Kate & Leopold (2001) - Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

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An English Duke from 1876 is inadvertedly dragged to modern day New York where he falls for a plucky advertising executive.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: James Mangold
Stars: Meg Ryan, Hugh Jackman
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 50 out of 328 found boring (15.24%)

One-line Reviews (175)

One can easily imagine "Kate" in this film also bringing her 'modern' ideas about women in society to stodgy old Victorian New York, and shaking things up a bit.

the film's first half is quite funny and entertaining with the way hugh jackman reacts to the present day.

The story is very predictable as it goes along, and it's slow.

I also highly recommend it to any men who want to know how to treat a lady and win that lady's heart.

Fun, entertaining.

tolerable, but too predictable .

Leopold is bored and very modern for a young, poor Duke when he spots a strange man named Stuart running around his mansion in Brooklyn, New York 1870.

*sigh* I loved his work in "Someone like you" but he was just literally stunning in this movie.

Just for a moment imagine the confusion and misunderstandings that may arise from a meeting between 19C and 21C people -- 1.

Really quite innocent and entertaining.

The costumes, props and lighting in Leopold's 1876 home are breathtaking.

Meg Ryan is usually cute, fun, charming, and really enjoyable to watch.

It was a real predictable movie.

The worst movie I have seen in my entire life.

Well worth watching.

In fact it's a great movie to watch as couples and has a lot of the right elements to make it worth watching.

Although KATE & LEOPOLD is unbelievably far-fetch and misses some great opportunites, it's still an enjoyable and fun romantic comedy.

Hardly original, but enjoyable.

All my stars go to Hugh Jackman for his frankly stunning performance of the Duke, Leopold.

It is without a doubt very light, predictable, a fantasy filled movie plagued with historical errors.

We haven't seen anything yet of this tall, breathtaking leading man, who has shown in previous films he can play American better than most Americans.

It's an enjoyable romantic comedy.

But it's way too long, and the film loses a lot of its vitality whenever Jackman isn't around.

Good film, well worth watching.

Leopold's directness is one of two parts (Stings music is the second part) that make this movie worth the watch.

Confusion and hilarity ensue as Leopold, the proverbial fish out of water, tries to cope with the modern world and, in addition, the chemistry that is developing between him and Kate, who has sort of adopted him and obtained an acting job for him in a commercial.

Hugh Jackman is very engaging as PrinceCharming, I mean Leopold.

Jackman was wonderful, Ryan was trite and forced .

There are many, many condescending scenes of women being charmed by Leopold's courtly, old-world manners-- boy, ya gotta love any movie that asks ladies to romanticize a time when women were denied the right to vote and were essentially treated like empty-headed two-year-olds.

If you want something predictable (the coup de theatre attempt was weak) and warm then give it a shot.

They are usually very formulaic: Put someone in the past/future and then weave 2 hours of slapstick around not knowing how to drive a car or ballroom dance.

In Leopold, Jackman creates what I and several of my friends have deemed the most romantic man alive, and in Kate, Ryan manages to craft an intriguing, intelligent woman.

Conceptually derivative and full of clichés, this film nevertheless is an enjoyable viewing mainly down to excellent performances by the cast The story concept is a rehash of the time travel romance genre, which has been done before in films such as Somewhere in Time, Time After Time, Back to the Future Part III, The Lake House, and more obliquely in films such as the Terminator and Star Trek IV.

When Stu gets into a nasty accident - taking a header down an empty elevator shaft - and finding himself declared mentally unstable (thanks to his rapid-fire demeanor and explanation of his discovery, natch) - Leopold makes himself at home as best he can with Stu's apartment and traveling thru New York with the aid of Kate's younger brother Charlie (Meyer, late of the ill-fated sitcom "Inside Schwartz") a struggling actor who (at first) believes Leo to be a true Method thespian "working his craft".

She's a waste of everyone's time.

So absolutely full of holes and with only thin strands of bland script holding the holes together.

It is disappointing therefore, that Meg Ryan's character "Kate" is so bland.

Both Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman are good actors and are entertaining as a couple with fairly decent chemistry.

Because sometimes viewers just need to lull into a two hour fairy tale before going back to a real world.

