Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) - Action, Crime, Thriller

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After awakening from a four-year coma, a former assassin wreaks vengeance on the team of assassins who betrayed her.

IMDB: 8.1
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Stars: Uma Thurman, David Carradine
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 184 out of 1000 found boring (18.4%)

One-line Reviews (756)

You guys thought Matrix Reloaded was pretentious, this film might as well be the Architect meets Socrates meets Locke, meets Rouseau meets Japanese smart guy meets Marx.

an awful copy with no message .

Another empty Weinstein marketing coup, a truly depressing movie .

KILL BILL 1 - such a bore.

There is no story, the acting is terrible, the filming is a jock and the characters are so f*cking pathetic and lame.

An instantly, relentless, intense and captivating film from the very start to finish.

The use of different color filters and black-and-white to emphasize a particularly brutal flashback are utilized to stunning effect.

However, just a few minutes into the movie, I got bored.

First of all, I am utterly bored with action movies.

This film is a very unique action packed revenge story.

This film works; it's cool and it's an intense, exciting, moving, operatic, finely crafted masterpiece.

So what we have is the usual Tarantino dialogue, stunning music, which fits to every connotation, and a great performance from Thurman.

It is like Tarantino put my entire childhood into one over the top entertaining movie.

Outrageous, frequent, intense bloody violenceStyle over StorylineThere's a five minute anime cartoon in the middle of the film ???

Only QT knows the answer to this… He saw the change to extend a seemly repetitive plot (a woman awakes after a 4 year coma and avenges herself) with loads of tributes to `dead' film-genres, such as Martial Arts-movies, exploitation and Spaghetti-westerns.

By the second time I already dubbed this film an unwatchable to the sheer lack amount of seriousness it.

Instead, all we have is a slow-paced killing spree adorned with some of the most pretentious film-directorship I've ever seen.

The most enjoyable part of the film is truly the last half of the film where she is up against O-Ren Ishii, and honestly it is so interesting to see these two battle it out because of all the backstory and hype that is being given to us of O-Ren Ishii, it makes her seem like such a challenging opponent.

It just seems stilted and uninteresting.

It was extremely well animated in an anime type style and was very compelling, it made me feel for the girl extremely, not many films accomplish that from me nowadays and no it's not because I'm a soulless monster.

An incredibly entertaining movie that is also ingeniously shot with amazing cinematography .

No story.

What I noticed is a slight lack in snappy dialogue although.

Its a slow movie with even slower characters with no understanding of what they're doingfrankly piss me off as an martial arts-guy.

Only a small minded idiot who cannot appreciate movies would enjoy this purely because it was only pointless violence that was extremely bloody.

The problem is that, while we can appreciate all that on an intellectual level, we are still left feeling relatively empty and unfulfilled by movie's end.

The director wanted to show that you can make a really entertaining film based on one very simple plot line: REVENGE.

Even when it comes to scenes with no action at all, the dialog is excellent and the sequences are gripping.

However, one cannot deny the fact it is immensely entertaining and riveting to watch as a standard action flick and a light-hearted dramatic film.

Tarantino, for me, can come across as pretentious at the best of times.

Funny, cool, entertaining fight scenes, which become tedious after a while, NOT emotion free, has a clear storyline...

So, instead of having one of the slowest-paced movies I have ever watched, simply speed things up a little (such as that painfully slow animated O-Ren sequence and in other areas) and add in some assassin background on Uma.

KRAMER and the complications that the film has vaguely hinted at become a genuinely compelling situation -- and something rare in Tarantino's limited world: real human interaction.

Overall, a very enjoyable movie.

Tarantino's first foray into self-indulgence comes in the form of this hyper-stylized 'kung-fu' homage, the first part of which arrives with almost no substance or character depth of any kind.

Sure, it's bloody, but it's a boring kind of bloody.

Disgusting waste of time .

The movie is very confusing and there's just pointless parts.

Instead Tarantino opts for long and drawn-out fighting scenes in which arms, legs and all manner of body parts are chopped off in quick succession.

One of two parts of, quite frankly, the worst movie I think I've seen.

Visually stunning anime cartoon with human actors .

It wouldn't make it a better film, but it would reduce the dragging, dull scenes of repetitive slashing (yes, I said dull - there only so many limbs that can be removed in so many ways), and endless pseudo-story-laden philosophizing - "My Dinner with The Squad".

The great visuals, a soundtrack that perfectly fits the film, the crazy fights and the creativity in creating the characters and their story just make this film so entertaining to watch.

Masturbation is by definition a waste of time, and can be identified and judged categorically without regard to taste.

That scene where The Bride(Uma Thurman) is fighting the Crazy 88 is so compelling.

Hugely enjoyable with a neat end of film cliffhanger, roll on part 2...

But Tarantino's ability to create an action movie which is also an art film is fascinating.

Sometimes the Japanese influences were confusing.

Otherwise it could be tad hard to fully enjoy this visually very stunning movie.

Now, after watching this new movie from QT, I left the theater feeling undeniably disappointed.

The wooden sliding doors behind her create a suspenseful atmosphere and it seems to be presented that O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu), although surrounded by an entourage of bodyguards is unsure of her fate with Thurman.

It's got some very entertaining fight sequences and strong visual style, and while the blood was excessive I found it more comical than gross, even though I normally have a low threshold for gore.

Disturbing but entertaining .

And it was slow, so slow that I wanted the scenes to be done so they could move along.

This film was just plain BORING, the only good thing about it was that at least Tarantino stayed BEHIND the camera.

Here, Quentin, I'm sorry because I loved all your three previous films, but you have lost your perfection in favor of anarchy and confusion.

I know, i know, a lot of people found it entertaining, but personally i found it rather boring in it's own hyper-adrenaline way.

This shameless self-ploitation film is unbearable for its horrible acting, cheesy dialogue, and bare-floor plot.

That said I really enjoy watching it, from start to finish it is pretty gripping.

Worth watching when its on telly.

An extremely gripping film as well as the stunts and everything else.

The story does its best to keep the action moving and the story interesting, but the second part does move a little slow near the end.

Finally, the eclectic soundtrack makes for an exciting joyride.

The plot is amazing and I can't wait to watch volume 2 soon because of how intriguing volume 1 was.

Now going to the plot itself (if there's any), it's just pointless, we spend 20-30 minutes watching a girl getting her favorite weapon: a sword.

Bloody severed limbs is funny when Monty Python does but Tarantino does it for what seems to be a hundred times and it just gets yawns.

It manages to introduce an interesting story, characters and action very quickly, making it intriguing.

For those of us with taste, don't waste your time.

KILL BILL 1 is very boring, not up to the usual Tarantino standards.

From the first to the last, exciting sub-plots and well-choreographed martial arts scenes give this film it's special quality.

Despite having only released a handful of works, any of them can be immediately marked as a Tarantino film by any of his trademark cinematic traits: the stylized dialogue, the edgy cinematic techniques and the macabre yet perversely entertaining violence.

Fast paced action, fighting, what more do you need.

You can read about the plot elsewhere - but then there is not much to read anyway, as there is no real plot: Blonde lady kills more people than other movies crash cars.

Quentin Tarantino films are the type you have to get used to, they do a lot of flashing back and forth but if you can handle that easy then it becomes enjoyable to watch.

Tasteless and tedious - a real let down .

Something, slow and dry and bloody, from what I'd heard of it.

This movie is hands down great and entertaining.

This is definitely a pretentious movie in my opinion.

Anyhow it was entertaining, and had some good acting and Tarantino's writing was evident.

This is filled out with non-exiting combats, and no matter how many thousands of people the woman fights at once, she always wins, so the movie is also predictable.

And yes, as I mentioned, I thought the over-the-top violence/gore was entertaining.

Well I thought this film was powerful, sure was entertaining, and had very good writing and acting.

He also has a penchant for odd things such as using a sizable chunk of Japanese anime, flashes between color and black-and-white, inserts of titles for various segments, off-and-on foreign language dialog with subtitles, unexpected flash-backs and flash-forwards, and an other-worldly presentation in general.

The sword fights in this movie is the greatest, the longest, the most entertaining one and the most stylish one.

Kill Bill vol.1 is one of the most exciting and stylish action movies made in recent years.

Kill bill is boring, in 1997 when pulp fiction came out, it changed cinema.

And besides -it's long and endless ,boring ,pointless ,and awful.

Each action scene is thrilling and the part where the Bride and O-Ren Ishii's top bodyguard Gogo Yubari (Chiaki Kuriyama) is my favorite - extreme, intense and suspenseful.

It would have been invaluable to have included some earlier scenes with Uma as the warrior/assassin she proves ONCE (and only once) in the ridiculous Crazy 88 fight sequence- but that is a sequence which is unconvincing because watching her slice up 88 stupid bodyguards is boring.

Very Entertaining movie, if u can put up with the violence .

Well to make up the full ten lines that this film dosen't deserve, all I will say is don't watch this film or any of the sequels, go paint the spare room and watch it dry, it's more entertaining.

