Kahaani (2012) - Mystery, Thriller

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A pregnant woman's search for her missing husband takes her from London to Kolkata, but everyone she questions denies having ever met him.

IMDB: 8.1
Director: Sujoy Ghosh
Stars: Vidya Balan, Parambrata Chattopadhyay
Length: 122 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 10 out of 172 found boring (5.81%)

One-line Reviews (151)

) it kept our interest throughout and was very suspenseful.

really breadth taking and thrilling.

Kahani -- A long awaited Gripping, Original Story with Awesome Direction .


A gripping first half, skillful acting by Vidya Balan and Nawazuddin Sidique and a jaw-dropping climax largely contributes towards making the movie a masterpiece.

The pace of the story is also crisp only after interval its a bit slow.

And yes guys the ending suspense is really very unexpected.

She gains unexpected allies in a young policeman Rana (well-regarded Bengali actor Parambrata Chattopadhyay in his Hindi debut), a couple of urchins who work as chai-wallahs and errand runners, and Agnes D'Mello, the kindly HR Manager of the company which might have enlisted her husband's services.

Kahaani depicts the fascinating tale of a London-based IT Professional, Vidya Venkatesan-Bagchi (masterfully portrayed by Vidya Balan), in desperate pursuit of her spouse who has gone missing in the bewitching city of Calcutta (now Kolkata).

From the moment of its amazing opening sequence you realize that this one is going to be an enjoyable roller coaster ride.

Movies has everything great script, excellent narration, great unpredictable element of suspense.

He has perfectly blended that sense of realism with an extremely thrilling story.

This was a film that had people on the edge of their seats.

It is Sujoy Ghosh's first major work after the critically acclaimed "Jhankar Beats" & he has written a neat , taut & engrossing thriller , perfectly executed to create the intended effects on the viewers.

Also, the last few minutes which justify the conclusion seemed a bit bland.

Every scene in this movie is well-shot with breathtaking attention to detail.

The tale is rather too interesting and gripping to find flaws!

The problem with thrillers is that usually, it either fails to satisfy when the final suspense is reveled or in order to make the suspense completely unpredictable, the story is presented as something that is far from reality, or something which would leave the viewers completely confused about the suspense.

Sujoy Ghosh direction is tight but the screenplay and script is bit confusing and in conflict.

Yet it deserves to be watched as a must for its gripping narration, execution and the wonder lady, Vidya Balan.

WHO IS MILAN DAMJI...?? A very exciting question in fact.

While Calcutta looks stunning, Balan is the reason to watch 'Kahaani'.

USP's - Smart, Pacy, Gripping and Bob.

Who would have thought a hugely pregnant woman scouring a city for her missing husband would make a compelling heroine?

Kahaani is a jigsaw puzzle which is brilliantly let out in a perfect setting, laden with interesting, intriguing details with fine clues.

Screenplay: The screenplay is confusing enough to keep you busy remembering all the names of the characters you see in the movie.

we are on the edge of our seat from the very beginning waiting for the next scene to unveil...

Yes,as it makes for a compelling watch.

And keeping you on the edge of your seats !!!!.

The roles of other characters of the movie are equally worthy and the down to earth look and casting makes the movie that much enjoyable to watch.

Besides there is a terrifying portrayal of a serial killer too in the film by Saswata Chatterjee as Bob Biswas, who re-defines terror in his own way making a stunning impact on the viewer.

If you want to relish a suspense thriller with a fascinating story and a masterful performance by Vidya Balan, I recommend watching Kahaani.

All above describe Kahaani as a entertaining movie.

The camera work was brilliant, stunning,classy!

For Kahaani is a ride so thrilling, your mind would be tripping with a million possibilities, even as your tongue invariably ends up either tied, or hanging in the air with anticipation.

At its heart, Kahaani is a compelling story with strong acting and good character depth, as well as a clear tone and effective disturbing moments and imagery, such as that of the rats being gassed by an apathetic psychopath in the opening frames to set the mood for the rest of the film.

Something that was totally unexpected.


Direction is top class and sews these twist and turn of the script in an exciting manner.

Somebody may say the film is brilliant that's true, absolutely true the story is so much engrossing that we will never put away our eye from the screen.

Compelling, Eerie, Intense, Evocative, Potent, Brilliance, Top-notch acting, Direction, Script, and the Kolkata being charming as ever!!...

Vidya Balan stunning performance is the soul of the movie.

Long and Boring Story!.

really unexpected from Bollywood .

Kahaani is a great movie with some good acting, awesome screenplay along with a strong script And some mind blowing Twist.. Vidya Balan has once again proved herself after getting a national award for The Dirty Picture.

Ghosh also takes on directing responsibilities, and he has crafted one heck of an engaging thriller amongst some of the best I've seen with scheming twists and carefully plotted turns involving government officials, beat cops, and Intelligence Bureau officers led by the non- compromising Khan (Nawazuddin Sidiqui), who epitomizes a no-nonsense approach with a willing streak to sacrifice pawns to nab the king.

So far, all her movies have been sensible and entertaining.

Everything will keep you on the edge of your seat.

