Kiki's Delivery Service (1989) - Animation, Adventure, Drama

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A young witch, on her mandatory year of independent life, finds fitting into a new community difficult while she supports herself by running an air courier service.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Stars: Kirsten Dunst, Minami Takayama
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: G
Reviews: 22 out of 210 found boring (10.47%)

One-line Reviews (101)

Kiki's Delivery Service is an excellent movie for kids, but it's simple beauty and compelling story makes it suitable for any age or group.

There's also no 3-dimensional characters, almost nothing deep, enthralling, or unexpected, and NO REASON TO LIKE KIKI AS AN INDIVIDUAL!!!

Nice, but pointless .

On an overall scale, Kiki's Delivery Service is another work of mastery from Hayao Miyazaki which entertains as well as enlightens viewers of all ages in its unique childlike manner and remains one of the most enjoyable films of his stupendous career.

An entertaining and wonderful movie perfect for kids and adults.

Charming coming of age story .

Usually, the main character in a coming of age story is a freshly minted adolescent wanting to experience the world in isolation from his or her handwringing parents.

Kiki is a coming of age film about a young witch who leaves home for her year of training.

It's engrossing enough to keep one's attention and there are a number of tear-jerking moments that make it more than just a movie.

I find the dialogue boring and idiotic to be honest.

This is a beautiful story about coming of age, love, friendship and independence.

I think part of it was the slow maturing of Kiki, a girl who is forced to grow up quickly (a standard plotline for the director, whose Studio Ghibli has a few movies with this theme--all of them good) while finding out her strengths and weaknesses.

Not really about witches and sorcery, it's more a coming of age tale.

However, it is deathly predictable, and there is hardly a story behind it.

Similar to "Tonari no Totoro" (1988) only to some extent, there the whole universe, including the narrative logic and style of animation, seem so simplified and bland I thought it lost its flavour, devoid of the sly humour that's Miyazaki's through and through.

The adventures and experiences of Kiki can really are engaging, and I always left myself wondering what her next adventure would be.

It's a film really worth watching in high definition, where the quality of the animation and in particular the colours are stunning.

There are a few directors whose work is worth watching, no matter what they do.

For all its lofty achievements it is down to earth and just plain enjoyable.

Nothing happens!

Worth watching!

While it's not the absolute best that Ghibli has to offer, I still very much enjoyed it.

The scripts are totally banal and unnatural with nothing that makes me feel any emotion or humour.

It's true that not a lot "happens" during the film, but it is so engaging and beautifully told that it doesn't matter.

The animation is solid if not spectacular and adults might want more depth and characterisation in Kiki to really make it work but, regardless, it has charm, humour and energy enough to carry it across and make it light and enjoyable.

With this preliminary out of the way, the rest of the story is a fascinating account of a person learning how to fit in to a bewilderingly new environment.

The pacing is sometimes slow and methodical, that might not work with younger elementary students.

mundane, I suppose.

It is boring and pointless.

Brilliant, one of my favourite Miyazaki films, stunning animation and a lovely story

To date, this is my fourth Miyazaki film, and although it ranks last, it's still a delightful and enjoyable film for children and adults alike.

definitely worth watching (especially if you are a Phil Hartman or Kirsten Dunst fan, as they do the voice-overs for Jiji and Kiki respectively).

It certainly not Hayao Miyazaki's finest film,its a lot more childish and has no violence or strange and unusual characters like you would see in his other films,but its still a very enjoyable movie.

Finally, as always, the real strength of this film lies in it's stunning visuals.

Miyazaki has always been known for his attention to detail, and this is most notable on an empty stomach.

And in typical Miyazaki fashion, he manages to craft a story that is equally effective and engaging for children and adults.

Even if the affair isn't massively compelling or enthralling, it's always enjoyable.

Of course the film is enjoyable at a simple plot level, although the ending does seem a touch abrupt.

The story is a little light this time around, but it works as a magical coming of age tale.

It is much better than it has a right to be, we enjoyed it very much as light entertainment.

) the animation was beautiful and engaging.

Coming of Age Story of a Young Witch who must spend a customary one year away from her parents.

In terms of art and design - it is as stunning as other Miyazaki films of that time.

A really enjoyable film.

The film is ripe with gorgeous animation and numerous little moments that make it joyful and engaging.

it's quite possibly the greatest coming of age story ever.

What I found most enjoyable about the movie - though - is its background details.

There is a plethora of great characters, exciting moments, and imaginative situations.

Making this kind of stuff is also not an easy task, as evidenced by the fact that so few decent kids' movies are made -- particularly ones that are entertaining, or at the very least painless, for adults to sit through.

She must be connected to some sort of exciting backstory about how she had to escape the evil hands of the city.

Every bit of this movie is worth watching.