Tarantino is a great filmmaker who has made many great movies in his career, but he unfortunately wasted his time and money on a self-indulgent vanity project like this one.

so for me this movie is tarantinos worst movie as for now as well as one of the worst movies in general - do not watch it.

A waste of time and money.

Entertaining, dazzling...

I'm sure there is a reason behind Tarantino doing this and he's explained it later but that's what's wrong with that kind of decision, If you make a decision like that that is confusing, it should have some plot relevance or at least be explained in the film.

I once read a review that said it was "all storytelling, but no story" I disagree with that.

Don't waste your time .

About half the movie was in what I assume was Japanese with no subtitles, which really didn't make it any more difficult to figure out what was happening in regards to the storyline but it did make the film a whole lot more frustrating to watch, and with much of the dialogue in Japanese as well, it really stopped me as from engaging, feeling sorry for, or connecting with any of the characters.

Most of the other characters struck me as kinda uninteresting.

The fighting scenes were slow and boring, especially uma she looked all lanky and unnatural it was just funny watching her.

With dialogue this interesting and gripping, it's hard to be bored at all through the entire duration of the movie.


Its an uninspiring mish mash of b-movie styles and sensationalist story telling.

I found this very similar to the second Matrix movie, in that halfway through the major fight scene I was just totally bored.

The final chapter in the House of Blue Leaves is itself worth watching the entire movie for, over and over again.

We all know about Quentin Tarantino as a renowned director and writer for violent films including Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction and again he uses his talents to create an engaging violent thriller.

Tarantino seems so much hypnotized by style, that unless you're not a movie-freak, there is no way in which you can't keep on noticing references after references of a superficially exploited collection of stylish movements (mangas, comic strips, Samurai movies, pop culture, watered down atmospheres specific to such or such director, etc.)This time, his only apparent goal is how to overwhelm the viewer under a shower of violence and ox-blood… No storyline whatsoever, no purpose, no way to identify ourselves with any of the characters, except for Bill's, the only one who seems to have some sort of emotions, and who incidentally is a psychopath (any contradiction here?

The gore is pointless and boring.

His obvious awareness of the importance of long & exciting build-ups to excessive violence is evident clearly throughout "Kill Bill Vol. 1".

The plot, dialogue, action, and special effects were so cheesy that it was painfully boring to sit through.

Its like putting a gold frame around a piece of graffiti, giving an Oscar to Uma Thurman, comparing your own movie to the great films of all time when its empty genre-rehashing bubble-gum trash.

It's self-indulgent film geek pseudo quirkiness at its worst.

At one point she has an outburst of grief that's pretty riveting.

THe action scenes are mind blowing especially the showdown prior to the combat with Lucy Liu - that scene in intself is worth the price of admission.

The CG effects and color blending is perfect, I will give it that, but the plot is boring to death.

The fight scenes are spastic and energetic as hell, the homages are as quirky and silly as Tarantino's ever were (yet perfectly woven into a story that the actors put on with dead serious expressions) and the whole thing is as hyperactive as the Energizer Bunny on a Sunday, and while it feels incomplete due to ending right in the middle of the two-part story, it remains an extremely entertaining and unique thrill-ride through and through.

The person perpetrating the revenge, our protagonist, is The Bride (played to absolute stunning, convincing, athletic perfection by Uma Thurman).

The script was predictable andthe title tells you what will happen in the end.

It is far, far too long after the fact of The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Nice camera work but another of the worst movies I seen .

Every last detail explicitly laid out to the point of complete boredom.

That being said, this remains a solid film for its duration, succeeding in its goal of both entertaining the audience, and generating interest in Volume Two.

The cast was stunning.

This movie is pretentious and obnoxious at the same time.

It's obviously not a movie to be taken seriously, except for the very competent but somewhat pretentious direction and cinematography...

It's actually very entertaining.

Hate to tell you Quentin--Brilliant in "Pulp Fiction," boring here.

The whole "Deadly Viper Assassination Squad" thing is just so contrived.

Unusual, over-the-top but strangely intriguing, entertaining and overall brilliant.

Tarantino's an annoying and limited hack well past his 'sell by' date and this film is as base and putrid - and empty - a piece of crap that has ever been spewed onto celluloid.

This film is not without its goofs and flubs like any other Quentin Tarantino film but I didn't mind because its entertaining and fast- paced.

It's definitely a must see movie if you enjoy any type of adrenaline rush and action packed films.

Tarantino's script is always entertaining as it takes The Bride along her journey.

Added to it is a dark tone and black comedy which make it highly even more compelling.

Kill Bill is a funny and exciting movie to watch, totally Tarantino style.

I had never seen any anime films/TV shows before i saw this (the closest i had seen was Linkin Park's video for "breaking the habit") but after seeing O-Ren's anime i am tempted to go buy some all out anime films, yes i enjoyed it that much!

Though it was oddly compelling.

What a yawn.

I know it has become a Tarantino trademark, and it works brilliantly in "Reservior Dog" and "Pulp Fiction", but here it's just confusing.

I made it to the fifteen minute mark before I fell asleep.

Tarantino often reluctantly muses on how violence can be enjoyable in cinema and I don't disagree with him.

Some of the worst dialog in a Tarantino movie ever is spoken and a dull fight takes place.

The result is a bloody fast paced action movie that really achieves what it's meant to achieve, and that's to entertain.

But that's okay, because Tarantino interprets it all in a way that is pretty clever and enjoyable.

Unusual, over-the-top but strangely intriguing, entertaining and overall brilliant.

Instead of a exciting, kinetic experience, it looks as if you are watching the half speed rehearsals.

Fast paced cult action flick that mocks oriental martial arts films and B-type movies .

I was honestly looking forward to seeing it for the first time after hearing about how many people enjoyed it, and knowing what a famous film it is.

it is really violent and yucky but it is cleverly done, thrilling and exciting.

The attentive developing plot, the accompanying narration, the crossover to Anime, the excessively bloody effects, the alarming signature theme when The Bride is zoning in on her target, the quick, slick camera cuts blended with sharp sound and well-placed music in presentation of adrenaline pumping, overly intense action makes Kill Bill really awesome and really badass.

When The Bride travels to Okinawa and meets her mentor, Hattori Hanzo, I found that all the pious pronouncements about the spirituality of the Samurai to be pretentious and out of place in a film that places the highest value on dismemberment for its own sake.

This movie was useless and pointless.

Much of the dialogue is overly simple and somewhat pointless.

While this was nowhere near the worst movie I have ever seen (those would be The Blair Witch Project and Hannibal), it is nowhere near the top either.

There is virtually nothing really new in these two movies, and what is worse, QT chooses to emphasize what he PREFFERS from his CALEIDOSCOPE of creation, and he chooses kung-fu, no plot, violence, special effects and pointless chaos.

But Dogs and Kill Bill just have scene after scene of gore which I really got utterly bored of.

a 247 minute movie cannot consist of only a handful of action scenes with no story.

If you value your time (and karma), don't waste your time with this one.

Save your money and go and rent Quentin Tarantino's first two movies on DVD.

Plenty of good ideas, but strung out through a pretty boring story about characters I couldn't care less for.

All throughout the movie are little ideas probably created on set which make the film even more enjoyable - the dialogue included.

Yet there is so much red and there are so many ridiculous situations, that the viewer tends to forget that there is very little plot to be found anywhere in the movie.

I went expecting something bold, exciting and original, with plenty of violence and a few surprises.

The cinematography is breathtaking.

But I was very impressed and surprised to find that this was a pretty exciting movie.

Kill Bill is vastly different than any film out there,thanks to its witty dialogue,imaginative plotting and fascinating characters.

There are so many arty, slow-motion, knife-wielding scenes that it is hard to stay awake through the boredom; the worst of which sees Thurman slaying about a hundred people in a never-ending scene that is so pretentious and self-indulgent as to defy belief.

There is no plot.

(3) The Bride emerging from her coma, la la, drone drone, sexual perversion, violence, drag drag, shuffle shuffle, more violence, pimp my ride, drag drag, wiggle your toe, yawn, wake me up when it's over.

Kill Bill is overall, a great movie that fell short of greatness, yet definitely worth the watch.

The martial arts hero has to be cool unless really really angry - but Thurman has her rage-meter pushed to the max from beginning to the end of this film, and it gets awful tiresome after a while.

Kill Bill: packs a violent punch, a truly entertaining roller coaster.

Absolutely stunning.

But the drawn out dialogue in Kill Bill 1, while remaining very entertaining, is oft over-utilized.

Of course the reason Kill Bill is in two parts, is because, Tarantino is slow.

His positive unique style comes through in the incredible choreography of the battles, the intense over the top violence, and the less than credible bloody scenes that seem so unrealistic that it's meant to be that way.

It is one of the most enjoyable, entertaining, and in that aspect, quality-filled movies I have ever seen.

It's the gripping characters, the memorable quotes, Lucy Liu & Uma Thurman's performances, and of course, the storyline that makes Kill Bill Vol. 1 definitely worth watching.

There is black and white, slow no, anime and a name that is beeped just for effect.

The bloody style in which Uma Thurman executes her enemies is truly enjoyable.

one of the worst movies in recent memory.