I had from the start been thinking there is some connection between train event and Vidya Balan from start but this movie was too unpredictable.

Quality direction,exuberant characters,thrilling screenplay make the movie a worth worth watch.

This movie has, in addition to entertaining me for two hours, reminded me of two things.

He had ample opportunity during that confusing chase to kill Rana and avoid identification if he had been successful.

Kahaani - A true masterpiece cinema which takes you to an exciting thrilling ride.

The plot is engaging and gripping, and has very few flaws; it keeps you curious till the very end, throwing quite a number of unexpected twists.

Every minute is refreshing and thrilling.

Vidya is, am running out of adjectives here, stunning, and Parambrata Chatterjee is brilliant.

" finally getting the answer in stunning movie "Kahaani".

We are watching the exciting and mysterious story of a woman looking for her husband.

The final story line is interesting too but I know that the excitement that the movie offered is going to soon become pointless.

Sujoy Ghosh directs this feature with great mastery - Kahaani is a thrilling movie experience, thanks to his skillful direction and the impressive writing.

Setu's breathtaking cinematography brings to life this mysterious city with its old world charm where, as Usha Uthap rightly sings while introducing this city,'Dil ka bazaar hai, thoda bizarre hai, Kolkata khwaishon armanon ka aachar hai' .

On the flip side,the first half seemed a bit slow.

The director, Sujoy Ghosh, knew his content well and has masterfully executed a thrilling tale which makes sure that the viewer remains engrossed till the end credits roll down.

Sujoy and Advaita Kala's storyline and Suresh Nair and Nikhil Vyas's screenplay make Kahaani an engaging affair.

Kahaani is a wonderful, taut thriller which will keep the viewers on the edge of their seat.

A very thrilling contemporary bolly film.

Kahaani's engaging plot and Vidya Balan's incredible acting makes it the most unique Bollywood film to date...

The energy that drives the movie, is the story and the eminent direction that leaves the audience stunned at the end of the cinema with a thrilling end.

the story is a fast paced one...

Throughout the movie, he is been able to create moments one after another which will keep you on the edge of your seats.

Dirty, organized, friendly, rugged, fast and slow all at a same time.

Finally, this is one of the best movies I've Seen this year, gripping and thrilling with great acting, and this is definitely a must watch!

So if you're looking for a totally addicting,engaging,well-written movie,then i would recommend KAHAANI without wasting a single second !

I watched Kahaani the other day with my wife and both of us thoroughly enjoyed it and I felt that this movie is a welcome and good departure from the usual Bollywood formula.

I do love a pregnant woman as the lead and Vidya is a very compelling actress.

Unexpected surprises in the film makes it more interesting to watch.

Like an engaging sitcom thriller this one too leaves you at the peak of your anxiety level right before the interval break.

While Delhi-based flicks gave the audience respite from tiresome Mumbai-based stuff, Kolkata is an interesting choice.

Every frame in this movie is so exciting that you felt irritated when Interval comes.

Unexpected .

Don't waste your money on big budget Khan type movies.

i think the twist endings of movies like 'the usual suspects','shutter island' was quite predictable but this movie ending is just quite unpredictable and astonishing.

a powerful and entertaining watch .

View on the film:Staying on the trail of "wiped from existence" missing person Film Noirs, (such as The Third Man and Bunny Lake Is Missing) co-writer/ (along with Suresh Nair,Ritesh Shah and Nikhil Vyas) director Sujoy Ghosh uses the wonderful,dusty,neon lit at night streets of Kolkata to give his amateur sleuths an environment that constantly keeps them on their toes,as Rana and Vidya go from investigating a run down,suspiciously empty flat,to beginning to notice that some government agency's seem very keen on Vidya herself "disapereing" on the streets of Kolkata.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui as IB Maa ki Khan had some intense moment.

An fast paced, intelligent, genuine thriller.

But the flaws get overshadowed by the flow of the movie and full credit to the director Sujoy Ghosh for giving us an enthralling and absorbing thriller.

Being an avid thriller watcher, when I heard about the movie's script being riveting , I smirked in disbelief.

As expected from Vidya Balan, she carries the movie over her shoulders and makes every scene convincing and entertaining.

But somewhere in the middle you tend to get a feeling that the movie has turned a bit slow.

The film has enough twists and turns to keep the audience hooked through out and whenever the film hits a dull moment, the director sought rescue from Kolkata and the city never played a spoilsport.

It's a story about a girl came from London to India in search of her missing husband and followed by unpredictable worse circumstances.

In the very end one finds that unexpected solid chunk of chocolate whose aroma stays in your mouth for hours.

The cinematography by Setu is stunning.

A gripping thriller .

Awesome awaiting gripping mystery thriller film with unexpected mystery at the end .

A clean and gripping storyline.

Where its first half excels in its execution, the second dips a little leaving the viewer asking for few thrilling surprises to be thrown in fast.

The reason I liked this one just a bit better has to do with the plotting, which was meticulously done, and the length at two hours made it quicker paced, thus more thrilling to get to the conclusion.

A gripping, edge-of-the-seat suspense thriller - which keeps you glued to the screen till the last frame rolls.

