaining watch!

There are gonna be a lot of females cursing shahid Kapoor's behavior in the movie but nonetheless the movie is entertaining and Shahid Kapoor was just brilliant.

This movie is all out hard love story, but with intense acting, humor and a connection!

The film's conflicts in the second half start becoming repetitive.

Slow paced movie.

Overall, the movie was on the edge of the better side.

Totally waste of time.

This movie is all out hard love story, but with intense acting, humor and a connection!

Shahid kapoor legend of acting body language, eyes, delivery, He's just blows you away with his performance WWW ADRENALINE, EMOTION, RAGE and LOVE omg someone please give Shahid Kapoor every single award out there.

, poor preeti 😔Overall, Kabir Singh is an entertaining and engaging film.

Waste of time .

It was not bad, loved the intense acting of Shahid Kapoor, you can't deny his talent.

In first half, there are some boring elements.

Worst movie, no message whatsoever.

Mind Blowing Movie of the Year .

otherwise movie also good gripping storylines...

A disgusting cringeworthy main character and and even worse pointless boring plot.


Boring .

As time passes by, Preeti gets so smitten by Kabir that she is almost consumed and possessed by him, to the point of an intense submissive pleasure.

The background score is also amazing especially in couple of fight scenes that certainly pumps up your adrenaline.

No script, just macho retardedness .

Really boring movie.

His addictions seem to be inherent and a result of something more deep inside which only his family seems to understand and forgive at times until his father has enough of his family reputation being dragged through mud and asks Kabir to leave the family home.

His love story begins with a Really cliche way like 'Love at first sight with romantic background music playing'!

One of the most retrogressive, uneventful, limp movies to have come in recent times, and totally unsuitable for every kind of gentry.

One of the worst movie I have ever watched.

Watch it for the amazing acting, intense love, effortless fun comedy and soulful music.

Vanga doesn't lose sight of the journey and doesn't forget that amidst all the existentialist dilemmas and song placements, he's telling a modern tale of a toxic male which cannot be justified but has to be told in an entertaining, compelling way.

I got super bored while watching this movie.

Fascinating acting .

It's blunt, rough, hard, intense.

Movie worth watching 1000 tyms....

Raw, real, intense.

Authentic package ruined by cliche bollywood ending .

Mind blowing movie.

Such a basic story line dragged and whole movie was on Shahid's eccentric characters shoulder.

Worst movie of all times.

It's a shame in a beautifully diverse country like India even movies are dragged in "bad propaganda".

Sandeep has kept the technical facet of the film flawless with an impressive background score, engaging screenplay and taught cinematography.

Stupid, destructive and pointless story.

Shahid Kapoor was brilliant in his portrayal of the protagonist, arrogant, intense and misogynistic to some extent.

One of the worst movies I've watched...

First of all there is no script, so please keep your brain at home when you come to watch the movie.

Filled with ill timed, repetitive, meaningless dialogues that can't be anymore out of place.

Intense Love Story .

I enjoyed it so much Shahid rocked it.

Over exaggerated romanantic show off and Pyschoatic romance all went until it got boring.

Waste of time.

It's Mind Blowing Movie Shahid Kapoor Acting Is Very Well Kiara Play His Roll Are Very Well No One Can Match This Roll Shahid Kapoor .....

Shahid Kapoor's performance is mind blowing...

I felt the second half dragged.

Height of Misogyny and no script.

worst movie .

But this movie is boring.

Shahid Kapoor is superb, very intense acting.

Also, Kabir Singh is a tad more humane than Arjun Reddy while being equally intense.

Boring ...

Kabir Singh is a riveting, emotionally charged, vibrantly portrayed remake of a 2017 Telegu movie about a gifted surgeon with a short fuse who collapses in a pit of despair when his girlfriend is forced to marry another man.

Very bad movie 👎👎👎 and its waste of time and there is no story can be worse than this movie

Towards ending I was so bored with his 'Ramkatha' that I was actually sad with its happy ending.

-- Shahid Kapoor's act is flawless specially when he is in angry mood but in 3-4 emotional scenes he could do it better ( clearly he has potential ) -- Kiara's acting is good -- story line :- story is good but ending is more a bollywood cliche .

Way too long .. Cudve been edited better to keep it interesting .. The whole intensity Feels exaggerated towards the end .

Convinient plot line, the convinient pregnancy cliché, character written poorly.

See this movie contains some serious male ego things despite of that the movie is a gem It is well portrayed Shahid Kapoor is out of the box he is a real gem This movie is worth watching Also yeah kiara advani looks so innocent This movie was good

Typical Indian Love Story.. Boring, lots of kisses...

Despite some entertaining bits, Kabir Singh is mostly an average unremarkable film .

Shahid and kiara u both killed it , fabulous character play story is beautiful , a never ending friendship depicted , songs are just mind blowing #nashe .. dekh kr wapas aane k bad bhi movie rewind ho rhi h mind m

Sheer waste of time and money .

It's a good movie and is very entertaining.

Wow SHAHID was just mind blowing movie is just super super good Please go and watch this classic masterpiece You will enjoy this movie and the songs are very good too.

Its blunt, rough, hard, intense!

Watch it, it's mind blowing.