Killing Season (2013) - Action, Drama, Thriller

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Two veterans of the Bosnian War, one American, one Serbian, find their unlikely friendship tested when one of them reveals their true intentions.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Mark Steven Johnson
Stars: Robert De Niro, John Travolta
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 34 out of 149 found boring (22.81%)

One-line Reviews (96)

A bit too pretentious for my liking and not worthy for DeNiro or Travolta .

of running and crawling before turning the film to it's predictable conclusion.

The action is great (and very intense) and Johnson's directing is perfectly fitting for it.

A promising start descends in to a load of trite inanity .

One star for Travolta and De Niro in film, without them i would give a movie a null, void, nothing, empty space.

Now rather than reveal any more of this movie I will just say that it was interesting at first but some of the scenes were rather repetitive and from then on it proceeded to go downhill fast.

Good pacing throughout and some exciting action scenes as well.

the movie is very bad i consider it on of the worst movies i have ever seen, the acting was bad, the story is old and not good.

I found the bond between the two main characters entertaining.

total anti-Serbian propaganda .

I'm really not sure why the screenplay couldn't have mixed up this torture a little bit because how it was staged with one going after the other and then turning it around, the entire thing was just so incredibly lazy and boring.

A battle of awful accents coupled with slapdash cat and mouse intrigue, "Killing Season" is a thriller whose approach grows increasingly mundane, and renders itself completely forgettable.

The scene with deniros son, POINTLESS!!

Robert de Niro seemed so bored doing the film.

Tense and exciting.

I found both lead characters to be very interesting and compelling.

Killing Season is a mere direct-to-video film that could have really been something but instead it relishes in contrived moments between Travolta and De Niro that are so tongue in cheek that you can't really take it seriously, despite the film's intention.

The torture they pour out is barbaric, and intense.

So as for closure the movie was good, lacked a little bit of acting but it was worth watching it.

Boring and empty movie.

It would have been much more gratifying if writer Evan Daugherty had simply settled for a straightforward action movie between two equally matched foes pitted against each other by circumstance - and yet even on that count, there is little remotely intelligent about the chase that ensues, which ultimately descends into a catch-and-release repetition that is just tedious.

So take your personal political views some place else and just review the story,acting and entertainment value PLZOK now I thought the movie was pretty decent and entertaining.

Sadly, instead we got the guy who did Daredevil and he once again delivered a bland, uninspiring product.

Waste of time!

The movie is entertaining and might really appeal to those who enjoy the outdoors, hunting, and survival.

As directed by Mark Steven Johnson (who had previously directed mediocre action films like "Ghost Rider" and "Daredevil"), the events were rather predictable as they unfolded.

But the next sequence is both predictable & stunning, forcing me to rate a humble 5.9.Music is fine, so is the cinematography.

Movie is dull.

This movie will keep you on the edge of your seats, both DeNiro and Travolta do an amazing job in portraying their characters.

boring .

How do you keep a story focusing on just two characters in a single location compelling and varied?

Seems an enjoyable film with actions and retrospects to humanity.

It was definitely waste of time...

Anyone who is a fan of Robert De Niro or John Travolta what this movie to see your favorite actor… all…please don't waste your time on this.

It also grew rather tiresome.

It does Rather Ping Pong in a Contrived Catch and Escape for its Short Running Time to the Point of Predictability.

The movie starts off slow but is action packed and it culminates in the amazing ending.

Their backstory is intriguing and the in-depth look at war (specifically the crimes of the Bosnian War) is very involving.

All in all, the movie is entertaining, if only mildly at some points.

but honestly you will get bored of it too…..just because there no plot and proper script.

Low 8 in my opinion & entertaining .

Save your money, and more importantly, save your time!

In closing, the honest truth here is if you can watch this movie, I highly recommend it the film to everyone.

One can see that boredom written on De Niro's face, who looks miserable and tired most of the time; especially in recent years, the respectable actor has taken on a number of questionable projects that seem only in the service of a paycheck, and this is unequivocally one of those.

An Arrow Through the Head is Perhaps More Entertaining Than This Picture .

And that the movie dragged along with it.

The movie has moments of intense action, followed by articulated scenes of survival.

If you don't criticize small things like those stated above it's very, very, enjoyable.

Worth watching before you go ethnic cleansing or decide to attack a foreign country.

Historically really bad, but entertaining.

And while the movie at first promises to be another copy of "The Most Dangerous Game", the script does put a few unexpected twists here and there that give the viewer some surprises.

Di Niro plays the stereotypical maladjusted veteran living alone in the woods, a cliché since the Vietnam War.