The marathon of a fight scene late in the movie featuring The Bride singlehandedly slicing and dicing a hundred or so men in Lone Ranger masks left me yawning and even getting up to get another drink; no matter how much watery blood you spray, it's not going to improve such a badly choreographed fight scene.

Either way, both avoid dealing with the reality that his films are extended wallows in sleazy, pointless, sadistic violence.

It is a thoroughly action packed movie.

Kill Bill is very enjoyable.

The 4th film by Quentin Tarantino arrived in two volumes and of all the films that this auteur has made in his filmmaking career, Kill Bill: Vol. 1 remains his most precise blend of riveting story, fascinating characters, pop culture references, wonderful homages & gripping action, all of which is seamlessly brought together by just the ideal incorporation of existing music, to deliver an immensely enjoyable, wildly entertaining & thoroughly fulfilling cinematic experience.

Awesome soundtrack & the music & everything is so enjoyable while watching the movie.

I love how every gang member has a code name & as the story goes on you learn about each & every one, truly entertaining!

An Exciting Joyride .

However, despite it's flaws, Kill Bill is an enjoyable flick.

It is interesting that some of the best moments in this movie are the scenes with Hanzo (a legendary Japanese sword maker) that are quite sombre while the rest of the film is mostly fast paced action.

It is very fast paced and action packed.

You can really get to feel for the character, given all the torment she suffers under the hands of Bill and his assassins; it makes it easy, and dare I say enjoyable, to watch her rise from adversity and get some payback.

As in PULP FICTION, Tarantino borrows a great deal from a host of film masters, perhaps most notably from Hitchcock, Kubric, Altman, Stone, and Lynch: narrative camera angles that rise to provide a bird's eye view of the actors as they move through the sets, disjointed time, overlapping plots, and a heavily stylized visual sense.

Stunning directing.

The package is glittery and seductive but empty.

One would have to have the imagination of a five year old , still believing in the boogy under the bed in order to even begin to find this one hundred and eleven minutes of boredom in the least bit interesting.

This movie is boring.

But all of the violence is done in such a, deliberately, over-the-top and fake looking way, that it becomes more entertaining, rather than shocking or stomach turning.

Music is so important to this movie; you'll feel your adrenaline go right up just hearing it.

Another part of the film that feels dull is what seems like an entire reel devoted to the making of a sword, a part of the film that feels inserted to give the film a sense of spirituality.

Actors performance's are great Lucy Liu,Daryl Hannah and Chiaki Kuriyama(really liked her in school uniform,)as i heard Tarantino signed her because of his love for her movie Battle Royale and especially Uma Thurman,She is just breathtaking .

No plot spoilers here just an honest opinion.

Sinematic since a movie this on the edge, this blood filled is a bit of a sin to see.

Or maybe it's simply boring.

I have seen the first two parts (because friends of mine dragged me to see them) and I have to say that this is just the kind of film that made me not so anxious to go to the movie theatre anymore.

Now to the bad parts, thought it was too violent, a bit redundant with battle scenes, got bored actually at times.

This movie can be summed up in one word: intense.

The problem with the violence in kill bill is that it really looks fake and dull.

could descend to such pretentious rubbish!

The intense rhythm of the movie never stops, and I would bet that if did had 4 hours those would seem more like 10 minutes.

Even the gore becomes boring and fails to shock,due to the numbing repetition.

However, there is something oddly intriguing about these films.

It is simply the most entertaining movie I've ever seen.

Negative comments about this movie seem to pertain to there being a lack of plot and dialogue.

I love his style of mixing engaging dialogue and melodramatic violence in producing interesting films.

The only possible explanation for a movie so horrible, is that some guy walking down the street saw a sale on camcorders at K-mart and decided to start filming one of the worst movies of all time.

Tarantino is a vastly over-hyped director, but credit where it's due, by completely ignoring the linear storyline and bringing in the surprising cartoon sequence, he shows himself to be a filmmaker of intense vision and bravado.

The story is entertaining with and incredible animated sequence aswell.

Divulging into his own self-indulgence more times than Jackson appears in his films.

Pointless, meaningless, dull, boring, shock imagery, without the shock.

A blonde woman that I have no reason to give a stuff about (we have no idea who she is at the start, since there has been no character build up), walks up to a door that is opened by another woman that I have no reason to give a stuff about (for the same reasons), and then we are accosted by the cheesiest dramatic music and camera play I've ever seen, and the director screams at me in my chair "THIS IS AN EXCITING MOMENT, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE EXCITED ABOUT THE APPROACHING CONFRONTATION".

An Action packed revenge epic.

The first part of Kill Bill is advertised as a massive action flick full of intense sequences of sword fighting and action.

Deftly done but boring.

I rented it a couple days before Vol. 2 came out and I enjoyed it enough to see V2 on opening night.

The end of the movie is revealed very early on making the ensuing battle scenes, which are incredibly gory and drag on endlessly, rather pointless.

Chapter 4: This chapter is the least action packed out of the five, bearing 0 fighting and all dialog.

And a soon as the viewer is about to fall asleep, someone's guts are spilled all over the place.

The worst movie .

People will say "oh his movies are too complicated for you to understand" but nah it's just boring.

The final fight scene, in the Chinese snow garden, is just typical of Tarantino, and his classic wit, in a film, void of any dull moment.

The fight sequences are spectacularly choreographed, exciting, and ludicrously violent (an homage to kung-fu films).

Junk but fascinating.

Good story but every chapters are abit too long and slow just like his previous films.

Witness, as Uma Thurman runs through her list of former associates that she's determined must be eliminated, the first great femme á femme fight ever recorded; then watch assassin Lucy Liu (as O-Ren Ishii) deliver a stunning boardroom speech.

The highlight of the movie, I mean besides the non-stop action packed plot, is the actress.

Kill Bill was just plain uninteresting.

Perhaps, too, the absence of anything much going on beneath the surface leaves us with little of substance to take home with us once we've left the theater.

This film is surreal, fast paced, darkly humorous, dynamic, artfully aesthetic and, and violent.

The different genres don't really mesh together seamlessly into one fabric, but seem tacked together and disjointed.


This movie has some intense & drama elements too.

Instead of focusing on the often stunningly beautiful, delicate and precise background setting- the true Japan- the film dredges up uninspiring wartime stereotypes.


Kill Bill Vol. 1 is just the latest edition in a line of many pretentious Tarantino movies.

Instead, we get an empty stylistic spectacle with cardboard caricatures, lame segues, and a weird snuff-porn schematic.

No dialogs, a cigarette thin plot, gratuitous B violence, pompous artsy fartsy camera angles completely meaningless...

I guess its a sign of how bored I was.

Kill Bill is waste of time.

I went expecting to see the standard Tarantino fare, but was instead treated to one of the most self-indulgent pieces of "art" ever.

This film starts well but rapidly deteriorates into boring rubbish.

An extremely entertaining action movie, which could've focused a little more on character development.

Entertaining lunacy .

The teenage audiences would disagree, but then again, teens today have never been dumber (rap, fashion, and cell phones being the height of artistry and/or importance in their empty little lives).

It is really a good mixture of everything and very entertaining.

Well, she wanted to leave but it ain't so easy to leave the business.

And because of the latter, Kill Bill felt very empty to me in the end.

I left the cinema seething at what a waste of money this dreadful film was, and with the thought that no matter how much fight training Uma Thurman ever did, she would be no match for a gang of Japanese criminals.

One stunning setpiece (that owes much of its effect to Sally Menke's sharp editing) near the end of the first installment begins with a brilliant, several-minute tracking shot (echoes of De Palma and Scorsese) that lets loose into all-out pandemonium that goes on and on with irrepressible flair, a spectacle of superb framing and stunt work.

However, having also seen volume two, I can say that the plot there was much stronger despite a slower pacing.

The use of continuity in this film was as usual, confusing and jumping through time.

His film making is egotistical, and annoying and he works far too hard to make the film unique, original, and usually confusing.

This film is also stunning when it comes to the sound effects used.

bloated, boring, banal .

) what follows is repetitive action involving martial arts and swords.

It's humorous, fun, action packed and its lead character is a woman who's trying to piece her life back together after an unfortunate instance - the death quad she used to work for, thought they killed her.

They're quite well choreographed, and very exciting.

Breathtaking in every moment.

Anyway i think this movie was entertaining and i'm not referring to all the violence, it actually was an "ok" movie Since you only can vote with straight numbers on IMDb i will give it an 8.

In addition to O-Ren being killed easily with only a few swings of Uma's sword, Green is killed boringly inside her house (despite "talking" about scheduling a knife fight), Elle is killed AGAIN inside a small cramp house without even one swing of either of their Hanzo amazing swords- yawn, yawn.

Three times I fell asleep trying to watch this film but boring rehashed fight scenes labeled as a movie kept me from making the credits.

For example,the ridiculous way the blood squirts out of people makes it look like a cheap horror movie, its totally unnecessary to make part 2 , its a waste of money , time and talent.

Killing Bill has no plot, no character development and what little dialogue there is, is completely forgettable.

While e not his best screenplay, it's very much enjoyable.

