Killerman (2019) - Action, Crime, Drama

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Two friends launder money in NYC. They make a quick drug deal. Things go wrong as dirty cops are involved. One gets amnesia during escape with the drugs and money.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Malik Bader
Stars: Liam Hemsworth, Emory Cohen
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 16 out of 56 found boring (28.57%)

One-line Reviews (48)

This is very decent indeed and original and those who say its slow are not appreciating or understanding the idea of the story which is lame to me...

I just felt it was also too predictable and bland.

Slow af, extremely shaky camera that doesn't let you see the little action there is.

About halfway through the movie I was so bored and annoyed that I put it on background while I worked, so at least I could make productive use of my time.

The movie is a cliche.

Deserves to end up with at least a 7/10 on imdb, putting it well into the worth watching zone.

And, characters you don't care about, with the bonus of a weak, cliche, pointless plot.

Uneven, but enjoyable .

The scene in the nightclub (in the trailer at minute one) lasts ten minutes in the film, and nothing happens at all in time.

Every cliche known to man being rehashed.

The fact that this movie is slow adds to the style.

A very logical but unexpected end that take out the politically correctness completely.

There are various scenes where nothing happens for minutes.

Overall, if you don't mind the over-the-top violence, the explicit language, or some confusing plot elements the film did keep me engrossed throughout.

All in all, Realistic: 8, Immersive: 8, Entertaining: 5, Resourceful: 7, Suspenseful: 7.

The action in the film quite messy and bored!

Entertaining .

I'm not really ready to accept that, and If you think this review is confusing, just wait till you see the flick.

Anyway-it's worth watching; Liam Hemsworth's best performance to date.

Other than that, it's a predictable crime drama that tries to distract you with a lot of empty action sequences.


So Listen up people.. This is one of the very very decent thrillers that has come out in the past 12 months and trust me there has been very few that are well done and when I say we'll done I mean an original story that on its own could keep you on the edge of your seat if someone just told you about it just verbally!!!

The plot is quite confusing at first, as it is fast paced and involves a lot of characters in a short amount of time.

With several "can't watch but can't look away" scenes, it'll keep you on the edge of your seat.

A really slow meh .

This is novice writer, director and actor Malik Bader first writing attempt, and yes, it certainly needed tweaking in his screenplay, and the directing wasn't top notch, but for a low budget indie film, I actually enjoyed it - on a lazy Sunday popcorn flick.

More bad: this story is worn out, been told so many times before, it simply is boring as hell.

It just didn't seem to go anywhere, but the pace picked up towards the end and I quite enjoyed it.

The film was interesting and engaging and well directed.

Quite frankly I was bored in the beginning of the movie.

Simply put: seen it all before and it's boring.

some of the acting, screenplay etc.. is not that great which is expected for a small budget movie, but the story overall is good and the movie is fast paced.

No story.


Another boring action film!

I grew up on big budget action movies and now every time I see a new one I get bored.

The cinematography and acting are topnotch, the pacing fast, and the story compelling.

Its slow.

Slow, easy to expect the twist, bad photographer, not thrillering At all don't watch

Slow .

I went into it expecting a low budget, cliché crime film.

Great photography,narrative and solid characters Kept me on the edge of my seat

The unexpected twist at the end is genuinely satisfying.

Confusing at first .

Def worth watching .

save your money or time .

That being said, some of the plot twists are par for the course and fairly predictable.

It was relatively fast-paced, violent, intense, with good acting and cinematography all around.