There is a nice fusion of a man of culture out of time and there is a fun and entertaining clash of cultures in this romantic comedy where time travel seems to held a fascinating underlying delightful paradox when the inventor of elevators is transported into the present.

As a romantic comedy, Kate & Leopold certainly has its shortcomings given it's conveniently packaged ending, the fact that so many things are ignored just to get to that happy ending (such as how Charlie's date REALLY went and what ever happened with him and his acting career and his love life, etc, and the same goes for Stuart), but as a film it is enormously entertaining, well-written, and thought-provoking, which is exceedingly uncommon for a romantic comedy.

The same audience liked "Bridget Jones's Diary" better, and at least that was more entertaining.

that the only question raised in this pretentious script, using the long crear of comic-movies-Meg Ryan to make it seem real.

The trite story (isn't this the same story as Crocodile Dundee?

With him, it's merely vaguely enjoyable.

Jackman is going to be a major, major star and every leading man in Hollywood better look over their shoulder and shake because this guy is a triple threat, he's stunning, he can act rings around anyone, and he is big, larger than life 6' 2" man.

Meg Ryan plays the predictable role of "lady in distress".

I would have walked out otherwise.

I enjoyed it.

"Kate & Leopold" is not a top quality film, but has some seriously funny and entertaining moments.

I found the movie to be quite entertaining even if it was a chick-flick.

Meg Ryan looks and acts terrible, the pacing is slow and boring, the scenes that are supposed to be funny aren't, and aside from Hugh Jackman, all the acting is forced.

He embodied the type of man that would make a woman want to leave her time coordinates for another.

Kute and Leo-bored .

Utterly charming and entertaining .

But it is pretty cute and entertaining.

The whole audience enjoyed it.

This was one of the most entertaining and funny movies I've seen in a long time.

Whether or not you notice the detail, the overall effect is very entertaining.

It was as long as it should be even though the opening was slow paced.

Meg Ryan was stunning in the movie, and gave the movie just the right about of her cuteness.

But time gets twisted when Kate's ex-boyfriend Stuart (Liev Schrieber) finds a portal into the 19th century - and after an ill-advised visit there, winds up bringing home an unexpected guest; Leopold, of course.

Entertaining and cute romantic comedy with fantasy elements .

I was bothered by Meg Ryan's hair, which appeared to have been cut and combed by a three year old, otherwise an entertaining film with good professional acting.

First off, Hugh Jackman is thoroughly enjoyable as 19th century duke Leopold, who is magically transported to 2001 NYC through a tear in time.

Instead it ends up being a very cutsie movie that was so predictable that I wasn't sure I wanted to stay around for the end.

She has a boring job, but she seems to like it and is climbing the career ladder, so unfortunately a lot of the movie seems to be spent on the ins and outs of her very dull working day as opposed to exploring all the things Leopold must be seeing for the first time in his new world.

All that aside, there is still something for me to criticise; the basic premise, for starters, is obviously rather silly, but I'll forgive that; the intricacies of the plot which make up the story are very contrived - something needs smoothing out at the script stage; the main subplot seems irrelevant and unnecessary; the Moon River bit was a very unimaginative way to insert some romantic New-Yorkicism; the list goes on, leading to a film which in most places just doesn't feel right.

There is something about the love match which keeps one on the edge of one's seat.

A formula movie with a predictable ending?

But it's well done, there's definitely chemistry between the main characters, and the side characters are intriguing too.

Highly recommend it!

The story line was predictable and bland.

I enjoyed it very much.

Don't waste your time.

enjoyable fluff with extraordinary character .

I fell asleep through this film.

She doesn't need to maybe find the right career for her skills, or maybe choose a slower-paced life in her own time...

Unfortunately, the conclusion in the last few minutes is very uninspired and predictable.

As for those who say such "chick flicks" are a waste of time...

Entertaining and lighthearted .

Mildly Entertaining Fluff .

Nothing earth-shattering, I just walked out wondering if some 19th-century manners, and due consideration of the fairer sex, might just be what we need right now.

Although, for those few people out there who turn their noses up at a light, enjoyable movie- I direct this to you.

The film's ending is clichéd but emotionally satisfying and makes for an enjoyable experience, if hardly a profound one.

Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman present a predictable but romantic couple out of time with a delicious dose of elegant tradition contrasted against the rapid fast paced and perhaps ungentlemanly present.

I usually enjoy Meg's movies (also the "serious ones", like "Flesh and blood") but this one was a flat-out, predictable, disappointing movie.

Pair her with a male co-star who has a similarly engaging presence to the one she possesses herself, and you surely have the recipe for a thoroughly enchanting crowdpleaser.

He learns his lesson in an engaging sort of way.

Not only is it (as you'd expect) inconsistent, it is (unlike "Back to the Future") inconsistent in a dull and unimaginative way.

I wont get into all the technical aspects of filmmaking because so many others do here, but have to say this for me, was fresh, lively and thoroughly enjoyable and though it might fall into the genre of "chick flick," was cool from this guy's point of view also.

Kate & Leopold is a pleasant, predictable little movie, that gives us the exact minimum amount of science necessary to gleefully carry on with its plot - a 19th century Duke caught in present day New York.

Still, she is charming and watchable, Hugh Jackman is convincing as the Duke and the whole film is funny, sappy and entertaining.

Bland .

Technically the film is very polished, with impressive photography (by Stuart Dryburgh), and a enjoyable score by Rolfe Kent.

Excellent, fun, enjoyable, romantic comedy.. perfect to reduce stress and relax, in other words, decent quality entertainment .

While entertaining for the most part, primarily due to the charms and relaxed nature of Jackman, the film does have some credibility issues with its storyline and Ryan's character is often simply annoying.

What a dreadful bore this film was.

Pleasant, entertaining.

eliminate the dog from the movie, put your love of contrived happy endings in your pocket, and enjoy this bit of fluff.

She yells a lot at Leopold, is career-driven, and quite dull.

Hugh Jackman does well playing the stock character of Leopold, but it was too predictable and flat of a story for any real performing.

If they never meet, then there is no story!

Director (James Mangold) was executing a bland TV episode.

:-) And since I myself am over 40, stuck in a career path that no longer interests me, and sick to death sometimes of the tediousness of the Rat Race, I have no quarrel with a woman who is suddenly confronted with a man so drop-dead sexy (and who can sing and dance too, by golly) that she chucks off her boring life with hardly a blink of an eye, and takes a Leap of Faith that somewhere, anywhere, is probably better than what she already knows.

The fun begins in 2001 New York City when intrepid scientific researcher Stuart Besser (Schreiber excelling in the Ralph Bellamy role with some welcome slapstick buffoonery) who has discovered a portal in a rip in the fabric of time (yes that old chestnut in sci-fi) in hurtling himself in the time-space continuum by visiting Old New York circa 1876 where he follows the fascinating Leopold Alexis Elijah Walker Garteh Thomas Mountbatten (Jackman) who is a sullen duke of a well-to-do snobbish family that is insisting he marry a socialite to save the family name.

The opening scenes are not merely spectacular, but exciting, showing Brooklyn as it appeared in 1876, and introducing a "What's going on here?

I highly recommend it to every romantic.

This movie delicately unfolds a compelling romance.

"Kate and Leopold" provided a thoroughly entertaining afternoon.

The romance was definitely intriguing, and I especially appreciated that it was not about sex!

Additionally, there were a few perfunctory scenes that could have used a little more creative thought, but the male characters were so engaging the little flaws didn't really matter.

The movie is very predictable as it goes along, and it's slow.

Romantic comedies are, by definition, very predictable affairs, so it's always good to come across one that tries to add something new or shake things up a bit.

In all the confusion the ending was just seconds away from credits rolling and basically that's when the whole movie just changes.

A thoroughly enjoyable romantic comedy with a sci-fi twist!

It is still worth watching.

The humor is truly funny, the romance engaging and the acting superb.

Entertaining, worth the buck if you like that sort of schmuck.

She has done this so many times before, even SHE looks bored to death.

I am not a big fan of fantasy films, but this is so exciting.

Unexpected and unexplained ending.

It is just one pleasant, enjoyable movie.

No time was wasted on soppy, unnecessary and cliched love scenes that could have bored the audience and spoiled the films appeal.

even so, the ending seems a little too abrupt (predictable as it is).

The movie is enjoyable and fun only made better by Hugh's performance.

