Kill Chain (2019) - Action, Thriller

Hohum Score



Three strangers lives are inevitably entangled in a conflict none of them are prepared for.

IMDB: 5.2
Director: Ken Sanzel
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Enrico Colantoni
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 14 out of 57 found boring (24.56%)

One-line Reviews (40)

This was surprising because nowadays with Nicholas Cage direct to DVD movies suck i mean look i love Van Damme, Lundgren, Seagal direct to DVD movies but with Nic Cage no because i think his direct to DVD flicks are crap like full of crap, then last year it was about time to have Nic Cage in Mandy witch had great story, great picture and usual effects and horror was fantastic, now with this movie it was good really decent was really fast paced, it's watchable movie and story itself is a slaright forward nothing else their was slowing down, the story doesn't focus on one character like it shows and introducing characters then something happens it goes to another character i like it that way movie doesn't focus only one character.

This one is a borefest with aome action going on in between.

The 91 min length felt a little long with such a simplistic story and its slow pace.

quite boring i almost nodded off twice.

Too many boring conversation, the action also very messy and not intense.

Another bore fest by Nicolas Cage!

Sure Ken Sanzel tries to set up a lot of different angles and story arches, but it just felt trivial, pointless and rather muddied.

It was gripping, it was suspensful.

I hope this trend continues and we see Cage return to his glory days even if he is super enjoyable as the macro-meme mascot of the internet.

Unexpected Effort .

Complete waste of time and resources .

Beyond that, it was ordiyand predictable.

now Nicholas cage in this movie he looks like his really tried bored, like if he was snorting coke, with his long face like he hasn't sloved his beard in year with his wide eyeballs and glasses he wears doesn't suit him.

Definitely worth watching.

Too slow for me .

Some scenes had a nice suspense to it and some of the action scenes were entertaining to watch.

Turns out that this movie was driven by a rather pointless and uneventful storyline.

"Kill Chain" is nothing to brag about, but it is tolerably entertaining nonsense.

On that score it doesn't let us down: Cage is "Araña", an assassin who owns a run down, glorified brothel of an hotel in Bogotá where he encounters snipers who seem bent on settling old scores, none of which really make a lot of sense and after a while, become really quite dull to watch.

Entire film full of boring conversation!

Entertaining .

The 91 min length felt a little long with such a simplistic story and its slow pace.

What it got wrong::Disjointed and choppy story line.

It was all I could do to stay awake.

A little disjointed at times.

An unusual start but with a little patience it's well worth watching

But it was also entertaining.

It's cheap beyond belief, mainly consisting of boringly repetitive dialogue between dull, paper-thin characters.

Trivial, pointless and without a sense direction...

This movie will put you to sleep if you are suffering from acute insomnia.

Just don't waste your time watching this crap.

As has been reported, it starts slow and spools up at the end.

Still, Cage and Acosta where great together in that cool hotel production set, and hotel is pretty empty apart from Nic cage has disappeared working in a hotel.

Its simplicity and well-portioned atmosphere and action make this a fairly enjoyable watch and above average.

A little slow at times.

That was one of many stupid mistakes/goofs in this waste of time film...

The acting, directing and cinematography were great, but the writing had some issues with convoluted and long dragged out scenes.

The segments are like mini-movies, confusing me and leaving me hanging for half the running time.

The story is garbage and the plot is boring.

Seen it done worse in films where all other elements were very enjoyable and interesting.