You always know what is going on but at the same time it keeps it interesting, and unpredictable.

After that the rest of the movie continued to waste my time.

Kill Bill proves that sometimes all you need is an imaginative idea, lots of beautifully-choreographed stunts and martial arts action, and an impressive dose of cinematography and visual effects to make a brilliant, entertaining piece of art.

having said all that it's well worth watching because a lot of works gone into it.

I give it a middle of the road 5 because I disagree with those who dis the film as having pointless brutal action scenes and little merit.

As dull as the two Matrix sequels .

The movie never gets boring, and you're always on the edge of your seat.

Breathtaking fight scenes function the same as dance numbers would in a musical.

But since I already have Kill Bill 2 in my possession, I might as well watch it, even if the only pleasure I get from it is hopefully more interesting cinematography, and entertaining music soundtrack.

plenty of action + no story = bad!.

QT purposely created a cartoon-like montage of images and characters that is so extremely violent that it becomes comical and entertaining.

The movie is just entertaining and not only does it have action it has emotion.

It was extremely confusing and I still don't have any explanation for why he did it that I can think of.

Unfortunately in "Kill Bill" he has eschewed the intelligent side of his film making skills in favour of crude splatter, pointless-endless violence and more cheap TV/film references than you can throw a katana at.

It could have been trimmed down, particularly in the middle section where Tarrantino deals in a calm before the storm ideal, but Volume 1 was one of the most exciting movies of 2003, and most notably it shows Tarrantino to be adept at action directing.

Taratino mixes kung-fu with his insanely entertaining dialogue which is always a plus for me.

Just to pile on the disappointment, it's predictable and pointless, a complete waste of screen time.

What makes this movie so enjoyable is that Quentin although staying as true as he can to the pop culture was able to Americanize it in his own way.

Hand-to hand fights are much better and sometimes are able to impress but there is also a strong feeling of surrealism and even of somewhat that looks like attractive from inside but inwardly shallow and empty.

There is no storyline other than the revenge, so in this way it's like a horror movie where the only point is to kill teenagers in increasingly gruesome ways.

It has got this Chapter thing which is insanely enjoyable in the way the movie is laid out.

Kill Bill Vol 1 (and Vol 2 for that matter) is an ponderous, pretentious, overlong, disappointing revenge drama which clearly and easily could have been saved via the normal efforts of a decent story or objective movie editor who was NOT Mr. Tarantino or influenced by him.

It's one of the most violent and bloody films, although I have to admit, there are some horror films which are a bit more disturbing and violent, this left me feeling just a little bored seeing all the killing.

The look of this movie is stunning.

This is director Quentin Tarantino's action epic, an intriguing story about a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad called "The Bride" (Uma Thurman), who discovers that she is pregnant with her lover Bill's (leader of the squad) child.

Don't waste your money unless you enjoy severed limbs unrealistically squirting blood as though they were lawn sprinklers.

This is what makes the film so intriguing, because not much is explained.

There are, however, several scenes that are just too long, too overblown, and frankly, to dull.

Character interaction superb, the inter-racial aspect gave the movie more depth also (ie Japan/America)The blood spraying like a fountain from limbs was a bit over the top, other wise gripping and prefect in all aspects9.0/10

They perfectly help tell the story in such a visionary fashion, and let's all be honest with ourselves, "Kill Bill: Vol. 1" is exciting as hell.

Kill Bill is mind blowing .

It is simply the most entertaining movie a director can make.

At the end of the first movie you will witness one of the most violent, action packed, and a large amount of payback.

It's action scenes aren't funny, or exciting, or insightful.

Now, the glorification of violence comes in with the hugely fascinating usage of blood and gore in the film.

Overall, Kill Bill Volume 1 is very entertaining, and a whole lot of fun.

We know QT uses the flashbacks and back and forth mode of story telling, but would'nt it be more exciting to know, or in this case, not know, O-Ren's fate?

KB is the very definition of pretentious.

It has no plot really, besides she wants to kill bill and the acting is kinda terrible.

Although it's stupid, silly, trashy and bloody, it's entertaining.

Today (12 June 2005) it will be used for the first time in TV for Latin America for HBO who have not seen it, syntonize it (I am already making propaganda that such) and good, I add that Kill Bill 2 are better than the first one.

The main setpiece is a breathtaking samurai swordfight in a Tokyo restaurant, which pretty much manages to beat anything Jackie Chan, Tsui Hark or John Woo have ever done.

Now for the rest of us, this is one of most fun and exciting films I've ever seen.

The climatic showdown between Uma and Lucy Lu is rendered dull and unsuspenseful with the revelation (in the first half-hour of the film) that Lu's character has been killed!

It's not a bad movie at all though, I really enjoyed it.

It is admittedly cliche, and Tarantino doesn't even provide us with the full background of what happened to the protagonist and why (at least, not in this volume).

I understand possibly this movie was meant to be of the 'arthouse' genre, but even so it was disengaging, ridiculous, boring and downright stupid, like someone made it up as they went along and ran out of time before the end.

I had watched Pulp Fiction and I thought it was entertaining.

You get a bit of thriller thrown in while The Bride remains in a coma and when she wakes up, the theme in this scenes are so dark and it is backed up by an eerie soundtrack that as you on the edge of your seat.

It is boring, bloody and pretty stupid, with lots of plot holes.

Of course Quentin Tarantino is up to his usual gimmicks, so we see everything out of order and he inserts little stories in the main story in a poor attempt to flesh out uninteresting characters.

If you like this movie you need your head examining since it is by far the worst movie I have seen all year.

there were long sequences where there was no action and the characters only spoke in Japanese without sub titles, it made the plot hard to follow and boring.

But NOT great, breathtaking, groundbreaking cinema.

You can love or hate "Pulp Fiction," but you cannot possibly accuse it of being predictable.

I know the Bride will meet up with each of her enemies and, after a visually stunning kick-ass spectacle, ultimately get her revenge.

This was just plain dull.

This film is well worth watching!

The fight between The Bride and Vernita, though short is so fast paced and high in energy.

Calling it "Style-over-substance" would be a HUGE overstatement, for it's pretentious and horrid in many ways .

It's a highly overrated and hyped movie which is a complete waste of time...

His attention to a love story and character development in Jackie Brown came after Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, two of my favourite films told with such confidence and in such an entertaining way, the latter of which has since embedded itself into modern folklore, is stone wall proof that he can do it when he wants.

It is an epic, violent journey that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

But for the most part this film sports a kind of self-conscious cheesiness I find unbearable and nearly unwatchable.

Works great in Kill Bill, a film with exception style, worthy of praise even if it is occasionally slow.

Entertaining as Hell!.

" It's a gory, shallow and pretentious action film that was made to show off a visual style and action scenes.

The plot is very intriguing and dramatic.

The violence is so repetitive it becomes mind numbing.

The problem is that once you know what is going to happen, it just gets incredibly dull.

If you're into a gritty, action packed revenge tale, Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill duology are the films for you.

As hoped for, there is suspense, humor, interesting, unexpected twists, and even the predictable is brilliantly carried out.

I highly recommend it, very entertaining and amusing.

A bloody entertaining good time .

The fight in Tokyo is too long, the script is disastrous, the characters are flat...

Original and Entertaining .

The Brutal violent, sword slashing, plus WONDERFUL music made this movie different and entertaining.

Long fights made it a little boring since it had no tense moments and we could see the main character's obviously a badass.

The movie must be enjoyable itself!

I will give this movie 4 points for beautiful visuals, some nice dialog and some good directing now and then, and generally for QT, which I like a lot as an artist and an innovator, but, man, stop your eclectic, self-indulgent "thing" and move forward instead of backward.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

Ostentatious camera work, hyper-realistic set design and gripping, blood warming music all amalgamate to this thrilling truly captivating film.

They are enjoyable, and for the people that love watching insane and lots and lots of blood, you should watch this.

Definitely worth the watch if your a action or movie lover alike!

Overall, the movie is very entertaining though there is extreme, extreme violence.

But can anyone manage to bring these elements together and make an original, thrilling and darn right great film?

Because of this, it felt unnecessarily slow-moving.

Interesting, but dragged out unnecessarily .

It was comparable to slow painful torture.

I'm glad I did because this is definitely an exciting film.

It was intriguing--Quentin Trantino's blood fest.

A Mind Blowing, Mesmerising, Mountain Of A Film.

A pretty pointless way to spend a couple of hours in all.

Every single artist involved in this attempt has surrendered a very compelling finished product in that it is a dark and lovely story (yes, it has a great story), that is embedded with some of the most synergistically graphic brutality I've ever witnessed on film.

Pretentious doesn't even begin to describe it.

"Kill Bill: Vol.1", in my review, "a thrilling accomplishment, expertly-made fight scenes".

Black and white, animation and a visually stunning blast of colour during a night drive through Tokyo all used to great effect; but the movie is empty.

This film is only improved by its dialogue because the real film experience lies within the well choreographed and exciting fights, battles and scraps that are occasionally broken up with scenes of plot.

As long as you can stomach the intense graphic violence, Kill Bill: Volume 1 is not one to have missed out on since it's initial release.

