Kalifornia (1993) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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A journalist duo go on a tour of serial killer murder sites with two companions, unaware that one of them is a serial killer himself.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Dominic Sena
Stars: Brad Pitt, Juliette Lewis
Length: 117 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 27 out of 169 found boring (15.97%)

One-line Reviews (107)

The problem about this movie that focuses on only four characters is that two are boring (David Duchovny and Michelle Forbes) and one is completely annoying (Juliette Lewis).

Overall, however, "Kalifornia" is an entertaining film, thanks to a clever concept, great scenery, especially in the second half, good cinematography, great dialogue, and that wonderful performance by Juliette Lewis.

Duchovny's change is formulaic.

Not bad, and definitely worth watching.

Grayce is the opposite of Brian, while Kessler hangs with pretentious art-types and lives in an artists' loft, Early and Adele spend their days in a dirty trailer, dodging both their landlord and Grayce's parole officer.

Now it gets too predictable.

Decent, entertaining road-movie with a memorable Pitt-performance.

For some reason Duchovny's character, a struggling writer working on a book about psycho killers, is given the most mundane and overused lines.

The DVD contains the "unrated version," which is worth the watch, though less sensational than one might imagine.

Beautifully realistic depiction and very enjoyable.

However, what I found after watching this movie was a maelstrom of confusing scenes, disconnected dialogue, and characters that just didn't seem to mesh with the overall story.

Pitt "nails" his character which is the focus of this somewhat predictable thriller.

During the journey to California, he slowly starts to become aware of the real nature of his travelling companions and things turn extremely violent and scary before he discovers why he has such an intense interest in killing and also has to re-think some of his long-held views.

The beginning of Kalifornia is very intense and gorgeous looking and proves that this film is something very special.

The majority of the running time of Kalifornia is an absorbing & brilliantly written character study of a serial killer & an author who writes about them, it's a great concept that makes for a great film & I really enjoyed it.

So slow, so painfully slow...

Still, it deserves praise for making a compelling character study, with artistically satisfying results.

Indeed, Early and Adele are what make this film so entertaining, as they babble, cackle, confide, muse, speculate, drool, and otherwise behave in ways I haven't seen since reruns of "The Beverly Hillbillies".

Individually they carve out chilling, and yet also warm, pictures of who they are, real people, and unexpected ones.

With her nasal voice and heavy-duty Southern accent, she is stunning, as the naive, highly animated, child-like Adele.

A film that follows a writer and his photographer wifes predictable journey into their low-life obsession with making fools out of the poor.

You know you're watching a film made from a poorly contrived script and a not particularly substantive performance whenever the female lead expresses herself strongly she always resorts to bitching.

I cannot determine if David Duchovny is just a boring actor or whether he was trying to play Brian as a boring person.

WOW, this is another waste of time.

The locations are stunning, the director does a good job and the dialog is solid.

The discussions between Duchovny and Forbes are fascinating and the interplay between Pitt and Lewis is amusing (I believe they were still dating at the time).

The theme of their road trip is a somewhat pretentious one - to visit, "experience," and photograph landmark sites where "legendary" murders took place.

Kalifornia is a diamond in the rough and a very intriguing journey with a serial killer.

David Duchovny and Michelle Forbes are boring, generic actors, although they sure are good looking.

Early sees her watching and the eye exchange between the two riveting.

There are meaningless movies about violence and then there are quality movies about violence.

I am not a fan of this film, because it feels rather pointless.

The powerful women's roles in this film surprised me for the time, but also helped me dig deeper into the overall themes of confusion and social structures.

One of the two worst movies of all time.

Pretty boy Brad Pitt is almost unrecognisable as Early, sometimes over the top (with his trademark little mannerisms thrown in) but he nails the character and is genuinely creepy, repulsive and yet somewhat fascinating.

He seemed to be acting the same throughout the film: when mixing cocktails for his boring buddies as when he was when taunting Pitt in the mine.

all the actors must've been bored or had no fame at the time.

Pitt and Lewis both give stunning performances in this movie.

Some of my friends found it disturbing, but I just treat it as entertaining fiction.

These differences and other tensions that exist between them as individuals, create a consistently strained atmosphere which becomes even more intense as they gradually start to learn more about each other.

I remember some emotionally intense Duchovny voice-overs.

It's truly boring and does not keep your attention at all.

Nevertheless they press on with their adventure and things unfold in a predictable manner in support of a creepy thriller.

This dark road story succeeds at pulling in fans of the "serial killer genre," but more intriguing than the violence and actual killing depicted in the plot, are the unexpected mixture of unlikely characters who interact and make discoveries, revelations really, about "yuppie psychology" verses "poor white trash psychology" verses "pyschopathic killer psychology.

It's a harbinger for the "torture porn" movies that were still a couple years off, only far more self-aware and pretentious than any of them (though they suck too).

She's the best thing about this movie, which, aside from her, is a fairly predictable, completely unbelievable attempt at your standard serial killer on the road horror flick.

"Kalifornia" progresses in a very intriguing way.

Surprisingly good, entertaining and interesting.

Good Acting, Pointless Story .