We've seen movies of this sort before and they are always entertaining --when done well.

I found it intense, gritty and quite enjoyable

Perfectly entertaining viewing and it kept my attention right through to the end.

The main part of the movie with the cat and mouse chase through the woodland around Benjamin Fords home was very suspenseful not know what the outcome of there very own war of revenge.

Essentially a mano-a-mano setup in the Appalachian mountains, De Niro plays a United States military veteran who is paid an unexpected visit by Travolta's bitter Serbian soldier eighteen years after the end of the Bosnian war.

In the end of the day, while this is not their peak performance, I enjoyed it and I recognized some truths in it that matches my life too.

In the end it is just an entertaining movie for me, most important is the revenge thought in this movie, nothing more, nothing less.

- what kills the movie is this sense of dull, mechanical repetition.

More often than not it's pretty obvious why, but some of them are actually pretty entertaining for what they are.

When it comes to this movie, well of course I am bit disappointed with the way Travolta act, of late his acting skills are repeating and boring.

But for the two leads, it's entertaining enough to keep you just about interested for ninety minutes.

Deniros family were pointless in the film and felt like a confusing pointless addition to the film.

For those who do not suspend their disbelief while viewing a motion picture, this is a waste of their time!

The tit for tat between these two men as they try to get the better of the other seemed "somewhat bizarre" to me but engaging.

The opening of the film sets a bad tone as it looks like some low budget straight to TV film, but once you get passed the long drawn out slow paced attempt at character development things pick up a bit.

I enjoyed it.

At least it was an enjoyable 90 minutes for me, although I have seen much better movies of both actors.

It is an ugly, pointless potboiler lacking in brains, charisma and even the slightest hint of excitement.

This is an entertaining movie with likable leads.

Unless you're watching it for free, don't waste your time.

Cheaply made, dramatically inept and staggeringly dull despite a running time that only clocks in at maybe 80 minutes tops before the end credits begin, it is so devoid of passion, energy and intelligence that it makes one wonder why those responsible even bothered to make it in the first place.

If you feel like watching it despite what I've said, I strongly recommend you wait until you can watch it for free during a slow night.

I found simplicity in the movie and the complexity of one's internal emotions and feelings very compelling.

The people who said I was the worst movie ever made obviously have not watched a lot of movies, even though this wasn't a major blockbuster, Jennifer's body got better reviews than this what's the deal people please go to a cinema class!!

Worst movie of the year!

Very boring and predictable, you kinda feel getting dragged for nothing.

Killing Season is a film that alot of people didn't appreciate and to be honest i'd like to give my own side of the story, first of all both Robert De Niro and John Travolta were brilliant especially Travolta who was amazing and menacing with that Serbian accent that was really scary at times and 2nd of all there's some terrific action packed sequences and one scene in particular involving John's character and an arrow that looked like it hurt alot.

It's just dumb and predictable.

When the two men meet, their conversations with one another prove silly, yet entertaining enough to provide a sense of levity before the 'killing' begins.

It was entertaining and is worth a watch.

But it is a movie that is well worth watching.

This is not so much the action-thriller version of movies about post-traumatic stress disorder or battle fatigue, like The Hurt Locker, instead bringing to mind the brutally banal, horrifyingly pointless torture porn that forms the premise of the Saw franchise.

Well, every time a movie comes out about the massacre of 1992 by former Yugoslavia showing the brutality and mass murders, rape and torture of human worse than second world war, why all the Euro Trash comes and start criticize the movies and telling the lies like nothing happened ever there.

This film likely won't find its place in your all time favorites, but does manage to be an entertaining watch.

I enjoyed it.

The story is okay but its kinda lacking in a few ways, the flow seems rushed (not fast-paced, rushed) but in the end, it was enjoyable enough that I decided to leave a review.

This is a highly enjoyable film.

I am going hunting" "Killing Season" is like going to watch a charity match between John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg, two well-known stars who have a lot of achievements on their palmares and normally guarantee an exciting confrontation.

It was a bit overdone and predictable.

Unconvincing and dull, at least for someone whose country's been part of the war.

Yet, when Kovac reveals his true colors, what is supposed to be a suspenseful cat and mouse game turns out to be as eventful as two children fighting over a toy.

One of the worst movies I've ever watched .

This is a great little movie, only an hour and half long though so don't expect the back stories of the characters to be to in-depth, De Niro and Travolta offer up some great performances, I would say the first half is more of a thriller, keeping you on the edge of your seat, then the second half is when the action starts and the fight scenes get gory!

real Serbs, the acting boring and overall this film very bad!!