Unfortunately the movie simply looks like one very long brutal bloody fight scene with short, silly and predictable dialog additions, which are mostly intended to excite young teens.

I think the reason this movie is so intriguing is that I've never seen a film relate one story from the past to the future story so well without making me want to press the stop button.

No, Kill Bill decides to give us the wholly pointless origin of one of its supporting characters, and does it with a 10-15 minute segment, which would be bad enough, ...

It comes in two parts the first bombastic and action packed and the second dialogue heavy and incredibly dark.

This is fun and exciting story telling that never shies away from the red stuff, with KNB delivering splatter so unabashedly over the top that it's endlessly amusing.

By watching "Kill Bill" vol.1 after being able to speak you're going to say:"Thrilling!

All these elements are combined with great virtuosity to form a supremely entertaining movie thrill ride.

I think it's the worst movie for (Quentin Tarantino).

Having remained under the radar for a few years after having shaken the film industry by storm and spawned countless imitators in the early 1990s, in 2003, Tarantino was back with a bang with arguably his most visceral and gruesomely entertaining work to date - Kill Bill: Volume One.

I was so bored whist watching it I nearly slipped into a coma.

They are stunning and true delights to watch.

Best Tarantino Movie..Violently entertaining .

fascinating and rewatchable .

If you close your eyes and listen to the music playing during the battles in the movie, you can still feel the adrenaline coursing through your body – that's how amazing it is.

However the more serious and "epic" feel of the second part is a great compensation for the endless crazy-88-choreography, that really bored me to death this time.

Your typical overstylized, bloodsoaked Tarantino talk-fest is sure to wow some but make others fall asleep.

The interesting combination of great lighting, amazing camera angles, and stunning sets made this a visually attractive movie.

With this in mind, it would seem more appropriate to view the films as one single film; taking into account both the bursts of colour and energy presented in Volume 1 and the slower, more character-driven approach of Volume 2 to really get the most out of the incredible journey that this larger than life character undertakes.

This is exactly what made her plan execution even more fascinating.

awe inspiring film .

Sure, it's style over substance, but it's entertaining in a voguish, quirky way.

Mix all together, and you have one of the most outrageously entertaining movies of the decade that keeps you watching from the shocking opening shot the cliffhanger ending.

" It's as thrilling as "Hellraiser: Bloodline.

The problem isn't the film is too violet is that the characters are not likable, and everything occurring is quite predictable.

Instead, we have a boring, unsatisfying film.

) The Japanese settings are stunning, and there's an entire segment beautifully done in a Japanese animation style called anime.

If a retro yet modern action packed movie with good acting and sweet music is what you need, then most might say you to see Kill Bill.

after the audience sits through yet another excruciatingly slow pontificating dialogue between them.

This is definitely a movie worth watching and you won't be disappointed at all.

This movie was really entertaining.

Since i just saw them back to back, i would have to say the 1st movie is better then the second, only because there is 1000x more blood, and it seemed a little more entertaining.

Vol. 1 is covered in five chapters, each strong enough to stand on its own, and is engaging from the first frame to the last.

But the fights go on too long, and feel pointless.

1 Most Gripping Introduction I'd ever seen in a film.

-Animated sequence in the film was extremely well animated and compelling.

Elle Driver makes an even longer appearance the second time around, and Daryl Hannah (well-known as the mermaid in Splash) gives the best performance of the movie, as she portrays the ruthless, clever, unpredictable, and rage-filled rival assassin of The Bride.

And in this fast paced feature, revenge is served on an alluring icy platter - exceptionally glamorous somehow.

Still, a very entertaining and funny movie.

The action and choreography is absolutely stunning, especially the battle featuring the crazy 88.

This really dragged for the first 90 minutes.

) This movie was so action packed it's a big, BIG keeper in the video library, Enough to lose your head over for.

After the movie ended I wondered why none sense, no plot action movies like these are so popular and what does it say about our society and culture.

It sucks having to pay twice the amount of money for one movie, but as far as this particular half goes, it is really enjoyable.

To paraphrase and elaborate: "Quentin Tarantino, shame on you, you self-indulgent idiot!

It was fast paced and terrific fun.

Not only are the action scenes spectacular, but the story is fascinating.

KILL BILL lovingly weaves together elements of chop-socky epics, klutzy yet ponderous martial arts flicks, spaghetti westerns, third rate film noir, fourth rate horror films and other random bits of genre and exploitation films that most respectable critics would avoid like the plague and somehow this cluttered homage to junk cinema is seen as visionary.

His movies are always entertaining, visually dazzling, and usually feature very sharp dialogue.

To make it short, it is a total waste of time and money in the style of Charlies Angels meets Dusk till Dawn.

Unrealistic, but very very Enjoyable.

lame excuse for an action movie: awful ,uninspired ,and pointless .

I found that whole scene to be a bit much - B-movie camp presented with the budget and lack of experience to make it pretentious.

Instead, what QT has done is create a wholly original piece of work by taking elements of his favorite movies & combining them into a new & exciting film.

After a layoff of six years, Tarantino pulls out all the stops to serve up an entertaining shot of action cinema.

It's safe to say that it is one of the most entertaining flicks (if you don't mind gallons of red paint) ever crafted, one that confines itself to no boundaries and leaves no stone unturned in The Bride's quest for revenge.

Watch it for the great acting by Thurman, Lucy Liu, Vivica A Fox, and Darryl Hannah, the breathtaking choreography during the crazy fight sequences, and the mind-blowing story that Tarantino has put together to entertain and shock us.

Postmodern is a daft concept used by pseudo intellectuals when describing dull films by other pseudo intellectuals.

A naturalistic painting may be beautiful but still boring.

You will enjoy watching this movie, because it is entertaining, and nothing more.

The cinematography, editing and lighting are all so visually stunning.

`Kill Bill' is one entertaining, beautiful, smart, exciting visual bonanza.

Visually: a feast; the actors: brilliant; the story-telling: gripping.

Action Packed Throughout.

Despite the rather slow start, Kill Bill finishes so strong you know why Tarantino is as popular as he is today.

The only reason I can think of that so many people thought this movie was innovative and exciting was that so many high brow reviewers thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

It's just empty and have no point.

I also love that the movie is action packed and gives you an adrenaline rush straight from the beginning of the movie.

There was no real plot, and the dialogue was horrendous, so compression could only help.


I tend to be in agreement with the first, yes kill bill consistently references (and in some cases downright steals) from other movies but it is melded into something fresh and exciting.

The sword fight with the Crazy 88s just before her revenge with O-Ren-Ishi because it was so unexpected when hundreds of them jumped out of nowhere ready to fight.

intense, exciting, moving, operatic .

I Was Quite Disappointed But I Definitely Enjoyed It .

Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah and Co. are all memorable and exciting to watch.

Unfortunately for me, I have, and Quentin Tarantino's latest is basically yet another tiresome rehash of worn out clichés from 70's grindhouse action flicks.

From a more technical point of view, I am really impressed by the farming of certain scenes sometimes completely unexpected and totally in accordance with the piped soundtrack.

It is intense, well shot, bloody, engaging and absolutely stunning visually.

It has an extremely weak plot and I felt that this movie was made purely for pointless violence.

No plot?

I found this movie unbearably boring.

cool, stylish, empty .

Kiddo makes a slow, deliberate plod through the panicked crowd, a march to destiny filmed from several perspectives that combine holistically to give the segment a life of it's own.

i believe that Tarantino is one of the most influential and exciting directors that have appeared, and i enjoy watching his future films, as well as his past.

The movie begins with a confusing battle between two people that seemingly know each other, all while being interrupted by Vernita Green's (Vivica A.

Thurman efficiently got me on side very early on, and from then on it's goodies and baddies, really good, gripping stuff.

From intense, ominous music when action scenes are impending to more reserved, revelatory music when milestones in the Bride's quest have been achieved, the music that was used in the movie was spot on.

Pulp Fiction was clever, funny, enjoyable at least; Reservoir Dogs was entertaining and relatively well executed.

Kill Bill: Volume 1 is an entertaining look at what Tarantino gleaned from his years of indulging in high-octane, low-brow entertainment.

We follow this character as she determinedly hunts down each and every person who did her wrong, and dishes out some thoroughly enjoyable revenge.

With one of the greatest showdown scenes in movie history, and a beating soundtrack, Kill Bill is an absolute entertaining action ride.

A movie that is only gore equals total bore.

The twists exciting.

after that other scenes of movie are so long and boring like the scenes in the Japanese café that is so long with a horrible mixed music that the viewer gos to heave.

As usually Tarantinos dialog is rich and intriguing.

All throughout the movie are little ideas probably created on set which make the film even more enjoyable The acting was great.

I like the way it always has something happening, and it is fast paced.

However, the pace of the film is incredibly slow.

This film provides a lot of visual splendor (mostly in the form of blood and gore) and beautiful cinematography but is let down by a dreadfully boring revenge story as well as extremely slow pacing.

Every bit of music was excellent and made the whole experience much more enjoyable.

