Killing Zoe (1993) - Crime, Thriller

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The cab driver sets American Zed up with Zoe in his Paris hotel. Despite FFR1000 charged, she's an art student with day jobs e.g. bank. Safecracker Zed meets his junkie friend after 11 years to rob a bank.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Roger Avary
Stars: Eric Stoltz, Julie Delpy
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 22 out of 99 found boring (22.22%)

One-line Reviews (72)

That said, Jean-Hugues Anglade could trim his toenails onscreen for 90 minutes and it'd still be riveting cinema, so this movie scores simply on that basis.

Okay, so it's all a bit clichéd, but who cares...? This is not world class cinema, but it is good enough for a boring Saturday eve.

This film stands on the firm foundation of a superb screenplay, fine acting, realistic dialogue, and a thrilling climax and an absolutely bulletproof performance by Jean-Hugues Anglade, as Eric.

Compared to the endless tiresome shoot-em-ups like the Schwarzeneggar--Stallone--Seagal type flicks, this movie shows style, class, and sensuality.

Too slow in the beginning, too nonsensical in the middle, and too slow to end.

But before then the story was mainly pointless and just seemed to be put in to increase the length of the film.

KZ can be an overwhelming peice of work; it's fast paced, brutal, and it gives a frightening look into the mind of a sociopathic smack addicted criminal with a "see what happens as we go along" attitude.

Quentin Tarantino acts as executive producer and his influence obviously comes through in Roger Avary's style - it's a film packed with manic characters, lots of intense bits, graphic violence, and irrelevant dialogue.

Killing Zoe gains credibility for being very entertaining, and you'll wonder where the time has gone while watching this movie, which is never a bad thing.


"spoilers warning" There is that strong and intense scene of drug abuse, which shows the exact pictures of a bad trip.

You can completely skip the boring and utterly annoying first hour to go to the second half.

but overall, an entertaining crime film.

While Killing Zoe is a fine film in it's own right, it lacks the cleverly mundane dialogue, intertextuality or moral subtexts of it's most famous peer.

This movie plays very slow and can become boring and about nothing in places.

Dumb and pointless .

The fact is that after ages of boredom we enter the Bank - at last!

More like Boring Zoe .

It's a fast-paced, entertaining crime story with lots of violence, some sense of humor, some sex and a lot of atmosphere.

Sadly however, "Killing Zoe" is a pointless, irrelevant movie with a 'straight to television' feel.

We see Zed being forced into taking drugs and having women dragged away from him because Eric doesn't particularly like them.

The first half drones on and on with these characters who are all losers and no one cares about them.

It's hard to deny, though, that it's an incredibly entertaining movie.

Truly a hidden heist gem, Killing Zoe is an innovative and intriguing investment that gains greater interest with each viewing.

Don't waste your time, it isn't worth to watch.

this is INTENSE.

The catastrophe-robbery might be regarded also as a compelling metaphor for film-making without a screenplay.

I loved Gary Kemp's Oliver, who bores the others with his anecdotes during the preparation for the bank robbery.

This part of the movie dragged on a bit.

Then that French lunatic throws her out naked and from then on this film becomes totally unbearable,with the most stupid, senseless, violent scenes ever filmed and this being a European film makes it all worse because European films seem more realistic then American movies in which you can ALWAYS see that it's being acted.

An interesting back-story to a film that is never anything but interesting, apart from perhaps being entertaining at certain points.

Truely, the plot is just an empty void.

This has got to be one of the worst movies ever made!

Killing Zoe, has stylish direction and some really good dialogue and is also interesting and intriguing and it becomes more and more compelling and fascinating as the robbery goes on and the film has a lot of action and becomes very entertaining.

His violence is suspenseful, exciting and crucial his films' themes.

The personality of the unfocused and clogged up gang leader is also intriguing in spots.

It holds up against alot big budget action films with a dirty thrilling heart pounding rhythm mixed with excellent writing and cast.

I gave it a 8 however, there is little substance, although it's obviously there, but it's still entertaining in it's own right!

Even the surreal journey into the seedy dives of Paris is uninspiring.

There are several themes that are explored quite well in this film and those are what make the story intriguing - not the ultra-violence or the seamy underground culture.

I thought the acting in this movie was very good, but it had a very predictable ending, and was far from a thriller.

This was boring in video games, and it's boring now.

The acting is amazing, the story is gripping and the cinematography is poignant and dark.

There are numerous reasons for my opinion, the most significant being the much more interesting casting (which created incredible character nuance) and the setting of the film (a mysterious and unseen version of Paris which has much more fascinating urban facets than the LA of Pulp Fiction).

And the scene where he dies is just perfect, and beautiful, it's a magical piece of acting from Mr.Anglade. Every scene of the film is intense, and was made with care and originality.

Slow .

However, Avery and Anglade are undeniably worth watching.

I figure one would have to concede that there was never much of a movie in the story of a bunch of gangsters shooting each other up over a botched jewellery heist either, that is until you add intricate characters and snappy dialogue.

In reality, though, he's just more boring than boring.

However, this film is an enthralling roller coaster ride of violence, drugs and depravity and despite everything cringe worthy, it is very enjoyable.

This straightforward practise ultimately means that while entertaining, Killing Zoe leaves nothing behind.

Cheers to Stoltz and director Roger Avary for telling Ms. Delpy to slow down while removing her clothing.

This movie is so pointless and amateurish that I scratched my head trying to define its genre.

Conversely, its ponderous, distractedly-framed scenes meant it never made a wide impact in English-speaking countries.

Intriguing and engulfing - not for everyone of course .

The violence is more intense, and more horrible, which gives a sense to the film where a Tarantino film could never go.

Finally, seemingly after hours, the Swat Team comes in, and patiently waits for Eric to take careful aim and dramatically pull the trigger (gun finally empty, of course), before taking maybe 700 rounds from the Swat team, which do not even knock him backwards toward the wall, not to mention turning him to the hamburger such a volley would normally inflict.

The final showdown between Stoltz and Anglade is excellent, seemingly lasting forever and totally riveting.

Anglade, as the leader of the gang, was brutal but fascinating.

Americans are presented as stiff, boring and pompous (especially the scene with the American tourist in the bank) while the French are portrayed as being "C'est la vie" and "Carpe Diem" at its ultra-worst.

Also there is no twist in storyline,weak plot and very predictable.

Overall Avary movies always let me down, the start of this movie is slow disjointed and although the ending is quite good, it never makes up for the start.

Killing Zzzzzzzzzzzz ...

The drug taking sequence at night before the robbery is very intense and realistic with all the hallucinations and nausea.

it's stupid and very boring.

The characters are plain boring to say the least.

I also felt that the final act of the film, despite the gratuitous bloodshed and carnage, really was quite suspenseful and intense.

The other lead is some guy called Jean-Hugues Anglade who's character simple and plain is an obnoxious male chauvinistic douchebag, and so are the rest of the characters in the movie, which gets tiring really fast and the only thing they seem to do all day is use as many drugs as possible, all at once if possible which leads to many boring scenes of drug taking and talking about women's genitals and such.

On the whole worth a check out , you might like it , you might not , on the whole I enjoyed it .

What occurs in the final third is a hateful and tedious orgy of blood and shouting.

Shooting unarmed, helpless people in cold blood in fits of drug-induced rage is neither entertaining, nor hip, nor good storytelling.

The film's overall impression is lowered by the boring first half, where nothing much really happens.