This proves, that with a beautiful and engaging storyline, despite being low budget, there is no need for any huge star-cast or pompous publicizing , to make a movie , success.

If you have a good story you can compromise on budget and still make a engaging film.

They have depicted dirty and congested Kolkata very naturally and realistically, film has no choreography or item songs, which makes it very realistic, and is fast paced with a nail biting climax.

Though its a lil slow I admit that its very good.

The pace and uncertainty I felt while watching "The Departed" and that feeling of a very desperate and (probably) predictable manhunt/chase describing an array of interesting portraits from "Apocalypto" combined into one-that what most might feel after this 2 hour experience.

It considerably makes me feel less interested , while it dramatically raises some issues and unnecessary scenes which are so very unreasonable,in the other words, so boring!!

There's very few moments in which the camera stays still, and when they happen they seem to be by coincidence or by mistake since even the dullest moments and the most extreme bits are shot with exactly the same constant shakiness.

He Also has written the screenplay for this movie which is great and gripping with its turn of twists, and has written one of the better stories which he has utilized brilliantly through his direction.

A very engaging thriller well shot and performed by the crew and cast.

However, the movie is fast paced and does not leave much scope for the viewer to take a pause and think.

The story, while not too thought-provoking, has enough twists and turns and revelations to keep it from being dull and unimaginative.

Revealing a single suspense of this gripping thriller will be a crime and it is must watch for all lovers of suspense thriller.

Those scenes (I believe they are deleted scenes but are added back BECAUSE OF poor scriptwriter) are way too ponderous and make me feel sleepier and sleepier along with dull acting and conversation.

I am much less excited about the movie now than 2 hours back when I walked out of the theatre.

it's sure a unique movie in Bollywood,this movie deserves such praise because these types are unexpected in Bollywood...

It has been worth watching the movie.

The film unfolds like the pages of a gripping novel by Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes and is shot like that of an Alfred Hitchcock or a Satyajit Ray.

The twists are totally unexpected.

It is fast and gripping and I found it mandatory to latch on to it as an unwritten rule.

Each & Every Sequence offers something interesting, while the characters, are diverse, yet absorbing.

Final verdict: a movie worth watching.

Vidya Balan's acting and the way the climax is drawn out are really awesome.

Eventally getting hold of the movies name,I began searching online in the hope of pre-ordering the DVD,when I discovered that this exciting sounding surprise-hit film featured a mind blowing twist,and had also been shot in a rouge guerrilla filmmaking style on the streets of Kolkata.

And i already knew the climax of this as someone with a uninteresting silly attitude wanted me not to have the thrill what they had.

He makes the narrative engaging from the start to the end and extracts fine performances from his cast.

The film unfolds like the pages of a gripping novel by Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes and is shot like that of an Alfred Hitchcock or a Satyajit Ray.

Overall an enjoyable 2 hours.

Till then salute to the whole team of Kahaani and hope Sujoy Ghosh forgets his "Alladin" days and make another thriller as riveting as Kahaani.

To begin with, the movie starts with many mysteries , which are fascinating me so much during 10-30 minutes.

The plot twist comes at the very end of the movie and yes, it is worth watching the movie, even when the search for the husband in the beginning is a bit boring.

A brilliant example of intelligent, thoughtful but entertaining movie .

Even so, the true mettle of his work is in resisting the temptation to glorify India's stand on terrorism through nation-wide propaganda.

You will be sitting on the edge of the seat and your mind will be making a million possible permutations to deduce what will happen next.

what a mind blowing twist.......

Nevertheless let us start with the winning points earned by the film which make it a worth watching experience for the Indian audience dying for something NEW.

Engrossing Story (Kahaani) Indeed .

Till the climax the film is engaging.

That the climax in the midst of the durga puja doshomi( the day where idols are immersed in the holy ganges) was a fitting end to the movie as it symbolized 'job done', just as Maa Durga leaves when she has killed the demon Asura.

It's thrilling,fast and has an effulgent suspense in the end.

KAHAANI works big time in its first hour due to a gripping screenplay which drags you into the world of "Vidya Bagchi" the moment she gets off at the airport to hire a taxi.

Well, It didn't get its due and was a box-office disaster (mainly because of its unbearable, out-of-the-place song sequences).

To avoid spoiling the surprise, I will just say that this could be borrowed from a certain Angelina Jolie film, but be that as it may, the conclusion here is totally unpredictable and forms the icing on the cake.

And the story drags on far too long in the end.

But she is not alone, the characters such as soft hearted inspector Rana and arrogant but purposeful inspector Khan provide their full supportin making movie an interesting and thrilling watch.

The movie is fast paced and smart.

I got myself hooked to the plot, the twist and turns and the unpredictable pace of the movie gave me goosebumps and despite not having any male lead in it.

Climax was unexpected.

That's the most successful poi of this riveting thriller which can be compared to best of the thrillers in the world.

It was too contrived with the inevitable Durga Pooja processions providing the backdrop.

mind blowing.

Maybe because of the way my city was portrayed in the movie or maybe because of its oh so satisfying and breathtaking climax.