The second half of the movie also has several flashbacks that helps weave the story together, and the flashback themselves were very entertaining and offered its share of foreshadowing.

the overly drawn-out B&W fight with the Crazy 88s.

The plot for this film is (ignoring what was done with it) cliché beyond mercy, and while comically unrealistic elements can be welcome every here and again, the basic cliché of the film cannot be ignored.

Many of my friends left the theater not even knowing who "Bill" was.

Lucy Liu as O-Ren Ishii was great; she was fun, exciting, dangerous, and bitchin'.

There are a couple of issues I have with writing here and there, but it's easy to forgive these faults for the rest of the adventure is nutty and incredibly entertaining.

It is the worst movie I have seen.

But the general public seems to like his films for his gratuitous violence and pointless everything else that is taboo.

What is so intriguing, entertaining, pleasing, shocking, confusing about it?

From the very beginning, "Kill Bill" is gripping and atmospheric, amusing and riveting, violent and uncompromising.

The movie had no real plot, it had nothing to do with anime and the battle scenes were poorly done, i hate to see one of my favourite directors flop so badly.

but these ninjas was damn lame just pointless it was the worst part of the movie.

But here we got a movie with no plot, no twists, no dialogue...

It just dragged on and on and they handled it like it was a miracle.

So, by the time "Kill Bill" came along–with, again, the predictable amount of critical praise–I was ready to see if Tarantino could put his money where his big mouth is.

Exciting, I was hooked from start to finish.

But entertaining and well made?

Underneath the stunning visuals, the beautiful choreography, and clever references, is the rousing lure of sadism and brutality.

He's exciting, technically savvy with a healthy respect for the history of film.

O'wren Ishi was an intense person to watch, Mountain Snake was so evil (kudos to Hanna, who'd have ever thought we'd see the innocent little mermaid in a role like this?

The same motive drawn in an expressionistic way can be much more exciting.

What's also worth mentioning is, the last fight scene in the film is also slow as hell.

The fight choreography in this film was amazing, totally convincing and thrilling to watch.

Few debuts have been as handsomely constructed and powerfully original as Reservoir Dogs and few films have been as enjoyable and influential as Pulp Fiction.

But all of the violence is done in such a, deliberately, over-the-top and fake looking way, that it becomes entertaining, rather than shocking or stomach turning.


Everyone agreed that this movie is pointless.

Most martial arts films have revenge as their central plot and are ultimately predictable.

You would definitely say its garbage, crap, a torture to watch it.

Why on earth would anyone want to waste a ridiculous amount of their life watching this film?

In fact, this is the most entertaining of the two films; it starts off fast and hard and hardly lets up.

The trademarks of Quentin Tarantino's movies are well known: smart dialogue; self-awareness of popular culture (from the banal to the arcane); cinematographic innovation; ultra-violence; and a pervading air of cool.

Don't waste your money unless that sounds appealing.

The entire picture is expertly narrated from start to finish, makes excellent use of all his trademarks, and is jam-packed with compelling characters, each gifted with a distinct quality.

Then the narrative switches back and forth between the present time, the aftermath of the wedding and even further in the past with character backstory, presented in absolute stunning anime.

Very stylish and exciting stuff.

This allows you to accept more of the insane action to be believable, which is good, because it's some of the most entertaining I've ever seen.

Not Tarantino's best work but certainly not his work, this is enjoyable and not at all childish.

Boring .

The 'plot' is, essentially, one long drawn out revenge scene with Uma Thurmon as a young woman systematically seeking out and killing a band of assassins who left her, her unborn child, and her entire bridal party for dead on the day of her wedding.


Finally coat the film in a rich glaze of adrenaline-pumping, decadently gory and heartstopping kinetics.

The moment has you jumping right out of your cinema seat and has to be one of the most gripping sequences Tarantino has opened a film with to date.

The characters' every action - whether talking or walking - is in a slow, very composed manner, full of solemnity, like they're doing something really deep.

Even the fights are boring.

Outrageous, frequent, intense bloody violence Fabulous CinematographyUndisputable StyleDry Humour Obscure Pop Culture References sprinkled across the whole film Beautiful Music It's a Tarantino film, you have to like itA sensational, martial arts extravaganzaWhy you might HATE KILL BILL VOL 1?

Overall, the film is entertaining.

One by one, she picks them off with her special fencing and karate abilities, making unbelievable action sequences, comical, and intense.

Take the violence out (which anyone who likes violent movies may as well as they will have seen five times this movie a gazillion times before) and you realise A: Uma Thurman's character is intentionally glacial and wooden, which is all well and good but makes her impossible to really root for, B: There is nigh-on no script or dialogue to speak of in this first part, and C: Most sections don't synch well with each other, giving the movie a 'Look at this!

However I thought Zwick's The Last Samurai was much more engaging than this, maybe thats just my style.

When the fighting scenes did come around, they were very entertaining to watch, and made me exclaim,"Whoah!

Due to the simplistic and cliché plot I honestly feel this film does not deserve a spot on IMDb's top 250.

Yes, the film is deliberately trendy in a truly relentless way and often very funny as a result; yes, the fight choreography is visually stunning; yes, the deliberate clash of music and visuals and cultures is often very witty.

It's exciting cinema as one could wish and for Tarantino whose target was partly to pay homage to the samurai movies with which he grew up, he delivered the goods: to spend a truly great cinema moment.

At its best, Kill Bill is a fantastic action packed movie that takes on the look and feel of Japanese Anime(and there is even a short section that is animated).

Oh the sheer mundane, cheesy crap of it makes me want to hurl.

Action is the main element in this highly charged and always entertaining fight fest, with excellent battle sequences, the choreography being done perfectly.

Also, the fight scene at the end between The Bride and O-Ren Ishii felt very underwhelming, unimpressive, and slow-moving.

An action packed great movie .

One of my favorite scenes in the movie is the cartoon, i absolutely love that scene is so cool and just intensive and just beautifully made.

Now I did enjoy Tarantinos previous films, but this is just a big self-indulgent mess.

The special effects were awesome but the story had no real plot other than revenge.

You will watch action Drama Thrilling events well made fights through out the entire film ,that is why cinema is made for !!!

The story is simple but don't be fooled, Tarantino's dual epic is a masterpiece of cinematic art, beeming with visual vibrancy, stunning cinematography and spine-chilling music.

" You might describe the whole thing as an entertaining study in the director's overcompensation for not actually being the "super-cool" guy of his own cinematic fantasies.

Sounds compelling enough.

The story mix modern society with ancient martial arts in a fast pace full of adrenaline race to find Bill.

Plot: kill a list of people (terrible) Dialogue: mundane and unappealing.

At its worst, the movie is a repetitive cartoon.

The best of all Quentin Tarantino's movies, Kill Bill vol.1 is exciting and a breath taking!

The first vol starts out with a bang, literally and metaphorically, it's action packed with a lot of blood and fighting, mainly in order to get the audiences attention.

Those who rave about how great this is, do so merely because it is an extremely slick presentation, completely realized pulp novel, and is just as empty-headed as all of those pulp novels that have long gone into trash incinerators and landfills where they belong.

It is slow paced like Once Upon a Time in the West etc. The plot of the movie is also one of the most engaging and exciting ones, a revenge movie wouldn't be better.

The final 30 minutes or so of this film, where Tarantino flexes his action muscles are some of the most thrilling of the year.

The anime/cartoon inspiration is very obvious,especially in the way that the film is merely one tiresome choreographed action set after another,interspersed with what is obviously considered artistic titling and background effects.

Tarantino is a great filmmaker, and he can do so much better than this slock, but thanks to a complete lack of scrutiny and quality control, he wastes his talent on self indulgent vanity projects like this.

I enjoyed the performance of Uma Thurman and her character, but too much of the rest of the story is cliché and I was just basically waiting for her to kill off every one of her enemies.

One of the only two movies I have ever walked out of.

Fantastically entertaining,original and amazing .

Just one woman killing lots of people...? The dialogue is dull, the camera work seems to last forever.

Chicago Times'es Roger Ebert thought it was the worst movie he had ever seen (it is dreadful true).

Entertaining, Great Score, not spectacular.

Very enjoyable, and a great Tarentiono movie.

Easily Tarantino's strongest, most visceral and ceaselessly stylish work since Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill: Volume One's dialogue, truly stunning cinematic style and technical work and myriad of tremendous performances (especially the astonishing Thurman) cement it as one of the most effortlessly innovative and impeccably masterful films of the decade.

But the action sequences are quite boring.

This chapter is the most action packed, and man is the action sweet.

No plot twists, interesting story directions or intriguing tales.

Now even I can enjoy a brainless comedy/horror or action movie on a rainy Sunday afternoon, but this was so uninteresting, I simply couldn't get anything out of it.

entertaining and unique.

Presented as a bizarre action film, Kill Bill vol. 1 is fascinating, unforgettable and definitely not a movie for children.

So of course the dialog is riddled with cliché; that also is as it should be.

The worst movie ever .

Others would say that is may be pointless due to the exaggeration of everything in the storyline.

I yawn at this one .

Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino (Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs) made a entertaining action-adventure thriller loaded with explosive action and outrageous humor.