From the opening scenes with the barely recognisable, hirsute Pitt and the narration you could argue that the film was going to be predictable.

It's like watching a mad dog or a hungry wolf running loose and you don't want him to get killed because he's too damn fascinating to watch.

It's a tense suspenseful thriller that we know will come to no good.

Gripping and disturbing.

Kalifornia is a great road-movie, not one of the best, but certainly one that's very entertaining.

Lewis is fine as a sweet, simple girl; this part of hers is intriguing when you contrast it to the one she plays in the next years' "Natural Born Killers".

A dreary narration from David Duchovny's obnoxious yuppie is intended to make events seem more profound, but only serves to make the film seem highly pretentious.

All of these actors grew into amazing ones, but this movie is awkward and the story is slow and boring.

A disturbing and intriguing film.

"Kalifonia" is a film that should really be watched for it`s intense look at how monstrous a human being can be, and not only for it`s violence and gore.

Michelle Forbes does a great deal of frowning and scowling as the cold, pretentious Carrie who's a voyeur and can't help being fascinated by things that she also finds repulsive.

But he's just plain dull, and he is ostensibly the main character.

Pitt's performance is at once shocking, scary and pleasing because it's entertaining.

The plot explores several fascinating themes—class divide, the allure of danger and violence, psychotic behaviour and the complexities of the brain—but Sena's indecisive approach means that he only lightly addresses each issue, and often in a trite and predictable manner.

It was a fascinating film about serial killers and Pitt was dark and amazing as the one they never expected.

During some of the latter stages in the film, I found it hard to keep watching him - he was unpredictable and scary.

Gritty, intense, and satisfying .

The cliché Hollywood, reflected way too often in this screenplay, almost always draws strong female leads as two dimensional at best, usually cutesy girls who think their physical appearance and using emotional blackmail whenever they need to "really express themselves" is enough.

His performance (like all his performances) is incredibly bland and unemotional and I feel he was miscast in this role.

The suspense still manages to ramp up with each now predictable murder.

Or at least when it starts to, it all falls down as Mr. X-Files comes in with a one-liner that seems either cheesy or ridiculously cliché.

Watch it for Brad Pitt and his mind blowing performance.

It gets quite boring at parts where you start wondering what went wrong.

This film is absorbing, with some tremendously tense scenes and some surprisingly funny ones as well.

This movie was unpleasant but the mix of the four characters and the violence that engulfs them results in gripping entertainment.

Much of the narration (provided by a somewhat whiny, pre X-files Duchovony) is a tad contrived.

This is a good movie with lots of predictable but enjoyable thriller moments.

Kalifornia (1993 which is a road movie that turns into gripping, chilling disturbing, darkly funny thriller, focuses on four main characters.

Of the four main characters I found Michelle Forbes' portrayal of Brian's wife to be engaging and believable.

Besides the painfully slow majority, the "southern" accents are absolutely terrible, I live in the south.

Worth watching?

A disturbing but fascinating film.

The violence is strong and brutal and the insights on killers are fascinating.

It is an absolutely riveting movie that is visually stylish and thematically creepy.

Its real strength lies in its characters who make it compelling from start to finish.

dead pan dull, which makes him a great "straight man".

The fascinating part of the plot is the interraction between the contrasting couples.

Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis are highly entertaining.

Finally, Michelle Forbes is impressive as Duchnovny's snobby, pretentious girlfriend.

But this lazy script and contrived story insults the performances and badly wastes their talent.

The music sounds as if it was written for a softporn series, and add to that Duchovny's sleazy and boring narrative voice - at some points in the movie you're starting to think you're actually watching such a series.

It is just so fun and entertaining to watch.

It's fascinating to watch, even as it deliberately paces itself for close to two hours.

While you will find moments that seem a bit cliché, Kalifornia is a powerful film that yields some decent acting with a very gripping story.

A truly fascinating character study with a gripping story.

Kalifornia is still a great film though, an absorbing, offbeat & fascinating film that I enjoyed although at almost two hours in length it's maybe a bit long, maybe not quite enough happens & I seriously doubt it's a film I'll ever want to see again despite liking it.

It's a great, suspenseful two hour road-trip that certainly opened my eyes to see that Brad Pitt was indeed an actor.

Overall I enjoyed this film and found it to be very entertaining.

She is basically decent but weak and slow.

Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis' memorable performances ensure that the film isn't a total waste of time, both actors taking 'poor white trash' to a whole new (and sometimes hilarious) level, and there are one or two effectively shocking outbursts of violence, but this is an ultimately empty experience that says much less about its subject matter than it would have you believe.

Disturbing but fascinating .

The ending was suspenseful and somewhat happy.

Mind blowing action.

But the two performances are worth the admission alone, and even though it gets increasingly violent, which I'm not into, it gets increasingly interesting and gripping as it goes.

However this movie was just SO slow, almost nothing at all really going on until the last 3rd of the movie.

Now it gets too predictable.

Ignore the obviously contrived accents and focus on the characters themselves and I think most people (who like the genre) will find this a worthwhile film.

It's not a particularly dumb movie, a pointless slasher product, despite its fashionably misspelled title.