Khakee (2004) - Action, Crime, Drama

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A team of police force escorts an alleged terrorist from Chandangarh to Mumbai. However their trip turns into a deadly survival when an ex-cop tries to stop them to reach Mumbai.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Rajkumar Santoshi
Stars: Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar
Length: 174 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 1 out of 36 found boring (2.77%)

One-line Reviews (21)

It looked like a khakee filter was used throughout the movie, making the frames, that were already very monotone with police uniforms, even more monotone.

This is a fairly enjoyable thriller , which tries to be slightly different and off the beaten path.

It was a taut action packed thriller, smart, and with a couple of decent twists - kind of what RACE might have wanted to be.

Short of it:*Enjoyable*Better then most Bollywood movies (and Hollywood movies for that matter)*Good performance _BY ALL_*Thrilling (leaves you with your mouth open at times) lots of twists*Drags near the end (God!!

As a result of this bond established between them and the audience, the trite and corny speeches the characters deliver extolling the virtues of dedication and honor are far more stirring and effective than they have any real right to be.

Going into the intermission, this was the most gripping thriller to come out of Bollywood in years.

Overall, as on behalf of Hindi cinema viewers i would like to urge Mr. Rajkumar Santoshi to make films that's as crafty as this (entertaining).

Kept me on the edge of my seat at all times.

Despite the apparent topicality of the subject matter, `Khakee' is really nothing more than an enjoyably over-the-top, entertaining action picture with a surprising amount of humor and warmth to counterbalance the violence.

The production values in the film are extremely high, and it seems that Indian action scenes have really got a lot better over the past few years - still more Hollywood than Hong Kong, and there was too much random camera movement at times, but they were still very exciting to watch.

This is a fairly enjoyable thriller , which tries to be slightly different and off the beaten path.

Most notably, Akshay Kumar's performance was highly entertaining and added a comic element to the movie.

The movie is fast paced,stylish & has some fine performances from the main cast.

I finally saw Khakee and found it quite riveting.

All his serious movies have intense moments, great dailogues and a great storyline.

The concept is simply amazing, with superb acting on the apart of all actors, mainly Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn, music is melodious and dialog delivery thunders throughout the film, with amazing fast paced action sequences.

There seemed to be too much violence and repetitive action scenes.

), but I found it involving and compelling.

Thrown into this riveting tale is a mysterious, nameless villain who haunts the team throughout their spectacular journey through the rugged, dry landscape of central Maharashtra to get hold of the terrorist.

I say this a super-hit film because it gives the whole audience a really strong and powerful message and meaning of policemen the songs are excellent as you can keep on listening to the songs direction is superb story-line is brilliant I love the fighting action scenes too thee were brilliant and worth watching akshay did do well Amitabh did fabulous Ajay does good in his 2nd negative role after deewangee other did well my rating 5/5 or 10/10 stars

Nevertheless, it's still worth watching.