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 doesn't have any great meaning, it has no message, isn't realistic in the slightest & isn't interested in 'saying' anything as it's main aim is to excite, entertain, show Thurman running around killing lots of people in spectacular ways & pay homage to a variety of genre films.

Kill Bill 1 is a pointless rehash of kung fu cinematic clichés - the filmic equivalent of the meandering 10 minute guitar solo from a 70s supergroup.

his use of different cultures and different genres make for an exciting and enjoyable watch, as it does stray out of the norm and allows people to experience something new, as did Pulp Fiction.

Infinitely entertaining, it does not stop pleasuring the viewer in an almost sexual way.

In a fast paced action movie there wasn't enough time to fully develop The Bride's character.

Tarantino as a sense for entertainment, so this is far from being dull.

There is also an incredibly moving and exciting anime sequence in the movie.

Many fight scenes, although magnificently choreographed, drag on way too long, the reason this movie needed "two volumes.

Interest in the film is ample as each killer has their own story and each contains the special formula of subtle sex, exciting physical confrontation and superb samurai action.

I think this comes of as a pretentious martial art movie, and it leaves a bad stigma to the whole movie.

The drama, the off-center dialog, the action scenes (even with the blood), and the storyline are fascinating.

he knows his humor, his drama, and blood-soaking action/violence, and unexpected twists.

But in "Kill Bill" we reach the point of excess where the action itself becomes ridiculous and pointless, particularly in the ludicrous finale where this barbie doll type woman kills something like 50 armed men at the same time.

Bad fatally clichéd story bad directing over the top violence boring locations clichéd music.

Intense gory martial arts action Crime boss O'Ren-Ishii (Liu) paces the gallery of the House Of Blue Leaves, watching her subordinates take on The Bride (Thurman), a samurai-sword wielding blonde dressed in a natty, blood-stained yellow tracksuit.

And Tarantino seems to have this arrogant assumption that we love his pretentious dialogues (and inner monologues) as much as he does.

The homages to various styles of kung-fu films from the 60's and 70's is a fascinating take on the story and brings a refreshing view to what could have become a very stale and boring story of revenge.

No plot whatsoever?

I just found myself preferring the original works over this pretentious hamburger of a movie !

It's so cliche it's not funny The plot is dull, the acting is cheesy, as for Uma's character I didn't like her at all and didnt care what happened to her she is a self absorbed, arrogant, cold blooded, killer and I hope she gets offed in Vol 2 I don't see why people liked this movie I really don't and I'm betting I'm not the only one who feels this way.

The cinematography in this movie is stunning.

And those recurring gushers of blood are hilarious in a "Yeah I'm sick but it sure can be entertaining" sort of way.

Two scenes in particular really make this movie brilliant in my opinion, and both are fairly subtle in their portrayal but fascinating by their tone and the cinematic elements that come together to carry them off:1.

The dialogue, usually good, sometimes stunning, sometimes passable, reflects Kill Bill's tentative grasp on greatness.

Granted Pulp Fiction was a decent effort in a confused disjointed way.

I hereby advise you to skip Vol.1 if you still intend to watch vol.2, as you wont miss anything important or remotely entertaining.

Don't waste your time one this crap!

But if you put morals aside (kids, revenge is bad), Kill Bill is a highly engrossing action-packed flick that never ceases to entertain.

Kill Bill, this bloody action packed movie is by far the best action movie ever made.

A complete escape from reality with a few visually stunning fight scenes and an ending that compels you to rush out and watchVolume 2 as soon as possible.

This is the 4th film by Quentin Tarantino and between the two volumes, I can definitely say that this first volume is much more fun and entertaining to watch.

The anime scene is near pointless, and doesn't even look like anime!

That was a waste of money.

If I had paid to see it in a theater, I'd have walked out.

If you haven't seen this, I highly recommend it.

Conclusion: surprisingly enjoyable even for someone who doesn't like violence.

In fact, nearly all the women are stronger than any man portrayed, and this is fascinating.

This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The Bride goes through many different action packed scenes to inch her way closer and closer to Bill.

In the past, I've refused to rate a film as my favorite, but I have now come to realise that this great work is about as entertaining as it gets.

Engaging violent thriller .

This is more a bad joke/cartoon than anything else and worse, a 100% bore.

It's original, it's different, it's entertaining and it has a quality to it that is rarely found in most films.

(Sing along to the 70's classic `Kung Fu Fighting')(chorus) In `Kill Bill: Volume One' Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting That chic Uma was quick as lighting And the film sometimes was violently frightening And there was even a Daryl Hannah sightingThere was Uma Thurman as The Bride Killing with her knives There was Vivica Fox As Bride's first knock There was Lucy Lucy Liu Looking badass as you knew But one thing still stays impact Uma is on a vengeance attack(chorus) Tarantino does expert writing His storytelling is exciting He shows to much fighting Even though is still quite excitingUma Thurman is the star And is her best role by far Some feel she should have won an Oscar For her lead in this nar You might have felt it too But there is always Volume Two(end of song)`Kill Bill: Volume One' has enough chills, thrills, and spills to recommend for you not to kill `Kill Bill: Volume One' from your `Movies to Watch' list.

Now, having seen the movie, I can look back see that the violence was merely a cover for the lack of plot and the lack of just about everything else.

it gets boring quickly.

They are idiotic, repetitive and dull.

Not because the violence is too violent & bloody but because it goes on so long it gets boring.

I suppose it does seem interesting at parts, like when it turns into anime (even if the scene seemed pointless) or black-and-white.

Snappy dialog, great action, gore-galore, great characters, just an overall fun flick.

However, the superb fight choreography (in particular the staggering half hour final showdown) is breathtaking and astonishing in its intricate bloody splendour, crafting some of the most elaborate and intensely engaging sword fight scenes in cinema history.

I used to think that Vol. 2 had a leg up with the character development, but it's hard to compete with something this exciting.

What makes the movie entertaining is that it is fully engrossed in the concept that it is a romanticizing martial arts movies throughout the years (and several other genres).

The action scenes are executed so well and have you on the edge of your seat.

What it loses is real depth, tension and a sense of progression such that when you watch this film again you'll be waiting for your favourite scenes to come up and be annoyed with some of the less stellar ones, like the totally ridiculous and boring hack and slash extravaganza with the 86 gang.

Like Carradine, Michael Madsen almost ceases to exist here, seen briefly in two, three shots, bringing one memorable and inspirational line to this explosively exciting flick, a cinema must see.

The only really fascinating character from this movie was Gogo Yubari.

Boring, Predictable...

Quentin Tarantino returns after a six-year lull with Kill Bill, his homage to kung fu revenge flicks from the 1970's.

And for more than three hours of movie (I'm already including vol. 2 - God forbid vol. 1 actually had 3 hours!

If you like QT and you think everything made by him is good, go watch it, if you appreciate real cinema, run as fast as you can, don't even watch the beginning, cause this movie is all about style, no story, no cinema.

Flashy, provocative and action packed.

I found it boring.

The colors and filming techniques create series of beautiful imagery (which carries into Vol.2). If for nothing else, it is worth watching just for this.

His visuals go from tedious posing to nostalgic kung fu chaos seasoned in buckets of blood.

What was exciting for me was for him just another wuxia film merging kung-fu with a love story.

No story whatsoever.

Both were extremely enjoyable.

There is plenty of "talk" throughout both films about sword fighting, etc, but ALL the scenes (except that long, repetitive, implausible fight scene with the 88s) involved quick sequences, usually in tight quarters.

Uma Thurman's not a great actress, and many of the characters are very boring.

There is no movie, the whole thing is a joke, a waste of my time and yours.

A genuinely embarrassing effort with terrible characters, wooden performances and no plot to speak of all covered up with glossy production design and ludicrous fight sequences.

It is easily one of his most accessible films and an exciting cinematic piece of art.

Instead, the problem with Kill Bill Volume 1 is that it is extremely boring, almost completely lacks suspense, has awful pacing, and makes a number of self-indulgent stylistic missteps.

I think this will and always will be recognized as the freakiest and suspenseful film ever made.

It dons fancy disguises, pretty colours, sound effects, camera angles, good music, animation, slow fade-ins and outs, it gives chapter names to half-hour long (unnecessary) sequences!

She is tall (yeah, 6 feet is perfect for an action movie actress), beautiful and very stunning as she shows to remorse in killing her former members and their people.

Shot in black and white it is fast paced and creates an unbelievable amount of tension.

This is a movie I watch over and over again because it is so incredibly entertaining for me.

The film is highly entertaining and worth while.

A true artist is capable of making even a boring motive look interesting.

Do not watch this, it is a waste of your time.

It has no plot at all.

However, and this is a big however due to having to consider context, Raimi's gallons of blood worked much better-because they were in an engaging, suspenseful story.

Its exciting, fun, stylish and downright cool!

There's no story, no good directing, no acting, no fun.

But what difference does this make, when the film in itself is completely unwatchable?

It is enjoyable madness.

The basic story is the cliché revenge story that one can see in far too many kung-fu stories.

I thought that as a whole thismovie was lacking any real suspense and was quite predictable.