The brother and the dog compete for the most enjoyable characters in this film.

It's a cute movie, yet, I couldn't agree with the ending, though it was predictable.

It came as a very pleasant surprise to see this enjoyable and entertaining film make it big with a Christmas release date.

Enjoyable .

Not to be taken seriously, this romantic comedy is enjoyable if you focus on Hugh Jackman's acting ability and the other supporting cast.

Aussie Hugh Jackman does well with uninspiring material.

The last scene is unpredictable for me.

It would have been ten times better had they combed Meg's hair, but nonetheless it was sweet, light, romantic, funny, and enjoyable.

Sadly the film is dragged down because it has gotten pretty goddamn impossible to look at Meg Ryan without a disgusted grin on your face.

The film gets a little slow in the middle and is therefore not perfect.

Kate in turn is a neurotic and slovenly bore who betrays him by causing him to unknowingly endorse a worthless product, something entirely contrary to his code of honor.

Once the plot descends into murky questions of artistic integrity and it becomes fairly obvious what Ryan must do, the film loses focus and becomes fairly tedious.

But it was fun, entertaining, standard escapist fare.

Unoriginal story, boring pace and very little chemistry among the stars, Ryan and Jackman.

" Those films told absorbing stories and were powerfully acted.

It was a waste of my time.

**contains spoilers**This light and frothy rom com is as predictable as they come.

Predictable and pleasant.

Anyone who bases a romantic comedy for being predictable, isn't familiar with the genre.

We already know he considers his 19C life to be empty and without purpose so why return?

Leopold, in the present day, teaches us about the importance of grace and style from a time that we have dismissed, even ridiculed, in favor of an empty, tasteless pursuit for material goods over spiritual wealth.

A Tedious Nightmare( beseides the hilarious secene)!

I found this premise to be more escapist propaganda about love at first sight and throwing everything away for love &c.

One is left to think about $15.00 expenditure to watch this film, while watching this film, because the film itself is sooooo boring, so lacking in romance(tough deal for a romantic comedy), so lacking in humor(again, tough deal for a romantic comedy).

For the most part the movie was entertaining It didn't drag on the two hours went by fast.

It was an absolutely enjoyable and funny romance that I might just have to own when it comes out on video.

We're supposed to be lulled to sleep by Meg and Hugh making eyes at each other.

He made it enjoyable to watch, especially in the scenes where his character is teaching Kate's brother about women (ironic though, since he's never been in love before).

I found the plot details quite confusing with regard to the time element, as to exactly what's supposed to be going on here.

If one watches it with lower expectations, it can be quite enjoyable.

A really enjoyable flick, that leaves you feeling good and delivers what it promises.

Enjoyable fantasy .

very entertaining...

Somewhat predictable, as are all Meg Ryan movies.

Good, fun, well-acted, not trash, enjoyable entertainment.

Continuing my plan to watch every Hugh Jackman movie in order, I come to Kate & Leopold (2001)Plot In A Paragraph: An English Duke (Hugh Jackman) from 1876 is inadvertedly dragged to modern day New York where he falls for a plucky advertising executive(Meg Ryan)Preposterous in its concept, then again aren't all time travel movies, let alone time travel romantic comedies??

In recent years, romantic comedies have become more predictable and less original.

Cute and entertaining.

A Enjoyable Sci Fi Romantic Romp .

Writing compelling romances means leaving details to the imagination.

I found that the majority of this film had a lot of inspiration, good writing, and good acting that was able to produce an original and entertaining romantic comedy.

However what I value in this movie is the reminder of past slow paced life and of course romance.


Kate is used to a very fast-paced life, while Leopold takes things slower--which is the beginning of a very long list of their differences.

Kate (played by Meg Ryan) is an engaging career woman, who is so accustomed to being treated as a sex object that she is confused and overwhelmed by Leopold's show of respect and good manners.

Yet, Leo not only accepts the sudden presence of Stuart's young friend (which is downright creepy), but spends the afternoon entertaining him.

Cute, Exciting, Weird and Not Bad All At The Same Time .

It's charming, funny, entertaining--and even a little thought-provoking.

) For the guys who get dragged along to this flick, Meg Ryan provides a touch of class and real comfort for the eyes -- except for the hair.