Killing Gunther (2017) - Action, Comedy, Thriller

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A group of eccentric assassins are fed up with Gunther, the world's greatest hitman, and decide to kill him, but their plan turns into a series of bungled encounters as Gunther seems to always be one step ahead.

IMDB: 4.7
Director: Taran Killam
Stars: Taran Killam, Dave 'Squatch' Ward
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 20 out of 92 found boring (21.73%)

One-line Reviews (45)

Don't waste your time.

Don't waste your time .

it gets boring soon and i watched the last 20 minutes writing this review!

It's an entertaining trash movie .

Nevertheless, I found it enjoyable - especially towards the end and that is what counts.

To put it in a few words: stupid / useless / dull.

It was a waste of time watching it.

In any case, while this film might appeal to some I found it rather tedious and have rated it accordingly.

It's stunning how many people are defending this POS.

Recommendation: Definitely watch this movie, it IS entertaining.

If it isn't, it just plain sucks and it's repetitive.

Waste Of Time.

It's entertaining, funny as hell and the pace is good.

At face value this film is busy, fiesty, action packed and loud.

This made my surprise very enjoyable.

) One or two of the assassins are amusing but most of the jokes fall flat and the movies ends up being pretty tedious as a result.

His part is very well done over the top in a good way where watching Tarin Killam spas out several times is sometimes funny but ends up tedious.

I was initially so thrilled when I saw the trailer to "Killing Gunther", especially because the trailed was so intense and rather impressive.

I would define it as an "empty action" with, again: both characters and acting bad.

So in a number of places in the movie become slow, boring and otherwise just amateurish.

A complete an utter waste of time.

And the movie actually manages to be a bit unpredictable, which is a very big breath of fresh air.

It starts the acting career of Benoit Poelvoorde (mostly in French boring movies).

Arnold has limited screen time but the whole thing is entertaining.

This was probably the worst movie I've ever watched.

Overall a dull, dumb, bland and unfunny attempt at a movie.

Killing Gunther is an interesting watch that has its moments, but is mostly worth watching for Arnold.

They are trying to kill the worlds greatest hit-man, a guy named Gunther (Played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) One or two of the assassins are amusing but most of the jokes fall flat and the movie ends up being pretty tedious as a result.

There are only two movies I have walked out of.

A complete waste of time.

The story, a group of assassins try multiple times to try and kill Gunther (for some reason they have to kill him I guess to be considered the best in the business, however this is a weak idea because there is really no story reason), and failing hilariously at it.

This movie is disgraceful for that reason, you can find the Arnold Schwarzenegger scenes on youtube save your money don't rent this garbage.

I found it to be surprisingly entertaining, and much better than I had expected actually.

Don't stay home for it when it airs on tv and you have other things planned, but otherwise quite enjoyable.

But after a slow and uncertain start I got into this.

But by the end the plot gets more contrived and stupid as they quickly try to wrap things up neatly.

The characters are engaging and, dare I say it, 'loveable'.

Starring Arnie on top comedic form this is a really enjoyable comedy effort that ticked far more boxes than I expected.

Killing Gunther is a lot of fun and worth the watch.

In certain situations, for example talk/explanation scenes, the mix feels off while having a background layer of intense music drowning out where the focus should be.

But don't waste your time on this one.

It's also totally entertaining.

This actually felt more like I was watching an action packed episode of 'The Office' more than anything.

And thats the downfall of the movie, I watched it as fully aware of SNL and humor which I could expect, for me it was more like extended SNL episode so I enjoyed it.

Killing Gunther is a satirical dark comedy that is shot documentary style and is a quirky and disjointed film that is somewhat redeemed by moments of brilliance via Arnold Schwarzenegger.