Fighting scenes are dull.

Honestly, this is the most entertaining movie I have ever scene.

Possibly one of the most pointless, crass films it has ever been our misfortune to view.

Don't waste your time.

A very boring and linear plot doesn't help.

And it is: its great slowness, the title cards, the way they fade in slow, fade out slow.

No plot, no story, .

I think I like this one a bit more, just because the action is top-notch and it's very fast paced.

The perfect direction also makes for a hugely entertaining 90 minutes.

The final scenes at the House of Blue Leaves is a breathtaking sequence of fight scenes that is masterfully choreographed and a perfect ending to Volume 1.

The fact that there are many pointless scenes here as well don't help as they often slow down the story and bore you, mainly the animated scene.

This film is essentially a real life cartoon, with everything that happens being exaggerated, and the use of actually cartoon imagery being used really makes this film unique, although I do wish that a slight bit more cartoon imagery had been used, it was still extremely enjoyable to watch.

Boring and more boring .

Tarantino quotes Klingon catch phrases, gives out an outstanding homage to 1970's Kung Fu features, mixes it up with anime and an outrageous non-linear story as an intriguing plot device – and covers it all up with one of the best soundtracks ever heard to date.

Retarded but entertaining.

if i hadnt spent $3.21 I would have shut it off after about 25 minutes, let alone was it boring and standard revenge drivel, the acting was bad, the cinematography was nothing that hasnt been seen, but the big slaughter fest at the end was so boring and predictable, i found myself distracted about half way through it.

But I found the characters very bland and I found I couldn't care about any of the characters.

Uma Thurman was nominated for a Golden Globe as "The Bride," a woman who seeks revenge against the group of assassins, of whom she was once a member, who turned her wedding rehearsal into a bloodbath, killing everybody else in the wedding chapel and putting her into a coma for four years and having her awaken to an empty womb - she looked about eight months pregnant when Bill shot her.


It's immersed in anything that doesn't guide or charm the viewer.

I would have liketo see more sword play between the Bride and Oren because Iknow that Lucy Liu can handle a sword like the best of them and itwould have been a more exciting finish to it.

She does so in bloody, exciting action sequences with a nice, big samurai sword obtained from a master swordmaker (Sonny Chiba).

First Blood is a classic film, has plenty of action, good actors, and whilst it may be predictable it is very enjoyable.

The action in this movie is obviously the biggest draw With it's high-octane no-holds-barred style, it sometimes transcends entertaining and and passes into awe-inspiring.

Tarantino pays homage to Japanese samurai films and Hong Kong martial arts films to make an entertaining story with excellent editing and soundtrack.

This is really dumb, with pointless lines and some unnecessary violence that misses the boat completely.

Worth Watching .

The soundtrack is awesome, the fight scenes stunning and the acting is superb from the entire cast.

My other favorite scene is the fight with Gogo, with that swinging metal thing, it was absolutely crazy and very suspenseful, i loved it.

I'm Not a Tarantino Fan, But This Is Intriguing .

It is not the violence that turns me off, but a lack of message and the hype that surrounds it.

I was just hoping it would end soon cause I was so bored.

The characters here are much better drawn out and are played very well, each with their own interesting story line.

If you have an average kind and gentle heart, basic self-confidence, okay love life, very little power envy, very little bitterness in your soul, if your pleasure does not depend on the pain of another, you will be bored or repulsed by this movie.

When it ended, an old lady sitting in front on me proclaimed that it was the worst movie that she had ever seen.

With eyes casually being plucked out and heads flying through the air, Tarantino does it in such a stunning way that makes it feel customary.

My feelings were actually disappointment, some boredom and a touch of admiration for some aspects of this over-discussed movie, aspects that I will point out later.

There is no story in this movie.

From beginning to end the film was action packed, serious, and at the same time very funny and well photographed.

More overrated Tarantino self-indulgence...

It's utterly confusing mud.

This movie is different from other Quentin Tarantino movies because it's more entertaining (at least the first part).

I'll give it 3 D's: Drawn out, Dreary, Disgusting.

On its own terms, Vol. 1 toys with viewer expectations in a variety of ways–Tarantino lays out his tale in a very literary way, dividing the film into "chapters" that free up the chronological constraints, allowing surprise twists from future and past events to manifest at unexpected times.

But it was visually pleasing, if confusing.

After about literally at least ten viewings, it still amazes me how visually stunning it is, seemingly never relenting from it's attack on the senses.

The scripts were all too 'contrived', boring, irrelevant and unnatural for the characters- too brooding and deeply philosophical, which was as distracting as it was annoying.

The characters are intriguing the stylistic action sequences are great the witty banter between characters is great.

The Tokyo scenes, in a popular nightclub, are the climax of the film and these sequences are jaw-droppingly suspenseful and exciting to watch.

Tarantino's revenge tale is stupid, silly, trashy, and bloody but entertaining .

The brilliance of Tarantino is he takes the best parts of all those off-the-wall films and puts them into superbly entertaining films.

Kill Bill therefore tells the compelling story of one woman's revenge against her former assassin-colleagues who, on the day of her wedding, marched into the church and killed everyone there, including the bride's fiancée and her unborn baby.

I have to say that, while it wasn't "the worst movie I've ever seen" (WAY too many people use that idiotic description), it was probably the most self-indulgent and pretentious film I've seen in many a long year of watching MANY movies.

Well, there are only about two or three fight scenes, and they are only a bit exciting.

Over 50% of the movie is endless fight action which is very tedious.

Boring, uncool and too much violence for nothing.

Boring, Boring, predictable and formulaic.

One of the most intense action movies I've seen, this film also has a large supply of bloody action with explicit gore, so, there is a huge warning label or disclaimer for people attempting to watch this.

All his movies r action packed.

Gotta tell ya folks, I found it a little boring.

This isn't the worst that I have ever seen, but it's pretty uninspiring.

Since then, however, I've seen a lot of the sort of films that Tarantino took influence from when it came to this film, and upon a repeat viewing of this first instalment of 'Kill Bill', while my niggles are still there; I enjoyed it much more this time around and have to say that Tarantino definitely achieved what he set out to.

For instance, you could watch 3 hours of one continuous Jackie Chan fight scene and never get tired.

Don't waste your time with this drivel.

Then there's dialogue lulls, an endless Japanimation sequence, sword battles resulting in more dead bodies than any "Friday the 13th" film, and those patented, asinine kinds of lines only read in a Tarantino film.

Unusual, over-the-top but strangely intriguing, entertaining and overall brilliant.

This is seriously one of the worst movies I have seen in my relatively short lifetime.

This kind of story-telling is very rare.. keeps you on the edge, keeps you guessing.

An intelligent style, graphic fighting scenes and an entertaining story make this film a must see.

All I can say is, this is the worst movie I've seen that was directed by Tarantino.

The actors have probably been instructed to play in cartoon 2D style to stay in the genre of martial art movies from the seventies – but is comes of boring.

'Kill Bill: Volume 1' is awesomely entertaining, cinematographic art and marvellously inspired.

The scene in which The Bride takes out the entire Crazy 88 is breathtaking, the choreographer must have spent ages working that out and the final product is worth the price of admission in itself.

The Banality of Violence Stylized 6 .

With 'Kill Bill', Tarantino proved once and for all that all the hype around his persona is justified: he IS the most daring, original - and entertaining!

But it is thrilling, visually stunning, and simply awesome.

Kill Bill vol.1 is certainly thrilling enough to stand as one movie...

You can look at Tarantino's works one of two ways either as a maverick genius re-cycling popular culture into exciting new forms or as a talent less hack ripping off the real masters of the form.

A piece of boring, annoying and worthless trash.


A lod of self indulgent waffle.

Tarintino is a awful director and this is one of his worst movies.

Led by the amazing Uma Thurman, who plays the unnamed role of The Bride with perfection, the first part of Kill Bill consists of glorious fight scenes, excellent screenplay and a compelling, non-linear plot line.

Waking from a four-year long coma, the Bride clutches at her empty womb and unleashes a feral howl.

Starts slow, ends big .

But this movie is full of gore, and gore without any point, in fact I felt like watching 1 hour of pointless gore.

I guess that the reason for splitting Kill Bill into two movies was that more than three hours of non-stop over the top violence would be too much even for his fans.

Maybe I'm supposed to become bored by the violence and maybe this says something about me.

To its credit, Kill Bill part one is very entertaining when one doesn't know what is going to happen next.

Don't waste your time on it.

What is so great about this film is how entertaining it is.

Waste of time.

'Kill Bill' is an action packed, adrenaline-driven, enthralling, violent, over-the-top, bloody, merciless, exciting, stylized, funny and an extraordinary movie which seems to show no compassion to any person.

It's not because of the violent scenes which are of no use however except for those legion of sick people who worship all that, it's that the whole film is pointless, with a nonsense script, boring, boring, boring...

It is definitely worth watching if you think you have the stomach for a film which is extremely violent, exciting, emotional and loyal.

Well, "Kill Bill: Vol. 1" is a boring film.

I love that stuff and that's the only part of the film that I found even mildly entertaining.