Kiki's relationship with her pet cat Jiji is very well portrayed and things build to a suitably grand and exciting disaster-fused climax.

What I found most enjoyable about the movie - though - is its background details.

Jiji is pretty funny in the movie, it has stunning animation that always feels active everywhere, the music is composed beautifully, the story doesn't need to be super intense or fantasy based, because the tension for me comes from relating myself to Kiki and imagining I have to face through what she does.

While the plot is kinda loose and I little confusing at times, it's was still all very investing and engaging.

All of the characters are rounded, and enjoyable.

The characters were all very enjoyable and well fleshed out, each one was memorable and added to the great appeal of the community that Kiki is navigating.

The characters are unique, likable and always engaging, I have to say Kiki is one of my favourite protagonists ever in a Ghibli movie and I mean that.

A coming of age movie would be better served with something more dramatic.

The idyllic coastal town is made beautiful with stunning overhead shots from Kiki's perspective, swooping in and out of the clouds and alongside migrating birds.

Slightly bogged down by occasionally going into some familiar territory (especially in its third act), Miyazaki's most light-hearted film is otherwise a fascinating, delightful, funny and charming fairy-tale that effortlessly teaches a variety of valuable lessons such as self-discovering, self-acceptance, self-reliance and self-understanding like no other film did.

Kiki's Delivery Service is a richly layered coming of age tale brimming with energy.

"Kiki's Delivery Service" features Phil Hartman playing Jiji, but that may be this confusing anime's sole distinctive feature.

What is unexpected is for people to be unkind to her.

Whatever the case, Miyazaki's attention to detail is, as usual, stunning.

Character development overall is quite bland, the usual form of dynamic in many characters in anime--rather plot table scenarios and suggestive accordances with foreshadowing.

The climax and other bits are exciting.

And it's worth watching.

Excitement and fears co-mingle, until Miyazaki treats us to the film's first of many thrilling broom rides.

A very entertaining, well written and dazzling 1989 animated fantasy-drama from famous Japanese animation filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki whom is one of the most gifted filmmakers/storytellers in animation, graphic novel and motion picture history.

Annoying and largely pointless .

Simple story, but enjoyable .

Aside from the lovely traditional hand drawn animation, charming settings and interesting characters, it is quite sad to say that this film disappoints and bores me.

It is an exciting part - full of wonder and adventure ...

The film then ends with a thrilling, though wholly out-of-the-blue, sequence in which Kiki saves a friend from a crashing airship.

It's a charming as well as highly entertaining story of self-discovery, taking responsibilities, becoming independent and mature, and following and achieving one's dreams.

Very well made and entertaining.

The animation as you would expect is gorgeous especially in the colours, and the music is stunning.

The rest of the film tells a fairly odd coming of age tale, Kiki's growing up, finding her way in life, learning her trade and flirting with adulthood.

Miyazaki is always contained, and thus emotionally intense (though many times he gets to produce spectacular imagery).

There a few points that I would have liked further explored, and I would have not mind some extra footage, as the movie is truly enjoyable and you finish it wanting more.

A warm, charming and thoroughly enjoyable film.

It is a beautiful film, light-hearted and entertaining with very little to criticise really.

If you are looking for something enjoyable and good spirited , this movie is for you .

) and moves at a snail's pace.

Fantastic revelations about human nature, compelling themes, delightful sounds of birds, crickets and wind, the supportive view of animals, artists and the natural world, the foreign intrigue and more, all add to the thrill of the film.

As for the quality of this film, the animation, voices and story are terrific and exciting.

As for the film itself, it has some fun characters, such as the cat, and it is a light and enjoyable ride.

It's slow and trodding, culminating in a climax in the last ten minutes of the movie followed by the most abrupt credits roll I've ever seen in any movie.

Also ,the way in that the story advances is very original and unpredictable .

Miazaki's other films ('Porco Rosso' and 'Princess Monoake', for example) have more depth and moral complexity to them: this one is just as gorgeous, but somewhat trite.

It had a good overall storyline, pretty original, and the characters were enjoyable to watch.

Lacks depth in the characters and narrative perhaps but is still light, enjoyable and quite fun .

The vivacious European city is stunning to look at.

This is an excellent coming of age story, particularly for teenage girls.

Not Hayao Miyazaki's Finest,But Still Very Enjoyable, .

Other than the stunning visual detail, his films are most often centred around character rather than plot.

This movie makes me enjoyable .

Whole chunks of the film are dedicating to either mundane things, or mundane things which Miyzaki imbues with momentous qualities.

Kiki's Delivery Service seems the obvious as always, one title that is neither confusing or shadowy, except for the magic involved.

I saw the dubbed one as it was the only one available to me but I still enjoyed it.