King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962) - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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A newspaper and television station funded by a pharmaceutical company want a sensation, which happens to be the discovery of King Kong on an island. He is captured and brought to Japan, where he escapes from captivity and battles Godzilla.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Ishirô Honda
Stars: Tadao Takashima, Kenji Sahara
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 11 out of 107 found boring (10.28%)

One-line Reviews (53)

But original "Godzilla" director Ishiro Honda is in fine form, giving us a solidly entertaining movie that marked the debut of the big lizard in both colour and widescreen.

But the fight scenes are actually kind of thrilling.

Throw in a pretty cool night-time fight between King Kong and a giant octopus (Giant Devilfish) on Kong's Island, Godzilla trashing a train at night, Kong ripping through power lines, and climbing the Diet Building, and Godzilla trashing a Nato base in the Bering Sea, and you have a fun fast paced movie.

This is very enjoyable, camp stuff.

This immensely enjoyable creature feature item possesses all the delectably cheesy ingredients that I absolutely adore in these kinds of sublimely silly monster movies: hilariously horrible dubbing, lovably shoddy rinky-dink (far from) special effects, a booming, bombastic score, dopey dialogue ("King Kong can't make a monkey out of us"), exquisitely expansive widescreen cinematography, engagingly dumb human characters, and our two colossal creatures are obviously played by a couple of guys in endearingly crummy and unconvincing rubber suits.

Otherwise, ignore the mundane plot, and focus on enjoying the unintentional humour which comes from all the model planes and submarines, the inconsistencies in the plot and the exaggerated showdown between the two beasts.

With that film being a box-office success being the record-breaking Godzilla movie of all time, this film is worth watching.

It is still enjoyable as a giant monster movie, though.

King Kong VS Godzilla is an enjoyable example of this type of movie; if you're new to the kaiju ega genre, it's an excellent starting point.

The characters are charmingly airheaded and likable, with Mr. Tako especially making for a quite entertaining character.

Hugely entertaining tongue-in-cheek monster movie .

Godzilla is a very fun entry in the Godzilla series that despite it's technical flaws delivers the entertaining ride fans expect.

") and the exciting Universal stock music which compliments much of the action.

Nay, it was actually pointless.

Eventually, Godzilla (thawed out after his icy paralysis at the end of GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN) meets up with Kong, and the two of them wrestle and tumble in a hugely entertaining wrestling-cum-fight sequence that works completely; let's face, this is what we paid money to see, and it doesn't disappoint.

Admittedly, I am somewhat biased in favor of this entertaining monster romp because it was a regular television staple all during my childhood while I was growing up.

With battles that resemble third-rate wrestling shows and a story that's pretty uninteresting, this one really does nothing with the two great movie monsters.

Big problem number one - it's slow.

Enjoyable romp is great fun to watch, and colorfully presented, even if some of the dubbed dialogue is dreadful(the Japanese version is still unavailable in North America.

If you're looking for a credible classic, such as the original King Kong movie, or high-tech special effects and stunning visuals, this is not the one for you ;)

The effects are campy but exciting as well as the storyline which features many japanese stars.

Dry, boring news segments savor more screen time than anyone, while an over-ambitious plot attempts to retell both monsters' origins on the cheap and fails spectacularly.

Kenji Sahara who plays Fujita is given yet another Dead-Pan Role and gives a bland performance except when Fumiko is prated by Kong.

Every second of the final battle is entertaining and memorable, whether it be Kong humorously shoving a tree down Godzilla's throat or Godzilla knocking Kong over, only for Kong to come back with a surge of electrical power.

The added scenes for the American version are as typically awful as the hatchet job done on the original Gojira film -- it could only have been better if they'd dragged Raymond Burr back to stand around looking noble and clueless.

Lots of boring padding in the form of newsreel footage really sucks the life from the proceedings.

Overall, this is an awesome movie with memorable characters, exciting monster battles, a solid plot and rousing music.

Their are some very poor edits, as a single shot will cut to a different take and carry on as if nothing happened.

The Big G and the Great Ape really mix it up in this immensely enjoyable beastbash .

Akira Ifukube is back for the soundtrack and it was a great decision to bring him back, as here he creates the classic Godzilla theme that is still remembered and is constantly played in Godzilla media everywhere, and the rest of the music is also very memorable and enjoyable.

its slow, cheezy, stupid....

I highly recommend it!

Then after watching several terrible movies with interchangeable plots,monsters and humans, you will be extremely disappointed at what is essentially a series of unwatchable poop starring a monster that died in the first one.

Anyways, it was entertaining probably because the movie is just fun to watch with many humorous moments, and packs so much energy into acting and action.

But when the fight begins, none of that matters because it's highly entertaining on the sheer factor it's just a fun watch.

As we all know, the cliché has it such an island is inhabited by black people wearing banana-leaf skirts and toting spears.

The two guys hired by Tako to explore the island are bland, boring and uninteresting.

and he did in the next sequel;Godzilla verses the thing(mothra) since universal had released the American version,they used the music from their monster films,like the wolfman,the creature,etc;early on Kong battles a giant octopus(they filmed a real octopus and also used a rubber stand in )Godzilla of course after surviving being buried in ice cubes from the previous,Godzilla raids again(aka;gigantis, the fire monster)an entertaining monster movie from the sixties.

Sure, some of it is a little repetitive- guess what, they're attacking trains again, and Godzilla can still walk through electrical wires without being hurt.

It's one of the most enjoyable giant monster movies Toho Studios ever made, and it's certainly one of the best Godzilla films of all.

That combination makes this one of the best movies in this very long and boring series.

The fights are easily the best aspect of the movie, especially the final battle, which is one of the most exciting and enjoyable monster battles ever.

There's a minimum of human story to interfere with the generally entertaining mayhem; this is geared more towards younger audiences, who should enjoy the action and the effects.

Fujita is bland.

But I will try to talk about non monster characters the best I can, even though there bland and very forgettable.

I'm sorry but this stuff is so boring.

This was, uhm, rather pointless actually...

The Worst Movie of the Entire Godzilla Series .

One of the most entertaining Godzilla films .

As for the rest of the movie, well it was bland.

I am rating "King Kong vs Godzilla" a mere three out of ten stars, because the movie was pointless and didn't really offer much of any entertainment value throughout 99% of the entire feature length.

That was a really entertaining one.

It starts off with Mr. Tako who hates the fact he has a boring television show and is upset that he has the lowest rating in Japan.